Bigg Boss 12 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sreesanth becomes captain

Bigg Boss 12 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 46
Inmates wake up to song paisa paisa..

Deepak says to Somi that I am happy for you. Somi says stop it.

Shiv says to Deepak that if we convince her then you will marry her? Deepak says yes, I like her, we fought Vikas so confidence is high.

Romil says to Megha that KV and Sree might be contender for captaincy, Sree wanted to perform.

Srishty Rode tells members of the winning team that Bigg Boss called me and said that in the Rangoli task we won so Bigg Boss has asked them to decide the contenders for captaincy among themselves. Deepika says Shiv and KV, Jasleen says me and KV, Shiv says me and Sree, Sristy says my vote is KV and other can be Sree. Romil shouts that Sree should be contender. Deepika asks him

to stay away. Jasleen says if Sree wants to become captain then let him, I want to become captain too. KV says majority is with me and Shiv. Jasleen says I dont agree, she turns to leave, KV says comeback and talk to us, KV says we got chances to become captain. Sree says I gave my vote to Sristy, I didnt get a chance to become captain, I didnt get chance to perform in task. KV says you started performing against us. Sristy says Sree did get chance. Sree says to Deepika that nobody asked me, you all chose KV, you alway vote for KV to become captain. KV says you gave my name earlier. Sree says dont lie, I wanted Jasleen to become contender but you people lie. Shiv says Jasleen should get a chance. Sree says you peopl are wrong. Deepika says lets vote. Surbhi says Sree should become captain. Deepak says its KV and Sree. KV says I am voting for Jasleen and Sree. They all Jasleen and Sree.

Sristy says to KV and Deepika that Jasleen forced us, we performed more than her. Deepika says Sree keeps saying that we didnt give him chance so give him the chance then he will shut up.

Bigg Boss asks contenders names. Sristy says we have chosen Jasleen and Sree as contenders for captaincy. Bigg Boss says there will be a competition between them.

Deepak hides fizz drinks in towel and goes to hide them in washroom. Deepak asks Romil to give some to others too.

Deepak is giving drinks to others in washroom. Bigg Boss says we have seen you giving drinks to others, its not good to break rules to become great, put keys in store room. Deepak does.

Kv reads captaincy task. When the task begins, the contestants have to wear Jasleen or Sreesanth badge each to show support for them. A Diwali Mela will be held for them as a part of this task, where things can be bought by the 1,50,000 points given to each of the contenders, inmates can ask contenders to buy something for them, contenders can buy things for inmates to keep their support. The first round will be open only to Jasleen, second round to Sreesanth and the third round will be open to both of them. Deepak will be the coordinator of this task. The person whose badges are worn by most of the people will become the captain.

Sree asys to Surbhi and Somi that I am in, Deepak says do anything to win.
Buzzer plays, Surbhi, Somi, Sristy wears Sree’s badges. Romil wears Jasleen’s badge.

Inmates come in garden, Sana Khan is there in shop. Sana says you can buy clothes. KV sees some clothes. KV bargains and says to Jasleen that if you get me these then I will come on your side. Somi shops for 20K, Jasleen asks her to be in control. Jasleen says to Surbhi that you are not supporting me but still I am buying for you. All inmates buy clothes from her. Romil wants to buy something, he says to Jasleen that he is on her side. Jasleen says to Surbhi that I am on buying for you, Surbhi says I gave my tongue to Sree. Megha buys a lot of dresses. Sana gifts muffler to Urvashi as she finds her cute.

Jasleen asks Deepika if she is supporting her? Deepika says no. Somi says I will decide after Sree’s turn.

A performance will be held in activity area, the tickets to which can be bought by Sreesanth. Only two tickets worth 20,000 points will be Gold Class. The tickets to sit on the ground and watch the show will cost 1,000 points. Deepak is ticket master, he will sell tickets. Sree asks who is ready to sit on floor? all agree. Sree says me and Jasleen can sit on gold chair.

Sree says Deepak’s hand is broken so he will sit on gold chair and other will be Sristy. They come in garden and it is revealed that the performance is by Sapna Chaudhary.
All inmates are excited, Sree buys them tickets.

Inmates come in activity room. Contestants go crazy dancing as Sapna Chaudhary performances for the housemates. Romil sat stunned during the performance. Inmates dance and cheer for he, all are dancing except Romil. Sapna hugs everyone, KV says lovely dance. Sapna leaves.

Somi thanks Sapna and Sana. Surbhi says Vikas kissed my cheek. Deepak asks Romil why he was not moving when Sapna performed?

Sristy says to Sree that my leg was broken but you didnt ask me, Sree says sorry I was not in zone.

Deepika says to KV that I want Sree to become captain but he didnt come to convince us, atleast Jasleen is trying so I am thinking to vote for her.

Deepika asks Sree if he didnt want their support? Sree says I didnt want to disturb you. Deepika says what happened last night, you could have come to discuss with us. Sree says I am sorry.

Sree says to Romil that I will save you if you are in trouble, wear my badge. Rohit says I am wearing Sree's badge. Sree thanks him.

Buzzer plays, Jasleen gives her money to inmates. Celebrity chef Zorawar Kalra brings delectable food to the house. Zorawar says you can say words for your contenders. Sristy says Sree will make everyone work. Srishty is given the kulfi and prawns. Urvashi takes Sree's badge. Jasleen gets a dish for Dipika. KV changes his badge to Sree. Deepak thanks him. Surbhi says Sree was my enemy but he is nice from heart, I realized it. Surbhi gets a dish on Sreesanth's points. Somi says I am voting for Jasleen as she is confident. Jasleen gets a dish for her. Sree gets dish for Megha. All eat and thank chef.

Bigg Boss asks Deepak to tell who won captaincy task. Deepak says 10 people are supporting Sreesanth so he is captain. Bigg Boss congratulate him. Sristy says I want you to end fight with Karan. Sree says I wanted to do it, he hugs KV and says I am sorry for argument, he thanks Rohit for voting him, he says I am accepting my mistakes.

Romil says to Surbhi that Rohit misbehaved with Sree but Sree moved on, Surbhi says I have stopped my grudges, I feel bad for him.
Deepika says to KV that he affected us, KV says I expected his speech but I cant trust him.

Jasleen is washing her face, Rohit says you are throwing water everywhere. Sristy says thank God she didnt become captain. Jasleen leaves. Rohit says what was that? she wet complete counter.

Jasleen says to Surbhi that you people used to backbite Sree a lot and now all voted for Sree, all follow each other here, Shiv could vote for me as a friend so I would feel that someone is with me but still he voted for Sree, this is cheapness. Somi says I understand you.

PRECAP- Sree says I want to send KV to jail. Surbhi says I want to send Megha to jail. Megha says Surbhi you are fake, you taunted me that I am not a winner. Surbhi asks her to not brag about her winning. Megha says you are the one fake and have narrow mentality. Deepika says to Sree that I want to know what KV did that you want to send him to jail? because its you who have done most mistakes here. Sree says really?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Okay so I wonder if before sree entered second time he was asked to play against celebs and with commoners and when he didn’t do that they targeted him through surbhi and rest of them and seeing he can’t continue without beizzati from bb and commoners he tried joining the commoners and finally joined them like the bb team wanted him to for the sake of protecting his image(he ruined half of it by yesterdays drama) and if it’s all staged and they all are given scripts to follow or just guideline and outline of what character to play cause i honestly am unable to understand most of their behaviour like surbhi palti khaing and all of a sudden sree becoming all innocent to her or her being srees friend and why the f**k kv voted for sree again?is he on the script of being an idiot or mahaan of this season?or this season have most flippity flippity flop people ever?ho kya raha hai yahan?ek cheese jo constant hai vo hain deepika ke falto ke ansu next year they won’t have water issue since deepika is helping them filling their tanks with her ansus already..but if salman don’t say a word to sree on his yesterdays behaviour that they wanted him to play with commoner

  2. I hate sree…. He should be awarded for best flipper…. u did good dipika by taking stand for kv…

  3. I hate sree…. He should be awarded for best flipper…. u did good dipika by taking stand for kv…

  4. Uffff yeh sree…ek chota sa nanna sa bigra hua bacha hai…in no way he deserved to get captaincy this week..or yeh kitni sfai se jhooth bolta hai ke mujhe kabhi captaincy ke lea support he nahi kiya gya…chulu bhar pani main nak doboke marja tu kutte…I liked how jasleen was trying to convince others for support…this ungrateful creature sree didnt go once to kv dipika..shame on you idiot..and why he put kv in jail..seriously…every passing day I’m hating him more and more…I just loved the way dipika explained to srishti that that’s it..this is the last chance we are giving to him…but what he did on the next day he got captaincy…put a member of his own team his own supporter in jail when he should have himself gone for all the ruckus he created…just throw him out bb..I wonder if his fans will still vote for him cuz je is the most unworthy candidate of bb12

    1. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm they actually never did consider him for captaincy and when they did he played for shristy instead cause she wanted to be one really badly and would never had gotten chance if it was upto deepika kv and neha besides he only named himself today cause he thinks he’ll be out this week and to spite kv…uska haath dekho yaar usne badtameeze ki theek par uspar bandage bandhi hai he really got hit badly to us chot ke liye kv jail to ja hi sakta hai

      1. Sandeep Virk

        I think sree is pretending to be hurt so kv gets in trouble…sree is a drama queen..and he did not give up captaincy task for srishty that time cuz he was in the jail with somi and not srishty..he gave up for somi..srishty was supposed to play the next day as an inmate..if he wanted to.sree could have won that day the nomination for captaincy and help srishty to win the next day when he was a clearly said the last person to escape the wall will be a candidate for or was not between singles and doubles…the task was the two ppl who escape…it could have been sree and then srishty next day…so him using this excuse is lame…the thing is sree not in a state to perform..somewhere in mind he has believed that he cant do well so he doesnt even wana try scared of failure…in this week task he was the worst performer of all but I know dipika kv knew he will whine and scream like a kid if not allowed to be a captain so they just let other words it was “”khairat ke captaincy” and I hope Salman bashes him for it like he did arshi last time…
        And I totally applaud kv for whatever he did or said this week..even if Salman insults kv on weekend I will still defend kv..sree was totally WRONG in everything…

      2. @Naina sree ke haath mei sirf ek crepe bandage laga hua tha..jab ye incident hua tha tab sree instant kuch reaction nehi diya baad mei wo apna haath ka issue uthaya..aur agar sahi mei hurt hua hai to ye sree ke apna galti ke wajah se accidently hua hai..sree bahut aggresively attack kar raha tha aur kv apne colours ko defend kar raha tha..aur agar iss chiz ke liye kv gaya hai to sree ko v jail mei jana chahiye..waise to kv ko v laga tha…

  5. KV is right about his point of not trusting Sree coz u neva noh when he wil switch the side and now he is sending Kv to jail! I’m sure he doesn’t have any reason behind sending Kv to jail if their is one whatever reason he has wil b baseless or his reason wil b just ridiculous if there is any person that should be sent to jail it wil be himself”shree” I’m just wondering what he wil do now after becoming captain he wil surely create a havoc every now and then and he wil misuse his power every time I think shree might realise his mistake and mend his friendship with Kv and Depika but he keeps provin me wrong it’s high time that Deepika and kv say to hell to him he is a naagin batameez insaan

    1. he has no reason for sending kv to jail?look at his hand it’s all swollen up

      1. @JK..

        but kv apna task perform kar raha tha. it was sree who started that fight.. it was sree who started first to push kv.. it was sree who wants to play against of team..

        and it was kv who was just trying to save their task realted stuffs..

        it was kv who fall down but like sree he is not a drama queen..

  6. bossman surbhi

    bhai why did sree has that bandage?itte zor se to nai mara kv ne haath or does kv has an iron fist, yahan kuch gadbad lagrai hai mujhe did he hurt himself like shristy did just to blame kv

    1. bhaiyya itna selfish insaan apne aap ko kyu hurt karega?usko choot lagi thi par uski battameeze ki wajah se sabne mara full on yahan bhi aur ghar mein bhi

      1. Sandeep Virk

        I dont think sree could have a swollen arm or whatever he is pretending to have with the slap of one hand…even if he did a tiny bit he is exaggerating it to look like a victim so all his badtmeezi can get overlooked..go to hell sree

      2. @Sandeep..

        gira toh kv bhi bohot zoro se tha.. usne toh koi drama nhi kiya… aur agar sree ko laga bhi h toh ani hi galti ki wajah se laga h..
        q pagal ho raha tha without reason..

    2. Sandeep Virk

      Exactly..KV The THE BB IRONMAN…get a life sree…stop whining like a baby

  7. Somi, well done. That’s it. Bye.

    1. @Aarohi…
      for the second time.. i like her too..

  8. shristy really was trying to manipulate sree today lol just to get him back in their team however she and other celebs need to let him go i don’t think he’ll be with commoners either he’ll be getting bashed again for going against the team he pretended to be part of and surbhi will be first in line with her KAISA INSAAN HAI THUUUUUUUUUUUUU :O

    1. @Jagannath…

      “urbhi will be first in line with her KAISA INSAAN HAI THUUUUUUUUUUUUU :O”


  9. hema not malini

    shilpa claiming bb makers are biased against her is a joke, yes they were biased but not against her but hina and whether y’all agree on this anymore or not but they’re biased against sree this season she was favoured and helped all throughout her season… she has some nerves to say this when she made fun of hina just bc she said show is edited smh

    1. @Hema Not Malini..

      shilpa is saying industry m kuch bhi one sided nhi hota .. it is based on give n take..
      aur apna season sara mere sath ye hua wo hua ki sympathy liya..

      apna time aya toh me sahi..
      dusre girls ne bolna start kiya toh give n take..
      this is called height of being double standard…

    2. and not only hina… even winners have already said this thing..
      shweta,gauhar,ashka,diandra and many more said this thing public should not trust bb blindly.. cz episode m jo dikhta h wo 100% sach nhi hota..

  10. garbage woman is right promote her to garbage boss

  11. Aisa lagta h jaise big boss platform log apni dirty linen clean krne aate Hain… Last tum Shilpa winner Bani jo Apne unprofessional behaviour k liye serial se nikaal di gyi… Big boss ne isko gr8 aur Vikas Ko villain dikha diya…. Dis tym ye match fixer aaya hai .. Apni image thik karne….

    1. @Arshi..

      well said…!!!!!
      really liked ur comment…

  12. Eureka Eureka….. I found d real Short term memory loss patient from Ghajini fame…. Our very own Sreesanth….. Everytime he says : Maine ye kab bola, ; mujhe kisi ne support nhi Kiya bla bla…. Bechara apni Kahi huyi har baat bhool Jata h ….. We should not laugh aur get angry on him.. he is a serious me ntal patient..who needs urgent help …. Get well soon Sree (he he)

  13. kv and deepika are biggest mahaan atmaas like why were they supporting sree really what were they trying to prove there and was it under pressure as majority was in his favour?i mean why they’ve to follow majority when it’s clear sree is not going to be with them anymore and he was clearly rude to them just a day ago so it isn’t like they didn’t have a reason to not vote for him. To me this is called playing safe and heights of hypocrisy, they could’ve given their vote to jasleen like somi did but no they first went with majority then gave huge mahaan vala monologue in the end smh somi really made me like her today she did what she felt like doing without blindly following her group

    1. Sandeep Virk

      I totally agree with you Jap..but I think like dipika said this is the last chance they giving sree to prove he is with them..I know sree didnt deserve it but still they didnt wana give him any excuse to later defend his behaviour by saying that you guys didnt support me so now I’m doing this to you…now kv dipika have tried their level best to prove their friendship and loyalty and if mental sree still cant be grateful for it then ultimately it will be his loss…

      1. But they only tried to prove their friendship or gave him a chance by giving vote in a situation where he already have majority in his pocket and they didn’t support him from the get go whatsoever it was last moment badge change when they saw everyone of them standing behind him, shristy was clear cut about her supporting him to return the favour however those two only have a change of *heart* after everything has transpired but I’m honestly curious how everybody will play from now on seeing how alliances have been changed but I will be done with deepika if she try to play bhaiyya behen skit again and as someone else said here I don’t think sree will stay true to commoners either lol and surbhi will come back to bite him again

    2. @Jap..

      totally agreed…!!!

      i was like slapping kv when flip and said i am voting for myself and sree… then again flip.. jasleen n sree..

      bhai do paise ki bhi self respect h ya nhi…
      aur upar se dpka k explanation… apna time apne pe dpka q kuch bhi sacrifice nhi karti

  14. Anup jalota ka lota

    Khairaat mein pattiyan nai bat rai hain bhai there are doctors team sitting just outside the house who gave it to him, whether it was intentional or not kV did hit him in a way it caused enough injury for a doctor to prescribe a bandage

  15. Hema not malini

    Sree is going out this week as his contract was only by the end of October now who you guys will support or hate considering he is the only one who is getting support or hate this year rest are invisible to everybody…Megha is the only noticeable contestant after sree but I don’t think show producers will give her limelight as they want a show that she can’t give

    1. @Hema Not Malini..

      megha k sath kisi ki conversation bh nhi hoti even…no one is taking to her.. sabko pata h megha is a very good performer she proved it in last 2 tasks..

      plus she is the winner of bb marathi.. so koi bhi usey screemn pe dikhne ka chance hi nhi de raha… and sirf task kar k wo bb12 ki winner nhi ban sakti..

  16. Ek baat toh samajh aa gayi.. is baar k celebrities maha dumb and commoners maha cheapsters h…
    It seems like sab megha ko side kar rahe h…
    everyone deserves bad behaviour… cz yahan sab bhed chaal m chal rahe h kisi ki apne identity nhi h…

    It was megha n kv who performed the task so good..shiv played good too..

    but megha ka naam kisi ne bhi nhi lia jasleen n sree bheekh maang rahe they hum logo ko captaincy chaiye hume chance nhi mila..
    but what about megha????????? usey bhi toh chance nhi mila usey toh even perform kar k bhi chance nhi mila..

    I am just hating kv,dpka and sristy… sree sree sree sara time yahin karte rehte h.. ana kuch h nhi kya karne ko..
    sree ko chance nhi mila ye baat kahan se justify hoti h.. u ppl dont even respect of ut hardwork even dont respect of someones hard word like megha..

    actually kv and dpka deserves this kind of treatment from sree… sir pe toh qki yahin logo ne chadaya h na…

    jo banda apko task m harwane i koshish karta h usey hi captaincy de di gadhon ne mil k..

    dpka ab bas kar do yaar bhai bhai bhai/ sach m is bhai word se ab irritation hoti h.. jab bhi bhai bolti h agta h apna kuch nhi kar pa rahi toh dikhne k liye sree k pass chale jao and actual m dikhti bhi only sree k naam pe hi h.. bilkul bhi self respect nhi h in logo m..

    surbhi jab bhi bolna start karti h always same tone rhta h.. jaise childhood m baccha essay leran kar k jata h aur jab teacher k samne ruk ruk k soch soch k bolta h essay…

    happy club is seriously pathetic.. logo ko bully karna in logo ki hoby h.. surbhi used nashta nhi kiya kya line for megha like seriously… yahin h surbhi ka character….
    shakal surat ki h nhi shayad dikhti bhi episode m isliye hi h ki utni gandagi tak baaki log nhi jana chahte…

    dpka madam bas plan karti reh jayegi ki pehle celebrities m se nikalo one by one and commoners ko fir dekhte rahenge…

    sristy ka samajh nhi ata kon se planet se ayi h suddenly uchal koof kar kc ute ban jayegi fir suddenly bina reason kisi ek ko sunane lag jayegi.. stonger and ghatiya one like surbi k samne uska muh tak nhi khulta kabhi..

    and kal jasleen ko ol rahi thi in washroom ki next time contender bhi nhi bnayenge…

    celebrities se task only megha and kv perform karte h us hisab se kisi ko bhi contender nhi banna chaiye tha….

    is season m kisi ki liye constantly accha nhi likh sakte.. cz ek bhi banda/bandi deserve hi karta constant praise of public…

  17. Your CommentI really love srishty 😘😍.

    1) Good looking,cute,sweet
    2) best dancer
    4)Agression b h.jb zarurt hoti h tb dikhati h.
    5) Naa hi kisi se pange leti h or na janwaro ki trh chilla k ghar ko sar pe uthati h.
    6) na target krti h kisi ko na hi khud ko kisi ka target bnne deti h.
    7) har task me apna pura participation deti h.
    8) galat ko galat kehne se b nhi darti chahe wo koi b ho.
    9) i really want her to be the winner.

    But we all knw makers kbhi bnne nhi denge.

    But u r winner for me srishty. God bless u πŸ˜β˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    Please haters stay out of it.this is not for u. Its my call, whom i want to support.

  18. @Naina sree ke haath mei sirf ek crepe bandage laga hua tha..jab ye incident hua tha tab sree instant kuch reaction nehi diya baad mei wo apna haath ka issue uthaya..aur agar sahi mei hurt hua hai to ye sree ke apna galti ke wajah se accidently hua hai..sree bahut aggresively attack kar raha tha aur kv apne colours ko defend kar raha tha..aur agar iss chiz ke liye kv gaya hai to sree ko v jail mei jana chahiye..waise to kv ko v laga tha…phir v at least kv usi din sree ko sorry bola but sree jab captain bann gaya kv ne v usko support kiya uske baad wo sorry bola but next day phir usi ko hi jail mei daal diya ..

    1. he said it right away that he got hit there he even asked for an apology but kv denied ever hitting him instead he started making fun of him it’s after that he even went on to fight with him and if he was so aggressive then why only he’s the one with a swollen arm not kv? uski sirf zubaan galat thi

  19. Had hai tum logon se yes kv also fall yesterday but he didn’t make an issue out of it cause NOBODY PUSHED HIM IT WAS AN ACCIDENT while sree made a fuss about it cause KV DELIBERATELY HIT HIM infact so hard that he got that bandage from doctor that’s given in fracture or sprain etc and he only try to play against them cause their “head of the family” vikas didn’t let him play and was rather rude while refusing him to do it later instigated him yeah sree said words he shouldn’t have said but just yesterday on here people were throwing homophobic slurs for sree to show their dislike for him as well that’s hypocrisy just right there and what he said isn’t 1% of what puneesh and akash said last year but i used to see people supporting those two idiots even salman always joke about this stuff and that last year winner wasn’t all miss prissy at all(only hina was the one who had progressive mindset last year)he was wrong for using that language but don’t dispute someones injury…..Deepika is as fake as surbhi said her to be she gets on my nerves and if she acted all sweet and sisterly with sree again i will explode she has ditched him two times already while acting all self righteous and all and kv should’ve kept his vote and mahaan speech later cause he didn’t do any ehsaan on him he already have everybody supporting him blo*dy idiot upar ka mala iska khali hai kya ya ye waqai mein acting karra hai?

  20. I don’t know why these so called celebs are so pretentious. I mean come on in real life they would never give away their stuff to someone just because the other person never had chance to enjoy it in life. The way they are doing charity to give away captaincy is stupid and basically they are fake people. Self proclaimed mahan people. KV went on to support Sree for captaincy and then says he can’t believe Sree. Same is applicable to Dipika, Bhai Bhai and then b*t*hing. Not that Sree is any good.
    Enjoyed how commoners we’re enjoying when actually celebs had to give contendership to Sree. I mean these celebs always know camera is rolling, acting khatam nai hoti.

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