Bigg Boss 12 10th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Salman takes Dipika and Deepak’s class

Bigg Boss 12 10th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman Khan welcomes everyone to show. Salman says Sree nominated 7 people and it started a storm in house. Salman says what Romil did for Somi made everyone emotional in house. Salman says wolf pack had a fight.

In house, Jasleen says to Rohit that you can share your saliva with Sristy and KV to create strong bong. Deepak laughs. Sristy says Jasleen, Shiv and Sree can do that too. Sree says pick a dude for yourself Sristy. Sristy says I am not talking to you, I am talking to my friends. Sree says you want saliva? Sristy says dont bring your rude behaviour to me. Sree says dont take my name then. Sristy says blo*dy hell.

Salman says Surbhi, Romil, Deepak and Somi are nominated. Salman says Bigg Boss plays with inmates, 4 inmates were asked whom they should have

nominated, they would throw ice cold water, cow dung and flour on those names.

In house, Deepak says I think Jasleen should have been nominated, she doesnt have her point of view. Cold water is thrown on her then cow dung and flour. All are stunned. Somi says Shiv is not strong, he doesnt think before speaking, he talked about my background. They throw cold water, cow dung and flour on him. Shiv acts like dancing in it. All laugh. Surbhi chooses Rohit because he is less involved as compared to Megha. Cold water is thrown on him, then cow dung and flour. Romil asks if he should take Sristy’s name? Surbhi says its your choice. Romil names Srishty Rode for being moody. Sristy screams as cold water falls on her. KV asks her to calm down. They throw cow dung and flour on her.

Later, Surbhi tells Romil that he should not have named Srishty and should have named Megha, Salman named her less than Sristy. Romil says this time Megha came in captaincy task, she is always performing.

Jasleen tells Romil that she didn’t deserve to be named.

On stage, Salman connects call to house and wish them diwali and Sreesanth a belated Happy Birthday. Salman even praises Karanvir Bohra’s outfit, claims he got it stitched from the sofa cover his wife had sent him. All laugh. Salman jokes with Deepak about him not getting the idea of giving up his video chance for Somi – something Romil had done over the week. Romil says he was upset that he didnt get that idea. All laugh. Are you really irritated by Deepak, Salman asks Somi. She says he keeps singing songs.
Salman says the task during which they had to choose the people who should have been nominated, the names they had chosen were right — except for Romil’s choice of Srishty. You should have chosen someone else, he tells Romil, but Romil defends his choice and explains why he chose Srishty but I can be wrong. Salman says Sristy is seen with Rohit but Rohit is not seen.
Salman says to inmates that you got nominated and decided to irritate others but the way Deepak treated Jasleen was wrong. Salman asks Deepak who gave him the right to make personal comments about someone’s private life. Salman says you feel bad when someone says something you, you start crying when someone insults, but you did character assassination and that is worse than insulting someone. Jasleen says right. Salman asks Deepak if you are right? you look off from mind. Deepak says not like that. Salman says who gave you right to pass personal comments on someone? He also slams Surbhi for supporting Deepak, says ”it was very sad”. Surbhi says I was contributing but not supporting. Salman says you should have scolded him. Surbhi says Megha brought personal angle and Deepak explained it. Salman praises Romil for trying to subside the topic and not let it move ahead. Jasleen says early morning they were all making fun of me, like I will have to answer people. Jasleen reveals that Surbhi and everyone else are taunting her over the fact that Anup Jalota had left her because they heard Anup’s statement, it was very bad for me. Salman says what Anup said had reasons but you dont need to put someone else down. Salman says to Surbhi that you have boyfriend and you are in house too. Surbhi says that she was wrong, and she has apologised to Jasleen and apologises again. Deepak also apologises and Surbhi promises such a thing will not happen again. Salman says this all started when Sree nominated 7 inmates, he asks why he nominated Deepak? Sree says Deepak is strong competitor and he nominated me too. Deepak says he promised me that he would save me. Sree says I saved you from jail. Romil says you are wrong. Sree says he saved Romil and nominated me too. Sree says Deepak was emotional so I motivated him that I will help him in his captaincy but in nominations I had to take 7 names. Salman says remember when Dipika nominated you and gave you same reason that you were ill and you miss house but you got miffed with her. Sree says he is strong contender. Romil says he gave reason that Deepak’s hand is hurt, if Deepak didnt have hand then he wouldnt be a contestant? Deepak is performing 100% in every task, he could have accepted that he played smartly. Salman says to Romil that your mastermind tag is in danger, Sree’s plan was to nominate happy club then you planned whose scarecrow to break, he was mastermind behind in all that. Romil says when he nominated, we knew it was his move. Salman ends call.

In house, Megha says to Sristy that Salman was taunting you that you are seen with Rohit and Rohit is not seen at all, it means you both are not seen. Sristy says my whole life is remaining, relationship is very important, I cant do this.

Sristy says to Jasleen that I am irritated with Rohit linking to me, I am trying to show I am okay but I am not. Jasleen says Manish will understand, your relationship is of 4 years. Sristy cries.

On stage, Salman congrats KV. Salman asks whom will you credit your victory in the captaincy task to. KV says first God then credits Rohit for he noted that there was water in bowl but Surbhi says that the credit should go to Dipika because she was very partial, she got Somi out in the first round without any logic saying her bowl broke but KV had accepted defeat too when his bowl broke but Dipika still declared him winner. Salman says that Dipika has changed the way the sanchalak does the job. She is like the umpire who declares a batsman not out even though he is ready to walk. Salman says it was not a no-ball, he asks how many drops of water were left in the bowl. All laugh. Dipika says everyone agreed with me that time that there was one spoon of water left but now everyone is saying it wasn’t that way. Surbhi says that it was Dipika’s calculated decision to make KV captain. Salman asks how many think that Dipika was worst referee than Shiv? All agree except Rohit and KV. Dipika says that she is just being herself and did not calculate anything. Salman says you made a deal with happy club to make KV captain, why did you make alliance with them? Dipika says I was alone so I had to make a deal with them. Surbhi says Sree was Dipika’s brother but he became brother for others, he wanted to make Jasleen captain but Dipika thought that she could become great by making KV captain. Dipika says I dont think that much. KV says you people made alliance too for Somi. Salman says she had done what she wanted to do but in the process, she has lost her sense of right and wrong. Dipika says she did not monitor the task with the intention of being partial towards KV.
Call is connected to caller of the week. Caller Amit says I want to say that it doesnt matter if that person is in house or not, I want to talk to Rohit. He says to Rohit that I got a firecracker, I light it up but it never blasted, when you came in house, you were saying dialogues like throw Sree out, he is nobody but what happened to you? you are not seen anywhere, Sree said that Sristy was seen because of you but I think you are seen because of Rohit. Salman asks whats your question? Caller says he is not seen anywhere so I want to know when he will play his game? he has got a big platform and if he cant wake up then he should leave. Rohit says I will perform well now, you will be satisfied with me, call ends. Salman ends call.

In house, Romil says true captain is Dipika, KV was made captain. Sristy says to Sree that I asked Rohit but he denied, you taunted me that I got saved because of Rohit. Sree asks Rohit if I said that? Rohit says I said Sristy got saved so Sree said yes because of Rohit. Sree says okay, Rohit always say that Sristy gets saved because of him. Rohit leaves.
Dipika says to Surbhi that I got tensed when I became referee, Surbhi says then you should have been more fair, you could have done everything.
Romil says to KV that she became partial because she wanted you to be captain, she played dirty game. KV says I know if there is something wrong then you would stand up against it but you didnt go against Dipika. Romil says I am a true player, I knew she was cheating.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman asks the contestants who they think is the biggest gunehgaarn(villain) of the week. Everyone, including KV, nominates Dipika. Even Dipika nominates herself. But Shivashish nominates Sree for leaving task and Sreesanth nominates Shiv for trying to copy him. Time for Dipika to head to the torture room, where she will get slapped by a dead fish. Shiv says I can take your place. KV says I can do it. Dipika says go. Dipika sits and gets slapped by fish. Salman ends call. Megha says let her go, Dipika says its okay, its just a fish.

On stage, Preity Zinta comes in to promote Bhaiaji Superhit. Salman says you are coming in a movie after much time. Preity says yes I am very excited. The two enter a compettion where they have to recognise hook steps of famous songs. Preity demonstrates first and Salman guesses Bhumro correctly. Salman demonstrates and Preity almost guesses Dhik Tana correctly.
Preity goes next and stamps her foot aggressively on the stage, to mimic Sunny Deol in Yaara o yaara, Salman guesses it. Salman goes next and Preity gets it right – Chalti hai kya nau se barah. Preity gives Salman a difficult one, to test his ‘current affairs’ knowledge. He doesn’t get Sleepy Sleepy Akhiyan, which is from her upcoming film, Bhaiyyaji Superhit. This means Preity wins the competition. The two then dance to their song Aate Jaate Jo Milta Hai Tumsa Lagta Hai from Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega. Salman takes selfie with Preity. Salman says to Preity to enter the Bigg Boss 12 house and get the task done. Preity leaves.

On stage, Salman connects call to house, he says four inmates are nominated, we will tell tomorrow who is eliminated.

Preity Zinta enters house, she greets everyone. She says lets do a task. She divides them into two teams. Team A has Sree, Surbhi, Somi, Deepak and Romil. Team B has Rohit, Sristy, Shiv, Dipika. They have to entertain Preity with stories and performances. The team that wins the task will get the chance to escape from nominations in the upcoming week, KV will not perform as he is captain. Preity Zinta says lets talk and not fight. Team B starts performing, Jasleen dances on yeh mera dil.

Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Salman becomes a Bigg Boss for one day and asks inmates to perform on his demand. He asks Shiv and Sree to dance on double speed. All inmates dance fastly, Salman laughs.
KV and Sree fight in Sultani ring. KV says Sree might be good for show but as a person he is zero. Sree says you had to defend that you are better than me in show but you yourself agreed that I am better. Salman laughs. KV laughs too.
KV sends Sree to jail. Sree gets angry and says I am not going to jail.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. caller has taken the class of rohit today # he deserve that .He has no other thing to do , bigg boss has wasted a wild card spot here # better jasleen go as she is just make up shop in the show # such a tubelight she is # bromance of shiv and sree and their reasons were funnier # rest it was yawn and bore on deepak’s sristy and dipika’s behalf and at last i think salman is fading away slightly this weekend although he too got moved by romil’s sacrifice :))-# megha and somi in their own lala land # surbhi is in shock so venting her fears in shouting form# kv should not back down from sree he is just another contestant who is acting on biased BB scripts so well # endemol shine can do anything for trps lol

  2. Again my point is same if Deepak was slammed why not KV, his attack was personal too. KV once asked Salman to praise him once so showed in dignified way that he doesn’t like Salman’s comment every week. Why Jasleen didn’t say that why BB let her personal thing become public in wrong light. Jasleen should have only been one to face and answer it when she goes out. If Anup meant that in any different way why BB guest really put it in way Deepak understood it.
    I never liked Arshi last season as for me she was way too much but I liked her when she firmly told Salman that she doesn’t like his behavior towards her. Jasleen should have put forth that point firmly that discussing her stuff at first place was wrong.
    Romil was right Megha plays more than shrishty but Salman will say otherwise because according to latest trend of BB for last few years ek week ki TRP shrishty and uske bf ki engagement hogi. But Megha is better than shrishty any day. Love angle se important khelna hai. Rohit and Shrishty’s one sided love story is as fake as Deepak somi’s. If Dipika was scolded for a week for giving wrong reason to send Sree home same should be done to Sree as he did same to Deepak. Dipika was given tag of fake for that and Sree ko Mastermind…..this is biasness

  3. Salman ne Deepak surbhi ko scold kiya tha ya pyaar se bachon ke trah sehlaya tha…this is not how gently he reacts when others make a mistake…and romils decision to choose srishty was right as megha is performing as well as interacting better than her…I dont know what to say about dipika..her decision were not all wrong as a sanchalk…if same thing was done by surbhi as sanchalk then it would have been applauded as good fair tough sanchalki..since its dipika..she has to suffer the wrath..but I dont feel she was 100%wrong but ofcourse bb wanted romil to be captain…and that’s exactly why they are giving this stupid immunity task tomorrow to immune happy club frm nominations coming week…I dont even need to see the task as I know winner is happy club…go to hell bb and Salman…partiality ki bhi hadd hoti hai…
    Aur kv ka bheja hai ke nahi…khud se bol rha hai sree better player hai..bhai ab to jag jao..bohat so leye…ab to khul ke bheja lga ke khel lo

    1. @sandeep..

      Agreed to ur each n every single word

      But i thought makers did not wants to make romil captain..
      Dpka was supportimg kv.. And makers made dpka sanchalak for the captaincy task so that again scene create ho..
      Again dpka and kv ko suna k thoda trp le lo..
      Dpka ka game plan open up kar do.. Jisse again sab log kv n dpka pe chad jaye..
      Is sara week again bas fight fight n fight karao..

      Did u ever notice sabse z6ada comments tellyupdates pe bhi even tab hote h jb soild fight hoti h. .. Which is the sign of increasing trp…
      Public discuss the episodes on twitter and everywhere the most where the contestants stoop so low..

      So all in all.. Ye show fights pe chal raha h… Yafir ye bolo is show ko only fights pecjala raheh..

    2. @sandeep. Exactly. This is the most stupid boring and biased season. I watch very less now. Sab scripted. Happy club and romil ko sahi dikhana humesha. How stupid a question. Deepak ko kyon nominate kiya?? Matlab wtf. Haan kiya toh kiya. Deepak kya bhagwan hai jo use nominate nhi kr sakte.
      I hate to see these four. Mujhe toh kisi angle se dosti nahi lagti inki. I hate dem all. And salman too. Boring weekend ka vaar. Even the callers are planted. Tabhi TRP chart se nikal gya h bb.

  4. And yes there was one task in 1st week involving housemates where everyone was like why they think Anup jasleen relationship is fake. Was that not disgraceful. It directly meant that they are taking it to be on show which means to get some benefit. Baat barabar hai

    1. @hope..

      Its all about kis time pe kya baat bol k kitni trp milegi..

      Fair unfair toh waise bhi last two seasons se matter kar nhi raha h..
      Fair toh kuch bhi nhi h.. Not any contestant.. Not the makers and not the host..

  5. Wkw was well expected..each n everything was exactly like i thought

    Deepika ki pol kholna that she was being good with happy club just to earn their trust..
    Dpka was worst n biased sanchalak..
    Kv becomes captain by cheating
    Dpka will accept her fault like always.
    Kv will again show how dumb he is.. To take dpka’s name for punishment… Bcz he dont want to go against of majority and salman.. There would be no elimination
    Happy club again will get the power..

    I wants to ask one question… Why salman never pointed out the things of happy club..

    In ship task shiv moved from is place… Bit somi said the force of water was too much so shiv is not disqualified.. But as per the rule of the task.. When someone will move from his/her place will be disqualify..

    In coution task somi tear the cover of opposite team… And that iscalled cheating too…
    Happy club won most of the task by doing cheating..
    So salman should said something to happy club too…

    I am feeling bad fordpka.. Cz first of all she really work hard to make kv captain and it was really lookingbad that kv took dpka’s naMe for punishment..
    Kv is losting his charm day h day… Kisko khush karne m lageho.. Dimaag nhi h? Jisne apko help kiya uska hi naam lerahe ho… Guts they toh apna lena tha
    Salman ne aj takhappy club ka tph koi raaz nhi khola then y sree n Dpka?
    Surbhi broke lot of rules but salman didn’t raise those points

    As i said finalists are pre planned… Top 3will be romil dpka and sree

    Bb makers jnta ko pata nhi itna dumb q samajhte h.. 10 yrs ka bacchabhi bata sakta h caller of the week fake hota h..

    I dont think so kisi ko itni padi hoti h ki call kar k kisiko disrespect kare
    Jaise cler baat kar raha tha usse clearly pata lag raha tha koi crew memberhi h..

    Previous 10 seasons m cleary pata lagta tha ki caller janta m se ki hota tha previous 10 seasons m jo wuestions put up hote they wo reasonable hote they.. The caller never evertalk to anyone r disrespect anyone like this..

    It feels like makers arenot interested to show sristy rohit angle..
    But they are working hard to create and show romantc angle btwn somi n deepak..

    1. Agreed completely except for the last line…….I think they r trying to show rohit-srishty angle rather…….

    2. Xyz. Bilkul sahi. Each m every point.
      Even I noticed this. Celebrities main unity makers hi nhi hone dete. Reason being wkw. Dey always try ki aapas me ladwa do aur weak dikha do celebrities ko. Kabhi bhi happyclub ka nhi dikhate. Surbhi is a guttermouth. But no. Nhi dikhaenge. Somi is another badtameez. Par nhi dikhaenge.
      As u said the finalists are pre planned. And they might make romil win (the way its all going).
      Immunity task iska saboot h.

    3. @XYZ abosolutely perfect . Point to point everything was so accurate I can’t tell you. Before watching the show, all these points were coming to my mind too. For an instant, I felt that moment where Karan was crying in front of Deepak to tell that though they come from good families , yet, they don’t stand together – I felt Salman will insult Karan for that comment too. I know he didn’t mean it in that way, but, Salman wouldn’t have spared a chance to make Karanvir feel low !

  6. So called Reality Show Big Boss

    Looks like Somi will be evicted tomorrow. I read the updates and then decide if its worth watching the show. I can’t see Romil or Deepak leaving any time soon.

    1. She’s not leaving πŸ™ salman/bb saved her…I honestly hope this show never do another season cause this on the nose partiality and fixing is getting on my nerves and regardless how desperately they need money or image change celebs shouldn’t take part in it just to be bullied…

      1. Anonymous. Agreed

  7. It’s like so damn confirmed don’t even need anyone to officially declare it that bigg boss is supporting commoners especially surbhi, deepak did make that jasleen leg pulling uglier but it was all started by surbhi like what the f**k?and they still lied about megha bringing up property topic when it was deepak and why salman was interacting with surbhi like it’s her first mistake I wonder how demotivated other HMS must be seeing how she’s favored, salman need to check the epis before doing the scripts provided by show makers cause all of this is making him look bad and that nomination power to those 4 was just unfair these things are the reason why this season just couldn’t take off producers ruined and ruining it themselves….I want to watch the clip where sree said srishty is in show cause of rohit cause I don’t know whether to believe it or not as it was first time discussed when rohit said it after srishty questioned him over it and apparently according to him it was said the same week he came when sree & him weren’t even interacting cordially so like it’s just coming off as a lie he did to save his own skin and put conflict between sree and srishty..KV is dumb or spineless or both?if deepika cheated then it was for you and you were equally part of it so I don’t understand on what basis he took her name for torture room, I find her irritating and a backstabber however I felt bad when kV took her name cause after all she did it all for him and him asking sree to not curse is annoying as well cause he wasn’t being mean to anyone at that moment & it’s his prerogative to use whatever language he wants to use…Romil was so jealous when salman just hint of sree playing better than him lol if you knew he would nominate happy club then why were you so proudly taking credit for making him captain last week?it’s on basic rules of “masterminding” to not give someone power you don’t trust 100% blo*dy idiot ek to waise hi khoon jalane wala epi hai upar se ye bewfkoof jab believe karta hai ke ye mastermind hai to aur gussa ata hai

    1. @sana..
      Completely agreedπŸ‘
      I was laughing hard to read ur ‘khoon jalane wala episode’
      It was too good..

    2. Sristy and rohit wala matter itna bada tha hi nahi. Woh isliye uthaya gaya taki celebrities ek sath na ho jaye.

    3. @sana. Totally agree sana

  8. How come salman compared deepika and sree situation with sree and deepaks? Deepika and sree were closer and they actually seemed to share brotherly sisterly bond so deepika voting him off was shocking and unpredictable while deepak have said so many bad things about sree and sree have reciprocated equally there’s no bond there except for the fake one deepak always tries to force to show, they are part of different teams deepak nominated sree last week as well then why should sree not return the favour? What kind of f**ked up logic is this?like really what are bb team is on to make this senseless comparison?and what makes this even more annoying is that contestants can’t even share their side cause they’ll either be cut or bashed by salman for being argumentative….if theres a relationship that has formed this season that i think is genuine and will continue after the how then I think it’s shiv and sree

    1. According tomakers hppy club have rights to cheat… They have rights to sent jail anyone on silly reasons.. They have rights to nominate anyone for without any reasons..
      But baaki logo ko rights nhi happy club ko nominate and jail punishment k liye..

      Sree ne reason diya toh h… Its his choice to nominate deepak..
      As u said there is a hufe difference inbtwn dpka-sree and dpk-sree ‘s relation..
      Deepak ne bhi toh sree ko kitni baar nominate kiya h.. Deepak ne bhi tph 2-3 weeks pehle sree k sath kya kuch nhi kiya..

      So its totally justified..

    2. @jap and xyz. Totally agreed. M so pissed at this show. Each n every line salman said was stupid and crap. Every reason he gave was to support the loosers and to make celebrities fight amongst them. Taki unka bond na bane and they doubt themselves. Shiv is actually coming across as a gold hearted guy. A man of his words and gutsy. Par use dikhaya hi nahi ja raha. Coz salman ko god knows kya problm h usse.

  9. What the hell is salman trying to prove dude…….we know that u r biased……
    The way salman “scolded”deepak was funny literally…..he was just using heavy words like character assassination…….n surbhi my god she completely supported n instigated deepak regarding that matter but what did salman say that he didn’t expect it from her…….man r u serious…….she is a very bad-mouthed creature n has spilled all sort of dirt she could but just bcoz she creates mess n fetches u trp doesn’t mean that u should become her puppy……
    N kv highly disappointed………. how could he even name dipika for that torture……. He is a very confused person…….probably the most this season…….
    For me dipika was fair…….but still if i consider salman’s words for a sec…….then why didn’t he correct dipika what he did was just blaming n shaming………he didn’t tell where she was wrong……..I think he just spoke his script as over the makers…….
    The task was not good bcoz why do happy club get such things to do every time…… can romil be a mastermind…….I have not seen him doing tasks in a brainy manner as vikad did…….people would agree to vikas but nobody agrees with romil ever…….he is just a lazy cat n being among happy club it seems like”andho mein kaana raja”…….thats it……
    Caller was just wow…….rohit deserved it badly…….
    Precap of sultani akhada again proves that kv never plays smart……sometimes I think that dipika made kv captain that’s why salman slammed her sanchalan……just an assumption……..
    Sree’s nautanki of jail has again started……..

    1. Sree shared with Megha and shiv that when they send him to jail he’s reminded about his time in tihar and all the bad memories and incidents came crashing down with it as well so that’s why he get this upset over jail especially when he’s sent there without any reason whatsoever so it’s personal to him

      1. People are too unaware about mental issues to understand that, he clearly has PTSD from all the trauma he has went through since the ban and every minor nuisance remind him of that time or is anxious half the time with mood swings…

      2. WO log use akela bhi to nai chodtey jail ke Charo taraf beth jate hain ladne ke liye

    2. @nandini..

      Correct… It looks like kv bheja ghar chod k aya h.. Dpka ne pura week kv ko help kiya aur kv ne usi ka naam le liya aaj…
      But seriously when kv behaves dumb.. He looks really cute.. πŸ˜‚

      Is season m agar kuch entertaining h toh wo kv k expressions..

    3. @jap..

      Both of ur comment is Nice and true.. πŸ‘
      And same views

  10. Why does salman always expose celebs strategies and never commoners?first time he did it was actually proved to be futile for celebs(remember when kV and rest tried to create rift b/w Jodi’s?) Then when sree really started playing they created a rift that could’ve never be erased by fake eliminating him and putting him in secret room that move instilled doubt in every single one of them that was the point they broke celebs twining, imo game runners never wanted celebs to survive and as soon as they start to get a upper hand in game bb team either expose them in front of commoners to give pointers to their so called mastermind or put new twists in commoners favour..romil is their clear planned winner and surbhi is planted mess creater she even once said it herself and deepak used to be a good entertainer but now just shown as winners sidekick with sree shown as villain and kV deepika as double dholkis

  11. Why does these people use such dramatic words?romil saying “somi under ser TOT chuki hai” was funny and cringey and I unfortunetly was reminded about this again today ugh deepika also used similar kind of word for sree and it had made me puke at that time too tum 3 mahine ke liye is game mein ho with all your basic needs fulfilled yet they act like they’re matt Damon of the martian left alone on mars and have to survive on poop potato all their life

    1. hahaha enjoyed that. Seriously that is what I told yesterday phone aate hi relatives k ye loag jo mom dad bol kar rote hain………….I mean come on India k maa baap kitne khusnasib hai itne loving bachea hai unke. Old age home khali hone chahiye. Dude 3 month m kuch nai hota when you have all and no phone. Boss call karke work related deadline nai de sakta. Anup would have lied about everything after coming out of show but told one thing correct purea 8hrs sota tha bina kishi real tension k:)

    2. Anonymous. Hahaha. Cannot agree more. Ek dam same feeling I have. Feel like slapping this somi. Sadakchaap lag raha h deepak with his gamchhaa. Kabhi deepak se koi puche ki tum toh love angle uravashi k sath dikha k aaye the. Banane ki koshish h somi k sath.
      Somi bhi awein khud ko Ms. India samjhane lagi. 🀣🀣

  12. I felt very bad when kV took dipika’s name for punishment…. Today if kV is captain, 60β„… credit goes to deepika, she made a deal with happy club, she supported him whole heart edly, and I don’t understand as a sanchalak, were she went wrong, for which salman is blaming her, atleast he should have pointed it, I am too confused were she went wrong, or she could have questioned were as a sanchalak she went wrong and reason
    And kV talking about happy club unity and crying, and on the other side, took name of deepika who supported him so much to become a captain, And when captaincy task was over he consoled her saying that she was right, and today everyone pointed her, his mahan nature made him choose her for punishment, atleast he should have thankful to her, and supported her, kV taking deepika name was very bad for me, atleast Sree did not take dipika’s name, when he belived dipika was wrong
    And kV you proved today that what salman called you was correct, mahan!!!!
    How will anyone support him anymore, if he is the one who listen to others and ready to punish the one who supported him so much

    1. Dipika went back to sit alone after captaincy task because she knew she was biased and that was the reason KV also went to say her that you were right. They both knew it so didn’t ask the question. Aur KV jab apnely nai bol pata to wo Dipika ka saath kya dega that is why it is said that bewkuf dost se chalak dushman bhala πŸ™‚

  13. @teddy. As per bb standards, deepika was indeed a fair judge. Problem uska sanchalan nahi h. Prblm ye h ki happy club nahi jeeta. Kabhi nominated logon ki itni power mili h jitni happy club ko mili? Neha was a good candidate but ws thrown out as she doesnt spill filth wen she talks., unlike bb fav happy club. Happy my foot!

    1. Neha was good, she got eliminated becoz she was not the one who fight, shout at others and create drama unnecessarily
      Only happy club have these qualities what bb want for high trp

      1. She was eliminated cause she was charging an amount in which they could afford Megha aka more active Neha, surbhi & rohit in it

  14. How come looser club din take sree s name ??? All planned!

  15. That thok paani mein dal ke peelo convo was vomit inducing and any sane person would’ve reacted the same way sree did….rohit lying about sree to shristy is really working huh her behavior is totally off towards sree but what she’ll say on her strategy of “manipulating and using sree’s innocence”?this particular statement is more hurtful than something that isn’t even proved yet if she genuinely cared she wouldve came to sree herself and cleared it up than believing word of a guy who you believe is after you for footage

    1. A popular twitter acc posted the video clearing that rohit was indeed lying, he was the one spreading things like srishty is surviving cause of him and sree said opposite of that that he is the one surviving cause of srishty and he better not hurt her, in another clip cheapak is saying the same thing that srishty is here cause of rohit which sree again shows his disapproval on so rohit is the assteen ka sanp here and as you said if srishty cared she would’ve cleared it personally with sree instead of joining hate wagon against sree, clearly
      she’s influenced by kV more that’s why instinctively has started to trust sree less

  16. I just watched the uncut and i was mostly surprised about Somi, I knew she’s annoying but Jo har waqt *aap tameez se baat kijiye* karti hai was using chakka suwar [email protected]@da haramzada even more which I can’t write to abuse sree and shiv she’s trying too hard to be like hina but hina according to me was a class act she stuck to her words of never using a abusive word and she actually was fun to watch unlike this girl who has no barrier I mean she isn’t far off from surbhi and now I understand why she even became friends with her their mentality matches, why the hell they doesn’t show happy club ugliness to the fullest? Now I know why sree get so weirded out and behave even more disconnected on wkw cause his mistakes are tripled by salaman as well as hms but happy club has been uglier than he could ever be but they are never questioned

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