Bigg Boss 11 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Dhinchak Pooja’s song creates uproar in house

Bigg Boss 11 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 26
Inmates wake up to song I am the best.. I am the best. All dance around and enjoy. Hiten gives hi-five to Ben.

Puneesh says to Arshi that I asked Ben if she packed her bags? Arshi says Luv deserves to go. Puneesh says he doesnt have anything to give. Arshi says he just runs behind Hina, Hina wants him to become captain? if he becomes captain then I wont work, we were not fools to work in task and he became referee and now captain? Puneesh says he was nothing good, he didnt even ask people to save mics. Arshi says Hina’s foolish strategy was to misuse mic. Puneesh says she did mistake by coming here, Arshi says she has been crying in show for 8 years.

Priyank comes to confession room. Bigg boss welcomes him and says you have been out and knows

what people are talking about but you cant give any outside information to any inmate and if you do then you will get punishment again. Priyank says I am sure.
Priyank comes in house. All run to him. Hina hugs him and squeal. Ben runs to him and hugs him, she cries and murmurs something about crying. Vikas is looking from far. Priyank hugs Ben tightly. Priyank hugs Sapna and Hiten. Hiten says I shaved beard today.
Puneesh comes to Arshi and says now Vikas’s heart wishes are fulfilled. Priyank meets Arshi and Aakash. Priyank runs to Vikas and hugs him tightly, Vikas says dont be rubbish. Priyank hugs Bandagi. Ben runs to Vikas and hugs him. Vikas says I wont hug you, you said so much bad for me. Ben says come on give me a hug.

Arshi asks Priyank if she goes to pool, how hot will it be? Priyank says you will put water on fire. Arshi says I have left Hiten now. Ben says should I tell him? Arshi says no… yes.. no.

Aakash starts rapping about jail. Bigg boss says Arshi, Pooja and Aakash’s time in jail have ended, Hina bring them out. Arshi thanks Bigg boss.

Hiten asks Vikas what happened? Vikas is weeping and says I want to go back home, I thought I am in game but I want to go home.Hiten says you have taken up something then give your 100%. Vikas says this house’s changes people, if I was at my home, I would have slapped Ben so hard, Hiten says she is a kid. Vikas says I cant forget what she have done, I kept my emotions in check but Priyank have come at very wrong time for me, I have reacted negatively.

Vikas says to Priyank that when you left, I had breakdown two times here but I made myself strong, there are no friends here, people must be happy for you coming back but there are people like Hina who was hugging Arshi 5 minuted after you left. Priyank says I saw everything, everyone hugged Arshi.

Hiten reads task that Pooja will shoot video of her song, she can take help of Shilpa and Vikas in making video. Pooja can make any inmate part of her video, she can ask anyone.

Sapna says to Hina that I wont be part of her song. Hina says she should have written nice words. Sapna asks Pooja what she wrote about her? Pooja says I wrote “Sapna has illness of sleeping all day”. Sapna says I wont be part of it.
Pooja starts her song, Vikas starts shooting with phone. Puneesh says to Bandagi she wrote that I worship you. Shilpa says Aakash dont interrupt video, Vikas is a big director, he doesnt need your suggestion. Vikas asks Shilpa to not interfere, if you want shoot then do it, he gives her phone and says I wont do it. Vikas says to inmates that I was shooting but she is taunting me. Hiten asks him to complete it. Vikas comes to Shilpa and takes phone. Arshi says let Vikas shoot.

Pooja shoots with Aakash.
Hina says to Sapna that Pooja took help of two dumb people. Sapna says Arshi is behind Pooja’s destruction.
Pooja tells Hiten that his line is “Hiten and Arshi’s love is seen all the time”. Aakash says there is no time, Pooja keep shooting, Hiten says you have called Aakash superstar so he wont have problem with lines but are you happy saying these lines about me? Pooja says no.Shilpa says they are taking personal jab. Aakash says its about luxury budget.
Hina and Sapna says that they wont be part of video. Sapna says her songs can give cancer. Priyank and Luv comes there, Priyank says my mother said that I dont want a son like Puneesh, Luv says I know they used me. Jyoti comes there and says Pooja used line for Sapna that she sleeps all day. Sapna says Bigg boss I want to talk, she cant use my illness and take gab on it? I will put her lyrics behind her back. Hina says I dont care about her video, she is illmannered, I can do her video as an actresses, she could even write that I am way more good in tasks. Hiten says but she have made such nice song, Hina laughs and says its not even on beat, Hiten says dont say like this, they laugh. Vikas comes there and says she wrote about Hina “Hina has ego problem”, Vikas says you dont want to do it? Hina says I will do it, she can say that I am Khatron ke khiladi.
In bedroom, Arshi says Hina wants her line to be that she is Khatron ki khiladi. Hina comes there and says you can say I am khatron ki khiladi. Pooja says okay I will do it, Hina acts in video and Pooja sings that Hina is Khatron ke khiladi. Hina makes face at her singing style. Hina says you can write about Sapna that she is a great dancer, Pooja says she doesnt want to be part of it? Hina says I will call her.
Hina comes to Sapna and says Pooja is ready to change lines and will say that you are great dancer, Sapna says I wont do it, Hina says now you are overreacting, Sapna says but she didnt write these words before, Hina says she was influenced by aakash and Arshi, she is ready to change words. Sapna says okay. Sapna comes in bedroom, all are there. Pooja says do you want me to change lines for you? Sapna says no you listen to others, Pooja says I was asked to write those words about your sleeping, I didnt know, I will change now. Sapna says this Aakash must have given that suggestion to use my illness in this. Aakash shouts that he didnt do anything. Sapna says shut up you both, Aakash says I didnt write anything. Sapna says you wrote rubbish. Sapna says to Pooja that if you dont know about me then dont write what others are saying. Hina says she will say you are great dancer. Music plays, Pooja says Sapna is our dancing queen. All praise Sapna. Arshi asks Sapna to not do drama, not blame us. Sapna says you snake, I will put you in place. Hiten says task has ended. Arshi asks why he blaming her only? Aakash was part of it too. Sapna says I will crush them both.

Priyank says to Sapna that just call Arshi “Pune and Goa”, she will react.
Arshi says to Mehjabi that she is blaming me only. Hiten says if you wrote it then accept it. Sapna comes there and asks Arshi to remain away. Arshi says you cant talk to me like that, I didnt use wrong words for you, Sapna says should I talk about “Pune and Goa”? should I tell your cheap acts? Arshi says what are you saying? Bigg boss call me in confession room. Sapna says I can go personal too.
Arshi comes to Priyank and says why Sapna is talking about Pune and Goa? why she is talking about my acts? that is so big, my parents will kill me. Priyank says I dont know anything, I didnt tell her anything about it, Arshi says my parents.. it was fake act.

Priyank comes to Sapna and says Arshi was so shocked and scared that her parents will know.

Arshi says to Vikas that I can talk about Sapna’s cheap acts in Haryana too, Vikas says people provoke here.

Vikas comes to Sapna and says Arshi had police case in Pune and Goa, she is going crazy that you are talking about it on national Tv, Sapna says why she talked about my illness? Vikas says she is saying that she will talk about your acts in Haryana too? Sapna gets angry and comes to Arshi, she asks what acts you are talking about in Haryana? Arshi says I will talk when time comes. Sapna says you dont have mind but garbage, Arshi says you are a gutter, Sapna screams at her. Arshi says you are filth. Sapna says you are a filth. Hina asks Sapna to not lose her class. Arshi says you know where you have come from, She takes Sapna away, Sapna cries.

Arshi cries, Ben consoles her. Arshi says why did Priyank do this? call him here. Ben goes to Priyank and says she is crying. Vikas says Priyank is excited because he has seen a lot outside, Hina says two three days he will remain excited, then we will tell him that it happens here.
Priyank comes to Arshi. Arshi cries and says I dont get personal ever, my parents wont accept me now.
Priyank comes to Vikas and says I wont spare anyone now, they knew about us because we were celebrity, they used it against but now I have done investigation and will use information now.
Bandagi says to Arshi that Priyanka made Sapna say all this to you.

Arshi says to Puneesh that now game will be difficult.

Priyank says to Bandagi that the one who is outside, he loves you a lot. Bandagi says you dont know him, he is the worst person I have ever met. Arshi comes there and says thank you Priyank for opening things, but I didnt want to go against, I know personal stuff of everyone, Priyank says I didnt tell anything, Arshi hugs him and leaves. Bandagi asks Priyank what he was saying? Priyank says if her relation with Puneesh is just friendship or love or something along the lines? Bandagi says I just know that its respectful, its not fake and loyal.Priyank says Puneesh have a kid outside, Bandagi says no she doesnt have a kid, Priyank says I know everything, I have done my work, he has a kid, he doesnt live with his dad as they have strained ties, you can ask him about his kid.

Bandagi comes to Puneesh and says can you tell me truth? do you have a kid? Puneesh says I have already told you that I dont have a kid, Priyank is lying, I swear on grandma and God that I dont have a kid and if you dont trust then.. Bandagi says I wont ask anything then.

Hina comes to Pooja who is lying in her bed, Hina asks if she will help in kitchen? she says I wont, Arshi laughs. Hina says you have to work, if you are in house then work, and you cant sleep before lights are out, Pooja doesnt answer her, Hina says I dont know what her behavior is, Bandagi asks Pooja to atleast answer, Pooja laughs.

Bigg boss shows Pooja’s song to inmates on Tv. Song starts with Pooja singing about Salman being star of Bigg boss. Pooja and arshi’s scene in video comes next, Pooja sings that Arshi wears s*xy nighties and brings hotness, then about Aakash being superstar, Jyoti bihari, Sapna great dancer, Vikas eat all sweets, Hina khatron ke khiladi, Shilpa is a flip, Mehjabi indian, and Sabya kitchen king, song ends. Arshi, Aakash, Puneesh praise Pooja and says it was so nice, Aakash says she has guts. Hina says she is great rapper that she was given chance but not other rapper. Arshi hugs Pooja and says my baby. Puneesh says great work. Vikas says tell if she had directed then what would have come out? Hina says can someone ask her to not sing ever again? Hina says Pooja was saying that she will choose and order luxury budget, not only winning team but all will get it, I will talk to Bigg boss, Vikas laughs and says like she is relative of bigg boss.

PRECAP- Gauhar Khan comes in house on weekend ka waar. Gauhar says in task, you will tell why you are better than others. Arshi says I compete with everyone alone. Bandagi says I provide entertainment too? Gauhar says really entertainment?
Salman says this is not hum sath sath hain, its hum waat waat(taking on others) hain.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Jaldi jaldi update karo na.

    1. RIVA

      Yes pls

  2. Today’s episode was great! I love Luv – He should win.


    1. hey neeru dear!! hmm plzz share ur reviews.. too im really eager to read.. even i like luv alotttt but a little less than priyank

    2. Samaira_khan

      Hey neeru

      Gud to see ur comment.. Yeah I know abt the fake neeru and stuff going on.. Even I love luv.. Hmm plzzz post ur point of view too.. I love to read it

      1. Now we hv two samaira khan too…. ?

  3. Samaira_khan

    Hello guys!! Uff fianllyyyy priyank is back.. Loveeeee him.. Starting Ben priyank love is sooooooooo cuteee..!! Episode was gr8!! I hope priyank lives here till the finale.. Guys I think sapna reacted too much.. I know arshi is mad.. But she just told abt sapna s sleeping thing.. Sapna shouldn’t have gone too far.. Ps:-im not arshi fan..
    And coming to Hina she is everything like we should not go to the standard of theirs and all.. But still she gets angry and talks rubbish.. #no offense

    1. – Yea…. Priyanks entry was great…. I also liked vikas nd priyank’s reunion… Sweet…
      Well priyank seems to hv come back with a game plan…

      – Even i feel sapna over reacted a lil…

  4. Samaira_khan

    Hi again.. I forgot to comment abt Mrs sensation.. Dhinchak she is really irritating… Starting I commented tht she is in civet and all.. But she proved me wrong.. Seriously.. She has no manners.. Uff I’m not liking her a tall..

    1. pher kal bhi jab hina baat karr rahi thi no reaction at all. kuch toh bolna chaiye tha lekin choddo woh apni hi duniya mei hai baki ghar walw bhi kamm nahi hai sabne majjak banaya tha and hina hiten part ekdum funny tha

      1. Samaira_khan

        Hihi true

  5. Samaira_khan

    And precap seems interesting.. I loveeeee gauhar she was my favorite contestant back then.. Love u.. As I feel she is not biased towards anyone.. I would love to watch tommorow..

  6. Hrithik Ka Fan

    Throw this Sapna and hina out someone.

    1. Trust me I would have if it was under my control…they are so badtamiz and dhinchaak se kitna jalte h ye log

    2. Bigg boss telling to contestants indirectly u get violent and break rules, we’l punish u first,thn aftr 2 -3 weeks, we’l forgive u with a new ‘package of opportunity and benfits….!!!! ‘ – in short priyank re entered!!!

      Bigg boss doesn’t value his own statements… If he was eliminated not bcz of violence and they bring him back.., that make some sense atleast!!!

      Today for the first time I hav complaint towards vikas’s doing…. Shame on both priyank and vikas… For spreading personal issues of inmates to here and there…. If it was criticizing co-contestants’ BEHAVIOR AND DOINGS INSIDE HOUSE nothing to point out as wrong,, lekin doosron ki past personal life national tv per discuss karne ki kya zarurat hai… ?? We can understand priyank ‘s fight plan… He was investigating on some of inmates when he was thrown out… Not necessary that what al he collected from outside is 100% true… He behaves like akash and puneesh r reason for his elimination… But truth is that it’s his own act of violence!!!

      Bigg boss allowed pooja to take help from akash and arshi only… While all others co operated well hina and sapna stood against..and composed their own lyrics…. Even though hiten objected he dint behave like sapna.. shilpa,ben and pungi were also not happy…

      Now pooja disobeys captain… Does she want to go in jail again??
      Jyoti is targeting pooja…m not sure., stil she looks jealous of pooja for a simple reason that pooja s known to many for her way of singing and some like it too, which is totaly ‘A JOKE ‘ for jyoti….

      I wish subko is hafte eliminate karo, aur bring new contestants…!!!

      1. Vikas did nothing wrong if you ask me. It was Priyank who said those things to sapna vikas even objected and usne bola hai ki priyank ne galat kiya aap mtv pe extra footage dekha kariye vo 11:30pm se ata hai parso wale me hai ye baate

      2. Vidhu, I clearly heard him telling sapna that arshi has police case in pune and goa, she s angry that priyank and sapna talking this on national tv( vikas s also on national tv now)…besides he added arshi was talking abt some ‘haryanvi ki kaand’!!! He jus ignited fire…. This s wht I complained abt vikas… Sapna pehle se hi ek rowdy hai for my eyes…. Totally agreeing that it’s priyank who stuffed bombs in his mind and distributing inside now….
        He says his mother doesn’t like a son like puneesh…if same question asked to puneesh’s parents they wil possibly name they don’t want children like priyank,zubair,akash,hina,sapna and arshi,

        Why BB brought him back???

  7. Drvidhi

    What an episode ?? Sab se jyada fun Hiten ke expression dekh ke aya? just loved it?

  8. I am sorry. But i have left all the respect for priyank today. What he did to arshi was extremely low on his part.uss insaan ke pass koi right nahi hai kisi ke character ke bare me bakwas karne ki. Agar aap kisi ki life bana nahi sakte toh bigadho bhi mat. Arshi ke sath goa and pune me jo bhi hua kabhi prove nahi hua and bina prove ke toh court bhi kuch nahi manta toh ye toh fir bhi big boss ka ghar hai.

    And sapna hoti kaun hai kisi ke bare me bolne wali. Vo kya sochti hai vo kisi ko kuch bhi bhok degi amd samne wala kuch nahi bolega and jiss scale se vo bandagi ka character judge kar rahi thi uske hisab se toh iss bandi ka pura khandan characterless hai ( sorry to say) iski mom ne choti age me love marriage kar li . Iska bhai alcoholic hai iski behen ne 2 shadi ki hai. I am not saying iski family real me characterless hai. My point is iski family perfect nahi hai and tum dusro ko jiss cheez ke liye bol rahi ho usse zyada tumhare ghar me ho rakha hai. Sapna bolti hai mereko jo lagta hai mai bolungi bhai vaise hi dusro ko jo lagta hai dusre bolenge tu fir sunn unki bhi. And isne har cheez ka jhoot bola hai apni age recent interview me 24 boli thi bb me 22 bol rahi hai. School certificate ke hisab se she is 28. Jhooti i hate sapna

    1. Well put

    2. yes u r right but bb pe aane ke liye mostly commoners ne jhoot bola hai celebs ka pata nahi

  9. Before people say this
    No i am not an arshi fan. But still jo galat hai vo galat hai. Arshi bhi galat hai but Priyank ne bhaut ghatiya harkar ki

    1. Sahi bola apne

  10. what is gng btw vikas and ben why they r not talking

    1. 1st issue that happnd was wen ben din vote for vikas to be in d top 10 list…. He felt offended…
      2nd during d jungle task, wen vikas convinced pooja to leave, ben passed some rude sarcastic commnt on vikas….

  11. sapna is out of mind…… dont knw wht she wants….why had she grudge for all of them except hina,hiten.

  12. hina nd sapna both ate fattoo….pooja ka new video song shoot hone se pehle hi darr gyi that hmare baare me kya likha hoga….i thnk both are insecure for their image aur fir usi insecurity ki wajah se fight krke apna level girati hain…….original video perfect tha which ws made between akash,arshi,pooja

  13. Bigboss me sab ek hi thaali ke chatte batte hain. ??

  14. hina is such a looser not a khatron ki khiladiinn……she took all grudge nd negativity in her heart everytime in every task….she cant change herself bcz ye uska nature hai…..mene hina ko kkk me postivity se noticed krna shuru kia aur aisa lga tht baki contestant galt krte h uske sath lyk rithwik,ravi dubey group bt nw i come to knw that galat wo ni galat hina thi..self-centered, egoistic, lier,arrogant hina.. thnk god uska serial k upper 8 yrs barbad ni kiye.

    1. yes hina is egostic arrogent but woh itni bhi buri nahi hai jitna dekha rahe hai bb wale extra dose dekho aap and jo ladki sabko samja rahi hoti woh kyun karegi ye sab i dont know but woh karr rahi hai lekin in 1 part she has said that logg achhe bhi hote hai bure bhi kisi ko pata nahi hota hai pata chalta hai toh uski baaton se words se and i dont think woh itni buri hai and bb wale ne 1st week hina ko achha dekhaya tha uske baad sirf hina ka negitivity dekhya jaa raha hai postiviy ka naam nisan nahi hai jo ye sahi nahi hai kyun ki woh postive baat karti hai and samko samjha bhi leti hai uska sirf aggression dekhaya gaya hai.

      1. aur ek baat i doesnot mean that she is right all the time . she is wrong mostly but agar achhi hai toh woh bhi dekhana chaiye na.

  15. sapna is overacting and tell people that she is innocent she is already 29 yr old and she tell people that she is 22 she us total fake she knows everything but she show the people I m innocent and other are vulgur she call arshi gand but when arshi call her back nachnewali she can’t handle salman favour sapna due to her popularity but her nature of lying and her soch is ghatiya

    1. She looks no less than 35

  16. hina having tough week inside and outside
    when she commented about south heroines now all are slaming her
    hina shouldn’t have told that the fans querel and put on weight things
    bhari pad gayi hina pe
    love priyank
    i think he survive till finale

    1. Samaira_khan

      Seriously even I love priyank.. And abt Hina she did a mistake.. Actually bb is also showing all these stuffs just for top and tepid drama

    2. Yea… Even i read that…. South indian actress hv tweeted abt this nd are angry ….
      And actually hina is wrong…. Actress there are nt asked to put weight coz ppl like plump ladies…..

    3. can u plz tell e hina ne kya kaha tha south herions ko i really dont remember?

      1. Samaira_khan

        Hi yaar she told tht they take very fat ladies in South movies.. As she got offer too but rejected cause they asked her to gain weight.. It s in over dose videos on voot

      2. actually what happens is a film called sitamma vakitlo siremalla chettu a telugu film in that venkatesh and mahesh babu are heroes . opposite venkatesh they want to take hina but they said that she needs to put on weight (coz for venkatesh personality if hina chosen then she must put on some weight)hina rejects it .and she said to housemates that people in south want actresses fat(not all some )but the thing is in south how you act is important not how you look fat or thin.And in my opinion she didn’t said that not all in south actresses are fat or something like that only some are like that.
        And hina said she regret for rejecting that film coz that film is hit and said nonetheless she is happy with what she is now

      3. oh but she cannot comment on others yaar aapko nahi karna toh na kare dusro ko kyun bolna

  17. Hey guyz, I am a silent reader and ofcourse a fan of bigboss. I am not a grt fan of Hina but After seeing todays extra dose i feel that bb is intentionally showing the wrong side of Hina Khan. She is not that bad as shown in episodes. Even I was hating Hina after the ugly fight with Vikas but still she is good and sometimes get biased with the house environment. Priyank has also started playing games. Vikas n shilpa are as usual good n have a cute love hate relationship. And yes Sapna is overreacting.

    1. Samaira_khan

      Hmm actually u have a point.. Let’s see what happens after few episodes.. Yep priyank is playing games.. Just like very one r doing..

    2. @Lips… Welcome … Dnt be e a silent reader nymore… You hv a great point…
      Actually evn i felt that…. Wen u see Extra dose u cnt always hate hina… She does say stupid things nd is arrognt but nt always…

  18. Yesterday someone said that Vikas was talking abt Ben wearing revealing dresses behind her back. 1st of all..Vikas never used the word ‘Revealing’. He said wo sochti thi ki acche kapre pehen k kuch rock karungi but wo nhi hua. He was talking abt how she was feeling insecure n confuse after that ranking wala task. Maan lete hai ki Vikas ko aisa nahi bolna chahiye but do u knw wat Ben did to him. Vikas ne ek baar uske baare me bola aur Ben ne das baar Vikas k baare me bola. Vikas n Ben had an argument where she said he only fights with girls. There’s a lot of unseen videos where she b*t*hed abt Vikas. She even said that bahar jaake me usey milungi v nahi aur baat v nhi karungi. She even mocked his hand injury in the jungle task n said Vikas darta hai Punish Akash k gangs se. So he being upset is justified. Moreover they never were dat good of a friend. Jab jhagda hota hai Ben ne kabhi support ya stand nhi liya dur se dekha. Even when Vikas bathroom k andar jaakar ro raha tha tab v wo nhi ayi Sirf Jyoti thi bahar usko console kar rahi thi. That’s y I hope Vikas usey bulaye he na as he said Insecure frnd se accha hai ek secure enemy.

    1. @ABC, what did Vikas comment abt Ben exactly?? I think I missed those as I can’t recollect any statement like that…!

      It seems there r somany accuaations they passed on each other…which made vikas hate her…, no idea abt ben…
      When salman ‘re arranged top ten rank list, those 4 who wer not in list wer shaken for sure… Mehjabi nominated jyoti telling herself will not b saved if she s not in safe zone…sabya ko from 4 th position to Seedhe bahar kar diya salman…! Love already knows his position…& trying to hold on here.. It’s Ben who felt most insecurity… Vikas observed her right!!

  19. 2ndly maine ye pehle v bola tha ab v bolungi. Priyank jab weeknd ka vaar me evict hua jaate waqt usne hina n vikas ko bola ki unlog ko mat chorna. Bt uske jaate he ek second k baad yani interval k baad usne Arshi ko maaf kar Di. Arshi ne sabko sorry bola mai aaj se aisa nhi karungi then Hina said let’s hug it out thn. Thts y Vikas asked her ki apne itni jaldi usko maaf kaise kar di. It was obviously out of emotions becoz Vikas was feeling really bad when priyank got evicted. Arshi ne bohot sacrifice ki Vikas ki captaincy me usne apna sab kapra n deo ki bottles sab de di thi. That’s y as a decent person he talked to her. Jo insaan 2mhare liya ye sab kare to usse baat kaise nahi karoge 2m? N wo dono bstfrnds nahi bane the Arshi Akash ki tarah bed pe chugli nahi ki undono ne. 2m sab Vikas k baare me aur kuch burai to nikal nahi sakte isliye week long ki ye purani ek baat leke beith gaye. Uski ye ek baat hai Hina ki das baat nikalti hai. Vikas ne hamesha use acche tarike se baat karne ki kaushish ki par wo hamesha ki tarah chillana overreact karna start kar deti thi. N don’t call Vikas hypocrite agar aisa hai to hina v hui coz Usne to Arshi ko ek second me maaf kar di thi par Vikas ko kyu nahi? Vikas came to her..Vikas ne apne haath jameen pe rakh kar usey sorry bola but she still had an attitude. Ek sorry v nahi boli jab ki uski wajah se Vikas roya tha. So anyways he moved on n we shud too.

    1. Drvidhi

      Yes Arshi sacrifice her stuff but isn’t it for her motive ??? Common yar both Vikas and Arshi playing mind game but Vikas is much mature nd sensible than Arshi.she did sacrifices but usme uska fayda hi hoga aisa usne socha hi hoga. Or just ek captaincy ki vajah se he forgive her that’s also wrong and hina was also wrong k itna jaldi maaf kiya both we’re wrong
      Aur raha saval Arshi ki maaafi ka vo BB ki season mai sabse jyada maafi mangegi aur fir apni harkatein dohrayehi

      1. Yes obviously Arshi supported Vikas for her motive but u can’t say the same things to Vikas..he won’t gain anything from her. It was her own choice to support Vikas becoz she doesn’t want puneesh to win as both hina n Shilpa were supporting him. N wo hina n shilpa ko pasand nahi karti thi. As I said above usne apne kapre wapre sab diya that’s y I guess Vikas talked to her. It would be rude if he didn’t after what she did. He never once said ki 2mne jitna v kiya uske liye me maaf karta hu just coz 2mne mujhe captain banaya.

    2. @ABC – Great points… !!!!

    3. Samaira_khan

      Yaar y didn’t I read ur comments before.. Uff u justified so well!

  20. Thirdly, sorry I’m posting so many ?, When I feel a little bad for Hina her fans made me hate her again. U do they always attack Vikas with that one Arshi topic? She did more harm by questioning his s*xuality? N ye sab purana ho chuka hai like I said above Move on. Anyways kal Hina ka video viral ho chuka tha twitter instagram same jisme usne south India movie k baare me bola tha unko bulging women pasand hai. For this hansika motwani n many south actresses bashed Hina on twitter. Par Shilpa ne v tiger shroff ko girlish bola n Kajol ko muffat. Usne v kuch underwater shooting k liye south Indian industry k log saare chalu aur chor hai bola tha. So my question is y only Hina? Agar Shilpa ki jagah Vikas hota ya Hina khud hoti to kya unhe chorte?

    1. Aap shilpa ki peeche kyun padi hai? Hina ki saath uss discussion mein Vikas bhi tha?. Usne bhi agree kiya Hina ko aur iss baare mein bola.Vaise Shilpa generalise karke nahi bola. Usne apne opinion bataya…

  21. N don’t forget how hina refused to work for him during the captaincy task n keep taunting him kaamchor captain with Akash group. But Hina ki captaincy me Vikas ne bola ki aapka captaincy mere hisab se accha tha. That’s the difference between your hina n vikas. He never hold any personal grudges.

    1. Samaira_khan

      Well said!!

  22. Can anyone tell me what has happend with arshi in goa and pine???I m wating for the answer .Please anyone tell me.

    1. arshi ka kuch police case hua tha sayad

    2. It was abt prostitution racket. But what priyank did was very low n unclassy. Itna personal nahi jana chahiye dat too in front of national television.

  23. full paisa wasoool episode tha
    jo bhi ho kisi ki personal life pe comment nahi karna chaiye tha sirf ye ek show ke baad sabi logo ko bahar aana hai puri life baki hai ye baatein affect karegi.
    guys hina itni bhi buri nahi hai yaar jo itna negitivity dekha raha hai extradose pe ussne kaha bhi i dont know mera positivity dekh raha hai ya pher negitivity. and woh sabse baat karti hai pata nahi kyun bb wale hina ko buri saabit karne pe lagehue hai.
    priyank wapas yipee
    guys u noticed or not i dont know but jab vikas hina ki chugli karr raha tha ki tum jane ke 5 mins pe arshi ko maaf kiya aur hug kiya and priyank said mujhe sab pata hai arshi ko hug sab ne kiya tha sirf hina ne nahi and vikas chup hogaya tha and dusri baat vikas khush nahi tha priyank ke aane se i dont know why.
    jo bhi bahar sapana hina conversation hua hina gayi thi mei actress hu and i will do acting i dont care what line is but change hogaya nice but sapana aaja toh over react kiya tum ne.
    kal gauhar khan sabki bajaygi 12 kaash hina gauhar ki baat samjale aur uss pe dhyan de.
    luv is new captain

  24. guys anyone outside from India?

  25. Well, well, well. I think here supporters for all are there. I am not supporting anyone, but commenting on what is seen on TV including uncuts. Based on that many of you are correct as well as wrong.
    This is a survival contest. Not a quarrel, fight, love, class, beauty, dance, singing contest. Everybody has forgot this concept including Big boss. That is why, season by season, the standard of BB has gone down. Presently, it is not looking like a TV show in India. Sometimes it looks like a prehistoric era show and sometimes it looks like an American show. As many of them don’t know each other and from different cross-section of society, they have to develop relations to survive in the closed house and also to entertain the audiences to survive long and win the contest. Contestants have definitely seen the earlier shows and adapted the wrong techniques out of those.
    Entertainment does not mean looking down upon others. Winning does not mean to pull others and climb up like a crab. All of you need money and hence came to the show.
    You should act as a human and show your strengths and culture to be respected and liked by others. You can be fake and cunning for entertainment purpose but not at the cost of others’ disrespect. Not by defaming each other’s family names, profession, class, caste, creed, clan, religion, belief and so called standard.

    Some are repeatedly howling about class and celebrity status and laughing at others, calling names. Everybody is a celebrity on their own. They need not be from acting field alone. These are the kind of people who disrespect soldiers, farmers, lower castes, poor and downtrodden, villagers. Money is not everything to be a celebrity. By doing so, even if you win the show, in the long run of life, you will loose all. Your family and clan will be disrespected.

    You argue for a purpose, convince each other to agree to your POV. Who convinces better is a winner. If not leave it there. You don’t have to fight for everything like adimanavs.

    You flirt with people to an extent till it is not become problem for the other party. If so, then leave it there and hug out.

    Some are very smart and cunning. They are filling everybody’s ears and bringing message from this side to that side wo being hated by either groups. That’s OK till audience accept you. If this causes some unruly personal fight between people accept your role and resolve the matter and not like enjoying the fight between them.

    You can decide something, not by quarreling. What is agreed by majority or as ruled by BB rules, accept it. If people don’t agree to your POV, don’t show attitude, show pros and cons of both sides. If still people don’t agree, keep quiet. World can not run to your liking every time. In the long run, people will understand you. Then your respect will be doubled.

    At the same time, don’t run away from discussions, arguments and responsibilities. You are to be seen on camera.

    Last point is forming groups. It is OK for survival, but group should be formed based on like minded people and not by class, status etc. If group is formed, be loyal to it. Disagreement in the group should be allowed, but to outside there should be one voice, one opinion. Forming subgroups inside a group and using the weakest member is not correct. In my opinion, being neutral shall be good. You can enjoy both groups and raise your voice for right causes.

    It is too long………… You people can decide who falls where.

  26. kyu ye priyank ghar ke andar aaya…… aur aate hi dikha diya ki mera kitna cheap game plan h…… m ye hi kar sakta hu dikhne ke liye isse jyada mujhse kuch nhi hone wala h….. aaj to is priyank ne apni tuchha panti dikha di….. chamkadar kahi ka……. isse aise hi milega dikhne ko warna karta kya h ye……. kaash vikas aur iski dosti hi na ho…… i really hate this priyank…. he is just like hina khan….. i really can’t understand why he suggest sapna to say all this to arshi….. dum h to khud hi jakar Ladta usse…… dum to h nhi…… ladne ka…… to dusro ke sahare lad raha h…… aur dum h to accept to kar maine kaha h….. karle jo tujhe karna h…… but no hume ye bhi nhi karna….. but jo bhi kiya tune its cheap very very cheap……and i just hate this what the hell she is….. why she forgrt herself that who i am…… m koi usse kam nhi hu……. everyone knows about her character……. why she forget why she attempted suicide…….. about her background……. tu khud to sadko par tent lagwakar naachti h bude aadmiyo k saamne waahiyat gaano par jinhe kabhi sunna bhi pasand na kare koi…… teri asliyat bhi sab jaante…… she is the first who provoke arshi to fight……. when she says asliyat m to shaadi hogi nhi nakli shaadi hi kar le then she says her naachne waali….. tera profession hi yahi h to kyu bura maana tune…. h to h….. isi se tujhe paise milte h…… she is the one jab zubair ne joke kiya tha then she says itne gande jokes sharam nhi aati and all bla bla bla…… but when sabya vikas jyoti luv they are commenting on zrshi then she says what her income source tujhe kya karne h jaankar tera kya h hum sab jaante h she is well known to be a pr*stitute…….. that’s why she attempt suicide……. ye faltu ka drama jo wo karti h na bekkar lagta h……. bina baat ki footage chahiye use……. itni haryanvi banti h to darr kis baat ka h chup kyu baithi h tu to kar de jo tujhe karna h bahar nikalne ka wait kyu kar rahi h…… jo hoga dekha jayega …….bas bolne ki h wo karna kuch nhi h bahar jakar karegi to jail m nhi pahuch jaegi kya…….. and i want to say to both priyank(tuchha chamkadar)and this sapna that u can’t say anything which hurt someone’s dignity till the offence has not proved against her…….. she must be know that…….. hina i hav no words to say her she is their head……. i just love shilpa,vikas and arshi……

  27. I agree about what Priyank did yesterday was not at all good.. And Sapna’s fight was also justified.. But what Arshi is doing is also not justified!!! When Arshi said about Shilpa that her family left her , she can’t be a mother , this is all not personal?? Arshi is being personal from a long time. Sometimes what Arshi does is good , like asking Mehjabi to go in the house in jungle task.. I don’t support Sapna at all!! I’m not a fan of Sapna , but what some people are commenting is not good.. What is wrong if some people dances on rally to earn money?? She is not her stomach and all!! And a person is not p** stitute , if she dance.. And about her suicide attempt , she was fed up with this comments so she committed this.. If Sapna is characterless then Arshi is also same as her clothes makes other uncomfortable.. And I don’t think both of them as that.!! Both should get respect in their place.. And I think if a person is commenting Sapna or Arshi or other contestant characterless , or cheap , then what are u doing? Are u not getting personal?? So just don’t abuse or bash some person with this things.. I support Arshi and Sapna both in this topic of pointing fingers on them..
    Like said earlier , if actress can dance on songs like Munni badnam , Shiela ki jawani then why not Sapna as she is a commoner ?? Totally wrong..
    And now Hina and Shilpa commented on south Indian actresses which is totatally wrong.. Rakul , Tamannah , Kajol and other south indian actress ,what does hina and shilpa think they are chor , fat?? No!! But they are becoming fat also what’s wrong?? They are also doing this with their self respect and they are also actors just like Hina and Shilpa. And if Aamir Khan can gain weight for his movie then why not them!! Hated this comment.. Anyways bigg boss has become all about being personal and everybody is doing this.. And some are saying Priyank can’t fight himself and he targets from other’s back and support, then let me make u remember that Priyank was the only one who was out of the house for fighting.. He didn’t said anybody to go and push Akash. He did this himself ( I don’t support Priyank’s fight )…. Anyways this season there is too much of negativity.. DONT GET OFFENDED!! ITS JUST MY POV.

  28. Hina! If u feel u are too classy and that u should not stoop to that level of arshi (as u said to sapna while taking her inside the room like bidai ki waqth dulhan) u wld have as well advised priyank not to meddle with her personnel life before the fight itself. Had u done that u wld have won o ur hearts. But arshi won it by not prolonging the matter too much. She was enjoying the video wholeheartedly.
    And priyank!ur second entry is not for degrading others and in turn belittling
    Sorry to say this I wld rather prefer a filthy women with good heart than a classy women with a head strong attitude. If u feel hina is not that bad then I too have the right to feel arshi is also that bad from heart.
    It is just that hinas profession outside the house is too good and hers is bad as per the society norms. But at the end everybody is a humanbeing and everyone feels the need to be respect ted by all.let’s respect even if it is a filth or a flower. In turn we Wiill be respected by all.
    And kaite! Thnku for ur compliments day before yestrdy. Ur long post well written.

    1. koi gharwale kisi se kamm nahi hai sab ke sab ek hi hai bass kisi ka negative side jyada dikh raha hai toh kisi ka kamm. phele arshi ka dikhta tha abb hina ka dekh rahe hai koi nahi aaj salman ye baat karenge sayad agar nahi kari toh Gauhar khan bajane wali hai sabki

  29. Sorry! It is “arshi is also not that bad from the heart” in my above post.

    1. Are you watching some other biggboss? She would say any cheap thing to win the argument.She is very insecure about Shilpa,Hina and Sapna

  30. Why does every1 target vikas.. even he is also playing games but he doesn’t stoop so low like others.. felt bad for arshi.. sapna ko kya ho gya over react kr rhi hain..

  31. @### totally agree with u how can this stupid tin tin tumo can comment on someone like this……
    i am not a sapna and priyank supporter and i want to be their supporter whatever they say about arshi is also wrong…… coz she is a woman….. she has dignity and self respect whatever she has done it doesn’t matter what she wear doesn’t matter in front of the words that spoken by sapna which hurts her immensly and after this also she doesn’t make it a big issue like sapna if she was in her place….. doing wierd comments on someone is totally wrong that’s why FIR has filed against them becoz it is totally wrong……. if hina is at her place what she will we all know very well….. arshi also comments personal but these issues are vulnerable so this is wrong…….. it is not hurting a women’s dignity at all…… and u r making fun of all this thing……. its wrong……. there are many allegations against sapna too but no one is saying about previous life and no one has this right to comment on someone and so personal…….. whatever he has done is wrong and he should face the consequences too…….. arshi i really support you on this……. sapna is a filthy and wierd woman she says anything to arshi without thinking once…….
    she has faced a lot of criticism in her life she has to understand the thing which can hurt someone she is not at all a sensitive lady…..
    what she shows and what she want that everybody listen to her and afraid of her……. who are you see mirror…….. u as lways comment 1st and then say anything…… if u can’tlisten bad about u then don’t say bad to others too its my humble advice to her…..

  32. Good observation.. @ABc,tin tin tumo,drividhi,mamta,anannya,riya,isha and ### … Priyank is so cheap.. How can he say all those things for a girl.. How can he comment on someone’s personal life… And this sapna and hina are too cheap.. Now all have problem with pooja’s behaviour.. But when she came .. All made fun of her.. And hina wants everyone according to her.. She wants to be the boss of bb house…. She went too low Many times but still want others respect.. And this Jyoti.. I don’t know what she think of herself.. She is useless.. Throw sapna ,luv,mehjabin,sabya outside of bb…. And all r saying that arshi is useless uses ill words.. But she never starts on her own.. All are targeting her.. And why priyank came back. It means arshi should hit back sapna and hina when they hit her.. If to hit someone is allowed.. Wht ppl are not looking arshi’s good side.. She is really good from heart.. True one and loyal…

    1. True. Sapna and priyank have joined the filth gang of hina

  33. Agreed with u @arti… Sapna is a mad women and cheap too.. And Priyanka is not doing good.. Just to take footage …

  34. Vikas jughalkhor khala hai

  35. Hii @### arshi is far better than sapna. Sapna plays in jhund.. She is fake,cheap,mad women.. She is not loyal to anyone.. All time she targets arshi.. Ashi didn’t start all those things.. It is sapna who said ill words and said many thing like what us her income source.. She can’t be marry in real life.. If u dance … Sry we can’t say that dance…. If ur profession is like this and if u r a girl then how ca u say about another women.. First she should look herself.. What she do.. I will support her in all those things what arshi said.. But I will say that sapna deserves worst … Bcz if she can say all these things then she have to be prepared to get back.. And I don’t know what sapna think of herself.. She takes sympathy from all bb house members and public too.. You can do another things.. All I can say about sapna if she love to dance then first she has to learn dance… Bcz what she do in her videos is not dance at all…

    1. Exactly

  36. All fight inside the house is becoz of any girl/woman only. Cmon girls. Show your strength. Get united and mardon ki bazado. Instead you are fighting against each other and the boys/males are taking advantage, getting footage becoz of you fools.
    As I am telling everyday, irrespective of the whole week’s revelaetions, I bet Salman is going to support the people whom he thinks his type.

  37. Big boss had warned Priyank not to reveal any info from outside otherwise, then he would be evicted again. He has exactly done this. Let us see whether the show is scripted or not. How far fare is BB and Salman Khan.

    1. Exactly my point. Why bb or salman is not interfering

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