Bigg Boss 11 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Hina, Hiten and Ben in jail

Bigg Boss 11 9th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 38 (continued)
Ben sits on sofa with Priyank and says can you guess what I am going to say? he says no, Ben says I feel.. forget it, I wont say, he says please say it. Ben says how many female friends you had that you were close with like this? Priyank says not like this. Ben says I never had like this. Priyank says every weekend, I am so scared for you leaving. Ben says I am loving. Priyank says I am too protective over you. Ben holds his hand and says what is this? Priyank gets emotional and says I dont understand, we live together and people are against us thats why I do all this, am I making excuses? she nods and says seriously? she gives him a kiss on cheek and laughs at him.

Hina sees Arshi walking in nightie and says what she is wearing? Ben says

nothing under it. Luv says her bra color is different underneath nightie. Hina says it must be deliberate.
Arshi comes to Vikas and says Luv keeps staring at me, this is cheap. Vikas says tell Luv that you are uncomfortable with him staring. Arshi says I will talk to him nicely, if he doesnt agree then I will fight. Vikas says just calmly ask him. Arshi comes to Luv and asks him to come out. He goes to her, Arshi makes him sit with her. Arshi’s nightie’s front is open and bra on display, she says why you were staring at my chest? why? Luv makes ugly face and says why I will check it out? they were talking about it, like you are wearing something special, I am not at all interested, can I leave? you are thinking wrong. Arshi smiles and says you can leave. He smiles and leave. Arshi says to Bandagi that Hina was asking what I am wearing special? Hina doesnt know what special thing I am wearing and asking Luv? I will beat her so much. Hina comes there and dances around. Arshi says I will beat her so much that her face will be distort.

Ben asks Priyank why you ignored me whole day? he says no. Ben says can I not have private conversation with me? I didnt say no. Puneesh and Bandagi sees them walking in garden. Bandagi says they are doing drama, Bandagi says Ben has boyfriend outside.
Priyank says to Ben that I want to say something, I hope we are not doing something wrong, she says why would be wrong? he says I just said it.
Bandagi says to Puneesh that they are doing this to be safe from nominations.
Priyank says to Ben that I just dont want you to have problems when you leave house, it wont be problem for me but I have met him, he is great guy but I know him. Ben says you are still thinking about me? you think about me 24/7. Priyank says they are all goons. Ben hugs him, Priyank says why you are laughing? he moves away from her. Ben hugs him.
Puneesh says to Bandagi that we can ask Ben about her boyfriend but they will come to you then so leave them.
Ben says to Priyank that just relax, we are friends and nothing else is seen, my love and your love will understand that this is just friendship. Priyank says to be honest I am not very sure.

Day 39
Bach ke rehna plays, inmates dance. Priyank pulls Ben from bed.

Arshi says to Shilpa that Puneesh and Bandagi are always cuddling and talking to each other, Shilpa says this is too much. Arshi says this is national TV, how to tell them that its not appropriate that they are in one blanket in daytime too.
Hina says to Sapna that Puneesh and Bandagi have started public display of affection in daytime too. Puneesh and is cuddling with Bandagi.

Ben says to Sapna that I have not stooped to Aakash’s level, Sapna why dont you call out to Aakash that he is wrong. Mehjabi says we dont know who is wrong, Ben says I am talking to Sapna. Sapna says Aakash says wrong things, nobody stops him. Mehjabi says some people misbehave with manners and others dont. Hina says let them talk, you dont know matter. Mehjabi says all are giving their opinions so why cant I talk? Hina says you dont know matter, keep involved in your matters, you dont know anything but you have to get involved in everything. Mehjabi says I was talking about that who have come for free, they dont care about winning prize, when Bandagi left rocket, you said that people who came here for free doesnt care about prize money. Hina says I didnt say it but you still left rocket, Mehjabi says you left rocket too, Hina says were playing game, Mehjabi says your game is shown. Hina says I cant stoop to this low, Luv asks Mehjabi to stop it. Mehjabi says Hina have too much high class, your high class is shown, I am wearing all clothes unlike you wearing small clothes. Hina says what about clothes? Arshi is your best friend. Ben says what is this clothes thing?
Puneesh says to Bandagi that they have messed with wrong people like aakash, Mehjabi, me, you..

Arshi says to Ben that Hina is a lizard, smelly lizard. She sings about lizard and says she got insulted so much. Hina is mopping living room and dancing. Arshi says go take shower and get ready otherwise people will start talking about your old age.

Mehjabi says to Puneesh and Sabya that I was playing individually but they always roast me, they dont et me talk and all, Puneesh says they just blame everyone. Sabya says Hina cried. Puneesh says Hina’s way is to keep attention on her, do anything to keep camera on them, they are camera expert. Sabya says dont give them attention. Mehjabi says we need attention too. Arshi comes there and says you didnt speak for weeks and now speaking? Mehjabi says Ben didnt speak too. Arshi laughs and says its better if she doesnt speak.

Hina is sitting in garden alone and cries, she says they all blame me, they all put in fix, I didnt tell Mehjabi about free thing, why everyone is behind me? Priyank loves Ben but I love their company and they love my company, I dont think about anyone lower than me. Priyank, Luv and Ben comes to Hina. Hina cries. Priyank hugs her. Hina says I am falling apart, all are talking about me doing this and that, I never do bad with anyone.
Arshi says to Mehjabi that Hina will not leave this house before I drag her, Mehjabi says I will drag her too.
Shilpa mimics Hina in kitchen.
Luv says to Hina that we can end all this once and for all. Hina says they are shameless, they will not behave. Priyank says dont let them come near you. Ben says I have already told them to not come near me, when Aakash did that, I did pull his hair.

Mehjabi says to Vikas that Ben played game. Vikas says Ben gets benefit from separating me and Priyank, Priyank is not with me, he is a fool.
Hina says to Priyank that Vikas starts fire and acts like he is disappointed.

Sabya talks to Hiten and Vikas and says Shilpa brought tea to me and said give it to Vikas, I know he loves to drink tea in morning but he wont take it from my hand. Vikas says you dont know what kind of an actress she is, she is very big player, I know she will be in top 2, I know she acts nicely infront of camera all the time.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its time to choose worst player of task. Bigg boss says you can shout, you can fight but you cant pull other inmate’s hair, what Ben did with Aakash was wrong so as Punishment, she is nominated for next week and will be going to jail too. Bigg boss asks them to choose two inmates who were worst player in task, they can talk about referee Puneesh too. Inmates nod. Ben angrily leaves from there. Arshi says slow clap.. Priyank and Sapna says its Shilpa and Puneesh. Vikas says we didnt fail task because of Puneesh. Hina says he was sleeping.
Priyank comes to Ben and hugs her, he gives her kiss on head and says it happens. Ben says dont send Shilpa with me to jail, send someone to jail.
Bandagi says we cant punish Puneesh for others mistakes. Hina says money is gone, we can include referee in selecting worst player. Puneesh says you thought cheating was right? Hina says Vikas gave the idea about going down from rocket with Puneesh not knowing it. Vikas says I peed in bag, fine you can take my name. Priyank says to Hina that we can go to jail, we cant send Vikas to jail. Hina says okay we can go to jail. Vikas says dont change now. Vikas says I know who gave this idea. Vikas asks Hina why did you say that it was my idea to get down from rocket when Puneesh was sleeping? Hina says because it was, Vikas says no. Hina says you said that we can go behind jail or poster. Vikas says but it was not my idea, this is your unity? to blame others.

Hiten says to inmates that one person will go from my side. Luv says we can send Shilpa and Arshi as they went down first and had big amount in their name. Bandagi says they had right to leave rocket, it was not cheating. Hina says referee slept too, Bandagi says he was ill so slept. Luv says Puneesh didnt know anything in daytime too. Aakash says you people are lying. Luv shouts at him and says beat me, Hina asks Luv to move away. Priyank charges at Aakash and says you are nothing. Aakash says you people are actors, fake actors. Priyank says you will get scolding on weekend. Hina says most insulted on weekend will Shilpa. Puneesh says to Aakash that leave it, they cant mutually decide ever.

Bigg boss asks inmates to give two names that will go to jail with Ben. Puneesh says we couldnt mutually decide who should go to jail. Bigg boss says since you didnt have mutual decision taken so next contender for captaincy that are Sabya, Bandagi and Aakash can choose two inmates that will go to jail, they can discuss and decide.
Bandagi, Sabya and Aakash talks. Bandagi says for me it was Hiten and Sapna because they had high amount in their name and duty was on them and Hina’s name should be given too because she wanted to go to washroom and gave this idea.
Arshi taunts Bigg boss give me wrestling ring on saturday so I can beat Hina. Hina says to Arshi that I will answer you on weekend about what kind of Khan I am.
Aakash says to Sabya that Hina should be included, even Hiten went down from rocket by cheating. Bandagi says Hiten is confirmed. Aakash says we have to choose hina, we have to break their group, Hina is planning. Sabya says but they can talk from jail too. Aakash says Salman said that Hiten is most trusted and respected person in this house but Hiten lied to my Sindhi face that he didnt go to washroom. Aakash says choose Hina too,please I am requesting.

Bigg boss asks Sabya who they have chosen to go to jail? Sabya says first name is Hiten who is most calm person in house and the one who thinks herself always right that is Hina. Hina says same names again? Bigg boss says Hina, Hiten and Ben will remain in jail till next time, Puneesh lock them up. Ben says Aakash will run house now.
Hiten says to Hina that I dont know what wrong have I done, Aakash said that I let him down like I did some big crime. Sabya comes there and says sorry. Hina says no sorry needed now.

Hina, Hiten and Ben are going to jail. Arshi says they are getting punished for wrong things, they pulled your hair, they passed personal comments on me. Aakash says to Hiten that enjoy. Arshi says it was not Hiten’s mistake much.
Hina comes to jail and is cleaning inside. Arshi says you gave me dirty looks when I went to jail. Hina says time will show karma. Arshi says time is showing karma.
Aakash says Ben is going rightly, this is karma. Ben comes and asks Luv what shampoo you use? Aakash says she is taunting my hair pulling.

Puneesh locks Ben, Hina and Hiten in jail. Hina says to Sabya that if you had to take my name then you could have taken my name directly without saying that I am always right but wrong too. Ben says Sabya you did wrong. Priyank says I was ready to go. Sabya says its okay I wont talk to Priyank.
Sabya says to Mehjabi that they are taunting me.

Vikas, Luv and Priyank are sitting outside jail. They joke about Shilpa and Vikas. Priyank says Vikas is cooche coo infront of Vikas. Luv says Vikas sways infront of her, he mimics Vikas., Vikas says Luv I dont have joking relation with you, dont talk about me, I am telling you finally, Luv says I was joking, Vikas says I dont have joking relation with you, Luv says I am sorry, what happened. Vikas says move away, move away.

vikas comes in house. Puneesh asks what happened? why he has sad face? did they curse? Vikas says to Arshi that dont let Luv sleep tonight, they all laugh. Arshi says I wont. Luv comes there, Arshi says Luv are you scared? he says what? Arshi says wont see(her chest) today?dont want to see it? Luv says move it. Shilpa says he is already scared, leave him Arshi. Arshi says he is scared, Shilpa says Aakash was scared from Luv too. Luv says who has guts, come and make me scared.Aakash says really? Luv says come on.
Hina says to Ben that they want to isolate me, Ben says they want to take Priyank and Luv on their side too.

Aakash comes to Luv, Luv says you too? Priyank comes there and says why Aakash is coming inbetween? you want to slap? you want to slap?

Vikas says to Arshi that Luv is like bouncers in club, Shilpa says he is Hina’s personal bouncer.
Luv comes in kitchen, Aakash says are you scared? Arshi says Luv wanted to beat my friend and now you are scared? Aakash says stay standing bouncer, Arshi says scared scared, they dance around him, Luv laughs. Aakash and Arshi starts singing bang bang bouncer.
Hina says to Hiten that we both are in jail so they will instigate them so they raise hand and go out of house.
Vikas, Puneesh and Bandagi laughs.

PRECAP- Vikas says to Luv that I wont do anything to you, I dont need to because you will get served in this house, it will happen to you yourself.
Sapna says she is doing very bad things. Vikas says who asked her to do all that? Hina.
Hina says to Priyank and Luv that who is Vikas? why he becomes dictator and rule everyone around? it wont work with me.
In captaincy task. Sabya, Bandagi and Aakash will have to keep birds nest on their heads and have to collect eggs from inmates, the one who get most number of eggs from inmates in his/her nest will become new captain. They start task. Hina says dont plan and plot, beg for eggs and get them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Aj to mza hi aa gya Shilpa and gang ne Kya 12 bajaye Heena aur uske do pets ki…yaar ye Heena Jo girl power krti thi uska kya hua??is show me to total Ulta kr rhi h…arshi ko drum jaise figure Wali bola,uske kpdo pe comment tk kia aj apne 2 paltu doggies k sath…south Indian actressess ke figure pe comment kia,dhinchaak Pooja ka mazak bnaya aur benafsha ke unhygienic wali bat bhi usi ne shuru ki aur phir total palat Gyi…flip Shilpa ko bolti h and sbse bdi flip to khud h..aur ye luv,kitna dirty aadmi h..kya mst band bji uski…aur koi is Priyank ko smjhao yr ki ye school nahi h baccho ki trh behave krna bnd kr de..hate these 3… disgusting ppl..want them to leave house..

    1. @Ruby correct. sirf girl power bolne se kuch nhi hota… shorts toh hina and ben bhi wear karte h… but hw can she say… nightie faad k hi kaam mil sakta h.. and kis class ki baat karti h sara time hina…. ladki ho k arshi ko boys se disrespect karwati h…….and khud bhi karti h….

      sare flop ideas hina deti h.. jab task fail ho jata h toh rone ka drama karti h….
      but janta itni bewakoof nhi ki uska fake rone ka natak samajh na paye……….

      jab dekho vks vks ki rat lagaye rehti h.. cz khud k pass toh kuch h nh entertain karne k liye…………

      na entertain karne ata,na actina ati,na hi looks m bht acchi h……. pata nhi fir bhi khud ko kya samajhti h……….

      ab pata laga karma. har baar jab arshi and vks ko jail bhejte they toh bada maza ata tha.. ab kya hua???? lag gaya pata sara….

      i want har baar hina hi jaye jail……..
      really hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her…….

  2. Neeru

    – Ben nd priyank… Really…? Gawd… I feel sad for her BF,, varun… I loved him in roadies…!!
    – Ok… Now i get it… Akassh talking abt ben nd her privte parts is wrong… Hina will take a stand… And Wen she discuss nd comnts abt arshi’s private part with luv nd priyank its fine… coz its Hina nd she is Ms. Right… Ok i get it…
    – ben that comnt abt sabya was really rude… You are going home soon…
    – Look at the confidence at vch hina is saying that the idea was vikas’s… Sucha good actor she is… I saw all d clips on voot…. Hiten can be seen telling shilpa that it wasnt vikas idea… Why cnt he open his mouth in front of hina… ? I am dissapointed in him… He shud hv stood up for the ryt…
    – hina shud stop using the word class nd standards…. Class doesnt come by money… Your character shows ur class…
    – Wen Hina blames vikas of instigating all,, i was like look who is talking…!! ????

    1. Bilkul sahi bola neeru…uska confidence level to dekho kitne easily vks ko blame Jr rahi thi

    2. @Neeru… exactly. hiten is spineless… i knew it very well who is right and who is wrong………still he is not taking his own stand…….. bcz he knows hina is so strong only in fights… and this kind of person will be beneficial….to get footage……… and by d way.. he is no less than others……..
      he is behaving calm.. bcz he wants to got saved from nominations and dont want to fight directly with anyone………

      and like this… you wrote that point.. that when arshi’s gang of boys says rubbish abt girls then hina ka women empowerment start ho jata h…..
      but baat jab arshi n gang ki ati h toh wahi hina khud bhi ladki k character pe baat karti h and ladko ko bhadawa deti h bolne k liye….

      i hope salamn raise this pont how can hina say.. nightie faad k kaam ilega tumhe n all………..may be she has lots of experience………

      and one more thing. arshi is bad mouthing……….but she never ever said anything chep abt any girl…….. like this//////////

    3. @Neeru… waise toh koi fark nhi padta.. ye log ek show m kisi aur k sath pair banate h dusre show m kisi aur k sath…….

      varun makepair with martina in roadies..
      again they came togather in splitsvilla….

      and i think 1 year hi hua hoga…. now its ben….
      and ppl are blaming bandagi ang punneesh is not right. yes they should not do cheap things to get footage… they can be get footage like manveer nitibha , by playing love game…….
      and yes.. now priyank and en wants to do te same just to stay in game……..

      1. Neeru

        @xyz… True…. Varun nd martina ka bhi tha… But atleast ek ke bad ek tha… Nywaz game ke liye hi kar rhe honge….dnt knw…

  3. Wow so Hina is blaming Vikas but at the same time she goes in open areas and cries?
    This is stupid. Everyone is pathetic in this show. Hina used to be my favorite, but now… I lost all respect for her. She always wants the focus to be on her.
    Puneesh and Bandgi have no right to talk about Ben and her boyfriend when Bandgi herself had or has a boyfriend when she entered the house and is now showing public affection to Puneesh. They started their “relationship” right when BB started. So they cannot point fingers at others. Both “couples” are wrong. I just find Ben irritating now.
    I really hope this weekend Salman Khan makes all of these people cry during Weekend Ka Vaar. I will be very upset if he sides with the wrong people because so far this week everyone is acting up.

  4. Hina i hate uuuu……archi ko itna bura bolte ho aur binapsa ke liye stand lete ho???shame on you……selfish……

    1. @Joey……………. exactly..
      hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hina and shame on her and her spineless gang…..

  5. Hina khan”miss right” lolz… the most pathetic player in the big boss house . Ben and priyank just the audience… Lolx…waiting for Friday ..jb inlog ki band bhjegii…dy don’t have any realization that people have started hating them…”h p b” …huh…hiten should move out of did group…n play individual game…

  6. Ben ko sahi punishment mili

  7. Hina hina hina
    What should I say about you
    You instigate people
    You lie
    You are a hypocrite
    You Insult people by bringing their family in the fight
    You always talk shit and bit*h about everyone
    You talk about standard
    You think no end of yourself

    And yet you say you respect others
    You blame vikas for everything and anything because you know he won’t stoop to your level.

    You talk about respecting women
    Arshi ko bhool gayi kya bola tha ?
    Kapde fadh ke kaam milenge
    Is this how you talk ?
    And then you talk about standard

    Aaj jab mehmano baat kar rahi thi
    Hina jan bujh ke kudi fir priyank and luv ko kehti we will not talk to her
    Tum hoti kaun ho

    And please girl power ke naam pe footage khana band karo. I am sure no girl in this world would like to be represented by you.

    And bhai ye ben and priyank ka kya scene hai?

    1. @Vidhu……… your each and every word matches with my thinking…….
      like your comment…..

      1. @XyzThank you ?
        Even i like all your comments ?

  8. bhai mazaa aa gya aaj ka episode dekh ke to…….sukoon aankhon ko sukoon…..koi shikayat ni aj to…..kuch b galat ni lga aj…. gussa to aa hi ni rha……badi achchi nind aayegi aj to.

  9. I am happy with this decision… Hina ne bahot try kiya khud ko jail jaane se bachane k liye but failed… Dekho Hina ko jail me yahi khayal aa raha hai k kahi priyank phir se vikas ke sath na ho jaye.

  10. Hina khan? She irritates me alot…? I don’t want to see her inside the house anymore…? weirdo…?

  11. What?After bandagi and punesh, Ben & prinyank also started that drama….? all I can say is u guyzz r cheap..sick…insane…disgusting
    Have no sense that what r u doing on national TV…everybody is watching including ur families.. Have some shame u shameless people…

  12. OK seriously iam very happy that hina got jailed…she deserves that punishment…but why hiten it didn’t go down well with me…hiten is like what wrong have I done…he is only sensible person in the house is that I feel

  13. OMG! Matlab Hina ko log itna hate krte hain n aaj uske jail Vikas ne kya kaand kiya uske baare mein koi bol ni rha ya bolna ni chahta..Luv aur Arshi ki fight instigate kaun kr rha? Kisne bola Arshi se Luv ko sone na dena uske piche Padi rehna, Hina ne bola hoga..hai na?
    Aur forgiveness ki baat krne waale, Jail k pass sb mazak chal rha tha. Vikas ne unnecessary luv se panga liya..Luv ne sorry bhi bola but how rudely Vikas behaved…Wo bhi nazar ni aaya hoga Vikas k blind followers ko..
    Priyank Vikas k sath ni he is fool, Vikas khud kisi ka ho paya hai poore show mein..huh
    Aaj bhi sbko Hina ki galtiyan hi dikh rhi sirf..I am Amazed..Slow slaps for Vikas blind followers

    1. It’s seems like you’re d one who’s blind. Vikas ne khud Arshi ko bola tha ki luv ko privately bula k matter solve karo. Jo wo Arshi k kapre dekh raha tha na hina k liye. Vikas was angry when he said that thing. Who is luv to make fun of him in front of Hina? Is he Vikas frnd? No. He is Hina’s frnd/bodyguard. Clearly he was insulting him n Hina was laughing.

      1. @Huma……. seedhi baat most of the janta hate hina………..kuch toh reason hoga na bhai………..
        my simple point is… kahan h entertainment…… bas koi ek baar bata do ki ladayi aur rone ko chod hina ne kon sa entertanment diya h…….. and hina and ben short dresses pehne.. toh wo classy lagta h sabko.. but arshi pehne toh sabko cheap lagta h….

        i agree with this thing arshi’s clotthes are litile vulgar……. but who the hell hina is to talk abt her with luv and priyank……

        ladki ho k ladki k bare m pata nhi kitni bakwa karti h……..

        is ghar m aaj tak jitni galiyan aur jitna zyada ganda hina ne bola h utna kisi aur ne nhi bola..
        parents ko beach m lana.
        personal stuffs pe comment karna……. upbringing…… status pe comment karna…….. clothes pe…….character pe…..
        kuch negative choda h hina ne……????

    2. @Huma.. ab koi bewakoof thode hi h ki kuch nhi karega.. hina ladayi pe ladayi karwati jaye aur uske pets sabko irritate karein.. aur baaki log kuch na bole………..

      jo hina vks k sath karti h wo kon sa sahi h

      kal hina ko cover karne k chakkar m hi utra tha wo rocket se apne liye nhi.
      but what hina did in return…. she said that was vks’s idea……. kuch toh sharam karo………. aur what she said abt arshi was soooooooooooooo cheap. and seriously it shows her class……….
      and vks nhi jata hina k pass na hi hina hina ki rat lagata aur na hi he is scared of hina….

      it is hina.. jo always ba har baat m vks vks karti rehti h….
      bhai itni hi proble h toh alag raho us bande se…..

      aur hina is the worst worst worstttt player of all seasons… abhi ta entertainent k naam pe diya hi kya h usne…… sirf ladaki kari h abuse karaa h and laday karwayi h…..



    3. @Huma. then luv should stopped talk to vks……..
      ye log jab vks and shilpa ka mazak baate they tab????

      ye log bhi toh vks k maje lete they jab shilpa vks ko itna irritate karti thi…

      aur agar aap 5 baar karoge toh return m ek baar toh milega hi na apko……

      hia islike….. galti karo.. rone ka fake drama karo.. and after that apni galti dusron pe daal do…..

      its ok.. agar vks ne arshi ko bola luv ko sone mat dena.

      daily hina bhi toh yahin kart h..

      planning plotting karti h.. kiske sath kya karna h jisse ye log pagal ho jaye… aur ladayi jhagda ho then hina and gaang ko dher sari fottage mile…..

      hina lovers ko to uska hypocrite hona bhi nhi dikh raha hoga.

      jab priyank ne arsh ki personal stuffs pe baat kya.. hina ne badhawa diya.
      jab zubair ne arshi ko dosrespect kiya… hina ne bhadawa diya…..
      jab priyank ne arshi k clothes pe baat ki aur usey badbudar bola tab hna ne badhawa diya……
      ext day jab same baat akash ne ben ko bolti toh girls enpowerment start ho gya…
      jab akash ne ben k private parts pe baat ki toh hina madam ne sara ghar sir pe utha liya……
      isi hina ne arshi liye bola kapde faad k kaam milega…. and even talk abt her wth luv and priynk……..

      bhai women enpowerment ka drama band kar do…….

    4. Neeru

      @Huma…i wud like to ask d same question to you too…. Why dnt blind hina lovers see the way she lied abt vikas, d way she uses the word class nd standard ,, how she comnted abt arshi nd asks luv to look there,,, how she cries innfront of the cam nd talks… I mean who does that in real life… ? How many of us cry nd loudly say – mere saath aise kyun kiya nd stuffs.. ? Or u jst cry silently.. Itz obvious that she wants the audience to listn… “mein kya karoon agar unko neri compny pasand hai.. ” how fake… Vikas,, pooja,, shilpa all cry in d bathroom… But hina sits jst in front of cam nd starts talking loudly…
      -I agree luv was only joking nd vikas din take it well… Vikas went nd told arshi, dnt let him sleep…. Vch wasnt ryt .. But d way hina, luv nd priyank wer behaving nd lied abt vikas being d one to come up wid d plan is wrong… So his anger is justified nd thus some of us dnt mind his reaction coz u take jokes wen ur frnds make fun of u… Nt wen ur haters do… Also no big fyt hapnd between luv nd arshi…

      1. @Neeru @XYZ Vikas game khele to he is right jbki wo direct face pe bolke instigate kiya..Hina ko kbhi direct bola jao Luv and Priyank gharwalo ki aap logon ki soch hai, jiska koi ilaaj ni. Vikas ko Arshi ki jrurat kyu hai apni ladai khud lado na…pehle to bewajah love se panga liya with a plan uske baad Arshi ko instigate kr rha…

        Rahi baat Hina Arshi ko wahi bolti hai jo Arshi ghar mein krti hai, Camera pe kapde usne phaade hai, Aakash ki gandi baaton ko usne enjoy kiya hai, Arshi ka character hi aisa hai k koi bhi bole but sb mein itna himmat ni hota..Kya Salman ne Arshi ko kbhi sahi kaha? Kya Shilpa ne Arshi k baare mein kuch ni bola, dhinchak pooja ka mazak sbse pehle usne udaya, Puneesh Bandagi k baare mein Arshi se baat kr rhi..Are friend ho na courage ni hai muh pe bolne ki k galat kr rhe dono…Back biting is their nature, dum ni hai unme chahe task ho ya koi stand lena ho.
        Hina said Vikas ne ye idea diya tha k toilet kaise use kreingy to which others agreed even Vikas also
        Hina ne to Ghar k saamne accept kiya tha k uski wajah se aisa hua but Vikas ne khud ek baar bhi kaha k maine bhi suggest kiya tha us idea mein kuch.
        Kul milake Hina same kre to log kutto ki tarah bhaukne lagte hai aur Vikas/Shilpa kre to game bhi na khele wo….Haha hypocrite kaun hai sb dikhta..tum logon se argue krna is like bhains k aage been bajana.

    5. Neeru

      @Huma…. I am done wid u huma…. Having diffrnt opinions is quite normal.. And sharing views is wat dis forum is for…. And i always appreciate ur views evn though it doesnt match wid mine…. Coz i m nt against a hina fan but against hina…. But ur comnts give me picture that u hate other ppl’s supportrs as well… Vch i dnt agrer with… So i rest my case here nd stop responding to ur msgs…. Good luck with ur fav contstnt…

  14. I mentioned in my comments before only k ab Hiten ko target kr rhe Shilpa and their gang, coz Shilpa ne unhe provoke kiya hai…At last hua kya..he is also in jail, ghar ka sbse suljha hua insan jail mein…hahaha the reason y Hiten is in jail, I tell you now..Shilpa gang and Vikas want to provoke luv and Priyank for fight, taqi wo physical ho n bahar jye…jo k Hiten k rehne mejn possible ni tha..Vikas clearly used his mastermind isliye kuch dino se sabya se chipak rha tha.

    No matter how hard they try, kuch hone waala ni

    1. @Huma.#no offense…

      hiten is not suljha hua insan……
      he is spiness usey hina k side pe rehne se fayda h.. and agar wo itna hi suljha hua h toh usne sabke samne q nhi bola that was hina’s idea… alag se q bola… jab shilpa vks ko pareshan karti thi .. tab bhi hina k sath baith k mazak banata tha…..
      isey suljh hua nhi isey selfish and darpok bolte h……

      aur hiten aise hi toh nhi reh sakta a bb m… har baar sab log rshi and team ko bheje they jail ya fr vks… agar hiten ek bar chala gaya toh kya ho gaya..

      and it was totally his fault(SULJHA HUA INSAAN) ki usne task m apna dimaag nhi chalaya………. and i saw the epi. ….. puneesh was awake whole night.. he got to sleep after 5;30 am……

      1. Bht ghatiya log hain hina aur hiten. Ben and priyank has no brains. Luv is behavin like a doggy. And hina ka toh kya kahen. Isse zyada bakwas contestant ajtak bb main nhi aaya. Pata nahi kaise ise jhel rahe hain ghar wale

    2. @Humaji.. Hiten ka jail jana banta hai.. Agar woh itna hi suljha hua hai to hina jab vikas par planning ka jhoota iljam daal rahi to woh sacchai ka sath deta aur shilpa gang me se ek bande ko jail bhejne ki baat nahi karta..

      1. @Kshitij Hiten ka jail jaana banta hai n Puneesh ka ni? Puneesh agr sota ni to aisa hota hi ni jo’s clearly his mistake, usko to jaana hi tha…khair ab Salman hi clr krega k kaun kya deserve krta hai…just wait and watch

      2. bhai puneesh ki wajah se paise nhi zero hue………
        puneesh k upar toh eve single rupee bhi nhi tha..
        ye toh jin logo k upar paise they unko sochna tha na…..

        waise kahan se sochenge. har task m cheating karne ki adat jo h…..
        and it was puneesh.. jisne sabko blanket diya.. he was nice to them… so atleast they should not do it…… and puneesh 5:30 baje soya tha morning m.. for your kind info………

    3. Neeru

      @Huma…. LOl… Hiten ke rehne se possible nhi tha… Really.. ? As if hiten always involve nd solve issues…. He doesnt take a stand… Last tym wen he was trying to stop fyts, ben very easily pulled him away…. He hardly gets involved in ny fyts….
      And trying to provoke nd make others hit u is nt vikas’s or shilpa’s plan…. Itz ben’s… And she openly admited it… Remember – “Agar wo priyank ko mar kar bahar nikal gaya tho i will win d show.. “

      1. Totally agreed. Hiten kya ladayi rokega. Suljha hua agar koi hai toh woh sabya and vikas hain. Vikas k intelligene ko mastermind ka naam de diya hai. Jabki woh humesha sensible baat karta hai. Blindly kisi ko sahi ya galat nhi bolta. Hina ki buraiyon ka toh ant hi nahi hai. Uska thought aate hi lagta hai uske baare me comment hi na kiya jaye. There is no end to her cunning and evil nature. Jab uska naam le liya toh sabya bura ho gya. I want hina supporter s ko think abt this- agar aapko hina ko rona aur remorse real laga toh use jail jane main itni bura kyon laga. Kyon itni bawali ho gayi hai jail jane se. Vikas k peeche pad gayi ki aap hyper kyon ho rahe ho. Are bhai tum toh khud bolo ki i shud go it was my idea. Instead kf twisting the whole thng against vikas. Bhai sab pagal nhi hote. Now as an audience I feel “hina apne parents ko kya muh dikayegi? Wt class she has? Wt upbringing?”

  15. Hina: Hate this HINA KHAN! Lol, Hina got hurt when Sabya called her “MRS. RIGHT”. Well, truth hurts HINA KHAN! Like, u should seriously get an award for the “best actress in bigg boss”… talks while crying when there is no one in the garden to hear you?!…. It simply shows that you are doing it for the camera and to get sympathy from the audience!

    Priyank: Oh shut up dude! You are totally crazy!

    Luv: (from outside) I am not scared of anyone! (from inside) Omg… I am really scared!!!! No wonder you are always around Hina….

    Ben: No one wanted to see you talk! Now you started talking and the whole house is tired of you except some stupid people like you.

    Mehjabi: Finally, she got a tongue!

    Sabya: Man! I am with you… you did nothing wrong… don’t listen to that stupid Hina!

    Puneesh/Bandagi: Just stop your romance drama! No one wants to see it!

    Hiten: U r ok…. except that right now u r supporting the wrong side….

    Arshi: Stop wearing those cheap clothes… doesn’t look good on National Television. Otherwise, you are also fine…

    Akash/Shilpa: Don’t have anything to say…

    Vikas: Love you! In this house, you are the most sensible person and the only one who is actually playing the game without being dirty like other people! Hina calls you “dictator” when she herself is one. Don’t worry, we are with you man!

  16. When Hina talks I wish somebody stuffs inside a plastic bag of garbage into her mouth. She is getting worser as a person day by day.

  17. Hats off to the people who sent Hina to jail,I’m disappointed in hiten and vikas bcoz they didn’t tell to Hina that it was her idea.why spana is blaming vikas, bcoz she knows Hina will support her.but good decision by bb to send Ben and others.
    This is disgusting that Hina is talking about class and STD.
    Priyank and luv are doggies.why vikas s going behind them.i really don’t understand.ben s so cruel to talk to sabbya like that.ben and priyank we’re always b*t*hing bandapunee now started acting like them.hmmmm total waste.hope there won’t be any task in which they get money back.but I think bb is going to return money through another task.

    1. @NEHA… correct..
      but if you will see unseen.. then you will get to know sapna hina k grou m zabardasti ki h.. no one listen to her.. she call hina 5-6 times.. then hina listen to her…

      she knows very well n, now she cant change side… bcz shlpa and grp not going to trust her so its better to remain in hina’s gang…….

  18. I hate hina. And hate her acting. Kitni badi hyprocrite hai. Camera k aage accept kar rhi hai and peeche se kuch aur. Koi bhi iski tarah camera k aage aake nahi rota. Na hi bolta hua rota hai. Kitna bura behave kiya usne mehjabi ke sath. Who the hell she thinks she has become by doing a stupid serial. Big boss main commoners ko bulana hi nahi chaiye. Bb aur salman commoners ki clss le lete hain at the drop of a hat but not of hina or shilpa wen they r wrong. Evilest is hina. Such a disgusting egoist self proclaimed righteous person.

    1. @Indian.. bcz she is classy.. she is famous.. she is rich… and she think herself ruler of bb house….. and wnts everyting according to her……..
      but like the way mehjabi open up….. atleast she started speak……

  19. Huma ji bakwas band kariyae he is playing safe …hina is totally wrong ds week ….he clearly sdvhe n priyanka vl nt b together in ds game …but dts fact luv n priyank r luking lyk puppets of hina which every housemate is feeling nt nly vikas infact everyone is gng n telling vikas so dt he cn xplain priyank n yaa in xtra dose priyank n vikas were talking n he clearly sd priyank nt to bcm too agressive r raise hand n he sd to priyank dt he is against hina n luv …he evn sd ur play ur game i vl play mine …but v vl brothers forever …evn shilpa n gang sd vikas vl nvr go against hiten n priyank whch evn priyank n hiten r aware of ..he is standing fr rght…kal tak ab ko vikas sahi lag raha tha ..aaj galat …omg u too diplomatic lyk hina ….infront of hina vikas gandagi os nthng ..he is playing individual n going vry smartly …she fght wth mehjabi n telling vikas instigated arey bhai lado tum par vikas ku blame nyc …hina ki game shilpa and vikas par atak gayi hai …hypocrite she is

    1. @Misti jo aapko puppet Dikh rha that’s called Friendship jo k dusre group mein ni hai that’s y they are jealous and they are trying to separate them, ye sb bol k…rhi baat aap logon ko bhi aisa lagta hai to aap khud puppet ho Vikas/Shilpa k ? aapko jisko support krna hai kro, hamein jisko krna hai kreingy…OK na ab bye?

      1. @HUMA…… atleast they are using their individual mind.. group h….. but sab apni karte h…….. but hina k grp m sirf hina jo bolti h sab wahin karte h…….aur ye starting se hi ho raha h…….and bb m koi frndship karne nhi ata….
        waise kis frndship ki baat ho rhi h….

        thode time pehle hina ne kaise behave kiya tha ben k sath…… and agar itna hi pyaar and frndship h toh sapna ko q nominate kiya…..??????

      2. U r too diplomatic my god support hina noone hvng any onjection but fght fr truth naki bakwas joot bolkar…n tum b hina kae puppet sry chamcha ho

  20. Vikas clearly sd send me jail but dnt blame fr wrong thing …der itself hina showed hw gud actor she is ….one day bfr she sd am responsible nw she is telling vikas is responsible …once she vl say ivl nvr follow vikas other tym she is saying it ws ur idea so v followed arey bhai kahaan hina clear dikhrahi hai …i vl say u nw dt hina is scared dt wn she is in jail priyank n vikas mght bcm lyk bfr …arey vikas considered priyank bro wt mght vikas b feeling just think she cnt think of gtng seoarate frm priyank d so called her friend but dts fact she separated brothers ..always b*t*hing abt vikas ..vika yae vikas wo kyun bhai y u r bck of vikas n evn shilpa …i vl support anyone but nt hypocrite hina

  21. Bhai Ben ne toh sirf bal khicha aakash ka.. Usme kya violence hai.. Kuch bhi nonsense ??punish kyun nahi gaya jail saala din bhar bed pe bandagi ke saath sota rehta hai.. Nonsense aadmi. Hina aur shilpa sirf mummy mummy khel rahe hai???

    1. @Victory….. agar akash ben k baal khinchta fir??????????
      tab log bolte he should not do this…..
      each and every rules applies on boys.. applies on girls too……..

    2. Gussa kisi pe aa rha wo sb thk bt agar bdle me akash bhi same behavior kr deta to ben ki kya respect bchti aur ghrwale kand suru kr dete specially priyank.akash is an idiot bt agar apko koi irritate kr rha to ap national tv pe uske bal ni kheech skte kuki wo bhi uska same reaction de skta tha aur phr bol deta ishne phle kiya

  22. Ye Luv samajta kya hai apne aap ko. Vikas hiten k liye jail k bahar betha tha. But this Luv started making fun of Vikas in front of Hina, hina jor jor se has rahi thi aur jab Vikas ne ulta jawab diya to bolta hai majak kar raha tha. First u say something bad abt dt person n then say dt ur just joking. I don’t like this kind of person. Sirf Hina k picche picche ghumta hai Vikas se uski dosti v nhi hai jo wo uska majak ura ye. Secondly what Ben said to sabya was disgusting. Y is she so insecure?
    N vikas haters.. He didn’t instigated Arshi. Arshi aur luv k pehle se he pange the coz wo Arshi ki kapre dekh raha tha. Arshi Vikas k paas ayi thi n vikas ne he bola usko luv se privately baat karo. Wo gusse me tha isliye usne ye bola. Agar Arshi usey sone na deti to khud Vikas he Arshi ko rokta ki aisa mat karo just like he asked Arshi not to irritate hina inside d jail. Unseen videos pe he dekho. Arshi ayi thi Vikas k paas ki hina ko kaise instigate kare tab Vikas ne bola tha ki mat karo aisa wo alrdy jail me hai.

    1. @lostgirl. Agreed


    1. @SASA. EXCATLY……

    2. Create a twitter account..i did ? I openly bash them.

      1. Neeru

        Me too….!!! I put fwd my views nd tag everyone…. Bb, colors, salman…. ?

  24. arey bhai argue mt kro kal k episode ko feel kro n thn enjoy kro #sukoon#

  25. When you close ur eyes only u’l feel darkness…not us.
    Hina’s reason : task failed bcs of those who get down first from rocket ….? when they got down some of u were still there and task was ‘on’…. Then how it’s possible???

    Hina gave the idea to cheat sanchalak and go washroom.., ben and priyank also got down and found bathroom s locked… Then Vikas suggested ” bathroom s locked and they(girls) need another place to pee”…. He dint ask them to cheat sanchalak, he said dnt do this to puneesh as he s being nice with them… Vikas s right.., it’s not bcs of puneesh task failed…!
    Hina clearly knows it’s her fault….she said it herself and cried honestly (for first time in dressing area)…..later started to put blame on others…. Other contestants except vikas r on her side…so it’s Vikas.. She decided….
    Sending hiten and hina to jail is a spot decision made by those 3, bandagi felt sapna also should b in jail bcs of high amount… Hiten aftrr being this much mature shouldnt hav cheat in task.., hina gave the idea bcs she wants to pee, at the same time she wants to stay in rocket as last person…. Greedy manipulator….

    Vikas was distressed with the unity of those hina’s chamchas that they’re not revealing it was Hina’s idea…!
    Hiten disclosed this to Shilpa ( Neeru watched it in voot)

    Hina tells vikas plot and he was saved always…. Whatt???
    You people sent him in jail last time, when it was hina who left task first bcs of shilpa’s stupidity….
    Hypocrite forgot that???
    Nobody instigated mehjabi to fight with hina…but its hina who provoked mehjabi to do so… Then she started telling ”class, high standard…”….. And its confirmed she’s faking tears in garden like last time…
    Salman this s enough…now u hav to reprimand this b*t*h for lowering commoners…

    Vikas shouldn’t hav told arshi to not let luv sleep…. Evn if he didnt tell this to her…,they wer abt to do same with luv…, she got irked for luv’s staring at her chest…
    Hina was discussing such things with luv….. Cheeeee…. Why she didnt respect arshi’s womanhood??? Kyunki arshi wil get job outside by tearing clothes…right mis hina khan…???
    I was thinking hina wudn’t get any good alliance aftr BB,, but I came to know that a ‘pumpkin head ‘s already there…aftrr reading his note to hina haters…, ek sukoon mili muje hai ki they r jus made for each other!!!

  26. Jiya09

    Thank you Luv and Arshi , because of ur fight atleast didn’t saw Pungi at last.. Finally a episode without kiss and etc etc..
    Lol !! Bandgi saying Ben and Priyank are doing all this because of footage and nominations and Ben has a bf. So Bandgi mata what are u doing? U too have a bf and u r also doing this because u wanted to be safe.
    Vikas , loved it when u made Arshi ask Luv calmly and then talk to Bigg boss. Atleast u took this sensitive matter without fighting.
    Sapna is in the house , I saw it in task day!! Otherwise 2 days she was hawa. ?
    And why Sapna and Hina was blaming Vikas?? Too much.. Priyank atleast said we can’t send Vikas in jail.
    Mehjabi opened her mouth after so many days. Now everybody needs footage except Sabya.
    And what name did they choose ? Hina was ok but why not Puneesh ? Hiten going to jail was totally wrong. It should have been Puneesh and Hina.
    Bandgi saying that Puneesh was ill !! Was he ill when he was doing cheap things with u ? Was he ill fighting with others ? Bandgi please don’t be so much of blind Puneesh supporter. If Punish would have stayed outside not spending time with Bandgi then how would have Hina and company come out of rocket ?
    Just too much. It should have Hina and Puneesh!!
    I want Sabya as captain. Atleast he will not be supporting one side like Akash and Bandgi.
    And Vikas should have taken the joke lightly.. Luv has said sorry. Vikas please don’t go in Puneesh team. Stay alone and stay strong. U don’t need any of group to stay in the house. Just some friends. Which u will get in Arshi and Hiten.
    And Priyank and Ben are not doing any love story!! Its just friendship. Ben has said ur love and my love will understand its friendship. And Varun and Divya are too understanding. They knows their partner well.
    Really miss Vikas and Priyank brotherhood. Hope Priyank will return to Vikas.
    Just want Vikas atleast to go to finale. He deserves it.

  27. Guys i saw voot unseen …da fght btwn vikas n luv n d way vikas conducted himself amazing ds shows class awesome vikas vikas just ws fghtng wth wrds dt polite wrds nt evn abusing dt show class evn wn arshi ws asking hw to instigate hina dn vikas ws lyk she is alrdy i jail dnt do dt arshi lv …vikas mn hats off …u r class

  28. @Amy….yes m exactly saying dt all are correct but hina and her 3…3 ni 4 sapna ne b to hinaz puppet group join kia h….so hina nd her 4 puppets did wrong.

  29. Aaj mehjabi ne kamal kar diya…Maharani Hina ki bolti band kar diya.Fake tears hi sahi jab Hina ro rahi thi man ko bohut sukoon mila?.Uski karma ki fal mil gayi.Badi chali ayi thi.Biggboss ne wat laga di.Vikas or Shilpa ek saath ho jaye tho Hina dikhegi bhi nahi? hamesha un dono ko bura bolti rahti hai…God sab dekh raha hai Hina khan?.Poor Sabhya.Ben ko zara bhi sharam nahi aayi yeh kehne mei ki Sabhya Priyank ko dekhe bina nahi reh sakta isiliye usko jail mei nahi bheja.Hina khan ki saath ki azar Ben mei clearly nazar aa raha hai

  30. Wow. Kal ka episode was too gud. Slow clapping for hina and gang. Since the day big boss have started this is the best episode. Hina ka baj gya baaja. Really arshi ka song budhapa was too gud. Loving it. Ab to arshi b achhi lagne lagi h. Gud going arshi. Dont leave this pagal aurat. Mahjabee ne kya hina ki class li wow. I wish agey b ye sab chalta rahe so that we can enjoy. I was really laughing when hina was crying m kisi ko tang nahi karti kisi ko chhota bada ni samajhti. Same acting which she was doing in ye rishta. Kash serial se fake rone k alawa kuchh achha b sikh leti. Kisi ko bolne hi ni deti.

  31. Useless Vikas
    Bechari Shilpa itna khayal karrahi hai usku bolraha hai camera key liye
    Waste insan Vikas and he is ready to become Hina doggy

    1. Jiya09

      @Ali why do u thing Vikas is ready to be Hina’s doogy ? Vikas is not with Hina. He is always protesting Hina and his team in wrong things. Vikas is not even supporting Puneesh team. He is going individual. So please he will never be someone’s doogy.
      And about Shilpa , she might be showing genuine care but if a person tortures u for so many days and suddenly starts showing care then obviously u will feel that is acting. So it’s not Vikas’s fault.

      1. @jiya, here is a guy who only comes to abuse Vikas…. His real name s Parth..but using fake name in this forum…. Never reply him again…..

      2. @jiya09 then think about Shilpa she is facing torture from 2 years from Vikas and team.
        @AMY Jackson to give opinion here specially against Vikas it’s not necessary you have to be Parth as a BB viewer I have right to show my like or dislike about any BB housemates

  32. Yaar koi yeh bata do k hina ne sirf ladhaiya krne or instigate krne k siwa or kiya hi kya hai.. Entertain to kiya nhi kabhi.. Sirf ek hi gaana gaati rehti hai “Lag jaa galeee”….. Lol

    1. Lollllllllz lag ja gale joke too gud

  33. @huma don’t be a blind follower of hina don’t support her in her wrong doings……. she doesn’t look nice doing all this…… we are living in a country where there people can wear anything and say anything which didn’t hurt someone’s dignity…… and whatever hina was saying to arshi is not correct at all….. whatever she do who the hell u r to comment on someone’s dressing sense…….. tum log bikni pehnte ho tab sharam kaha chali jaati hai……. godd how cheap her mentality is uske fans bhi uski tarah hai……..
    someobe plz remind hina what happened every weekend…… salman never insults shilpa on weekends…..he praises her that’s why she is so jealous of her…….salman talks about shilpa and vikas whatever happened b/w them……. he says shilpa as entertainer and vikas as master mind…… to hina aur uske pille jal rahe h……. one thing i can’t understand is that what problem ben has with shilpa that she says i don’t want to stay with shilpa in jail…… god psycho hai wo to……. psycho ko uski partner hina mil gayi……. inki gang cheap gang hai…… always do b*t*hing planning and plotting nothing else they do rather than this…… the episode was worst nothing was interesting except the sabbya, hiten and vikas talkings……. whatever he says and after this the reactions of vikas was worth watching it was like he was blushing…….. but yeah there was nothing b/w them but yeah enjoyed this a lot…….. kam se kam pungi and this so called ben and priyabk se to interesting tha…….. vikas and shilpa are lovely together………hope they can be the couples………
    #imwithshilpa, and vikas arshi

  34. Aaj to mehjabin ne kya hina ki class li mza agya aab pta lagne lga hai k kya class hai hina ki bas ladai karvani aur kuch ni har waqt jo class class karti hai samjh agae uss ki class aur hina ke dogies hai woh to aab shant hi hogey hina ro ke apne aap ko sehi dikha rhi hai dramebaaz

    1. Lol. I love this comment

  35. Is show me sabhi b*t*hing krte hai kch logo ki b*t*hing dikhti hai or kch log ki nhi dikhti….
    Or ye show hi game kelna ke liye hi hai koi fiction thodi hai…. jo sab acha acha dikhayege…
    Or hina,luv,priyank or ben ke thoughts milte hai to ye log sath hai… baki ke nhi milte jaise luv or priyank hina ko support krte hai waise hi aakash or punesh arshi ko support krte hai…. tmlog aapass me q lad rhe ho…. or apna khoon jala rhe ho…. epi dekh kr enjoy karo….

  36. Aj vikas ne ek bar bol kya diya k luv ko sone mt dena to wo instigate krna ho gya jbki saf dikh rha tha wo koi itna serious ni tha aur arshi already luv ko tangkrne wali thi aur waha koi ladai ni chl ri thi k vikas ne instigate kr diya sb mjak kr rhe the aur arshi ka tang krna funny hi tha koi next level ni tha wo bext level hina k sath krti hai kuki hina aur uski bilkul ni bnti aur vikas koi bhagwan n hai k wo ek reaction bhi ni de skta.wo b insan hai hr koi use bs kuch bhi sunata hai aur wo ignore krta hai bt ab kl ka aaye luv ko bhi wo apna mjak udane de .hina k bare me likh k apna time ni waste krna bcz wo already negative popularity bhr bhr k pa ri.hitenkis din stand lega wo din aitihasik hoga biggboss 11 me lolz.ben aur priyank bndgi punish ki burai krke same way me travel kr rhe.n last jb kisi ko bf gf se breakup krna hota hai they come in bigg boss.useless khi k

  37. @jiya09 then think about Shilpa she is facing torture from 2 years from Vikas and team.
    @AMY Jackson to give opinion here specially against Vikas it’s not necessary you have to be Parth as a BB viewer I have right to show my like or dislike about any BB housemates

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