Bigg Boss 11 31st October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikas Vs. Shilpa

Bigg Boss 11 31st October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 29
Inmates wake up to song chale chalo. They all dance. Hiten dances with Aakash. Aakash says to Shilpa that Pooja loves Luv, Shilpa says Luv can like her but she cant, what were you all talking to Priyank last night? Puneesh says Luv is very interested. Luv comes there, Shilpa dances yeh mohabbat hai. Pooja is there too. aakash says lets decide who will be whom in marriage, Hina will be Luv’s mom in wedding, Sabya says lets make him groom, Luv runs away from there. Mehjabi runs behind him too, Luv says this is torture. Hiten brings ubtan for Pooja, Vikas says my sister is getting married, Hiten applies ubtan to her, Arshi laughs. Priyank says congrats.

Vikas says to Hina that people are scared of you, Hina says I am not scared of anyone. Vikas says you are a

fox, everyone is scared. Vikas says Salman will scold you for using this word ‘fox’ for me. Vikas says feeling so bad? Hina says you are mastermind.

Bigg boss calls Vikas in confession room and says we are going to announce a task, if you win this task then you will get chance to remove restriction from yourself and can become captain again, you cant talk about this to anyone, not even in hints. He says there is a letter infront of you, go and read it to inmates.

Vikas brings instructions to inmates. Bigg boss announces new task “cushion factory”. Shilpa and Vikas will be owners of two factories, all inmates will be workers in factories and will make cushions, Bigg boss will give them orders to make cushions, who worker makes more cushions and keep their owner happy, that worker will earn points, at the end of task which worker have more points and which owner have completed more orders that will win task, both owners have to show 25 sets of cushions to other owner for quality check, workers can change their sides as much as they want, whose side they are supporting, they have to put badge of that side, Vikas and Shilpa will be referees too, if both owners have completed same number of orders, then which owner have more money left in end will win task. Hina says this is individual task, which worker have most points in end, that will win.

Inmates come in garden, there are materials for making cushions. Priyank says to Shilpa that I work most in tasks. Hiten says to Vikas that its about earning points. Arshi asks Vikas to give her points. Vikas says I will give good points for work. Vikas says I will give money for work.
Hina asks Shilpa to tell her rate so she can decide if she will work for her or not. Bandagi says yes set a rate, if you will pay 200/- per pillow or something.

Inmates start task/ They come in store. Vikas and Shilpa takes things from store room, they take cotton and cushion covers. Hina and Hiten takes some too. Vikas have taken most material. Hiten pats him. Vikas says I have brought needles too. Hina says to Shilpa that you didnt take needles? Mehjabi says I have some that we can use. Hina says they shouldnt see it. Mehjabi and Hina start working. Vikas says to workers that you have to make 75 cushions for first order. He brings apples and says I will make everyone eat them. Priyank, Hiten works for him. Vikas gives them tea and says money is not everything.
Aakash says to Hina and Luv that we can steal too? Hina says its not written anywhere, Bandagi says they will go mad. Shilpa comes to her safe, Hina comes there, Shilpa gives all money to Hina, Hina puts it under shirt and leaves to protect them. Shilpa looks on. Hina comes in luggage room and hides Shilpa’s money there.

Shilpa is chanting to take Gupta’s cussan.. Vikas is making Sabya eat. Shilpa silently comes to Vikas’s safe and steals money from his safe, he doesnt see it and is busy saying to inmates to make good quality cushions. Shilpa goes in room with Vikas’s money and hides money in her pocket. Shilpa gives money to Aakash and leaves. She comes back in garden and keeps straight. Vikas says your plan is failing. Vikas says my cushions will be sold. Aakash comes in store and hides money under his shirt. Shilpa gives hi-five to Hina.

Aakash gives Vikas’s money to Shilpa stealthily. Shilpa opens her safe and puts money there to show that its her money. She locks her safe. Bandagi and Sapna are making cushions for Shilpa. Shilpa comes to Vikas’s cushion factory and says you have done nice work. Hiten comes there and says they have stolen our money. Hina says we were doing our work. Hiten says there is no money in Vikas’s safe. Priyank says you cant steal like that, its our hard earned money. Luv says you had to protect your safe, Vikas says I had locked safe. Hina says its her cleverness that she took money using her key and opened your safe, you couldnt see it. Shilpa says poor people, how will they pay? Puneesh says can they take loan from bank? they all dance. Luv says to Vikas’s workers that if they want to earn money then come to Shilpa’s side. Vikas submits 50 cushions to Bigg boss for first order. Vikas rejects all cushions of Shilpa. First order’s time ends. Shilpa havent submitted cushions.

First order’s time ends. Bigg boss says to inmates that Shilpa and Vikas couldnt fulfill order of 75 cushions so they both failed in first order, all laugh. Puneesh asks Shilpa to divide money between workers. Bandagi says now she has to give money because they are invalid, Shilpa cant keep money to herself. Shilpa gives money to Aakash, Luv, Bandagi, Puneesh, and others. Vikas says to Pooja that who have more money will win task, you can go to their team and win money and then in end change sides. Vikas says to his workers that whoever is in my team, I am sorry, I let my money get stolen, you play individually, you are loyal but play your game. Puneesh comes to Arshi and asks her to come to their side. Arshi says I will have deal.

Hina and Luv comes in washroom, Hina hides money and gives some to Luv.

Bigg boss says to inmates that owners’ 2nd order is for 50 cushions and they have 2 hours to finish it. Vikas and Shilpa alongwith their supporters go in store room. They start collecting materials. They all get as much as they can. Luv says to Shilpa that Vikas will keep rejecting our cushions, give him money back, Shilpa says even if we give him money, he wont accept our cushions. Shilpa comes to Vikas and says I will give you 20000/-, you give me some cotton. Vikas says you can give me 50000/- and I will give you cotton and approval too. Shilpa says its too much money, I cant give it, let me see what I can do.

Priyank comes to Ben and hugs her, he cries. Ben says Vikas didnt take task seriously, he doesnt take anyone seriously. Priyank says I know he doesnt. Ben says no one is going to make me captain so why should I do task, Priyank says even if you dont become captain, it doesnt mean you cant support, I will make you me or yourself contender for captaincy, Ben says they wont make me.

Hina says to Shilpa that keep money protected and dont show it to anyone, Priyank comes there too and joins their team, Shilpa gives him some money.
Vikas says in camera that there will be many stealing and robery going to happen this night. Shilpa says to Bandagi that I gave 80000/- to Aakash and he havent given me back.

Priyank says to Vikas what you were doing with Ben was not nice, Vikas says dont say it ever again, you are extremely wrong, you play and I will talk after game, you think we dont want Ben to be captain? you are wrong, Priyank says I am trying to make you understand that if we go to Shilpa’s team and take money then we can become captain, Priyank says you are wrong too, Vikas says I am not asking you to give me anything, Priyank says I am trying to take money from them, Vikas says I have already planned everything, when Hina and Sapna gives you money then come to me. Priyank says I am trying, I have urgency to become captain too, Vikas says then try, Priyank says then why you are against me trying, Vikas says you do what you want.

Priyank comes to Sapna and Hina that its about who is going to have maximum money in this group, Luv comes there too and says Aakash have 40000 separately with him, Hina says how can he have money? Sapna says I have 19000, Priyank says all our joined money can be around 1lac.
Vikas comes to Puneesh and Bandagi, he says Luv is with them, hina, Sapna and Priyank will give him money and make him captain. Luv says to Hina and others that I want to become captain again.
Shilpa comes to Sapna and says Hina and others want Hiten to become captain, they will give him money in end. Aakash says give me money, we can make captain too.

Vikas says to Puneesh that they will give money to one inmate and make him captain and they are going to give all money to Priyank, Luv will try but they will say that Luv already became captain and will give money to Priyank. Vikas says second contender will be Shilpa, if you want to twist this then play with them till last and change sides and things in end, Puneesh says I will not give money to anyone till end and in end I will give you money in end.
Bandagi says to Puneesh that if you give money to Vikas and Vikas makes Arshi contender for captaincy then Priyank can easily make Arshi lose captaincy, Vikas can ask his best friend Priyank to give him money, they are all going to make Priyank or Luv become captaincy.
Arshi says to Aakash that dont say rubbish to me, aakash says I am not talking to you. Arshi says you told Hina and Shilpa that you have kept me as friend only for game? Hiten says money changes people, money can change anyone. Aakash says I fulfill my friendship. Hiten says then why she is miffed? Aakash says she wants me to give money to her, I already have 1.24lacs, Pooja have given me money too.

Puneesh says to Bandagi that he has no one, I cant leave him, Bandagi says he has everyone, you are alone, he is using you, Puneesh says he kisses me at night, he is alone. Bandagi says to Puneesh that Aakash is not going to take stand for you ever, you try to make you captain but he never tries to make you captain, Puneesh says no first day he wanted to make you captain, either I will leave him completely or be with him completely, it will be permanent, Puneesh says to Bandagi that he wont be my friend from now on if I do something, there will be crack between our friendship. Bandagi says he is not your friend when he takes stand when he wants only.

Aakash laughs and says to Puneesh that I gave all money to Shilpa, you can give your money to Bandagi, I dont have single penny. Aakash says to Puneesh that you like Bandagi and I dont like Bandagi, its simple as that, she is not happy, as a person she is nice but I dont like her, Puneesh says its your choice.

Puneesh says to Bandagi that Aakash asked me to not tell you that he has given all money, Bandagi says he will be happy to throw me out, he will play game only, he is very cheap person, we have been with him but his loyalty is with others.

PRECAP- Vikas asks Arshi to steal Aakash’s shield, shield is immunity power so if shield is gone then power is gone too, Arshi gives shield to him and he hides it. Vikas comes to Aakash and says someone took your shield. Aakash says if someone took my shield then I will make their lives hell.
Shilpa says I am rich and Vikas is poor. Shilpa tries to snatch money from Vikas. Vikas says to Puneesh that trust me blindly against Shilpa once, I have to have more money than Shilpa. Mehjabi, Hiten, Puneesh silently keep giving money to Vikas.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hrithik ka Fan

    OMG …these two b*t*hes shilpa and heena dirty they are and this shilpa making those irritating faces …I swear the level at which shilpa irritates vikas if I was in vikas’ s place ..I would have slapped shilpa ….her attitude is the main reason why she was thrown out from every serial and no costar of hers talk good about her…and did u notice she again taunted mehjabin for leaving her son and for salman’s kind of information that was a clear taunt and I hope salman notices this time ..but he also read scripts ..he doesn’t know what actually happening in the house because he only watches highlights. ….and hina she is in the bb to make people hate her ..she is getting on my nerves these days with her fake actions and over the top cuteness ….others like punish ..Ben. .priyank. .they all are dump people. .follow others …don’t know what’s going on….akash pretends to be a naive but he is clever. ..bandagi is smart but she is playing behind punish’s back…..For now hate shilpa to the core…

    1. vikas is not fair he is playing for himself tomorrow all will know his rajneeti . wen he was in jail he idi same tlaked to luv asked to fight n wen punish came he talked about luv cheap fellow

      1. hrithik ka Fan

        Haha so acc to u…stealing money was fair …it was only vikas who still played…if that was hina or shilpa ..they would have created huge drama…and would have back out from the task…..that’s the difference between genuine players and cheters. .

    2. @Sam… one is fair in this game… everyone came here to play and make money…. but atleast vikas don’t stoop to low.. don’t abuse..don’t start figh on his own.. he is playing this game by mind….but without any dirtyness…and anyone who will be in the place of vikas did the same.. bcz vikas can get opportunity to became contender for captaincy.. he has only this chance to became captain..
      but all i have to say is.. he is not cheating like shilpa and hina…he is playing game with decency…

  2. Hrithik Ka Fan

    Hina is very irritating, Vikas is cleverly playing,I appreciate his efforts

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      He dude ..who r ..u ..why r u using my name….Is it allowed. …

    2. @Hritik ka fan … correct… he played this task very nicely.. without doing anything wrong… he is such a nice person…

  3. OMG… What a epi…!!

  4. Shilpa is best??????

  5. shilpa n hina looser..they cannot
    win witout cheat.

    1. @Preeti….totally agreed…they can’t win a single task without cheating..and fighting.. hina came in this show only to fight.. not to entertain..

  6. There is a lot of mind games going on in the house, but the obvious one is that of Vikas.

    Vikas’s mind game
    Vikas is very good with making strategies but because we are aware of the secret task we know what he is doing. I hope he loses. This is because for viewers we are already aware of his ability to strategise so its ok. But for the housemates, he will lose their trust completely when bigg boss reveals his secret task to the whole house. He will be seen as selfish except he shares all his money for his workers.

    Shilpa’s mind game
    Shilpa, on the face of the game, may be seen to be acting naive by giving her money out to her workers but what she is doing is establishing trust with the housemates by showing that she is giving them the opportunity to be contenders for captaincy. Her game plan is to prove she is not selfish and that she listens to every other person, even if it means she will lose. This will become handy for subsequent tasks in the house. For viewers, we will think she is soo naive

    Hina’s mind game
    She wants to show Shilpa and Hiten that she can be helpful when needed and is, therefore, establishing some sort of loyalty with them. The two may be useful allies for the future.

    Akash’s mind game
    For Aakash, it’s not so clear. Its possible he may give the money back to either Shilpa or to Puneesh to prove loyalty or as seen in the episode he may keep the money for himself if he realises that there is no way anyone will ever give him the opportunity to be a captain. This will come off as selfishness if Puneesh later realises that Aakash had the money with him but lied to him.

    For the rest not sure what their mind games are.

  7. Shilpa is the best contestant in the house – my winner 🙂

  8. What’s the task???
    Who all can win the task??
    1. Owner who completes mor order
    2. Owner who completes same number of order but more money left with him/ her
    3. Workers who earn more points…

    So after shilpa’s robbery if vikas ask them to play individualy and earn money from shilpa and give to him, makes sense…thus he gets money and he has cushion stuffs and some workers also….

    Same strategy by shilpa too… Akash said he had given al money to shilpa….. She has to buy cotton from vikas to make cushion now..

    But I don’t understand why some workers accumulating money for themselves to be eligible for captaincy???
    Only worker with ‘more points’ given by owner can win task…. It’s not money BB said….right???

    M confused..! Did I miss anything in between… Guys,, pls tell me..
    Even after their task time ends, all were playing.. Are they Dedicated or a bunch of greedy ccontestants???

    Whether any contestant understood task or not ,, I hope vikas knows the rules well….I realy wish he wins this task with his intelligence and effort… This s the golden chance given by BB…, he can play for himself.., and can give points to workers too..he’s not allowed to share the information regarding his captaincy to ANYONE… But we can guess al gharwale wil turn against him calling selfish aftr they knew it…that’s what they do usually!!! BB also wants the same…. Like vikas was asked to nominate 7 people together during his captaincy… Thus they all go mad with him.. It’s BB, who’s playing cheap!!

    What’s bandagi doing when puneesh asked her money??
    Na khud khate hai aur na kisiko dete hai..?
    She is ‘fair& lovely’ physically only….rest of her assets r totally opposite.

  9. What an episode

    Vikas shows his sheer brilliance ?
    Anyone at that point where vikas lost his money would have given up the task but this guy he s the master mind he just made sure all his cushions were approved n kept safe then played the master stroke the BEST MOMENT of the episode REJECT! REJECT! REJECT!
    Ha ha ha

    When i was wondering how ll vikas manage things he amazed us by taking both the cotton bags wow man! Salute!

    Apart from that he didn’t lose his patience he even tried to negotiate… Is simply because he wants the task to go on he didn’t want others to suffer because of his carelessness…

    And that theft was not a big deal BB thought of this shrewd mind contestants only then he had provided them with same key huh but Vikas the master mind just blew us away

    He won the task as per MTV extra dose

    Apart fron Vikas those who wanted to spoil his game were looking like losers… ????

    1. Wow @Chitrangada.. glad to know that Vikas has will win.. and yes I too agree.. I can’t even think keeping myself I’m the position where he had been.. losing all my money just when the task begins.. because there would just be no money left for workers and they will for sure shift the team.. but the way Vikas handled the situation, even if he would not win, I would still have that respect for him.. but he deserved to win for all the patience level that he has shown..

    2. hrithik ka Fan

      @chitrangda. ..absolutely. .that’s how u play not just by stealing money. …vikas is a gem ..he is becoming people’s favourite with each passing day ..I have read so many comments for vikas gupta on twitter. .fb . .right now he is no. 1 and after yesterday’s episode …he is way ahead than others. calm he was even after knowing it’s very difficult to win …he kept his calm…hats off to vikas gupta…I hope he wins…

    3. Havnt seen d episode…. But the review nd ur commnt gives me an overall picture….
      Hope vikas doesnt come out as a selfish person….

  10. Jahan in gahrwalo ki soch khatam hoti hai Vikas ki shuru hoti hai!!

    1. That’s absolutely right…… Vikas is the ultimate……
      guys this is the first tie I am cmmenting and I like the updates made here…. so if you guys don’t ind can I join your page

      1. @kitty….. Ofcourse… 🙂
        Welcome….. Will love to know ur views….

  11. Shilpa and team robed vikas while he was feeding his workers…??? & told him, he should hav secured his money…. They r rich nd happy… Vikas stood calm and asked Shilpa to approve… She did,… He submitted 50… And when his turn came he rejected all her cushions…. Shilpa and team were… PLINGGGG!!! ???….. I burst into laughter….?? They havnt seen that possibility bfr…. Let’s see how wil al play next…

    Priyank s short tempered too..

    Hina tells vikas that ”i wil get u punished by principal Salman, for calling me lomadi”’ …hmm
    SO MOTE IT BE!!!!!

    We also wanna see if salman fears hina or hina fears Salman most???

    1. ? yeah I started laughing..lomdi is a gaali for her now.. peopl who have been hearing somuch horrible stuff are keeping their mouth shut. I will not be shocked even if Salman supports her.. what else can you expect out of him and out of this season..

    2. @AMY

      Then she should dare not call Vikas bheegi billi too na but no she ll do coz in her rule book only others should follow the rules because she s maharani she can say whatever she please ??

      1. Vikas shud win the task and the show.Had i been in his place, i wud have killed that moti panda shilpa Hina by now. Kudos to his patience .
        HINAis smart but she is too shallow minded and has this elitist attitude.

    3. Yeah she can do whatever she want to do and can say whatever she want to.. but she can’t handle if some one’s back reaction… she is such a hypocrite…

  12. Vikas my god what a player.. proud of you.. sh

  13. Hw cn vikas b called selfish ..last week task also wonn just bcz of vikas der he hs no motivation but he played till end but he wld left d task s he hd no advantage …cmn if bigg boss is gvng y vl he wste ..n mrover he ws gvng hint to his friends dt i cnt say nw i vl let u know ltr ….mrover wn shilpa did chori n all fr her advantage all were saying its task dey nd to play ..dn y shd vikas nt play..infact he asled his team to go n earn mny frm shilpa s he hs no mny left ds …he s playong fr himself n fr others too…no way he vl bcm selfish…everyone were bcmng n task to get mr points dts nt selfishness kya nly wt vikas do is selfishness..cmn all use sense n talk

  14. Drvidhi

    Haha pure game mai 3-4 logo ka hi Dimag chal raha hai
    Vikas as he is intelligent
    Hina Coz she cant see Vikas’s Victory kuch bhi karke Vikas ke plan ko ulta karna chahati hai
    Shilpa ?speechless doing good too
    Akash-mujhe captain banana hai
    Arshi- hina Shilpa ki team mai to kabhi na jau ego ka saval hai?
    Punish-kuch bhi pata nai chal raha hai
    Priyank- last mai Vikas ke Paas for sure
    Ben- mujhe kuch nai karna bas captain bana do
    Meh- kuch Dimag nai chalta jaha lagega ye team hit rahi hai vaha hogi vo
    Luv- hina jaisa support koi nai karega uski team mai rahunga
    Bandagi- ?? thoda Dimag to hai iske paas bhi ??

  15. Acc to some twitter accnt Vikas won the task. Itna cheating karne k baad v jeet nahi paye ? Shilpa n Hina paise to chori kar liye but Vikas ka dimag nahi chura paye. For me the highlights were how he didn’t loose his hope, the way he brought water n apples for his team saying khao ye jyada important hai, how he rejectd those pillows n took all the cottons. Hina is really good with task tbh but she including the others use cheap tactics like throwing mud, stealing money, lying etc but Vikas never stoop so low. They become physical n abusive while Vikas only uses his mind. If Vikas is not winner material than I don’t know who is. N Shilpa.. I don’t know y she is like dat. I really liked her as angoori bhabhi n I actually believed her but inside the house she is a complete different person. No wonder she was thrown out of d show. People are judging n liking her according to her role as angoori very innocent, clean heart but reel life is completely different from real life. N I have seen most of her fans like her becoz she is cute n pretty. No doubt, she is beautiful but andar se v sundar hona parta hai. She has brain, she acts like she’s all innocent which makes everyone to like her but inside there’s something off. I would’ve liked her too but d way she tortured Vikas..koi v clean hearted person aisa nahi karega. The way she treated him n d way vikas handled it that’s wat made me his fan.
    Also did some 1 noticed how shilpa again talked abt mehjabi dat usko footage nahi mil raha hai accha hai wo ghar jaye aur apna baccha sambhale? When others told her not to say this she immediately said dt me to uski bhalai k liye bol rahi thi. Aur jo wo Vikas ko instigate kar rahi thi usko ladies first bolke, gupta ji siil gayi aaj, gupta ji ki phat gayi kaunsa world me ye sahi n innocent hai? Those who think it is funny are disgusting homophobic a*sh*les. Wo log uski he nahi saari lgbt community ki disrespect kar rahe hai.

    1. Drvidhi

      Sources said no one will task vikas ke paas sayad rps jyada the but luxury budget cancel ho chuka hai from recent sources
      Aan vikas ki captaincy ka saval hai to vo abhi clear nai hai
      But shilpa cried like a hell in last session of task?

  16. I agree with it. Thumps up for Shilpa.

  17. Vikas is definitely “Mastermind” & I won’t be surprised if he wins this task as he knows how to manipulate people. Shilpa, Hina & Akash have also given efforts on the task but what Vikas did is Amazing.

    It’s big boss task & the one who all are saying Shilpa & Hina should not steal money, I believe it’s their first season as everything is fair in task & big boss have clearly mentioned protecting the safe where Vikas lacked but the good part he maintains his calm after losing all his money, instead used his brain & planned something extraordinary that others cannot think of.

    Eager to know the outcome for this task 🙂

  18. @ Chitrangada, Neha, ABC,HKF, Neeru, Xyz, Isha, Kitty, Misti, sonia, preeti,kaytee and more .., happy to hear he won it…
    Usko jeetna zaruri hai,, qnki yehi hai woh insaan jo dimag ka sahi isthmaal karte hai… Kuch log sirf dimag ko ***** chalate hai.., jo bi log bacche hai unke pas dimag hai ya nahi, I seriously doubt
    True..that if it was Anyone else, might hav left task the spot!!!
    Shilpa with the support of hina,akash,puneesh, luv, bandagi tryin hard to match up with Vikas’ intelligence…count everybody’s dimag together still they cant reach near Vikas..
    Baki logon ke stupidity ko iska manipulation mat kahiye….
    Yessss!!! they can’t steal his brilliance….what a losers!!!!

    … Priyank telling him ” tum har vakth sahi nahi ho sakte…” …,okkay… agreeing one person cant be mr. Right evertime…. But why you peopl r not right for a single time??? Especially u, Mr. Fake james bond..
    Good to see pooja also doing well..

    Shilpa made us start liking Vikas,, hina made us seeing him as ‘ Right’ .. Baki gharwale made us find him matured & decent and it’s himself made us his fans with Al his wonderful qualities….
    I love this man & desiring to meet and talk to him atleast once

    1. Very true.. totally agree.. he deserves.. shilpa shinde lAst mein royegi.. priyank aur bikash k bich darar ?

    2. Agreed. Most importantly, he is accepted by both groups. People calling him fake and cheat. But that is the game and he is not caught by anybody till now. If he is caught he manipulates people to understand why he said so. Look how beautifully, he fooled Sapna by telling you sound overconfident with your large fan followings. Smartly, he gave a small advice to her so that she can not blame him in future.
      This is smart game. Manu punjabi is also supporting him.

  19. Acc to some reports vikas team will win.. but since both the team will not able to place order there will b no luxury budget.. Ben will become a contender for captaincy task priyank will help her

  20. HINA is the best… I hope she will win bb11.
    Shw looks stunning, stylish and fair. Lv u Hina Khan. Keep going. Or jo bhi Hina Khan ke against faltoo bakwas kar rhe.. All go to he’ll… Samjh kuch aata nhi aap logo ko… If u have seen her in KKK then u vl understand she is very fair and do all the task wth heart.
    HINA you will win the bb11.

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