Bigg Boss 11 3rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Nomination Special

Bigg Boss 11 3rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nomination Special
Day 1 (continued)
Zubair says to Arshi that we dont have to be too nice to these people. Arshi agrees. Shivani says to Bandagi that its divide and rule here, we have to break two apart, we have to make people fight, we cant let to minds think a like, thats my mission, I dont want people think I am too silent, I am silent but observing, I am watching everyone. Bandagi says this is just experience for me of life time.

Day 2
Inmates wake up to song dil dance mare song. All inmates dance and enjoy.

Arshi asks Hiten what he wants to eat in breakfast? he says who is making it? Arshi says I am making fool of everyone. Arshi says I have taken off Bigg boss’s sleep too. Arshi says to Hiten that we should have raid

night. Hiten is stunned and says why coming on me? all laugh.

Luv calls home. He asks Hiten if he made breakfast for them? Hiten says Arshi is handling it. Arshi takes call and asks Luv what he wants to eat. He says send anything you cook. Arshi says just praise me after eating, he says okay and ends call. Arshi laughs and says he was flirting with me on phone.

Arshi says to Shilpa that Vikas is saying task was given to me and I did video. Shilpa says dont listen to him, he is mental, he doesnt exist for me. Arshi says why he talks like (gay)? Shilpa says because he is. Arshi says to Zubair that Shilpa said Vikas is ******(gay), Shilpa says dont say all this taking my name, there are many case already on me. Zubair says even I have doubt that he is gay, Shilpa says he is fully gay, its already in open.

Hiten asks Puneesh to have fun with Jyoti, tease her and Aakash. Puneesh comes to Aakash and Jyoti and says she is mine, Aakash says mine, he takes off his jacket. Aakash says girls from Bihar, I know you like this. Jyoti says you made me sister and now this? Aakash says this is my strategy, I love your glasses. Arshi says Mia Khalifa.

Zubair says in camera that made us have Jacuzzi with beautiful butterflies. Hina laughs and says you want your wife back and then say all this? Zubair says I am not saying around. Hina says you just want to hang around? you are less than Deepika and more than Priyanka. Hina says I love Priyanka.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its time for first nominations of season. It will happen openly in living area and every inmate have to take two names who they have to nominate and have to give reason too. Bigg boss says whom you want to nominate, you have to put stamp on their faces and nominate them. All laugh. He asks Bandagi to start.

BANDAGI: She nominates Jyoti and says she is sharp thats why I am nominating her. She puts stamp on her face. Bandagi nominates Shilpa and says she is too much TRP, its not needed.

PRIYANK: He nominated Shilpa and says she pokes too much, Vikas doesnt initiate but Shilpadoes. He nominates Zubair and says for what he did first day.

SHIVANI: She nominates Shilpa for disrupting peace. She nominates Aakash and says sorry bro, you become loud and sometimes disrespect women.

HITEN: He nominates Zubair and says I didnt like your cursing. He nominates Puneesh, he says too much but he doesnt work in house.

HINA: She nominates Zubair, you should try to control language, I like you. Zubair says I will try to work on it. Hina says I have to choose from Vikas or Shilpa, it was not needed, Vikas you can yell but not use ill language. She nominates Vikas. Hina sits down and says I did a mistake. Zubair says you are done now. Hina says I took two names but I wanted to nominates Shilpa. Vikas says its okay. Hina asks if she can change? Bigg Boss says Vikas’s turn.

VIKAS: He nominates Shilpa and says she is torturing me a lot. Vikas says I tried to sleep but Arshi made my life life, she is Kamolika.

ARSHI: She nominates Hina and says she is strong, I would nominate strong candidates. Hina says I like it. Arshi says Shilpa is strong, no personal reason. She nominates her.

SHILPA: She nominates Hina and says she is strong. She nominates Sapna and says you very silent and should talk more.

PUNEESH: He nominates Benafsha and says I couldnt talk to her much. He nominates Vikas and says his and Shilpa’s story is revolving.

JYOTI: She nominates Benafsha and says she tries to direct me, she doesnt have to tell me what to do. She nominates Hina and says I couldnt talk to her much, she doesnt try too. She forcefully puts stamp on Hina’s face. Hina says calm down,apply it gently. Jyoti says I didnt know. Bneafsha says thats why we have to ask you to behalf.

BENAFSHA: She nominates Jyoti and says I asked you to talk to people, you can say thank you or sorry, its nothing wrong. She applies stamp on her head and says this is the gentle way. She nominates Shilpa and says I wear modern clothes and you taunted that modern people wash dishes too, I didnt like that comment. Shilpa says my intentions were not wrong. Neighbors are watching nominations. Sabyasachi says she is upset.

AAKASH: Aakash nominates Shivani and says I respect girls, she jokes so I joke too, I try to take care of her, he takes off jacket. He says I am jealous of Priyank, he is my tough competition. He nominates Priyank.

SAPNA: She nominates Shilpa and says she didnt do right by nominating me, I dont interfere in others matters.She nominates Jyoti and says she doesnt have sense to talk. Jyoti says when did I not behave nicely? Sapna says I dont like your way.

ZUBAIR: He nominates Jyoti and says she doesnt respect elders. He nominates Priyank and says you dont work in house, I love you.

Bigg Boss says nominated inmates as per inmates votes are Shilpa, Hina, Jyoti and Zubair. Bigg boss says nominations are not done yet, as you people know there are neighbors too and their decision will affect inmates, we will announce last decision after their decision.

Bigg boss says to neighbors that you can save one nominated contestant and nominate two other inmates. Sabyasachi says we couldnt see Sapna much.

In house, Aakash says to inmates that you people dont know me, I am crazy, I had gun on my head, I have seen a lot, Priyank says chill man. Aakash says I will start with negative, Priyank you are good looking, Priyank leaves. Benafsha says you are not like that, Aakash says you are fake. He says to Puneesh that you didnt do anything, I party and get more girls than you, Aakash says to Puneesh that positive is that you are like me, cool, I like that. Aakash says Vikas that what you think? you have feminine nature, you talk like women, I know you have manliness and you will show it, thats positive. He says to Sapna that you are not on any side, you are trying to be on all sides. Sapna says all are doing that, Aakash says yes I am with you, all laugh.

Bigg boss announces that as per today’s nominations, we gave one chance to neighbors. Luv connects call to house and says we want to save Hina as we find her very peaceful and nice for house. Luv says we nominate Arshi because she doesnt think before speaking, second nomination is Sapna Bandagi.

Bigg boss says nominated inmates are SHILPA, JYOTI, ZUBAIR, ARSHI and BANDAGI.

Bigg boss calls neighbors and asks if their story moved on or not? Luv says we will do everything naturally. Bigg boss says MP Siddiqui that is a fictional character and you all are related to him. He asks Luv what is his father’s name who is MP’s son in law in story? LUV says Sajid, his age was 75years. he asks Sabyasachi when he met with Luv? he says last year. Bigg boss says we just wanted to know that you have answers of all of this, make sure you keep asking and sharing answers so you all say same thing when separated.

Neighbors discuss their story. Sabyasachi says me and Luv met in Oddisa.

Vikas says to Aakash that he is the person to make people laugh, the kind of joker role, Aakash thanks him. Vikas says that if you thinks feminine is a weak trait then you are wrong and dont tell me you know boss and all that, dont threaten me, Aakash does weird acts too, he takes off shirt suddenly, you think you have my weak point, which you think is a weak point but thats because its your upbringing is such, your mother is weak if being feminine is weak, if you think that you would show your filthy body and gain attention then you are wrong. Benafsha hoots and says great work Vikas. Vikas says you are threatening people here, Aakash says I am not. Vikas says let me complete, Vikas says me and Shilpa will keep fighting because we have a past but what you said, I am disappointed, you keep saying bro but keep insulting, I am your elder.

Phone rings. Puneesh takes call but Arshi snatches phone. Luv says neighbor speaking, can you send tea? Arshi says why did you say that I said wrong words? Luv says we are not allowed to say, Arshi says then you wont get tea, she ends call. Luv says atleast they sent food yesterday but now we dont value.

Priyank says to Aakash that you have seen Vikas very calm, you are a kid, Vikas has seen many like you and me, dont mess with him, he is crazy, dont fight him. Aakash says nobody can touch me.

Vikas talks to Aakash alone and says you will be thankful to me when you go out for all this. Aakash says people told that you and Shilpa came in last and you had first fight etc etc, you are grabbing camera and all. Vikas says I runaway from Shilpa fighting with me. Aakash says are you gay? I am straight. Vikas says I like girls, it doesnt matter, why do you have interest in my s*xuality? tell me that first, whats so exciting about that? dont fight without reason, if you taunt again then I will do this again, Aakas says okay, what you give will get from me, Aakash says same for me.

PRECAP- Inmates are washing and taking care of donkey. Aakash says I am not scared, mummy will wash the donkey, come here Jack… he says to Punessh that I would tie tag around her with care, I can wash lion too. Puneesh laughs at his antics.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Aarti32

    What kind of update is dis Atiba!? What abt d nominations part??
    N in d precap it’s donkey n not cow

  2. What is this? An update ?

  3. Aarti32

    Arshi is d worst one yaar..ditto copy of jagga? so cheap n vulgar..talking abt Mia khalifa on national television!!

    1. National televison pe hum sunny leone ko dekh rahe hai..mia khalifa ki baat karne kya dikat hai… least vikas ka patience test ho gaya…

    2. Same here… I hated arshi in this episode. Why is she talking like that… I mean her tone.. After a point it doesnt evn feel seductive… Itz kinda vulgr….. The undhekha unseen clips are full of her “seduvtve” talks.. I skipped them all… good riddance that BB dnt show them full in d 45mint time slot…

  4. Chikkoos

    I really felt bad for shilpa…?

    1. ARK

      Me too??

  5. ARK

    Why everyone is after Shilpa???
    Nominate her every time but she will stay till the end.
    I think Shilpa and Heena have highest number of fan following so obviously they are here to stay. Also, coz of Shilpa they are getting some spice in the show without any reason so that’ll eventually work for trps so Colors is definitely going to save Vikas and Shilpa for the best.
    And and and in the first episode vikas said that BGPH made Shilpa a star… really????
    Come on dude, I am watching her since my childhood and had to Google to know about you???.
    I think this time commoners are more entertaining than celebrities.
    Heena and Hiten are playing safe.

  6. You are confused between sapna and bandigi..

    Sapna was the one who was wearing light color.. abd bandigi was in darker color

  7. Atiba kya ho gaya yaar..
    Time milta ya show se intrest chala ya site maja nai aa raha hai…..ya tabiyat kharab ..
    Kuch gadbad hai Atiba….kuch tho hai….

  8. hi guys
    today’s episode was good funny
    hina confuse kyun ho rahi ho think carefully
    hiten arshi ke jaal mei fass rahe hai
    benafasha she looks like priya wal hasti bahut jyada
    shilpa game hai bhai kyun upset apna game khelo
    sapana ye bandi silent killer
    shivani full gamer
    zubair hina se close hone ki koshish karr raha hai
    puneesh jyada baat thodi kaam
    priyank kuch khas nahi karr rahe ho
    bandagi ye bhi puneesh jaise hi hai
    jyoti lack of tameez
    aakash funny ho lekin kabhi kabhi limit cross karte ho
    vikas shilpa phele din se hi start ho gaye
    arshi controversy queen kaise bolti hai bandi lekin koi nahi trp bada rahi hai aur funny bhi
    padosi sab thik hai abb tak toh dekhte hai

  9. guys can any one say who are commoners and celebrity i m really confused

    1. ARK

      Shilpa, heena,hiten,vikas,priyank and benafsha are celebrities.

      1. thanks but ye sapana aur aakash commoners mein se hai kya?

      2. sapna aur aakash celebs hai ya commoners

    2. Good question…. Actually ARK is ryt…. Those are d actual celebrities.. But nt all commoners are common…
      Arshi has got quite a reputation on youtube… So does sapna… And akash seem to hv done rapping for movies…

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