Bigg Boss 11 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sabya, Sapna, Shilpa, Hiten, Hina, Pooja, Ben, Bandagi and Priyank are nominated

Bigg Boss 11 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 28
Bigg boss asks inmates to replace one inmate in Jyoti’s place for captaincy task, they have to choose from blue team. Puneesh says let me take part now, all vote. Bandagi votes for Pooja, Mehjabi votes for Arshi, majority votes for Sapna. Hina says to Bigg boss that Sapna has been chosen to become contender for captaincy. Bigg boss asks Hina to tie Sapna to captaincy ring. Sapna ties and says to Luv that arent you ashamed to not even leave for me? he says no, all laugh.

Sapna asks Shilpa for socks, Shilpa asks Luv to get up so she can gets socks. Bandagi says why should we roam because of her needs? Shilpa says this is not fair, I am sorry Sapna, I cant help, she says its okay. Shilpa comes to Aakash and says Bandagi is not standing up for Sapna but she

got her clothes and everything.

Sapna, Luv and Bandagi comes to luggage room. Sabya says I will bring Sapna’s luggage, Sapna says girl should take out my socks. Hina says we wont help. Sapna moves to her bag. Hina comes to Luv and whispers something in his ear. Sapna tries to stretch to take socks but she breaks away from rings and is out of task.

Luv says to Bandagi that why you think you will be nominated? you are safe, Bandagi says why you want me leave captaincy? Luv says I did mistake in referee task, I want to be captain and rectify it, you are playing behind curtain, come out in open. Bandagi says you are bringing useless topics. Luv says you are not audience to tell me anything, I am not running to talk to you.

Bandagi is trying to move away in ring so Luv can split from ring. Hina says keep moving and irritate each other. Ben says supporters can show support too. Luv and Bandagi tries to stretch ring away from each other, Luv pulls on Bandagi, she keeps hold on her hook. Hina says anyone can become captain.

Hina says to Bandagi that you are using mind, Bandagi pulls on ring to stretch away from Luv. Hina says dont use force. Hina says Bandagi your hook opened while she was pulling on Luv. Hina says Bandagi is out of house so Luv becomes captain. Bigg boss congratulates Luv for becoming captain. Hina jumps and dances, all praise Bandagi for playing nicely.

Bandagi says to Punesh that I was till last, my hook broke, he is body builder, he pulled me and my hook broke away, Hina was provoking him. Puneesh says he is Hina’s puppet and doesnt know it, Bandagi says we dont react in his captaincy.

Day 29
Inmates wake up to song ek mein aur ek tu. Puneesh caresses Bandagi’s hair while all dance. Ben and Priyank dances around.

Sapna sees Arshi only wearing shawl and not wearing anything on legs. Shilpa says Hiten can control her with his looks but he doesnt. Shilpa says Arshi doesnt know what I have done with Vikas. Arshi comes there and says flip I wont react. Sapna looks around Arshi and says something is burning, someone is burning, its smelling.

Hiten is brooming. Arshi says dont work, Hiten says then I will go to jail. Arshi says I will go to jail with you too, what chemistry is working? Aakash says she hints at you and you catch her hint, Hiten says I dont even look at her.

Luv asks Aakash to work. Hina says people should respect captain, proud of you captain.Aakash says I am the best, you can do nothing, you are no celebrity, captain cant do anything if I dont want to work, I will not do nothing if I want. Puneesh looks Aakash rapping. Hina mimics him and says just key them and then enjoy. Hina says to Luv proud of you, he smiles at her.

Aakash tries to talk to Pooja but she is not talking, Puneesh says she is miffed with you, Aakash says she is smiling, I know what she did in jail, Mehjabi says what she did? Puneesh says she slapped Aakash. Pooja asks Aakash what I did in jail? Aakash says I dont remember, Pooja says now say what I did in jail? Aakash says I dont know. Pooja says I am asking you last time to remain in limits. Arshi says Aakash dont threaten her, Aakash says I was just making jokes, sorry Pooja. Pooja looks away and ignores him. Arshi says he is saying sorry, Pooja smiles.

Mehjabi and Sabya are in confession room.Bigg boss says you are here for nominations, one of you will be nominated today and one will be saved, you both have to mutually decide who will get nominated between you and who will be safe, you have to talk here and decide. Mehjabi asks Sabya if she should stay? he says yes, Mehjabi says I want to unveil people.Sabya says I failed in tasks and there is no time for rectifying mistakes. Mehjabi cries and says its difficult to choose between me and you, Sabya says dont cry, you are strong, we have lost chances but dont lose this one. Sabya announces that he nominates himself and Mehjabi is safe.

Priyank says to Vikas that Puneesh shouted about your CC and nobody talked about it on weekend, Vikas says I have production house and they are saying all that? Priyank says they played promos of those things and even aired when they talked about your controversies. Priyank says I cried because these things were raise before, no one apologized. Vikas says nobody tells Shilpa that she cant talk about MMS, this is not cute fight between us, be equal and fair. Priyank says maybe its that these things are like that in real life but we are not like that going to their level, Vikas says listen to me.. Priyank says I am talking.. vikas says one second, listen.. Priyank says I am talking, let me talk, I am ********* talking, he leaves from there in anger. Hiten says Hina and Vikas that Priyank shouldnt be talking about all this again. Hina says he is disturbing Vikas by bringing all this up.

Hina comes to Priyank and says you are doing all that again, Salman told you to not bring controversial topics and now you are making Vikas mentally disturbed by talking all this, if you talk infront of Shilpa then things will blow up, we all know things have been said about Vikas, there were controversies about him, there nothing against us going in news so dont worry.

Arshi says to Bandagi and Puneesh that Vikas and Priyank have fight going on. Bandagi says Vikas is very big drama queen, you keep clinging to Vikas and then Priyank will get angry, dont give him attention.

Bandagi, Puneesh, Aakash, Arshi and Shilpa will stick together in nominations.

Bandagi says to Arshi that Hiten is nothing, he is oldie, dont give him attention, Arshi says I dont care, I have boyfriend out of house.

Shilpa and Aakash are in confession. Bigg boss says you are here for nominations, one of you will be nominated today and one will be saved, you both have to mutually decide who will get nominated between you and who will be safe, you have to talk here and decide. Shilpa says you can use shield? he says I will use it later. Shilpa says so I will get nominated. Shilpa says I want to nominate myself. Bigg boss says why? Shilpa says he is scared of nominations, I have fans and am elder so I thought. Aakash says Sir can I sleep for an hour? Bigg boss says no and this is secret task so dont tell about Shilpa being nominated to anyone.

Vikas says to Priyank that you are running in too much speed, you are talking too much, you were asked to not talk about outside world then you didnt have to tell anything, could you tell what is being on aired? in morning, you told me about what is being on aired, you shouldnt have brought personal stuff here, you can discuss with friends, I can give reasons, if they call you then say sorry. Priyank says I am saying infront of camera, I am not discussing anything about outside now.

Hiten and Priyank are in confession room.Hiten says you have come here now so let me nominate myself, Priyank says I can get votes, I have no reason to nominate you. Hiten says just play here. Hiten says I am nominating myself because Priyank have come now and I want to give him chance, Priyank hugs him. Bigg boss says dont talk about it to anyone.

Hiten and Priyank comes in house, Vikas says you both chose who will use medicine mutually like others? Hiten laughs. Priyank comes to camer and says please vote for Hiten. Luv comes there and says nominated? they dont answer.

Sabya says to Priyank that I really like this guy, Sapna says you used to talk that about Luv, Sabya says he was fake. Vikas says there will love seat again, Sabya says love dont see body but heart, we have set him on our eyelashes. Priyank says I am blushing. Sapna says who made you man? you should be woman, you have curves.

Vikas and Sapna are in confession room. Sapna says I can nominate myself, you are needed here, Vikas says you are needed too, Sapna says I like to be in nominations. Vikas says dont be confident too much, what if you leave? Sapna says I wont leave, Vikas says this is overconfidence. Sapna says this is not overconfidence, I have done work that will get me votes. Sapna says I told Salman that I get angry seeing your face, he laughs. Sapna says we have decided Sapna is nominated and Vikas is safe.

Next is Hina and Puneesh in confession room. Puneesh says Hina please save me, I am commoner, you are celebrity and can get saved easily. Hina laughs and oh now I am celebrity? remember calling me fake, zero celebrity and the one who puts 4 tons of makeup and what not? Bigg boss you are great for putting us together. Puneesh says Bigg boss you have called wrong people. Puneesh pleads to save him.Hina says this is Karma season. Puneesh says I wont fight on that level. Hina says fights will happen. Puneesh says I know you will save me. Hina says you are doing nice in house, I know you have followers now, Puneesh says lesser than you, I get footage from you, save me Hina Khan, you wont do this with me. Hina says you can save me, give me opportunity to save you later, I am being nominated every week, I want to fight for myself. Puneesh says I can put your tattoo. Hina says Bigg boss we cant decide what to do, Bigg boss says if you both dont decide then both will be nominated. Puneesh says please save me, this is not good. Hina says promise you wont curse and go personal.Puneesh says I promise. Hina says I am nominating myself, I am doing this for my parents, what you called me that day(characterless), I felt so bad. Puneesh says dont cry, dont make me feel guilty, I didnt know its meaning, I wont ever do it, she says okay.

Arshi and Pooja are in confession room. Pooja says I can nominate myself, you are good friend, Arshi says you are a friend too so I can nominate too, Pooja says no Bigg boss I nominate myself.

Pooja and Arshi comes out of room. Pooja asks Arshi to not give explanations, I am not fake friend, Arshi says I feel selfish for nominating you, Pooja says I did myself, Arshi says atleast your nomination photo will be shown, they laugh.

Ben and Bandagi comes in confession room, they say its difficult to choose. Ben says Vikas told me its important to come in nominations too. Bandagi says you have more followers, I need this. Ben says you are getting saved everytime, when you get nominated, you will be on top. Bigg boss says you both have 2 minutes only and if you dont reach a conclusion then both will be nominated. Ben says I dont want to be nominated. Bandagi says there is no conclusion so nominate us both, Bigg boss ask them to leave.

Bigg boss says to inmates that Luv is safe from nominations because he is captain. Sabya, Sapna, Shilpa, Hiten, Hina, Pooja, Ben and Bandagi (as they didnt take any decision) are nominated this week. Bigg boss says now we will talk about special inmate Priyank, he has been in talks because of all wrong reasons, he was thrown out of house for being violent then he was allowed in house again thinking that he deserves another chance, we told him clearly before entering that he cant give any information of outside world to inmates otherwise he will be punished but he gave information and Salman scolded him so much but still he didnt stop, today morning he told some information of outside world to some inmates, after nominations in confession room, we asked him to not share nomination details with anyone, but he came out of confession room and said to cameras to vote for Hiten, he clearly informed what he shouldnt, if Priyank keeps repeating mistakes then he will bear big consequences but for now thinking his mistakes as childlessness, we are nominating Priyank. So final nominated inmates are SABYA, SAPNA, SHILPA, HITEN, POOJA, BEN, BANDAGI and PRIYANK.

Hina says to Luv, Priyank, Ben and Sapna that I made Puneesh listen everything, I told him to say sorry to my parents, to see what goes around comes around, that what he did with me was wrong and its coming back to him, first he didnt say sorry but then he said uncle aunty I am sorry, I called your daughter that, then I said I did this for my parents, I gave him chance.

Arshi jokes to Priyank that Pooja loves Luv, Pooja says all have started saying it. Priyank goes to Bandagi and says Pooja loves Luv, she confirmed it, you have competition now.

PRECAP- In luxury budget task cushion factory. Shilpa and Vikas will be owners of cushion factories that are competing against each other. Shilpa steals Vikas’s money from his factor’s safe. Vikas says you just stole them like that? he angrily rejects all her cushions.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Did puneesh actually say it d way hina made it look… ?
    Or did ny of u guys feel she was exaggerating a lil… ?

    1. Samaira_khan

      Hmm a Lil bit..

    2. Kaha hoga. Full conversation nahi dikhate hai na. Voot mein uncut video kal ayega

      1. @sharan…. Yea… Ye bhi hai…. Will hv to wait…. Itz jst that yestrday afta seeing the episode,, i felt puneesh khud hi sorry bol rha tha,, naa ki hina ne kaha mere mom dad ka naam leke sorry bolo….

      2. A bit exaggerated version as usual from the drama queen. You can watch MTV just after colors what comes as uncut next day.

    3. I too have this doubt.. as I don’t watch the weekdays episodes and only read the written update..

    4. Drvidhi

      Usne galat logo ko jake bola she should go to pungi Gang and should say all this
      It’s clear fact that Akash Ben Luv mehzbi bandhi punish arshii too scared from nomination very time
      Majha tab ata jav vo ye sab bada Chadha ke punish ke samne bolti aur vo return mai kuch Bol nai pata ?? vo majha ata dekhne mai??

      1. @Drvidhi…… ? LOL… TRUE…. That wud hv been fun….. Puneesh ke samne jaake bolna thaaa……

    5. Drvidhi

      Hey watched their nomination vala cut video she did make him apologise punish ne khud nai bola tha ? even I thought like you when I saw episode first but yes BB ne bahot jyada edit kiya hai hina ne bahar ake galat nai bola hai
      Just to clear a doubt

      1. Not exactly the same the way Heena was reproducing. I have seen that. She didnot demand for excuse from him. He did it voluntarily. By the way Puneesh is smart banda. Hath paun jode zaroor. Koi chara nahin tha. Commener hai na. hum log jaisa. Also Hina was telling this in presence of Luv, the chamcha, to keep him under her clout. Commener ke nam pe dhabba hai ye banda. He shd show his own personality, otherwise, he may get evicted like Jyoti, the chamach.
        If anybody has seen last year Big boss, u must have seen the commoners how they were united and all celebs started respecting them. It was mutual subsequently.

      2. I agree with you kaytee..

  2. So today also Heena proved to be a wicked lady…agr bigg boss ni bolte ki u both will be nominated toh WO Sry ke bad b puneesh jo save ni krti…bt den she thought mjhe toh hona hi h nominate ku na mhaaan bn jau …ise save kr….bt agr wo sb bina itna drama kre hota toh it wud have been much btr

    1. Drvidhi

      Hey pari I watched that uncut video hina ask BB to nominate both but here punish don’t want to get nominate and punish beg like a begger so here I would say hina is right she was ready with fact k both v ll get nominated

  3. Is there no one on twitter who can say to salman or on bigg boss page to show mirror to hona shilpa also..who r of same level…but they are not being targeted on vknds.

    1. Hina* not hona

    2. Yaar kabhi to Shilpa ki baare mein acha bolo aaj usne kya galat kiya?

    3. @pari… totally agreed… i hate hina’s face now.. i don’t know how she worked in yrkkh serial for 8 years.. every time i found her fake… i can see her fake acting too…. she is the only person who looks fake all the time.. hate her expressions too…. just hate hina…

  4. Thanx for the very fast update Atiba? unique way of nomination! Everything out of the inmates expectations.. funniest part was when Arshi said Pooja that after being nominated her photo will be seen? I don’t know y but I really like Arshi for the way she tries to be humorous even in such atmosphere.. everyone teasing Pooja with Luv will be fun to watch in future.. atleast that way may be luv will get some footage?

    1. Samaira_khan

      Seriously yaar totally agreeee

    2. but i dont want .. that he get footage by pooja.. i has been 4 weeks.. but luv didn’t do anyting accept to unnecessary fight with arshi…now he bcame hina’s puppet.. it is so unfair to bandagi team.. to not got chance for captaincy.. always.. that team do good in tasks still.. worst permormer got more votes…

      1. That’s true yaar.. I honestly wanted him to get evicted and not Jyothi.. also taht he winning captaincy task and Hina winning it.. it’s one and the same coz he will act according to her however and also that hes saved from nomination being a captain.. I just hope Dhinchak gets saved? I feel like I wanna see her more in the game

  5. Samaira_khan

    heyy guys samaira here.. yesterday was quite busy so couldnt comment.. so let me give me my review today.. as i said im no one s fan.. and not baised so as per episode i judge a person.. so today..
    umm.. from the start i enjoyed a lottt starting was nicee.. i feel luv deserved it… sooooo happy for him but poor sapna..its ok..
    today i just LOVED hina.. i mean in every part..
    ok so abt the nominations..
    sorry guys there r many shilpa fans here so no #offence to anyone..
    i realllyyyy respect her for her so what to say umm.. dildaar heart.. but i feel sometimes we should be SELFISH sorry if someone felt wrong but just my opinion..
    Umm coming to sabyasachi and mehjabi..
    i respect sabyasachi alottt i feel he shouldnt have been nominated though i have no problem with mehjabi..
    hiten priyank loveeeeee u guys.. i really liked it..
    # important thing to cleaer out in epi also we can see priyank said on camera to save hiten… no participant heard it.. and we the viewrs have aldready watched it.. so whats the problem.. i hatedd it when he was nominate it makes no sense!!
    Arshi dhinchak..uff so friendship gud to see tht u know guys however arshi might be.. but she is clean at her.. her emotins were realllyyyy true during nomiantion..
    The most amazing hina and puneeesh lovedd it.. it was amazinggg.. hope puneesh dosent do something wrong again..
    The last one now vikas and sapna.. u know what guys.. seing the promos i thought tht they were fighting and trying to save themselves!! LOL i laughed so badlyy watching it.. hihi it was fun…
    One more thing i loved it when hina and ben were stopping priyank from revealig the outside news…, thankuuuuu hina..
    Last scene was cutee and funny also..
    This episode was seriously amazing!!!
    Precap- uff ahh i loved when vikas shilpa talk to each other nicely.. but again..huhh story begins again!!

    1. Love your review! Thank you.

  6. Love u Hina Khan. Today u have shown his real face to Puneesh who always says that celebs are getting footage because of him. Always support to Hina Khan because mostly her negative side is shown in episode but actually if u vl see extra dose of boot then Hina Khan is the best person in the house. I want Hina Khan to be the winner of big boss. U also like Ur dressing sense, ways of talking and communication skills. Love and support Hina Khan.

    1. Hina Khan will be the winner of BB 11. No doubts. But, I think Vikas is also a good contender.

    2. totally agree with you
      hope she win

  7. Guys please vote and support Hina Khan.

  8. Aaj to Pooja ne kamal kiya apne aap ko nominate karke?. Lagta hai Biggboss ko Vikas aur Shilpa ke beech ladayi karvaye bina chain nahi milti?. Poor priyank jo bhi karta hai bhas jata hai. Shilpa was superb as always?

  9. Bandagi apne aap ko kya samajhthi hai jo vo Hiten ko budda bol rahi hai. Kitni selfish ladki hai. Iss baar usko bahar hona chahiye

  10. I like Hina khan and priyank Sharma ….Hina is really smart and intelligent ?

  11. I love shilpa shinde too❤ straight forward,support her…

  12. Songina Basumatary

    Hina play the game nicely,I can see you the winner of this season 11…All the very best ?

  13. Hate BigBoss ,this season all the contested are looser they are not strong and all are of blaming shouting to each other using vulgur words ,yar bigboss throw them all n keep some celebraties who are smarter than them .
    I think winner is already fixed here hina khan the most losser and crying gal and always wants to show off dominate to other yaaaak hina khan. salman not saying any words to hina khan why mr sallu .

    1. @Sahaha…totally agreed with you… this time hina saved puneesh to become devi.. bcz if she dont save him.. they both got nominated.. so she thought why should i became devi…

    2. This is a blatant lie that salman isn’t saying any thing to hina.Salman has scolded hina since from beginning when ever she errs.u can’t expect him or any body to keep targeting her coz u simply hate her or her style.Keep hating while she flies higher.Salman is not biased.let’s not get clouded by negativity n sentiments.Hina is doing great .No one is perfect.Thank God she’s not cheap like many other inmates.

      1. yeah that’s y she jumped in vks’s fight unnesessarly then again fight with vks on the same topic.. she is ms. right always….she all time says mere jaise ban k dikhao.. bhai q koi tumhare jaisa bane? when it comes to hina anyone abuse her.. she started her big drama but when some other people says ill words to others she has no problem.. even in taking wrong one’s side ..u can see it in weekend ka war.. how she hog priyank and said chodege nhi unko.. if you are a girl u should take girl’s side . if that girl is not wrong in that case…

  14. Woh ban gaya gar ka naya captain jisko mere hisab se gar mein hona bi nahi chahiye… All credit goes to hina and team!!!

    Anyway I just loved the nomination round btwn shilpa- acash, vikas-sapna and hina-puneesh… Most funny was puneesh and hina’s nomination… She took advantage of the situation and cleverly played…made him apologize on national tv and her revenge is done… Well played Hina…?????? If she was arrogant and denied him, I would hav called ”fool”…. Kabhi kabhi woh uska dimag chalaatha hai.. She’l b safe for sure.. But I doubt if it was puneesh who asked her for apology for anything,.,Will she do that??? She would rather prefer to b nominated than he save her…

    Shilpa – acash were cute in confession room… Acash, what u wanted to ask BB in real??? ??He luked kinda cute joker…

    Vikas – sapna, I see the caring from him , lovely brother…eventhough she wasn’t misbehaving she was full of confidence that people love her…. It’s biggboss saving her…. Bcs it ws not her time to go….it’s better to nominate her than to make her understand why she should stay safe,.. Which is totally ‘a faltu attempt’ ….She’s stupid..he knew it.. Popularity wise he s more famous… Somebody said yesterday abt sapna -‘all week days rowdyism & on weekend fake sweet voice..’
    Ben-bandagi, I can’t understand these girls…they could hav saved one…, both hav too much ego..
    Mehjabi s selfish, already knew, not at al interested in sabya too… Arshi??? ofcourse u’l keep safe yourself… Playing well…. Earlier also I said When she nominated ben with laughing louder , whoever it is Arshi w’l do the same…she knows that ther s no friend inside…Pooja s 23 yrs, still dimag 16-17 ki hai….And she has crush on Luv ☺☺

    Hina pulls luv’s leg…” captain..,m proud of u” ..,& he seriously looks like ‘ he’s great’..

    PS : shilpa achhi thi aaj ke episode mein….
    Hope all r happy here too

    1. @AMY.. exactly… bb makers are doing drama to put priyank in noinations.. and i know.. shilpa,sapna,hina,priyank,vikas will be in top 5…there are lots of people.. who r doing nothing still getting save again and again .. don’t know for what reason..
      and yes luv don’t even deserves to be in house.. arsh team performed well in jungle task.. still peolpe vote for te worst permormer.. i dont know what sapna think of her self… she can’t even dance properly and have over confidence that she will get vote.. seriously? she knows very well that bb is not going to eliminate her till 12th week -13 weeks…

  15. Priyank- nominted- for breaking rule.., khalass.!! hogaya bigg boss ji??? Isse kya hoga james bond ko…, u’l keep him here only.. Atleast he should hav sent to jail…al alone..!! Does he really wanted to provoke vikas by telling ‘cc’.?? He used abusive word also to him.. Fake friend!!! Priyank knows these things will b telecasted…he’s playing dirty.. Hina madam,if someone rise any accusation against u , u too r in a controversy then,,, not evn necessary that it is true to file a case.. Arshi’s publicist already filed FIR against priyank and sapna….bahar aajao bachhe, pata chal jaayega..! Yesterday also vikas was telling salman ” shilpa was saying filthy things here and he knows that it won’t b telecasted..” ! Oh man, u hav no idea what all BB and salman doing for trp…

    Hina advised priyank nicely…. Vikas was also trying,, but I feel priyank’s intention is very bad…. He was out from bigboss,,,now he’s aware that people lov vikas…and vikas wil b a tough competitor for him… As far as I understand, this priyank wil play anything dirty to win…
    He wants to make good image on audience by pleading for hiten’s votes .., when luv was behind him….

    1. Drvidhi

      He didn’t using his brain Vikas hina Shilpa 4 week se he they knw how to play Priyank bahar aake bhi Vikas ka mind game dekh ke bhi nai samaj paya
      Poor Priyank

    2. @Amy… yes.. whenevr vikas talks abt shilpa.. salman just ignored everything… in this wekend ka war too.. when he was saying abt shilpa’s comments and all .. salman didn’t react… and this time priyank knew it very well that he can be reach in top 5 only by stooping too low.. that’s y he is doing all these antics… and people are saying abt puneesh andagi.. but priyank and ben wants to do the same .. just to stay in house… look at ben.. she didn’t do anything.. didn’t perform well in task.. didn’t took stand… but when priyank came in house she became sherni.. and support priyank in his wrongs…

  16. Hello all, there are news articles and videos that Sapna, Shilpa, and Hina were talking about s*x and con**ms in BB house. Looks like Sapna was telling the other two that she didn’t know what it was and Hina and Shilpa were explaining it. Is that true? I absolutely don’t want that kind of material on BB house. I watch this show with my family, including sisters and mom. This is very sensitive talk and should not be shown on national television. Does anyone agree?

    1. Drvidhi

      It’s on voot they won’t show it in episode

    2. @kumar…. Yes… Even i heard abt that… Also sapna was asking wat one night stands are…. And those two wer explaining….
      I dnt think bb will telecast that…. But it’ll be on unseen clips nd extra dose…

    3. No idea.. they might have spoken.. but I doubt they will show it in Colors.. however u may get to see it in voot. As far as I know before this also Shilpa and Sapna spoke about one night stand.. but I don’t think it was telecasted in Colors. But it was available in voot..

    4. sapna knows everything… she is pretending like swt,innocent girl.. who doesn’t know anythig…if you go in haryana side then you will know.. what exactly sapna is…

  17. Drvidhi

    Kya BB pair aap ne acchi di thi par bohot acchi de sakhate the jaise ki
    Or hina/luv
    To sab ka asali pyaar or so called golden Herat dikhata

    1. @drividhi… exactly…

  18. Puneesh jo itna blta tha aaj hina k pair pad gya.. wa re we.. n bandgi piche se khel rhi hain.. hiten ko budha blta hain what is she fake relation bnake bethi hain game k liye.. precap fir se vikas shilpa ufff… lets see

  19. Bigg boss ko pata hai Vikas k bina Shilpa kuch nahi. Their fav isn’t getting any footage like 1st week. On wkw also we saw salman giving hints to Shilpa that Vikas ki wajah se wo entertain kar paai. N thats y in tommrws episode it’s shilpa vs Vikas. It is also not fair that Shilpa’s team got more strong contestants than Vikas’s team. Shilpa got hina, Hiten, priyank luv while Vikas got pooja, arshi sabya Ben etc. BB is trying really hard to keep shilpa in the limelight, showing her positive side, not saying or even uttering a single word when she personally attacked Vikas. Some of us are not fool, Makers.
    Mark my word she will win this show n Hina will b runner up.

  20. The way hina was exaggerating the scene to her grp about puneesh I think after coming out of the house if he watches it he will definitely leave a side note saying that” isse behathar my apne aapko hazaar bar nominate karlu.(ha..ha)sorry guys for insulting hina. But she was good at explain ing things to priyank.
    Next day morning she wasadvising akash to rspct cptn. He started reacting..rapping all that. Immediately hina turned towards camera ,said”hum first key denge aur phir enjoy karenge”…I mean what a clever player .advising so nicely and bringing out reaction from others ,(knowing very well that he will react)
    On sndy when arshi gave lomidi card to hina I was like why this one to hina. But now I realised.
    Bb is such a risky place where even if u try hard to look good at some point or the other what u are actually from inside will comeout. That is the biggest drawback in hina.–trying to behave good. Anyway am not denying that she is a strong contestant.

  21. Why all are against shilpa and what aboit vikas…….. He is not goodat all….. All are the crazy and blind fans of vikas……… Just hate this man a lot…….. He is playing from mind……. He is not real…….. Jo real vikas tha wo 1st episode m tha…….. He changed his game a lot…………becoz he know he want to become mahaan in front of viewers……… And shilpa playng a natural game instead of fake…….. She doesn’t like vikas so show it clearly……… Not like vikas that i like ur smile hairs and alll bla bla bla…….. His reality knows everyone…….. We know his case of parth samathan……. ….becoz of him he has to face many controversies……… I really hate him and poor parth ……….he just want to defame him……… He knows to defame others only nothing else……… Shilpa is real……… From outside and inside……… Vikas gets poplarity from shilpa……just hate that hina……….shilpa rocks…… I wish she wins that task tooo………

  22. proud of hina

  23. Bandagi is fake girl.. I really don’t like her..

  24. hello friens commenting for the first time and i m not fan of nyone i watch it as a neutral view and i m not supporting or criticizing anyone in this comment. i couldnot stop myself to write here after reading you guys comments here.
    everyone has their fav its obivious and most hated person also. but guys before commenting about anybody just know the truth and right. the person who is good outside the house also is been seen as a bad person inside the house. we are not inside the house and we dont know the situation condtion about the house may be they are acting according to siyuation. someone are shown very positive and some are been showing very negative. the telecasted part is just of 45 min that also edited we are not shown the full part also neitheer that suitaion in which they are reacting.
    we watch unseen videos extradose to know more and it sometimes shows full different story and reactons conditions whatever. people are shown fully negative in telecaste episode but is postive in real who supports to each other and talks with each other. they are seen making others understands.
    and guys many of u are fighting regarding who is better and who is not and we express our opinion it is not important that all have same views its okay but u guys are cursing to each other(not every one only the few) i dont think the housemates are any of ur relatives so guys chill express ur views in calm way.
    and the most imp thing agar kuch karo toh problem na karo toh peoblem. if u guys can criticize for doing bad the u should learn to appreciate for doing good also. if a person is wrong in a mattars is doesnot means that person is always wrong . sometimes they may do it genuinly. agar woh banda kuch acha karr rahe hai toh bhi sab ko lagta hai uska koi motive hai. motive toh jaroor hai kyun ki koi bhi banda iss ghar mei dusre ko help karne ke liye gaya nahi hai sab apne liye khlenge aur sab apne liye khelenge. jo smart hai woh dusro ko apna mohra banake bhi jitt sakta hai aur jo smart nahi hai woh fool bante hai. sab ko kisi na kisi ke support chaiye hota hai koi akela nahi survive karr sakta hai nahi aur kuch group mei khele couple bann ke khele woh unka choice hai.

    so guys support ur fav and keep watching

    1. yes exactly.. every one have their own point of view ,like and dislikes…so why to fight here…

  25. It baffles me how people spread so much hate.just coz u hate someone,u paint others black.nah !that’s wrong.I am a hina khan and shilpa supporter but I also see gud in others too .No body is perfect .Hina is strong n has been targeted since her entry,shilpa is strong too n blunt.I hope one of them wins the show.

  26. Tin tin vikas hs his own fame n shilpa her own stop gvng credits to shil0a n alll…n yaa am nt fan of shilpa r vikas but listen if u observe episodes shilpa gt highlighted bcz oof vikas inbtwn she ws calm u accept it n yaa shilpa isr known to others dn vokas dts fact but game point of u vokas is mr playing s in case of arshi n hiten bcz of arshi v gt to c hiten funny sode ..r else he seen sitting gossyping dts shilpa n vikas r gud …all r gud …its situation inside d house dts mkng dm wrse …game frankly hina n vikas r playing gud othrrs r crazy ..shilpa is being too much in kitchen …she nd to tk brk frm dt ..let others do …otherwise she is playing gud nly

  27. where is @ABC ,isha and indian

  28. Another chance for Priyank? Hmmmmmmmmm. Salman has to keep his promise.

  29. I think shilpa,vikas and hina will be finalist. I love both shilpa and vikas i wish one of them to win. Hate hina khan she is doing overacting.I really wish she will not win the show

  30. Hate shilpa. Now i understand why she was thrown out of industry. Her behaviour oh my god. Thats why no one stood by her not even her co stars. So irritating to watch her. Plz. Throw her out of bigboss.

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