Bigg Boss 11 6th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shilpa, Aakash and Zubair in Jail

Bigg Boss 11 6th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

In friday ka faisla bulletin. Shweta says welcome, we will talk about what happened last week, I have Malishka and Prithim Singh with me. We are here to talk about week, she says to Malishka and Prithim that there are two neighbors. Prithim says neighbors work to disturb houses. Malishka says its very good season, I like the tasks given to neighbors. Shweta says lets see what neighbors can do.

Clip plays in which Hina takes Luv’s call, Luv asks when she can send food? Hina says you keep asking for food, come and meet us. Luv calling Hina to say happy birthday plays too. Neighbors asking for food again and again is shown. Arshi cursing neighbors is shown, Arshi saying to Luv that they wont get tea now.

In bulletin, Shweta says who is interesting in neighbors? Prithim says Luv

wants to play and say things. Shweta says he was soft on Hina, he saved Hina from nominations. Malishka says I want to see Mehjabi playing, she couldnt use her strength, there is already so much going on in house. Shweta asks who is most strong character? Prithim says Zubair. Malishka says Shilpa. Shweta asks who is weakest? Prithim says Aakash. Malishka says Jyoti. Shweta asks who is playing most? they both say Arshi. Shweta asks who is hiding in shadows? Malishka says Hiten. Prithim says so much is happening that he cant say anything. Shweta says so much politics in start? Prithim says they are playing T20. Malishka says Sapna was taking on Jyoti but she is herself 21years old. Shweta says Sapna’s lines were good.

In house, Aakash says to camera that I want Jyoti. Jyoti asks what are you saying? Shilpa says Jyoti Dadlani will sound good. Jyoti says no I want to become Jyoti Singh or Chauhan, this is forceful relation. Puneesh says its arranged marriage. Shilpa says he is NRI. Jyoti says talk to my brother about marriage, Vikas is my brother. They all come to Vikas. Aakash says to Hiten that I want Jyoti. Jyoti says I wont marry a fool, all laugh.

Bandagi says to Puneesh that all have eyes on you, you are dangerous person, she asks him to be warn of Zubair. Puneesh says all say that dont trust Bandagi, Bandagi says they just go against me, we have to show bond. Puneesh says we dont have any other thing. Puneesh says we will show that we are in love with each other. Bandagi says we will be careful as my parents at watching. Puneesh says we have to play game.

Sabyasachi says to Lucinda that I joke but I am very serious about my relationships, he says to Luv that I was in love with a straight man for four years and was abused, he used to throw me out of house but I would care about what he would eat, thats me, I loved and he took his frustration on me, I became doormat. Luv scrunch up his face.

In bulletin, Shweta asks their 5 favorite contestants. Prithim and Malishka says its Zubair, Hina, Arshi, Vikas. Shweta asks why Arshi? Malishka says she does what she says, she said she will put fire between people, she is entertaining and owns her clothing. Prithim says I dont like Arshi, if someone is constantly poking then its difficult to handle it but she is playing great. Malishka says she is poked too, there is a lot of bullying too. Shweta says what about Hina? Malishka says they always put a heroine, she is compared to Gauhar but she had a lot of experience than Hina. Hina and Hiten were respected but when she threw tantrum on Shilpa not being able to read tasks, it was bad for her image. Prithim says Shilpa should have let her read. Shweta says Hina had some ego that she can read english. Malishka says she could have become heroine but she didnt. Shweta says what about Zubair? Prithim says he talked about his kids, I thought he would bring emotional factor but he was totally opposite. Shweta says he curse and threaten too. Shweta says people are not boycotting him. Malishka says Vikas is scared that Zubair has connections in TV world, people are also scared of Shivani. Shweta says Zubair’s antics shows that he wants attention. Malishka says Hina can calm down him.Shweta says people are alleging Arshi too. Clip plays which shows Arshi saying that I like playing with fire, her flirting with men are shown, she flirts with Puneesh and and says I make roties by showing my s*xy curves. She asks Priyank what he wants on toast? he asks what she wants to give? she flirts what he wants? Zubair says this girl wants to double cross everyone.

Malishka says Arshi does what she wants, the way Zubair talks about women, he pointed at her character but Zubair is still called Zubair bhai, she is not shameless if she is comfortable with herself. Shweta says lets see whats going on in house.

In house, Hum tum ek kamre mein band hun plays. All dance. Shilpa dances around Vikas. Vikas ignores her.

Arshi says now no one will be saved, its about powerhouse, Hina a slim dolly Bindra, she is *********, Puneesh and Aakash laughs. Arshi sings infront of Hina that she is Zubair’s wife.

Hina is talking to others. Arshi says this woman is ******, she is Zubair’s ******. Hina says the way Salman threw Priyanka, she will be thrown like that, I will make sure she goes out if she crosses line again. Hina says you pushed me again, if you touch me again then I wont spare you, you can say anything because your character is cheap, dont touch me again. Arshi says talk about my character. Aakash says people talk about God in morning and Arshi curses. Vikas comes to Arshi and says you said she is Zubair’s ****? she says yes. Vikas says then whats the difference between you and Zubair? dont go to that level. Arshi asks him to remain away if he wants his respect intact. Arshi says Hina was thrown out of show after 8 years of being mother. Hina says it was worth it. Arshi says there are many actors and dont have ego like you. Hina says I am worth it.

Jyoti jokes with Vikas and Hina that Arshi does things in seductive way like this.. Arshi says dont mimic me else I will curse,come here. Sapna asks her to leave her. Jyoti goes to her and asks what? Arshi says why you are mimicking me? who are you? Jyoti says all do it. Shilpa asks Arhi to leave it, Arshi says you talk against me. Jyoti says all act you Arshi, you have no standard. She mimics Arshi. All hoot for Jyoti taking on Arshi. Arshi says she will get beaten. Jyoti says beat me. Shivani asks her to not use violence, dont touch Jyoti. Arshi says I will beat her if she mimics me. Arshi says leave it. Hina laughs. Arshi says slim Dolly Bindra is laughing.

In bulletin, Shweta asks Malishka what she would say? Malishka says she is entertaining. Prithim says she is disrespecting a woman. Malishka says its a sad thin. Shweta says even Shilpa and Hina gang up on other women. Malishka says we will see their colors soon.

In house, Vikas is in kitchen drinking tea, Shilpa puts something in his tea.Vikas says to Hiten that she is doing filthy things, she is so filthy, I am sick and she did this, what will I do? I will throw tea on her clothes now. Vikas goes in luggage area and throws tea on her clothes, Vikas says this happens when they force people. Vikas comes to Shilpa and says I threw tea on your clothes now. Shilpa comes to check her clothes and says I will make his life miserable now. She washes her clothes. Shilpa says to Hiten that I enjoyed destroying his tea, it was fun, I will make him more angry. Hiten smiles.

Shilpa is in luggage room. Vikas comes there. Aakash is rapping with Shilpa and Arshi. Shilpa falls on Vikas’s luggage. Vikas says you would have hurt me. He throws Shilpa’s luggage and says she is a mad woman. Puneesh asks him to calm down. Shilpa says I am mad woman, he hurt me. Vikas says she tries to hurt my foot. Arshi asks Shilpa to calm down. Vikas says you want me to tell about your respect? Shilpa says you are doing this with a girl?
Aakash tells Bandagi that Vikas was attacking Shilpa.

Hina says to Benafsha that Vikas goes behind Shilpa too.
Shilpa says this Vikas have all media in his hands, calls me mental.

Benafsha comes to Vikas and says you threw tea on my clothes. Vikas says I didnt do it. Benafsha says I feeling bad now, you both have fight but dont put people in all this. Vikas says Shilpa you really know how to play a game, you did this to her clothes. Benafsha says dont put me in all this, I will lose my shit.

Shilpa says to arshi that when I as doing a show, they did my MMS with a girl who was my backup in show, then I got to know that she is from hindi porn.

Vikas says to Hina that I know Shilpa’s secrets but I dont want to tell it, I told her to not force me to say it, its about her marriage and there is one big deed which I dont want to talk about. Sapna says when I asked her about wedding but she said she doesnt do filthy things. Vikas says she was about to get married, she has done many filthy deeds.

Shilpa says to Arshi that not react. Arshi says just stay silent. shilpa says I wont bring out truths.

In bulletin with Prithim, Shweta and Malishka says this is one way to fight, they have divided house. Prithim says it happens, in my season, it happened with Gautam when he as cornered and groups were formed but someone has to take stand, Arshi is reacting to Vikas. Shweta asks if Shilpa can play Gautam’s card?
Prithim says she was representing women and could have said she was being tortured on show but she started reacting to Vikas. Shweta says she showed it from her thinking, she said that she should have come like a commoner, she said that people know Vikas because of her. Prithim says now game will start in house, background doesnt change. Shweta says we are about discussion related to that part of show for which we are doing this, inmates will decide who will go in jail now.

Bigg boss says to inmates that today new part of house is going to be used, its underground jail. Neighbors hear it too. Bigg boss says we want all inmates to decide who three will be sent to jail for punishment. Hina says for which thing they should be punished? Bigg boss says discuss and say three names. Aakash says there are many mosquitoes there so wear socks, all laugh.

In bulletin, Shweta asks who is the villain that should be sent to jail this week? Prithim says Zubair, Shilpa and Vikas should go to jail. Malishka says Arshi, Zubair and Priyank. Shweta asks why Shilpa? Prithim says let Vikas and Shilpa solve in jail. Shweta says what about Zubair? Prithim says because of his curses.

In house, Hina says I want Arshi, Zubair and Aakash. Zubair says me too.Sapna says me too. Puneesh says Shilpa because of not doing task. Zubair says Shilpa didnt even attempt to play task. Hina asks Jyoti her names, she takes Zubair, Arshi and Shilpa’s names. They all vote out and discuss. Puneesh says I vote against Zubair. Arshi says to camera that they all are losers, losers. Shilpa laughs and says I knew about it. Jyoti says I have problem with Zubair saying curses. Shilpa takes Hina, Vikas and Hiten’s name to go to jail. Aakash, Arshi and Shilpa dance around and says we like the jail..

Bigg boss asks whose names they want to give to send to jail? Hiten says we have discussed and decided that three names going to jail are Aakash, Shilpa and Arshi, the three of them laugh. Bigg boss says you people have told your decision but neighbors havent decided yet.

In bulletin, Shweta says I didnt think they would be going to jail, but they are happy, people like them who are happy to be sidelined will go for long? Prithim says its going to be full of entertainment. Shweta says why didnt take Zubair’s name in final list? Prithim says its shocking, people are scared of Zubair, Malishka says its about majority winning. Shweta says there is twist with neighbors in scene.

In bulletin, Shweta says inmates’ decision was shocking itself, now we have to see what neighbors decide.

Bigg boss calls neighbors and says inmates have decide three names to send to jail, you have to give one name that will replace one name given by inmates and other two will remain of inmates’ choice, you have to decide who you want to replace with whom, you have to discuss and decide. Sabyasachi asks neighbors why they didnt take Zubair’s name? Luv says I feel like they are throwing Arshi in there without any reason. Mehjabi says who can take Arshi’s place? Luv says Zubair, he have been brutal. Mehjabi says I dont like Arshi, Zubair is better. Luv says I like him too but he said too much. Sabya says we can say that we cant to break Shilpa and Arshi’s bond thats why we are not putting her in there.

Bigg boss says to inmates that now neighbors will tell their decision about jail. Luv calls inmates and says Arshi will not be going in jail as we want Shilpa and Arshi to have break from each other and play on their own. Luv says Zubair will go in place of Arshi as we have seen him fighting too much and using curses. Bigg boss says not Shilpa, Aakash and Zubair will be going in jail.

In bulletin, Shewta says that inmates think they are deciding everything but neighbors bring in good twist. Prithim says Sabyasachi so cunningly changed game, he is very dynamic with respect to this game. Malishka says Zubair deserved to go for this time.

In house, Hina says to Benafsha that Arshi cursed me so much in morning, they could have saved Aakash but these neighbors chose to save Arshi? I am shocked, Shilpa and Arshi’s bond wont break in a night.

Shilpa says when I come out of jail then this will be problem for that house. Zubair says I took stand and said curses for what was wrong. Zubair, Shilpa and Aakash goes in jail. Shilpa says why did they send Aakash here?

Vikas says to Arshi that you wont be able to control Shilpa. She laughs and says no I wont be able to, she has asked me to not say for you. Vikas says why she is doing it with me? Arshi says she wants to show your reality. Vikas says she has met me once in life, she doesnt know me. In jail, Zubair says to camera that kids see your daddy go to jail for truth and justice just like in real life.

In bulletin, Shweta says what do think about elimination this week? who is leaving? Malishka says Jyoti and Bandagi couldnt show much layers in game. Prithim says some people take time to open up, in my season the one who was most silent was thrown out in first week but she cameback and survived much longer(Sonali). Prithim says Bandagi is not shown so she might leave. Shweta says audience will decide who should leave.

In house, alarm rings. Hiten says Hina is sleeping. Vikas says she doesnt keep track of time here. Hina wakes up and is upset. Priyank comes and says all are in different tangent right now. Hina says I cant live here for 100days, Priyank asks is she fine? Hina says I dont wanna yell. Hina says why cant we sleep now?

In jail, Aakash says we dont care. Shilpa says I am boy. Aakash says to Shilpa and Zubair that I dont care if I am in jail, I am with don and lady don.

Hina cries and says we can play healthy game but such bad curses? neighbors are encouraging her, I am most hurt that my mom and dad are seeing all this. this is why I didnt want to do this show. vikas says dont cry. All come there. Hina says to hell with neighbors, I dont care if they throw me out, Zubair deserved to go but Aakash is spineless. Hina says to Puneesh that I know you take their side too but I didnt take your name because you took stand that day. Puneesh says we couldnt save anyone when they were voted out. Hina says Arshi’s name was taken too. Hina asks Arshi to get lost,loser, you are shit. Arhi says to hell with you too, you are shit, *****. Hina says talk to walls, show your chest to camera. Arshi says your standard will be shown, she leaves. Hina says they played alarm because they wanted footage.

Arshi comes to Hiten and says Hina made Zubair curse me, you are seeing everything, you know she hugged Zubair and said that very good, curse her more. Hiten says I dont want to see all this. Arshi says she have made Zubair curse me out literally.

Hina says to inmates that she thinks I am shit? Vikas says this too much negativity. Puneesh you give them strength Puneesh says if I wanted to curse then I would have, I dont encourage her. Hina says when she was cursing me, you were with her. Puneesh says I praised you, Puneesh says she had said curses five times. Bandagi asks Hina to fight her once and all. Hina says I dont want anyone to take stand for me, I am enough for myself.

Hiten says to Arshi that you are cursing too so whose fault is that? I was miffed with Shilpa because she started mother cursing, I have no problem but when it comes to that curse then I cant avoid it.

Puneesh and Bandagi talks. Puneesh says love story will be made, its going to be beautiful. Bandagi says once this love story is finalized then all will be jealous, I dont have to do anything, just sit in garden and work will be done.

Shilpa says to Aakash that Vikas is outside, you lift me and I will climb out of jail, I will go and pull away his sheet, it will be fun. Aakash asks if she will be able to do it? she says yes. Aakash bends over and says climb on my back, she says no it wont work. Shilpa asks him to push her out of jail. Aakash pushes her up. Shilpa break jail bars and comes out of jail. Bandagi and Puneesh are in lounge and sees it. Bandagi is shocked seeing Shilpa sneaking out of jail at night. Puneesh says she is out of jail. Bandagi says I am scared. Shilpa comes to bedroom silently. All are sleeping. Shilpa comes to Vikas’s bed, she takes slipper and puts it near Vikas’s face and leaves.
Shilpa comes to jail and says I knew it, Vikas stole my slipper so now I have put it beside his head. She with difficulty goes in jail. Sapna comes there and laughs. Shilpa says I can do much more, I would have slapped him and he wouldnt know, I am a witch. Zubair says she is real criminal mind.

Puneesh asks Shilpa to keep going on. Shilpa says just see this season. Arshi says people will cry with craziness. Aakash raps about breaking jail, Zubair dances with him, Puneesh, Arshi, Shilpa raps with him loudly in middle of night.

PRECAP- Tomorrow will be first weekend Ka vaar with Salman. Salman says to Zubair that what you did and how you disrespected was very bad. Salman will take class of Vikas and Shilpa too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. – Shilpa shud hv apologized to benafsha for spoiling her dress… And she wud hv if nt for arshi’s words of wisdom… Arshi is definitely a big reason why Shilpa will earn lots of haters.. And i dnt get why she is acting like a mad person.. ? Pritam was on point abt her… Her actions is leading us to believe that she does hv a hand in losing her role as bhabhiji… Better change her way nd act like a sane person….
    – My choice for jail wud hv been – Shilpa, vikas and zubair… Shilpa nd vikas for their unstoppable fyts… Itz getting on my nerves now… Zubair for his abuses …
    – Hina take a chill pill.. I knw it hurts wen someone abuses you,, nd itz fair to be upset but that selfie statmnt was too much…
    – Shilpaaa…. Evn afta putting in d jail, she does the same…. Now i think, she knows that the only way she’ll get some footage is thru fyts wid vikas.. She doesnt want the probs to end….

  2. Nikitansx

    I love Hina Khan but she is getting too much angry. It doesn’t mean that I suddenly start hating her like other shitty people. Wow Shilpa pouring tea on someone else’s clothes. Hats off to you. You are the second Priyanka Jagga.

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    Now l watching this epi Idk what to say, I still like shilpa even though she didn’t do right ? But she is getting influenced by arshi, I didn’t like arshi from day 1, but I thought by supporting shilpa she is good but I was wrong she is hurling way too much curses ????I used to like hina in khatron but not here dk what’s wrong with her , is not that I don’t like her but I am confused, and zubair I don’t even wanna speak about that guy I think he will get evicted this week. Vikas is too much also, it’s not fair to only blame shilpa shilpa was wrong but vikas is also no less who told him to throw her luggage, most are attacking shilpa only that’s like so one sided and biased , vikas also did mistake. Not interested in this season, really disappointed. And the priyank, hiten expected much better from them but they are not even seen much. This season is only revolving around shilpa-vikas fight, zubair-arshi fight, hina interfering only ?, I actually founds the fight of sapna-Jyoti the other day funny??? its like Bhabi-Devrani fight ??
    I hope the padosis can spice up the game once they come inside the house with the others ,
    First week of season 11 disappointing, very disappointing I just loved shilpa the first three days but after that she is a bit down getting influenced by arshi and also she should stop her fight with vikas now

    1. prettypreeti

      joyee yup sapna jyoti fight was the most intersting in bb11till now as its my fav fight in bb11 ..i agree with ur points but shilpa enttertained me doing her stupid antics and its bigg boss agar pagalpanti nhi krni toh kya krna hai??and seocondly i just hate her doing fights with vikas..and ret is fine

  4. Go shilpa go…? maja aa giya…

  5. hrithik ka Fan

    shilpa is kangana in real life like I m the best and others r loosers. she thinks she is entertaining people by doing those crazy things but no she is annoying us. And vikas is no saint everyone is supporting him as he is a producer. Hina looks horrible without make up..priyank spoiling name of roadies as roadies contestants r always active and front runners but he is on downward hill since roadies..I m not liking him not in splitsvilla and not in bb now…others no comments. …I like akash though right now he is funny

    1. prettypreeti

      reall jj bhai i m too not able to understand wh priyank is so lame..i used to love him in roadies alot but now he is just a show piece

  6. hina,s reaction is real………………what she is doing is right!!!!

  7. If anyone wakes u up in the middle of sleeping I would react just as hina did… I’m not going to hate her cuz of that, I still love her. Shipa on the other hand is the one starting fights throwing shade and abusing people since day one so I don’t like her at all neither do I like Arshi as she is supporting shilpa. However I feel bad for vikas as people hate him from the fights which he didn’t even start in fact it’s always shilpa provoking him to fight and he has to as it’s for his self respect ✊ that is why I actually like vikas and support him fully??

  8. arshi ka fan

    arshi aur shilpa dono logo ne pure ghar ko ungli pe nachake rakha hai well done
    arshi kya game khelti ho yaar maja aagaya aur shilpa aise hi arshi ko follow karte rahena bahut aage tak jaogi
    aur kal toh hina ki kya band bajayi tum ek hi kaafi ho ghar mei
    all the best arshi
    hope u win

  9. Don’t know why people are hating arshi. Except her morning episode with hina, I have no problem with her. Nothing wrong if someone plays ‘Narad’ (Narayan Narayan), unless he/she is spreading lies. And about shilpa and arshi bonding, its as natural as anything. Both are funny and both are boycotted by the whole house, even when they have issue with only single member. And I just like the way shilpa is fighting, too entertaining and actually no one knows how to handle this.

    1. @Shv – i will tell you why i dnt like arshi…
      – Her ” trying to be seductive ” tone is the most irritating part.. Vch is nt evn sensuous by d way…
      – Playing narad is nt a good quality afterall… So she comes out as a person who likes to divide ppl nd enjoy… Vch for me is nt a trait i wud like to see in a winner..
      One thing i’ll agree is,, this is jst the 1st week… Nd itzz tooo early to come to a conclusion abt ny1.. There hv been lots of instances in previous seasons wer,, 1st opinions hv changed…
      I guess she’ll eventually come out of this game plan of hers.. And vn that happns i am suree she’ll be tough competition to all those celebrities…

  10. hi guys
    after watching yesterday’s episode really felt bad for hina. lekin hina ne bhi jawaf to diya hai but koi kisi ki baare mei aisi baat nahi karr sakta hai arshi has no right to say anything about anybody.
    lekin galti hina ki bhi thi bina baat dusro ki ladai mei interfere karti raheti hai thoda kamm karo yaar. aur haan ye zubair se jyada hi durr hona padega. pritam aur maliska ne sach ki kaha tha arshi zubair ko toh kuch keh nahi sakti toh uska gussa hina pe nikal di. koi baat nahi hina ye toh startting days hai aisi toh hoti rahegi
    arshi aur shilpa kya batao inko dono ek se kam nahi dono ladai karne mei aur aag lagane ne ek number hai
    arre ye shilpa sachh mei pagal hai kya jail se kaise nekal gayi re i was shocked
    ye zubair ko nikalo sab jhooti baat boli hai isne yeha par attention pane ke liye i have read about him some where he has said that he is relatives of some underworld but he is not and the famiy of that underworld is facing problems due to him
    vikas bhi kuch kamm nahi hai hina ne sahi bola tha jaha shilpa hoti hai uski piche piche jata hai mujhe toh lagta hai ye dono sab trp ke liye karr rahe hai
    shilpa hadd hi hogayi vikas ko guilty prove karne ke liye dusro ke kapde kyun gande karr rahi ho yaar
    hiten priyank piche piche hi chalo
    puneesh ki bhi band baja diya hina ne kal toh kya planning karte ho bhai bandgai ke saath ye dono manu monalisa banne ki koshish karr rahe hai
    aakash thik hi hai lekin overacting karta hai
    benefasha shivani thik hi hai
    jyoti ne bhi kal to hungama hi macha diya arshi ki kya band bajai mann liya tumhe
    sapna mae le rahi hai thik hi hai
    padosi ne hina pe koi favor nahi kiya hai woh toh uski behaviour ke wajah se save kiya tha aise bhi unko sab nahi dekai jati hai bb house ki kahani toh favorki toh baat nahi hai
    aur hina ko bhi woh sab nahi kehna chaiye tha padosi ko i think
    lekin jo bhi ye padosi bewakoof toh jaroor hai

    be strong hina
    be calm maintain patience
    be cool
    support you

    1. and hina is the only one who is taking stand
      proud of u hina that u said u urself is enough to take stand for u and u don’t need anyone to stand for u

      dekhte hai iss baar salman kisko favor karte hai

      1. Taking stand??where??I didn’t see her taking stand.where was she when Zubair was hurling abuses in the house??she was taking zubair’s part only.and her Gane is all revolving around arshi.coz she is scared of her.and is using Zubair against varshu and for the cameras.baki Heena is nothing.she is all about arshi.

      2. ruby what arshi spoke about her is worst she cant do that and hina is doing gud and she is taking initiative

      3. @Ruby
        hina apne liye stand lethi hai dusro kha nhi and by the way she is already popular so she doesnot need arshi ffor footage ya phir jo bhi ho
        and kisine toh kaha tha agar hina nahi hoti toh game sirf vikas shilpa arshi ka hota tha so support ur fav

      4. @ruby
        Correct.heena is so fake.arshi ne to uski game hi khatam kr dali… although arshi is not my favorite but Heena is insecure of her and that is quite evident.and that’s the reason she is using Zubair.and plz every one.heena is not taking any stand for anyone except herself.akash know dala jail me?Kuch v bolo Gane us all about arshi,akash and Shilpa…super entertaining.

    2. Drvidhi

      @ ruby
      Jab koi subah morning ma uthata hai and aap bina koi karan usko badnam karo hai kaha ki samjdari hai… Hina ne use kya bola ke wo arshii aake itna bakvas bol ke gai..
      Hina start taking stand coz vikas shilpa ki fight ko arshii badha rai thi… Is liye vo bich mai aayi…Wo jake aag laga rahi hai jyada. Zubair gali deta hai to hina use bhi tokti hai.. pure ghar ko ungli pe nachaa rahi hai vo bandi… Hina se bhi fight is liye kar rahi hai khuki nominated hai is week. Is liye ghar ke 2 popular stars ke naam pegame khel rahi hai. So selfish that arshii..Hina ka naam leke vote bhi pane hai aur use gali bhi deni hai,…

  11. Drvidhi

    Hi everyone
    M thinking that show is around Shilpa Vikas and Arshi only. I think if hina wala incident nai hota to BB valo ke Paas Vikas Shilpa ki fight ke alava dikhane ke liye aur kuch hota hi nahi..kyunki aur koi to dikh bhi nai raha. People are hating hina but agar wo stand nai leti to aur koi dikhta hi nai episode me Shilpa Vikas arshi ke alava.
    Punish kya double standard khel raha hai.. liking his game too..
    Zubair entertain kar sakta hai lekin aur kuch ho hi nai raha ghar mai to vo kya karega gali dene ke alava…
    Salaman sir plzzz Hiten aur Priyank ko jagaooooo…

  12. I really liked hina before bb but seriously now u hate her.i know Shilpa is acting crazy but hina is seriously what a chalu type if woman yr.supporting Zubair.eew..that dirty pest.arshi is obviously playing the major game.and hina is scared of vikas and Shilpa..Shilpa has great antics..she is crazy but entertaining..but I HATE HINA.and looks like luv was correct about priyank.”bhedchaal” is the word for him.

  13. Yaar i think these commoners are acting too much…… Aur arshi toh….. Bhagwan hi bachao

    1. prettypreeti

      r u last season wali aaku di

  14. Guys why evryone is pointing fingers at hina?
    Arshi is showing her character by doin cheap things and shilpa she is provoking vikas and doin babg bang showing her madness..
    Zubair no doubt using filthy language bt ismai hina ki galti kaha hai yaar
    Usne task k liye shilpa se maanga because she wanted to knw her task well ismai sab ko lg rha hai she is proud
    No,bas usko ek baar khud se padhke cnfrm krna tha thats it.

  15. i really dont like arshi what the f**ng she talking about hina
    and this is too much she cant abuse like that

  16. Arshi is sucha cheap lady..why even worse than a pornstar. Why does she reveals so much. I hate that sl*ty woman .

  17. ARK

    Bhabhiji jail me hain…arrey nhi nhi bhabhiji ghar par hi hain???
    Luv u Shilpa u r sooo cute and innocent?
    I loved it when Shilpa asked, “Hiten batao akash ko kyu andar kiya, vikas ko support karte ho is liye” bechare Hiten ki bolti band ho gyi.
    Pta nhi bandgi aur puneesh ki fake love story kab dekhne ko milegi, kahin bandagi eliminate na ho jaye?. By the way they look good together.
    What’s wrong with gharwale, aakash ko andar kyu dala. Hina bahut stand leti hai naa fir zubair ya vikas ka nam kyu nhi liya fake kahin ki.
    What arshi did to hina was wrong but hina bhi kuch kam nhi hai. She is simply supporting zubair and vikas for her own benefit.
    Kuch bhi kaho akash, Shilpa and arshi are most entertaining.
    Support u Shilpa….bang bang!!!
    Guys can anyone pls tell me how to vote on voot.

    1. just open voot and log in with ur gmail or fb account and vote

  18. Hi guys,Please correct me if am wrong.
    What happened with Hina is wrong,But Hina is also wrong,she is using Zubair for her own selfishness,and when padosi saved Arshi she is not ok with them, i understand that but she is cunning,she is asking Puneesh y u didnot took stand for her,when she is crazy she is telling she doesnt need anyones stand.what the hell hina is expecting frm others,she wants to be a cute girl but she want others to take a stand for her.and honestly i used to like her but the way she is reacting is wrong and moreover from thursday episode Shivani doesnt want to cook along with arshi and shilpa,instead Hina is overacting,Please Salman khan take class of Hina.and rest am ok with others.

  19. prettypreeti

    hii guys personally i dont want to say that i am against any contestant..i m with everyone but still some r really head eating….hina i liked her from kkk8 but now its lil more…zubair bhi zyada kr deta ihai..padosis r better coz they have coordination..vikas is reallly more reactive.priyank aapko kya ho gya hai???and bandagi kya kya keh rhi thiat last while talking with punish..shilpa thori si crack hai but bb ke liye perfect…aakash theeek hai i mean ok not bad…bakki aaj salman ji aakr khud dekh lenge ..

  20. sad news for priyank fans
    priyank ko ghar se nikaldiya gaya hai
    jab vikas aur aakash fight karr rahe hote toh aakaah vikas ko gay boll ta hai and then priyank aake aakash ko slap karta hai twice

    1. Drvidhi

      Ohhh I heard that Vikas is thrown out of house ..

    2. ARK

      Vaise b uska hona na hona ek hi baat h???

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