Bigg Boss 11 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ben, Puneesh and Hiten in captaincy task

Bigg Boss 11 3rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 33
Shilpa is sitting outside jail and is talking to Arshi, she says if someone is sleeping in deep sleep and is suddenly woken up? its so much fun, I can make lullaby, she asks Vikas to sleep. Vikas is very sleepy but cant sleep, he laughs and says how can I deal with mental? Shilpa sings apple pie apple pie.. Sapna says what if Vikas sleeps and Shilpa stands beside him with open hair to scare him? Shilpa says he will start running again. Vikas says she is going crazy, do I look like someone to you? Shilpa says no one has more bad face than you.

Hiten asks Shilpa to let Vikas sleep. Shilpa is still outside jail and says to Aakash that I slept coffee to remain awake. Vikas is lying in bed and trying to sleep. Shilpa throws bottle near Vikas in jail, Vikas

is covering himself with sheet and doesnt move. Shilpa brings pool cleaning net that has big stick and pokes at Vikas through it in jail. Vikas wakes up and asks who did that? Shilpa laughs and says good night Gupta Ji. Sabya says what madness Shilpa? Vikas wakes up from deep sleep and says Shilpa are you mad? Ben comes to Vikas and says Shilpa will leave house soon. Vikas says I dont care, I have to go to washroom. Ben asks Luv to open jail, Sabya says he cant open jail without Bigg boss’s order. Vikas says to Luv that I have to go to washroom, I cant use jail’s washroom, my hand is paining. Shilpa says he cant use jail’s washroom? Sabya says his right hand is paining. Vikas requests Bigg boss to open jail.

Sapna wakes Luv up and says you have duty, Vikas wants to go to washroom of house, his hand is paining so Luv have to bring him out.
Shilpa and Aakash are still sitting outside jail. Shilpa says Vikas cant use right hand so he cant wash his after using washroom of jail so he wants to use washroom of house. Luv opens jail and brings Vikas out of house. Vikas says to camera that I want to leave house, I cant bear this much torture, Luv says you need to go to washroom. Vikas says I am in pain, my hand and head aches, this woman is torturing me. Shilpa says I should go sleep, Shilpa runs to bedroom. In garden, Luv says to Vikas that you have to go back to jail. Vikas says you be nice captain but I cant sleep there, I am in pain, she poked me when I was sleeping, threw bottle at me, I cant stay here. Vikas comes in jail. He gets angry on Shilpa. He comes out of jail again breaking in from between bars, he comes out and says no one is responsible now, Luv you are not responsible for bringing me out, I came out now. In house, Shilpa says to Aakash that I tried to end things with him but he wants this, Aakash says I will be happy that if he runs away, Shilpa says no needs to be tortured more.
Vikas says to inmates that I am done, I am leaving, Hiten and Hina says please dont do it.

Vikas is walking in garden. He tries to open door but they are locked. Vikas puts table near roof in garden and climbs on it to jump to roof and go out of house. He stands on stool but sees he cant jump on roof so he gets down.

Luv comes to Vikas and asks him to sleep. Vikas says this mental woman cant let me sleep. Lvu says you cant jump out of house like this, your hand doesnt have strength. Vikas says I know but I cant stay here. Luv says they will call you but dont try to jump out.

Vikas jumps in jail again and lies on his bed and goes to sleep.

Inmates wake up to song woh Sikandar. Shilpa comes to jail and pokes Vikas with umbrella, Vikas doesnt move. All inmates dance. Luv tells Hiten that Vikas tried to jump out of house by roof. Hina says have he gone mad? I would have told him better way, Hiten laughs and asks what is better way?

Hina says to Bandagi that he tried to jump on roof and jump out of house. Aakash says he doesnt deserve to be talked, he wants his friends back and is doing drama, he should be tortured more. Puneesh says Vikas needs to go back home, this will be insult if they dont send Vikas home.
Hina says to Hiten that Vikas will be happy when Bigg boss announces that Vikas is contender for captaincy too, he will be perfectly normal after that.

Puneesh and Aakash comes to luggage room. Aakash says Vikas must have hidden my immunity shield in his bag, Aakash says can we open it? its guy’s bag so I can look inside. Puneesh peeks in his bag, he tries to break lock. Aakash says just leave it, Puneesh says if he leaves house then he will take your shield, we have to find out.

Puneesh says to Bandagi that I am going to find Aakash’s shield, she asks how? Puneesh says its in Vikas’s bag, I will find it. Bandagi says all will be going against you, they will say that you put hands in his bag, I wont talk to you if you get involved in Aakash’s matter, dont put yourself in trouble for Aakash, Puneesh says okay.

Shilpa says Luv that you are captain and not even saying that Aakash’s shield should be given back, Luv says even Bigg boss is not interfering, Shilpa says you are captain, its your responsibility to ask Vikas to give it back. Luv says I know what I have to do. Shilpa says to Sapna that I am living with people who are filthy, they are all Vikas’s loyals.
Luv comes to inmates and says Shilpa is asking me to give shield to Aakash, Hiten says it will come to Aakash and Vikas and she wants that.

Puneesh and Aakash comes to luggage area, Puneesh breaks lock of his bag, they open bag and finds shield inside bag, Aakash hides his shield in Puneesh’s bag. Puneesh says now remain silent and dont tell anyone that we found shield.

Shilpa comes to jail and asks how are you Vikas? I thought to ask criminal how he is? Shilpa says he is mastermind, he was out of jail whole night and still mastermind, he is criminal 420, do you want apple pie? your hand must be paining, why you keep running? you must be tired of running. Vikas says why you act so much? Shilpa says I didnt do acting for many days because you banned me, Vikas says I banned you? you are lying, whole industry is watching, they know my power. Shilpa says you have power thats why you are sitting here, Bigg boss.. Bigg boss.. outside house, you used to think you are Bigg boss. Vikas says you are lying and doing drama for nomination but it will comeback to you and very nicely. Shilpa says you have illnesses in this age? you will be oldie when you are 40years old.

Luv says to Hiten that I couldnt sleep whole night, I am sleepy. Hiten says just sit and remain eyes open a little and sleep like that, Priyank laughs and says this is good idea, Hiten says Aakash came to my bed last night and says he was scared to sleep alone but I sent back to his bed, he is crab, he is very proud that he became captain before me, he said that he will he bury me in sand, I am parent of two kids and I will show him what I can do, Priyank says what he will do if he gets married? Hiten says he wont get married, he says Salman didnt marry too, if he marries then his wife will become mental, Ben says otherwise Arshi kind of girl should be his wife, they laugh.

Bigg boss asks Luv to free Arshi, Mehjabi and Vikas from jail, they punishment ends. They come in house. Arshi lies in Shilpa’s feet and gives her a bow.

Vikas is lying in bed and says I am not sleeping, Luv says you cant sleep. Vikas is lying in his bed. Shilpa comes there and asks if he needs something? some food? Vikas says are you mad? I am sleeping after taking medicine? you woke me up, dont be so much mad, Shilpa says I am bringing juice for you, I am doing good for you, I will comeback, she leaves. Vikas says to Bandagi that she will comeback in half an hour, Bandagi says tell her you want to eat biryani, Vikas says she wants me to talk and have fight with her, she is instigating me, I wont sleep.

Bigg boss says to inmates that Luv’s captaincy ends today. Bigg boss says in start of cushion task, we told Vikas that if he wins this task then he will be able to become captain, he won task so now his punishment of not being captain again ends but the way he behaved last night, the punishment for that is that Bigg boss is not making him contender for captaincy this week. Ben is one contender for captaincy, we want inmates to mutually decide and choose who two others will be contender for captaincy. Shilpa says I give Aakash’s name. Arshi says Hiten too. All inmates agree on Hiten’s name. Arshi asks Hiten who should be other one? Hiten says Shilpa did nice, Hina did nice too. Puneesh says my vote is for Bandagi, and hiten. Aakash says they are all fake people, you can choose anyone, they are not even choosing Shilpa. Hina says many people did nicer than Shilpa, Puneesh did very nice too, Aakash didnt do much in task in start.

Puneesh asks Aakash about his vote, Aakash says Puneesh and Bandagi, Ben says my vote is for Puneesh and Hiten. Sapna says was I fool to do task? Vikas says it depends on whom you support, Sapna says I am fool to support but my name never comes up, I dont care if Hiten becomes captain but I disagree with everyone else.

Shilpa says to Vikas that you will become captain again? Vikas comes in kitchen and is waiting for food. aakash says all were begging me to give money, they are all fake. Arshi says Viaks should be dhol now. Aakash says whole India should see, they took my money, Vikas took my shield, all won because of me and what I got in end? nothing, this is disloyal house. Ben says I voted for you Aakash. aakash says I am not talking to you.

Bigg boss asks inmates to give two names whom they chose for captaincy. Luv says Puneesh and Hiten have gotten most votes. Bigg boss says Ben, Hiten and Puneesh will have competition. Sapna is sad. Shilpa says you must feel bad. Sapna says I dont care if they didnt take my name but not choosing Aakash too? what kind of majority is that? Hiten says you can tell whom you want to choose, she says leave it.

Puneesh, Ben and Hiten are given captaincy task. They have to sit on their cycles and have to move right and left, when signla turns red, they have to drink whole glass of water, when light turns green, they have to start moving cycle right and left too. Priyank will make Puneesh drink water, Shilpa will help Ben and Bandagi will help Hiten. If they get down from cycle then they will be out of task, the one who is sitting on cycle till last is going to win.
Task starts, they start moving their cycles. Signal turns red, they drink water, Puneesh says they are making us drunk water so soon. Signal turns green and they start moving cycle. They drink water at red light. Sapna says I wont work if Hiten doesnt become captain. Arshi says Luv see if they are moving cycles. Luv says I am doing my work, talk after you move hair from your face, Arshi says do your work.

Puneesh says what if my bladder bursts? Bandagi says you can pee if you want. Hiten says I wont pee infront of camera, its cool for them but not to father of kids. Vikas says to Bandagi that Ben is Vj, she have image and cant pee like that and Hiten has image too but Puneesh can pee easily because he is a commoner and nobody cares if he pees. Bandagi says I know. Vikas asks Puneesh to pee if he wants, Puneesh says how can I infront of cameras like that? Vikas ties towel around his waste and says pee if you want. Priyank ties towel to Ben, Ben is close to pee too, Hiten is near end too. Puneeesh pees, Hina says eww and looks away. Hina says now you will change clothes here and go inside. Puneesh says there is nothing left in my clothes. Puneesh takes of towel and pulls his trouser back.
Signa turns red and says to Puneesh that you drink and pee, you have guts. Hina says you would have peed too? aakash says yes, Hina laughs. Vikas says to Bandagi that we have to make Puneesh win. Hiten says to Puneesh that it needs guts to pee like this. Ben asks Vikasis she should pee? Vikas says if you do that then you will be in house for 4-5 weeks but you have to see family too, boys can pee anywhere. Aakash says Puneesh I will hug you, Ben will you pee? Ben says no I cant pee, I wont stoop too low, I wanted this this captaincy but I wont pee on national TV, this is not me, I cant pee. Ben gets down from cycle and goes to to washroom hunched over in pain.

PRECAP- Hiten or Puneesh will be captain.
Vikas is eating food. Shilpa taunts that Gupta ji will be leaving tomorrow, he will leave and cry. Vikas gets angry and throws food in trashcan, he shouts at her that you are mental, you are crazy girl and keep torturing me, he shouts at her, and throws food plate at her.
In weekend ka vaar, Salman will take class of Vikas and Shilpa, tomorrow it will shown who will be leaving house between Shilpa and Vikas?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Samaira_khan

    Hi guys.. Today my anger is not stopping only.. Hateeeee this Shilpa.. I used to think they both r cute. E.. But now I know it’s such a torture for Vikas.. Hina I hate her.. Insensitive person.. Puneesh man he is sooo much guts.. Hmm.. And promo is really annoying.. Vikas didn’t did anything wrong.. But I would be happy if he goes.. At least some peace he will get.. From all these stupid people..

  2. seriously this shilpa such a mad…. is it not a case of getting pysical , if some one throw a bottle to a person.. when a person is not well too…. if she has problem with him.. why she can’t tlk to him on thaat matter… she is playing victim card… first she do all this nonsense and them do this drama too.. in 2nd november’s comment.. some one was saying may be its vks fault that’s y she is only provoking vks…
    so let me clear.. she try to do the same with mehjabi… what hina and shilpa think of themselves…all the contestants .. who are in bb house are all equal… these two ladies always try to rule bb house…. no one helped vikas… i dont know how he is surviving… i really got angry.. when he vikas came out of the house no one asked him abt his health… not evn priyank and hiten…
    hiten knew it very well if he will fight with others or take stand then ppl will go against him too.. he did those famous serials .. a long time ago… so he afraid of to get eliminate…
    if he will come in nominations then he will be the 3rd celebrity(followed by ben,priyank)….
    and priyank… he drags in all fights.. if you seriously think that u r doing right then why to flip and change side agin and again… all knew it very well. that they have nothing to entertain.. they all wanted to remain aside of hating or cornered.. so they choose these two ppl to target.. that is how they take footage and save themselves to got nominated or to go in jail….
    and yes.. it is seriously so so so unfair to vks.. why bb doesn’t call vks in mid night… shilpa , still didn’t stop … she is making worst to stay in bb house..and some one was saying why ppl are dragging hina in vks shilpa fight… so let me clear.. if you can’t do anything for a pesron who is being tortured like hell.. then pls girl… stay silent.. do not atleast make fun of a person… in todays epi.. i again saw hina making fum of vikas.. seriously.. we can ignore shilpa to behave like it..bczshe already have prblm wth vks.. and she is mental too.. but what abt this drama queen,stand ki devi hina ….so kindly keep quite.. dont want to see your fake expressions and irritating voice… and this puneesh.. who the hell he is to say.. that if vks have shame then he should get out frm the house..
    some ppl said.. this is vks drama to take footage and get sympathy.. then seriously r u guys watching the same?
    it was vks.. who always tried to solve their matter.. but shilpa has nothing to do.. so by doing all this… she is getting footage… making vks life hell.. and trying to prove herself right…
    seriously hats off to this men vks.. i seriously can’t stay like this with these mental ,insensitive ppls.. if i were in the place of vks…

    1. Actually… Vikas is playing game on nxt level…bht bda game khel ra h…jin dosto n 1st week m uske liye stand lia ajj unke hi against b*t*hing kr ra hai…bht shatir h uski vja s priyank gya tha or chalaki s nam hina p dal dia…fir ben ki b*t*hing shuru krdi or ab priyank ki….dude he z d mastermind..i cn bet his nxt target z hiten…in yesterday’s episode he sd to hiten dt he only trusts arshi jyoti n hiten n today he sd to bandagi dt he wants punish to b captain nt hiten….iska dimag bht high level p game plan kr ra h…bonus m shilpa ki vja s drama krne ko mil ja ra hai vikas ko..or vikas ki game bht kam log smjh payenge…baki sb normal khel rhe jaisa samne arha h khel rhe h like priyank jb vikas n usko jawab dia jb shilpa n glt bola usko jawab dia usko flip krna ni bolte..vo kisi ki side ni le ra jo jaha glt h use bol ra h

      1. @Nuts… everyone came in bb to win and play game… so its better to play game.. by mind game not by stooping low… and yeah that’s y i said.. vks is master mind and intelligent.. which is playing game without abusing and dirtiness…..

    2. He z playing double game…gaining sympathy by playing victim…playing game z nt bad he z playing dirty…atleast shilpa z wt she z..she dozn pretends to b nice n ol evn she din abused…atleast she is loyal to akash jo shuru s uske sath tha uski jakr dusro s b*t*hing to ni ki h unlike vikas(insecure)

  3. and it is giving in precap.. that salman is going to take shilpa and vks class….why vks?
    and it is written that in btwn shilpa and vks.. some one is going to leave…
    if vks go then it will be really unfair.. bcz when he wanted to go bb make understand him and dont let him go.. and if they throw him out then this will be sooooooooooo unfair…

    1. If they throw Vikas out.. then I will find something else to watch ? I feel Vikas must be give some padhmabhushan for bearing Shilpa??

    2. Samaira_khan

      Seriously yaar.. And even Salman discriminates alott

    3. 1 more thing y shilpa z only targetting only vikas y nt others…dhua vai s uth ta h jaha aag lgi hoti h….vikas z very boring ol d tym planning n plotting m dimag lgaye rakhta h….

  4. I may sound dramatic here but Vikas bro you gave me strength today. I am going through the same phase in life as you. Friends betraying, wrong people getting support and shit. But today i saw you and thought that if you can get through all of this then so can i. Coming back to the show.

    Vikas:- as usual bro stay strong. You can get through this.but again even if you get out tomorrow i will ve happy for you.
    Akash :- chamcha , chamcha , chamcha pakka tune trump ko vote diya hoga.
    Shilpa:- you are the worst han ever. Infact you are a witch. And terko kahi koi kaam nahi dene wala. Isliye big boss me pagal ho rahi hai.

    Heena :- slow claps for you. Slow claps for your insensitivity, slow claps for your intelligence, slow claps for your fake friendships and finally slow for your pathetic personality. Not everyone is as hungry for footage and captaincy as you.

    1. @Smaira.. totally agreed… but dont want this , that vikas leave this show like this… it will be so disrespectful for him.. and it will be injustice…
      so i want him.. that he leave this show by his own…

      1. Samaira_khan

        @xyz hmm actually u have a point.. One more thing wanted to ask.. U watch uncut videos on voot I guess right.. So plzzz can u tell tht priyank has a gf or not.. I mean I live in jeddah and voot is not available here.. And I’m a crazy lover of priyank from splits villa and love priyank Divya.. So plzzz.. If any updates respond..

      2. @Samaira… divya said in an interview she is hurt by priyank bcz she didn’t know abt.. that priyank has already a gf out of country…. even splitsvilla mates knew it and they told this thing many times to divya…

      3. you can read divya’s interview on miss and google it..

    2. @Vidhu… exactly.. shilpa is mental… she is not going to get respect of anyone.. and not getting work…
      and hina… such a fake personality… just.. hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her face and voice…. hate hate hate hate hate… thsese two..
      and how can we forget sapna.. she is flipping peronality too.. first she took vks side. and said many rubbish things abt shilpa and arshi.. without any reason fought with them.. now all r against vks.. then she is trying to get footage by him… all i want to just say.. for sapna.. get out from the show.. bcz u r doing nothing.. except… doing unnecessary fights and abusing ppl…. so get lost these three ladies….

      1. @xyz i agree with you. Everything you said about sapna is so true. She unnecessarily fights with other over the most silly reasons. She is like i will say whatever i want but you can’t say anything about me. She triggered arshi and couldn’t take it back, she said things about bandagi but didn’t get why bandagi got mad at her, she created a scene over pooja’s song

        Weekdays par aag ka gola banti hai and weekend pe barf ka gola

    3. Samaira_khan

      Don’t worry yaar.. It’s just a phase of life.. And very well after the very word u worth.. Hina is toh not worth talking.. She is just pathetic.. And came to lose her popularity.. And only some idiots r left following her.. Akshay is one of the biggest loosens I have ever seen.. And Shilpa toh she corsets each and every limit.. She is insane.. And needs a medical treatment

      1. Thanks and the only house shilpa deserves to live in is a mad house

  5. shilpa really looks cute when she does all this things…
    akash n shilpa way to go…??

    1. Vikas jo game khel ra h vo hr koi ni smjh payega…or vo shilpa ki aad m khel ra hai..shilpa ws ryt he z mastermind…dheere-2 hr koi vikas ki game smjh jayega…jaise meko smjh aya ajjj

  6. Shruthi.k.gowda

    Wt the hell.. i just hate shipa..i used to like her..but not anymore

  7. This is too much’s not just irritating vikas..but all the viewers as well hate u .

  8. Har ke jeetne wale ko baazigar kehte hai aur jeetke harne wale ko looser kehte hai……Tum nehi samjhoge shilpa

  9. What’s going on.. Salman is going to take shilpa n vikas class… Vikas ki q??? I wish Salman shilpa ki acchi class le..

  10. Shilpa sai bolti hai..bht bda dramebaz hai vikas bht high level ki game khel ra hai…dusro ko bolta h insecure hai khud kya kr ra h khud insecure h hiten s, kl hiten s bola ki vo srf hiten,jyoti n arshi p trust krta h or ajj bandagi s bola ki puneesh ko captain banna chahiye…waah rey mastermind….iss bandey ka dimag bht high level p chl ra h..or bht kam log ye bat samjh payenge…

    1. @Nuts… #no offense…
      but if shilpa knew it.. that vks is a dramebaz then y she is giving him chance to do drama and get footage, again and again? then i think she should leave him.. and stop to talk to him… its simple…

  11. Shilpa is crossed all the limits… ?#Support Vikas

  12. I still believe unedited version of the thing between Vikas and Shilpa must be different. BB’s editors can make an entirely different story of what actually happens. But, I still am miffed with Vikas, why is he such a cry baby. It’s BB house you should have known that please learn to handle the situation. Either face it or ignore but please stop crying. Real life is much ruthless dude.

  13. Shilpa is playing cool… Vikas is mastermind… He is playing big game… Shilpa rocks… Keep going… Hina…i love your dress in every episode… You look so cute and smart…you are doing goodin every episode. Shilpa and Hina you both rocks…keep going..

    1. Vikas bht chalak hai….jin dosto n usa 1st week m atand lia tha unhi ki b*t*hing krta h….pehle priyank ko use kia or vo bahr hogya or blame hina p dal dia fir jyoti ko use kia vo b bahr..ab jb priyank vaps aya h or vikas usko use ni kr pa ra to uski b b*t*hing shuru krdi isi trh ben n uski captaincy m akash s akash s panga uski vja s lia or ab uski bvb*t*hng krta h ye kisi ka dost ni h….bs gandi vali game khel ra ab ye hiten par ayega uski b*t*hing krega insecure aadmi..shilpa ws ryt he z mastermind

      1. @[email protected] same person posting by different names. Anyways i think either u r a frustrated wife or a frustrated girlfriend who is seeing bf/husband in vikas. U might be irritating ur bf/husband like this thatswhy u r enjoying these fights. Pity on ur lifepartner.

  14. Y did BB said that kal Vikas aur Shilpa me se Kaun hoga nishkashit? Vikas didn’t do shit to deserve such punishment..he is d victim here. I think they will evict shilpa n put her in a secret room ? N wats up with sapna getting angry on Vikas for no reason? Vikas ki team k liye to nahi kheli thi wo, support v nahi ki jiske liye ki ho unlog ko bolo captaincy k liye 2mhara naam le. Kal kothri ki saja k liye usne he vote kiya tha na Vikas ko with shilpa n Akash. Psycho just like Shilpa ?

    1. @ABC.. can’t say anything… bcz bb is so unfair… shilpa throw vase on arshi.. still bb didn’t sy anything to shilpa… in tomorrow epi , she throw bottle even that bb didn’t say anything… hina got physical with arshi .. inront of salman still he didn’t even said a single word to her… then what u can expect ??
      i read in precap that vks is going to throw the dinner plate on shilpa.. i know very well.. that all the so called contestant are going to take shilpa’s side and again go against vks and even public will say that he should not do all these things to a women…

    2. @ABC… shilpa will be sent to secret room… just to get more trp…

  15. RIVA

    #support vikas comment this if u really support vikas pls

    1. #Big big big big Big big big bigBig big big bigBig big big big support to vikas…

    2. I do support vikas

  16. #supportvikas

    1. #supportvikas

  17. Yaar vikas is genuine hai when arshi punish n he were talking arshi ws cmng n hina dn vikas sd ab tak mein b*t*hing karraha tha jo meinae sahi nai kiya ab nai karoonga ….pls arshi tum b math karo he sd …ppl notice d tym wn arsh8 strted being wth vikas she hs chngd a lot …she is looking gud nw to ppl …dts vikas influence …arshi who nvr speaks gud abt anyone sd xcept hiten sd dt vikas is really genuine ho ….yaar he is gud prtson …wo shilpa ko kabhi abuse yaa gaali nai diya siwayae paagal aurat xtreme level usnae romit ka naam liya …ek person ki hakikath kabi na kabi aajathi hai agar wo bur hai tho its almst a mnth…d moment gauhar n manu lopa praised vikas everyone bcm insecure of him n strted saying he is playing game…guys wt everyone is dng ..specially hina wnever she gt oppurtunoty she b*t*hes abt ppl whom she dnt lyk ..evn priyank sapna hiten puneesh bandagi all do …but when vikas tells smthing bad abt dm dt too nt abusing n all nly task related he says bad ..dey say he is b*t*her master mind n all…sab karetho sahi hai par vikas karetho galath …kyun bcz he is guy …dimag sae galath hai …everyone xcept hiten stoop so low fr game at one r other tym …vikas nae tho gali hi nai di kisiko …akaash puneesh yeh log kitna bolae vikas kae baarey par unseen mein tho kabhi vikas nae ithni burayi kisiki nai nt evn shilpa ka b …wo kisi sae gussa hota hai tho naraazgi dikhata …dt moment salman strted praising vikas everyone strted targetting him bfr dt shilpa ws calm nly …guys ek baath hai banda genuine hai so called show kae liyae apni career family maa ko koi b promise nai kartha specially mom nvr think frm his side …he d his career vl b destroyed if he is responsible fr her ban …karma i do believe n god to do justice lv dt topic aside …shilpa ko apni image banakae rakni hogi …ppl who hv wrkd wth her nvr spoke gud of her y all vl b against her tell me previous shows also costars dnt support ..dt tym vikas ws nt evn around her dn y vikas …agar vikas shilpa ka career qaraab kartha tho parth aur vikas ka tho issa bada fght hua hai tho parth ka b vikas career katam kar sakta tha but dts nt case understand guys …shilpa wrong perception abt him ki he is responsible fr his carer brk dwn …socho agar vikas mein ithni power hoti tho wo parth ko b kar saktha tha parth tho abi naya banda 2 min nai lagangae to destroy his career but vikas nvr dod dt pls guys vikas vl nvr stoop so low i think ab tak usnae shoq itna girivi harkat nai ki abuse nai kiya …ds s my analysos after watching shilpa interviews n previous ahowa controveraies …one thing shilpa har show quit karthi hain

    1. vikas bura nhe hai wo master mind hai or wo dikha rha hai awam ko wo jo wo dikhana chahata hai, wrna wo pechy kuch bolta hai planing krta hai pr jub 4 diffrnt group k log bethy hoty hian tou achi baten bolta hai taky wo 4 log apny group me jakar usky achi baten kren or camera or bh wo acha dikhy, he is playing mind game,..

      1. @kanwal.. my comment was only for misthi…

    2. @Kanwal and misthi.. i read that some are saying vks is a personality who do b*t*hing of his own frnd…
      i think they didn’t see all the epi… if i were a frnd to someone.. i will stoof by him or her.. if all ppl targeting him… can anyone tell who is taking his side.. or anyone (so called frnds of vks – hiten) did anything to stop shilpa… don’t know who is right and who is wrong in their matter… the only thing is.. what is shilpa doing to him in bb house is totally pathetic… and yes… vks is master mind.. so what??????
      to play game by using mind is much better then to abuse or to fight with someone to stay in game….
      some are saying he is doing all this drama for sympathy… ok .. he is doing drama for sympathy… then y ppl giving him this opportunity to get footage and to do drama..????

  18. Everyone knows who is right…even bindu ,Ravi dubey , gauhar , manu panjabi all big names also came for #supportVikas on. Twitter and 85%thinks its shilpa who is wrong …her karma b*t*h is gng yo hit her hard….abp also gave news shilpa earning hatred from fans

  19. Guys reply on my cmnt ….u ppl specially shilpa fans c her interviews she nvr mntioned channel head anywt nly sd abt producer sanjay producer whoo is established producer …wn she cn attack such producer (established)wt his vikas …she wld attack him too evn she gt help frm raj thackeray too ….vikas is mr powerful dn raj thackeray ….cmn guys think bfr u spk ….her father himself is lawyer if noone ws supporting het her father wld hv helped her ….vikas ki galti yeh hai usnae just cntrct ko padkar shilpa kae behviour ko dekhar usko nikal diya …evn i gt sack frm my job …dt dsnt mean am sitting idle ….am n good position nw ..cusring my boss ….yeh life hai ups n dwn hotae hai …..vikas ws in a pisition where he hv to tk decision …one mnth tak sirf wait kiya wo log nae

    1. @Misthi…. correct….if she is right then y her father didn’t do anything?
      bcz her parents knoew it very well her daughter is mental… and yes.. she knew this thing very well she has nothing to do… so if she will do these things and increase trp.. then she can win this show.. and as you know.. ppl wants to stay long bcz they earn more as long as they stays in bb house….

  20. seriously….I just used to support the celebrities.. for the last weeks.. but what is this.. even they dont want to stay like this… I think in this house there should be a very good friend ship.. to maintain their personalities.. but i was really surprised to see hina khan.. at least she should have maintain some little bit friendship.. with sapna hina obviously Shilpa also… I mean just support.. and this priyank could he send shipa to jail..he should remember that because of slipaa and aakash ben was able to be a contender for captaincy… honestly it has to be said that aakash did not use his own sense in his works.. in case of vikash I really feel sad for him.. I mean how could a man bear such much of torture.. for sure hiten is doing best by not involving much..and this hina has such a big experience..why she could not able to use that.. and should be stay on that what she used to say. and shilpa also should be a contender for captaincy… and hina and other celebrity should support her.. apart from bikash-shilpa nokjhok she is doing great..much better than hina…

  21. this is the fun people want to see how people fights in BB house and shilpa is doing the same, and for me shilpa is doing good, she has the power to distract the master mind person of BB house for this season who is vikas,.. lolzz
    Hina is also doing good by not interfering in shilpa vikas fight ,.. 😀

    1. Yes she is doing the FIGHT THING but why only VIKAS not other pple? She is trying to be good with others except VIKAS.when he is always ready to solve things between them, she always refuses.i think she came here to torture him only. She is SICK..

      1. @Sona …#no offense…
        bcz she has a point to fight with him… y she kept quiet with hina in firstweek… bcz she knew it very well she is not capabale to fight with ppl like hina and sapna…. she can rule on weak ppl.. and yes.. she istrying to show to the public.. that she is not that bad.. bcz no one have prblm with her.. she only tortured vks bcz she hadsome issuse with him… so she is getting footage… and pretending herself a nice person….

  22. I dont really understand when people blow small things in the house, out of proportion…
    though vikas’s win was laudable(despite failing to guard the safe) it was a pure mind game…he did not approve any of shilpa’s orders just becoz his cash was stolen which he failed to guard,on the contrary accusing her of losing luxury budget(while she approved all the orders of his)
    He is a selfish and judgemental person too( All that act of feeding apples to workers was a sham…”paisa matter nahi karta” while all he asked everyone was money and why do you need to say things aloud if you are selfless?…shilpa meanwhile gave money to all her employees…even though the orders werent approved…that was the way the game had to be played)
    He judged HINA for some stupid misunderstanding about that joke she cracked which salman clarified was harmless….similarly with priyank and ben…(why would priyank give you money when he talked rudely with him….or ben when she came to look at his hand?)b*t*hing to the camera about his friends while they are supporting him(he really was crass backbiting about priyank…priyank always supported and fought for him)
    on the contrary he is friends with arshi and hiten….(arshi-who teased him about his s*xuality with akash hiten- who was with hina when she made the joke) just becoz hiten is in the good books of many….an opportunist all the way…he was the one who manipulated everyone evrerytime to win a task still accusing priyank of groupism…waah! MR. HOTSHOT DIRECTOR WANTS EVERYONE TO LISTEN TO HIM,FOLLOW HIM WITHOUT ANY CONDITIONS! PHEW!
    Coming to shilpa….her teasing and taunts are not that irritating to try and escape the house…oh c’mmon..your hand never pains while doing tasks…lifting heavy jute bags or women but always when shilpa verbally jests you….WTF! everyone was laughing and found her antics childish and funny(even me too) till vikaas saab played the emotional victim card…
    And guys ..shilpa really has suffered a lot in the real world..being evicted from the show…cheated in contract(read about sammeksha from P.O.W. series and benaifer kohli)…stopped from working in kapils show….elected to CINTAA BUT REMOVED WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION…
    GROUPISM AND TARGETED PERSECUTION IN THE REAL WORLD IS WORSE than your “torture” in the house vikas….the misery of being kept unemployed and out of livelihood at the age of 40….(and you mock about her being old and tired and active only in nominations!)
    Shilpa is not a psycho otherwise she would have troubled arshi ,akash and mehjabi the same way when they fought with her….this vikas and camp have done something really wrong that she is releasing her frustrations….. She is a hurt woman who is avenging herself in her own small stupid irritating way for her carrier was brutally crushed by this shrewd man…

  23. Jiya09

    What is going on !!!!! It doesn’t feel like commenting also!! How can someone stoop so low!! A person is I’ll and u r not letting him sleep ? Because of u that person has to outside the house whole night in so much cold!! Shilpa has lost all her respect she earned in 2 weeks!! Now I think how can I support Shilpa!
    Vikas is suffering so much.. Felt really bad for him. Atleast he has won hearts. At first none of us in my place loved Vikas , but now we all support Vikas! Stay strong Vikas.!!
    And if a person is playing game with mind but not by shouting and using slangs in task then he is mastermind. Atleast he can change game anytime. And here someone said that Vikas said that he trust only Hiten , Jyoti and Arshi but in captainship he is supporting Puneesh so he is mastermind! So let me clear when in bb cushion task , Vikas said that when the time will come he will return what Puneesh did by helping him so now he is supporting Puneesh! Atleast he doesn’t break his promise..
    And now Shilpa , she fought with Vikas and now she went to Luv! Obviously Luv can’t directly go and accuse Vikas that he have the shield.. Luv can only ask. Why will Luv start fight for Akash? First time i supported Luv! Lol !
    And today I want Shilpa’s class.. And if Vikas is going out then I want it to be his own decision otherwise it will be so unfair as Shilpa did all the things which was not allowed from going personal , to some extend physical also!!

    1. @Jiya09… exactly… same thinking..

  24. I just hate this shilpa and Hina,wat kind of celebrity are u too..full of drama and nuisance.
    Bandgi is playing much well and hope she will be captain one day.

    1. @Sona…. true…i dont know y ppl always said for her gandagi……….if she is making couple with puneesh .. then what’s wrong in it… they are commeners .. they came here to earn money.. as long as they live in house as much they will earn..yeah.. but bandagi should told all her plan to his real life bb that she is going to do it.. and should not tell on tv abt her fake couple plan… but otherwise.. she is playing game.. without any cheapness… and without fighting and abusing.. even she looks like celibrity and these celebrities looking like ppl without bones… i like h bandagi took arshi’s side whetn priyank was crying in weekend ka war.. and how she said .. to stop saying nonsense at that moment when vikas was crying hard and shilpa was making fum of him and cursing him…. even hiten didn’t say anything but she shows some humanity and puneesh too…..

  25. ???
    Yaakk thhooooo

  26. Come on guys none can bear so much juz sake of game…he is producer not actor…his work will go one anyhow….nine can destroy any1career if so shilpa would not be here….she lost sympathy of ppl…she is I bb house juz she is in news for same reason….. so she should thnx vikas for that…this really not so funny for me… vikas need some genuine frnd…bt other ppl in house juz enjoying whole thing….

  27. Shilpa is sick and others r sick too who r nt sayinb anythn to her. Hina is toh enjoying. Such mannerless ppl with lack of good upbringing. Agar aaj shilpa ki class nhi lagti ya vikas ki bhi lagti hai den bb is scripted

    1. @Indian.. exactly… i was shocked.. no one is taking stand for vks.. and this hina .. stand ki devi.. waise toh bolti h ro ro k and chilla chilla k mne har kisi k liye stand liya h is ghar m… haan.. stand liya h.. but only for wrong.. first week m bina wajah ka stand liya… agar madam aap ka kuch lena dena tha hi nhi shilpa vikas ki ladayi m toh q ghusi unke matter m…. aur ab jab dikh raha h ki shilpa kya kar rahi h toh stand lena door ki baat,… madam ulta mazak bana rahi h..
      and hiten… game m rehne k liye aur sab k acche bane rehne k liye.. vikas k liye stand nhi le rahe.. kal kepi m hina jaise hina mazak bana rahi thi vikaska.. ki abhi tabiyat kharab h.. agar captaincy k liye bol do vks ko toh ekdum thik ho jayega.. seriously itna gussa aya aur even hiten ne kuch nhi bola aur wo bhi involve ths is sab m.. sach m hina aur kitna neeche giregi.. and luv… he is just a puppet of hina.. hina jo kahegi wahin karega.. he always tries to be like salman.. itna attitude m baat karta h..
      hai .. ho kon bhaitum?
      itna bada advantage mila .. bb again and again bachaye ja rahe h.. tab bhi kuch na kar paya..

  28. i love shilpa and hina..they will win…thumbs up….hate vikas

  29. Shilpa u r losing fans day by day.. aap bht khubsurat hain lekin aap ki dil nhi. Itna torture.. I don’t find entertainment at all.. n hina khan slow claps for u2. The way u insulted vikas saying i would give a better way to run.. disgusting.. aap k sath hota na madam tab pata chalta camera k samne phut phut k roti.. dramebaaz.. hate both hina n shilpa.. #staystrongvikas

    1. @Sonia.. yes… tomorrow some one said… why u r including hina in vikas and shilpa fight… so my point is.. either she should stay away from their matter or not make fun of them… seriously she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo irritating…

  30. What is thisss happening..
    Shilpa u have crossed all our limits.. and I think … She has completely lost it…
    Felt bad for vikas .. he was actually in pain …
    But that does not mean .. he has no fault in this.. I know he was not at fault today… But if u look at his journey… U will surely realise..
    When priyank left.. because of vikas.. he didn’t say about it.. but was rather angry from hina.. I actually have not understood his reason till date.. when priyank has no problem.. what is his problem.. and arshi.. vikas and arshi r frnds right… I didn’t see her fighting with vikas now..
    Forget it..
    Vikas tried to escape from bb house… Do he thinks its possible..
    Or was actually a publicity stunt.. no that was to show that ‘i am weak’…
    Can’t say about shilpa at all..
    One more thing.. why r people bashing hina for this.. when she enters in someone mater.. it is called as her way to gain popularity.. and when she does not .. it is called her insensitivity.. then she is indifferent..
    If u actually ask me.. she was right in not entering in that matter..
    And I think it is her haters who r making her gr8.. they say we wanted hina to take stand..
    That means u believe it’s just hina who can do it..

    I think things need to change in..

    1. @Bbfan… #no offense…
      my point s.. either she should stay away and do not make fun oftheir matter… or to take stand..
      stand bhi nhi lena.. ye bol k ki unka personal matter h… aur dusri side.. unke matter pe baat kar k footage bhi khani h..
      arey kar k dikhaye na entertain.. bina lade… hina ko khud bhi pata h she is good in do fights.. actually it is her speciality… aur dusri side ye bhi bolna h ki bhai hum kya kar sakte h unka matter h… ya toh fir chup hi kar k baith jao… kal k epi. m bhi jaise wo mazak bani rhi thi vks ka pehle uske place pe aa k dekhe tab pata lagega…basbak bak karna ata h aur ladna… wo bhi with irritating expressions ,fake actins and irritating voice m..

  31. Let her trouble him…I am liking it…let’s see who will win…but I would say that vikas should not react on her stupidities… He must avoid her..he should relax his self so that he will not let her evil plans succeed to torcher him

  32. verry correct..he is a big game player filty one

  33. If people think bcz of Vikas’ power and authority nobody heard shilpa before,,, l want to ‘re check what happened after entering BB… She can speak louder now how vikas destroyed her career.., she ‘s on national tv .. Nobody s gonna threaten her to not speak…, waise bi she doesn’t seem like she fears anyone… She had all chance since she entered…. We didn’t hear her story, her reasons clearly yet….jus heard her blabbering only…..instead of confronting him for what he did ( if any) ,she brings his personal controversies… Where s her sacchhhai????

    If she ‘s true she doesn’t need to bring ‘cc’ and parth in between…
    Every industry may hav ‘cc’…evn the one where Salman from…
    It’s not a subject to talk on national tv…, her intention is to show Vikas as a cheap man only…she succeeded it befor her fans only…
    If she include him in ‘cc’ ,i’m forced to believe that heroines like hina and shilpa reached to lead position after offering favours to ‘cc’…..
    I’m sorry to say it..! Its better to stop discussing such things infront of audience.., which effect everyone even the child artists….. But this shilpa has no manners

    Vikas never asked anybody to fight for him,, he always tells he wil fight his own… He knows well he hasn’t done anything wrong to her..,so he asks her to speak up the same… He only asked other contestants to advise her not to make personal remarks… Never pre planned any fights with her…
    Shilpa announced ‘ I wil make his life hell here…” very soon they entered bigg boss… If he’s a wicked man he would have responded in a same way… She knows Vikas is not a person who attacks back….if there s 1% truth with her, she would hav fought her own.. As long as Vikas is not a powerful channel head or producer inside house….then why to summon people on her side and planning fights against him along with arshi,acash and puneesh????? Later changed group also when hina had fight with him…!

    she keeps on accusing him for destroying her career,,asking him to admit it and say sorry to her…. Then why she can’t reveal the exact words he said to her…?? Vikas s nt a person who forgot his earlier statements…. He never changes words….
    Whenever he speaks truth why she behave like psycho??? Mocking him, shouting at him , starts singing and irritating him or Acash or puneesh intervene..

    If they sit together and examine what happened or clarify their sides.., people wil get clear idea…he tried many times…but she never co operates…,
    She speaks like bhabhiji gar per hai ‘ is the first serial set she had problem with production team…. Her history doesn’t support it….! When celebrities gets fame day by day, their character s also getting changed from good to bad latr from bad to worse.. You tell how production team and co stars should manage such artist who has big tantrums???

    This man swear on his family and career that he hasn’t done anything wrong to her….we saw This shilpa was provoking him earlier to go personal with her like ” batao, batao, muje koi problem nahi hai…” well understood how much she values her family…

    Why shilpa stopped irritating him a while,,if he really destroyed her career???? Now started again after she lost to him in task even aftr playing crooked…!!! She can’t bear the fact he ‘s gaining attention bcs of her foolishness… Thn starts provoking him and make groups against him..

    I was also waiting to hear from her ” what he and serial crew did to her ??” ….not yet heard….instead we heard and saw only bakwaas things from her…!
    She’s totally strange!!!

  34. I was honestly wanted vikas support puneesh… Vikas said to pungi ” ek baar trust him blindly& he will return the favour….” Vikas didn’t get chance to b captain..,so he support him now in captaincy task… Even he advised Ben nicely… Hiten can b good captain as peopl obey him now…Hiten alwas cares his reputation…
    Hiten wil get chance again bcz housemates r okay with it….but nobody takes puneesh name first…. M happy that vikas didn’t ditch puneesh…. Sapna got chance twice…, still greedy and talk nonsense to others…! Nobody allows Acash and arshi to compete for captaincy task…!! This group always send wrong people to jail and select wrong captains!!!

    1. waise sapna madam ne aaj takkiya kya h bb house na… na task m perform kiya na entertain kiya fir bhi madam ko capaincy chaiye… aur thoda bht dikhne k liye dusron ki fight m kaise bhi entry… game m bane rehne k liye sabko abuse karna, women ho k aur khud ka profession aisa ho k bhi dusri women k liye galat batein bolna…pata nhi kitna bada celebrity samajhti h khud ko.. and world best dancer to… but seriously what she do in her videos .. we can really calls it dance?

  35. I would have slapped shilpa if I was there instead of vikas, sachmuch pagal aurat hai

  36. Host can take class too commoners for petty things, but dont have the guts to say a word to the so called celebs like Hina, Sapna, Shilpa etc., who are selfish and take stand only if it suits them or their chamchas.
    Sapna and Shilpa are boneless creatures, change stand to accomodate Hina.
    Hiten dont have guts to stand in front of Hina, he says on her back though.
    I hate Priyank, but I liked his stand for jail issue supporting Vikash and voting for Vikash and Shilpa.
    Luv is the biggest chamcha of Hina. Itna body building kis kamki, andar kaleja chota hai. Isse to pagal Aakash better hai.
    Sabyasachi is yet to be understood.
    Arshi, Puneesh, Bandagi, Mehjabee are going in straight line till now wo flip.
    But Bandagi is only commoner nominated, so she may go out this week. But look at her confidence, she has not changed.

    1. @Kaytee…. correct…

    2. I too feel puneesh and bandagi are not backstabbers…. They don’t flip too… Bandagi has the guts to speak against hina regarding how others were mocking Vikas about sharing bed with Hiten…. Hina, to defend herself replied to vikas…”commoners r trying to create problem between them bcz they all r from same industry..” salman supported Hina… Ofcourse..,he targets commoners only..
      Same day vikas was telling ” along with acash,arshi and puneesh shilpa choreographed her fight with vikas and to include Priyank also in it…” to which arshi agreeed… Puneesh also said ” it’s true tht there was such discussion,, and he said he didnt want to fight with priyank…” but shilpa and acash were pretending ”what choreography??? We don’t know anything…!!”’ LIARS!!

  37. Guys I want to clear one thing.. Hina pehle ewww nahi boli thi.. Puneesh ne kuch bola tha hina ko tab voo ewww boli thi.. She doesn’t said eww when he was peeing..

  38. Salman lost all respect today

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