Bigg Boss 11 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: For first time in history, winning amount gets 0

Bigg Boss 11 8th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 37 (continued)
Aakash says to Hina that you dont give any entertainment in show. Luv says if you call me doggy again then I will make you bald. Aakash says you are mental and doggy. Luv charges at him, Hiten tries to push Luv away. Ben shouts that Aakash you are taken care off. Vikas says to Hina that dont stoop low, dont play like this. Priyank says Puneesh Sharma is involved too. Puneesh gets angry and says you are my doggy, I give you roti, you are stinking. Puneesh asks him to get lost. Priyank says you are in this house because of someone’s charity. Puneesh says you are living on charity whole life. Puneesh asks Priyank to not spit at him,Puneesh spits at him, they both get angry again. Hina says he spit on Priyank with his yellow teeth? Bandagi says to Priyank that

I can tell about whom you slept with outside house. Priyank says tell me whom I slept with, Hina says Bandagi’s character is showbn. Priyank says Puneesh you are gone. Puneesh shouts at him that I will shoot you, Vikas asks Priyank to move back, Priyank asks him to stay away from this.

Hiten reads luxury task, this task will affect winning amount too, garden is turned into space, Puneesh will remain out of rocket, other inmates are astronauts and will remain sitting in rocket, every inmate is allotted some amount of money in their name, when buzzer plays, inmates can get down, if inmate gets down from rocket when take off tone is played then you will become contender for captaincy but the amount allotted in your name will be cut from your winning amount, if you get down between take off tone then you will be out of task, with time, rocket will start shrinking and space will get smaller. The one who gets down from rocket first when the buzzer plays everytime, that person will become contender for captaincy. Puneesh is referee and will stay out of rocket.

Inmates get inside rocket. Arshi says I am sorry but I will get down from it first. Bandagi asks Puneesh if she should get down? Arshi says someone has to get down from rocket first so I can go down.

Task off tone plays, Sabya gets down from rocket. Puneesh opens envelop of his name, Puneesh says he was allotted 70k so winning amount is less for 70k now.

Arshi thinks oldie oldie.. Aakash says Hiten hear it. Hina says see class.. class, she jokes with Ben about hair pulling and they laugh. Luv mimics Aakash. Arshi says people go mad in old age, Aakash says its called Alzheimer.

Hina says I wont pee on national TV for any amount, if someone gets down before take off alarm is played then money on that person’s name will be gone and that person will not get anything. Priyank says I will pee, Vikas says me too, Hina says infront of mummy? Vikas says no.

Aakash jokes with Arshi, Arshi taunts that no one knows these people. Hina says like people know Arshi? like you will get work outside? you can tear your clothes and get work, you can tear clothes and make people embarrassed like you are embarrassing girls.
Take off tone plays, Bandagi gets down from rocket. Puneesh checks amount in her name, he says its 1lac 75k in Bandagi’s name. Hina says you people are lessening winner’s amount. Puneesh shrinks rocket’s wall.

Puneesh and Bandagi are in bedroom, he pulls her closer and says there is no one here, he kisses her cheeks and face, Bandagi says you have a duty, you should go to garden, Puneesh says I have no duty.
Inmates call for Puneesh but he is busy with Bandagi.

Take off tone plays, Aakash gets down from rocket, his amount it 2.5lacs. Arshi gets down from rocket too, her amount is 3.1lacs. Shilpa gets down from rocket too, her amount is 8lacs. Sapna says I didnt expect this from Shilpa. Mehjabi says I have to go to washroom, she gets down, Puneesh says her amount is 2.5lacs. Bigg boss says as per rules, Aakash got down from rocket first after buzzer played so only he becomes the contender for captaincy.
Puneesh says to Aakash says 20lacs are gone.

Puneesh comes to Bandagi’s bed, he kisses her face and says its problem that I have become referee in this task, let me lie with you, he gets in bed with her and pulls blanket till their heads.

Hina says to inmates that Shilpa has so much ego. Hiten says she says that if she becomes captain then she will make people work too much. Hina says she will be mental like this only.
Puneesh says to Aakash that two contenders are from our side. Puneesh says to Shilpa that Hina is jealous of you, she argued with you so much, Shilpa says I didnt know how much jealous she is, she is good looking but cant bear that I am ahead of her.
Hina says to Hiten and Vikas that Shilpa thinks she can rule house through kitchen.
Arshi says Hina has Aakash, Shilpa and Arshi on her hit list.
Hina says Arshi is on my hit lsit since day one.

Hina whispers to Hiten that Puneesh is going to sleep, we can go out and go to pee and easily comeback, he wont know.
Puneesh comes to Bandagi and lies in her bed.
Hina says to inmates that we can pee behind poster, Ben says how? Hina says you hold it and I will pee. Ben tries to go down. Hina says crawl and go to poster with towel.

Vikas calls out to Puneesh, He comes out. Hina asks him to bring some blankets, Puneesh says can I give it? Hina says just some blankets, Puneesh goes to bring it. Vikas says he is being so nice, dont do this with him, Hina says dont give him a hint. Puneesh brings blankets, Puneesh says you are so nice, Puneesh says I cant let you all die in cold, Puneesh leaves. All inmates get under blankets. Vikas takes shopping bag, he gets under blanket and pees in shooping bag. Puneesh sees it and says he peed on national TV, when I did, they had a problem and now need on TV too? Vikas takes out shopping bag from blanket and throws it away, Hina says teach others too, Vikas says I am guy, I can do it.
Puneesh lies on sofa in lounge and goes to sleep. Priyank stealthily gets down from rocket and crawls to house and runs to poster, he pees behind poster and crawls back to rocket. Puneesh wakes up to look at rocket through window but they are all sitting. Hina says to Vikas that solution is, I can go and somone wrap me in quilt, Vikas says thats the solution. Ben gets down from rocket, Priyank takes quilt and leaves with her. He holdsBenna pees behind poster. Luv gets down from rocket. He easily wakes in house, Puneesh is snoring there. Luv silently goes to washroom. Vikas says what if buzzer plays now?

Sapna goes to washroom to pee. Priyank laughs and says Puneesh is sleeping without any care in world. Hina says Sapna has to comeback. Sapna gets back from washroom, she leaves from infront of sleeping Puneesh in lounge and goes back to rocket.

Hiten gets down from rocket, he silently goes to washroom and pees. Puneesh is still sleeping. Hiten goes in kitchen and takes apple pie. He brings it out, all are laughing that he brought apple pie. Hiten easily comes back to rocket, all silently laughs. Puneesh is still sleeping without any care. Inmates in rocket start eating apple pie.

Day 38
Song rocket plays. Puneesh wakes up and looks at rocket, he goes to hug Bandagi. Puneesh says to Aakash that Vikas peed on national TV.
Puneesh comes to rocket and says they didnt play buzzer for so much time. Hiten says we are waiting for buzzer to play, we are controlling pee and didnt even drink water. Aakash sees Vikas’s peed bag and says it looks like someone peed in it for 2 days.

Shilpa says to Bandagi that when you were sleeping, someone came in house, I saw pee in washroom, Bandagi says I am waiting for task to end. Puneesh comes there. Shilpa says someone came in house last night, Puneesh says there is no way anyone can come in house and I dont know. Bandagi says he is light sleeper, Puneesh says I wake up easily so I would know if anyone came in house.

Hina asks Puneesh that sun is beating down, can you give umbrella? Puneesh says I am not allowed. Buzzer plays, Ben says I am going down, she gets down from rocket, she becomes contender for captaincy.
Ben’s amount is 10k, highest rate, Hina says clap for Ben, she didnt get down so easily, Ben says Bigg boss doesnt trust me.
Bandagi says to Aakash that Ben got down and her amount is only 10k, teacher Hina clapped for her.
Ben is lying in her bed. aakash says you only got 10k? Ben says dont argue with me, you got down first when Bigg boss was expecting from you jerk, bring something new, out of insults. Aakash says you are rubbish. Aakash says Hina made you leave task, Ben says I got down on my own, Aakash says talked rubbish about your armpits. Ben says she talked to me nicely and asked me to wash my clothes, she talked to me personally. Aakash says Hina started talking about your hygiene and how your armpits smell. Ben says you dont know how bad you are looking on when you say all on camera, you have taught manners by your parents I think. Aakash says my dad is dead, what are you saying? Ben says your mom is there right? Aakash says my mom is working, Ben says cant she teach you manners? Aakash says no she was working. Ben says my parents work too, Puneesh comes there and ask them to stop it. Ben says he is a kid, Aakash says she is talking about my parents. Ben says I dont want to see your face, she leaves.

Ben comes to kitchen. Arshi taunts why Ben only got 10k? Ben says you all expected me to leave first thats why. Bandagi says we didnt ask you, she is answering for Bigg boss? Puneesh says Hina does and she is copying her.

Ben brings towel to rocket. Vikas gives her apple pie plate. Ben hides it in towel and other clothes. Hina says take it like you are taking clothes. Aakash comes there.

Buzzer plays, Vikas asks Hiten to go, Hiten says girls should be give chance first, Vikas says no leave if you want. Hiten gets down from rocket, Puneesh shows his amount, its 10lac, all are shocked. Hiten says I shouldnt have got down. Arshi says only 20lacs is remaining now.

Shilpa comes out from luggage room. She asks Arshi who ate apple pie and put plate in washroom area? Arshi says they must have gotten in house and ate it. Bigg boss asks inmates to gather in lounge. Puneesh says what about inmates in rocket? they will remain in rocket. Bigg boss says no inmates in rocket have to come to lounge too. All inmates gather in living area. Bigg boss says to inmates that you all were unsuccessful in this task so your luxury budget is zero and because not doing task, your winning amount is zero too, the contenders for captaincy are Bandagi, Aakash and Sabya. Vikas says what about we people who sat in rocket? Bigg boss says Puneesh was referee in task but he went to sleep and all inmates got down from rocket, this task ended at 6:30AM only, you all went down from rocket and played game with bigg boss so we let you play game till now, he asks Puneesh to show amount of every inmate. Puneesh says Hina’s amount was 7lac, Puneesh says Sapna’s amount was 11lac, Priyank’s amount was 60K, Luv’s amount was 1lac, Vikas’s amount was 1.5lacs. Mehjabi laughs and says Priyank and Ben have so much less amount, Arshi laughs.
Hina says we did wrong but Puneesh was sleeping. Ben says Luv was awake when he was referee. Hina says Puneesh slept whole time as referee thats why we did dare.

Hina comes to luggage room. Hina cries and says someone lost 50lacs because of me, some winner will not get amount because of me, its not just about luxury budget.

PRECAP- Inmates have to choose worst performer of task. They all start pointing fingers at each other. Hina says referee was sleeping Shilpa ma’am, Shilpa says sleeping is not a crime, Puneesh says if I sleep then you will cheat? Priyank says it was our strategy, plan. Vikas says task didnt fail because of him. Shilpa says Bigg boss clearly said that they were wrong but they are still not accepting it. Vikas says to Hina that why you are saying it was my idea? Hina says because it was, Vikas says no, it wasnt.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Aaj seriously itni sari faltu harkate hui hai ki i have no idea kaha se start karu

    1. Subah ki first fight was stupid af
    And secondly jab ladhai me hiten ghus ke he was trying to separate akash and luv tab hina and ben usse kyu keech rahi thi faltu me ?

    2. Wtf did puneesh spat on priyank ? That’s bl*ody gross tbh

    3. Hina needs to stop acting like the mother to luv and priyank. Vo kis right se shilpa ko mumma bolti hai jab vo khud vaise act kar rahi hai.

    4. Task bhaut vahiyat kiya sabne according to me sabko dalo jail me. They all performed poorly.

    5. Puneesh ek din ka toh control rakhta. Matlab task chodh ke andar ghus ke soo raha hai bandagi ke sath busy hai
    Bhai habsi hai kya tu ?

    6. Hina aage badho apni life me seriously bhai vikas ko chodh de behen meri. Please. Matlab task me harkate ki sabne toh usme bhi vikas ki galti
    Like wtf.

    Pehle bolti hai ki vikas mujhe manipulate nahi kar sakta ab bol rahi hai vikas ki baat me aagye sab
    Matlab ya toh uss din jhoot bol rahi thi tu ya to aaj bol rahi hai.

    In the end
    All i can say is

    Sabne task vahiyat perform kiya

    And please benafsha ke body ordor ko discuss karna band karo please that’s her personal matter.

    Kisi ke body ke bare me nahi kar sakte bakwas. Ladhka ladhki ke bare me nahi bol sakta. Ladhki ladhke ke bare me nahi bol sakti. Neither i tolerate this fake feminism nor i tolerate s*xist comments

    1. I agree…. Task sabne bakwaas kiya…. I was wondering hw those ppl are leaving the task so easily…. I mean itz abt d money…. By the tym shilpa left the money had reduced to almost half…. Seriously.. ? They din show ny enthusiasm to win it…
      As for the others,, that was a dumb idea… I dnt blame hina,, coz she din think BB wud reduce all money… She thot it was abt sanchalak nd bb wont intrfere as wid other task… (Har task me rules ke against ja kar,, chori or cheating karne ki adat jo pad gayi hai ?)
      But the issue is wen she blames vikas for d plan…. Thats nt true…. It was entirely her idea…. Nt that others did ny less by agreeing,, but the “mastermind” behind this was Ms. Hina Khan… She shud accept it….

      1. @ Neeru Well said, Hina khan is such a word changer, she is a chameleon she changes colour within no time

    2. @Vidu.. exactly.. actually.. hina has nothng to do.. so she she can seen on tv only by creating and doing fight… even i saw her to do planning and plotting to how we can instigate arshi and team…..

      it was hina’s plan to get out from the rocket and came back… evn vks was not included in all this… he didn’t get down even for once…

      and now she is blaming ouneesh.. bhai task apka bhi tha…. puneesh pe koi amount nhi tha.. .. but apke upar toh tha na.. toh khud k pass dimaag nhi tha sochne ka…

      aur priyank.. na acting ati na entertain karne ata… na hi itna good looking h… bas bina baat fight karwa lo….

      and yes.. akash and all should not talk abt en’s body order..

      by my oint is.. now hina is fighting with akash.. when he said all these things.. but y she didn’t said anything to priyanka when he was saying the same thing abt arshi.. tab kahan gayi thi girls power……?????? and it was hina who started telling this thing to others……

      and yes agar task m accha hota h toh credit hina madam ko chaiye hota h.. aur agar task fail hota h toh uska responsible always vks ya arshi team hoti h…….

  2. how many times you need to be taunted atiba be fast….hire a assistant if you are not capable of uploading it in 5 mins……i think you would need two……

    1. Wait. Be patient. Tgat would help instead of being rude to her for no reason

    2. First thank her for the update u thankless moron..

    3. Atiba does all the good work and you are abusing her. You should not be allowed in this thread.

    4. Pehle tu karke dikha bheiya?!!
      Idiot…. Be thankful that atleast der hi Sahi padne Ko mil Raha hai.

    5. Stop being rude to her…its her wish…she will upload Whn she wants… Go watch it in TV or other sites

    6. may i ask you to replace her, why dont you do what she does and then come here and give your stupid idiotic comments.

      Appreciate what she does, if you have the balls to criticize her then try doing what she does first and WE will decide.

      #unthankful #POS

    7. Thankless personality….

  3. When Luv and Aakash were having a fight, Hiten tries to come in between them and tries to stop the fight. But Hina pulls Hiten away so that they can continue the fight and not once but twice. Really speaks a lot about her personality

    1. It was Ben who pulled him apart not Hina. Hina madam was sitting on the table and laughing at the chaos she created.

  4. Winning amount is zerooo

  5. vikas is taking side of selfish hina khan….disgusting vikas you should not change sides…i think you were on right side……… again you would get taunted by shilpa shinde for this……only god can help you out now…

  6. Retired BB Fan

    I am hating Hina more and more everyday….She is extremely irritating and by far the most irritating contestant of this season. Cheapest are Pungi (Puneesh & Bandagi). These 3 need to be thrown out especially the so called couple. They are polluting the serial. Request to the episode builders please announce this as A serial. We watch BB for entertainment not all this. I have stopped to watch BB now sometimes read the written updates here. There is no entertainment at all all dirty fights and cheap scenes thatz it….And on heights no good looking people (Except Shilpa and to an extent Luv and Vikas) or good stories like last yr BB we had some great bonds and enjoyed watching their funny antiques. Last yr we had 2 idiots this time almost all are…lol

  7. Amount zero ho gaya!!!!!! Bigg boss aisa bhi krte h kya…

  8. This season is GARBAGE. Every single player is pathetic. I have no favorites. I dislike all of them. No one is the least bit respectful to anyone.
    Priyank- he thinks too highly of himself
    Aakash- always just does faltu bakwas. He is embarrassing, americans do not act like the way he does.
    Vikas- rotlu
    Shilpa- annoying
    Ben- sutti sutti ab jaagi, now acting wild
    Hina- biggest instigator and liar of the house. She was talking about how ben smells earlier in yesterdays episode but then she tries to become sati savirti. In my opinion, everything she is doing is for footage
    Luv- tries, but does not succeed
    Aarshi- yeh toh kuch aur hi cheez hain
    Puneesh and bandgi- No one wants to see you guys always touchy touchy. Yeh toh bb khatam hone ke baad pata chale gaa in dono ka pyaar sacha hain aur ek dekhaava

    I know everyone has their favorites, and reasons too…im not shaming anyone for liking any of them. My opinion is that they all suck.

    1. did u see bandagi instagram account. there are s many pics with dennis her bf n wen priyank told denis loves u a lot she said he is gatiya.
      Puneesh n bangadi they came to play or for hneymoon cheap fellows

  9. not only winning amount …but many first times are happening in this bb 11…everyone go to hell…the only thing tat i eagerly noticed was the plate of apple pie…hmm yummy…who wants to see those irritating faces…soon gonna happen bigg boss will get high BP..

  10. Hypocrite Hina blaming puneesh and vikas.she herself said it was her mistake and blaming everyone……vikas this time you have to give reply like puneesh.last week also she did the same thing and vikas got jail.bcoz her puppy was the captain.those puppies will never gonna tell it was Hina idea.

    I loved the way aarshi said to Hina that I don’t need your help in getting footage, hahahaha.hina and her puppies need aaksh and team help to get footage.i hate Ben and priyank.

  11. ab i thnk hina k fans k paas kuch ni hoga kehne k liye usne kuch bolne layak chodha hi kahan hai…… now ab task ka worst player kise banayegi wo???? arshi nd shilpa ne to sirf 10,50,000 deduct krwaye but kaabile taarif kaam to hina ne kia hai prize money zero kia idea deke nd i have to clear tht idea HINA KHAN ka tha VIKAS GUPTA ka nhi….

    1. @Riya .. correct.. this time hina should go in jail.. bcz it was her idea… and vks didn’t get down like all of them….
      and this time i will take arshi and team side .. it was their individual decision to get down…. but what hina did?? he gave that idea to all.. and except vks.. no one thought , bb is watching everything…..

      1. Hina telling Arshi ” bahar tumhe kapde phaadke kaam milega…”
        Chheeeeeeeee……… Hina….disgusting…. U r a Shame on womankind…

        With each passing day audience hates Hina more and started loving Arshi… Arshi entertains a lot with her funny dialogues and antics…

        I dnt understand why vikas got down from rocket to help that lomadi… ,while her another puppet Luv was sitting inside…
        The task was to sit till BB’s next command….it wasn’t to cheat sanchalak….
        Vikas aisa galati kyun kiya????

  12. She was crying n saying she did wrong infront of camera.bol ri thi vikas was ryt mujhko assure ni krna chahiye tha n next day phr se vikas ka naam bol ri k he made plan.this hina nautanki khan is playing game all the time.jbki vikas ne punit k rajai de jane k baad in sbko bola ye sb ni kro yr ye kitna sweet hoke apna kam kr rha.n vikas neeche gya b ni usne wahi pr jo kiya bt ish hina k chakkar me wo neeche gya rajai leke isko cover krne.

  13. Hina is such a liar.Aaj rokar bol rahi thi ki uski vajah se winning price 0 ho gaya.Kal keh rahi hai ki Vikas ka plan tha

    1. Stop it I don’t understand why all are blaming hina for price money each and every person is responsible for price money to be zero so top commenting like that

  14. Hina #girl power ki rat lagati hai aur khud Arshi ko beizat kar rahi thi. Love the way Arshi respond…Hina ki asliyat samne aa gayi. Salman ko isbar uski class lena chahiye

    1. @Sharan………. absolutely correct……….

  15. I seriously do not want the all the intimate scenes with Bandagi and Puneesh on TV. I watch this show with my family and all this kissing and desire to have intimate relationship (s*x) is so disgusting. I really like the show and I like to watch people fight to win the game, but please BB team needs to sensor it out to the national television. Maybe they can show this on deleted scenes on voot or some other way.

  16. Hina showed her own low class by urinating on tv, not washing her hands despite there being water in the pool then putting the same hand in her mouth and eating apple pie! Hypocrite and dirty….biggest joke was running behind akash and asking him to stay away from her….the entire fight was caused by her instigating her poodles….. worst was when she was putting legs on top of priyank to demonstrate what bandagi n puneesh were doing. Now she will really run away from home when she returns as her father issued a statement he is disappointed she suggested cheating during the task.

  17. RANdomfANCreationz

    Omg the winning amount has gone down to 0 ?, Puneesh is seriously strange instead of inspecting the task he went to sleep ?, But yeah its night too, but as a captain should have taken responsibility and other inmates should have followed d instruction, actually everyone sneaked to go to the washroom ???, at least vikas was still there(from what i m reading in the updates).
    And these season contestant has no sportsmanship seriously ? Most of them give up so easily. Previous season contestants were much better. Even though season 9 had boring contestants at least they had sportsmanship in them.
    Besides Vikas, Shilpa or Luv not really a fan of any of them. Hiten is just ok. Arshi is at least not fake, but she is really weird. Sapna has started to wake up at least. Sabya and Mehjabin r not even interested in d game. Puneesh and Bandagi r so fake. Akash, Priyank and Benafsha are too violent ?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      And as for Hina, she thinks she is d best but she is not! She saw previous seasons, how she she have done so! And her argues are without any reason, and if a person points finger on her she will just lose her mind and start bad mouthing about her. Contestants that come to bigg boss usually gain fan following, but for Hina the opposite is happening. Even Dhinchak’s fan following increased even though she was in the house for two weeks only ?

    2. Puneesh went to sleep with bandagi and i think as no one der in the house they planned honeymmon it hink thatsy he went . he is so desparate idiot

  18. Akash and Arshi are psychos. Puneesh and that Gandagi are the cheapest. Shilpa sach mei flip maarti hai. Vikas is oversmart and a crybaby. Hina is arrogant. She should be humble. Lekin Hina aur Hiten mei se hi koi jeetega. Hina itni bhi buri nahi hai jitna sab bol rahe hain. She is playing smart. Thats her strategy. Jaise us Arshi ki strategy hai har baat pe kapde khol dena.

    Sir entertainment se hi sab kuch nahi hota. Task performance bhi to dekho. Arshi almost har task mei sabse pehe haar maan leti hai.

    1. @Siddhartha… waise hina madam ne hi aaj tak konsa task perform kiya h????

      and ye flop idea bhi hina ka hi tha………

      and jo wo karti h its ok..but all time she flips… idea was her… but now she is sayind that was vks’s idea….pehli baat toh ye vks ka idea nhi tha.. and second thing.. agar tha bhi toh khud ka dimaag use kr leti……….

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      She seriously said that ??? i didnt see the first two week of the show properly ,and also missed out the episode but yeah i did hear the colors actress saying that arshi did said so. I didnt know she said for that. Not fake as in at least she knows what she is saying and all that and don’t change her opinion. She sticks to what she say. At the same time she is a very very weird lady no offense i dont understand her. She is not the worst, but definately not the best other. Very confusing

  19. And i also find it a little strange when people compare Arshi with Hina and say that atleast Arshi is not fake. 1) Does a person become right just because s/he is acting cheap on your face? Aisi to open mei kisi ka murder bhi kar do aur bol do ki atleast maine jo kiya sabke saamne kiya. 2) Arshi ne ek baar show pe bola tha ki mein apne ghar pe nakaab mei rehti hun. This was the most fake statement in the history of this show. She is fake and cheap. Aur log usko entertaining bol bol ke sir pe bitha rahe hain.

    1. I completely agree with you Sidharth..Hina is bold enough to accept her mistake, uske wajah se amount zero hua but wo sirf apne 7 lacs hi bacha skti thi, baqi sbne khud decide kiya situation se fyada uthaane ka. Shilpa and gang ne to bina khele hi 20 lac lose kr diye atleast Hina and others ne game to khela. Every single task shilpa & her gang gives up first.

      Arshi ko jo support krte hai wo jaake news padhe and voot dekhe k ghar mein kya ghand macha k rkha hai..uska so called entertainment aisa hai k TV bhi telecast bhi ni kiya ja skta. Hina ne jo use bola bilkul sahi hai, sirf Hina mein hi courage hai jo face pe reply krti hai baqi sab pith piche bolte hai.

      Shilpa ne Arshi k baare mein kya kuch ni bola but ab dono best friend ho gyi 😀 jbki Arshi mein koi change ni aaya hai. Game kaun khel rha hai n kutte kaun pal rha hai it’s clearly visible but as we all know India ka Kanoon andha hota hai 😀

      Jinko ye lagta hai k Hina ki fan following kam ho rhi to compare followers of Shilpa and Hina or any other contestant on facebook…Jita lena apni Shilpa ko, agr Vikas na hota to ghar k kisi kone mein padi hoti like Sabya.

      Gaaliyan to log Salman ko bhi dete hai but kya use fark padta hai 😀

      1. @Huma…#no offense…
        in jungle task.. hina gave the idea to put mic infront if some one throw liquid… that was a flop idea…
        and all team members followed her idea

        in cushion task.. she stole money… and then blamed vks and shilpa

        in this task.. she again did cheating and now blaming vks and puneesh.. arey khud akal se paidal h kya….. bbb ne ja task k rules and rgulation bataye they tab so rhi thikya.??

        and problem is not that she did all theses things.. problem is.. again she is lying that it was vks’ s idea.. bhai kuch toh sharam kro nationa TV pe jhoth bol rahe ho……. and vks toh dusron ki help karte rocket se bahar nikla tha apne kaam se nhi…….

        problem is.. har fight m hina hoti h..
        har task m cheating karti h and karwati h…
        har task fail karwati h…

        agar task thik thak hua toh credit chaiye.. otherwise dusron ko blame karti h…..

        jab bhi jail jane k liye naam announce karna hota h.. hin a madam bb ruler ki tarah behave karti h… wo jiska naam leti h end m usi ko bhej diya jata h.. atleast shilpa k team k members apna indivudal dimaag toh chala rahe h.. but hina team m only hina ka dimaag calta h aur usi ko sab folow karte h………..

        hadd h …… ba vks vks chillate rehna h hina ko…

      2. aur to sab thk hai bt apki hina ko vikas ka naam ratne ki adat ku hai lol

    2. @siddhartha……#no offense…but its girls’s right to wear anything they want to wear…… and agar short dresses ki baat karein.. toh hina and ben also wear short dresses…….

  20. Yesterday some 1 said that Shilpa’s way of doing is childish n innocent, her bullying, making some 1 cry, her s*xist remarks, homophobic jokes, this is innocent? Honestly Get well soon honey, u hv a sick sense of humour. N stop bringing shilpa n vikas matters again n again..stop judging them based on what they did outside. You think Vikas is lying n Shilpa is telling d truth? We clearly see who behave like a sane person inside d house. I’m sorry I’d rather believe Vikas than dt woman who lied to her parents. Even her ex Romit said that her accusations against Vikas is completely wrong. This is a big industry n koi v kisi ko ghar me nhi bitha sakta if u r talented. Don’t believe? Go check his recent interview.
    Newayz yesterday’s episode was boring. It was actually both Punish n Hina’s fault. Hina once again put d blame on Vikas as he is an easy target. Pehle to worst performer bolke jail bhej diya ab phir se idea uska hai bolke blame karna start. Behen, usne toilet v rocket k andar he kiya tha sirf 2mhare liye wo nicche utra ? But we shudnt blame Hina alone coz Punish was d main culprit. Agar wo pervert nahi jata to wo log v utarte nahi. Aaj ka epi jyada accha hoga shayad.

    1. Hey….a criticism of your post got you so riled up?
      Anyway my sense of humour doesn’t get swayed by bouts of crying and mysteriously appearing and healing and reappearing tennis elbows….
      Just remind me the first time Vikas’s tried to leave the house…what was the BiG reason?…(misunderstanding a joke made by Hina,fighting with her unnecessarily…
      I see it plain…..the instant he senses that things are going out of his control….he does not have anyone on his side,he tries to flee…
      Talking about his power in the industry….he himself bragged about it a few days back….(time to rewatch epis a bit?)…also I vividly remember,Priyanka advising Akash that first day”Bhai tu jaanta nahi Hai vikas kaun Hai…”..
      Vikas has fought with his own friends over stupid reasons….(first Hina ,then been, and priyank; only becoz the talked back to him…what an ego inflation this guy needs,time to time..?)
      And while you talk about his bright white character….let me remind you that bb never even telecasted any instant of Shilpa speaking about any mms…unless Mr. Gupta referred to it on National t.v. only to be proved wrong that she ever took his name…
      And yes I find Shilpa talented…so does Vikas Gupta.remeber him comparing Hina and Shilpa ,saying Shilpa is a more versatile actress than Hina?..(but that was after his fight with Hina….but I will go with your opinion about Vikas being honest and agree with him on ttt I can imagine a guy who can manipulate tasks inside the house can fashion out quite a web outside the house too!….
      Misunderstanding people…getting into his mind some fancy ideas that the whole house is against him,manipulating and when getting his ego challenged,crying and becoming a simpering sympathy seeker…
      I am sorry… I can either believe him to be strong and manipulative
      Or innocently sensitive!
      Unless I am being shown Colours of Vikas Gupta on Colors T.V.
      Anyway….vote and make him win…he has bagged many supporters like you by his act…
      Anyway if you cannot remember the instances mentioned above in the house,
      You can always brush up your ABCs about Bigg Boss season 11 on Voot!? Or else atiba’s posts are always to help you!
      P.s.-I probably won’t reply to you anymore…coz I fear a ghamaasaan from your side… I will hide in the toilet like Shilpa…or would you like me to quit the site like Vikas tried to quit the house instead?..?

  21. Qamerun-Nisa

    love u soooooooooo much priyanka big fan of urs from kashmir haan apnai around daikho koun aapka dost hai aur koun use kr raha hai try to understand dr

  22. Qamerun-Nisa

    love u soooooooooo much priyank big fan of urs from kashmir haan apnai around daikho koun aapka dost hai aur koun use kr raha hai try to understand dr

  23. Hina is cheap and big gandagi on the show and she is spoiling priyank game also
    Please send Hina to hope then this BB season will b big hit

  24. what the hell…….. hina shows her cheap strategy and now blaming vikas for her strategy…….. are you a psycho…… really her fans didn’t get any reason to support her…… even after this they are supoorting her then you peoples are insane totally you people also need to go to any asylum with her and her team puppets ben, luv and priyank
    @huma she is not showing ber courage to accept her mistake, when she knows very well that at this time it is her mistake it was her plan then she will accept it she has no chance for that even after this she is blaming vikas shows her stupidity…….. yeah i know shilpa, arshi and aksh also leave the task par itne guts to hai ki sabke saamne give up kiya hai…… agar hina apna stupid plan na banati to sirf puneesh ki galti hoti he was at the fault and he will face the consequences as punishment but no hina madam to alag hi chalti hai…… ab dekh lo kya haal hua hai……. so sad for hina’s fan……. uski fan following to kam hui hai……uski antiques ki wajah se ……she is a psycho……… thanks god ben ki daat to lagi bb se……. kalkothari me sad ab tu…….. priyank ki to shakal hi aisi h ki gussa aa jae kisi ko bhi ……….

    1. @Sandy……… very well said………..

    2. @Sandy First of all it was not a plan just an IDEA which she gave and all of them agreed to it. Yeah, I agree k Vikas ko usko worst performer ni bolna chahiye. Give up krne k liye guts ni chahiye hota loser attitude hi bahut hota hai 😀 you support losers it’s your choice.

      You don’t have to feel sorry for Hina fans as they know she does everything on face not like Shilpa k khade hoke tamasha dekho, ghabrane ki acting kro:D phir kitchen mein khaana banate waqt b*t*hing kro.

      1. @Huma..# no offense..
        if she does everything on face.. then y she can’t accept her fault…. now again madam ka blame game drama start ho gaya h…….. and i am not shilpa supporter.. but still i will say.. atleast shilpa b*t*hing kaam karte time karti h.. not like hina… bed pe apne pets k sath pade reh k sara time planning plotting .. b*t*hing bas yahin karti h.. even uski acting hi pata lagti h ab toh.. and her expresions.. seriously.. tv m jhelna mushkil h.. rel life m pata nhi koi itne itne weird expression dene wale k sath kaise 1 min. bhi reh sakta h……….. koi ek aisi ladayi nhi h jime hina na ghusi ho…
        girl’s power.. girl’s power chillane wali ladki ho k boys se dusri ladkiyon ko disrespect karwati h……….
        she is a black mark for every girl…….

      2. @ XYZ Shilpa b*t*hing ni krti:D Kal aur aaj ka extra dose dekh lo…ek ghnaty mein wo sb kuch ni dikha skte. Planning, plotting k liye SHilpa gang ko BB ne kayi baar toka hai as wo hamesha nomination & captancy discuss krte hai.. Weird expression or gandi language kya jyada bura hai ye individual choice hai. For you it’s werid expression

        Hina Vikas & Shilpa ki ladai mein ni ghusi thi:D yaad rakho kro yaar

        Secondly, Hina ko jb sahi lagta hai wo stand leti hai wo uska choice hai, dusro ki tarah tamasha ni dekhti and ghabrane ki acting ni krti.

        Arshi ko disrespect Kiya, uski koi respect hai. jo ladki khud hi national TV pe apne kapde phaade, uski kya respect. Wo ladka jo usse bole kapde utar aur trp milegi uski baaton pe hase, tum hi utaro aisi ladkiyon ki aarti.

        Meri favourite sirf Hina ni hai but I don’t find her wrong, uske group waale kya krte hai uska blame uspe daalna galat hai. I like Vikas & Hiten too

      3. @Huma what every sandy said.. All very well said.. Hina to sach me apna 8 years ki respect khone aai hai show me.. because uska askli character samne aa raha hai,, ek no. ki jhooti hai hina logo ko instigate karti hai… mandali me chaliti hai….bb me last tak to jaegi kyoki TRP queen jo hai.. but yes sab kuch khoo bethegi…

  25. Subhashitha K S

    B11 is disgusting…no one is worth supporting. They don’t even have basic respect to each other. They all should watch BB Kannada to see how BB should be played. All seasons of BB Kannada are great and especially the now ongoing BB5 Kannada.

    1. @Subhashita… OMG… The BB kannada fan….. I remember you from BB9.. I am nt sure if u do…!! We kinda used to share views in dis forum… Nd evn then u used to ask us to watch BB kannada….

  26. I don’t like the way hina talks…she starts screaming while talking…go loud unnecessary even in a normal conversation… She used to snap oh my god! And today she did extremely faltu things…so disappointed…I didn’t know she is like this…and bigboss should give them more easy tasks which they can perform coz they r not understanding nor even performing well…good for nothing…. seriously nobody is not taking their tasks seriously… I have stopped watching this show bcz of bandgi and punesh intimate scenes,they both r disgusting…now am only reading updates thanx atiba well done…

  27. @huma to kya dusro ko fight karne k liye instigate karna chahiye fight badane se accha h chup chap khade ho jao…… u idiot……. kam se kam fught to nahi karti unnecessary like hina and her puppets……. dusro ko encourage karna aur koi dusra rokne jae to use na rokne dena vamps k kaam hote h…… heroine k nhi…… and in real life sge is not less than a vamp…… whatever she is in her serial……. just know to instigate someone and….. nothing else she can do….. following Shilpa’s strategy og irritating someone but it suits on her only……… poor hina and her idiot fans…….

    1. Fight start kaun krta hai jaake extra dose mein dekha kro an aaj ka bi dekh lena, shuruaat hamesha shilpa gang k taraf se hoti hai. Aaj bhi provoke kr rhe thy but footage ni diya. Fight mein kaun kis level pe girta hai wo insaan ki asli pehchaan hoti hai…Jo gali deta, thukta hai wo asal gande log hote hai.

      Firstly Hiten ko Ben ne hataya tha but Hina k piche hi kyu pade ho n kyu keh rhe k Hina hi fight instigate kr rhi. Fight start Ben ki wajah se hui thi n itni aage bhi Ben k wajah se badhi. So, stop blaming Hina only. Hina ki galti sirf ye hai k usme involve hui thi.

      Shilpa’s strategy of start doing mental things when you are nominated definitely suits her only & you keep supporting her. Mental Shilpa ka mental fan. Vikas ko support kro to samjhu bhi k logic hai as sbse best Vikas ja rha hai.

      1. Voot n ol dekhne k bad hi…hina khan k liye hatred or inc horhii h..coz the fights that happened dis week was all planned n hina was the leader…accept it or don’t…it won’t change…this the reason she pulled out hiten from stopping the fight…and even said her…atleast when ur planning then plan hi well

  28. Hina ka rona banta hai qki us hi ka idea tha ye… Orvikas ko blame kr rahi hai…

  29. When Bandagi got down..,
    Hina : Guys, remember , kisi winner ka paisa kaat rahe hai tum log…
    Uski intention was to blame puneesh and shilpa’s team…her strategy made winning prize ‘0’

    Puneesh : koi andar nahi aaya
    Shilpa : kyun..tum neend mein itna alert tha???
    Puneesh : haa..
    Bandagi : he sleeps lightly…
    Poora lonavla sun rahe the Iska snoring

    Bigg boss : task finished at 6.30.. Tum log bigg boss se khel rahe the..isliye bigg boss ne khelne diya….
    Those losers sat in sunlight til 12.30…
    And earned total shame…
    Even before BB discloses how others did cheating in task, shilpa,arshi & bandagi guessed it correctly…
    Shilpa s like every mom who catches evn a safety pin was misplaced by us..
    She s indeed a bigg boss mommmmy….

    1. True…shilpa is bb mommy…
      She best among all…alteast….n dis shilpa group is at least loyal to each other.

  30. My opinion regarding puneesh and bandgi. They are doing disgusting in the house and it is telecast on national TV. Every age group people love to see Bigg boss but because of puneesh and bandgi we were feeling very shamful when they are doing disgusting in the house. First of all Bigg boss have to punish Puneesh because he was not doing sanchalak job then Hina who gave the idea of all to come down from rocket for pee.

  31. I really don’t like to see Puneesh and Bandagi, why Big boss is even letting them do such a thing. Salman Khan should say something to them. As it is not right at all

  32. Thankless personality….

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