Bigg Boss 12 27th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Surbhi Eliminated

Bigg Boss 12 27th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 102
Dipika hugs Sree. Inmates wake up to song Pani wala dance. They all dance.

Deepak is in washroom and says people come here to lose weight, camera look away.

Deepak comes to Sree. Sree cries and says I will miss you so much. Deepak hugs him and says I will miss this house so much. Dipika comes there and asks what is going on here? where is Surbhi? Sree says dont talk about her. Deepak says end all this, show is ending, you will miss all this, how we used to takes names for jails. Sree says Romil is still egoistic. Deepak says he said I will be out. Sree laughs.

Deepak and Sree are sleeping. Surbhi asks Romil to wake them. Romil comes to Sree and says you people are breaking my record. Sree says you think that, I am not scared

of you.

Gautam Gulati, Priyank Sharma and Kamya Punjabi enters house. They greet everyone. BB welcomes them. Kamya says we will do task which will affect your votes. They all sit in living area. BB says show’s prize money is 6lacs less than 50lacs, you can win it by doing a task, if you win it against guest challengers then you can get money otherwise challengers will get it.

KV reads task that only three inmates will fight challengers, they cant choose KV as he he is hurt and Dipika is referee. There are two tanks in garden, both teams have to fill their tank, team which have more water in end will win. Surbhi chooses Romil, Deepak and herself.

Kamya hugs Sree and says you nominated yourself at this stage for Dipika, nobody can do it. Sree says people are watching what I am doing.

Deepak puts some plank in tank beforehand.

Kamya says to Gautam and Priyank that they can get physical in task and break rules, we have to be careful, we cant go to that level her. Gautam says yes. Kamya says when water comes, we have to get bucket.

Buzzer plays, all run to tap with their buckets to get water. Gautam and Priyank tries to fill water in their buckets. Dipika asks them to calm down. They all fill their tanks. Gautam asks Romil that you wont win like this. Deepak collects water in his shirt and fills tank. Priyank says Surbhi is strong, she pushed me.

Water comes in tap again. Gautam brings pillow. Romil pushes them away. Gautam says Romil dont do it, KV asks Deepak to be careful, get Gautam’s votes too.

Gautam comes to Sree. Sree says I think about my hardwork and they say I am nothing then I get angry and say things. Gautam says be careful about your words, this is small, dont show aggression. Sree hugs him.

Gautam stops Surbhi and says now push me, he stands infront of her and says dont cheat. Buzzer plays, Surbhi runs to get water. Gautam says let her take it, respect. Surbhi says you stopped me. Gautam rolls on floor and laughs.

Kamya says to Romil that you got aggressive, Saba said something but you all dragged it, Somi reacted to it too.

Kamya says to Sree and Dipika that they are doing task and what if someone else get it? Dipika laughs. Sree says I am already a winner. Kamya laughs.
Kamya says to KV that why hid things in house? why were you doing it? KV says I used to give it to everyone. Kamya says you are KV and stealing coffee and sugar? not classy at all. KV says I became common man here. Kamya says they were not letting you become captain, you were not getting your dues, you did mistake when you changed clubs. KV says when Srishty left, Surbhi needed support. Kamya says she took it but didnt give back.

Buzzer plays, all run to get water. Gautam pushes Deepak and puts his water under tap. Deepak says he is pushing. Gautam says my bucket came first. Deepak says you push a lot. Gautam brings aside and says I brought bucket first. Deepak says cheating. BB ends task. Dipika announces that our housemates won task. BB says they won prize money back and its 50lacs now. BB says guests should leave now. Kamya says it was fun. Gautam asks Deepak to stay focused. Kamya says we enjoyed a lot. Gautam hugs Sree and leaves house.

Deepak says 20 inmates came here and only 6 are here, I came from village and used to see celebrities on TV, I am living with them now, my parents’ photos are here too, all my problems will end now.

Deepak says to KV that you saw my journey, money matters to me, do you think that I can win? KV says yes. Deepak says my parents need money, should I take money if I get offer? KV says I dont think like that, fight till the end. Deepak says I dont want to doubt my fans’ votes and love so I will fight till end.

KV reads task that its time for elimination. Nominated inmates have 15minutes to pack and come to garden then. Romil hugs Deepak and Surbhi.
Sree says forgive me if I did something guys.
Surbhi says to herself that I am not going.
Sree says I am not going, I will take trophy.

All inmates stand in garden. BB says after today’s nominations, we will have finalists for grand finale. Three inmates were not that known before but now they are household names. BB says SREESANTH and DIPIKA are SAFE and going to finale. BB asks them who are unsafe according to them? Majority say its Romil and Surbhi. Bigg Boss says KV and DEEPAK are safe. BB says now its time to see who is leaving from Surbhi and Romil. He ask them to stand on platform. They do. BB says you can say anything in last minutes. Surbhi says every moment is memorable here, I am proud of myself. All clap for her. Romil says I came here as naughty person, I had problems from Surbhi but I have relation with her, sorry if I said something wrong to anyone, I got mastermind tag. Sree laughs and says we didnt give it, you took it. BB says SURBHI IS ELIMINATED. Romil hugs her. Surbhi says I just want to say that its better to become a good person than becoming a winner, work on yourself, she leaves. Romil says you all took my name instead of KV?. Bigg Boss says you 5 are finalists.

Romil says to KV that Sree made me angry, why he took my name? KV says they can change opinions.
Romil says to inmates that congrats, you people gave me 5th position but I am winner. Sree says dont start here. Romil says you were cursing others. Romil says you called me RR. Sree says I didnt curse anyone with name. Romil asks Deepak to tell truth, he heard. Deepak says he says things in aggression. Sree says Romil I didnt take anyone’s name, you are trying to make me fight KV. Romil says you cursed KV. Dipika asks Romil to let it be. Sree says I just said that KV might leave, I didnt curse him. Romil says dont lie, I am not like you. Sree says you are a liar and fake. Romil says get lost. Romil leaves. Dipika asks Sree to calm down.

Deepak brings cards from store room. Sree reads instructions that Salman have sent gifts for them. Sree give them gifts. They all open it and thank Salman. They have got chains from Salman. Sree says this is the best day. They all wish birthday to Salman.

PRECAP- Sweta Singh will have a talk show with Jay Bhanushali and Vikas Gupta. Shweta asks Dipika to be careful, dont become weak. Romil says she is just sister brother chant and nothing. Dipika says thats my biggest strength.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Since u have said sorry,its fine…..hope u mean it too…..

    1. Miss Aarohi Get A Life... Huhhhhh

      Nandu ji.. Thanku soooo much for forgiving me N hope apki dost XYZ will forgive me too for my harsh words…❤️😘

  2. Miss Aarohi Get A Life...Huhhhhh

    madam nandu.maan li apki baat ab nhi hogi humse ek bhi nadani.ab sry de k muskura bhi dijiye madamji

    1. Since u have said sorry,its fine…..hope u mean it too……

    2. Aapko Nandini bolne mei koi takleef h kya??:-(

      1. Miss Aarohi Get A Lif...Huhhhhh

        Madam ji nandu name suits u N moni name suits ur frnd… 😘😘 I hope u bth wl frgv me fr being harsh 🙏

  3. AnuAnu

    @Miss Arohi plzz don’t go against anyone here.Yes we are different people with different POV they are bound to clash. Let there be peace…

    I can’t lie but I am happy that Surbhi is evicted. I was expecting more from the episode as Gautam was coming,but I found it a bit boring. Deepak was good in task. I think makers are going to offer him the prize to leave the show as they know he needs money but I am sure he won’t take it. If not Sree I want Deepak to win the show.

    @XYZ you are back. Good to see your encouragements.

    But @Lokesh is missing from the scene.

    @Hope this is a reply to your justification of Gauhar intentions from yesterday I was waiting for uncut video to come OUT.BTW Romil didn’t ask for Kinnar dance I didn’t here that word in episode. So here are my points
    1. I was wrong Gauhar did go to everyone except Sree yesterday I said Dipika and Sree.

    2. You said KV had sacrificed Bellas toy and Romil WOULD DO IT also toh I am also saying Sree had sacrificed his family things and Dipika has said 2 times if I am not mistaken here that she would sacrifice the jacket for Sree and when the gaddha was asked she said I would give to Sree but not to Surbhi and also Deepak didn’t sacrifice so She could have asked him also.

    2. Romil said to Gauhar that if you ask jacket via KV or Surbhi she wouldn’t give it and you can make her quit. She said ‘nahi I have plans for her I will ask but through somebody else’ so Romil said he can ask she said no.
    3 She didn’t ask Dipika and Sree do any other tasks when she everybody else. Dipika was cleaning kitchen gauhar stopped her and gave task to Deepak 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    4. Let me take Nain Ji’s and Romil’s point here if Gauhar wanted to test stronger personality of Dipika she could given task not related to Sree.

    5.When Dipika heard the demand then she said i can do it she said ‘No’ now it doesn’t mean anything so clearly she wanted make Sree villain.

    6. She said to Dipika that aftr family week she has lost focus and she used to like Dipika bfr family week. When we can surely see Dipika voicing her opinion after family week. So if she was somebody with good intentions that Dipika would be stronger I am sorry but i find these statements contradicting.

    7. After that episode she tweet about bad manners of Sree to her when in the video I can’t even see what’s wrong he even called her’ Gauhar ji ‘. She never tweeted about good things KV or Deepak did for her.

    @Airplanes can you tell me where was Sree was disrespecting Gauhar? I think more than you want Romil to win you want Sree to fail. 😌

    1. Exactly anu. U r right. Gauhar s manners were too evident in her own season. Leave alone her constant bashes with other BB contestants on Twitter. She has no class actually. No one behaves the way she does.
      Just to remind of Gauhar s manners. She had put dog s shit in Tanisha s box in the box she was sitting in. That speaks volumes about her character and manners. Period.

  4. Yankee

    Now I had rested my keyboard for year end and obviously have guessed what could be the outcome of 103 days of BB House. But there are quite a few writers here who can read in between lines and the thought process of the guest and members of BB house. I am now compelled to react.

    Now are creative team members of BB ignorant of fool or the are sadist to device TASKS that were far too difficult for big guy (sorry injured guy) . Great didn’t even participate in task involving intellectual prowess. Do you know why Neha got eliminated because she suggested that great should be given “mental Strength’ in bargain she was threaten to get exposed because of her past outside BB house. So past does matter here. Even Dipika had pointed this that Nehas game will be effected.
    It means fame prior to BB also plays a big role in getting followers and why not PR machinery.

    Kamya Punjabi meant each word and never explained to the contrary. Scrutiny of celebs well why not they are being paid far more for their stay then rest ( I will refrain from word commoner). With fame comes responsibility to live up to ones name. A member of World Cup winning team should have loads of sportsmanship and loads of initiative but what a poor show leaver all the time and on top of that covering the shortcoming by showing aggression, WHY. If you want to see humbleness of a celebrity see how Big B is humble.

    Talking about morality and negativity they are overshadowed by Respect or lack of it. If we show unnecessary pride and ego in a group of mixed gentry it will rebound in some way or the other. Haters of rest of housemates please rewind and watch previous episodes without bias and you will see each weekend ka war and jail entry hogged by great, why is BB bias against great or is Host biased. When host pointed out the misbehaviour of the great for first time there was a big display of Rona dhona and running away from camera.

    Think over these line and decide that are these views correct. This a forum to put own point of view may be you like it or not.

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