Bigg Boss 12 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 12 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 47
Inmates wake up to song badtameez dil, they all dance and enjoy.

Sree says to Rohit that Jasleen doesnt clean her bed, her hair are there too.
KV and Deepak makes fun of Jasleen brooming.

Jasleen says to Rohit that you said about me splashing water in washroom area? you told Sree? Rohit says yes, we cleaned it. Jasleen says to Surbhi that Sristy could have talked to me, we know how to use washroom.

Somi kisses Salman’s posture and says I cant talk much when he is online.

All come to washroom and see posture broken. KV says Deepak did it, this is a big thing.

Sree says to Deepika that first time I will not go to jail as I am captain. Somi says KV broke that posture. Romil says dont say which you didnt

see. Somi says I was there, she gets emotional. Romil asks what happened? Sree asks if she is fine?

Somi says to Romil that dont talk about me anymore. Romil says Megha is sleeping with you so you are not with us now. Somi says I dont even talk to her. Romil says you are doing drama.

Surbhi says to Deepak that me and Somi will go to jail with you, right Somi? Somi ignores. Deepak says I need massage on my hand. Somi says I can tie rakhi.

Megha says I am not going to jail. Romil says you are on top of list to go to jail, you called people donkey, it was an insult. Megha says you all insulted me too saying I was not a winner. Romil says I am lawyer here, Megha says I dont need a lawyer like you, I will see who can send me to jail. Megha says to camera that if they dont respect winner of this format, they dont have right to win this show. Romil says she was losing and asking for a deal, it was not a thing to do as a winner, people have a chance to change their decision.

Jasleen says to inmates that Deepak, Romil and Rohit should go to jail, you people stole from fridge. Deepak says you can say that you didnt drink. Jasleen says we didnt drink and didnt see. Surbhi says I didnt do anything this time.

Deepak comes to jail and says I cleaned it two days back and didnt know I will be going to jail today, they are plotting to send an innocent person to jail, Bigg Boss can say that this diwali, its not good to send anyone to jail.

Bigg Boss says to inmates that its time to send three people to jail, think about this week’s performance and send them to jail, Sree is captain so he cant be chosen. All laugh. KV says first robber is Rohit, he stole Appy Fizz, then Megha, Deepak stole 75 drinks. Jasleen takes Deepak’s name, Megha, Rohit. Deepika takes Deepak, Megha and Rohit’s name. Surbhi takes Deepak, Megha’s name for alleging people to be fake, she takes KV’s name for not accepting Deepak as captain after he worked to hard. Megha takes Romil’s name, Surbhi’s name for not respecting winners of other Bigg Boss. Surbhi says keep your winning ego outside. Megha says I respect this format but you dont, Sree tries to stop them. Megha and Surbhi shout at each other, Megha says you dont respect others, you keep calling names to others, you are hungry for footage. Megha takes Rohit’s name. Rohit takes Deepak’s name, Megha’s name, KV’s name. Somi takes Rohit’s name, Deepak’s name and KV’s name. Romil takes Megha’s name, he says she crosses line, he takes KV’s name. Sree says Vikas cursed infront of girls but he is not here so I will take Megha’s name, Rohit’s name and KV’s name. KV says to Surbhi that if someone doesnt respect me then I cant respect him. Surbhi says if you dont accept a captain after he worked hard then its insult on house. Surbhi says Megha alleged that I am fake, people from all places are here. Megha puts hands on her ears. Surbhi says all stars are here but all are equal here, keep your winning attitude away.
Bigg Boss asks who are chosen for jail? Sree says Megha, Rohit and Deepak are nominated by everyone. Bigg Boss says Sreesanth has the right as captain to save one person and nominate someone else instead. He saves Deepak and nominates KV instead. So now Megha, Rohit and Karanvir will be in the kaalkothri. Romil can’t stop laughing at KV’s fate. Bigg Boss asks Sree to lock them in jail. Deepak dances around.

KV sits near jail and is sad.

KV says to Deepika that I dont know what to say. Deepika says I dont know why he took your name, Romil was more deserving to go. Sree comes there and opens jail. Urvashi says some innocents go to jail without any reason. Deepika asks Sree did you choose him as per votes? Dipika demands an explanation from Sreesanth on why he sent Karanvir to jail. Sree says it was about votes against him. KV tells him that he was wrong and it is an emotional decision in this house and not one to be taken unemotionally like it is done on the cricket field. KV says that Sreesanth wanted to please the house of residents who never stood by him and put into jail the person who has always stood by him. Surbhi says KV got physical in task. Sree says I didnt even raise that point. Dipika says you have been the one who used bad words mostly. Sree says you can go to him, to hell with you. Deepika says what did you say? Dipika says we have been standing with you because we know your condition. KV says even girls dont cry over small bruises and you are making it an issue.
Somi says to Megha that Sree was wrong too.
Even Jasleen tells Sreesanth that he was wrong in sending KV to jail. Sree says KV was wrong, you were wrong too for destroying hygiene of washroom. Jasleen says you are just listening to Sristy. Sristy says you are unhygienic. Each one accuses the other of being unhygienic over extra water on the floor. Sristy shouts at Jasleen that washroom is my business, dont tell me that you are not unhygienic. Jasleen says how dare you call me unhygienic. KV tells Dipika to go stop Jasleen. They separate the two. Dipika takes Sristy from there.
KV says to Sristy that Sree says he didnt want to go against house but what about us stading for him? Urvashi tells Sreesanth that he was wrong in sending KV to jail.
Romil, Surbhi and Deepak come to talk to KV. Romil says to KV that I am not calling Sree right but you didnt do right too. Megha gets into a fight with them and says to Romil that you think you are mastermind, I am not talking to you. The three can’t stop laughing at her.
Sristy says to Dipika that Sree is innocent, Dipika says I know he deserves to be finale, he is my competition, our comeptition but during all this he is doing wrong things.

Megha says to KV that Romil was saying audience made a mistake by making me winner but they can rectify it. KV says he is disrespecting audience. Megha says he will know his standard soon, I will see if he stays till finale, he will remember messing with me. KV says now they are praising Sree. Megha says he is tilting towards them but they will attack him again.

Dipika reads a task. Somi, Jasleen and Srishty have to compete in dressing up and looking their best in an attempt to woo Rohit. He will choose the winner and perform a romantic dance with him. They will get ready for him and will spend time with Rohit, they will tell him why they are better than others, at the end Rohit will announce his winner.
Rohit says this is cool.
Sristy says how will we woo him? The girls spend time getting ready even though Jasleen is initially doubtful about how awkward it will be.

Rohit gets ready. Girls are using makeup and liking it.
Surbhi says to Shiv that you are handsome too but he took all girls.
Jasleen goes first. Rohit says you are looking good. Jasleen says you look handsome, I am tall so we will look good together. He kisses her hand and she goes. Somi talks to Rohit and says my beauty is in my eyes, she talks to him. Sristy sits with him, all hoot. Sristy says inner beauty is more than outer beauty. Rohit says your smile is most beautiful, I hope we have a dance togehter.
Second round starts, Jasleen says to Rohit that I have been noticing you, you wear nice colors. Sristy says to Rohit you know how good I am at cleaning, our friendship is important. Somi says I make and keep my relations. Rohit says I would like to dance with you but someone would not like it. Somi says to Rohit that I like you completely, your hair, lips, everything, all hoot.

Rohit gives a kajal to Somi as a gift as he finds her eyes expressive. He gifts the lipstick to Jasleen as he thinks she talks nicely. He gives the foundation to Srishty so she keeps shining – even though she doesn’t require make up, he says.
He then gives the crown of the winner to Srishty. She thanks him. All clap for her.
Rohit dances with her on Tu ishq ishq sa mere from Bareilly Ki Barfi. In the jail, Karanvir dances with Megha in their own celebration. Rohit lifts Sristy and dances with her. He hugs her from behind and dances. He kisses her hand. Sristy thanks him.

Jasleen says to Romil that he already decided he would choose Sristy, he was taunting Somi. Somi says it was decided. Surbhi says you are dating bhajan Samrhat, Rohit is nothing. Jasleen says I love you Anup.

Sristy says to Rohit that they are doing match fixing a lot, they are linking you with me. Rohit says dont give them too much attention.
Sristy says to Somi that dont link me with Rohit. Somi says he keeps praising you, he is your fan. Sristy says they keep taunting he is fixed with me.

Jasleen says to Sristy that I am sorry, we fight over nothing, you are beautiful, it was just task, Manish will understand. She apologises to Jasleen. They share a hug and Jasleen says that the two of them are fighting without any reason.

Bigg Boss ends the kaalkothri time for KV, Megha and Rohit.

Srishty says to KV she doesn’t understand where she is, she cries and says whether she should stop talking to Rohit or talk more to him to ensure that the other housemates stop linking the two together, maybe its looking like that outside. KV says why you are taking things to heart, KV assures Srishty that she need not worry about her fiance Manish Naggdev thinking that she is getting close to Rohit. He is from the same field (he is an actor too) and he will understand that it is a show. He tells her that she can always clarify once she is out of the house. And if Manish needs more clarification, then Karanvir will also explain to him what happened and what was actually shown on TV.

PRECAP- Hina Khan comes to house, she says to inmates that all mistakes in house are around Sreesanth, it feels like Dipika is playing Sasural Simar Ka. Hina alleges Jasleen that you faked your relation with Anup. Jasleen says I am kissing him and going on date with him, what kind of teacher-student relation is that?
Salman celebrates Karvachauth with Salman. She drinks fizz and barfs. Salman laughs at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sreesanth😬😬😕😢 No Comments. They all are getting into my nerves. I felt bad for KV and deepika said right. I think she should stop supporting Sreesanth. Suddenly Surabhi started supporting Sree? 😲
    I’m with KV, Dipika & Shiv although Dipika is not that deserving but something is better than nothing😛

  2. People often say a line, “This show is not for him/her.” I wonder why. Apart from the edited parts, this show is just being real. See, a person who is innocent perhaps is good from heart. Someone might be clever. Someone can be rude.
    But, above all, the person who leads a team properly , fights for the right things , gives 100% to his/her duty , and says the right verdict – that’s what makes a person who wins hearts – Hiten Tejwani being an example .

    So, I really wanted to throw a bottle at Deepika today. Why did she want Shree to go to finals when Shree was morally wrong ? Why does he get extra points for his anger when Surbhi doesn’t ? Is Shree blind to judge what is wrong n what is right? If he gets influenced by others, is he even deserving to come in this level till now ?
    People who come in others’ words, no correct decision they can take, morally become too wrong , don’t have own opinions – I literally hate them.
    I hate Deepika on those days when she says he is a strong competition ! Why man ?
    Just because he insults people in polished English ? And Priyanka Jagga didn’t know Polished english ? International cricketer ? So what did u do to your team back then ?
    Enough, deepika!
    Supporting the wrong is equally wrong !
    I loved Somi this week.
    Rohit Srishti looks adorable .

    1. Sree is a racist match fixer, shameless guy.

  3. Sree is a fattu stupid mad man……….incapable to do anything except for creating fuss……..good for nothing……..n this happy club is a garbage bin consisting of the whole house’s dirt including sree…….now
    I loved dipika today……the way she questioned fattu was appreciable……..she truly supported kV……
    But I m quite disappointed with them as they easily supported sree yesterday irrespective of his attitude…….never mind hope that at least now they’ll maintain some distance……..n sree is not dipika’s brother but surbhi’s mental brother who get shocks after a few hours consistently……..
    I know that salman won’t bang sree tomorrow……..thing that he is seen too much in bb house has gone up on his head making him crazier than ever…….
    I hate this bullshit sree……..
    Jasleen n srishty’s fight was so unnecessary n made-up one……..didn’t like it at all…….
    I support only kv n dipika……I started to like shiv from a few episodes but then again he is playing at backfoot……….surbhi again proved that she is a back biter n loves to b*t*h about the housemates…….
    How can sree save deepak n send kV……..the man who has always been there for him even when he was completely wrong……
    Sree said that dipika has lost respect in his eyes………I would say that sree u have never earned respect in the house to lose but still if there was a bit there then u had lost it many days earlier……..u r crap n nothing else…….

    1. @nandini…

      Well said

  4. Hiii everyone…
    I am new new here..Can anybody say..How did deepak break his hand?? I am not watching TV now a days..Just reading updates. See is wrong..But not always.ds time he got hurt due to he send him jail..Last time b to save sree ko jail bheja that..Trp v sree k wajah see arah h.aisa galaxy behavior rah you see bachakucha respect v haradega…
    Kal jasleen aup ji ki sachai samne aegi..
    At least last season ki tarh is bar back biting Nahi ho raha hair..
    Now a days I like Romil..He will go a long way..

    1. shiv ne deepak ko utha ke pathak diya tha sultani akhade mein uski wajah se haath mein chot agai…Sree spoke some words that were controversial and even though he wasn’t totally wrong but those words and his aggressive attitude made him come off as the only culprit aur aaj usne kv ko chot ke basis pe jail nai bheja kv ke zyada vote aye the after the people who were jailed so he chose him only on that deepika ne issue banaya aur bewaja highlight kiya isko, backbiting nahi horai hai?haha watch voot videos sari romil and gang aur kv and deepika ki chugalkhori karte ve bhari padi hain aur jasleen and anup ki koi sacchai nai ane wali bahar kal jo bhi jasleen boley gi wo sirf producers ki safai ke liye hoga

  5. Hina pehle apna season yaad karle phir deepika ko kuch bolna me kisi ko itna hate nahi karti jitna hina ko jabse BB11 start hua or komolika role BB11 ke baad hi mila jhuthi hina

  6. I’m kinda liking somi more day by day her sister really was overshadowing her with her shrilly voice and ugly attitude, had bb never considered this jodi single theme then this season would’ve been really fun smh half of their personalities never came out due to this concept that’s why nobody could connect with anyone of them..deepika irritates me the most and kv should understand he needs to get away from her he’s just sree’s replacement


    Why does everyone say that dipika plays role of Sasural simar ka like seriously this is bb Mate ain’t no drama going on fgs now imma say dah hina is playing the role of yeh rista kya kehlata in bb the last season one doe nd damn I can’t stand f**king sree fss I swear if I was in dipi place I wouldn’t support this guy I would forgive him but not stupid enough to trust him again honestly trust gets you killed swear down I loved how she supported kv that’s a true loyal friend I love kv nd dipi my main ones I hope u win this show shirsty nd rohit look so cute but honestly if I was her I wouldn’t even do what she did and tbh from the outside it wouldn’t look good as people make shit but hell understand as its bb but loved it today someone just kick sree out off bb pls I can’t stand him I feel like hina is supporting sree just like shilpaa pilpaa did both are drama queens seriously I hope salman slashs out on sree tomorrow inshallah he wil tired of him supporting the wrong people he just lets the wrong stuff slide he doesn’t even talk bout that where’s ya common sense bro who even does that lol DIPIKA AND KV KEEP IT UP OUR VOTES GOES TO U BOTH I HOPE YOU BE THE TOP TWO FINALS LY X ND STOP f**kING SAYING THAT KV HURTED SREE INTENSIONALLY HIS GOAL WAS TO HURT KV AND SENT HIM TO JAIL TO TAKE REVANGW FGS WHY ELSE WAS HE SAYING IMA DO FIR ON HIM BRO HE ACTS LIKE A KID HE MAKES LIL ISSUE INTO A BIG BABY ISSUE STUPID IDIOTS KV WAS HURT MORE HIS HAND WAS SWOLLEN EVERYONE JUST SEES THE GOOD IN SREE BUT NEVER BAD USE UR BRAIN MAM FS

  8. Sree haters ko or kuch kaam nhi h bas sree ne ye kiya sree ne wo kiya.. Okay main kisi ko blame nhi kr raha ho but ek batana yaha jo bhi sree k liye bad words use kr rahe h kya wo sahi h aree aap bhi to wahi kr rahe ho.. Sab ka nature aisa hi h bas wo tv per h.. Sree k liye bad words use krte ho wo bhi uske pith peeche.. At least wo banda jisko bhi bura bolta h uske saamne bolta hai but hum to peeche hi start hojate h.. Bas ek hi question h mera sree haters k liye k jo pyaar bhari gaaliya aap sree ko dete ho uske saamne dene ki guts hai? Obviously saamne bolne ki himmat nhi h.. Are to bhai sree sree karne k bajaye chup chaap apne favorite contestant ki taarif me comments karo na.. Ye sirf sree haters k liye bola maine, ziyada dil per mat Lena pls🙏🏻.. Sree is best❤

    1. @shadab..

      Sree surbui romil ko samne se sunane ka option hota tph peeth peeche na suna k samne suna lete.. Aur jo ye log ek dusre k sath kar rahe h actual m yahin sab humare stah ho raha hota toh shayad sunana kya 2-4 thappad bhi lag gaye hote real life m toh..

      And jo bhi log yaha comment karte h they are viewers and they have full rights to give their views… Cz it is viewers who plays big role in any show’s earning and in trp..

      But we dont have this option.. Sunane wala..

    2. And one more thing… Sree k haters sree sree isloye bhi kar rahe h.. Cz baaki koi dikh hi nhi raha h episode m.. 😂🤣

      1. Exactly.. Sree k alawaa koi dikh hi nhi raha or sree haters ka kehna k usko baher nikal do.. 🤣

      2. Sandeep Virk

        I totally agree with you…and we are not core haters of sree…we are the fans who used to defend him..sree himself has turned into a very negative character inside the house..and we as viewers only comment on their actions..if you do good deeds you will get positive feedback and if you do bad deeds you will get negative…if sree wants to be a villain of bb12 then so be it..he himself chose his own path then be ready to bear the consequences and criticism…

  9. why are y’all hating on hina lol she’s given questions based on general consensus she isn’t targeting anyone of them personally just like salman read off script on every wkw………okay so who does rohit think he is?he was continuously being super condescending to jasleen throughout that stupid cheapar sa task and somi really seem to have a huge crush on this “”hunk”” that you could get by on street daily like when she started crying on dining table it was cause of rohit not romil. KV is dumb but sweet and will get hurt if he stayed close to dips

    1. Sandeep Virk

      I felt the same..this idiot rude to thing I like about jasleen is that even though she knows noone in the house likes or supports her she still tries to give her best like in the captaincy task and today in the maybelline task…I hope Salman calls him out tomorrow for his rudeness and predecided winner as sree told him to pick srishty..I loved how somi tried to convince him…he should have chosen somi..why noone in the house is not noticing somi crushing over rohit…or maybe bb doesnt want this track…
      I think sree was completely wrong today for sending kv to jail…as seen in previous weeks…captain chooses a person he wishes to send to jail considering their mistakes and not based on first highest or second highest number of votes..lame excuse…
      Dipika kv megha srishty jasleen shiv leave sree alone and he will come back you guys whining like a little baby the second happy club point to him his mistakes…I hope Salman tells him tomorrow that surbhi somi said sree deserved jail this week if he wasnt a captain..I would love to see srees reaction then

    2. @sana…
      Exactly.. Hina ko kya padi h.. Anup aur jasleen k relation ki reality samne lane ki..

  10. tbh I didn’t find any sree mistake today and he didn’t send karan to jail on that whole fighting they had it was according to votes but i do think he needs to not let thought of trying to appease HMs and take decisions according to them like he said today

    1. @Jagganath according to no. of votes deepak ke against zyada tha kv sree ko option diya tha ke sree chahe to kisi ek ko save karke kisi aur ko jail vej sakte hai, it was not mandatory..sree chahta to change karne ki zarurat nehi thi, kyu ki deepak as a captain ghar ka rule break kiya tha..but sree ko apna revenge lena tha..iss liye wo kv ko jail ke liye nominate kiya..last one week se sree yahi bol raha tha ke kv ko jail vejna hai…

  11. Anup jalota ka lota

    Romil got so offended when Megha started giving him his own medicine but before it was all shits and giggle huh he all of a sudden was in a mood of bringing out his aam admi card when she taunted him over his aukat, he honestly gets on my nerves and I hope Megha really proves what she said and play a real game but she can only do that if shree kV shristy shiv jasleen and deepika side with her but deepika wants to rule over them and shree is bin paidey ka lota kabhi idhar lodakta hai kabhi udhar and shristy kV both are dumb jasleen and shiv are the only one of them who look loyal to me…

    1. Sandeep Virk

      Yes I totally agree with you..woman card and aam Janta card..these are the only two agendas on happy club platform..pls being something new…I really hope all the other can unite and kick out these fake masterminds and his changumangus

  12. I love Megha and romil look so cute together😂romil has me dead mannn badass when he said to megha that I like you a lot I respect you smh😂😂Whatever dipika did today was fab support her on that spot on and idgf what you lot say bout dipika ya just jelouse how she’s good at a game and stuff and one more thing dipka is like a celeb actor just like everyone else they have also played der own role as a daughter wife looking after kitchen taking care of everyone this and that shit hina your stil the same you’ve done that role aright don’t go of saying to dipika that she’s playing a role of sasural Simar Ka oh pls keep ur hate opinion to yourself your bad as each other your the drama queen who left her own man just for luv what a slag gold digger always used to groom with him be with him and you left poor rocky srsly one day or another ur truth was ment ta come out I was a huge fan of you hina i used to watch your drama yeh rishta I swear I would just slash if anyone said shit bout u and u being in bb and wen u was lonely it melted my heart bcz everyone was agianst u and the fans saying what not getting called fake mastermind liar you no al that but I stil wanted hina to win this show I never liked shilpa nor never wil since she came she was just so housed and shit legit never liked her idgf bout her I only used to watch bb because u was in there but what u did instigating bout people talking bad back bite lying I lost my respect for u I didn’t expect dis from a girl even doe u would get slammed by salman u would stil back up the fake lies swear down and I breaking up and leaving ya man just for another guy that wasn’t good you played ya dirty game very well congrats Nd honestly since ever you became two faced sided evil I started disliking u and thinking to myself was she really doing this I rly didn’t expect dis from u but you slamming on dipika that ain’t cool ya double standard mate now shove off Nd keep those hate opinions up ya back side f**king sl*t LOVE YOU DIPIKA AND KV AND SHIRISTY

  13. Deepak and KV are doing so many poor jokes to be seen on camera. Megha can be Marathi winner but she is not sharp. Loved how commeners we’re enjoying outside jail.

  14. Silent Reader

    Some ppl won’t get sleep without blaming and bashing Sree daily 😂😂😂 even today he didn’t do any wrong but still so many Stee obsessed comments and tweets🙊🙊🙊

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I agree wid u here. I think today sree really didn’t do anything wrong. He chose KV as he got the most vote for going go jail after the three contenders choosen. So he is not wrong in that. I felt KV overreacted a bit here. I am surprised to see sree is doing his captaincy properly. But ya what he did two days back was wrong.

      1. @RANdomfANCreationz bb ne sree ko sirf option diya tha ke sree chahe to kisi ek ko save karke kisi aur ko jail vej sakte hai, it was not mandatory..sree chahta to change karne ki zarurat nehi thi, kyu ki deepak as a captain ghar ka rule break kiya tha..aur rule mei aisa kahi nehi tha ke next jisko highest vote milega usi ko nominate karna hai…kv ne overreact nehi kiya, wo hurt tha kyu ki bina koi galti ke sree ne jail vej diya..

      2. SilentReader

        True … I won’t say that he never did anything wrong … but whatever matter related to him gets exaggerated and blows out of proportion .

  15. Wait what? Salman celebrates karvachut with salman?🤤😱

    1. No he celebrated with Bharati

    2. Heights of self obsession :/ chi salman

  16. In bb to get footage they have to either fight or romance,then only they will get attention,there will be some favorites and bb will try their level best to hide their mistake and exaggerate non favorite people’s mistakes.kv and Deepika won’t fake anything, they don’t know how to do drama,this year villan is sreeshanth so they want everyone to Target Sree that’s y they openly said to Deepika not to support him.i don’t watch regularly it’s my perception which I learned from last season and if go back to other seasons v will understand they are using the same pattern of favorism , Salman is just reading the script I don’t think he is watching a single episode.if Sree fight with Saba ,somi or surabhi they will go to any level and then they play woman or victim I’m happy that Sree is not quralling with them i really hate when these girls fight but this week they were ok I guess. If Sree fight with kv ,kv also get footage,kv is a nice man he won’t start any fight Deepika also.if Sree has no valid reason to Target kv ,he will get sympathy works on game plans nothing else.
    #im not watching regularly,im not a Sree fan,so don’t get angry on me

    1. @neha..

      Ur first comment of this season..☺️
      Bdw, agreed to ur each n every single word


      1. Neha Chandra

        Thank you xyz


    1. SilentReader

      @Sana … Totally agreed …

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