Bigg Boss 11 31st December 2017 Written Episode Update: Inmates Enjoy New Year

Bigg Boss 11 31st December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on stage, he dances on naach meri jaan. Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says we have surprise planned for today, lets go in house.

In house,
Inmates see garden decorated and some props there. Hina says there is a slap prop too, Vikas you will get a slap. They all sit down. Salman connects video call to them. Salman says you all enjoy, you all are looking nice. Salman says Priyank and Luv are nominated, whoever comes close to Vikas, goes out of house. All laugh. Salman asks Puneesh to bring props. Salman says to Shilpa that you are looking very nice, she thanks him. Salman says to inmates that you must have thought new year resolutions but you have to guess others new year resolutions for you, write resolutions for others, all write it. Salman

says now inmates will guess who wrote which resolution for them. Salman asks Vikas to write resolutions for himself. Vikas says first one is that I should stop being cry baby, Vikas says Hina wrote it, Salman says wrong guess. Vikas says next one is that I should shower more. I think Hina wrote it. Salman says wrong answer again. Vikas next one is I should not play with others minds, I should use mine. Vikas says Luv must have not written it. Luv says you have spent whole season taking people out. Vikas asks who wrote that I should shower more? Salman says its two boys, Vikas says they shouldnt come close to my bed then. Shilpa reads her resolutions, first one is that you take care of people a lot, you dont know how beautiful you are, you should work for your benefit. Shilpa says Vikas wrote it. Vikas says I meant that she should not only care about others but should focus on her taking care of herself too, you should come out of your comfort zone. Salman says oh hoo.. oh hoo.. he teases them. Shilpa looks down. Salman says Vikas’s mother must be happy to see it and Shilpa’s brother too. Shilpa blushes. Aakash sees his resolutions and says Puneesh will read for me. First resolution he should not flip, Aakash says Shilpa wrote it, Salman says correct. Puneesh says next point is very big. Hina reads for Aakash, resolution that Aakash should stop fighting with other people, he should stop shouting and control his barfing too. All laugh. Puneesh reads his resolutions, resolution is that he should not drink wine a lot. Puneesh says but I didnt drink for 3 months, Salman says it must be for me. Puneesh says resolution is to take care of myself too, it must be written by Hina, Salman says correct.
Salman says to inmates that lets play a task, its between Hina, Vikas and Shilpa and they will play husband, wife and other woman. All laugh. They start the play, Shilpa says to Vikas hi baby, Vikas says what are you doing here? Vikas moves Shilpa away and says I planned a surprise but who told you I am here? Hina comes there and says hi baby.. Shilpa asks who is she? Hina says she is our studio’s model. Shilpa says she is not that pretty, Hina says you are not that pretty too. Vikas says why you are talking like this goochepo. Hina says I am goochepo, Shilpa says I am gocheepo. Shilpa says to Hina that Vikas’s mummy’s name is goochepo, my name is goochepo too. Hina says Mrs. Gupta, I mean Shilpa he gifted me baby elephat, its name is goocheepo. Shilpa says look at your figure, Hina says you eat all the food, Shilpa says he likes healthy girls. Hina says Vikas have affair with me, he will be with me. Vikas whispers to Hina that Shilpa has all the money so we cant mess with her. Hina says Shilpa dedi.. Shilpa pulls Hina closer and says dont call me dedi.. call me baby, my husband’s choice is nice, I dont like boys, all laugh. Hina says I love BB, Shilpa says baby you are so hot, Hina says baby you too, lets go watch BB, they walk away while Vikas stares at them.. they end the play. Salman says it was very nice, you both are actors but Vikas did very nice in acting, you will get calls.
Salman connects call to the caller of week, its Aarav, Aarav wishes birthday to Salman, he says I want to ask Shilpa that you she said to Puneesh that Vikas will be eliminated in 14th week and wont go to finale, why? Shilpa laughs and says I told my prediction, did I do wrong? Salman says no she just wanted to say that Vikas will go out and prepare for her welcome, all laugh. Shilpa says I was just joking, I dont know who will stay or leave. Salman says they thought you thought something and then said it. Shilpa says it was just a joke. Puneesh says your favorite Vikas is not going anywhere. Vikas says thank you. Aarav says you are our favorit. Call ends.
Salman says its time for Sultani ring, you all are going to fight, there will be two teams, both girls will be captains of their teams, they have to select their team mates. Shilpa selects Puneesh in her team. Hina selects Vikas in her team, all laugh. Vikas says I dont want to be in her team. Shilpa says I choose Luv, Hina says I choose Aakash. Salman says we will meet in Sultani ring.

Puneesh, Vikas, Shilpa, Luv, Aakash and Hina get ready for fight.
They all come in Sultani ring, Aakash and Puneesh raps for Salman. Aakash wishes him birthday, Salman says thanks. Salman says this is mega fight, this is the last fight of 2017. Its Vikas, Aakash, Hina Vs. Puneesh, Luv and Hina. Salman says you people will play kabaddi. Salman says both the teams will cross to other side, touch there ground and shift back to your court, other team have to touch that person, you have to keep saying kabaddi. Game starts, Puneesh comes to Vikas’s side, he tries to touch ground but Vikas grabs him, Vikas wins one point. Vikas comes to Puneesh’s side, Vikas wins a point. Luv comes to Vikas’s team’s side and loses. Aakash goes to Shilpa’s side and wins a point for Hina’s team. Shilpa goes to Hina’s team side and loses as they grab her. Hina comes to Shilpa’s team side, she touches ground and runs back to her court and wins a point. Salman says Hina’s team won the game. Salman makes Hina wear the meddle, he gives Vikas and Aakash meddle too. Salman greets everyone and leaves.

On stage, Salman says someone is going in house.

In house, Balraj from Entertainment Ki Raat comes in house. He hugs everyone. Balraj says Shilpa you have lost the weight. Balraj gives sweets to everyone for new year. Balraj says you know Virat and Anushka got married, Hina says really? he says yes. Balraj asks Hina why she calls Rocky as Ro? she doesnt want him to smile? all laugh. Balraj jokes around with them, Balraj says you people call Luv pet and Aakash is wearing chains? all laugh. Balraj says one man became fake policeman and took money from people then real police caught him and beat him.. so Vikas are you really a producer? All laugh. Balraj says we will show you some photos. First photo is of Aakash in boxer briefs in a task, all laugh. Next photo is of Vikas as milkman in a task, all laugh. Hina says he must be thinking how to trap people in show, majority is getting less. Balraj shows next photo, its of Hina with toothbrush. Vikas says she brushes for two hours. Balraj says we didnt get photo of Puneesh toothbrushing as he doesnt brush, all laugh. Next photo is of Vikas belly dancing, all laugh. Balraj says Puneesh is dancing with Vikas and says you got only him? All laugh.
Balraj says to inmates that I will ask some questions, first couple is Vikas and Shilpa. They sit on seats. Balraj asks Vikas why you cry so much? you might daughter in law’s role in daily soap, all laugh. Shilpa says he has too much emotions from everywhere. Vikas bursts out laughing. Balraj asks Shilpa why she is always in kitchen? she says people call it my stress buster. Balraj says Vikas gives special names to women in house, you called Hina vamp, by looking at her face? all laugh. Balraj says you called her chaalo once, was it right to use for a woman? vikas says I am so sorry. Balraj says now that word is so famous, they use Hina instead of Chaalo, they use Hina for word starting(chalo), like gari chaalo nahi horahi.. gari Hina nahi horahi.. All laugh. Balraj hugs Vikas.
Balraj says next game is with Aakash, He makes Aakash sit in a seat and says I will say a statement, if inmate doesnt agree with it then Aakash will get a slap from slap prop. Balraj asks Hina if Aakash is most game changer in house? Hina says no. Aakash gets slapped from prop. Balraj says he will get more slaps outside. Balraj asks Puneesh if Aakash can hear bad words for himself? Puneesh says no, 3 slaps for him, Aakash gets three slaps, all laugh.
Balraj says now Puneesh and Hina will have sit in hot seats. Balraj says Puneesh you always said that you will see people outside, you think there is no way to runaway in house? Puneesh says I can run outside if fight happens. Balraj says Puneesh you are short tempered? Puneesh says its in my gene, Balraj says change jeans then.. all laugh. Balraj says to Puneesh that your smile is good.. Puneesh says he is going to talk about my teeth, Hina you did it. Balraj asks Hina why you talked about his teeth, all laugh. Balraj greets everyone and leaves house.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says we will give awards to you now, and you have selected winners. First one is most fighter of house. Nominees are Hina, Aakash, Vikas.. their fights are shown. Salman says Aakash got this award for fighting most. Hina makes Aakash wear the slash of a ladku(fighter). Salman says next award is for flipping most. Salman says this award goes to.. Shilpa’s friendship and then her fights with Aakash is shown. Then Aakash’s friendship and then fights with Puneesh is shown, clip ends. Salman says Aakash flips most in this show. Shilpa makes Aakash wear the flip slash, she slaps on his back, all laugh. Aakash says Shilpa should have got this award. Salman says next award is ‘always changing sides’, lets see who wins it. Clip plays, its Luv hugging Hina and Priyank then saying he is miffed with Hina, then how Luv said to Priyank that Hina doesnt have mind, then how Luv said that Priyank is stupid and donkey, then how he made Vikas promise to be on his side but then said to Arshi that he can cheat Vikas too, clip ends. Luv says this is weird, Aakash says you change sides. Salman asks Puneesh to give slash to Puneesh, Puneesh says he changed my side. Salman says next award is ‘crazy lovers pair’, he awards it to Puneesh and Aakash, Aakash says he my buddy, they make each other wear the slash. Salman says next award is he ‘know it all’ inmate of the house. Salmanb says nominees are Vikas, Hina.. he gives award to Vikas. Salman says next award is ‘drama queen’ award. Salman says it goes to.. clip plays, Hina’s antics are shown, her crying, her meeting Rocky. All laugh seeing the clip. Salman says Hina gets this award and Vikas will give her the slash. Hina says it was so nice to see the clip. Hina says yes I react a lot.. Vikas says dont cry now. Hina says I react too much, I remain happy thats why I got it. Salman says last award is ‘most fizzy inmate’, the one who is bold and edgy. Salman says Aakash gets the award from Shilpa. Salman asks which award Shilpa should have got? Hina says flip, Vikas says sensible inmate award.
Salman asks Puneesh to bring things from store room. Salman says only two weeks are remaining for finale, this new year will change your lives I hope. Puneesh brings champagne and cake from store room. Aakash asks Salman if he can rap in his new movie? Salman says what? he acts like he doesnt hear it. Inmates open champagne bottle, they all feed each other cake. Salman wishes them new year. He ends call. Hina makes everyone eat cake. Vikas gives wine to Luv. but Luv doesnt drink it. Everyone enjoys cake and dances to song Swag se karengy sabka sawagat.

Hina says to herself that I should go, maybe they took suitcase as people are fed up and want me to go, maybe its Vikas or Shilpa winning, I didnt do nice in the show, Shilpa and Vikas have more voters. Luv comes there and asks what happened? Hina says why did you write that I should be less bossy as my new year resolution. Luv says I just wanted to tell you to change few things. Hina says I didnt write that you have ego, but you know that you have an ego, Luv says it was a general thing. Hina says if its general then lets end it, I wrote words nicely that you should do good nicely in show, am I bossy to you? I dont have a friend other than you here. Luv says to Hina that be a little bossy, Hina says define the word bossy. Luv says I will think about it, Hina says you wrote it and you have to think about it? Luv says I told you about it too. Hina says but writing is like the.. best thing in the world. Luv says maybe people closer to you would tell you. Hina laughs.

PRECAP- Inmates have to rate themselves from 1st to 6th as per the popularity they think they have. Hina says I see myself on first position, Shilpa says I see myself between first to third. Luv says I dont see myself on top.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. About ystrdy’s epi-
    Firstly…….the way rocky asked questions was commendable………guess he should be there in place of hina……Lol……..
    Coming to the live voting I would say……..why nobody here blamed the live voting when Vikas won over priyank……..bcoz it is obvious……that vikas is more popular than priyank…….so was the same case here……n yes it wasn’t a singing competition……how can someone in order to prove BBC biased towards shilpa or degrade her put such stupid allegations…….gosh……I was amazed at reading such POVs here……..N yes I would like to ask that if there would have been a dancing competition b/w vikas n priyank last week…….then would u vikas fans have voted for priyank over vikas………like really……..I wouldn’t have atleast……..don’t know abt u…….
    Thanks vidya…….couldn’t thank earlier……..

    Thought to share my opinion in today’s comment section too……..

  2. Balraj was really good……..nice job……
    At least now the housemates got to know that who is the real flip……n flop as well……just bcoz once arshi said that shilpa is flip everybody without even knowing the reason called her flip……just like following the crowd idiotodically……..
    The skit of vikas shilpa n hina was nice……..hope shikas be there in top2……..

  3. Know it all award to vikas……that’s perfect……for mastermind……..
    The task in which the inmates wrote new year resolution for each other was done well by vikas……his suggestion to shilpa was really sweet……..n he wrote it well too……..

  4. My Dear FRIENDS including the Missing Buddies, all other Commenters, Silent Readers, One & Only Atiba,
    May the coming year be filled with more happiness, Harmony, peace , great health & wealth, lots of new friends & luck which brighten your future…… ☺
    ~ HAVE A GREAT 2018 ~ ??????

    1. Same to you … God bless h alll

    2. Happy New Year to you too!!

    3. Same 2 you

  5. Yar hina’s confidence is down.I m getting goosefleshs by thinking about shilpa or vikas winning.Akshara fans plz vote for hina.The real hina.I saw hina shuddered yesterday when shilpa won that fake live voting.People are afffronted with her for silly things.It’s because they crib something from social media instead of giving self thought.I am of an opinion that shilpa is nigh winner.Hina don’t brood over silly people’s p.o.v.Come stronger.

    1. That’s all Hina acting to gain sympathy. She does not deserve to win

  6. Samaira_khan

    HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!!! Loved todays episode!!

  7. Happy New year 2018 to all of you….god bless u all

  8. Happy new year to all of u….n in todayz episode vikas nd shilpa both are looking stylish.

  9. At this point of time, I will be happy to see anyone except Hina or Shilpa as BB winners.
    Both are stupid, dumb and idiotic women and neither of them deserves to win Bigg Boss… I wouldn’t even mind if Akash or Puneesh are declared as BB winners. I just don’t want these Fake Shilpa or Hina to win.

  10. Ghunawat.abhishek

    Happy new year to all of you…
    @neeru if u felt something wrong from my comment that day.. Didn’t mean to say what you concluded..but u felt bad apologies So lets start afresh…
    Neither u nor i am going to win anything from the show why to fight…

  11. sampath kumar

    finally hina understood shikas playing well and hina is doing not much …… vikas ko bhi bahut kuch kaha rocky he agreed and stepped down ………. hina was like i dont want to talk about it….. once hina explained priyank even a single word can bring difference and hina was doing the same to puneesh … i hope she undestand and play well……….. love expose huhaaa that was nice today vikas really trusted him and gave advices and motivated him to do good …. love ki game change hua when he went to talk to vikas in baby sitter task ……and shilpa and hina got to know actually people love vikas…….hina win bhi fans ki khairat meh hi milega she definitely dont deserve

    1. Fans khairat nahi only love and support Dete hai

      1. Your Comment khairat main to winning shilpa ko miligi because of only salman and bigg boss aur uske fans ye mat samajhna ki un logo k waje se hi shilpa jite hain … khairati hogi shilpa aur uske fans ki new year resolution …. that’s it

  12. Happy New Year Everyone!!!
    May god bless you

  13. Esther

    Didn’t watch epi…. But
    HAPPY NEW YEAR????? to all BB fans, Vikas fans, Hina fans, Shilpa fans and every fellow commentators…

  14. Vikas came to know that Shilpa’s fan following is very large..that’s why he is talking about Shilpa positively now,so that he can get the votes of her fans also.his concern for Shilpa is fake…usko captain banane ke liye Shilpa dance BHI ki thi..phir BHI master mind ko Kabhi nai laga Shilpa captain banna chahiye..Hina is true from she is looking fake..Shilpa Jaise banna chahti hai only to win

  15. Ghunawat.abhishek

    So guys
    Happy new year 2018
    News is coming that shilpa vikas luv n hina nominated this week…
    Get ready to vote….
    I’m going to vote for shilpa… Who are u going to????

    1. Yes Acash and Punish betrayed Shilpa as was expected.. Time to use your power to throw the bad guys out of BBH

    2. Esther

      Really want to know how these ppl got nominated????

      1. Ghunawat.abhishek

        I really don’t know exactly but its on twitter nd they ranked themselves from 1 to 6 as akash puneeSh luv shilpa hina vikas respectively…as i saw a pic there…so last four got nominated…n someone saying they didn’t know it’s a nomination task until bigg boss anounced who is going to be nominated???so it may be right or wrong

    3. Me too,for Ships,Shilpa fans,this week ,please vote for her,it is a request.

  16. Yaar bb is not fair.again this time they have saved punish and akash from nominationw.the makers r planning to throw luv out from vry thjs time he is nominated against vikas,hina,shilpa.i understand he is not the most deserving or toughest for the trophy.but atleast he deserves top 4..
    Really upset with the decision.the way bb is playing and planning to save akash and punish is not a good on their part..
    However,hina,shilpa and vikas r commendable in their own ways..
    Love these three..

  17. zara hayat khan

    Happy new year to all of u guys……..I hope and wish vikas shld win this show as he truely deserves to win this trophy….

  18. zara hayat khan

    ,@tripura…..sorry to say…but shilpa and hina r fake right from the beginning of the show..only vikas is real.shilpa abuses vikas a lott from the starting. Of the show…..vikas always used to respect each women in the house…hez real not fake.shilpa always used to badmouth about vikas……and lett me make it very clear to u……vikas is,also hvng a huge fan following…..abhi shilpa ne nahi jeeta hai show……itna attitude mat rakhiye aap.hina ya vikas ke bhi kaafi chances hain jeetne ke…….dnt tk it seriously……..but I’m not agreed on ur comments.just my point of view…chillll..
    also I know bb is well scripted shilpa KO hi .winner baaaye gein.lakin meri nazer mein vikas hi winner hai is show ka.

  19. zara hayat khan

    @ghunawat…..I’m going to support and vote for vikas as hez my fav contestant……he truely deserves to win this trophy..baaki Allah knowz better.


    Akash ND punish in finale….other 4 are nominate ….plz vote for vikas ….he is going to leave in 14 th week may be kuki compition me Hina Shilpa or luv h …..plz vote as much as you can……all vikas..arshi…priynk…hinten fan plz vote for vikas

    1. Ghunawat.abhishek

      As per upcoming news right now… Another task is also going on ryt now which is ticket to top3 type.. Individual task whoever wins goes to top 3 directly..all participate including nominated one gets saved…this will telecast tomorrow…if this is true then…
      Speaking bottom of my heart luv wins this…
      Killer nominations shilpa hina vikas….
      Too much fun…

  21. zara hayat khan

    Noooooo.plzzzz anjali ager vikas KO nikalegein I’ll not watch biggboss..fake baised show.luv shld leave.

  22. zara hayat khan

    Totally fake show .how come shilpa knowz 14 week mein vikas jaayega.jaisa biggboss ne usko subkuch pehle se hi bataaya hai…well scripted game…I hate u biggboss.get lost.luv kaise deserve karta hai show mein rehna….I hate this show.

  23. Balraj was hilarious n enjoyed the episode. Hope Vikas is the final winner as he candidly expresses his opinions. Shilpa often flips n suddenly Hina has become her friend. Punish n Acash r lively even though they have their moments of backbiting. Luv does not have to b afraid of Hina n blindly follow her.

  24. Esther

    This epi was superb????
    All were looking great esply Shilpa….
    HMs laughed alot…..N Bandagi questioned Hina abt talking abt Punnu’s teeth and now all are taking abt his teeth….She must be happy???………
    And all got awards they deserved…..Luv got double dholki award???good….
    Vikas wrote big letters for Shilpa and Akash as new year resolution??? hope they’ll show what he wrote for other HMs in Extradose…..
    Eventhough I hate Akash….. He looks so innocent when he laughs….. he was asking Salman for a chance…. Hope he’ll get successfull in his career…… His mom must’ve suffered alot for him…. Felt bad for him seeing his uncle’s tweet abt him…. Hope he get success in life
    Overall it was fun epi

    1. Esther

      And Hina surprised me by imitating Shilpa’s ‘Thank you Salman ji’…. ??…. Ppl outside have always mocked Shilpa for her wkw ceying and thankYou Salman ji…. But never knew it that HMs also thinks the same

  25. Esther

    *Would really love to know how BB saved Akash-Punnu this time……… !!!!!
    *BB likes Akash-Punnu pair….Not just Akash or just Punnu…..Bt Akash-Punnu….they always keeps on doing smthng….
    *Bt Still Vikas deserves more than them…….Won’t be fair if he gets eliminated before Punnu……
    *Shilpa and Hina wd be safe…… Hope they’ll show who among these got more votes….always wanted to know whoz most popular b/w Shilpa and Hina……..
    *Abt Luv……. have no idea abt his fandom …..this time neither Hina fans nor Shilpa fans will vote for him…… Don’t knw how much strong his fandom is…… Luv is always the twist in nominations……….
    Will try maximum to Save Vikku❤❤❤
    Got a bad feeling abt these nominations??
    *Shilpa’s talk with Punnu that Vikas will get eliminated in 14th week????….
    Hope Vikas gets saved❤❤❤
    Vikas Hina are my top 2

  26. Happy new yr guys…
    If puneesh is in top 5 dnt b surprised big boss is fixed thats y in the entire season only bandagi got a choice to save a contestant during captaincy.. i wonder i wonder y!

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