Bigg Boss 11 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Shilpa, Ben, Luv, Sapna, Jyoti, Vikas and Aakash Nominated

Bigg Boss 11 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 21
Inmates wake up to song. Pooja is eating in kitchen. Jyoti comes to inmates and says Pooja have lice in her hair, Puneesh goes to check and comes back, he says there are lice in her hair, Bandagi says it will be in our beds. Hina says I have experience, I will go and check. Hina comes in kitchen and roams around Pooja, she looks at her hair, Vikas is looking too. Hina comes to Luv and says there are lice in her hair.

Hiten is singing songs. Arshi says to Sabya that I get gagged by lice. Sabya looks in her hair and says there are no lice. Arshi says I want medicine.

Hina asks Aakash to have breakfast, he is in bedroom and says I will work later, Hina says all are working at this time. Aakash says I dont consider you as captain, I will work

at time when I want. Hina says in camera that Bigg boss Aakash is not getting up from bed and not working. Hina says to Shilpa that he is not working. Shilpa says he thinks Salman didnt insult but talked about him.

Shilpa comes to Pooja and says there are lice in your hair, we will call for medicine, you apply it in your hair, Pooja asks who told her? there are some lice in her hair. Shilpa says Arshi and Jyoti say them. We will call for lice shampoo. Hiten requests to send lice shampoo for dhinkchak pooja, she has come with a lot of bombs, shilpa laugh.

Bigg boss send anti lice shampoo, Hina takes it from store room and laughs, she raps like Pooja and says selfie le lia and lice mei lekar ayi.

Pooja and Aakash raps for inmates, they fuse their style, all enjoy it.

Shilpa says to Hina that Aakash wants food. Hina says he have to work to earn food but he can have food, Hina says to Shilpa that we wont cook for him from tomorrow, he can cook himself.
Arshi comes to Aakash and says Hina is saying you wont get food as you are not working. Aakash asks Shilpa if food is theirs? Shilpa says you dont listen to me so I wont listen to you. Hina comes to Aakash and says you wont get breakfast, you will cook but unfortunately lunch and dinner are cooked more than enough so you can have it. Aakash says you are owner of food? nobody knows you, you are not known. Hina says you should be ashamed, Salman even talked about your family, I dont want to know who you are, everyone know who I am, I didnt come here to make name for myself. Aakash says I came here on vacations, I have shows, you havent done any big shows. Hina says whole India knows us.

Puneesh asks Arshi what is Hiten’s role? Arshi says he has done nothing, he is getting footage because of me, I wont give him attention, Puneesh says he acts like he is running away from you because of his wife but actually he runs behind me. Puneesh says I will not Hiten and Sapna, you nominate Hina and Hiten. Arshi says its decided then.

Aakash says to Puneesh that Hina thinks too much of herself, she said that she will give me food like I am dog, she is provoking me. Arshi says I will take on Hina so much, I will beat her in game, I will beat her so much in wrestling, I forced her on ground.

Day 22
Inmates wake up to song Bandu ho sakha tumhi. All inmates dance and enjoy song. Arshi comes to Aakash who is in bed.

Puneesh asks Arshi to remain calm, he says Hina and Sapna are targets. Bandagi says they are looking for chance, I wont give it to them. Arshi says I will ask Salman that Sapna uses filthy language, she even said that she will sacrifice inmates, they are cheap, Shilpa is cheap too. Arshi says we should send Sabya and Hina out of house, let Shilpa be here.

Vikas comes to Aakash and says you are not getting from bed, you are not eating, Hina is worried about you. Aakash says she is fake, her english is not good, she tries to talk to me and then she starts crying infront of Salman. Arshi says if she wants to use english, she can go in Big brother. Aakash mimics Hina crying, all laugh.

Sapna says to Hina that three people are planning against us but if I go mad then they will be in trouble. Hina says I get scared of planning and plotting. Sapna says if they have guts then come and say things to my face, they can go and fall ditches, I will beat them with slippers after show.

Bigg boss says to inmates that its time for nominations, Hina is captain so she is safe from nominations and Pooja is new so she is safe too. Bigg boss says inmates have broken so many rules, you know planning nominations is against rules so this nomination task will be a teaching to you so you wont plot again so Bigg boss will nominate 6 inmates himself, all 6 might not have planned and plotted nominations. Bigg boss says I am nominating BANDAGI, SHILPA, ARSHI, VIKAS, MEHJABI and PUNEESH but you have chance to protect yourself from nomination. He asks Hina to read instructions for it. Hina reads that there are two friendship walls in garden, when buzzer plays, a pair will stand hand in hand behind wall. In pair, one is nominated inmate from Bigg boss and one is safe inmate, they will get thirty minutes to take decision. If nominated inmate leaves hand of not nominated inmate within 30minutes then nominated inmate will become safe and not nominated inmate will get nominated in his place but if nominated inmate doesnt leave hand of not nominated inmate by the end of 30minutes then initially nominated inmate from Bigg boss will remain nominated and not nominated inmate will remain safe.

Bigg boss says to inmates that first pairs are Arshi-Ben and Shilpa-Hiten. Hina says to Arshi that if you keep holding Ben’s hand for 30 minutes then Ben will remain safe and you will remain nominated. Arshi says I will leave her hand and nominate her. Shilpa says to Hiten that I want to win show, he says I want to. Arshi says to Ben that I will leave your hand, I wont listen in this. Ben says you can nominate me but remember I have always been with you. Hiten says you Shilpa that you have fans and will save you, Shilpa says people think that Hiten is handling everyone so they will not evict you. Arshi says Bigg boss I am leaving Ben’s hand because I want to save myself. She leaves Ben’s hand, Ben is nominated and now Arshi is safe. Ben hugs her and says its my fault. Arshi says I couldnt do anything in this, I am important for myself. Ben is in tears. Vikas says this happens Ben when you have expectations. Ben says Shilpa wont leave Hiten’s hand. Hiten says we wont break this friendship. Jyoti says what if it was Vikas instead of Hiten? Shilpa says I would have left it, all laugh. Buzzer plays signaling Shilpa’s time has ended, Shilpa says I wont leave his hand, she keeps Hiten safe and remain nominated, she says it was Hiten, I wouldnt do that with him, everyone claps for her.

Ben cries and says to Shilpa that I was alone who never fought with Arshi and she says I am not her friend, I used to say that Arshi is good friend but she is not.

Bigg boss says next couple to hold hands are Luv-Bandagi, Puneesh-Sapna. They hold hands. Bandagi asks Puneesh to not think she is sister and all that, if you dont leave her hand then I wont leave Luv’s hand too, I am worried about her. Puneesh leaves Sapna’s hand and says Bigg boss I would have nominated her anyway because she blamed Bandagi that she is using me, she pointed at her character and it was wrong. Sapna says its good he didnt waste time. Bandagi says I am leaving Luv’s hand because of personal reasons and to get saved, she leaves his hand. Luv says I am not worried that much this time.

Bigg boss says next couples are Vikas-Sabya and Mehjabi-Jyoti. They hold hands. Mehjabi says to Jyoti that you have done tasks, I didnt do anything, if I get nominated then I will be out. Vikas and Sabya are holding hands. Vikas says when I came to Mumbai, I didnt eat non-veg for months but I went to Sabya’s house and he was first one to make me eat non-veg, I cant leave his hand even if I want to, I cant nominate him, Sabya says you will go till end. Mehjabi says to Jyoti that I am leaving your hand because I havent done what I want to, Jyoti have supporters. She leaves her hand. Vikas says to Sabya that I wouldnt have nominated Aakash too, I would have nominated Luv. Buzzer plays, Vikas’s time ends, he saves Sabya and remains nominated. Hina hugs him.

Shilpa says to Mehjabi that what was this task? it was about what people mean in life for you, I say that I havent come to make relations here but I can give others what is mine, you said to Jyoti that you will leave not leave anyone’s hand. Mehjabi says I said I could change my mind, I havent come for making relations here.

Bigg boss says last couple for this task is Aakas-Hina, Hina will remain safe, she can protect Aakash by keep holding his hand or can nominate him by leaving his hand. Hina laughs and says I love you Bigg boss. Aakash and Hina holds hand, Aakash pulls her hand, she winces and jerks her hand away, she says what are you doing? Aakash says I didnt hurt her, she is doing drama, Hina says are you mad? I am hurt. Hina and Aakash hold hands. Hina says he was taking big, he has not done any task, I am going to leave his hand because he didnt listen to captain, he has broken all rules, he has spit on food, Aakash says I didnt spit on food. Hina says thats why I am leaving his hand and nominating, she leaves his hand. Aakash raps bang bang, Hina dances around him. Aakash says to Arshi that I am ready to leave too, I dont care, loser captain is Hina. Hina asks everyone to do slow clap for him.

Bigg boss says final nominated inmate for this week are SHILPA, BEN, LUV, SAPNA, JYOTI, VIKAS and AAKASH.
Aakash says Hina is loser. Hina says he is useless. Aakash says I didnt hurt her hand and she was doing drama. Hina says I left your hand, she dances around him. Aakash says loser loser loser.. Arshi asks Aakash to end it. Aakash says she is fake, she cant even act. Hina keeps singing dhinka chika.

Aakash says to Puneesh that did I ever spit on food? I didnt hurt her hand, she was scratching my hand, I am international star, I have many contracts, Arshi says I have contracts too. Hina giggles. Aakash says they are fake, all think they are captains, she is silent now, I was not eating even then she is worried that I am doing something.

Hina asks Puneesh that when you offered food to Aakash in day, what did he say? Hina says he said if you try to make him eat then he will spit it out, Puneesh says it doesnt mean he spit on food. Hina says I could have sent him to jail but Arshi said that he will calm down. Puneesh says I can provoke him but I dont. Hina says you provoke him. Puneesh says I pacify him. Aakash comes there and says when Puneesh was making me eat, I didnt eat from his hand, I am not a kid. Puneesh says to Hina that you are provoking Aakash, you pin him. Hina says I am talking about you so you are attacking me now? slow claps for you, Aakash is good for nothing, Salman said you are good for nothing. Puneesh says Aakash didnt give food to Aakash and even said to not give breakfast to Aakash, Hina told Aakash that he can eat leftovers, is he dog? Aakash says she acted like giving food to a dog. Puneesh says they all want Aakash and me to fight. Arshi says they want us to say ugly things then on friday Salman will grill us.

Jyoti says nominated inmates go mad. Puneesh says you are nominated too, dont call us mental, get lost illmannered girl. Jyoti says what does it matter to you? Puneesh says you are illmannered, Hiten asks Puneesh to calm down. Puneesh says Jyoti is mental. Askash laughs and says she is mental. Puneesh says she is psycho. Mehjabi says Puneesh and Aakash have gone mad, Sabya says they need treatment.

PRECAP- Bigg boss house is turned to jungle. Hina throws water on Bandagi, she runs behind her and tries to attack her with liquid. Bandagi says you are attacking me? what kind of celebrity are you? Puneesh throws water at Hina’s face. Aakash charges at Hina, Hina screams to hit her, if he has guts then try to hit her.
Mehjabi is sitting on her bed and staring in space, she is lost and constantly stare in blank space. Arshi sees her staring intensely in air and says what has happened to her? did ghost come on her? she throws some cloth on Mehjabi but Mehjabi keeps staring in same space without blinking much, all inmates gather around her. Hina murmurs some mantras and blows on her to make her come out of hypnotized space.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I dun knw …y Ben was so much hurt….after all she and arshi r not so gud frns….ok arshi wud have been great if she kept holding her hand…and she would be much safer than Ben…but arshi being less famous might have thought other way like Ben is celebrity she might b having fans….

    1. Samaira_khan

      Hmm maybe

    2. Ben or anyone else, Arshi wil do the same!!!
      Why should Arshi even save Ben?? Ben didn’t whistled for both hina and arshi during debate, but apologized to hina only telling she wanted to support hina but she had no whistle with her…. Arshi even heard all thses…but she didnt questioned Ben, jus realized she s not a friend..

      Not just that by supporting hina in captaincy task vikas also hurted Arshi,,, she only complained to him ” I didnt expect this from you…”!!! She supported him a lot when hina was against…. Except this I m totally in love with vikas… He doesn’t mock others…. Felt bad for arshi for most of them disrespecting her especially when they r more horrible than her.

    3. Exactly…she is so full of herself,she never took stand for anyone in the house and want everyone to stand for her.while captain nomination also she was saying that support me and was doing so much emotional drama with hotel and vikas.why??

  2. hrithik ka Fan

    Vikas is a gem ..I really didn’t know him before bb but surely he is a good person ..he is not fake even if he is playing but u cannot play all the time like hina’s trueself is coming out total fake she thinks she is very cute happy go lucky girl but once she starts fighting she comes to her self and downgrade herself ..I am very much disspointed with hina ..I really liked her before but now no more liking …shilpa is also a good person but she flips a lot. ..and others akash ..punish r just footage seekers ……

    Right now my full support to vikas ..I think most of the people watching would feel the same because I have read many YouTube or Facebook comments where vikas is at the top right now…
    .hina and shilpa will definitely reach till the last as they have established fan following but I guess real star of the season so far is vikas gupta…

    1. Samaira_khan

      Ye seriously agreed but yaar today no matter what I lived Shilpa and vikas

    2. @HKF…. Totally agree… Vikas is a gem…
      I hv seen him before in “Bad company”… He used to host that show….
      And Unfortunately vikas was quite famous for all d wrong reasons… His fight with shilpa…For his relationship with parth… But i hope afta this show ppl will know him for wat he really is…. 🙂

  3. Wen vikas used his own way to make akaash work,, hina said he shuld hv talked wid love nd convinced akash to work…. Ab kya hua… ? You cudnt do that… ? I was soo happy.. Nd finally wen she said i will nominate him on cam i was like LOL…
    Well,, atleast vikas din deny ny food…
    Also her stupid phrases…. “talk to d wall” “slow claps”….. She is unbearable….
    I loved how soumya enacted her yestrdy…. It was on point…

    Shilpa nd vikas saved their frnds…. Soo cutee…. I am definitely voting for them….

    1. Samaira_khan

      Seriously yaar.. We have same thiught❤️❤️?

      1. @samaira….. 🙂 🙂 ?

    2. hrithik ka Fan

      Absolutely. .that’s why hina is hypocrite. .she said vikas was wrong when he threatened akash of nominations to make him work what was she doing ..biggest hypocrite. …and one thing also one of the seasons bb punished those housemates who were planning nominations but yesterday he punished some housemates for the act of others. .bb is also hypocrite. .lol…

      1. @HKF… Hahahaha…. Yea BB is a hypocrite….
        And wat task did he give the nominated ppl to save themselves… ? To nominate others who din do ny mistake….
        Waaahh kyaa insaaf hai… ?

    3. Even I had d same point ….she alws gv lectures…wha b apna eg de ri thi how I talked to arshi….ab khud ku itna niche gir gyi

  4. Please do compare Shilpa with an arrogant,self obsessed hona….wo flip v krti h to isse ghatiya kaam nie krti as Hina does…yupp Vikas is gem..nd my favourites r shilpa and Vikas.
    Both r really cute…
    I like #shikas moment?whether its fight or friendship scene..

    1. Samaira_khan

      yep sameeeee here!!

  5. Samaira_khan

    Hey guys.. So let’s start from the beginning of episode.. Firstly.. I hated Hina when she made fun of Pooja of tht lice issue.. Common grow up it’d not a big deal.. I bet if she was in her place she would have cried.. Though Shilpa handled it well lobed it!! 2.aakash is too much now.. Hating him.. I can never understand this guy.. 3.eliminatuon was done by big Boss.. Uff gud twist.. 4.not at all done!! I don’t think it’s fair..
    Now coming to this topic..
    I think Ben shouldn’t have cried.. I mean u can’t expect anything from arshi.. And tht too they r not tht gud funds.. Sooooooooo.. 2.puneesh and bandagi full on drama.. Leave them.. 3.shilpa loveeeee u❤️❤️.. 4vikas same love uuuuuu❤️❤️.. They respect it.. Mehjabeen jyothi was quite expected..
    End.. Hina uff all r against her I mean th the grp! But personally telling tht I will spit on food and doing it is veryyyyy different.. Hina said tht aakash spitted on food..not done!! Last precap uff it’s sooooooooo scary.. Man and one more thing I have read a lottt of times tht actual mein bb house is haunted!! Maybe they could do this for trp but u never know!!!

    1. What I understood is Akash said he would spit OUT food if somebody forcefully make him eat it.!!!! Nothing like he would spit ON food..
      Here Hina s jus spitting on herself…. No audience are in her favour now a days…

      1. The audience is not just 200-300 people who comment. If someone is not commenting that doesn’t mean they are not supporting anyone.

    2. You have great points in your post.

  6. Shilpa is such a sweet heart??? and Vikas ?Respect…???

    1. Samaira_khan

      yessss!!hifi totally agreeeeeee

  7. Hina Khan is one arrogant women. People love her TV drama character not her. Yes, she is popular, but as a person she is the worst contest on BB 11 show.

    1. Samaira_khan

      seriously yaar.. she is loosing up her fandom due to her stupid acts!!

    2. The problem with you guys is you see Hina as a “CELEBRITY”. Place yourself in her situation & think how would you react if you are a real human because only God can have the tendency for “No reaction” She is not bothered about the cameras & shows her real self, unlike other celebrity especially “HITEN” She is very strong & every single person in the house admitted that especially during nominations. She believes in Tit for Tat & this is what I love about her.

      1. @huma…. You are ryt…. Shez nt bothered about the cameras and shows her real self…. And i wud never want a person with this real behavior to be my friend …..
        Self obsessed,,, hypocrite,, full of pride woman….

        Tit for Tat is ok… But she shud learn to tolerate , wen others do d same to her…

        Yes i cnt speak for all… But she definitely lost a few fans due to her behavior….
        Itz nt too late though…. She can do muchh bettr…

      2. @Neeru Everyone has their own likes & dislikes. Who in the house tolerates & why one should tolerate? The person who is weak will only compromise with the situation otherwise you “Fight Back”
        Housemates are not her relative or friends with whom she should compromise to make Peace. She is extremely good with people who are good with her & worst with those who are bad to her.
        I won’t say she is always right but when you are in a house with full of idiots you get influenced & do idiotic things. That doesn’t make Hina as the WORST contestant of BB11
        None can be worse than Arshi, Puneesh & Akash. Bang Bang is just the gang of “LOSERS”

      3. OK, then why she always claims to be celebrity and commoners. Everybody who entered the show is a celebrity as they got a show like big boss. Hence, no crying or boasting about celebrity. It shows your character in th elong run. She can abuse Bandagi by her parents name, she can hit anybody becoz she is celebrity and Salman is supporting her, chamchas like ben, vikash, jyoti, Hiten are around her. They are supprting her, even if she is wrong. Who is she to call Akash bujhe hue chirag. The indirect meaning of that is abusing his family. It was started by Salman and Hina is safely following it. I think what Aakash told is correct. She has got contract with BB11 for getting some amount irrespective of number of days, hence as Zuber is claiming, it is all scripted. Let everybody hate Hina, she will win this. Shame on BB. She has challenged BB several times like I wiill go if Priyank goes, I dont care about BB. I dont care about what Padoshis tell, BB etc.

      4. O pls…..vikas uski fight mei vikas ne kch ni kha tha…..Ben uski fight mei Ben was apologizing bt she screamed to d hell in both cases…..captaincy mei kam na krne pr nominatn ke liye she said smthng agnst vikas…n did samthng herself….being strong is diff….n being arrogant is diff…n in dese der is no tit for tat….who asked her to portray herself as mahaan mai pyar se kam krwati….n if she said dn stick to ur words…

      5. @ huma, i see her as Ms Hina khan, a contestant only…I gotta know abt her during kKk…. Its herself announcing being a celebrity ,having years of experience….and even mock others’ physical appearance.
        U can’t even tell Isha who’s forcing her to think like Arshi said ( bcs of hina Arshi’s tongue gets dirty)…. U believe ur eyes and ears….we have ours to conclude what we watch…. We don’t hate Other celebrities Hiten, shilpa, vikas,….. So it’s not about having a celebrityhood… It’s hina’s doings inside house made me against her… Only luv, sapna and shilpa said she s strong contestant during nomination… Other 5 and vikas pointed her negatives…… Hina s such a liar that she said infront of salman that all 8 contestants told her they voted against bcs she s strong…..! She thinks so!!!! But not true.. When somebody s arguing with hina, her next step s to turn other’s against that person….she snt supporting any,,,, she seeks support frm others….. Arshi s more strong alone…..

  8. Don’t know why I didn’t feel arshi as selfish by not saving Ben. She was just too straightforward. Liked the way she said”mere se ye nahi hoga,mi is mamle me piche hooh!”I 200%beleive that she will definetly not get a selfish tag.

    Words are not enough to describe vikas goodness.

    More and more words are ready for hina but don’t want to spoil my mouth. The way arshi says “iske wajah se mera moo karab ho jayega aur gaali dena shuru kar dethihu”- the same case with me too.
    Dinchak ! Feeling bad for her.making fun of her lice. I want dinchk to put half of her lice share on hinas hair while she is sleeping and want to see hina scraching her head badly while dancing in the mrnng song.wah! Kya scene hoga! Feeling bad to say this all. But jaimataji is forcing me to say all these nonsense!

    1. Not Hina, Arshi is forcing you to be like her. I wonder if there are common people like Arshi in India but after your comment, I can say “They do exist”
      If you can support someone then at least don’t badmouth about them. If you do so you are making fun of yourself…Like what Arshi, Akash & Puneesh always do.

  9. There are so many spelling and grammar mistakes in this written update. Please read your work before posting.

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    Shilpa and Vikas u both rock! I really dk who to vote for this time. Initially i hated vikas but i was totally wrong which i realised last week. He is actually a really good person. And shilpa though she did one or two mistakes she is still one of my fav.

    1. Aarti32

      Even I’m confused yaar
      But d forehead kiss was ??
      I luuuv Vikas n Shilpa ?

      1. Same feeling???

  11. BB ko tutiyo ko andar rakhna hai jo fake love story rachata hai jo sabko bolta firta hai national tv pe ye bola wo bola… Abbe jab tum logo ka khud koi self respect nahi tou koi aur tumhe respect kyun dega…

    Upar se BB wale Jinhone galati ki unhi ko directly nominate karte ye kya tutiya tarika tha nomination ka???
    Ek hafta votes k paise se bhuk nahi bhara kya?

    Jin jin ne planning ki wo sab saaf saaf bach gaye aur baki log nominate hue

    Puneesh, Gandagi aur Akash tou commoners k naam pe dabbe hai

    Hina Captain ko pacify karna chahiye na Akash bachha ko dara dhamka kyun rahi hai???

    Ben madam aapko kya seedhe final tak pahunchna hai bina nomination k hamesha emotional drama ya VJ panti iske alawa kuch nahi, humesha koi kisi ka bezati kar raha ho tou hass hass k enjoy karoge ye tou hona hi tha

    Arshi sach me wo khiladi hai jo jis taraf rahegi uss taraf palra bhaari rakhegi.. aur sabko aaina dikha rahi hai… Hina ko sabse jyada dikhaya hai isne… Jis waje se 1M followers 94k ban gaye hai Twitter pe…

    Vikas hai Smart, funny and sensitive personality with loads of humility where rest of the contestants make us wonder whether they are Human… Good going VIKAS GUPTA!!

  12. Wait..Arshi n Ben kabse itne acche dost ban gaye ki nomination k baad Ben rone lag gayi ? Jhagre jab hote the tab to dur se dekh kar hasti rehti thi aur ab use support chahiye. N we shouldn’t blame only hina..coz ghar k sabhi log Hiten, Punish, Arshi, Shilpa sab pooja ka majak ura rahe the..Shilpa to usko character par boli ki bari badtameez hai.
    The biggest problem of Hina is her ego. Ek he to serial ki hai aur itna proud ?
    So far liking Vikas, Sabya n somehow Shilpa. But I find Vikas more real than her. Shilpa flips a lot.

  13. Shilpa is fixed. Even the verified twitter account of colors tv, Bigg boss, endemol shine all are re tweeting, liking Shilpa’s post n pictures. Both shilpa n vikas did the same thing..they nominated themselves..but these accounts are only posting Shilpa’s sacrifice not Vikas’s.
    For me Vikas is the real winner..n yesterday he proved it. U should never forget who was with u when u had nothing. Vikas remembered how sabya helped him n gave him food jab uske paas paise nhi the. Hats off n respect to this man.

  14. agreed with all of the above comment ki hina negative banti jaa rahi hai but baki sab bhi dudh k duhle nahi hai sab game khel rahe hai and sab baat ke liye hina ko hi point karna galat hoga
    jab kisi aur ke baat karne hote hai toh ye punish aur aakash abse phele hina ke pass jate hai baki time uski hi burai karte hain
    dinchak pooja ka majak sabne banaya tha lekin dekhya gaya sirf hina ka kyn
    and woh juhe wali baat bhi hiten ne start kiya tha aur sab ne majak banaya tha dekhne bhi chale gaye the lekin kaha gaya sirf hina ko ye punish aur bandagi sapana se kyn bhadak rahe hai usne toh sahi bola hai season ke starting mei hi inn done ne plan kiya tha ki ye dono couple bann ke rahenge iska matlab dono hi ek dusre ko use karr rahe hai isme sapana kya galat boli
    hiten koarshi ke wajah se footage mill raha hai seriously hiten phele hi star hai usko iss arshi ki jarroorat nahi hai
    planning karne ki tag kisi aur ko dete hai aur khud hi karte hai
    hina ghar sabka hai aur lhana sab ko milni chaiye woh captain hai toh woh apni marji thopp nahi sakti kisi aur pe usse sirf manage karna hai act as captain not as house owner
    ye aakash phele entertainer tha lekin jab se vikas ne nominate kiya tha tab se pagal hogaya

    hina positive bann jao yaar itni saal ki fame pani mei milarahi ho agar aisi rahi toh bacha hua fandom bhi chala jayega
    change hojao yarr

  15. hina kya hogaya hai aapko aapka asli roop konsa hai jo 1st week mei tha ya abb jo hai
    itni gussa stuborness negativity ego dominating self centered aur baki kya hogyi hai aap
    jab phele season pe rohan tha tab bhi aap aayi thi aur rohan ko achhi suggestion diya tha lekin iss baar aapko kya hogaya hai
    kkk8 pe bhi achhi thi 1st week pe bhi achhi thi lekin abb kya hogaya hai
    agar aap game khel rahi ho to bhi kaisa game hai ye
    agar hum kuch galti karte hai toh usi bakt pata na chale toh bhi thodi dher baad realiztion hoi jaati hai lekin appke case mei pata nahi
    sunday pe jab ben aayi thi tab aapko maaf karna chaiye tha woh sorry bolne aayi thi maaf nahi karna toh nahi hi sahi lekin jab woh ro rahi thi aapko walk out nahi karni chaiye tha
    aap ek sensible lagg rahi thi lekin abb pata nahi
    jab kisi aur ki baat aati hai toh pyar se ho sakta tha boli hai lekin jab aap ki time aati hai toh chilla thi hai ye galat hai hina
    i dont know you personally lekin aapki interview costar ki review dekhte hai toh app aisi nahi hai lekin ghar pe aap kuch aur dekti hai
    ek baat hai hum 1 hr ka epiode dekhte hai aur usme app ko negative face dikhata hai baki bakt kya hota hai pata nahi sayad aap aisi nahi ho
    agar ye aapki game planning hai toh plz change your game plan hinaji seriouly abb kuch jyada hone laga hai and be positive
    i have criticize about hina alot here this doesnot mean that all other house mates are going right or great sabke sab ek jaise hai koi achha nahi hai

    stay strong hina
    be positive
    play well

    1. Hina ko kuch ni hua hai, she is playing her game & this is her personality. At times wo galat hoti as she is human not god but she is far better than those who say bad about her.

      1. You are as good as Hina I think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. yes i agreed she is playing game but thodi positivity se khele toh aur bhi achha hoga. she is playing very good undoublty but her behvaiour is making her fans to support others. but jo kabhi ider kabhi uder kare woh fan hi kaisa
        finally found someone who support hina
        go hina
        girl power
        @huma ur reply in all comment is awesome

      3. @Kaytee YES, I am exactly as Hina and have no problem with that 🙂

      4. @Naira Thank you.. Jahan pe itne saare negative log tumhe target kre wahan positiviy maintain krna is impossible. Sab k sab Hina ko target krte hai, kbhi Hiten, Shilpa ya Vikas ko aise target ni kiya.
        Vikas k against ek baar bas gharwale hue to how he reacted we all saw & his reaction was also not wrong. It’s nrml human behaviour, only shameless people will not feel bad. Jaise Arshi & Akash kitni bhi beizzati kr lo unke liye tareef hai 😀
        Apart from Hina I like Shilpa, Vikas & Hiten too. I really hope inme se hi koi winner ho.

  16. Aarti32

    I nvr knew karma is so quick!!
    Whatever Hina did during Vikas’ captaincy, Akash is doing d same wid Hina

    1. Oh Really!!! When Vikas was captain Hina worked but Akash…he simply said he will work on his time but never worked. Only a person with blockage in their head can support people like Akash, Arshi & Puneesh

      1. Shut up and see uncut scenes on MTV, then u will understand Hina’s character. Still if she is good charactered for you, then we can understand your mind block.

    2. I agree with u..
      It’s karma..
      Aur boli thi ki me akash ko jail me daal skti thi kyuki usne kaam nhi kiya pr vikas ki captaincy me bhi toh hina ne khudne kaam nhi kiya tha tb vikas ne bhi toh hina ko jail me nhi daala….
      Salman sir se bola tha ki akash ko pyaar se smjhakar bhi kaam karaya ja skta tha pr jb khud ki baari aayi tb .. phuss ho gyi..

      1. Wo Akash k pass pyaar se hi aayi thi..pehle usko nashta krne ko bola tha but Akash ka reply rude tha. Chahti to Vikas ki tarah jhooth bolke n nominations se save krne ka bolke kaam kara deti but uski dignity ne allow ni kiya.
        Salman ne hi usse pucha k kya koi aur tarika ho skta hai kaam krwaane ka to usne kaha yes, pyaar se krwaya ja skta tha but she never said k Akash us pyaar ko samjhega.

        Vikas ka kaam krwaane ka approach galat tha usne sirf ye kaha and wo galat tha…Vada kro then mukar jao iska to yahi matlab hua “Apna kaam banta bhaad mein jye Janta”

    3. Very good point. But she is celebrity and €Salman’s candidate, she can do anything. We are fools watching the show.

  17. shilpaa gr8…,,,, love both shilpa and hina….vote fr shilpa

  18. Humaji! I already cleared it that I am feeling bad to say all this.but still it is my personal opinion .whom am I to hurt ur sentiments. My opinion Should no way affect u.please continue to support hina. I have no problem.a. all the best. By the way I am not the only evil soul criticising her. Just by one comment u can’t judge a person just by one comment without having no idea of theircharacter. May be iwld have crossed my line a little bit but it should not deter u in ur honest effort to support hina.when there are so many commenting her why u o ly picked me so badly. May be u are hurt too much. Anyway I am not that arrogant to just say a simple sorry to u. Bye carry on with ur support happily. I will be in no way in middle of ur way.

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