Bigg Boss 12 28th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree says sorry to Vikas

Bigg Boss 12 28th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 103
Inmates wake up to song dhol bajda. They all dance and enjoy.

Romil says to Deepak that I thought KV would go. Deepak says he is a good person and is funny, he has experience. Romil says he doesnt play in tasks, just have fan base.

Deepak says to Kv that Romil was saying that you should have gone, Sree was right about him being fake. Kv says he is negative.

Bigg boss says to inmates that you have last chance to clarify things. BB calls Shweta Singh, Vikas Gupta and Jay Bhanushali. BB says they will have a debate. Shweta says this is your last chance to clarify. She asks Deepak to come first. Vikas and Jay are debaters. Jay says you have used village card, you call KV and Sree brothers but you get aggressive in tasks. Deepak says

I never used bad words in game. KV says he can irritate people without using bad words. Vikas says he used to irritate others so much. Romil says he was not raised in village. Deepak says he never asked me about my life. Vikas asks Romil where is Muzzafarpur? you are trying to point wrong points so much. Romil says he told me story and thought he was raised in village. Deepak says I am proud of from where I am. Jay says they allege you for changing sides. Deepak says Sree cried and said sorry to me, then we didnt have any fight. Jay says you were not worried about your friends because you had good alliance with others. Romil says he was provoking Surbhi. Deepak says I always supported Somi. Shweta says you made relations with celebrities. Deepak says if I wanted to run behind Sree from start then I wouldnt argue with him. Romil says they fight and then sort out easily. He was backbiting about Sree and then was calling him brother later. Deepak says he says things behind back but becomes nice infront of Sree, I didnt take KV’s name in top 2, if I wanted to butter them then why not take their names? Vikas says you people should be making contacts with celebrities and guests, this is an opportunity, its not bad to be ambitious.
Next is Sree, Vikas questions him and asks if you should win? Sree says I have showed all emotions, I am not an actor, I didnt plan anything here. Sree says many people had plan, I am always like this. Romil says he always bring cricket in all this. Sree says Shweta have seen in ground, I have cursed my own team, I am not an angelic face, I am like that. Romil says so its nice? Sree says I am real. Vikas says you crossed language limit too. Sree says I didnt react first, they called out to my sister and I defended her, I regret cursing a girl. Romil says he kept doing mistakes. Vikas says you showed finger to Surbhi, KV, Dipika. Sree says I didnt show it to KV or Dipika, we are not highlighting Romil’s game. Dipika says when Sree got mad, Romil was crying for him, Sree regretted it, we have seen difference, Surbhi used to provoke him. Romil says why react all the time? Sree leaves from there.
Sree goes to washroom and cries.

Dipika comes to Sree and goes in washroom, she asks why are you crying? She brings him out. Vikas comes there. Dipika says he has to listen to them all the time. Vikas says dont cry. Sree says I am sorry for before. Vikas says its okay, people will question your journey.

KV says to Sree that you got clean chit then why you keep bringing that case up? Sree says I am accepting my cases. Romil says why you keep bringing that in all this. Sree says you dont know about my life so dont talk, he shouts at him. Romil says this is his aggression. Sree says I compare everything to my difficult situation. Vikas says people say that Sree is emotional, you say sorry to people, you said sorry to me today but you insulted guests two days back. Sree says I am sorry Gauhar if she felt bad. Romil says Gauhar was doing her task. Sree says Romil started instigating me and Gauhar said that I was quitting. Shweta says he is alleged that you brag about your celebrity status. Sree says there is nothing wrong in that, I dont put others down. Vikas says you dont do tasks, why? Sree says I left one task, I was helping Shiv throughout. Vikas says I want to say that Sree is real mastermind. Sree hugs him. Vikas says sorry Romil you are not. Romil says Sree got to know that people like him giving up so he was fine with not playing in tasks. Sree says I used my mind.

Vikas questions KV that you were not a leader but supporting role. KV says not all have to be leaders. Sree says he is a great person. Deepak and Romil laughs. Deepak says Sree said that he is very bad person. Vikas says Sree played you all. KV says they even make fun of my sacrificing. Shweta asks why they call him chachi? Kv says I talk to others about others. All laugh. KV says I got to know that put yourself first in everything, that is my learning here. Sree claps.

Dipika is next, Jay says you think your journey was overshadowed because of Sree? Dipika says I put my point where its needed, I dont get involved in useless matters, I didnt come here for relations but if I made a genuine relation then why not? we have the most strong relation here so whats wrong with that? it gave me strength. Romil says it was planning. Vikas says she brought Sree out of shadow, I had an argument with Sree, my mom told me that Dipika takes his side because he didnt in start. Jay says what would you choose? Trophy or relation? Dipika says I would want last two inmates to be me and Sree, I know it would happen because we are real. Romil says she used to cry in camera for Neha and then was fine. Vikas says we take decisions that are tough and then cry. Jay asks Dipika why she never became captain? Dipika says I was alone in middle of game, I couldnt push them in tasks. Deepak says she pushed me so much in bag task. Romil says she doesnt care about captaincy. Four agree that she doesnt have passion. Dipika says I made Jasleen lose in sultani ring so I can fight but I dont want to. Vikas says its not about physical strength in tasks.

Vikas says to Romil that I wanted to support you but you always put people down, Romil says I made good relation with deepak, Surbhi and Somi, relations are first for me. Vikas says you said that you want to win the show and would worry about relations later? Romil says Surbi said that, she said that she made me. Deepak says he is fake and diplomatic, he projects like only he can perform in tasks, when Somi used to get sad, he would never go to her. Sree says he used Surbhi so much. Deepak says he fought with Surbhi and then asked me to console her and then later fought with her again. KV says he kept talking about Somi’s angle with him. Romil says she did many favors on me.

Guests greet inmates and leave.

Dipika comes to Sree. Sree says when I bragged about my status? You say too that who are they? Dipika says when you get angry on guests, this question was raised when you had conversation with Gauhar. Sree says they are not celebrities. Dipika says they are legends, Sree says I dont know them. Dipika says then clarify that.

PRECAP- BB shows inmates their journey. Deepak cries and says I won the show when I entered this house but it was confirmed when my father enters this house. KV cries looking at his journey. BB says Sree’s cricket history has trophy in it, so lets see if he will get BB trophy or not.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. @Nandini,
    I am not telling whether Romil supported Sree or not.
    I am saying – Romil did as much as he could do for his team.
    Hadn’t there been Surbhi who blamed Romil for staring at her improperly, Romil might NEVER cry for Sree when Surbhi crossed her limits with Sree. “Romil didn’t maintain his relationships” – that statement was agreed to by “Deepak” !!! That one friend with whom Romil maintained his friendship throughout .
    That was VERY WRONG.

    Comparing to Dipika,
    I always have said “Dipika is UNFORGIVING.”
    But if you tell me Dipika didn’t maintain her relationships, I WILL SAY — “Be it for the show or heartily, Dipika DID maintain her relationship with Sree.”
    Dipika got hurt by Sree too.

    And if that Sree says one day, “Dipika is fake.” How will you feel ???
    My exact point is that. When Deepak called Romil fake, I was shocked .
    Duniya chahe kuch bhi boley, Dipika or Romil might have had many flaws,
    But that DENIAL IS NOT EXPECTED from either Sree (in case of Dipika) or Deepak (in case of Romil).

    1. Rajjo

      this point is very delicate… by the times deepika got angry with shree’s rude behaviour but as becuase she knew that after some time shree will be calmed she went to him talked to him on maybe other topic to make his mood fine…
      in romil-deepak’s case, deepak used to go to romil n ask him about the tactics or whatever n romil being a elder brother told him too n deepak used to follow like younger brother… till a long time deepak did the same… in the last month when everybody realize that this is a competition n we all either being a brother are competitors everybody try their level best to make them on front spot…
      (shree n deepika are exceptional case)
      in this process surbhi broke with romil, deepak also broke with romil as they found romil a better competitor… in case deepak of deepak i will say its an act of immaturity he came in words of surbhi n rohit n broke up with romil… as a game point of view he may be doing his part but on basis of relationships deepak also cannot maintain his relationships he proved that in bus wala task also… he was ready to throw bag of somi who was his friend… n in fire brigade task also he was not happy with somi…
      m not with romil on this point n i am not with deepak too on this point…

      1. @Rajjo,
        Yes. “DELICATE” is the correct word. But I m with Romil here. He never officially told Deepak that he was fake.

  2. “Romil supported sree when he was right”line from your own comment……[email protected]…….

    1. Yes. Obviously . When Sree and Surbhi fought, Surbhi was wrong , Sree gave a reaction to that. I never denied that.
      Romil supported Sree that time.
      Sree was right that time.
      But why is Deepak unnecessarily supporting Sree now while his best friend is Romil?
      Just to gain footage.

      1. Definitely deepak is trying to gain footage but romil had tried it too……..I asked u to tell an instance except when romil cried when sree locked himself in but there is no other instance as such…….even in this one romil started blaming surbhi bcoz unke saath surbhi aisa kr chuki thi……moreover HC was not in functioning at that time n surbhi-romil were already apart……he didn’t say anything in support of sree when salman was scolding sree…….dipika jas n megha were there supporting sree……romil didn’t say a word at that time in support of sree…….

  3. Dipika chahe kuch bhi kaarein,
    Hum log unhe “fake” kahe ya na kahe,
    Sreeshanth SHOULD NEVER tell this “you are fake.” Be it for show, or in reality,
    Sree ke samne Dipika ne rishta nibhaya hain.

    Same for Romil in case of Deepak.
    I m hurt as Deepak said that directly .

    1. I m not defending deepak but romil has said quite a lot of things behind his back…….so I feel its good deepak said it on face rather than saying it without letting him know…….the way romil does…….
      Sree would not do this ever bcoz dipika has not backbited or b*t*hed about him……that’s the difference…….

      1. AnuAnu

        @Nandini yes I agree. Great observation. 👏👏

  4. AARO,

  5. Gayatri

    Romil has never created any ristha in this house..he used everyone for his own need…he only instigated deepak against megha and jaslin…he played in a diplomatic way….
    There was a jail task where romil discussed with deepak and rohit to sent jaslin to jail…and when deepak did the same romil as a acha bacha went to jaslin and consoled her saying everyone did wrong with her…
    In romil play’s in backfoot and instigate everyone and then try to become a good person…
    I want sree to win the show…if not sree then kv is deserving for his humble nature or deepak as pure shidath se he plays all the task..
    Romil is not a deserving candidate

  6. Gayatri

    Arohi you said romil protected his frnds as a lawyer protect his client intrest…bt here its not the case romil does things and he protected himself by making others look bad..
    Actually he is good lawyer he knows how to make things in his favour….

    1. @Gayatri,
      You know what ? Everything is just a “maybe” in this case. Maybe, Romil did many things for happy club Deepak never realized…. I do not feel I m right or anything . This is a very sensitive topic, but deep down, I feel Romil did his best. For his happy club. :’)
      He never cried. But he had tears in his eyes when Surbhi told him about staring !
      I don’t know, girl. Just I felt bad. For Romil when Deepak told he was fake.

      1. Gayatri

        I don’t think its a case of may be….coz am also a lawyer by profession and i knw how a lawyer can twist things to their favor…
        And for surbhi…i don’t like that girl from.rodies itself and i knew she would be that wild in the house …
        her eviction was a happy moment for me….
        Any ways voting lines are closed and all are waiting to know who is the winner…
        So we can end these fights and hope may the best win(for me its sree)

  7. AnuAnu

    @Arohi I saw your comment on comparison between Romil and a father. Just a difference I found is that, Yes Romil created, maintained, supported this group only for his own good since its a competition but fathers never do this for their own they want their kids to grow beyond them.


  8. I think Dipika feels insecure without Shree. She has maintained a territory like kitchen n she had felt insecure n gave a certain look when Megha wanted to cook. Never taken any interest in any tasks. She tries to justify as though she is the best n above everyone in the house. Hope she does not win.

    1. Kala
      Dpka never gave any dirty looks to megha ….it was all made up by happy club to put down dpka…I remember the time megha came and said she cooks good food dpka said now she will get some help in kitchen…

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