Bigg Boss 12 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sree and KV argues

Bigg Boss 12 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 95
KV says 8 days only and I will be home with my daughters. Song bajrao, they all dance and enjoy.

Romil says to Somi that they didnt want me in show, KV shows greatness but I have been working hard, if its between man to man then I will show guts. Somi says you misbehave like this.

Bigg Boss says RJ will do chat show with nominated inmates, you can talk and clear points.

Bigg Boss asks Dipika and Romil to go to chat show.

Dipika and Romil comes to RJ Malishka’s show. She hugs Dipika and says you were my co-host but I wont be partial. RJ starts show and says whole india can to inmates live. Dipika says wow. Romil says our animosity is famous. RJ says Dipika doesnt want to see your face. Dipika says I just doesnt

click with him, he is too over-confident. RJ says Romil what about you? Romil says she never trusted me as my strategies go ahead of her. RJ says you are show’s mastermind? Romil says yes. Dipika says he thinks even BB cant make him lose. Caller calls and says I want to ask Romil that you seem to go to any extent to win but you are called cheater. Romil says I am not a cheater, I took some decisions for myself as this is my only chance. Dipika says I am not sure as I was not close to him. Romil says my friends are close to me. Dipika says you said that you were selfish and now saying this? Dipika says after happy club breaking, he was lost and unemotional too, he even compared Sree and Shoaib. Romil says I didnt bring any plan here. Dipika laughs. Another caller says to Romil that you were demoralized, why? Romil says I can start from zero as SRK said. Caller says you are a hero. Another caller says Sree is popular and Dipika was making strategy with to win. Dipika says if you grab stronger then you will look weaker, I am sitting here after working hard, we have given strength to each other. Romil says they play sister and brother, she even tried to cover Sree’s comment on women. Dipika says everything is recorded on camera, I just realized that Surbhi shouts too. RJ says did Dipika change in last weeks? Romil says she was not loud and suddenly she started getting loud, she is fake. Dipika says I have broken very less rules, I never did a mistake so why they expect to give my mattress for them? Even Farah Khan said that I am not fake. Another caller says that if Sree was not in picture then she would have good bond with Romil? Dipika says not at all. Caller asks them to give each other a hug. Dipika says no, caller requests, Dipika hugs. RJ asks who are top three to them? Dipika says me, Deepak and Sree. Romil says me, Deepak and Sree. He asks if he can change its Deepak, Romil and Surbhi. Dipika says she changed again. RJ asks who is better? Dipika says I have played for myself. Romil says I have given my hard work to this show.
Dipika and Romil comes in house. Sree asks what it was? Dipika says fans called and asked questions.
Deepak says anyone can go with me. Sree says Surbhi wont spare you.

Somi and Deepak are in show. RJ asks what is this relation? Somi says we are good friends. Deepak says I liked her, I mean I like her, she is a nice person. RJ says she friendzoned him. RJ asks Deepak that Somi used him? Deepak says I dont think so. Somi says we stood up by each other as friends. Caller says to Somi that I feel you have something for Romil? Somi says our relation is pure. RJ asks Deepak that she gives preference to Romil and Surbhi? Deepak says she did in tasks. Somi says I supported Surbhi and him both, I did what was right to me. RJ asks if you have to choose? Somi says I would give preference to Romil. RJ asks if nothing is above show for Deepak? Deepak says I got to know her from this show. Caller says to Deepak that why you have problem with Romil and Somi’s friendship? Deepak says I was never jealous but he was bad with her sometimes. Caller asks him to sing for Somi. He sings Khuda Ki Kasam.. RJ says wow romance. RJ asks Somi to dedicate a song to Deepak, Somi says I am a bad singer. Caller asks Deepak that your father said that you cant be with Somi, you would have take permission from him? Deepak says no his decision will be final. Caller says Somi tell whats good about Deepak? Somi says he is caring. Deepak says he is caring too. Caller says we will celebrate Deepak’s marriage. RJ asks Deepak who will be top two with him if he is there? He says Romil. Somi says Surbhi. Caller says to Deepak that you were not aggressive before. Deepak says I will try to control it. RJ says dedicate words to inmates, she asks Surbhi? Somi says powerful, Deepak says emotional, Somi calls KV great, Deepak calls him sweet, Somi and Deepak call Dipika user of chance, they call Romil clever, Somi says Sree is aggressive, Deepak says nice actor, Deepak says she is not weak, Somi says he is finalist.

Deepak and Somi comes in house, Deepak jokes about it. He tells about one words they dedicated to people. Somi says I called Dipika user of chance.
Dipika tells Sree how they called Dipika user of chance. Sree comes to Deepak and asks what he called him? Deepak says smart and aggressive.

Sree and KV are in chat show. RJ asks what happened between you both? KV says he was never taking stand for me. Sree says he is being used by others, he keeps switching sides. RJ asks if Dipika’s closeness with Sree made them drift? KV says not at all. Caller says you both are my favorite, she says to Sree that you are always fighting with KV, I think you think he is strong. Sree says he is irritating. Caller says you said that his father doesnt have any standard. Sree says he taunted my 10 years of life. KV says this is attitude. Caller says to KV that you agreed Sree being a good player. KV says he insults people so he cant be a winner like this. RJ says Sree thinks that Romil and KV are both fake. Kv says I am real. Sree says I didnt want to show my weak side so maybe aggression was cope up strategy, I didnt have any plan. Another caller says to Sree that you kept saying that you want to leave and now you want to win trophy? Sree says I was not comfortable before but now I am excited to win. RJ asks if he thinks Dipika and Sree’s relation is fake? KV says I dont think so but she get shadowed by him. Sree says Dipika is my strength and made me stay here. Another caller says I really like KV’s style, how much time you take to dress up? KV says I am very particular about my dressing. RJ asks who should audience vote? KV says vote for the best, for me. Sree says I am real, I am from cricket, there is no take 2. RJ asks if its between you and Dipika then who will you give trophy too? Sree says you will see that scenario in one week. They hug RJ.

Sree cries and says they asked who should win, I said I should win, this is important for me, I am proud that I am zero, I got emotional but I didnt cry. Dipika says good. Sree says if I am zero or hero, its not my fault. Dipika says you a kid.. dont cry. Sree says I still have to answer for it. Dipika says so what. Sree says I am proud to be zero, Dipika says I am proud to be your sister.
KV says sorry Pops that man said words about you, I wont talk to him for remaining days.
Sree says to Dipika that if he behaves this way then I wont spare him.

Sree says to KV that I am sorry if I said that about your father in anger, I am not sure if I said it but sorry. KV says I feel you are genuine but its about my father, I would not want to stick to you till this show ends, it will give me peace.

PRECAP- Manu and Pritham talks to inmates via TV. Manu asks who is evil in show? Sree says Surbhi, Surbhi says its Sree showing aggression. Deepak says she have done same. Pritham asks who is double faced? Surbhi and Sree takes KV’s name. Manu says put him in jail, KV says I am not going, he walks away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I find nothing wrong in Romil claiming Happy Clubs glory. Why not they desrve it. Good or bad loud or rude they extracted reality of these so called big people. Maker ruined the show by letting Shree back in home Dipikas and KV B game changed because of it they went defensive. Shrees wifes outburst no go TJ and Shoib wre graceful. Shree was readon for Nehas early exit. So soare yhe BB and keep trophy away from him and present it to Romil the cool guy with some attitude.

  2. I like comments from Airplane with a pinch of Shairi. Dipika maybe a good actress but as big boss contender she is zero n very boring from week 1 n she should not b in top 3 at all.

  3. Just one more point before they show todays episode What if the way Shree behaved in this BB12 till now Romil fid and vise versa. Would you pardon Romil for that ; big no so why protect Shree? Every one should carry his her own cross. Now nothing matter finale here best of luck

    1. Lokesh


  4. @Yankee,
    I read all your words. They totally matched my views, and I feel they were just too good. Every word u said about Sree, Romil,celeb, commoner – everything was spot on! Bang on! Fire. And totally great. ❤
    Do cheer up and vote for your favourite contestants.. If not my KV, Romil deserves to be there at the top. If not Romil, Deepak earned all the love in the last few days.

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