Bigg Boss 11 4th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shilpa and Vikas continues to fight

Bigg Boss 11 4th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 3
Inmates wake up to a song. Benafsha hugs Priyank. They all dance chak dum dum song. Shivani is singing too. Vikas makes a train and dance with inmates.

Arshi says to Aakash that if you dont respect me then I wont. Aakash says dont keep saying same thing. Arshi says you got silent yesterday. Aakash says make me more controversial and I will become famous rapper. Vikas says work make you big rapper not controversy. Aakash says I have many raps to be launched. Vikas says then make us listen, Aakash says not now. Vikas says you keep say useless things, did you hear Shilpa saying she is a good actress? he says no, Vikas says because others call her good actress because she is and she doesnt have to say it herself. Shipa is washing dishes. Vikas starts washing

too, she says water is running, he says sorry. She says you have to say sorry for many things, Vikas says I didnt say anything about you to anyone, Shilpa says I didnt talk but you do, Vikas says dont lie. Shilpa starts singing. Vikas asks if she wants to pass time? she nods, he says then be happy. Shilpa says I am very happy. Vikas says I can see your sadness in your smile, you take pain, people want to be nice but you dont like it. Shilpa says you talk bitter. She sings razia gundo phas gaye. Vikas comes to Hina and says Shilpa is going mad, she is crossing limits. Vikas says she is clever and mad too, its dangerous. Aakash asks Shilpa why she keep singing? she says I can do anything what I want. Shilpa and Aakash starts rapping. Aakash says I am cool, Shilpa dances to his rapping. Vikas glares at them. All start rapping with him. Shilpa says people are jealous.

Vikas and Priyank talks. Priyank says Aakash and Shilpa have problem. Vikas they are mad, Aakash is mad and Shilpa is clever, dont take my side too much, play your game, Hiten and others will take my side.

Arshi asks Zubair if someone asked him to stop talking? Zubair says even my father or mother cant stop me. Bandagi says I dont like his words. Zubair says my mummy talks like that. Bandagi says but I am not habituated to it, I cant hear it. Zubair says you are in two ships thats why you got nominated. Shilpa says she is just talking. Bandagi says you started shouting, I was just talking. Zubair says dont mess with me. Bandagi says you even use your family for sympathy. Hina asks Bandagi to calm down. Bandagi says how can you say that? Hina says I am just saying to not take his curses personally, its his habit. Arshi comes to Zubair and asks him to calm down, Zubair says to Arshi that you were silent, you trying to start fire and stopped it, dont play too safe, Arshi says I am just joking, dont take personally. Zubair says you people are even accusing me for using my kids, I dont care if I leave in a week. Bandagi says I dont care about you. Zubair says I dont even trust this Arshi.

Aakash asks Bandagi and Zubair to end it. Bandagi says to Zubair that if he wants to play fair then dont use his kids. Aakash says all clear this. He starts dancing. Zubair hugs Bandagi and says you are like my daughter.

In lounge, Arshi says to Hina that Zubair said he will get votes from whole Mumbai and he has many fans.

Arshi comes to Zubair and says you are going mad because you are nominated and all are saying that you are fighting because you want TRP. She turns and laughs to Aakash, she whispers to Aakash that its good to start fire. Zubair complains that this Arshi acts like sister and then flirt. Arshi asks him to shut up, she didnt do anything. Hina says to Bandagi that Arshi is very annoyed. Bandagi says because her game backfired on her.

Hiten reads farm task. It will be inmates Vs. Neighbors. They will get challenges in farm house and inmates have to do it. First Zubair and Shivani will take challenge. They have to catch three fishes from aquarium and make sure they catch them in less time than neighbors would.

Bigg boss calls neighbors and says that inmates think they will have challenges against you. Their first challenge is to catch fishes in time and their challenge is to catch three fishes in less time than neighbors but what they dont know that neighbors wont actually do the challenges, you just have to set time and we will tell inmates that you did that challenge in that time. You have to make sure to calculate and give a time that is believable to inmates that you did that task in that time but also make sure to give a time challenge that they cant beat and win.

Mehjabi says it will take 10 to 20 minutes to catch three fishes. Sabyasachi says I think 2 to 4 minutes will be fine I have done it. Luv says to Bigg boss that we are setting 4:30 minutes for task.

Shivani and Zubair comes to farm house in activity area. Bigg boss says neighbors have caught 3 threes in 4:30minutes, you have to do it in less than that. Zubair says I will catch them. There are cat fishes in fish aquarium. Timer starts, Zubair catches fishes in less time than 4minutes. Shivani gets elated. Neighbors watches it on TV. Luv is miffed and says to Sabasachi that we gave them too much time, Sabya says we couldnt give them seconds.

Shivani comes to lounge and says Zubair did task in time, his kids must be proud, we should appreciate it.

Zubair says to camera that some people have done contracts with colors to come here. Bandagi says I dont want to listen to him. Zubair taunts that some fishes are putting dirt in pool. Aakash asks him to be respectful. Zubair says I am being respectful, you dont know what I am. You people have seen Ajaz Khan and I am way ahead, I am Mumbai’s Ajaz Khan. Arshi looks on.

Bigg boss gives next challenge to inmates. Inmates read that Aakash, Bandagi and Benafsha will do this task. There will be donkey and they have to feed carrots to donkey and take care of him.

Bigg boss says neighbors have said that made donkey eat all carrots in bucket in 4:56 minutes so Aakash, and Bandagi have to do it before that time.

Aakash, Bandagi and Benafsha comes to activity area, there is donkey there. Bigg boss says neighbors have fed all carrots to him 4:56 minutes, so you have to do it before that, they nod. Aakash washes donkey, he says his name is Jack, we will make him manly, Benafsha says how cute, Aakash says its my favorite name. Benafsha and Bandagi tries to feed him.

In house, Hiten says that our house’s donkey Aakash will act in activity area. Hina says if he did something like that infront of me then I would have slapped him.

In activity area, Benafsha tries to feed donkey but he doesnt eat, she says please eat. Bigg boss says your time is up for this challenge, you can leave. Benafsha says when we will get to know results. Neighbors see it. In garden, Benafsha says I dont think neighbors could have that done that task in 4 minutes, he was not even eating one carrot. Luv hears it and says we can argue that donkey was hungry when we did that task.

whats your husband’s name in story? she says Sajid, he asks when did he die? she tries to tell a date.. she gets confused and cant tell a date. Bigg boss asks Lucinda where was MP Siddiqui last time? she says in hotel in Delhi. Bigg boss asks Lucinda one character name, she says I cant recall it. Mehjabi says we have not done full preparation for story. Bigg boss says you all four will go in main house only when Bigg boss thinks that not you but your character in living here, till then you cant go in main house so prepare story nicely.

Arshi and Sapna are talking. Arshi says she was saying to Hiten that he and she should marry. Jyoti comes there with shawl. Arshi is wearing nightie, she opens its front and is wearing red bra underneath, she says I am not scared. Sapna asks Jyoti to get to know people here. Jyoti says I have not come to get to know people here. Sapna says I am not starting argument with you. Jyoti says you told me to get to know people, I didnt talk to you. Sapna says because you dont know people here and just blabber without thinking. Jyoti says dont show finger. Sapna shouts that you showed finger first, Jyoti says stop it. Sapna says what do you mean to shut up? you shut up, you keep uttering rubbish. Shivani comes there too. Jyoti says you think I am illmannered? Sapna says yes, Jyoti says now you will see my illmannerism. Sapna says you just wanted fight. Jyoti says not all are mad, Sapna says you are biggest mad here. Jyoti says so you want to do treatment here?

Shilpa asks Jyoti if we are here to play games here? you have to try to behave, have your parents taught you to misbehave with everyone? fight but dont lose dignity, take out anger but dont disrespect.

Sapna comes in bedroom and says scene was created in garden, Zubair asks who did it? Sapna says Jyoti was saying rubbish, I told her she is crazy. Sapna says I was so angry, I would beat her face with my slipper. Puneesh says its not allowed. Sapna says I dont care, I would beat her to pulp and even shift her mole from cheek to forehead. Vikas says she a kid, dont focus on her. Sapna says she is no kid, she could do item song a bikini. she would take on everyone in a blink, dont take her lightly. Bandagi says I told everyone that she is not so innocent. Arshi says Vikas have a fight with her and then you will know.

Arshi says Shilpa says you were her friend. Vikas says I have her only two times. Arshi says but she said you are her very good friend. Vikas says I have met her only two times in life then what friendship? Arshi asks then whats the fight about? Vikas says I dont know her. Shilpa comes there and sings kale kawe.. Vikas asks if she has split personality? do you need a doctor? Vikas says why did you lie to people that you were my very nice friend? Shilpa keeps singing jhoot bole kawa kaate. Vikas says you are crow. Shilpa keeps ignoring him. Zubair starts singing too. Arshi laughs.

(*Updater’s note: Hello tellyupdate campers, its good to be back here. Its my responsibility to give you a complete and clear update and I have been doing that for last three seasons. But I happen to be a human afterall and human errors are something we cant avoid. Updating BB is itself a very difficult task because writing about 18 people yelling in a single scene that too on live coverage can be very hectic, trust me. So if you find any mistake or error in start then kindly point it out and it will be rectified. I apologize beforehand for any confusion in updates. Its just a start and I will be extra careful. Lets begin this journey together and may you all find your favorites soon.*)

PRECAP- At night, Vikas says you are use curse thats related to mother, have some shame, he asks Shilpa why she is cursing his mother? Zubair asks her to have atleast little shame. Vikas says I wont let her sleep. He brings utensil and start making noise with it so she cant sleep. Hina supports him and makes noise too.
Shilpa goes to sleep. Shivani is sitting on her bed. She glares at Shilpa and keeps staring at her, her poster like she is doing some magic. Zubair says to Priyank that this woman is mad. Puneesh says she stared at her for 15minutes without a wink, this is not funny,
I am scared now, I fear this thing the most.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ARK

    Arshi, arshi, arshi…man what is this girl!!!
    One day,3 fights and the reason Arshi Khan.
    Zubair is too much now I wish he gets eliminated this week.
    Jyoti: people are targeting her without any reason, no one is less than her. Loved the way Shilpa was explaining to Jyoti.
    Vikas- Shilpa fight: now people have started taking advantage of their spat, this is high time they should at least talk to sort out and to survive in the game. Their fights are showing Shilpa in a negative light coz everyone is with Vikas.
    Priyank: A great CHAMCHA of vikas. Luv was very right about him. I just wonder whether it will affect his fanbase or not. He should learn to play on his own
    Day 3 and Heena and Hiten were absent from the whole scene. I just wonder why hiten is even here ???
    And finally the precap… really very spooky ???. What was she doing??? Hope it doesn’t harm Shilpa.

  2. Aarti32

    We’re very sorry Atiba for our rude comments. But fans u know..

    Anyways coming to d episode, Arshi is d pinnacle of cheapness..Hiten is married n has 2 kids, atleast spare him..daayan kahin ki!! She instigates fights, jst like she did wid Vikas n Shilpa..who asked her to go n enquire Vikas abt his n Shilpa’s controversy..n then they nominate Vikas n Shilpa for d reason dat they always keep on talking abt their controversy!!

    Sapna gave d much needed reply to Jyoti.. Jyoti is too annoying

    I guess Vikas n Shilpa’s fight will get sorted in BB house

  3. ye arshi kitni badtameez aur shameless hai na bolne ka tarika na kapde pehene ka aakhir controversy queen jo hai
    vikas coolely problems handle karne ki kohish karr raha hai phir ye shilpa chadd jati hai trp chaiye hoga na
    hina jaise sabko calm karne ki koshish karr rahi thi appreciated
    hiten priyank play game yaar
    jyoti bichari sabke target bann gayi hai sapana ne kya tote udadiya
    lekin sapna ko be gussa control karna hoga overacting karr rahi thi
    aakash hero banne ka koshish karr ta hai jo achha nah hai overacting
    zubair bandagi arshi ke wajah se fight karr rahe the

    lekin jo bhi ho episode padne se jaida dekhne me majja aaya tha i was litreally laughing by their activity
    jo bhi ho ye arshi toh out honewali nahi hai ye last tak rahegi kya aag lagathi hai bhai do logo ke bich
    shilpa aur zubair bhi trp ka jugad karr rahe hai toh out hone se rahe
    abb ye jyoti aur bandagi se mei hi koi out hoga

    aur ye precap kya hai bhai its scary woh tantrik kya karr rahi hai jo bhi ho dekhne me maja aayega

  4. Arshi know she doesn’t going to win…so she just want publicity no matter of it is negative…
    Great going u targeting ur aim in middle…

  5. hi guys episode funny tha aisi hi dekhate rehna
    lekin ye logg jyada overacting kam kare toh achha rahega
    arshi zubair aakash full dose de rahe hai entertainment ke
    sapna ka kuch jyada hi hogaya bichrai jyoti
    ye arshi sab ko lada ke mje lerahi hai bahut khub

  6. zubair should be thrown out,he is a relative of a terrorist,I don’t know why he is even here.

  7. prettypreeti

    this arshi is seriously how could anyone be so irritating..3 fights and the one behind them is arshi..this lady needs to go to first fight coz of her b/w bandagi and zubair then sapna and jyoti and phir bhi iska pet(stomach) nhi barra and made vikas and shilpa her next prey..stupid gal..and the housepersons r not understanding her strategy and believing in her words..stupidity..
    lekin iss ko entertainment ka naam dete hai…
    zubair iski chal samaj gya hai but he is lil headache.
    aca$h i loved him in first look now lets see..
    and the padosis nothing to say much

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