Bigg Boss 11 28th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikas, Shilpa, Aakash and Sapna safe

Bigg Boss 11 28th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes to stage, he welcomes everyone to show. Salman says so much happened in house. Flashback of week shows inmates going against Pooja as soon as she entered house, how she went to jail then how Hina had to face blames then how Priyank entered in house, clip ends. Salman says there was flame firing last night, see what happened last night.

Clip from last night is shown, Shilpa is working in kitchen, Vikas says you have nice smile. Shilpa says everyone knows your reality, Ben says he wants to live peacefully. Shilpa says me and he himself knows how clever he is. Ben says if you think he is nice then why you irritate him? Shilpa says he gets irritated so I will keep doing that. Vikas says to Shilpa that everyone knows that what antics you do shows filth, woman

shouldnt show filthy things like that, everyone can see why you are alone in life. Shilpa says gandi baat.. gandi baat. Shilpa asks Puneesh if he knows Parth? (parth samthaan was Vikas’s alleged boyfriend) Puneesh says no, who is he? Vikas glares at Shilpa. Shilpa says you will know him soon.
Hiten comes to Shilpa and asks her to not say things otherwise things will be said against her too. Vikas asks her to not go personal, Shilpa says I didnt say anything personal. Vikas comes to her and says dont talk about Parth and casting couch. Shilpa says what personal thing? Vikas says I can ask about Romit Raj too. Shilpa says dont react to me, why you keep going behind me? Vikas says if you go personal then I will go personal too, you marriage broke and its my fault? who will marry her in this age?
Vikas says to Arshi that if she talks about my personal then I will go personal too, clip ends.

Salman says they are going too much personal, disgusting. Salman says lets go in house, he takes deep breath and video calls house. Salman greets inmates and asks Aakash to sing bang bang.. Aakash starts rapping. Salman says we only understand bang bang and no other lines. Hiten mimics his lines and all laugh. Salman asks Aakash what he sings? Aakash says I bringing cool stuff from America, Aakash says lines are “I got a gun, I am a thug, I went to jail and dont need a bail”, Salman says you are great. Salman asks who find himself very lonely in house? inmates Vikas Gupta. Salman says no bull is alone, we have to decide who will sit on it.Salman says worst performer of the week? Arshi says Priyank because he was not in house. Mehjabi, Ben says Pooja, Aakash says it was Ben, Hiten and Hina gives Pooja’s name, Priyank says it was Aakash. Salman says majority votes are for Pooja. Salman asks her to sit on bull. Puneesh says dilon ka bull like Pooja, Salman asks if she should be there? she says I am new so I dont know much people here. Salman asks to divide red and blue teams as per the task of this week, they all do. Salman asks Vikas what was to do in this task? Vikas says we had to make other team leave jungle, they used to mud and cow dung for it. Salman says only Shilpa only understood task, what was your strategy? Shilpa says I wanted to irritate Vikas so he could leave. Vikas says but she threw water on Sapna and was sent in house, Shilpa says he acts like he has been born now only. Salman says there was no strategy or team work, some people didnt do anything in task. Salman says to Sapna that you are not active in tasks, why you are doing them? Sapna says I am not talking to some people so I just survived in task, some intelligent people are here to play the game. Salman says why you are not using intelligence? Sapna says only half is left, Salman asks who is intelligent here? Sapna says its Vikas. Vikas says she asked to separate her from team, she didnt want to play with her team so Arshi asked her if she is playing from different team? it was mistake. Sapna says some people’s faces anger me like Vikas’s face, all laugh, he is egoistic. Salman says all show self respect, you commented on his face but he didnt say anything, you taunted Arshi that she is not getting guy to marry so she called you dancer, I am not getting girl to marry too, if you say something then say sorry. Sapna says I asked Arshi if she wants to marry? she said I wont do that sin, its her thinking. Salman says Sapna you taunted her with personal comment, it happens that you want to say something and ends up saying something else, if you understand your mistake then say sorry. Sapna says I will say sorry now, she says sorry to Arshi. Shilpa says when other side says so much filth in return? Arshi uses language that is so cheap that we dont want to say sorry. Salman says public is seeing everything, dont go to her level then, take is gracefully, all agree. Salman says Ben, Sapna and even Mehjabi didnt do much in task then why Pooja is sitting on bull? Shilpa says Pooja gave up on task and went in house too, Vikas says Shilpa went in house because of her mistake. Salman says Mehjabi went in house too, Hina says she was ill, Aakash says Pooja was ill too, Hina says let us answer, it is about our team. Salman asks Vikas how he knew they will put Pooja in jail? Vikas says it was team bonding? Pooja was not throwing mud and water and they were not talking to Pooja either so i knew. Salman asks isnt there something creative to do than mud and water? Hina says Pooja didnt tell me about her health or anything, she just said that you people will send me to jail so I am giving up in task. Vikas laughs and says I already told Pooja that when she tells Hina that she is going in house then Hina would say that she can go to jail instead of Pooja, and Hina did that. hina says going to jail is not something big, we have all gone there. Hina says dont try to act mastermind Vikas. Salman says he was mastermind in task, his team won because of his strategy? Salman asks Pooja to say something? he starts singing like her, all laugh. Pooja says I didnt know that jungle task would be part of show and would be difficult, Arshi asked me to leave task but I said I would be loyal to my team but I couldnt sit because of my health so I left. Salman says every season have different tasks, there is no crash course of bigg boss tasks. Salman says Blue team’s strategy worked. Salman says Luv was given important duty, he asks how was Luv as referee? Arshi and Aakash says not fair. Ben says he was nice. Arshi says he was not fear/fair.. all laugh and says she said fear.. Arshi says I said not fair, Luv was bonding with Hina’s team only, he just kept warning us, Shilpa says because of your antics. Vikas says he tried but couldnt take much stands. Salman says Luv your work was to punish people who were breaking task and house rules btoh, he could have thrown people in cave for people talking in english. Luv says I was supporting red team but still I sent Shilpa in cave, Hina put her mic infront so I did mistake by not punishing her. Hina says Luv could have helped us to win but he couldnt do much. Luv says I thought to lock washroom but then I thought it was not much useful, my mistake was to openly support red team. Salman says if you keep telling you did mistakes then how it will work out for you? Luv says I know. Salman says you had duty but you did it properly, it was your option to openly support or not but you didnt do anything, you were given big chance then you had to avail it, this is chance to get votes. Salman asks if Pooja was worst performer after all this? think about it, he ends call.

Salman says for me worst performer of task was Luv. Salman says Gauhar Khan went in house, she had special that whoever impressed her most would be benefited, lets see.

Clip plays, Gauhar comes in house. She meets everyone, she hugs Shilpa and Hina. Gauhar says its nice to see you all here. Gauhar says I have come with brief case, there is something very important thing inside and only one inmate will get but for that you all have to convince why you deserve to remain house and why you deserve this power, you can use this power later and how, it is very powerful.

Gauhar talks to Arshi and says I need power most, all inmates are against me and I fight alone, they are not individual, all have support, Gauhar says all need support. Arshi says I dont need group but power, I want to show them that I have power but still can be down to earth. Gauhar says you can be down to earth but you have leave me me.. Arshi says I am khan like you, I cant help it, Gauhar says dont say this, you are entertainer but you have convinced me, bring something new for me.

Gauhar sits with Bandagi, Puneesh and Arshi. Gauhar says why Arshi is sitting with love birds? Puneesh says we spend time alone at night only. Gauhar says you both dont have point of view other than you both, Puneesh seems to follow Bandagi and her thinking alone, Bandagi says its just shown like that, Gauhar says I see everything, Arshi says you like my nighties? Gauhar laughs.

Gauhar says to Sabya and Mehjabi that you got big chance as neighbors but what happened when you came in house? Luv comes there, Gauhar says Sabya was so nice in neighbors house but didnt do much here, Luv’s voice is not heard, Mehjabi says I am power house, Gauhar says I cant see it, Mehjabi says I dont know what quality I have, Gauhar says you cant impress me like that.

Gauhar talks to Hina and asks if she is happy here? Hina says there are different people here. Gauhar says dont bring families in action and other talks, its not good. Hina says I agree with you but what if they start pointing at our families? Gauhar says my ideas are different in life, dont bring dad, mom here, Hina says I agree but they force you too,. nobody is flawless here. Gauhar says I am just advising you.
Bandagi says to Puneesh that Gauhar asked Hina to not use families here, thank God.

Vikas talks to Gauhar, Vikas says I dont deserve power, I am not strong here, people dont know me much. Gauhar says leave all this, just tell me why you deserve to be here? Vikas says I was tortured from first day, Shilpa tortures me so much but I till show love and she have calmed down now, I cant be captain anymore so I just want to tell that I will win this game, Gauhar hugs him.

Aakash says to Gauhar that I am very entertaining, I dont need power and all. Gauhar says you dont want go ahead in this game? Aakash says Vikas did wrong with me, Hina provoked me but I did my thing. Gauhar says you are not doing that well in tasks, when you say that you work so much then you act like crazy? control that craziness.

Bigg boss asks Gauhar to tell three names who can deserve this power brief case. Gauhar says for me that can deserve this power is Aakash because he is entertainer, but he has to be on ground. She says second deserving can be Vikas and third will Arshi, she is entertaining. Bigg boss asks Gauhar that tell one name whom she wants to give power too? Gauhar says I want to give this power to Aakash because when I asked him why he stood in end in ranking task, he innocently said that he wanted to give others chance too, which was genuine and I liked it so he gets the power briefcase. She opens brief case and he has got shield “nomination’s protector”, he can save himself from nomination when he wants to, its upto him how he uses this, this power can be used wisely. Gauhar leaves house.

Hina says to her group that Vikas and Arshi’s name was fine but Aakash?
Puneesh says to Aakash that when you get stuck between celebrities then use it.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman says Gauhar came in house and aakash got nomination protecting shield. Salman says who thinks Aakash deserved to win that? he asks Hina. Hina says I thought she could have taken different name from Aakash, I am not talking about myself. Salman says seriously? Shilpa is Hina upset that she didnt get it? Shilpa says she is upset that Aakash got it. Hina says Aakash didnt deserve it. Salman says SHILPA IS SAFE, you have be with Vikas for some more days, Vikas facepalms. Salamn says VIKAS IS SAFE, Vikas says its strong bond, Shilpa says you are mastermind. Salman says its all planned, Vikas made this strategy from outside, he knows that if this fight with Shilpa ends then it wont be much for him, Vikas laughs. Salman says AAKASH IS SAFE TOO. Salman ends call.

Salman says Vikas, Shilpa and Aakash are safe. Music plays, Golmaal team comes there. Tabu, Ajay, Rohit, Parineeti comes there. Salman says you all seem happy here. Ajay says our film was hit, we have come here to thank everyone, he gives sweets to Salman. Salman says first Golmaal and third Golmaal have same profit, all laugh. Salman connects call to house, Golmaal teams on screen. All inmates greet them. Salman says their film was big hit, all congratulate. Rohit says we have brought sweets for you all. Puneesh brings sweets from store room. Salman says now inmates will mutually decide who three contestants are superhit. You have to give an idea about ranking who is blockbuster, superhit and hit outside house. They all mutually discuss. They gives Aakash Blockbuster title, Arshi superhit title and Pooja hit title. Salman and Golmaal team sees ranking. Salman says to Pooja that Pari is fan of your voice, sing one song, Pari says sing dilon ka shooter, Salman says Rohit will buy that song, Rohit laughs. Pooja starts singing, Aakash and Arshi supports, all laugh. Tabu looks away and laughs. Salman says Pooja is sporting. Salman says now I will tell you current rating as per audience. Salman says Aakash has hit rank right now, Shilpa is on superhit position and Vikas… Hina is on blockbuster position. Hina thanks him. Rohit says Hina I have trained you three months, she says its helping here. Pari says you are all entertaining. Rohit asks Shilpa to maintain this position, she says I will end. Golmaal team thanks them and ends call. Salman greets team, Golmaal team leaves.

Salman says now we will see what happens in Sultani wrestling ring. He connects call to house, Salman says there is still frustration in house, I will take two names who will fight in Sultani rings, its Pooja Vs. Sapna. Sapna is shocked. Salman ask them to change and come in ring.

Sapna says to Vikas that I cant raise my hand on her? Vikas says just defend and fight nicely.
Puneesh tells Pooja that she is very illmannered, not active too, tell all this, Pooja says okay

Sapna and Pooja comes in wrestling ring. Salman says to Pooja that dont beat Sapna too much, you are stronger. Inmates are watching it on TV. Salman says there will be three rounds, first round is verbal fight, you have to tell why other person is not entertaining than you. Salman sees Shilpa chewing on Tv and asks what she is eating? she says nothing. First round starts, Sapna says I have come here to be myself. Pooja says I entertain people. Sapna says Pooja’s talking style is not good, Salman says hers too? all laugh as he taunts Sapna’s style. Pooja says I dont know if she understands me, I am more active than her with Aakash and Arshi. Sapna says if this is entertainment then I rather not sing without rhythm and beat. Pooja says its my style, everyone has different creative style. Salman says Sapna dances and Pooja sings, it can be good combo. Sapna says she can ask Arshi to dance with her. Salman asks inmates who won first round. Arshi says I think this competition is not good. Salman says are you done? are you ready? you can finish your comment section, Arshi says I am sorry, it wont happen again. Salman asks support for Pooja, Aakash, Arshi and Vikas and other vote for her. Hina and some votes for Sapna so Pooja wins first round. Second round is tug of war, you have to pull other person ahead of line using rope. Pooja and Sapna holds ends of rope, they start tugging, Bandagi asks Pooja to tug with force. Sapna easily pulls Pooja to her side and wins round. Salman says in round three you can choose help from one inmate. Sapna chooses Hiten and Pooja choose Luv. Salman says Luv have done every task with efoots, all laugh. In last round, Hiten ties rope to his waist on Sapna’s side and Luv ties Pooja’s side of rope to his waist. Round three starts, they all starts tuggging, Hiten-Sapna tugs Luv to their side and win task. Sapna wins task and gets meddle. Salman says SAPNA IS SAFE TOO. Hiten hugs her, Salman says we are expecting more from you. Salman asks Pooja to sing again, she sings dilon ka shooter. Salman says amazing, India loves everyone and everything. They all leave ring.

They come in house, Shilpa hugs Sapna.

Salman comes on stage and says it was fun. Salman says now nominated inmates are Ben Luv, and Jyoti. Tomorrow we will know who is going to leave, he sins off from show.

PRECAP- Bigg boss asks inmates to choose inmates who you want to choose as contender for captaincy. Hina says I dont see Aakash as captain, atleast not right, I wont vote for him. Aakash says why not, Vikas and Shilpa give to chance to Aakash, Hina says its my vote and I wont give it to him.
Tomorrow one will leave from Jyoti, Ben and Luv.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I expected Vikas to be in blockbuster?.. and Hina nowhere in top 3 position?

    1. Same here

    2. Samaira_khan

      Seriously even I didn’t expect..

    3. Agreed

  2. – Shilpa mentioning parth was really bad…. She shudnt hv done that…. Woh bhi wen vikas was being sweet wid her… I like her but sometimes she over does things nd then i start questioning my liking…

    -well done salman… Your classes wer awesome…
    – You made sapna understand very well…. The way you said abt her persnl comnts towards arshi nd vikas, i loved it..
    – praising vikas’s strategy nd letting others knw that was d way to play… Cheers…
    – questioning the decision abt pooja being d worst performer….
    Loved all this…!!

    -Hina nd shilpa on d list understandable…. But akash.. ? Surprised…

    1. agreed neeru
      sapana ka class lena jaroori hi tha
      aakash buja hua chirag se roshan hua chirag hogaya. aaksh bhi thodi bahut entertain toh karta hai isliye sayad

      1. @Anu Yes… Salman ne hi buja hua chirag start kiya tha… And den every one took it fwd… Nw he only changed it… Acha hai… !!

    2. Samaira_khan

      Uff neeru ur thinking perfectly matches with me.. I could just say one thing.. Tht we r totally Sameer

      1. @samaira – cheers… 🙂 🙂
        You mean we are “same” naa…!! 🙂

    3. Vikas hamesha bolta rahta hai ki Shilpa ki baare mein personal baatein bataunga. Isiliye Shilpa atlast bola hoga Parth ke baare mein. However mujhe vo donom ki dosti hi ache lagthe hai?

      1. @Sharan… Vikas Hamesha bolta hai ki bolunga,, but hv nva said nythng persnl befre yestrdy….
        Shilpa started…. Shudnt hv done that… And vikas shudnt hv reacted back saying abt her divorce….
        But as you said,, inki dosti hai hi aisi… Cutee…!! 🙂

  3. hrithik ka Fan

    hi neeru ..I hope u r the real one because yesterday someone commented here with my name as well…ok leave it …coming to the episode. …I agree salman showed sapna mirror in the best possible way I. e sarcasm. ..I don’t know what does sapna think of herself..i hate her …but also disspointed with salman as hina got away with all her deeds moreover she got blockbuster tag from salman …like seriously. .if it is all about appearing negatively then hina is no. 1 but otherwise no…now coming to shilpa and vikas I don’t understand who is right or wrong. ..I like vikas but still I feel he was more at fault because he was channel head and was more powerful but at the same time this is also heard shilpa was also thrown out from her previous show as well their equation is very confusing. …but have to admit vikas is the best player so far and ya undoubtedly most intelligent as u can feel he predicts situations and psychology of housemates very well…… …pooja is ill mannered. ..akash is entertaining but irritating sometimes s well…others r useless…don’t deserve my thoughts. ..

    1. Dil ki baat cheen li abt hina. Uski aur sapna aur priyank ki class banti h. Hiten n vikas n bandgi ko chor k i have seen evryone use bad language. Why to pinpoint certain ppl only.

      1. Becoz the show is scripted and Salman himself is not fare and egoistic like Hina. Same pinch cant blame each other. Take my words , Hina Khan is going to win if public support her like this. May be the show is financed by &&&&&@***. Priyank was advised by BB not to reveal outside words inside, lest he wold be evicted again. Salman is giving a very long, sweet lecture to Sapna, but forgot to see the Hina kands. He can afford to talk harsh and with family names to Aakash, can laugh at Pooja but not at others. Is he afraid of fans of the celebrities. Disgusting.
        In my enetrating people list, Aakash-1, Vikash-2, Aarshi-3.

    2. @hkf
      sab housemates ek hi jaise hai koi kamm nahi hai lekin hina ka jyada negitivity dekhaya jaa raha hai so harr baar harr chiz ke liye usse galat kehna thik nahi hai

    3. @HKF…. Helloo…. Yes dear….I m d neeru who hv been commenting here since day 1… And i hv no idea why the other peeson is claiming to be me…. Nywaz As for the points,, i totally agree …. Vikas nd shilpa’s equation is quite confusing… They are several stories circulating outside… Each diffrnt from one another… Kya pata….!!

  4. biggboss critic

    and by d way frst vikas strted it frst …y he always gng behind her..frst he started and frst read written update properly

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      then why was shilpa going after vikas in first two weeks. was shilpa who started all this….

    2. @Biggboss critic, there r many mistakes and misunderstandings in written update here… The picture I get from reading is totally different from what I watch…. According to salman, its not shilpa who understood task..its Vikas only… Vikas wasn’t irritating her, he was very nicely speaking and its shilpa who was misbehaving.. He keeps on trying to mend with her well but she hates others witness him being goodboy & wants to frame him bad only
      …If you hav source , I suggest you to watch videos to get more clarity… The 2 names they used to taunt each other also give different impacts…one was only an ex- bf (shilpa’s) but other one had legal case and several controversies…..

      1. @Amy – exactly….. Very well explained…. It wasnt vikas who started…. Shilpa did…. He was being nice…. !!

  5. Riyasmiles

    Hi Everyone commenting here for first time..
    For sure today’s weekend ka was was gr8…
    Totally .. going personal .. I don’t think is right … I mean it’s bearable up to a limit… I really didn’t expected it from shilpa too…
    When gauhar entered .. I thought she will give the suitcase to vikas .. but akash.. like seriously….he is most entertaining??
    Housemates think arshi is super hit and pooja is hit.. pooja.. what???
    Like do they forgot.. they have shilpa,hina,vikas also in the house… Forget it..
    I totally agree with what salman gave as rankings..
    Hina is actually leading and I don’t find her completely wrong anywhere…
    Shilpa too is deserving..
    I didn’t expected akash there..
    The sultan akhaada… Pooja was like how can I do this..
    She acted like I am so sensitive.. how can I..
    In second round she was rather busy laughing.. and in 3rd.. she gave up.. uff..
    Captaincy tomorrow… Gr8 …
    Would be looking forward for this…
    Btw.. hii everyone.. ik I am full of words.. want to speak a lot.. forget it..
    Looking forward for others comments as well

    1. Drvidhi

      Fair enough people here finding akash right choose for that power even they are ok with Gauhar’s ranking but they will bash if hina get rank whats nonsense
      Plz one hour ka episode dekhate hai hum sab yes I admit she was egoistic have attitude problem in first 2 weeks but she is improving too even shilpa had improve her terms with vikas in this weeks
      Gauhar ka ranking dekho akash arshii insan common G india mai all type ke people b dekhate hai ye show they might learn something from them (akash-arshii)
      Now coming to ranking in previous weekend ka waar also akash find himself in top 3 when Hm decides ranking today also vo blockbuster mai aa gaya ye sabko overconfidence bai lagta ye “i ,me,myself” nai lagta
      Common yar
      P.S.- vikas should be in blockbuster shilpa-superhit hina-hit

    2. Agree with you?

  6. Vikas and akash are entertaining n bearable

  7. i was damn sure about gauhar ki woh power akash ko hi degi kyun ki jaise she is slamming hina and supporting aksh it was obivious. nd hina fans supporters aur gauhar ke bich twitter war bhi ho rakhi hai.
    sapana ka toh achha class leliya aur achha bhi hua kyun ki woh last week bhi bach gayi thi.
    as said by neeru weak performer ka qns bhi sahi kiya.
    jab pooja sing karr rahi hoti tab tabu was laughing so hard.
    pooja ka majak toh khud salman uda rahe hai toh ghar wale kyun nhi karenge.
    jab blockbuster pe vikas ka naam aaya toh vikas was feeling awesome lekin aagaya twist aur bann gayi hina and i was happy and i think fair tha.
    arshi fair boll rahi thi lekin fail sunai diya tha mujhe bhi.
    arshi ka bhi band baja ek time pe toh dekne laayak tha

    atiba hina ne worst performer ke liye akash ka name diya tha pooja ka nahi bull pe jane ke liye
    precap aksh phir pagal hone wala hai ek baat toh i will also support ki mera vote hai mei jise chahe doo lekin aksh pagal hogaya and hina ka point bhi thik hai jab woh captain thi aksh ne cooperate nahi kiya tha aur jhagde bhi hue the toh

    and guys i have heard this week is double elimination and jyoti is evicted another is not known

    1. @Anu – yea evn i saw the twittr war…. Gauhar is totally against hina nd supporting akash….!!
      Also i thot vikas myt get a chance wid d box…. Coz uska reason i loved…. That he cnt becme captain nd cnt win immunity so he needs the power…

  8. He ws cmplimntng her…if she dsnt lyk k but waa bhai sjilpa shindae cn go personal but vikas cnt go ..wt happened btwn dm during serial show shd b left der itself enough of nw…bth were wrong but shilpa is too wrong bcz she went personal frst nt he..she always provoke him nt he ..he just gv bck wth sweet wrds …he is also human hw much cn he bear frm day one she is gng personal …shilpa shd talk abt serial thing if she hv problm wth dt nt other things …all r humans …she is nt pious lady …cmn grow up….

  9. @bigg boss critic not c but listen conversation also properly in tdays episode…i dnt know vikas bfr cmng to show i ws fan of hina n shilpa…but d ay ds ladies behvng omg cnt bear …hw cn all d tym dey b correct i dnt understand …

  10. vikas is much better than hena…how can she be in blockbuster.

    1. Vikas playing very dirty politics.
      Shilpa rocks.

  11. There is only one person inside BB who uses brain, who understands task , catches quickly anything written or said, recognize people around, having ability to distinguish betwn things.,even can predict things to some extend sometimes very accurately too…,where all others are totally fall in ‘buddhusssss’ category!!! Vikas, thanks for coming inside and letting me know about you!!!
    When one speak wise and 10 others talk nonsense,, the voice getting louder will b of those 10 for sure… But it doesn’t make them win hearts… This is also why commenters call him here ‘A GEM’
    He looks humble, good hearted, intelligent to me if he was compared with other inmates.. Even though I wasn’t happy with yesterday’s gesture which lead to sapna- arshi’s ugly fight.. I still see his positive sides more..

    Shilpa won’t reduce her ill -will with Vikas a bit…!! Pakka hai..!! She blabbers ” vikas, don’t act infront of me”.. while he was talking politely..Today she totally looked like a loser to me when she said ‘parth’s name’… When one can’t talk or behave nicely to other he/ she brings other person’ s family/controversies/profession in between their fight…nt a good tendency…. Only narrow mind and heart can do that…
    Priayank,shilpa,hina, sapna,jyoti,sabya, mehjabi, ben all r in same level… Arshi, akash and pungi ka level kuch aur hi hai.. Vikas already knew “mind-set” of others well… For the same reason he was explaining to pooja that ‘what the task really was’., befr she was nominated.. Unfortunately a few thought here it as ”instigating”… Hina called his ‘master plan’ as politics,,which other team members agreed too…. That must be the CLASS they were talking…

    Hina & shilpa r blockbuster nd superhit… I agree too., every social media s discussing abt them, not praising but they were been bashed.. When they come out they’l understand it..
    Priyank was invisible today…good!

    Gauhar khan tweeted already in favour of acash many days ago… So no surprise with the decision!! But Hina was surprised for her name s not mentioned!! She was kinda arguing with Gauhar…latter s already hates hina.!!

    In Sultani akhada pooja vs sapna??? What rubbish??? That girl couldn’t suit herself inside house til yet, and salman sent her to wrestling ring along with sapna!!! Who’s running Bigg boss now…Ekta Kapoor???

    1. Ekta kapoor lol ! Totally agree. I am not an akash or puneesh fan. But atleast they are not hina s chamchas. Vikas is a true gentleman. Not hiten dat much but yes vikas. Hina is full of arrogance. And I completely fail to understand why sapna is there. So personal she gets!

      1. Pooja looks naive and cute. She knows ppl are making fun of her still she gives in sportingly. I din like the way tabu and ppl laughed at her in yesterday’s episode

      2. Chamachas.. Ha ha ha . Very rightly said. Hiten, Jyoti ( biggest spoon), Ben, Priyank, Mehjebi, Luv (2nd best), Sabya, Sapna (recently) Vikash (acts to be). Damn followers.
        @Indian, I like all your comments bro.

      3. and yes.. wht is jyoti and sabya doing in house..i saw that sabya was saying pooja is so proudy bcz she became internet sensation… and jyoti was making fun of her..pooja is a known personality but these 2 are not.. and even in bb house they are doing nothing.. such a useless contestants…

    2. VINDY

      I totally agree with u dear.?In my opinion vikas is d best player till now….
      But due to some small carelessness he lost to have captaincy.
      Gauhar shld hv thought about him and considering that fact she shld have given dat power to him.Atleast it will protect him.But without any power or support he is surviving and staying in the house verywell???????.
      N plus he shld be the blockbuster.If nt atleast he shld be in top three.
      I dnt knw wt d bigboss team is doing……..

      1. @VINDY, giving power to acash is gauhar’s personal choice… Which was already fixed befr she entered bb… She had tweeted against hina and appreciated acash bfr… So this doesn’t make any surprise to me… She’s biased…. And if it’s someone else the power will go in different hand… The task was to convince her why they r deserving it…, if the analyser was impartial ,,power should go in either vikas or hiten’s hand… Only bcs these two can talk in a mature way & convince others… Anyway Vikas doesn’t need this in his journey., he ‘s powerful with his brilliance and manners already… Jus like some Reporters favours their choice (contestant) and slam others in their writing, gauhar’s decision is influenced by her own preferences only… She wasn’t examining fairly.

      2. Com’n kaytee, isn’t it clear that gauhar was convincing acash and vikas tht u need this power…. U r popular outside, doing great inside and shouldn’t b announce like ”I won’t do works” as this gonna effect ur image…??? The task was to convince Gauhar..!!! BB didnt ask her to brainwash contestants…. Bedsides it was predictable for me she wil consider those only whom hina hates and eventualy give to acash!!! That’s jus happened.!!!
        I dnt care who r BB title winners… I care while inside house who s good and genuine and thus seems a real winner…( not necessary to get title to declare it).. Dear, I havnt seen season 7 , so m not talking abut gauhar as winner.., my analysis is from what she tweets recently only..she s also not good with those who supports hina& supported acash.. The reason she said doesn’t make him ‘deserving’ anyhow….I dnt value the so called title much if contestants like prince narula won, even understood game was fixed…

    3. Totally agree with whatever u said?

      1. @ Amy/Vindy, Lol…… you judge better than Gauhar then. Remember she is BB winner. If it is given to Aakash there must be some reason behind it. Like Salman is not supporting, not a celebrity, innocent and not fake like Vikash. Anyway Vikash is really a winner, so he does not need it. I wld have liked to see Hiten shd have taken the role of moderator in the house, but it is being done by Shilpa and Vikash. They are on both sides.

    4. Aap ki nazro mein to sirf Vikas hi ache hai. Sach tho dikhega nahi.I too agree that Vikas is a good player. But he always says that Shilpa is mad. Unki age dekho ab kaun shaadi karega…etc.Unki man kare tho voh Shilpa se ache se baath karthe hai. Shilpa proved that she is a great person. Shilpa ko fight karni hothi tho Arshi se kar sakthi thi. Arshi unki peeche padi rahthi hai.Shilpa respond bhi nahi karthi.Vo sirf Vikas se hi aisi baate karthi hai.

  12. Vikas is true player man.. usko har chij malum hota hain.. loved it the way salman supported vikas n said vikas k waja se blue team jeeti. N sapna ka class lena jaruri tha how she could say kisike muh dkh k gussa aati hain.. i mean what does she think of herself.. vikas ne kuch nhi bla that shows his character. He is a gentle man n is really playing well.. vote for vikas

  13. How can someone not like vikas. I mean he s a treat to watch now a days and so intelligent. So graceful. Vote for vikas. I hope he doesnt loose his track post priyank s entry. He is acting a smart ass and not looking good

    1. yes…. vikas is playing this game by mind.. and not degrading his image.. i don’t know how someone can control his anger with shilpa sapna and hina.. again and again they all are talking abt his s*xuality.. are these people seriously educated and modern?c’mon its his choice…. vikas is such a swthrt.. in first week i hate him… btu after that when he realize that no one is his frnd then he start playing the game very nicely.. and i can definitely say that.. 85-90% girls can be fallen for him.. bcz of his genuine,calm personality.. he is smart by looks and his smile is too cute.. some time i found him childish too… just love to watch him…

  14. Big boss is clearly favouring the celebrities and Salman too….now hate Shilpa and hina…shilpa is trying to be mother India and angel…hina is trying to be miss always right, just blah blah..And ofcourse the are NOT..Pooja have good voice n there is nothing wrong in her songs..when Bollywood makes such songs no one have problem…the only difference is they use grand sets, more loud musical instruments..but the lyrics and music is just shit..not ever song made in bollywood but the chirpy cheesy songs are really bullshit…But it becomes hit becoz it is part of some good for nothing films..and now Salman and other celebrities are making fun of pooja’s songs…dude…it is a mirror image of what u are making in Bollywood..loved the way sapna was was high time….she has become unbearable…hina thinks every prize every position should be hers…only she should get every advantage….such pitiful women…hate her to the core..she is not able to bear the fact pooja is singer…she thinks after Lata mankeshkar it is hina khan…one more time if she sings lagja gale I will break my tv…god…i have started to hate that song bcoz of her…salman should have taken the class of priyank too……he is just dirty…but it is sure dat big boss and Salman will find one way or other to make hina , priyank, Shilpa to the finals…..they are fixed…

    1. So true gosha so true. Its fixed. If vikas doesnt win, ill have serious doubts. How can ppl not see how arrogant hina is. Pooja s songs are not good yes. But so is the case with the saas bahu serials and most of the bollywood movies

    2. Yes.. Salman is acting too biased.. this season just after 2 weeks itself I lost interest in weekend ka vaar.. and once he praises or shouts at someone, the next whole week the praised people act as if he’s God.. but as an audience im feeling very bad coz of the host himself.. he said luv was not a good can he support one team.. them what is Salman doing.. hes also favouring few people.. Gauhar khan’s advice to people was far more fairer than the host himself.. it’s just my view as an audience..

    3. Very true.

  15. Hina shilpa sapna and priyank need serious scolding. But unfortunately I dnt see it coming

    1. Shilpa ne kya kiya bhayi?Aapko Arshi and Akash nazar nahi aate hai kya?

      1. Why are you taking it personally? These are my views. Dnt behave like hina plz. #sayurownthing

    2. 100% dear.

  16. It’s wrong that Shilpa brought the parth case just like priyank brought Arshi’s case. I just don’t understand in first place why did shilpa snap on Vikas when Vikas was trying to b good to her? She first instigated him,attacked him personally by bringing parth n calling him casting couch. He continuesly warned her ki aap personal mat ho warna me v personal ho jaunga. Apne parth ka naam kyu liya? But shilpa said ki ha, lungi me naam. Vikas ne then bola ki to mai v romit ka naam lunga. She got the reaction of her action. Agar personal baatei nahi sunni hai to 2m first personal he mat ho na. N No, Vikas doesn’t poke her first for footage it’s the other way around. Vikas ki wajah se usse thori bohot footage milti hai warna ye v Sabya ki tarah cooking show me ayi hai jaisa lagta hai.

  17. At this point of time where arshi can’t control her zuban at all and where akash can’t control his madness at all ,giving special power to him and selecting arshi for that power looked a little over for me.see!enjoying the funny antics of above ppl by the viewers is one thing and giving or selecting them for the power is entirely a different issue.
    It shld be given to the most responsible persons like vikas,next shilpa like that.

    The same mistake again they repeated while making them stand on that hit, super hit…..ones. I didn’t find too much problem for making hina to stand on that because anyway in the finals hina will be one in top 3.,though she is going bad for past two weeks.

    And another thing why salman doesn’t take harsh class on sapna is if he takes,arshi will become overconfident and will definetly jump from bad to worse as she was in the first week. So it is better to keep her in control. But liked the way she pulled vikas while he was fighting with shilpa and said slowly to him”shilpa se shaadi karlo na. It was funny. And it is where I usually fall for her.

    I think this time audience mindset has changed. They are watching the contestants in 360deg full circle.

    1. Agree. Gauhar Arshi ko top 3 mein kaha to bohut udne lagi. Isiliye super hit position mein jaakar khada hua aur salman ne uski position dikha di??? Vo kabhi bhi Shilpa ki aage nahi aa sakta.

  18. Hi guys..i m preeti from last year page and here r my views on this year contestants-
    Firstly,lets talk about Vikas bhai- i dont think so anybody know him before bb11..mujhe toh nhi pata tha and like this man just came and rocked the house..his manupulative skills just hats off..i mean i just likes this guy from 2nd week and till know he is doing damn good..haa jab kizi ko aapni batoon mei zyada fasata hai toh doosro ke liye boora lgta hai..
    Shilpa ji-she is the most cutest..she is calm only not when the talk is about vikas phir toh bhai saari duniya ek taraf aur shilpa ji vioas ke peeche doosri taraf bakki i like her calm nature with others.
    Hina khan-inke liye toh kya kahe diplomatic ka doosra naam hina khan.i mean jo yeh krti hai sirf woh hi sahi hai halaki she was my one of the fav in ek baat notice ki hai chahe jo bhi kare 75 percent screenspace inke pass thi poore hafte…bhai jaisi bhi hai full proof actress hai hr samay pta hai kab rona hai kab rulana hai but she is Loosing my vote coz of her bad comments.jiske undar south actressed ke upar jo kiya woh bhut hi downclass tha..
    Aca$h dont beat me if i say ki he was my fav on first day..i really liked his entry..yaar yeh banda kabhi aacha lgta kabhi mann keta ki uthakr bahar fenkh dooo.the comments ke made on lucy was disgusting .really cheap but phir bhi dil ka inta bura nhi hai…theek hai jaisa bhi hai entertaining hai bb ke hisaab se..
    Pungi-puneesh aur bandagi r one of the worst thing..individually they r ok but when together they r disgusting..fake dukaan…
    Arshi mata-kya kahe sb kuch yeh hi keh deti hai..halaki inki avaab sb dekh rhi hai tab bhi inhe samaj nhi aata ki kabhi kabhi tum khud bhi galat like her confidence…
    Priyank-buddy i was happy that u r back but u instead stabbed my expectations..yaar yoh isne chugli ki hai that was manna krenge bigg boss yeh bhaisaab zarror karenge but then also i liked him in roadies so i m 50 percent with him coz its his strategy..Ben-i think priyank ki vaapsi ke baad kush hoo gyi hai..theek hai atleast not that bad but sometimes she seem to be not happy…i feel ki yeh aapni glti toh manati hai toh phir theek hai..
    Sapna jiiiii-yaar she reacts so much..i understand sbka apna pain point hota hai but this is much more…literally she reacts much bu dialogue delivery mast hai..
    Hiten bao-i like his personality..arshi ki batoon ka zyada react krte hai..yess he is neutral and fine, not bad..
    Pooja jain- swag wali topi pehn kr
    Dillo ke shooter scooter pr beth ke papa se cash lekr kisko ko befawwa keh kr selfie inho ne le li aur kayi loggo (bb house mei) marra….(i m not a dhinchak pooja fan)
    Luv-he is innocent for this game as i feel a disappointment coz i saw a spark in him but he lost me patta nhi i think he is not that intelligent but yaar iski phir bhi baat hoo jati hai ghar mei..i jst wish him luck..
    Bakki bache jyoti,mehzabbi,shaggy-inke baare mei mai tab kahoo gi agar yeh kuch krenge.
    And yess padosi theme flop
    Salman rocks..
    Note-jyoti evicyed acc to news

  19. Why Salman put hina and shilpa in 1st and 2nd position?.. Hina didn’t entertain till now except doing fights without any reason.. And this shilpa… Can some one tell me how she is entertaining..? She always take footage ny Vikas.. She has nothing to do except to fight to Vikas…
    And why Salman is so biased.. I started like Salman bcz.. I found him fare in weekend ka war.. But this time he is favouring hina,shilpa,sapna,priyank….. All are saying that arshi should not be in top 3 … But what I saw on my tv.
    she fought but she entertain more than shilpa and hina.. Her way of talking is too funny.. .. And even Pooja gives more entertainment than shilpa and hina.. She came last week.. But she is more active than these two.. But bb finalists are fixed so they are making hard to keep these 4 peoples in top 4…. Now I just hate weekend ka war.. Salman always took class of arshi and Akash… But hina and sapna has been stoop too low and said ill words more than them.. But Salman never said anything to them…. According to me.. Blockbuster:vikas

    Bcz I don’t think so this is wwE…
    So Salman should rank them ony on entertainment basis..

    And yes when arshi said ill words Salman always took class of her.. Then y this time he didn’t said anything to priyank.. This time I can see that all r behaving with commeners like servants.. I don’t like how all treats arshi… And I don’t like how all are making fun of Pooja.
    I found her cute and genuine.. Even Saman is making fun of her.. And I don’t like how tabu make fun of her.. It is her style to sing.. Either u like it or not.. But Pooja definitely entertains.. And if you point out pooja’s style of singing that you have to make fun of anguri bhabhi’s character too…
    Very disappointed with this season..

    1. Totally agree on each and every point. How is hina entertaining. And yes hina always brings family in btw par uski special class alag se naam leke nahi lagti. Same case is sapna. She speaks so much trash but proper class uski bhi nahi lagti. Is it bcz these ppl r famous in India unlike arshi and akash. Arshi n akash jitna bolte hain usse zyada unki class lagti hai. Plus taali ek haath se nhi bajti. Wen arshi n hina fight or arshi n sapna fight, do the latters keep quite. Dnt dey speak ill?

      1. yes correct… i am totally agreed @Indian

    2. @Xyz,, Last week they made top 10 entertaining list…. I dnt think This ‘3 HIT’ lists r based on who entertains most..but who’s top in news with their behavior,doings,conversations inside house… For me it’s hina,arshi and shilpa… We all know how these 3 names were discussed by people outside!! Here also we r using hina and arshi most… But they hav no idea what ‘s going on outside… They think people liked them and ranked top 3…. When some of these contestants r saved from elimination it’s not necessary that peopl love them and votes…but BB saving those to keep on ugly fights inside… If wearing the mask of pride to hide own faults, then fight to others r entertaining sapna, shilpa and hina r toppers

      1. @AMY..Yeah… we can put hina and shilpa in top three.. but why not arshi… ? i mean.. she did all the things.. needed for this show… entertainment,fight etc… and yes…. if salman throw priyank out of the show on his own.. then i don’t think so.. he can came back … bcz i don’t think so bb team is that much capable… salamam do listen to anyone.. if he gave any judgement.. i knew this thing .. that to throw out priyank was also the strategy of bbmakers.. and i knew it he will be came back again in bb house..
        and yes for priyank lovers.. kindly go and watch splitsvilla …. then you will found how cheap and illmannered person he is… in a video.. divya was calling a girls named hritu … a women with powers of black magic.. comments on her partner akash’s dressing sense… and hritu’s makeup and dressing sense… hritu was asking to divya very calmly that did she said all these thins.. but divya didn’t anser and started screaming on her.. and this was priyank who was taking divya’s side by knowing all the things that she was wrong.. and next day he fights with 2 girls steffy and hritu again…and i dont think so anyone want a these kind of guy who support her partner in all her wrongs…now he is doing the same thing bb house..
        in first week he was not able to do anything.. so he started to jump in vikas’s fight.. and yes he took vikas side just to get roles…dont go on his cute face.. kindly see his black heart too..

  20. U exactly said whatever I felt about this season and Salman.. as I have even mentioned in my previous comment about him being biased..For me this season just lost its charm.. mainly coz of the host..

  21. If BB is fair and Salaman is not reading the script, then he should evict Priyank and Hina this week for going against BB rule. Only physically marnese action loge kya? Ma baap ko gali dena, family ko disrespect karna is more than physical torture. Think what could have happened to Zuber, who took so many sleeping pills becoz he was mentally hurt.

    Come on Big Boss , dum hai to karke dikhao. TRP ke bhukhe.

    1. VINDY

      Actually i am a viewer from outside the india after reading your comments and then watching the show i feel u guys r correct.They do favour.As a viewer who didnt know much about them but after watching d show i feel vikas and hiten is d goodones inhouse.

  22. @XYZ/Indian. Totally agreed to the comments on Salman.

  23. VINDY

    @Amy I was also trying to say that dear.without any power vikas can win.

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