Bigg Boss 11 25th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Aakash’s teams wins task

Bigg Boss 11 25th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 24
Inmates wake up to song bore bore song. They all dance and enjoy.

Mehjabi says to inmates that Puneesh was instigating me, he was calling me mom and doesnt even have sense, he has got nice girl with him, he is useless.

Bigg boss says the team whose more members are in jungle and not in cave till the end of task, that team will win, referee Luv can put inmates in cave too.
Hiten says if Shilpa goes in cave then Vikas will go too. Arshi throws water at Shilpa, she says I will throw it. Arshi throws leaves at her too. Shilpa throws mud at Sapna, her mic is smeared with it. Bandagi says Luv is not accepting that Shilpa has wet Sapna’s mic.Luv comes to Hina and says I want your team to win but your team is giving them chances, she says I know.


says Luv has to send Shilpa to cave. Arshi brings anti insect spray and sprays on Shilpa’s face. Hina says she is breaking rules. Shilpa throws mud at Arshi. Arshi again sprays on her face. Hina says see this.

Vikas takes tree branch and is scaring Shilpa with it. Hina shows Luv that her mic is not working because they threw water on it. Arshi says mic is still working. Shilpa tries to throw water on Vikas, Vikas holds her hand, she says I want to put mud on you. Aakash says Hina’s mic is working, I am musician and I know its working, Hina says he is mental. Ben is dancing. Arshi says she has become chimpanzee. Hina says if anyone throws water on mic then he or she will be out of task from now. Arshi and Aakash says who are you to give verdict? Hina says I am just suggesting to Luv, Hina says where you people have come from? Bandagi says dont bring me in all this. Hina says you people call us that we are zero.Puneesh says you characterless woman talk about others families.

Arshi says to Puneesh that who is at her home? let me ask Hina how they are bearing her. Shilpa says Arshi’s family must have relocated. Arshi says Shilpa’s mother threw her out, her brothers threw her out. Hina says Arshi why dont you talk infront of Salman? you try to flirt with Salman, Arshi says I will ask Salman too, you cant keep bringing him in all this. Mehjabi says I will give it back what you all are saying. Aakash says we didnt say anything about you, Mehjabi says you people are small and I will put you all in place. Aakash says why you come in middle of everything? Sabya says why she cant come in middle? you say that she left her daughter and all that but she cant talk? Aakash says Shilpa talked about Mehjabi’s daughter, I didnt. Mehjabi says you people said that I left my kid, Arshi says Shilpa said it. Shilpa says they are lying. Aakash says Shilpa even said that Mehjabi doesnt talk about her kid. Hina says Puneesh called Mehjabi a black ghost. Shilpa says to Mehjabi that I said she has done sacrifice by leaving her baby behind, she is strong, they are taking it out of context. Mehjabi says what if I have dark complexion? I dont do makeup, I have black complexion so what? my husband is handsome and have light complexion, he is happy with me, I have left my 1.5years baby behind so I can do anything to win, my face has dark complexion but you people have dark hearts.

Buzzer plays. Cave’s door is opened. Luv says Shilpa threw water at Sapna’s mic, we cant wait for mic to get destroyed, Aakash threw water on Hina’s mic. I want to send Shilpa and Aakash in cave.All clap, Bandagi says fair decision. Arshi says to Mehjabi that Shilpa is Haramkhor(jerk). Mehjabi says I know everything. Luv puts Aakash and Shilpa in cave.They go in house. Shilpa says to Aakash that you people are so bad, Aakash says we are a team, I am not bad. Aakash says Hina put me down. Shilpa says I said to Mehjabi that I would never leave kid behind like she did and she is strong. Aakash says lets dance, she says no, I know you have good heart, I dont if you are doing this game. Aakash says just dance with me for 5 seconds. Shilpa says you might say later that I was flirting with you.

Bandagi says to Pooja that Puneesh just joked that there are two ghosts, black and white,one is Shilpa and other is Mehjabi. Hina hit me with pot but didnt say sorry, Bandagi says there are pairs here but celebrity pairs are not loyal.

Mehjabi says to Arshi that I havent come here for modeling, when I do makeup, nobody believes that its Mehjabi, I didnt have baby for 8 years so I know what I have been through, Puneesh says people talk so much behind back. Mehjabi says my husband loves me a lot, I asked him to remarry, if he wants kids and I cant give him then I am allowing him to marry another girl but he said that what I see in you, I dont see in another woman in world, he never took a look at another woman. Puneesh says you are pretty thats why you are in Bigg boss, cheap people dont come here.

Bandagi says to Pooja that Shilpa and Aakash will become friends in house, they must be taking shower and all. Buzzer plays, gates are opened. Mehjabi says to her team that dont exert yourself too much, just do as much as you want too. Mehjabi and Arshi comes in house through cave. Mehjabi asks Aakash if he destroyed her clothes? he says no.
Vikas says to Pooja that they will call you worst player and put you in jail, you have to bear all dirt and insects there, I have been there, its so filthy there, go in house, take rest and have energy, nobody is going to be there for you in jail, make friends here.

Bigg boss have sent pizza to lure inmates to leave task,if they want pizza then they have to leave jungle and come in cave. Aakash brings pizza out of store and shows it to everyone. Jyoti says dont be greedy. Aakash, Arshi, Shilpa and Mehjabi are enjoying pizza.
Buzzer plays, Cave’s door is opened. Bandagi asks Sabya to go inside and eat, he has cooking for days. Bandagi asks Pooja to go. Hina asks Pooja to not listen to Puneesh’s team and dont do in house. Pooja says you people would put me in jai. Hina says they are saying all that to you? Vikas says whom you will choose as worst performer? Hina says if thats the case then I will go in jail, Vikas says you want to sacrifice then Pooja stay here. Luv asks her to take her decision. Pooja says I cant sit here any longer, its not about jail, Hina says okay. Pooja goes in house. Aakash screams that Dhinchak is coming. Aakash and Arshi hugs him. Aakash asks her to have drink. Pooja gets teary eyed and says I cant talk, I have headache and they are asking me why I am going in cave? I couldnt sit there, I will get ill because of their game, I dont need to be captain. Shilpa hugs and consoles her. Shilpa says dont take it to heart. Pooja says I am not habituated to sit like that. Shilpa says dont take it personally.
Hina says to Luv that Pooja did wrong, she was scared of going in jail but couldnt perform in task to avoid it?
Pooja says to Shilpa that I get ill and I have to lie down when I am like that, Shilpa says dont feel bad, she is thinking about game.
Luv says I want to say Vikas is game changer.
Pooja says to Arshi and Aakash that I have done more than enough in task, I am not getting anything.
Luv says to Hina that Vikas brainwashed Pooja, Hina says he plays politics.
Aakash says to Pooja that you are very famous. Pooja says they called me so I came in house but not to bear all this.

Bigg boss says khul ja sim sim task has ended. Blue team have more members in jungle than red team right now so Blue team have won task. Hina says you all played well. Arshi hugs Hina. Aakash says we won, we won. Puneesh and everyone hug each other. Vikas hugs Shilpa. Bandagi and Arshi hug each other, blue team have group hug.

Hina says to Jyoti that even if Arshi doesnt become captain even than she will be captain, I dont want Aakash to be captain, I will take Luv’s name. Sapna says i might leave but now I will make them pay, I will not spare anyone.

Pooja comes to Vikas and says you gave me right choice, when I told them you all will put me in jail then they said now they will put me in jail so why should I wear myself out? Vikas says if they think you are worst performer just because you were not throwing water and mud? nobody went in house because of mud and water.

Aakash is lying his head on Pooja’s lap. Arshi says why you are lying on her? you like her. Aakash says not like that. Arshi asks if she has boyfriend? she says I am not interested in all this, Aakash can be my friend. Aakash says I am not doing anything. Pooja asks Aakash to move away, there is problem in my house with this, Aakash doesnt move so Pooja moves away. Arshi says my family is like that. Puneesh says my papa will not allow me in house.

Hiten says to Aakash that you and Arshi can be contender for captaincy, Luv has done nice work too.
Puneesh says to Bandagi that I took him on, Aakash said that Bandagi didnt do anything, she is out of question so I said that she took on Hina, she is not out, Bandagi says he went in house not me in task. Puneesh says he is asking for votes to become captain.Bandagi says Aakash will not become captain, he is not loyal Puneesh so dont be so nice to him.
Hiten says to Aakash that I dont want to promise my vote to you, what if majority is not giving you votes? then my vote will go waste too, you will get chances more too.

Aakash comes to Puneesh and Bandagi and says I started work in task first, Bandagi says Bigg boss will tell that. Aakash says Hiten said that he will vote for me and Luv, Puneesh says he will not, Aakash says take a chill, he is going to vote for me. Puneesh says dont show ego to me, you didnt get anything when you worked in Vikas’s captaincy but in the end he nominated you, they are not on our side, Bandagi says voting for you will be wasted as they will not give you votes, Aakash says okay and leaves.

Hina comes in garden,she is weeping. Hina cries and says they said so much bad stuff for two days, I am losing my strength, Puneesh called me characterless (badzath), I cant even cry over this, they call me cry baby cry baby if I cry over this, I never cursed anyone here and they calling me characterless? it has such bad meaning, I gave my full efforts in task, I am sorry mamma, she breakdowns and cries. Sabya comes there and sees her crying, he asks what happened? she says nothing and tries wipe her tears, he asks what happened? she says nothing, he puts hand over her shoulder, she says no dont do this, they will think I am doing drama, I am not able to observe all this, what Puneesh called me, I didnt even know its meaning, I have to listen all these words. Sabya says you sit alone for sometime, I will comeback, he leaves. Hina cries and says I miss you mom, I really miss you.

Aakash and Arshi are singing beliya infront of Salman’s poster, Aakash hugs his poster and says sorry. Arshi kisses his poster. Puneesh and Bandagi laughs. Puneesh says behave you both.

PRECAP- Hina’s team gives Pooja’s name and says we lost task because of Pooja. Bigg boss says Pooja will go in jail.
Later all allege Hina when stands in witness box. Puneesh says Hina you are wrong, and Sapna is taking your side. Sapna screams at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hrithik ka Fan

    For the first time ..I felt bad for heena when she was crying. .but the truth is she is equally or should I say more responsible for her situation. .because we all know this akash ..punish r shameless people they can get down to any level to provoke others but why u r.going down to that level and biggest fall for hina was not the fights with akash or punish but people started hating her after fight with vikas because so far what we have seen is vikas is a mannered guy even when he fights or plays game he doesn’t look bad but heena fought with with no fault of his and said many mean things to him …that’s where heena’s downfall starts and crying will not…

    1. Very true….dat first fight wid vikas and latest attitude towards Ben when she dint whistle for her….displayed her true colors….n when she can say any rubbish …can curse anyone…den she shud b ready to rcv d same….wat goes around comes around….now today it appeared to b for sympathy to me….to cover up all her wrongs and to blame others

      1. When she made vikas cry, he went to washroom and was crying, so that camera’s can’t see… But shilpa dint leave him in that condition too, where he came out and said ” shilpa don’t lie.” ( regarding their past issue) and tried to leave house…..Next time in jail under blanket ( he looked like he cried)… Here Hina can’t recognize how much she s wrong…. And thinks others r insulting and provoking her… She might b hurted and cried,, stil she knows cameras r catching her…
        Evn her tears made anybody( who hates) feeling sad for her, next day itself she wil force to think opposite….
        Arshi on the other hand, speaks anything out of anger at the moment as she can’t control her tongue much, which she accepts too…. But she doesn’t seem like holding revenge or anger at heart for longer time…. She welcomes everyone without arrogance…padosis, wildcard… Etc., even takes initiative to go along with her opponents by hugging them first… Hina wil do same when other apologies to her , even shows them THE ATTITUDE…. Eventhough its her own fault only….

    2. Samaira_khan


    3. Yes its true.. vikas is so nice… shilpa provoked him many times but how he controlled his anger,shows is gentlemen side… and people are saing about arshi.. is sapna did anything in bb till now..?except doing fights without any reason.. she came here to improve her image… what she is doing now? and i read many are saying hine is good and vikas is fake.. it is showing on tv .. that all she is dong drama.. fights and rona dhona for footage.. first she fights ,goes on others character and family… and after that cries and never accept her fault.. ow she was making fun of pooja shows her standard and dirty mind.on the other sid earshi accepts her fault and entertain public.First shilpa used arshi and then akash.. whe salman took class of arshi she get distant from arshi…. this time she is doing same with akash.. not saying this puneesh group is right.. but shipla hina sapna hiten not doind anything except fights.. dont like bandagi too but she never used bad language for anyone.. what what hina did wth her was totally wrong.. again sipla get violent with arshi like hina.. but bb didn’t not punish them.. why? is it ok to throw pot on someone? arshi can do the same with hina and shilpa.. but she didn’t.. this shows that she is still better than hina,sapna n shilpa….and this jyoti.. she is targeting weak one.. pooja… dhinchak is so innocent…love her….and yeah.. i read that vikas is taking footage through shilpa… it is shilpa who always used his name to take footage,.. she is doing nothing except fighting with vikas… vikas goes to hare many times to sort out things..

      1. Hina is hypocrite, dominating and diplomatic

        But in this weeks task she didn’t do anything wrong watch the episode again or just check out first ten mins of extra dose of that particular task u can clearly see hina is only trying to pour water on the three who were standing on the platform..

        Vikas duncked, jyoti ran Gandagi was the only one trying to block it by extending her hand it was just water not acid and when some one s trying to throw something if you bring ur hand inbetween u’ll definitely get hurt gandagi shouldn’t have done that it clearly proves that it was not hina’s intention to hurt gandagi unlike Shilpa who intentionally threw the container on arshi

        Hina didn’t curse bandagi or anyone in this house the only thing she ever cursed was “I’m gonna lose that f**king task” and it was not meant to any person ofcourse she was totally wrong in that situation but she didn’t curse any individual

        Bandagi intentionally called hina B**** only after hina came down the platform it was not even reaction…

        Hina just said u r father s watching u cursing a girl it was not some curse over har family or anything she just wanted to make her realise that she s wrong

        For that also these mad dogs make issue…

        In this particular episode also shilpa said that ur family would’ve relocated after seeing ur acts to arshi did anyone say anything about that?? Because arshi didn’t do drama like gandagi and she didn’t do drama even after shilpa hurt her intentionally…. So nobody cares about shilpa’s act housmates also target hina and viewers also…

        I dont like hina at all but in this task she was RIGHT she didn’t do wrong

    4. I heard it that their fight was planned by both I don’t knw it right or wrong I heard that

  2. I feel bad for Hina every one are targeting her and hate this fake pungi Jodi both getting footage bcoz of hina

    1. Samaira_khan

      agree abt the fake oungi jodi.. but plzz jsut dont say tht hina is only right or like tht… people r not mad just to behave like tht with her

    2. Everyone targeting Hina?????? 😐
      Mere tv per kuch alag hi dikha rahi hai!!! :-/
      Pungi – ofcourse I hate them…
      Sapna s not even aware of what s happening around her and sabka band bajane ki dhamki de rahi hai….!
      Mehjabi complains puneesh calling black ghost…. I heard her calling him ‘ kala bandar’ too…. Hiten was asking pooja to sit near arshi and scratch her own head!!!! He insulted her enough!!!!! Kahan yeh Hiten or kahan Vikas… Hats off to Vikas for what you r doing inside…. Today it’s you who convinced pooja to quit, other blue team members also tried it earlier..
      Feeling like shilpa still has ill feeling for Vikas inside her…. I hope aftr big boss ends, Vikas wil cast her in his new project…

    3. Hina khan deserved to be hated.. she can say anything to anyone.. can show her stardom and .. can show violence.. in case n arshi and puneesh we can say.. its little bit fair.. but what about ben ,bandagi and vikas.. ben cried and say sorry to hina.. i dont know why she said sorry.. to this cheap and arrogant hina.. If you are playing gae then play it with decency ..

  3. Samaira_khan

    heyy guys!! uff as usual fights and all.. again fake bandagi and puneesh.. I feel dhinchak is not to be blamced.. i found her totally inncent.. agree at the way or other she is the reason the team los.. but its completely her wish!! Hina im still not be able to understand her.. but i actually felt bad when she broke down.. other things abt the fight.. Akash and puneesh went extreme but hina is no less.. she shouldnt have gone till parents..i used to loveeeee hina alottt.. but now im just a fare viewer.. overall it was ug.. precap seems intresting

    1. yeah pooja is innocent mehjabeen also went inside shilpa breked the rule and went inside no one is saying their names

    2. I did not feel bad 4 Hina at all because she has no control over what she says or does . She deserved every bit of hate she is getting now

  4. Seriously I hate pungi….bt PTA nie q mujhe LGA Hina acting kr rahi thi rone ka qki log JB rota h to us waqt itni clearity ke saath SB discuss nie krta h ki q ro rahe h…….Puri acting thi.
    Qki task v har gyi to kisi tarah hero bnana h strong hero aaj nie bn pati koi nie bechari herione v sherkhan bn skti h undoubtedly….Arshi… anyways wo iss layak ab nie bchi h ki baat karoon…uske bre me

  5. Hina is just hypocrite,I don’t believe her crocodile tears.doing saas bahu drama.always talking about others family members and playing victim.i was watching YRKKH for 8 years.was a great fan of Hina. She is strong n playing,but very arrogant and showing lots of attitude.

    I love hiten and vikas they are real gentelmen.playing games , never hurt lots of respect to ladies.

    I really felt bad for Pooja not hina

    1. Hiten is not gentlemen too.. how he is making fun of pooja nd arshi not shows his gentle men side… in case of arshi it is fare.. but what about pooja.. ?

  6. what good did Vikas [email protected] ka fan??? the most manipulative of all,always backbiting about others and behave as Devtaa in front of them,got footage from the start because of Shilpa,U can point out evry1’s mistake but not vikas and let me tell u Hina has not done anything like faking relationship that c can b kold a character less women, Character less toh Bandgi hain,Auraton k naam par kalang! And let me remind u,it was vikas who started the fight with hina,c didn’t have any problem bout vikas being a gay or bis*xual and if u tell me that it was wrong on hina’s part to ask his s*xuality to priyank,then priyank is also equally guilty for talking bout vikas s*xuality and revealing to hina that he is bis*xual. And pliz where wer u wen vikas accused hina of using priyank and when he like a maahan devtaa predicted that c vl b after Luv?? if hina wanted,then like that gandhi pungi c could have also faked a romance wid any male contestant! And pliz let me tell u,vikas is the one who Used Priyank and Ben too. His work is only brainwashing and instigating others, Sapna rightly said that he is a Meethi churii! #FakeVikas

    1. vikas is fake he fighted with hina coz of arshi . she aplolozied u made her frnd . vikas and arshi became very good frnds now lol

      1. Its *fought * with hina and stop using my name !!

      2. lol in the world manyhave same names i dont have any need to use yours

    2. totally agree yaar
      vikas is no.1 manipulative in the bb house now
      akash aur puneesh tho loud voice mein pade hain hina ke piche
      hina is doing great acc to me

    3. Kch b …..vikas wali fight sbne dkhi h…who was at fault …ankh bnd krne se sb bdlta ni….wo shilpa ko ni khta footage do….na wo Royal cameras ke samne like Heena….she is trying to play like bani bt she is nt lyk her…..n shi kha boot pr dkhi….Priyank ka….rhi bat Sry ki…she can forgive arshi in moment n Ben ko itna attitude same Sry pr…..jbki arshi abused her n Ben jsss dint vite for her…vikas was not shouting at hina in der fight he was humble n asking her to listen but she was screaming like mad

    4. I is hina,shilpa and sapna who target one person at the same time… in case of vikas they start fight… but vikas said sorry to shilpa and sapna and asked to sort out things…when akash comment on vikas’s s*xuality.. hina toook stand.. and after that se did the same.. and fight start from there.. shilpa kept foghting with vikas.. without any reason.. it is vikas who is playng game by mind.. he convince pooja without any fight and wrong way…he used bad language only for arshi… but hina is a cry baby always starts fight and then cry….

  7. Fake vikas#Tacky

  8. Hina might b wrong many times but cant be denied she is one of the strong contestants….. i think hina shilpa hiten should join hands …

  9. Felt bad for Hina?.Hina ko Shilpa ki tharah aisi baatein avoid karna chahiye. Arshi ne kya kya bola Shilpa ki baare mein.But Shilpa sab ache se manage kiya?. Arshi and Akash were horrible today.Hope Salman dono ki ache se class le

  10. People saying that hina’s crying is fake i mean hw can they say that her breakdown was fake jst because she an actor so if she is crying that means she is acting ? ? ik hina did smthings wrong n she needs to control her anger n all bt she was also right many times n telling that she is dng it for footage n all see so cruel of ppl to say abt anyone when that person is crying ? #staystrong

    1. Becoz she laughs at other in next hour. Check uncuts. Great drama queen. She is afraid of weekend ka baar as she has understood now that she is wrong.
      Also, crying in front of camera is not great, say sorry to the person, whom you have misbehaved.

  11. Jasvinder kaur

    Plz watch voot unseen videos. Shilpa and hina are heard taunting commoners “we make as much money in one day as you would make in an year or two”
    This line says it all. Nothing left to say. Decide now. We make them. They dont make us.

    1. Makers are trying really hard to make Shilpa win. She is fixed for sure. N rahi baat hina ki wo to 2nd hogi coz they showed too much negativity of her but not of mahan Shilpa.

      1. I feel so too. Yahi hoga

  12. stay strong hina
    pungi is shameless can’t tolerate them
    she has a bf outside and doing these cheap things inside house

  13. plzz guys have soe huinity hina ka break down konsi angle se fake lagg raha tha it was real and she was right bb ghar mei koi achhe se ron chahe toh bhi nahi karr sakta kyun ki wohi baat lekar phir sab logg chidayange.
    i know hina galat ja rahi hai thodi nahi bahut usko realize nahi ho raha hai ya pher realize hone ke baad bhi aisa karr rahi hai i dont know but agar shilpa ki tarah usko bhi realize ho jaye aur woh apne aap ko control kare toh kya baat hoti. uski mistake ye nahi ki woh abuse karti hai self centerd hai uski galti ye hai ki dusre logg pinch karte hai baat suna dete hai phir woh handle nahi karr pati hai and jo muh pe aaya boll deti hai 1 baat ki jagah 10 baat usse in logo ke baat ko ignore karna chaiye nahi toh ye villian banti jayegi. she need a person jo usse ye sab bataye push kare realize karwaye abb ghar mei to aisa banda hai nahi bb bahar se hi bhejo. undoublty agar task ya pher aur baat hai toh hina ek bahut strong contestant hai. abhi bhi dher nahi hua hai smbhal jao hina.
    gandagi ji agar aap ko hina ne mara hai toh sudden reaction dona baad mei aakar kyun ladd rahi ho agar sudden reaction hota toh hina sorry bhi boll deti lekin aap toh punish pe hi khoyi hui thi jo aapko baad mei realize hua ki aisa kuch hua hai and punnesh issne bandagi ko mara ae lo kya baat hai. fake couple of whole bb .
    i dont know what is rt but i read somewhere that bandagi ne hina ko abuse kiya toh hina ne kaha kya karr rahi ho ek ladki ko abuse karr rahi ho tumhare parents dekh rahe hai aur isi baat ko pungi ni father kaha tha i m not sure thouh about this thing.
    aaj hi pungi ne apni asliyet dekha di aaksh ke baare mei kya kya boll rahe the mujhe hasi aayi thi but jo bhi ho puneesh aur aakash do logg milke ek ko target karna apni weakness dekha rahe hai aur hina ko strong bana rahe hai.
    benafasha she is innocent yaar kya mei bandar jaise dekhti ho
    pooja ek toh vikas ke baat mei aagayi aur dusri pizza ni bulawa diya lekin task red team hara hai toh pooja ke wajah se and ek time mujhe chakkar aarahe hai and in the mean time pizza kha rahi hai hahaha.
    sapana kho gayi hai kahi parr toh.
    arshi ji ko kya bolu kuch nahi pata.
    but the way hina appreciated to all blue team sach mei bahut achha tha and she hugged arshi too yaar cute.
    vikas ji phele toh boll rahe the hina ne maaaf kiya aur arshi ki dost bangayi lekin hina ka toh pata nahi aapki bahut achhi friend bann gayi hai arshi ji.

    1. Acchese dekho episode pehle. Arshi Akash aur puneesh ki acchi dost he Vikas ki nhi. Usne ek baar Vikas ki captaincy me support jo kar liya sab log jabardasti ka frndshp tag de rahe hai. He talks to her just like everybody else. Ab bina bulaye to ek ghar me nahi rah sakta na koi itna to dimag hai. Arshi Akash k saath bed pe chipki rahti hai aur chugli karti rahti hai. Maine to aaj tak Arshi aur Vikas ko aise nahi dekha.

  14. Now her team lost.., hina is doing drama to gain footage and sympathy…becoz she know dat she has done wrong and is at fault…she is always saying about every other’s family, showing others always dat they are shit, nothing compared to her and abusing…what is she doing with pooja is unacceptable…mocking her, insulting her…and now to amend the damage she has done she is crying, that too in front of camera making sure dat she has got footage…she
    Might be thinking that this is SaaS bahu serial where u can win heart by crying..but its big boss..u need to respect others and every one is equal..akash and team made abuses too..but mostly they were retaliating…Hina is the one who always start showing disrespect abuse and bringing profession family fame an degrade others by saying they are nothing… Hate hiten too…he is no gentleman..he is insulting pooja and arshi for no reason…who the hell he is to call a woman always naagin when she has not done anything against him.. Just because they are famous they think anything is acceptable for them but not for others…disgusting…my favourites are arshi and vikas

    1. yeah toally agree she is doing all the drama from the starting of this season.. now i doubt on her acting skills too.. bcz i can see her fake acting all the time…and yeah arshi and vikas are my favourite too.. bcz they dont start fight .. they are not arrogant too welcomes everyone and forget all the things after fights. they dont keep grudges like hina sapna and shilpa

      1. toatlly agree with you Ghosha…

    2. Good observation

    3. 100% true.

  15. Don’t feel bad for Hina..coz usne v bohot sunaya tha Vikas ko. He also cried for her n his reason was much more serious coz she was questioning about his s*xuality. That’s called Karma. N y is everybody’s calling Vikas manipulative. Khud k paas dimag hota tab ye nhi bolte. He was ryt n he predicted it dat they will obviously put pooja in jail n they did. Kal k episode me un sabne usko dala. Toh waha bahar reh kar energy waste karne se accha hai 2m andar jaake aaram kar lo waise v to jail jana he parega. Vikas ka mindset aisa hai par Hina aur uski team ka mindset hai ki task khatam hone tak 2m hamare saath bethe raho aur worst performer ka tym pe wo 2mhe jail bhej de. So? Jangly ki tarah mud water fek k game nhi khela jata dimag lagana parta hai jo kuch logo k paas hai nahi. Dimag lagane se logically sochne se har cheej manipulative, politics nhi ban jaata..usne sahi baat boli jooth muth ka kahani nhi banaya aur wo sach v hogaya.

    1. Bilkul sahi. Hina is very negative. Vikas seems nice

    2. I am glad tht only 2 or 3 peopl call here vikas manipulator, fake..etc… Most of others hate hina, sapna, akash and pungi… & they love vikas…. I hav noticed vikas understands and explains things quickly than any other housemates…, when salman says something indirectly only vikas gets its meaning… The way he predicted hina’s pattern, co contestants’ character, what wil happen to pooja after task…everything s true…. Whn shilpa threw pot at arshi, both arshi and vikas took it simply and said shilpa has gone mad only…. Imagine if it was hina,akash,puneesh or sapna in arshi’s place…..omg!!! Bahut zyada chilaake thamasha kar dete!!!
      Its obvious biggboss playing cheap… And manipulating things alot…. I realy loved when vikas punched puneesh, eventhough he was sent to jail…, puneesh and team Ko pata chalgaya hai ki woh ek mard ka haath hai ya aurath ki

  16. hina,shilpa,vikas and hitter are the best…

  17. Hina, shilpa and Sapna are the worst! Atleast they got some competition in nastiness in akash and puneesh. Akash puneesh give it back to them. Acha hi hai. These ppl deserve each other.
    Vikas deserves to win as of now but voting is lil biased towards women celebrities.

    1. exactly theses three are the worst…

  18. totally agree with u Amy .hina and shilpa both got violent with arshi.. it is arshi who didn’t do all these.. it is showing. who is cheap or who is not…

  19. Hey……I m new here.

  20. Aku

    Arshi Akash and puneesh are too arrogant and chap.. I too wish salman unki ache se class le.. as far as Hina Shilpa Vikas Hiten is concerned I just love them.. and Hina is not fake.. just cz she is a very good actor doesn’t mean that whatever she does is fake.. hate Arshi.. so mean and selfish she is..

  21. Amy! All ur comments well said! Well understood! Well observed! Good clarity! No need for me to write anything.
    But still liked arshi ,when akash was saying loser! hina after winning and coming inside,she said spontaneously ‘aise math bolo”.
    And when mehjabin got the gift immedietly she said “ao mehjabin hum Dono andar jayenge” without any prior thinking and planning.

    We never said arshi is angel. Whatever she is sometimes good things come out of her effortlessly and unexpectedly.

    Why everyone went into a tragic mood after hina’s crying and forgot arshi and akash’s song to salman’s cut out and the way they touched his feet and a rshi’s flying kiss to salman was epic
    Agreed that she is jangli but at the same time funny and laughs wholeheartedly. The way she said to pooja ‘apka bf nahi hai and acted like fainting was too good.
    OK! Let me stop putting crown on arshi’s head otherwise meri janam janam ki saheli miss huma will come with a bang and wld say only characterless ppl will like arshi.
    Humaji aap aiye hamari band page ka ronak badaiye. Hope hina ke sath sath aap be apne aasu paunch rahe ho. Just joking. Take it easy.

    1. Thank u Isha,
      We hav seen arshi telling everyone that she hates hina very much…. But reality is that Arshi doesn’t carry that much hatred for anyone inside house….not evn towards Hina..
      What I disliked of Huma’s comments that she s judging other commenters based on her own view of the show…. That doesn’t seem good to read anyhow… All can appreciate or criticize the show and contestants…. But should be spared commenters from rude words..

      1. Great comments Isha and Amy. Dont worry about what others say. Awam sab janta hai. Arshi, Akash rocks.

  22. I agree with u all……I too don’t like hina at all….she is really bad but I feel that arshi is cheap…..the way she behaved at the start of the show is just unforgettable…..

    1. Do u remember once sargun came on Friday panel and supporting hina ( being fair and strong) & sapna ( being natural)…, what happened to her thoughts when she left??? After seeing footage of hina several times abusing arshi along with priyank…. Sargun was shocked!!!! It was clear from her words and expressions that hina s not as fair as she thought…. Sapna’s brother also confirmed tht what all sapna doing inside is not natural…. Sargun was totally disappointed….. Arshi couldn’t control her tongue much…. Last 3 episodes we can see she’s trying alot to not mess with others…. Hina havnt changed a bit even aftr many inmates criticized her…. Does she really think she s ms.right and perfect??
      Aftr seeing repeated telecast too I feel like hina wanted to get sympathy… During task pungi and aakash asked her ”r u here to lose ur celebrity status”??? ….may b this idea had got into hina’s head that time and started crying ….. She might b afraid of the same now…. She ‘s the same woman who once boasted to akash that..”’ poora India usko jante hai and akash kuch hi nahi….” seriously she thinks ALL ARE watching 7-8 years lasting serials????
      Sultani akhada mein she lost to arshi by her physical strength, which she can’t tolerate… Bfr the match BB should clarify all rules and how it should b played…. They didn’t!!! Whn it strted salman was giving instructions…what a stupid game….!! Arshi grabbed hina’s collar to stop her….everything went wild then….. Both were playing wrong,,, for hina its arshi only!!!! That’s what we hate about her… If she change herself in coming days ofcourse we ‘l support her… As of now vikas s already a winner for me…

      1. Probably true…..still not very convincing…..I too like vikas n want him to win…..even shilpa is entertaining….

      2. Totally agree. Plus hina is selfish arrogant and manipulative. She doesnt even spare using salman to insult others. Instigating n threatening ppl is her USP!

      3. Plus hina is selfish arrogant and manipulative. She doesnt even spare using salman to insult others. Instigating n threatening ppl is her USP!

  23. Among all vikas n arshi r best atlst dey r playing …mrover vikas hs nvr stoop so low ….

  24. If Hina was in the opposite team and if she was the one who would say all those things to what vikas told Dhinchak pooja,then all of u would have accused Hina of being Manipulative and targeting a soft innocent naive person like Pooja! U all can only see and point out Hina’s Mistakes! She is also a Human being and b4 passing any negative comments first think what u would have done or reacted if u were In her shoes! I agree Hina is proudy and arrogant but that doesn’t mean dat she should be called Characterless! I still haven’t seen Hina stoop to dirty levels! And breaking down always doesn’t mean seeking Sympathy! And dear vikas shippers, ur favourite is a real time player,he is very good in pretending,ghoomti phirti hain dusron se maafi maangne bcz he is aware that people are seeing him,He’s the most cunning and clever amongst all! Cunning Fox! and that Pungi to khule aam kehte hain ki they r playing game and v hve already seen that Pungi hatched this love story so as to stay in this game yet no 1 say anything to them! Pungi are even using Akash to stay in this game and dat lallu akash doesnt know about it! I feel ashamed For Bandgi’s family,khule aam national tv pe kisi k saath pyaar ki naatak kar rahi hain! Auraton ke naam par kalang!

    1. Stop talking about families you Hina blind fans. Women in public domain do many things which may not be true. It is part of their job. Hina was sleeping with Naitik for years in YRKKH show. Does that mean, that was wrong. Arshi is flirting with Hiten, is it wrong. It is all in the game. If Puneesh and Bandagi are really liking each other, what is wrong in that. Why are the viewers jealous like the contestants.
      If you are acting, act properly so that viewers feel it is real and interesting. That is what Akash, Arshi, Puneesh, Bandagi, Luv, Sabya is doing. All others are looking fake or acting fake. Lately Sapna has also joined the fake group of Hina. If you fight for anything stick to it everytime. It shd not change from case to case and person to person. This applys to Salman Khan also. He is also looking fake in season11. His comments are affecting the voting. So he shd be careful.

  25. Only vikas nhiten r playing gud others just boring.abusing n all hina is no less always b*t*hing abt others

    1. Agreed to your second part of comment. But others in the show are there who are entertaining according to me.

  26. Hina so slyly tries to influence sAlman also. And for the rest of the wk keeps saying salman ne itni bezatti kari tumhare ghar wale kya sochenge etc etc. arshi zaban se kharab h evryone says. But hina and sapna kahan peeche hain.

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