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Day 52 (continued)
Karishma says to Dimpy that many inmates have stolen money from safe, Dimpy says this cheating from their side, Karishma says was I mad to not stole, it was easy for me to steal money but Upen, Arya and me didn’t, Praneet made the rule and stole himself, Dimpy says confront Praneet and Pritham about stealing money.
Karishma comes to Pritham and says that did you steal money from safe? dimpy said that she gave 3lacs for buying bed forever, Karishma says then how did you get 9lacs, Ali says that I stole money and I got punished as my money was not counted, Karishma says but this is wrong, she ask Praneet how he got 9 lacs, Ali says we stole lacs, Karishma says I am not here to joke, you have to clarify, she leaves from there. Karishma comes in bedroom

and says this Pritham is not so called best contestant.
Puneet says why did Praneet not clarify that he didn’t don stealing, Gautam says he trying to be good in both groups.

Day 53
Song shake it starts playing. all inmates starts playing.

Karishma says to diandra that I am hurt with last day, Diandra says its my fault that I couldn’t see that Pritham and Praneet did cheating.
Pritham says to Puneet that Praneet got saved last night with difficulty, women could have torn his clothes and he would have run from house but he got saved, he told every trick of us, Puneet says why did he all this, Pritham says he was provoking other group girls. Pritham says that I am thinking that if girls raise the point of cheating then I will say to make Dimpy captain.
Karishma says I will clean the garden but not the trash they are are throwing sitting in garden, if Puneet want me to clean his tissues then he is wrong, I wont do that, Puneet used to clean house recklessly.

Karishma is cleaning garden area, she doesn’t clean around bench which is near jail, she says that I will clean when this bench is removed from there, they all sit on this bench, this is not their personal garden that I will clean under bench too, Praneet says you can clean easily under bench, you don’t want to do it, Sonali says ask anyone to remove bench, Karishma says I asked Pritham to remove bench, Puneet says she is showing attitude, she commenting that this is our personal garden and all, Karishma says bench should be at its place, Puneet says this bench doesn’t have fixed place, Karishma says I asked Pritham to remove the bench but he didn’t do it, Puneet says I would have asked Gautam to remove it, he says captain take action, Gautam says I would have not removed bench as this is not my duty, Karishma says this is not my duty either. Diandra says to Sonali that let them, they are having problems with Karishma, Karishma wants to take this fight ahead, let her do. Karishma says to Puneet tha what was the need to complain to captain about me like a child, you could have said to me directly, Gautam tries to say something, Karishma says I am not talking to you, Arya says why Puneet fights like elderly person. Sonali says Karishma is making issue, she is saying that she will not clean under bench, Ali removes bench, Karishma cleans from there, she says that all are run by mastermind( Puneet), she says that Gautam doesn’t have mind of his own, Puneet calls Karishma duffer, Karishma says I use my mind, Gautam and Puneet laugh on KArishma., , Puneet says she does kyyyyy kyyy kyy, and eats head, Arya says that Gautam keeps taunting in between fight, that is most irritating.
Karishma is frustrated and says that Puneet is 61 year old child, Karishma says they all run like robot behind Puneet. .
Puneet says to Gautam that I complaint about Karishma. Gautam says garden area is not cleaned nicely, Pritham says you first do your work then taunt other. Gautam comes to Diandra and says I wanna talk to you, diandra says that you do your work, don’t involve in work of KArishma, Gautam says what you do? your friends doesn’t do work nicely, Diandra ask him to not allege her, she orders everyone in house and handles everything, she says I am not partial, Gautam now ask her to calm down, Diandra ask Puneet to say to Gautam to not interfere in other departements, do not become self appointed captain. Gautam ask her to talk sweetly and I want this garden to be clean ask I cleaned this garden for more than 25 days, now I wll not do my work too, why would I do work.
Karishma says to Pritham that Puneet used to not clean living area nicely but we didn’t complain to Upen, is this my work to remove bench? Pritham says no, Karishma says Puneet is just a child, Pritham says yes Gautam is not right everytime.
Gautam says to himself that their situation is bad as they are out of comfort zone.

Pritham says to Praneet that this game is becoming personal and now I will fight for myself only, they say something to rot woiller (dog/Gautam) and then he run behind them as dog, this is wrong, I wont be in influence. I will not listen to anyone now, I will not make captain anyone, I have capability too, they have personal grudges so why should I be involved, Gautam interfere in others work when he doesn’t do his work nicely, if he says that he is here to play game so I am here to play game too, he says Puneet is influencing 3 people to play his game, I will not be part of this, I remain with them then people will use slippers against me, Praneet says I told Puneet to not listen to Gautam as he is too much negative.

Pritham says to Puneet that Gautam should do his work first but he is interfering in others work, this is not right, his attitude is not good, he says I will work in my way, he says I am feeling that I am influenced so I will now listen to myself, Gautam is influencing you for his game, I love you.
Puneet talks to Gautam. Gautam says that Pritham will be not a good captain, I saw friends here, I will buy a dog instead of making friends here, I will keep that pet with so much love.

Nigaar reads that Today diandra will use authority of being captain and she will chose one person who will be punished.
Diandra says that I want to chose Gautam to be punished as he picks up fights where there it is not required, he fights unnecessarily and involves in other work, Bigg boss says so as punishment Gautam have to polish boots placed in punishment room, Karisham says rightly punished. Gautam comes in room and starts polishing shoes.
Ali says to Diandra that you took right decision, he should polish shoes instead of involving in others work, Diandra says if you involve in his work then he will shout at you.
Gautam says they are so unfair. Praneet says to Puneet that Gautam create chaos, he creates problems in everything so Diandra gave his name for punishment, Puneet says he does his work, he fulfills his duty so what chaos he is creating, he do nothing, Puneet says audience forgave me but this inmates didn’t, Praneet says don’t compare yourself with him, Salman says that Gautam is loved by audience every week why? I could have said tuly that audience like the person who create chaos in house but that doesn’t mean that you can live with monkey like him, all inmates are frustrated with him, audience enjoy his drama. he says to Puneet that you are a great person don’t destroy yourself by taking Gautam’s side.

its judgement day, Diandra will listens to wishes and will grant one wish on of only one inmates.
PRitham: he wishes that Puneet gets out of house.
Upen: he says I wish that my protein shake is given to me.
Gautam: he says I don’t have any wish but I want that your wishes are fulfilled, I have no grudge against you, raise dog or cat as your pet but not raise grudge in yourself for anyone.
Dimpy: she wishes to free Puneet
Renee: she wishes tosend message to home
Nigaar: she says I am missing my pet, she gets emotional.
Sonali: she wishes to first to talk to family, or food or free puneet.
Arya: he wants to talk to dad.
Ali: he wishes to please break this jail and free Puneet.
Karishma: her wish is to free Puneet or else make her talk to her mom.

bigg boss says that Diandra have granted wish of Dimpy so according to her wish Puneet will be freed from Jail, all hoots. his group members come and opens the door of jail, they hug Puneet. Gautam, Pritham, Praneet hugs him then comes Karishma, she hugs Puneet too.

Diandra tells Pritham what Gautam said in his wish telling session, Diandra says he didn’t ask for Puneet’s freedom but he didn’t ask anything and said that I wish that your wish is fulfilled.
Ali says to Pritham that Gautam doesn’t even for humanity gave Puneet’s name to free him, Pritham says to Dimpy that wish means wish, Gautam could have said that he want to talk to family etc, Dimpy says Gautam is lost in himself (self-obsession).

Dimpy says to Gautam that you should have given Puneet’s name as wish, he was becoming ill in jail, Gautam says to Dimpy that I don’t consider anyone’s imagination in house. Dimpy says but it can be said that you didn’t wish for Puneet’s freedom who is most close to you, Gautam says I don’t care what anyone thinks. Gautam says that I told diandra to fulfill her wish instead of him as she gave me punishment even after I do my work and also I work as vice captain, I told her about her friends not doing work.

Gautam says that diandra do partiality, she consider her friends to be right always but not to worry, if Karishma and diandra do polish work then I will ask them how it feels, shoes were very muddy.

Upen talks to Arya. Upen says we are playing game but we can become strong by being together, we are playing nicely, Upen says Gautam is playing good, Pritham too, we will play good game from now on, we will not hurt anyone like Pritham does but we will use mind in tasks from now on.
Ali says Arya used to ask what you think, who will be out this week, Upen used to ask same so now I think its their time to go out of house.
bigg boss that picture of every inmates is clearing in house, lets see what happens.

PRECAP- Praneet, Pritham, Gautam, Dimpy will have competition to be captain of house.
dimpy says that Gautam was betrayed by Pritham and Praneet. Praneet ask her who is she to say all this. Later Gautam ask Praneet to just shut man, Praneet gets angry and says who are you to show attitude, we told you how to wear horts in house and you are misbehaving with us, Gautam shouts ont top of his voice on Praneet, Praneet shouts too, Gautam says juts go from here. Later Pritham says to Dimpy that congrats you separated P3G, you are amazing, Dimpy ask him to not allege her, she cries.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. frm nw on i won’t watch bigg boss.. cuz am getting irritatd wid these contestants alleging gautam.. b*t*hes

  3. I guess everything is scripted in bb house……..How someone can change so much?????

  4. Dont worry Gautham , audiance like u a lot. You will definitely win this season.


    i dont undrstand y ppl blame gautam fr everythng….hezz such a chweet heart……i juzz wanna kill every1 fr alleging gautam… evrythng…..him being safe evry week showzz dat…..hezzz awesum player…..who playzz himself…….but nt as praneeth said…..nd dimpy has spoild all gautamzz relatnzzz……:-( 🙁 🙁

    1. Yes….there is no one playing better than gautam …we will make him win the game


        10q fr d support……sourav…..ur name remindzz me ganguly…. 🙂 🙂

  6. Praneet changed so much bcz he thinks that people like chos in house..

  7. Gautam is an idiot…he thinks he is a hero…bt actually he’s nt…

  8. agree with u cha

  9. gautam I love you.

  10. every week i say gautam is dog n atlast praneet told us real identity of gautam i.e. DOG….he n puneet r the rotten plyers of d game.

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  12. I hate u gautam ….

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  14. Finally GAUTAM GULATI will be new captain of bb house!!!!!!!!!

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