Bigg Boss 11 30th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Priyank faces eviction

Bigg Boss 11 30th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Salman there are only a few hours in 2018. The last weekend of the season. 2017 was in a super hurry. Today we will go live to vote. I want to tell you that elimination will happen today. The person who will go from this house are Luv and Priyank. Priyank who is Vikaas friend now. One of them will go to their house.
salman says hello to them. He says who is nominated? They both raise hands. Salman says luv you have gf? He says no just friend. Salman says okay you will celebrate with your friends.
Salman says Hina you look very nice. salman says what is Akash wearing? Hina says my nighty. Everyone laughs. Hina says I gave it to him. Salman says burn it when he returns it. So your families came. Who was nervous. Puneesh says Akash.
Shilpa says it was a gossip day. Salman

says what about rocky’s mummy ji face. This house is the way people get emotional.

Salman says Akash mummy got you emotional. One bed was missing. So mummy decided one bed will be shared and rocky and bandagi will share it. Puneesh says hina’s bed is empty as well. Salman says they made new years plans as well. Priyank laughs. Punessh says show some video. Salman says its not worth airing. Hina says that happen. salman ssays they have bonded. Don’t be excited then when you get out or get shocked. Hina says he met me with love. Puneesh says will find a new one.

Salman says vikaas why were you so scared to see your mom? He says luv did some comedy trick that mom liked. Everyone reacted on it. My mom is from a village for her fights get her nervous. Salman says your mom has decided your marriage. Everyone is shocked. Vikass says who? salman says yes she has chosen your bride. Salman says let me show you. Salman says lets see ma’s dream first. He shows Vikaas and Shilpa’s old photo. Everyone hoods. Salman says Shilpa knows him so well. His mom said that Shilpa is a very nice girl. These two should get married when they get out. Vikaas says why would my mom say that.

Salman says your fans have asked some questions. hina says stop it please. salman says hina who many seconds are there in a minute? She says sixty. salman says how much in a month? she says 34,000. salman says just just one.Seconds feb. Second march.
Salman says Akash which sports Metali raj plays? He says how would I know who is she? Salman says hina you tell. Hina says how would I know? He asks Shilpa. She laughs. Salman asks Luv. Priyank ssays cricket. Hina says yes I recalled.
Salman says what is full form of DVD luv? Luv ssays digital video display. Salman says you worked in this industry. Salman says is digital versatile disk.

Salman says priyank you have one matchstick. There is one gas stove, candle and dia. What will you burn first. Priyank says the matchstick. Everyone cheerss. Salman says shilpa akash has 100 eggs. How many times she can take 2 eggs from him? Shilpa says 50 times. Salman says just one time from 100 because it will become 98.

Salman says your family has given some videos this time. Shilpa says to Vikaas you said our upbringing.. our parents show our upbringing. Vikaas says Akash said he wants to see everyone’s up bringing. Vikaas says I felt bad about that. I didn’t want people to judge moms. The discussion was getting worse. Shilpa says don’t take every word on heart. Vikaas says I felt like my mom shouldn’t have come. Shilpa says i said my mom is typical. She won’t let anyone speak. Vikaas says I didn’t want my mom to stay here long.

Salman says India get ready to become judge. This week families and friends came. They entertained us more than inmates. But we will try to make them speak whats in their heart. Lets welcome family and friends. All the family and friends come.
Salman says to Bandagi and Rocky I have told them you both have tuned you will go to Balo together.

Salman asks Bandagi how is it? She says completely different experience. Salman says you stayed in the house for 48 hours. Was it different from looking from the TV? She says very different. Bandagi says every mom had tasks and only one could go in so all were enthusiastic. It was fun. salman says you can ask questions from them.
Salman says every time I ask you and you answer. There is a panel today. Everyone is surprised to see their family and friends. Hina says to Rocky what is happening? He says we are going to Bali.
Puneesh says you could have stayed for a few days. Hina says did something happen? He says yes the dating has started. Salman says they have questions in their heart for you all.
Ashostosh asks Akash you said shilpa is playing a game. There was fight and then it got resolved. Then she gained sympathy? how did you call it a game? Vikaas says she showed so many shades. She has played beautifully. We are all playing game here. Shilpa says you said how much acting will I do?
Akash’s mom says I hope she is as nice to Akash outside as she is inside. Ashotosh says Shilpa got Hiten out. You nominated and saved yourself. so game started right there. Vikaas says Hiten saved her. Bandagi asks if Priyank leaves who will be your friend? He says Puneesh. Puneesh says bandagi I am seeing everything. They laughs.
Rocky says to Vikass you say that people do things for camera. Why? Vikaas says they take things far ahead. Rocky says what about when you are seen crying or fighting. Vikaas says no I don’t overreact. If you go excessive then people will call it fake. I do what I feel is right. Rocky says other people have real emotions too.

Bandagi asks Hinna when I was in the house you said Punessh isn’t playing because I am with him all the time. Then when I left you said punessh isn’t playing because I am not here. Hina says when you were here of course you two had good moments and people liked it. And it worked for you. But when you left we felt like he has gotten slow. Bandagi says he was just upset and a little angry. Salman says so rocky and bandagi think hina keeps changing statement. Hina says he is silent. Bandagi says my second question.. You commented on Puneesh’s looks. You said that how can Bandagi live with a man like him. I want to ask you when you came here you are a celebrity. What if someone says same about your lover? Hina says I would feel bad. I never spoke about face. salman says yes she spoke about teeth. Salman says Puneesh show teeth. He says why would Hina want to talk about my teeth? Bandagi says it was about looks. Hina says I only spoke about teeth. Bandagi says I watched the episode. SAlman says yes you can shame skin, eyes and so on and say yes that this is not about face. hina says we always pick wrong things.

Mrs. Dadlani asks Puneesh why did you not let Akash be the captain? Puneesh says no why would I stop him? I know he would save me everytime. I fought Vandani for Akash many times and I will always outside this house as well. Mrs. Dadlani says your statement is changing. When you both flipped.. Punessh says those were bad days. She asys you spit on him and you said Akash is my enemy. I will hit his head when I leave this house. Punessh says I was just in anger. She says so you can say anything and you can say you don’t mean it? He says I love akash.
Mrs. Dadlani asks Shilpa when akash couldn’t be the capatin you took the chance from him? Shipla says I had to think about other people as well and not Just Akash. Shilpa says everyone was against me. I couldn’t be mean. Mrs. Dadlani says you could give him a chance. She says I couldn’t get a chance either. Shilpa says we will make him in next season.
Rocky says a lot of your fans think you will win. Whom do you think can win other than you? Shipla says these are the only two people Puneesh or Akash. Rocky says so you will only make people win who helped you. She says no they deserve as well.
Bandagi asks pretty whom will you choose in those both? Shilpa says I can’t decide that. Salman asks them who do you want to see in top 2. Ashotsh says Shilpa and Punessh. Bandahi says puneesh and shilpa. Rocky says with Hina I want to see akash. Salman says only two weeks are left. Have a good journey Bandagi and Rocky. Puneesh says have a nice new year bandagi. She says I am not going anywhere. He says you better not.

Shilpa says to Puneesh and Akash one of you is chango and one is mango.
Hina says to Vikaas it was not really funny. Vikaas says I only reacted because I felt it was wrong.
Salman says Priyan or Luv will get out of this house. Then India will vote live. India will be the judge and one of you will get out.
salman says whoever goes out will get to celebrate with his family. Salman asks Puneesh. He says i think priyan would have less votes. Vikaas Priyank will be saved. Luv and priyan take their own names. Hina says I think Priyan will have more votes. Shilpa says i think Priyank would have less.
Salman says lets see who will get out of this house today. Priyan and Luv stand up. Salman says Priyank has less votes. He hugs everyone and says good bye. Hina hugs Luv.
Vikas hugs Priyank and says take care. Priyank says thank you bigg boss for everything. You supported me alot. I am going from here happily. Hina hugs him. Luv says good luck. Priyank leaves the house.

Luv says Priyank is gone. Puneesh says I knew you would be saved.
Salman says now you can choose one entertainer contest of the house through live voting.
Bigg boss says india is seeing this show live. Bigg boss is proud of all of you. This is one of the best seasons of bigg boss. There is one color you all haven’t shown. Its singing. So the girls have been seeing singing in the house. Hina and Shilpa will sing and India will decide through live voting who sings better.

Hina comes forward to sing. Bigg boss says lets see hina’s singing journey so far. Her scenes of singing are shown. She sings yeh moh moh k dhagy. Other inmates throw balls at her. Hina sings well. She throws the balls back at them. Everyone hoots. Bigg boss says how did you feel? Hina says really good. Bigg boss says 65% people liked your voting.
Salman says shilpa’s turn now. Bigg boss says Shilpa now your turn.
Shilpa says I don’t sing usually. Shilpa’s singing moments are shown. Shilpa sings apka kia hoga janab e ali. They throw balls at her. She sings funny.. Shilpa says thank you bigg boss. Bigg boss says results are here. 77% people have liked your singing so you are the winner. Shilpa says thank you bigg boss. Salman says thank you very much. We will meet tomorrow.

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Neeru

    * Ok we had family members supporting shilpa, hina, puns nd akash….. And wat abt pri, vikas nd luv…. No one to question others for them…. Imagine vikas’s family questioning puns for all dat b*t*hing… ?
    * I liked all d questions nd answers…. But somewer i felt puns nd shilpa cud hv been a lil more sweet to akash’s mothr…. Nothing major though…. Still i felt bad for akash’s mom.. I mean – aap uski maa hai islye aapko aisa lagta hai… Who answers like dat.. ? Vikas, hina cud also hv just said dat vn ashu or bandgi asked…. U r family islye aapko wo lag rha hai…..
    * Priyank… I liked him soooo much in roadies…. Was soo excited wen he entered BB… I so badly wanted him back wen he left… But somewhere in dis journey i lost my liking for him… He have done nd said things vch i m sure evn he will nt be proud of… Having said dat,, i think he have improved soo much in last few weeks … He played really well… You hv won hearts… Will miss you pri…. Good luck to you… Luv congrats…. I like innocent,, dil ka saaf luv…
    * Live votes… I voted for hina…. Have heard her sing this song before wen vikas asked her to during a bedroom session….. Liked it den… And liked it now…. She sings well…. Nd moh moh is one of my fav songs…. Beautiful song… Beautifully sung…
    * Shilpa wins d singing competition….. ??? Well blind support ho tho aisa ho…. !!! Kamal hai….. But nywaz Well done shilpa fans… Congratulations …. !!!
    * And I remember someone making fun wen vikas got only 71%…. To that person,, Well he got it with 200k followers…. Wat abt now.. ? Kya hua ab.. Just 65 nd 77 with million followers… ?

    1. Till now I was a silent reader but today I am just commenting .. nd I’m a vikas Gupta’s supporter.. I really like the way he is playing. Actually he is the only one in bb house who doesn’t flip… who stands on his words .. I really like the person he is ..
      Nd I really like ur comments neeru ..
      By the way for today’s episode I just wanted ki shilpa should win .. and so happened .. bcz it’s a well known fact ki hina is really in secure .. nd if shilpa has won the challenge without that much good singing skills ?? .. then she will definitely feel more insecure .. ohhhhh goddd .. insecurity at its peak .. it’s tym to fight with shilpa .. hina ji.. # winner vikas Gupta ..

      1. Neeru

        @Anusha….. Thank you dear….!!! ?
        #Vikasians… ??
        Keep commenting….!!!!

    2. I also voted for Hina……… U t right agreed with u but unko vikas priynak ND love ki mother ko b bulana chiye tha….. It’s unfair…..

      Wese b in logo n Jo question diye the wo ink apne n the y question inko bb see mile the inmates se Puchne k lie or subse jyda target vikas ko Kia gya….. But loved the way in which he answered …. So clam ND cool ….
      I hate punish …… Usko bat krne ka trika b n ata….or big boss us PR itna fever KU KR r h …KU bandgi ko inti importance di gai …they can call his mother or father what’s the need to call bandgi….. I didn’t liked it….. Aksh Shilpa or punesh ko totly fever Kia ja r h

      Subse jyda target vikas ND Hina ko Lia ja r h

      Or aj Salman n b y bat bola starting me ki “prink Jo ki an vikas ka friend h ”
      What’s the need to said this he has his own personality …why this matter who r his friend or who not….it’s clearly visible h ki is hafte see priynk vikss ka friend bna h isle use nikla ja r hai…

      I will miss priynk a lot cried so much when he was living…. ND vikas ND priyank hug….it’s touched my hurt ….they both are Sach a nice person ND good friends….

      1. Neeru

        @Anjali…. Yaa…. Everyone’s parnts shud hv been der…. And as u said vikas handled d questions in a wonderful manner…
        Well i thot bandagi asking vikas ki pri chala gaya tho who will be ur frnd,, was for puneesh to realize that vikas is genuine to him… I just hv dat feeling ki dat question was her way of letting puns knw…. But punss tho punns hai…. Samaj me aayega nhi… ?

    3. Kya ‘LIVE VOTES ‘ Neeru..???
      Havnt u noticed it was fake..??

      On Friday when gupt task episode was telecasting, they showed precap of today’s ( Saturday) episode…. That means they shooted it yesterday itself and priyank’s eviction too. How come after priyank left all contestants in same dress for live poll today at 9pm..?? SERIOUSLY??? They didn’t change dress since yesterday and waited for live poll for next day… What a patience? ! Again in today’s precap, they r in another dress when guest came…so when did they shoot it?? After live poll?? Tonight After 10pm?? We’r not fools to believe this live poll… Last time was real bcs there wasn’t any precap available bfr the episode…! This time it’s fake totally..!
      – Besides I had seen Hina saying in yesterday night’s extra dose tht ” today s 28th Dec..” ( aftr secret task they were waiting for food..) So let’s conclude secret task was happened on 28th…. What were they doing on 29th???? Priyank’s eviction and live poll was shooting actually….! How then they can come on live on 30th Dec.?? BB fooled the contestants…. But we have more sources to find out what’s happening….
      Hina always sings beautifully…
      Shilpa was funny

      1. Puneesh ko koi kyu nahi bolta kuch bhi??
        Har baar woh ladka bach jaata hai….day in and day out all what he does is b*t*hing!!!
        Salman kabhi toh neutral ho jaaye iss season mein….seriously yaar it is irritating
        Blind supporters of shilpa shinde….I voted for hina as that was the fair thing to do….I also think ke woh polling fake thi…nahi toh log itne bhi brwakoof nahi hai ki ek achr sinher ko harake bure singer ko jitaayein
        I will really miss priyank…I hope he does well outside and gets his image back
        Iss bandagi ko kyu bulate ho yaar baar baar….inko shayad samajh nahi aata ki None Of Us Liked Her(exept for puneesh ofcourse)
        Uski jagah hiten ko bulao yaa arshi ko bulao…
        Shilpa shinde again..bach gayi aap salman ki wajah se
        Bigg boss waalon ne ki ek aur partiality…vikas ke ghar se kisi ko nahi bulaya..
        The best part was jab 2 of the family memberd took puneesh’s name for the winner….ajji ghanta xD
        Also jab salman puneesh aur hina ki le raha tha that was funny

      2. Neeru

        @Amy…. You are ryt…. Dey wont just sit and wait in d same dress for a whole day… I just hope the constnts are nt involved in dis… I mean as u said bb played wid d inmates too,, creating a fake poll without their knowledge afta pri left…. Or else if everyone of d inmates knw,, den wat r we doing here… ? ??

      3. U r point of view is current also one point Hina jit gai ti kuki Shilpa k voting 55 pr ruk gai ti but end just voting close hone k phle uski vote ek dum see bde Jo ki kisi fan n nhi khud bb walo n krwae the Shilpa k lie….
        Bhai apko use winner bnna b to bno but KU dusre k telent ka mjk uda r ho…..
        Hina ki awaj Dil ko chutti h wo bhut h acha gati h or shillpa ki awaj. Me h mithas n h sur tal to dur ki bat hai….

        Totally unfair with Hina Khan

        But plz Shilpa fans ab AP akar chilne mat lgana ki vikss jita Tha to apne esa n Kia wesa n kaha but Shilpa jiti to AP kah r ho

        Hum isle n kah r h ki Shilpa jiti hum to isle kah r h ki Jo deserve krta Tha wo har gya jb voting singing k base pr honi ti to Hina h uski sahi hakdar thi phr chahe samne vikas ho y Shilpa Hina is more better then them in singing

      4. @Amy , I too believe HM have no idea about it…. This fake voting was to favour shilpa only. Now everyone think shilpa got highest percentage & she has more fans….
        @ Neeru, they don’t have million fans in reality. They concentrate on trending shilpa to make wrong impression that she has that much followers…but one person s trending from 100 different accounts… These people r not in insta & fb., they r after Twitter polls only! This s how they r gonna prove that ‘if anyone else wins then it’s fixed ‘ – rubbish!

      5. Neeru

        @fida…. I was nt talking abt the trend….. I meant insta followers…. Hina does hv abt 1.8m insta followers…

    4. Esther

      @Neeru…. Agree with you totally…. Bt I dnt lyk LUV that much…. Won’t say he is innocent……n abt voting….I too voted for Hina…..she is a great singer……..Yea what will ppl say abt this voting??? before they were saying that live voting was fake..It was only 4% lead bla bla??…

      1. Neeru

        @Esther….. Exactly….. 4% nd all…. ?
        Luv was innocnt…. Wat i meant was i liked d old innocnt ,dil ka saaf luv….. Now he hv started b*t*hing… But still he hv not disrespected women like pri….
        You knw wat,,, the way luv is getting saved,, i hv a fear dat bb myt make him win just to justify the concept of padosi…. Pata chala vikas-shilpa-hina fans baite rahe aur luv khel jayein…. ?????

      2. I heard somewhere love is going. To Winn….usk lie game gae ja r h or really nikli ja r h also he is a padosi…which is the main concept of show that’s way they can make him win in order to fulfil there concept like last year they did …..
        But I think Hina k fan k support k wajh see wo bach r Tha lekin ab Hina Shilpa k fan to apne respective k lie h vote krege to chance Kam he luv k but it’s big boss house yha to kuch b ho skta h….

    5. Yes u said right….vikss always considered punesh as his friend ND always try to save him form nomination…… But punish k ps dimag h n h wo to Shilpa Shilpa KR r h Jo end me use b ditch KR degi…..

  2. Till now I was a silent reader but today I am just commenting .. nd I’m a vikas Gupta’s supporter.. I really like the way he is playing. Actually he is the only one in bb house who doesn’t flow .. who stands on his words .. I really like the person he is ..
    Nd I really like ur comments neeru ..
    By the way for today’s episode I just wanted ki shilpa should win .. and so happens .. bcz it’s a well known fact ki hina is really in secure .. nd if shilpa has won the challenge without that much good singing skills ?? .. then she will definitely feel more insecure .. ohhhhh goddd .. insecurity at its peak .. it’s tym to fight with shilpa .. hina ji.. # winner vikas Gupta ..

    1. Samaira_khan

      @Anusha but if u see Hina s voice was 1000 times better than Shilpa im not defaming anyone but still.. its a #FACT

      1. Hina is an amazing singer.kal singing competition nahi tha.Best entertainer ko select karna tha through singing

      2. Yupps .. u r right samaira.. no doubt ki hina’s voice is much better than shilpa .. but as vikasian I thought it was good .. bcz hina and shilpa are together just to target vikas .. nd that singing competition .. everyone in the house expected ki hina would be the winner but after the results .. even shilpa was shocked .. but as we know ki hina is insecure from shilpa .. and when audience supported shilpa against herself .. then … As hina’s nature is.. she will feel like a big howw?? And this will definitely create differences between them .. which will be in Vg’s favour … I thought so ..

    2. U r saying write it’s in favrour of vikas….but don’t be so selfish yr …it’s injustice happened Hina…so support them also who r true with ur loved one…

      1. You’re right

  3. Till now I was a silent reader but today I am just commenting .. nd I’m a vikas Gupta’s supporter.. I really like the way he is playing. Actually he is the only one in bb house who doesn’t flow .. who stands on his words .. I really like the person he is ..
    Nd I really like ur comments neeru ..
    By the way for today’s episode I just wanted ki shilpa should win .. and so happens .. bcz it’s a well known fact ki hina is really in secure .. nd if shilpa has won the challenge without that much good singing skills ?? .. then she will definitely feel more insecure .. ohhhhh goddd .. insecurity at its peak .. it’s tym to fight with shilpa .. hina ji.. # winner vikas Gupta ..

  4. sampath kumar

    Ashutosh came there to tell shilpa is a devi and he blamed vikas for hiten eviction clearly …..vikas clearly telling say about me anything but I don’t want others to judge my mother…. and rocky blamed him for telling others emotions fake vikas told if I overreact tat also look fake it happens to anyone…… rocky roasted vikas but when bandagi questions hina he was like a puppy …… if vikas family members like his brother come to the show shilpa ll face such questions she regret doing it…… I m blind vikas fan

    1. I m also blind vikas friend …and what is u saying it’s all aboulty right…..Rocky ko y question vikas k bajae Shilpa se krna Tha……..
      Or Ms rockey phle AP apni Hina medam ko to dekh lo wo kis trh see dusro ka majk bnti h phr AP dusro PR bolna….

    2. Whatever the fact, I too like others call me now blind fan of vikas…
      Yess…..! me bi ANDH BHAKTH hu…

    3. @ Samantha Kumar tumhara to kuch samajh he ne aaya. Lol ?

      1. Ok i think i shouldnt say this…par kya karu bohot mann kar raha hai…
        Hina Ko puneesh ki shakal gandi lagdi hai
        Madam pehle rocky ki shakal toh dekho xD
        Hadd hai yaar….

    4. Exactly sampath

  5. Hina was getting her confidence back but again why bb want to degrade her when she was a good singer,I really felt bad for Hina, she sings well.
    Bb is asking questions in the shilpa can give clarification that she didn’t mean anything wrong.the way she said to aaksh mom that e paagal ko jitana chahatha hei aap was totally wrong.she was saying HMS said but no need to tell that to aaksh mom.nobody took her class for teasing at mother’s.hina and priyank got classes whenever they said anything.
    Moreover why nobody accept the fact that shilpa voted against hiten , why they want to blame vikas.aarshi was angry on hiten and Shilpa so she was not going to save that team.shilpa clearly got an opportunity to save hiten she didn’t use that.its a part of game why can’t you accept that.bciz they are scared
    She will loose Devi avathar,are yaar everyone is not fools v all understand that she is not a Devi.n

    1. Agree to u Neha,
      Hina was slowly recovering confidence… In such condition if she was questioned by anyone ,her ms.right attitude wil b seen first.. She hasn’t realized that yet…neither she knows to hide anything..!
      – kitna bi koshish kare shilpa ka backstabbing can’t b put on Vikas’s head…
      Loved the way Vikas answered it.., he could have said it’s BB’S MISTAKE THAT THEY PUT HITEN IN DIFFERENT GROUP AND THIS S WHY HE GOT EVICTED…. will they agree???
      Vikas’ intention wasn’t to evict Hiten, but it was shilpa’s intention…. Jaise hi behen waise hi bhai…!

  6. everyone vote for Vikas… their is no one who deserve more then him to win this show. vikas ne prove kr dia hai k you can play this game without b*t*hing others.

  7. Priynk b gya use shyad phle se h pta Tha wo jaega usk face see kahi see b lga ki wo shocked hai…..but y bhut h unfair hua hai….ab bb me koi interest n bcha ……saf smj me ara h bb is total unfair this time…. Jo log ghr me desreve krte the unhe nikal Diya gya….show pura onsided ho gya….

    1. Exactly @Anjali..aur sab se unfair hai punees, akash jaise contestant avi tak ghar mei rehna..

  8. Samaira_khan

    -Loved the wayyy how Vikas replied so coolly while excepting his faults somewhere!.. Thats the spirit!!.. I wanted someone from vikas side to also come..
    -Pri i felt soooo bad!! u were thee reason with HINA tht i started watching bb but after ur re entry it got lost.. still since few week again ur fans r back!!.. and its gud he got eliminated it was looking tht he is not at all intrested!!
    -Sorry to the fans but acc to me HITEN AND ARSHI were more deserving than some other non deserving contestants right now!!..
    -lol have to agree @Neeru vikas has very less followers as compared to Shilpa but still she got ONLY 77 percent while Vikas got 71 percent!!.. i felt tht if u see actually whos voice is better then its HINA KHAN!!.. Shilpa is just like a bathroom singer as many of us.. Still congrats Shilpa fans!!

  9. I am done with fake show like bb11 as there is no pri for me bb11 is over a partial show always targeted pri

  10. All the contestants should be treated equally why Vikas luv priyank ‘s family members were not called , if we consider nomination, at least someone from Vikas side could have come
    Shilpa was funny ,but although she won I liked hinas song more

  11. Bigg Boss is the fakest reality show in India. No way Luv was more deserving than Priyank.
    Bigg boss my favorite show, now I hate this show the most. Bb is always saving undeserving contestants like Puneesh and Akash..

    1. Agreed

  12. Yaa Vikas ke fans jaisa intelligent hum Shilpa ke fans nai hai..Shilpa ko love kerte hai hum bus..aur usike wajahse blind supporters Jaise certificates BHI lene pad rahe hai humko..gharme sab shilpako sunate rahte hai. Aur bahar Uske fansko sunna pad raha hai..aur kisika congrats BHI humko nai Chahiye..Shilpa nai jitne per BHI hum Khush honge

  13. Came here to see some frustration.Sab bolo BB11 biased hei.Aaj live voting hei ye baat aaj sabko pata chala.Pichle hafte ke baat kuch aur thi.Pehle se hi announce kiya tha.Blind supporters vo log hei jo Vikas ko semi finalist banaya.

    1. @ Tripura, I agree to your statement ” Yaa Vikas ke fans jaisa intelligent hum Shilpa ke fans nai hai..” – u said truth in first line….
      @ Kavi, As you said, did you see any frustration here? Hina and Vikas fans already understood, this show s biased towards shilpa….. About live voting – this time it was pure joke- makers were faking this live vote to get the impression that shilpa has more fans than Hina ,So that in finale they can claim shilpa got more votes and she wins. Last time priyank vs Vikas was real…. Observe the show closely to understand what’s happening…
      There s a video where shilpa alone requests facing camera ” biggboss please kisiko bi winner banado vikas ko chodke…..” – how can Biggboss reject it??

  14. RoBuns ????
    I loved it more than shilpa Vikas shaadi…
    Both Rocky & Bandagi could make Hina and punnu jealous and angry ….??
    Only 4 contestants’ family were in panel…Are they top 4 ?????
    I dnt want Vikas leave bfr finale atleast…. To Rocky and Ashutosh ‘s questions
    Vikas answered quite well without losing his calm… Love u Vikku he s cute and handsome ….
    Shilpa’s bro tried to take the blame of Hiten’s eviction from her nicely and accuse same on Vikas…
    But Salman didn’t support it… Salman s already convinced of her Masterstroke.. ?
    As we predicted, the whole nomination task with unknown result was to evict Priyank only and save changu mangu… Vikaaaaaaas…. Com’n, you shouldnt be effected…. Play your best as always..

    1. Shilpa ke bhaiya ji ne shilpa ko acha potray karne ke liye kuch bhi boldia…
      Hiten who deserved to be ahead of luv and puneesh is out of the show only because of shilpa and her cunning nature….iss ghar ki sabse darpok player hai shilpa jo mask lagakar ghoomti hai ghar mein….

    2. Her mother won’t tell anything against is doing eviction according to their wish.,I’m also scared whether they will evict vikas before finals

      1. No they will not if they had to do it they did not gave secret task to vg to do…. So don’t be afiird vikku is going to finale…… That’s it

  15. @[email protected]@amy i read comments of u all about the contestants of this season nd trust me im satisfied with each of your comments \
    Even im vg supporter at starting i thought he wont last for long time but he proved me wrong.
    i have immense respect for this guy so genuine he is.
    i think hina deserved more than shilpa as she sang so awsmmm
    can i vote for vg from KSA @[email protected]@samaira
    i would be glad if u reply my last ques

    1. Neeru

      @Harshi…. Thank you soo much for appreciating dear…. ?? Much love…!!
      Yes vikas surprised all of us…
      As for ur question,, very frankly,, i hv no idea…. But i guess voot app is available in all regions…. Nd since itz online voting ,, it must be easy to vote outside india too…

      1. here it was availabe till last two months but now it isnt derr

    2. Hi Harshi,
      I’m also living in India, if you can download voot app there, then definitely u have the chance to cast vote…. Next voting line will be open after Monday night… Samaira s living somewhere in middle east I think… If it’s not working, FG fans in twitter wil give us solution… Let’s see
      – Thank u dear

  16. feeling sad fr vikas. priank ke janeke bad akela pad geya. I liked hina’s singing. today.

  17. vikas answered all question soo logically.loved it.

  18. Why salmon always supports shilpa. Y he will never raise questions for shilpa. And always target vikas or hina. This shoes clearly salman is biased for shilpa. I don’t know how people Re so much blind on shilpa . She is bullying vikas all time. If they need footage just take vikas name target vikas. No humanity. Salman says bring human. I’d he following that. In the entire show except hiten and vikas none are true. But always salman supports only shilpa shinde. If vikas is producer for one channel doesn’t mean all actors producers support him. Vikas is getting support from TV industry only because they know his good nature. If not vikas production they will get chance in other serial or show. People are not scared of vikas they respect vikas. Shilpa quit herself not vikas did. I wish people open eyes and see who is humble truthfully . Its clearly seen in bb11. But don’t know how come blind followers for shilpa and hina. And luv and akash doesn’t deserve to be in bb11. I pray wish vikas should win else it’d just political show. Salman loves shilpa so shilpa is true plp see what salman wants to show.

    1. Agreed to you .want aaksh and punnesh out asap.they don’t deserve to be there.

    2. He is not only know for good behavior but his good friendship too……if someone remember prtyusha banerji’s death how vikas fought for her after her suspisious death (sucide)……….jisko wo chahta h y manta h usk lie to kuch b KR skta h ….he is so true all of them….. He cannot see someone hurt ……

    3. Shriraj & Neha,
      Though I hate Acash, among the remaining contestants he deserves to be in top 4 … But punnu and Luv tyagi – NO WAY..!
      Luv s the best example of undeserving contestant getting saved always with the help of votes…. ALL TYAGI COMMUNITY CAMPAIGN FOR HIS VOTES ( news with photos r there)

  19. As usual.weekend ka vaar favoritism.targeting some while some get away with everything.
    Now priyank will target hina outside I tell u.
    Hina sang more beautifully but I’m happy for shilpa too.
    Can u imagine,despite all d b*t*hing and crap puneesh says ,he gets away with it all.
    I’m glad hina apologised for what she said to punees though.

    1. Salman favours shilpa and puneesh a lotttt

    2. @Faty Sfn Priyank bahar aake already interview diya hai media ko aur wo sabke bare mei achha bola unlike other contestant..

      1. My dear let’s wait till he sees Ben .saw d interview too but can’t trust priyank.I just hope he honors his friendship with hina .I hope he doesn’t join d anti hina gang of trollers n haters.

  20. @neeru @ samaira @neetu and all I have read all the comments but i didn’t get why all are saying that winning of Shilpa is not fair over hina as it was clearly mentioned by bb that you have seen all the funny angle except singing which will be shown today and thats why smiley ball waa given to all contestent.

    1. Neeru

      @prince…… BB said you have seen all shades of entertainment ….. And entertaining someone doesnt necessarily hv to be funny…. Someone singing or dancing well is also entertainment… And this was a singing competition… Not who is funny task…
      And hands down hina was d best… She nailed it…. Dats why i thot it was unfair….

    2. True Prince.It was not a singing competition.Best entertainer ko select karna tha an it is any day Shilpa.

  21. Im silent reader.But 2day I have 2 cmnt on it.This is totally unfair wid priyank.I like him so much and his cute expressions too..i miss him soo much..andso im #VG fan.I want him 2 win dis show.Plz vote him.VG fans alwayz rockzzz….????

  22. sampath kumar

    Aakash desperately want vikas to be out and he is k with shilpa r hina also ….. shilpa was begging biggboss not to make vg winner I am k with everyone else but vg …… he is already winner ….. he is fake and batdemeez bi eh gay eh cc eh jo bhi eh he is the most deserving than anyone else

  23. in wat way was shilpa’s song better than hina’s , that was the funniest part of the day . glad that priyank got evicted , luv is playing well nowadays , will be glad if he reaches top four too with shilpa , hina and vikas because they three are sure gonna be in top four . vikas and hina both have played their GAME . nobody else played the game completely . however much we say hina is bad we must definitely say hina has given hundred percent in every task is it not ?

  24. Swethaa

    hina sang very well

  25. How can anyone believe this live voting as real one? As Amy mentioned above yesterday’s live voting was indeed a fake one infact priyanks interview clearly proves it, I’m quite sure they didn’t even count a single vote .

  26. Sach mein. .muje bahut bura legta hai heena keliye …she is playing as she is. .as a real human not like shilpa. Who is potraying herself as a goddess. .she always used akash. nseen video on voot always shows the way she and puneesh backbiting vikas. .and she is acting nice to vikas in front of him. .do you guys think this is a good thing. .While hina doesn’t have two face. .she always stood in her words. .didn’t use anyone. .didn’t created drama to make someone down. .sab kehte hai woh bulti hai. .woh full heart se kehane vali full baat usko yaad hai. As a human jo baat jab situation mein unknowingly kehajathe haina..woh spontaneous wale baat jisko Sach mein importance he nahi hai. Wahi baat he woh remember nahi karti. .bcoz she is not saying it like others are doing { sab planning or plotting karke he bolti hai camera keliye. .}..Everybody says big boss is a reality show. .If then the one who plays real has to win. .not the one who acts as a god character which is way much differ than them

  27. Jab jiske numbers zyada hote hain woh badtameezi krta h. Pehle hina ab shilpa. But nowadays I find hina btr than shilpa. Shilpa is filthy double faced. Uses ppl. Iski us serial k chalte hi itni fan following hai ki itna bakwas gate hue she got more votes than hina. How dare she accuse Vikas then. Usi serial ne ise banaya hai. She is too egoistic. Jitna footage mila hai ise vikas se mila hai. Warna dikhti bhi nahi.
    She always accuses Vikas ki ye karma hai. Toh jab arshi shilpa ko pareshn karti thi tab bhi karma hi tha. Fir use kyon bura bolti thi.
    Salman is damn biased towards shilpa and puneesh. Din utter a word when shilpa said ki hum chahte the kuch ho mothers k beech main. N salman din say anything!
    Shilpa aur uska bhai zero hain. Ek show jeetne se kuch nhi ho jayega. Shilpa ne apni harkaton se industry ko apna real face dikha diya hai.
    Ye vikas ko pareshan kare backbiting kare. Planning plotting kare uske against. Fir bhi ye aur uska bhai expect karte hain ki Vikas iske bare main kuch na bole. Wahhh
    Hina was wayyy btr than shilpa.

    1. I agree with Indian,
      Hina s negative in a visible way, bcs she ‘s not behind veil….
      In Twitter, users r even commentng like ”don’t compare shilpa with swami om and priyanka jagga bcs they were not multi face like shilpa.. Woh log jaise the, vaise hi dikha…better tha shilpa shinde…”

      1. Bug viks to humesa h Shilpa k acha socta or bolta h

  28. zara hayat khan

    Overall guys….vikas is best and he only deserves to win this show…atleast hez not fake like shilpa and hina.vikas used to play game smartly…..afterall hez the mastermind..and ya biggboss is well scripted game…..unhoone shilpa ko hi winner rakha hoga….jabki vikas deserve karta hai show jeetna….shilpa ne kaafi ganda gaaya….hina ne beautifully gaaya…..see the difference yaar….still shilpa ko kaise votes zyaada mille.fake live voting.I’m neither fan of hina nor shilpa but under rules hina ne accha gaaya tha.but I’m vikas fan and I wish he truely deserve to win this show.shilpa has not done anything in the house except cooking.vikas kaafi accha khelraha hai…ager shilpa ne show jeeta to yeh kaafi na insaafi hogi vikas ke Allah knowz better.I will always support vikas becoz hez best.

  29. zara hayat khan

    And I hate puneesh a lotttt……diplomat person.

  30. Hina is definitely not a professional singer. Wonder why Hina always has excuses in self defence when confronted about her lies. She had the cheak to b rude to the big boss also. Hope Vikas stays strong till the last as he is the best contestant without any malice in him. Shilpa should not encourage b*t*hing about Vikas as she herself is not perfect.

    1. No one says she’s a professional singer n she also isn’t claiming to be one.and for d so called promo which sounded as if hina lied and refuted,watch d real yday’s episode,she was confronted on what she said to puneesh ,she accepted what she said and also apologized and felt bad that bandagi’s feeling was hurt.we all are humans.
      Everybody makes mistakes n its natural to sometimes forget things u said but I’m not justifying her actions.I found some of what she did not right but so do all d others,no one is perfect .
      Though hina sang more beautifully but I’m also happy for shilpa .
      I loved the way VG composed himself yday
      Hina is real,not 2 faced.
      The major mistakes she did was talking about her telly colleagues in d show which wasn’t right.but as we are humans,she will make amends and hopefully apologise for all .

  31. Firstly……the way rocky asked his questions was commendable…….guess he should be there in place of hina…….lol
    Coming to the live voting…….I would say why nobody here blamed the live voting when vikas won over priyank……..bcoz it is obvious…….that vikas is more popular than priyank…….so was the same case here………n yes it wasn’t a singing competition…… can someone in order to prove bb biased towards shilpa or degrade shilpa put stupid allegations………gosh…….I was really amazed at reading such POVs
    N yes I want to ask that if there would have been a dancing competition b/w vikas n priyank last week……then would u vikas fans have voted for priyank over vikas…….like really……I wouldn’t have……atleast……..don’t know abt u…….

  32. Nandini- Thanks for your comment here finally a sensible one.

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