Bigg Boss 12 4th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Urvashi eliminated

Bigg Boss 12 4th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Day
Bharti and Salman begin the show with a dance. Salman dances on prem ratan dhan payo. Salman says Bharti is going in house with Aaditya, she leaves.

On stage, Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says 5 inmates are nominated that are Urvashi, Shiv, Jasleen, Rohit and Megha. Salman connects call to house. All are sitting in garden. Salman says you all are looking good. He asks KV if he is missing family? KV says a lot. Salman says lets do to a special task, see who is negative and who is positive in house. Salman says positive one will get sweets. Jasleen says Romil is negative, he tries to manipulate. Romil says dont lie. Jasleen makes Somi eat sweets and says she lights up house with her smile. Romil blames Jasleen for being a negative influence in the house and acts

like she doesnt understand things. He gives a sweet to Surbhi for spreading light in the house. Surbhi says Karanvir spreads darkness in the house and the sweet to Romil. Somi makes Sree wear negative band and gives positive band to Romil. Salman says you didnt give sweets to Deepak? all laugh. Megha makes Romil wear negative band and says he focuses on making people lose more than winning. Megha gives sweets to Dipika and says acting cant be done in this house. Salman says you called her liar and fake. Megha says no. Salman ends call.

In house, Jasleen asks Romil if he plotted against her? Romil says no. Jasleen hugs him.

Bharti Singh and Aaditya Narayan enter the BB 12 house. Bharti and Aaditya gives sweets to the housemates. Bharti says you all are looking like sweets. Aaditya sings for inmates. Bharti says its a hit show. Aaditya raps for inmates, making them laugh.
Bharti tells everyone that the Khushiyon Ka Pitara has gifts from everyone’s home but they will have to earn them by performing tasks. Bharti asks Deepak why he flirts with Somi? have a look at her. She calls Deepak and Somi on stage. Bharti asks him to say I love you. HE blushes and says its. Bharti says say it in style. He sits on his knees and holds her hand, he says I love you. Aaditya says Deepak looks stressed. Deepak is given new clothes by Bharti and Aaditya for Diwali.
For first challenge, Rohit-Srishty and Jasleen-Shivashish have to do the paper challenge, by dancing on a sheet of paper till the song plays and then fold the paper once it stops and then dance on it again when music plays. They dance on small paper. Rohit closely dances with Sristy. When paper folds, Rohit holds Sristy on back and dances. Shiv holds Jasleen in his arms. Rohit-Srishty win the task and get coins.
For second challenge, Deepak is asked to sing a song for Somi in the second task. He sings tere nainon. All clap. Aaditya sings a song for Somi too, as people make fun of Deepak. Aaditya dances with Somi on Ae dil hai mushkil. Bharti consoles Aaditya. Bharti gives them coins.
Surbhi and Romil are given the task of rapping. Surbhi teases Karanvir calling him chachi, she raps for Sreesanth saying he keeps running, she teases Jasleen for saying she heats up house when she enters pool, while Romil targets Dipika, Megha by rapping. Bharti gives them coins.
In next task, KV and Sree have to do fist fight. Sree makes him lose easily. Bharti says last competition is that Dipika and Urvashi have to make and eat laddos. They both make and eat them. Bharti says Dipika won it easily. Bharti, Aaditya leave the house. People get their gifts and open them.
Deepak gets a letter from his house and is in tears. Dipika gets her wedding photo. Sreesanth breaks into tears as he receives a card and her new uniform from his daughter. KV consoles him. Megha says give us gifts too.

Salman connects call to house. Srishty shares that her gift is the framed Rs 100 note that was her first earning. Sristy says I saw a dream of going on date with you. Salman says good dream. Romil got his sons clothes and bag. Sreesanth gets a card and new uniform from his daughter. Salman says they have sent more gift. Salman says glue for Deepak to join his heart. He says glycerin for Jasleen. Sree says tomorrow is my parents’ anniversary. KV says today is my and Teejay’s wedding anniversary. Salman wishes them.
Salman says its time for Sultani ring. Karanvir and Shivashish go to the Sultani Akhada.

In Sultani ring, in first round Shiv says he doesnt take stand. KV says he gets burdened by friends and doesnt see what is right or wrong. Shiv says he doesnt see when he is wrong. KV says he doesnt use his minds. Shiv says I dont change my mind seeing others. 11 people vote for Shiv.
In second round, they have to run in wheel and whoever falls will lose. They start running but Shiv falls and KV gets one point, then again he loses. Salman says KV won second round and won this fight, he gives him meddle.

On stage, Salman says 5 inmates are nominated. Salman connects call to house. Salman says one inmate will be eliminated today. Salman says tell me who is least entertaining from nominated inmates, you people will decide who will leave. Somi says Megha is less entertaining, Dipika says Urvashi tried but she is lacking. KV says I think Urvashi, Sree says I think Megha, Sristy takes Urvashi’s name, Surbhi takes Urvashi’s name, Romil takes Urvashi’s name, Deepak says she is showing less so Urvashi. Salman says 6 inmates took Urvashi’s name. He says URVASHI IS ELIMINATED.

In house, Urvashi packs her stuff. She cries. Dipika says you are not weak, Sristy is in tears. Deepak hugs her too. Urvashi hugs KV, she leaves house.

Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Sreesanth is asked to nominate 7 contestants for eviction. He takes Surbhi, Deepak and Romil’s name. Romil says he is targeting happy club. Deepak says this is wrong. Surbhi says you are low grade human being.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Omg I just love the precap…cant wait for tomorrow…if what they showed is true I might start liking sree will the first nomination for surbhi romil after they entered bb together…I hope one of them gets eliminated…

  2. Ab maza aayega happy club nomited πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sahi khel gaya sree bahot banana tha sree ko captain 😁😁😁😁 i support KV and Deeps

  3. Shivashish and kv in sultani akhada.. Y?
    What was the need to sent them against each other..
    It could be megha and surbhi.. Or sree n kv

    I thought voting lines were cosed as i tried to vote for kv and as per the online voting polls it wasclosed too then how urvashi got eiminated?

    Wkw was too boring.. Happy club is only targetting dpka kv n sree…
    As i saw precap. It is lookimg interesting.. Sree is getting a good power and again surbhi ka sree bhai ka drama khatam hoga..

    Janta have already knew it.. Sree ka happy club koitna pyaar dikhana and viceversa was just to divert public ‘s focus from their from some time…

    Happy club sree k sath wahin sab again karega bly n all ye sabko pata tha

    Sree is going to get a huge power.. Hope so he will use it wisely

  4. I have remembered deepak’s 4 din h dekh lo comment.. And now its seriously looks like show is totally scripted

    Urvashiwas the weakest one ye toh sabko pata h and she was well deserved to be eliminated still that confidence ofdeepak shows daal m kuch kala h..

  5. seriously deepika is IRRitating the way she was talking to urvashi was so damn filmy now i know why everyone keep saying she’s playing her simar character here like that whole scene her voice her words everything was so fake-y ….besides i tried but i just couldn’t get myself to hate sree his little gesture of not hurting urvashi and not naming her was actually really thoughtful moreover although i dislike deepak but today bharti jokes were definitely hurtful and demeaning leg pulling is fun until unless it’s not done on extreme…lastly salman today actually looked so happy and energetic it’s probably the first time this season he looked so involved

  6. since bb planted contestants will be nominated producers will find a way to save all of them but honestly if they evict somi as she isn’t entertaining deepak advances then it’ll be the last day i’ll watch this shit show she’s the only one with honest attitude from commoners and i would rather watch her than romil’s “master tricks’ and her ignoring cheepak is way more fun than if she has become all lovey dovey with him. but what i don’t get is why sree AGAIN saved deepika?

  7. Deepak dude are you serious??However Urvashi was or whatever issues you had she was ur partner u came to bb with her and when she was going although u nominated her at least you could have given her a proper goodbye but at that point also you were only thinking about yourself as rightly said by her, glad he is nominated, this is guy is genuinely losing his personality to be on the game
    I liked Romil and Surbhi’s bond in the roshni task like they supported each other also liked their Rap both were ready to give up for each other that’s why Bharti gave coins to both
    The gift section was emotional
    The precap was the show stealer I literally laughed at happy club’s condition
    Karma is a b*t*h …Now happy club (not so happy now) reap what you have sown πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Now again tomorrow Deepak and Surbhi’s rant in highly irritating tone would start that Shree is this Shree is that….Where was your energy then when you were supporting him for captaincy encouraging him against Vikas (pathetic) I can expect this from Deepak coz he is the thali ka baigan of this season but Surbhi darling where did your sacchai and honesty when, how could you you stand such cheap comments on someone?? Like for you if Shree is against you (like in Deepak’s case )he is devil otherwise Devta??
    Hme toh smj m nhi ata ki Ap Shree pe firse trust kr kse skte ho specially Deepak after all the dhokas he got from him
    Jo band is famous for his unpredictable nature, which makes him different (a great strategy I must agree) uspe firse trust???
    Akal qa bech khayi h sbk sab ne???
    But man gye Shreeshant what a masterstroke… 1 hi var m pure happy club ki neev hila di…
    Bechara Romil fans gya in sab k bich m…

  8. Loveyouusreeeee


  9. i dont understand k happy club itna ku chilla rha h jbki shree ko 7 logo ko nominate krna h to obviously ye teeno ka naam lena pdega na uske wolf pack me se b nominate honge hi.

  10. I don’t understand if Romil would have nominated Sree after being captain to work cheap commoner hota but Sree kly same baat master stroke kyun hai. But if happy club gets angry that is also not justified. Ek din sabko nominate hona hai. And Romil, Surbhi pehle bhi nominate hue thea.
    I liked last conversation between Urvashi and Deepak, both sound like husband wife but it is impossible to say who is more selfish. I am glad that shiv won verbal akhara and house also supported him. KV has been really fooling around for long with his greatness. Liked the rap.

  11. Sree is so cheap with double standards. Never appreciates the goodness of others in the house. It’s time for the happy group to make sure never trust Sree. He is such a cry baby wanting attention n sympathy. Dipika needs to focus on herself rather than pacify Sree. Surbhi n Romil r the best.

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