Bigg Boss 12 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: KV becomes captain

Bigg Boss 12 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 54
Inmates wake up to song do dhari talwar. They all dance and enjoy.

Sree says to Deepak that Dipika went to jail so I became angry and it destroyed house environment, Deepak says its a good time to send KV and Dipika, Sree laughs. Sree says I wanted to save you but KV was angry and said he needs justice and tried to destroy peace, then Dipika fought with me, destroyed peace again, I decided that they will go together in jail.

Surbhi says to Deepak that I am fighting with Sree that he nominated you, I felt bad for you and you are spending time with him? I am not saying to not sort things out but I cant even look at him as I fought for you. Deepak says he talks to me, I have emotional bond with him. Surbhi says you might have soft corner for him, I know

you and Romil loves him, I wont say anything but I have decided to not fight for you both as it makes me look bad.

Sree says to Megha that I am supporting you in captaincy task, Dipika keeps taking KV’s name for captaincy, its been 8 weeks. Rohit comes there. Sree says we have to support her. Rohit says yes. Megha says they are all arrogant too. Sree says KV keeps talking about my ego, I have worked hard to achieve all this, I used to wake up at 4AM and practice all day, people know about my girlfriends but they dont know my struggle, I used to sleep on terrace, I used to live alone to get in cricket, I used to get 15K in whole year, I was ready to leave cricket in 2001 because I didnt have money.

Sreesanth’s captaincy term comes to an end. Megha, Somi, Karanvir, Romil will compete to become the next captain. Dipika will be the coordinator of the task. She explains the task. The garden area is divided into the red, blue, green and yellow zones. The aim is to empty the competitor’s bowls while contenders will have to keep moving to inner circles. Contenders have to keep trying to make others leave the task.

Deepak says to Romil that keep Somi ahead of you, first take Megha out then take KV out.
Sree says to Shiv that lets start cheating.
Deepak talks to Sree and says we will keep Somi ahead of others.
Sristy says to KV that dont throw Megha out first, she will be with you to remove Romil and Somi first.

Task starts, Contenders start moving in squares, Romil throws Megha’s bowl. KV throws Somi’s bowl and empties Megha’s bowl. Romil says two people are out. Dipika says Romil’s feet was out of square, it was wrong, you cant cross others but if you are doing it then Megha is out. Romil says it was not written that we cant cross and empty bowls. Dipika says Bigg Boss I need your help.

Sristy says to Megha that you shouldnt have been aggressive. Megha says I was not. Somi says you were scared. Bigg Boss asks who was out in first round? Dipika says Megha’s bowl was emptied first but Romil intentionally went out of square and touched inner circle, it was wrong. Romil says it was my strategy, she was in circle when her bowl was empty. Dipika says you have to keep moving in circle, you cant go out. Somi says Bigg Boss didnt ask who broke rules. Bigg Boss asks whose bowl emptied first? Dipika says Somi’s bowl broke first and Megha’s bowl emptied first. She says Somi’s bowl broke and she is out, this is my decision, if I am wrong then I will know tomorrow. Bigg Boss says Dipika is referee so her decision is final. Surbhi says this is wrong, she changed her decision in end. Dipika says I will know later.
Sree says to Megha that Romil will be aggressive.
Somi says to Dipika that you were wrong, Sristy cheated too as referee. Sristy says you were calling me fair and now you are calling me this because I am not saying anything? Somi says dont talk, shut up. Sristy shouts that I will talk.
Surbhi says to Romil that bad strategy.

Surbhi says to Dipika that you dont know rules. Three contenders start moving in square again. Romil throws KV’s water. Rohit shows that its not empty. Dipika says its not empty. KV tries to throw Megha’s bowl but Dipika says this is wrong, tas was stopped. She puts water back in her bowl. They start moving again. KV says what did you do Megha? He tries to attack her bowl. Dipika says keep moving. KV throws Megha’s bowl and she is out. Sree says he has been trying for 8 week.

KV and Romil starts moving in circle. Romil says let be become captain. KV says lets attack. KV attacks Roml’s bowl. Romil pushes him, KV’s bowl falls down. KV says my bowl didnt break. Dipika sees there is a small amount of water in bowl. Dipika says continue. KV throws Romil’s bowl and it breaks. Surbhi says this is wrong. Sree says this is cheating. Dipika shows KV’s bowl and says there is small amount of water in bowl so KV won and is new captain. KV thanks her but she says let me be for a minute. Sree leaves and this is disgusting way of making someone win. Dipika says I didnt help him. Sristy hugs KV.

KV asks Dipika what happened? you are right. Dipika says I dont care what they think, I am just worked up, it was your luck, I was fair as referee. She wishes him for captaincy.
Romil says to Somi that his bowl fell but didnt break. Surbhi says she was bad as referee.

Sree says to Jasleen that Megha is the superstar for me, she was the best, Dipika cheated. Sree says to Megha that your bowl had some water too but she disqualified you. He takess off the band Dipika gave him and says I dont need it.
Romil comes to KV and says your bowl fell and it went upside down but Dipika grabbed it and put some water in it from floor. KV says I didnt take bowl. Surbhi says you are not wrong.
Sree says they made captain on personal preference, unbelievable.

Dipika says to Sree that you think I cheated? Sree says Megha’s bowl had water too, it was cheating. Dipika says I didnt plan anything, Sree says I am not a celebrity here. KV says sorry to Sree. Sree says I am not here to listen that. Dipika leaves from there.

KV says to Deepak that when I see you 4, I feel friendship should be like you, you people wanted to see Somi happy and sacrificed for her and there we are, we fight, you people came from hardship and still so humble and someone of us have everything but we dont care, he cries and says I salute you guys. Deepak says dont cry.

Jasleen says to Romil and Surbhi that I felt bad today, Sree took off his band and then he talked to her, cameback and wore it again, its like he can keep changing sisters. Surbhi says he uses relationships, Jasleen says he is confused and I dont like people like that.

Surbhi says I will sing for you, she says teri dosti.. she cries. Deepak says dont make me cry. Romil tries to control his tears. Somi wipes her tears. Deepak says you are a jerk, Somi is a good girl. Surbhi laughs.

KV reads that Bigg Boss have sent special food delivery for inmates on diwali. All are happy. They all take fodo and sit on table. Rohit leaves from there. He takes food and makes Sristy eats it, he says its so good. Rohit runs and takes gulab jamun. Dipika says this is not good Rohit, its not funny. Rohit says I didnt steal your jewelry, dont be so angry, I wont eat now. He goes from there angrily. Rohit says to Sree that they made an issue of a food. Sristy comes there and says its okay. Megha and Dipika comes there. Megha asks him to not be miffed.
Jasleen, Somi and Sristy makes Rohit eat food.

Dipika is making bands. Jasleen says you are giving now? Dipika says its just a memory for them. She goes and gives bands to Surbhi, Deepak, Romil and Somi.
Dipika is emotional and says to Megha that I am feeling for them, they are adorable together, they keep standing for each other. Romil hugs his happy club. Shiv says to Dipika that its thoughtful. Surbhi comes there and thanks her, Romil says I didnt know you people will cry for us. Dipika and Megha cries. They hug them. Sristy says to Shiv that why Dipika and Megha are crying for them? its drama.

Somi says to Deepak that we are siblings now. Romil is staring at someone. Surbhi says why are you are staring? Romil says get lost. Surbhi says talk with respect. Surbhi says get lost. Romil says dont say rubbish. Surbhi says dont give me that loo, you will be slapped, you keep eyeing them. Somi asks them to calm down. Surbhi says shut up. Romil goes from there. Deepak says to Romil that we might leave tomorrow. Surbhi asks Somi to not take his side. Romil says I was thinking about something, cant a person be in thought? I dont have to bark all the time. Surbhi shouts to stop it, you dont have guts, you keep shouting. Romil says I can do what I want, you stay away. They fight with each other. Deepak says to Surbhi that he didnt say anything to you. Surbhi says he is saying that I bark. Somi says to Romil that what craziness is this? Surbhi goes to smoking room and calms herself down. Surbhi says I dont want to talk, she leaves. Somi says to Romil that I am shocked, they laugh.

Surbhi cries in her bed.
Megha says to Romil that it was a comedy scene. Romil says I cant curse. Deepak says its our last day.
Somi says to Surbhi that we are stressed too, it looked bad. Surbhi says I over-reacted, dont stuck on my bed, I am loud, I am wrong, dont say anything, leave me alone, I dont wanna cry.

Romil says to Somi that it was not my fault, I wont talk. Somi says what happy club? Romil says I was lost in my thoughts so whats wrong?
Surbhi brings a paper with sorry written on it and says reaction was wrong too. Romil smiles. Somi says we fought like crazy people. Romil says she was wrong. Surbhi says why you over reacted? I just said to not stare and talk. Romil says you should have talked nicely, you said to not stare as if I was wrong. Surbhi says I am taking my sorry back, you are not going back. Romil says you misbehaved. Surbhi says you are wrong here. Romil says no.

PRECAP- Salman chides Deepak and Surbhi for pointing fingers at Jasleen’s relationship. Salman asks Deepak if he is in right state of mind? you dont have any information and you are doing character assasination and Surbhi took his side, who gave you right to pass personal comments on someone?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Till today, Karan left his chances of becoming the captain. And today when he becomes the captain, I felt it was unfair. No offense.
    It was honestly very difficult to be the sanchalak. One broke the vessel, one had the least amount of coloured water, one broke the rule – it was a judgement Bigg Boss could take but instead he threw that duty to a housemate so that all goes against her (as usual done by BB) !
    Relative to that first judgement, Karan’s vessel didn’t break and he became the captain .
    But again BB khel gaya..He could have given a task for choosing a captain (like Shree’s time) or he could change the sanchalak. But somewhere , deep down, I feel Karan’s win wasn’t correct (though I wanted him to be the captain)

    Secondly, those who gonna mock Deepika today for her “happy club wrist band” idea — as usual, I will defend. Because I really was in tears after those moments when Karan was crying telling how united the club stands, when Deepika was crying… I really felt that bit was emotional . When Surbhi was singing , trust me, I cried thinking of my team which broke two years ago for some reasons…
    Surbhi, Romil – I don’t hate them now..Pata nahi kyun.. and coming to Deepika, she has always been perfect with the etiquettes.
    She made cake for Shree, KV’s anniversary , these headbands, even when Deepak didn’t eat yesterday , she came to feed him. I genuinely see that thing in her – means no matter what , she supports her family and makes it a point to embrace the good things in every person. When someone brings u food after u misbehaved with a person, trust me, that is the time someone shows how hearty she is.

    1. Agree to you. Dipika even if she is acting shows caring nature. At times, half hearted or care due to personal etiquettes are enough to console someone. Wo hai na pal bhar kly koi humein pyar karle jhutha hi sahi……….Dipika cares for the moment when a person needs it. This quality takes a person way ahead. But personally I feel ki she gets nervous when task or sanchalan comes.
      I like happy club with their few if and but too as these guys are somehow genuine.
      Deepak has been insulted by Sree time and again but he has emotion for sree. Otherwise Deepak game k siwa kishi ka nai. When Surbhi complained about Deepak talking to Sree…….madamji you did same after fighting for a week saying 2nd chance dete hai and you guys got nominated after that….:) So don’t decide others equation. Romil, I like him…he is winning material and by the way personal comment Romil par bhi hue thea Salman uncle when housemates made fun of him for mistaking a guy to be a girl and Salman also played along. Deepak ne wahan bhi bola tha iske bagal m ab nai soyenge….character assassination to wo bhi tha but tabhi majak m liya gaya as Romil ne ye baat hasi m tali thi.

    2. Deepika didn’t make cake for shree Megha did and shristy asked her to, deepuka only showed it into the camera

      1. @Anon2…
        Is it??
        Ki fark penda h..
        Waise bhi is season m ek bhi bond genyine nhi laga like previous seasons..

  2. First of all..I loved the precap of wkw…cant wait to see Deepak surbhi bashed…other than that dipika wasnt a good sanchalk..ultimately she ended up correcting her mistakes and took fair decision but I could see her getting way too overwhelmed…she needed to stay calm and think through before giving her piece of in somis case…meghas bowl still had water in it but somis bowl was broken hence no water…so by rule somi should be out…and man how do this wakeel and his sister try to give faltu ke reasons..I mean seriously accept that you lost and carry on the task…then again in kvs case she took irrational decision and later changed her mind…even though kvs point was right as his bowl was not totally emptied but dipika needed to consider these things before announcing anything…all in all I’m happy that kv won and let’s see who will go to jail if any…and pls elimination has to happen on weekend…do not partially save the hPpy club…oh and why did somi go crazy after getting out from captaincy task…or does it have to do with the mentality of all happy club members…they cant take any failure calmly..first the havoc over getting nominated and then again today…I

    1. @sandeep..
      loved ur comment.. πŸ‘

  3. Also pls I just wana know if the voting lines were open this week and elimination is happening? I live in canada so don’t vote and wondering bb didnt keep the voting lines closed to save this pack of gundas?

    1. Voting lines were opened and people on set leaked that somi even got the least votes however no one got evicted and elimination this week was cancelled

      1. @Anon2..
        Thode se bhi samajharbande ko pata hoga ki somi ka evict hona nahona isweek somi kitna content deti h uspe depend karega.

        90‰ chances no eviction k..
        But let’s see kya hota h…

        And i thik nominations monday ko hote h na.. But this time on saturday..?

      2. @xyz That info was shared by an acc that usually leak real stuff and Saturday/Sunday episodes are shot on friday

  4. feels for kv though # these celebs are lacking unity and happy club is united in remorse situation as well and happy in happy situation ,sree is getting his own medicine now back from dipika and kv # it will be good if kv and dipika and happy club stay together # this sristy is happy for kv but backbites about dipika # cold heated she is jealous of dipika’s fandom # sore boring ppl # changing sides at will loser rohit #pea sized brainer loser shivashish and that make up shop ghost jasleen # anup jalota did dumped her lol hahaha # megha is lost in her own world so as somi and surbhi # deepak is brainfaded

  5. First of all today’s episode was good..
    Yeahhhh… Kv became captain.. πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»
    Deepika was good as sanchalak for the first time.. But she was a lil bit confused too..

    I like sristy today for responding in a same way somi talked to her…
    Sry to the kv fans but Kv made me laugh when he was talking to deepak and appreciating happy club… But kv looks tpo good when he gives dramatic expressions.. I think he is like this…
    Dpka is playing good now..
    Its good for dpka and kv as they came out of sree’s shadow..
    Dpka has been started using her brain.. Well its good for her…
    Deepak’s comment on rohit when he stole the food ‘chori k lakshan’ was too funny… πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

    Sristy was too good today.. Her conversation with shiv why dpka and megha crying for happy club was really cute and genuine i guess..

    And the funniest part of the episode was romil-surbhi fight… πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
    24 hours kya ghoorte rehte ho…
    Wow what a topic to fight… But that fight was seriously funny..

    1. I totally agree with you.i m not kv fan , but I’m happy he won, Deepika doesn’t need to agree with their argument, she can take her own decisions.sree clearly said he won’t give any attention to happy club,is that the reason they fought themselves πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”.
      I have one more doubt or I think surabhi started with jasleen by singing song,it’s not Deepak who started but he stood with surabhi for her rude behavior so he deserves scolding from Salmam , at least now Salman should scold them.i don’t want Deepak to go out i really want surabhi to out but it’s going to be somi or Deepak I guess

      1. @neha..

        I think makers will not eliminate deepak before jas, sristy, rohit, shiv…. Cz these ppl can’t give masala…
        But deepak can do anything to stay long

      2. Ok xyz,I heard somi and surbhi got out

      3. @neha…


  6. Guess what salman brain has returned back after a big bangπŸ˜‚πŸ™„

    omg I just cantπŸ˜‚Salmans akal has returned back you actually scolded deepak and ur sister surbhii who was clamied always right pls kill me I just can’t believe it and deepak how could you stoop so slow to the max bro u called jas gold digger wtf where’s ur reply for a women ur acting like ur some kind of pass information and congrats kv you deserved it u did pls kick sree out pls get lost I can’t even watch bb when ur around always muck fck bout who’s always left his true mates just for others seriously dipka u played well too wow and I loved da way you felt and cried for happy club respect on u guys bless you both rohit is too much man why is he going aft shirsty like a dog she’s engaged god damnit and her and rohit Being together it doesn’t look good from inside or out its so basti ne gal but I just hope from tomorrow’s epi salman wil scold and shout at sree deepak and others who were wrong in those couple of tasks and congrats kv for his captancify sree is just so cold heartless he can’t even forgive his own friend what kind of heart do u have man you don’t wannabe crying and living with regrets forgive and forget life is very short always keep ur loved ones close cuz u never know what wil happen

    (Never take anything for granted bcz tomorrow isn’t promised) please just live together and forget those hardship moments you had and move on and start a fresh LY dipika and kv you both did wel my top two ik ul be at da finals

    1. Oh my god…
      Just loved ur profile name… πŸ‘Œ

  7. Rabab Ghafoor

    Waooo kv became captain… 😍😍😍

  8. Okay so kV “tum log jahan se ho” and “hum log achi family se hain” doesn’t indicate towards his arrogance? Or him crying over celebs bonds and commoners bonds isn’t hypocrisy and irony on highest level when he was the first one who went out of group to plan and plot with rival group member first that’s what caused the rift between him and sree in the first place dammit & today him & deepika cheating then deepika going and manipulating sree and guilt tripping him with their relationship shows what kind of people they are, If u have to choose between surbhi and these two fake peace of shits I’ll gladly support surbhi instead at least she says it on face demand what shw expect ugly on face not a backstabber and using someone

  9. Aaj mein last season dekha then I watched this epi and honestly this must be the worst season of bb except sree shiv and Megha rest of the contestants are pakaoo or still too in their shell tasks are boring their ladais seems staged and there’s just no emotional connect with them cause nothing is genuine about more half of them

  10. Sree has shown little bit traits of every contestant from last year lol he cries like vikas sometimes straightforward like hina sometimes nautanki like shilpa sometimes he come off calm as hetan sometimes his aggression is like luv/priyank/puneshit he was behaving like arshi when rohit came…I mean I’m not complementing him here he just have me confused here

    1. We want or not….sree is going to stand in finale… because somehow every member of house influenced with him.. that’s it.

  11. Aww Sreesanth so cute. Stop your drama , u can’t tool the audience as accirdunf to you we are the ones who run and pick the money which you bthrow from your car. We will throw you out of the show soon.

  12. Wow if Salman feels bad for Deepak commenting on Jasleen-anup relation than he should have had stopped BB guest from giving that information about what Anup told about his relation with Jasleen. And not to forget in his very 1st episode Salman and Dibang did same thing (disgracing and making fun of Anup-jasleen relation). And they did that at time point when Anup didn’t deny their relation.
    If Deepak and Surbhi are at fault than KV and Sree also passed personal comment and for that BB just called Sree in confession room to say that people want to provoke him so it is his call to get provoked or not. This situation was the same. Jasleen too has to handle it, just because she is a girl doesn’t mean that Sree will be handling a thing in certain way and jasleen will be victim. BB intentionally gave that info to inmates to cash it and they cashed it.
    I don’t mean to say that character assassination is right thing but Salman telling you have no information and you are talking about her character is wrong. Show gave that information to inmates so they should have validated the information or should have in particular just given that info to Jasleen. When these things are discussed publicly, it is no more personal.

  13. Surbhi nominated ho to dikhne kly kuch bhi na bolo. Bina really confirm kare itna bura bol diya Romil kly ki why you stare??? Not fair

  14. Srishti, shiv are looking genuine in today s episode . Shiv was right wen he said ki aapko baki dono ladkiyon se puchna chaiye tha (to romil). And srishti was right and genuine today wen she commented about deepika and megha.
    Somi is going to be evicted, so well planned bb episode. Poora episode dedicated to their frndshp. From all angles. Ye scripted nhi h toh aur kya h. Itna pyar achanak sabko aa gya. Complete crap

    1. @Indian..

      But somi k eviction ka kuch bol hi sate ja tak wo eliminate a ho jaye..
      Pata chala bb ne diwali k chakmar m eviction cancel kar diya. 😜

      And i think happy club ne group form kiya tha for their own benefit.. But sath rehte wo log thode bohot attach ho gaye h sach m ek dusre se..

  15. Love Shristy and Rohit bond and the way Rohit is caring for Srishty😍running and feeding food

  16. I like Romil and I really hope that he wins! Sree is really fickle minded, and I can’t understand his equation with Deepika anymore! But Romil is steady, level headed and loyal to a fault. Seriously hope and pray that he wins. Hated KV’s condescending attitude – tum log jahan se aaye ho!!! How does he know what’s their background? Imbecile!

  17. all scripted now jasleen srishty rohit will be nominated and top 4 dipika kv sree and romil will be safe# eviction to follow now # jasleen ,rohit,shivashish soon # at the end kv will be eliminated like hiten was in season 11 if that happens bigg boss will lose trps

    1. @Airplanes…
      Now u wrote something really logical..

  18. Lol who’s voting for Surbhi
    How come she’s still safe smhhh

  19. as per bigg boss khabari. is week koi b eliminate nhi hua. somi got least vote. but happy club k request k baad no elimination.

    really yaar bigg boss is so bias jb inke niklne ki bari ayi yo no elimination. i hate u bigg boss.

    1. @Appy..

      Ye logo konominate karwa k.. And elimination na kar k ye log happy club ko aur bhi zyada sir chadha denge.. Fir happy club aur zyada ghatiya harkat karega…. And guess what trp milegi..

  20. I cringed when rohit stole & ran with food and I cringed even more when he threw tantrums later but I wanted to throw myself out the window the most when I saw kV taunting sree over food and sree instead of giving him back did exactly what he had asked him to smh if I was there I would’ve sat on dining table and eaten even kvs portion instead of sulking in bed and feeling bad

  21. Dipika is fake n does not use her brain where needed. Initially supporting Shree n using Megha for support. Taking wrong decisions against the Happy team. Shristy is always with Rohit who is double crosser in the background. Romil n Surbhi r the best so far.

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