Bigg Boss 11 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ben and Vikas becomes contender for captaincy

Bigg Boss 11 1st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 31
Inmates wake up to song paisa paise karti hai. Shilpa says it was real money in task, murders would have happened.

Puneesh says to Vikas that Aakash is giving money to everyone saying he wants to make relations with everyone fine, I am giving money to Ben too.Vikas says I made Aakash understand last night. Puneesh says Aakash said that he is my friend but he hates Bandagi, he has so much bad behavior, he is totally changed after money.
Arshi says to Aakash that you can use shield for one week, if you leave then only I will be sad for you, Aakash says I will leave happily, he leaves. Vikas asks Arshi to steal Aakash’s shield, shield is immunity power so if shield is gone then power is gone too, Arshi gives shield to him and he hides it. Vikas

leaves. Aakash comes there and says Arshi you are a snake, money changed you, Arshi says you have money not us.

Aakash comes to Hina and Hiten and says Arshi made say things, I didnt say those on my own, I was ashamed to use these words, he says about Hiten that Hiten is nothing, I give him attention, Aakash says to Hina that Arshi called you Ra*di. Hiten says if you remain like this then we will like you, Aakash says I am like this. Hiten says whats yours.

Shilpa comes Luv that I have to keep money for myself too for captaincy, Vikas cant become captain, If you work for me and complete one order. Luv says I can go to Vikas’s team, I will show that I am in his team, when material comes, I will go in store room as Vikas’s representative but I will bring material and give it to you, Shilpa says I will give you 10000 for that.

Bigg boss announces that cushion factory task starts again, they have to submit order of 50 cushions in 2 hours. Luv comes in store room with Vikas, he collects things but brings it to Shilpa. Shilpa asks how much money he wants? he says anything. Vikas says Luv cheated us but we have got enough material.

Shilpa comes to Vikas’s den and tries to steal some cushions but Vikas holds her hand and says you cant snatch like that. Shilpa shouts that you cant touch me like that, Hiten separates them. Shilpa says Mehjabi and Arshi were there but Vikas had to jump on me and hold me back? Vikas says you tried to snatch. Shilpa comes to their den again, Arshi protects their cushions and says Shilpa is poor and *******, Hina says Arshi please dont say personal things, Aakash says eww Arshi. Vikas is trying to cut fruit but Shilpa takes it from him and says its Bigg boss’s property, she takes it and starts cutting. Shilpa says Bigg boss is great, I am rich and Gupta is poor. Vikas glares at her as she eats fruit. Shilpa says I have to take bath as this woman(Arshi) touched me. Arshi says you mean to say Mehjabi touched you? Mehjabi says to Shilpa that you are impure and I dont want to pure you, even I my spit can make you clean but I wont even spit on you, Shilpa says spit and we will see.

Shilpa comes to Luv and Aakash and says Mehjabi said those cheap things for task? she was acting or saying for real?

Vikas says to Sapna that Shilp attacked me first. Ben comes there. Vikas says I dont want to talk you or Priyank, Ben says I want to see your hand, Vikas says I dont want to show you hand or anything, Ben says Priyank told me that you wont talk but I tried, what wrong we did? Vikas says I forgave you earlier too, you are all fake, I dont want to talk, Ben walks away.

Vikas is quality checking Shilpa’s cushions. He rejects some cushions, he shows sewing to Puneesh and rejects most of cushions, he approves 21 cushions.

Bigg boss says time to give 50 cushions order has ended, both factory owners couldnt fulfill order so they both failed, they have to give material back to bigg boss, put them in store room. Vikas says they never return things, they hide it. In garden, Hina hides thread in Sapna’s pocket.
Vikas goes in washroom and sighs.

Shilpa says to Vikas that you must be planning how to destroy my life after show, this poor old girl, you even made Mehjabi say bad things, they both are eating. Shilpa says to Vikas that I dont like to behave like this with you, if you accept that you did something with me then I will leave you alone. Vikas says I swear on food that I never was unfair to you, I am swearing on my family, Shilpa says how much money you want? Vikas say if did bad with you then my career be doomed.

Mehjabi cries and says to Vikas and Hina that Shilpa called me cheap, dirty and filthy because I am from some side of Delhi? people heard me calling her impure but she said things too.

Hina comes to Shilpa and says Mehjabi is crying that you said things to Mehjabi, Shilpa says she said things first and now blaming?

Hina says to Shilpa that I feel Puneesh and Bandagi can change sides in end, keep money protected, Arshi cant be trusted, Shilpa says this is game, Hina says I just want to tell that keep some money for yourself in end.

Bigg boss says to inmates that their last order is of 25 cushions, they have to complete it in 2 hours, after task ends, inmates cant swap money here and there, after task nobody can give money to other. They all run in store room and takes material.
Arshi comes to Vikas and says I want 1000 for Shilpa’s trust.Vikas says I am not going to approve her order.
Bandagi comes to Vikas and says I am angry with them that they dont think I am deserving, Vikas says Hina wont let you take credit, Bandagi says then I wont let Ben become captain too. Vikas says I have gameplan, Hiten will give money to me, Bandagi says Hiten wont give it to you, Vikas says I trust Hiten like you trust Puneesh.

Shilpa comes to Hina and says I can give you all 1000, you have to share it, Hina says you have 65k, this is too low, Shilpa says we didnt complete order, I am owner, I cant give money to everyone more than this, take your amount from this 10k, Hina says but thats not fair, Shilpa says Aakash have taken money from me and he is not giving back. Priyank asks Luv to collect our money. Luv takes out bag and goes in house. Vikas says to Bandagi that we have to get this money. Hina says Shilpa cheated us to make Aakash captain.

Shilpa and Arshi laughs, Arshi says Hina was so angry. Aakash is locked in washroom.Shilpa asks Aakash to give money to them. Aakash says they will make Priyank win, Shilpa cries and says if you are true person then give money to them, this is about one week only, I dont want money, give all money to them. Shilpa cries and says to Aakash that give them money, I dont want it, so much cheapness for a task? Aakash says dont cry, Shilpa says I dont want to play any game. She gives 100rs to Arshi and says they are left only. Shilpa says to Aakash that you are winner, come out and give them money. Aakash opens washroom door and gives some money to Sapna.

Vikas says to Puneesh that make me winner, Puneesh says you cant become captain then why? Vikas says I will get something, just trust me once, Bandagi says how much money you want? Vikas says more than Shilpa, atleast 30k.
Aakash comes in bedroom, Shilpa asks Aakash to give it to Hiten, Aakash gives money to Ben, and leaves. Sapna says to Priyank that Aakash is not wrong,he is not that bad, he is not doing anything and giving money.
Shilpa comes to Hina and asks how much money you want? she says we didnt get any yesterday too so atleast 10k, Aakash says but its too much. Shilpa says just give them all money, we played our game, I dont want money, just give it to them, Aakash says I will keep one bundle to wave in air, she says okay. Aakash gives money to everyone in Shilpa’s team
Vikas sees money in Pooja’s hand and asks Mehjabi to take it from her, Mehjabi goes to Pooja and asks for money, Pooja gives it.
Priyank counts money with Ben and says we will make you win.

Mehjabi comes to Shilpa and says listen to me, Shilpa says I am begging you to give me space. Mehjabi hugs her and cries, she says I am really sorry, Shilpa cries, they console each other.
vikas’s team is counting money, Hina says make pillows, we will not get luxury budget with money.
Shilpa comes to Aakash and says they are running behind money, they all left task, Aakash says why did you cry? they sit under table, Aakash says I had money to win but I gave away, Shilpa says thank you. Aakash says when my mother cries, I laugh. Shilpa says I am sorry, Aakash says its okay, I gave my 15k that I earned too, she says thank you.

Shilpa comes to Sapna and says why you are making pillows in my den? o to Vikas’s factory and make pillows, you are all going to give money to him. Ben says I dont know what you are saying. Hina says to Shilpa that I was always on your side, I am doing this for luxury budget, I am not on Vikas’s side, I wont go to Vikas’s team, I wont play then. Vikas says Hina is a footage queen, if its about luxury budget then she can make pillows in my factory. Hina says to Sapna that we did all work for luxury work.

Shilpa comes to Vikas’s den and sees 25 cushions for quality, buzzer plays, Shilpa says approved, Bandagi says she said approved, she said they are all approved. Vikas says she didnt approve it. Bigg boss says time for completing order ends and both owners failed to complete any order so all orders were failed. Vikas says see I told you, she didnt say approved to order before buzzer played and our order didnt get approved. Shilpa says I said approved before buzzer.

Bigg boss asks inmates to tell how much money they each have. He asks Ben first. Their money detail:

Ben – 1.1lac
Sabya, Hiten, Mehjabi, Arshi, Pooja, Bandagi, Sapna, Puneesh, and Hina have 0 money
Luv – 18K

Bigg boss says Ben have most points in workers so she wins the task in workers, Ben thanks everyone. Bigg boss says both owners couldnt fulfill any order so their points will be seen and see who won between them with more points. Shilpa says I have no points. Vikas says 99800 points. Bigg boss says Vikas won task between owners, Bne and Vikas are congratulated.

Sapna says to Priyank that I didnt give money to Ben, I gave it to you. Priyank says I thought you wanted Ben to become captain.

Aakash is with Ben and Shilpa, Aakash says to Shilpa that we gave points to her, listen to me, Ben ignores him. Shilpa asks Aakash to calm down. Ben says you wanted to give money but then you changed mine in morning, Aakash says I gave money in end, Ben says I love you, Aakash says she is playing games, I gave my money to her and she is still doing this? Ben says but he didnt want to give it to me, he said no but Sabya and others make him give it to me. Shilpa asks Aakash to calm down. Aakash says I was acting whole day that I wont give money to Ben but in end my plan was to give money to her and I did. Ben says I didnt know that. Shilpa shouts on Ben if she ever trust? Ben says I didnt know about all that.

Luv says to Hina that Shilpa is not even talking. Hina says give her time, Shilpa is trying to be bigger person showing that she gave all money to others, she lost and made us lose too.
Priyank says to Ben that this is your chance to prove.
Vikas says to Luv that why didnt you make Hiten contender? you all planned for cash and gave it to Ben? even Sapna is more capable than Ben.

Aakash says in camera that I had so much money but gave up, I will never let my head down.

Vikas says to Arshi that Priyank had to choose between brother and girl but he chose girl Ben and ditched his brother me, I was waiting for him till last minute to bring money and say brother I collected money for you but Priyank gave it all to Ben, Luv doesnt know what he is playing, Hiten plays fair but they cut him out too.

Priyank says to Aakash that Ben will be nice captain. Sapna says we have to make Aakash next captain, Priyank says just say truth and we will be with you.

Arshi asks Sabya if he loves Priyank? he says yes. Arshi says why? Hiten have kids. Sabya says I am just joking. Priyank says he loves someone else. Arshi comes near Sabya and says whom you love? I can bite you, he caresses his face, she says what you have, I dont have, Sabya says keep it to you then, Arshi says give what you have. Priyank burst out laughing.

Puneesh rubs Bandagi’s back, she says there are many cameras here, Puneesh says then dont let you give me a small kiss too? forget them. Bandagi says I like nights, you must have seen nights with me. Puneesh says so many nights, I have seen many nights but nights here with you are so nice, I dont want to go. Puneesh massages her back. She asks him to caress her hair, he says I will do that when you go to sleep, she says you will always caress them? he says always and what will I get? she says after we leave from here? what you wan? he smirks

PRECAP- Bigg boss says to inmates that going to jail will not fun but real punishment from now on. All inmates are shocked and start telling who should go to jail. hina says Arshi can go to jail. Arshi says she will tell Bigg boss what to do? Arshi is not going to jailin any case, she storms off. Shilpa says Vikas took money from his workers. Vikas says Aakash never had money with him. Priyank says I think Shilpa and Vikas should go to jail. Shilpa gets angry and storms off from there, she cries and throws her bottle away, she says I dont want to live with these people.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. After seeing both yesterdays nd todays episode, all the unseen clips,, cutless clips nd extra dose i hv come to a conclusion that,, apart from vikas being intelligent ,, shilpa is a dumb person… She is sooo involved in her hatred for vikas, that she forgets that she is in a game , wer she hv to play… It seems she hv only come here to irritate vikas and cook…
    – Game was going in a smooth manner… And She for no reason stole d money… She wasnt in any need… D game had jst started… Now d momnt she did,, vikas started his…
    – One of the main reason vikas cud convince puneesh nd some others is coz hina cud convince her to give extra money …. That made puneesh and all doubt her nd join vikas… So bad frndship costs… Shilpa shud hv used her brains nd known that hina is cunning…
    – After Shilpa gave her money to her workers she got confused to whom she gave it…. She cudnt keep a track of money she had… Everyone took advantage… She had no idea wer all her money went…
    – Now wen nothing worked she again tried to rob it,, wen vikas was sitting near it…. Obviously vikas will try to protect it… Nd she shouts of him being physical nd plays d woman card… Bad try.. Thats wen u respct vikas… Afta being robbed of all d money,, wid such an important secrt task to complete, he never went persnl or attack nyone or abused…. Hats off man…

    – I kind of like shilpa…felt bad wen she cried.. I jst hope she doesn’t fyt wid vikas nymore…. Both of them together will make this show really nice to watch….

    – And man vikas ur enthusiasm to win nd be in d game is mind blowing…. Lots of respct… All ur tactics, ryt from : Rejcting their orders, taking all d cotton nd den demanding money, convincing others to work for her but bring back money to him…

    1. Drvidhi

      Yeah hina doesn’t want to let Vikas win she was with Shilpa even their stealing part will also work if they properly manages all the money
      Shilpa ko aab apne bacche ko bada karna padega ?uska hath chodna padega
      I too feel bad for her but she cud have use her brain a lit more
      And hina m confused for her strategy for this task what she want ?vikas’s Loss or ben’a captancy ?

      1. @Drvidhi True…. Even i m confused wat hina wanted…. But i m sure Hina was supporting shilpa,,, nt coz she likes her, but coz she doesn’t want vikas to win…

    2. biggboss critic

      biggboss is winning hearts like shilpa not unlike winning tasks like vikas..otherwise it would have been a khatronke khiladi

      1. @BB critic….
        You are ryt… Bb isnt abt winning tasks itz abt winning hearts…. And dats exactly wat vikas is doing thru his behaviour,, his intelligence and his dedication towards d tasks….
        Many of d ppl din knw vikas earlier but shilpa was famous nd a favrte… If the tables hv turned nd nw vikas is becoming a fav den definitely he is winning hearts…
        Shilpa think her making faces nd irritating vikas is funny… Itz nt…. At least for me thats making her personality negtve…

    3. @ Neeru… Observed accurately !
      Shilpa’s agenda
      1. irritate Vikas
      2. Cook
      3. Flip flip flip
      4. Tell dirty things to others then lies she didn’t say it first and says her intention wasn’t bad
      5. Abusing vikas behind his back and choreographing fights.

      Apart from task…,what was shilpa telling to Mehjabi and arshi??? They made her dirty by touching??? Huff…. pls somebody file a case against this arrogant lady outside bigg boss…
      She told the similar abt Jyoti too… Shilpa said “Aise ladki jiska koi level nahi hai ,yeh mere bagal main khade hone ke laayak bhi nahi hain ” .. She forgot that commoners gave her this celebrityhood…
      Shilpa lies that mehjabi said impure first and blames her… This s the real shilpa… I’m 100% sure, vikas wasn’t unfair with her regarding past issue….
      She went physical with Vikas today and accusing him.???? She’l target him again with irritating dialogues as she lost to him in task (bcs of her foolishness only)…
      she s really a psycho who can never realize her mistakes…

      1. @Amy… Yea… She is definitely coming across as a negtve persn nw… I thot her issues wer only wid vikas… And arshi… But again she said abt mehjbi nd her child…. Nd did u notce d way she flipped wen all asked to shut up …
        But i still think she has a beautiful heart inside…. Its her hatred for vikas dat shez being soo irritating…. So i want her nd vikas to patch up, nd see them happily talking …

    4. @Neeru… feeling bad for shilpa this time.. bcz its not her fault.. may be she has some problem in her mind….she is not playing as gamr point of view… her motive is to prove wrong vikas all the time and fight to him…. all are taking advatage of it.. like hina and others….. and yes verey time in bb .. most of the female contestants plays women card.. they got physical with male contestants and if they ty to sto these ladies .. then these contestants behave like.. i am women.. u shvd hv respect womens n all… in tomorrow epi… shilpa again startrted first with arshi mehjabin and vikas… in weekend ka war salan said shilpa’s intestion was not like that.. she was saying abt mehjabin in anothe way… still shilpa said that thing again..
      and yes vikas…. he is too good man…he was so calm in the task.. he even didn’t do much when shilpa intigate him..or irritate him.. shilpa loose this game jst bcz of her foolishness..she gave lots of money to hina and luv… and it is proved that hina need a guy all time for her support.. first vks.. then priyank.. then luv…and this ben.. she is good for nothing.. don’t took part in house work.. don’t perform well in task.. still want cataincy.. and this arshi … she is so entertaining… and this pooja.. she is loyal,true,genuine,innocent and nice by heart…
      and yes.. i a m too happy for vikas…..

      1. @xyz….. Very true…. Other ppl are taking advantage of her issues wid vikas…. And shilpa’s problm is she trusts nyone who is against vikas…. Later that persn nd vikas solves their issues but then shilpa is left alone….
        Thats why i feel if shilpa nd vikas shake hands then all others will hv to try hard to get to d top….

    5. Agreed.. Vikas is such a master mind game changer. And literally i luv vikas a lot. He is a grt guy and do everything with dignity. Luv u vikas.

      1. @Lips…. ? cheers… !!

  2. Drvidhi

    Kya kisi ke Paas dimag jaisa kuch he iss ghar mai ya fir ye frustration hai 4 hafto ka
    Frankly Vikas won but not Coz of his brilliancy it’s just that dumb punish ganadgi Pooja and all who make him win and this Vikas is so intelligent that he will throw them all out and usme se kisi ko pata bhi na chalta
    Shilpa prove today she has heart but litl brain and guys ben ???? matlab what the hell she did in task ?
    Hina gusse mai hai kyu ki Vikas fie se in buddhuo ki Wajah se Jit gaya ?
    Priyank ko to chalo Akkal hi nahi hai but Hiten vo chahata to game aur Majedar kar sakta tha?

  3. Hrithik Ka Fan

    Well said Neeru,really Vikas did task very well

    1. Oh my god according Vikas no one is capable in house .
      Ok Bhai ja jeetja big boss ghatiya insaan.

    2. @HKF… Agreed…. ?

      1. hrithik ka Fan

        @neeru ..this is not me…I don’t know who is commenting with my name …as u know my comments r not that short. …

  4. Hina Khan winner Bigg Boss 11 – do whatever you can. Nobody can stop her.

    1. @Anil… ##no offense
      yeah.. no one can stop her… bcz she never listen to anyone.. do not accept her mistae.. do lots of fight.. stooped toolow.. and she is like that.. …. she always thinks that always , only she is right… so obviously.. on one can sto this kind of peronality.. bcz ppl thinks let it be….

    2. she is very well deserved to win

  5. Vikas kya player hai yaar. Yesterday uska paas ek paisa nahi tha aaj vo jeeth bhi gayi. Kya dimag hai?…Shilpa aur Akash ne to aaj rula diya.Akash ka change dekhkar acha laga?.Hina ki behaviour samajh nahi ayi. Jaise Vikas ne bola Luxury budget chahiye thi to Vikas ka badge lagake bhi kar sakthi thi.

    1. @Sharan….. I totally agree…. Akash kind of won my heart yestrdy…. Wen both shilpa nd akash wer sitting under d table nd he said – ” mein jeet gaya tha… ” nd shilpa said -” sorry akash”… i felt really bad….
      And hina…. Din understand her at all… Kar kya rhi thi… ?

      1. @neeru…Hina socha hoga ki sab uski peeche ayega. Uski sab baat fake lagi

  6. Neha chandra

    I loved the way vikas won the task.benb,Shilpa and Hina will start crying if they want attention and sympathy.shilpa and Hina will tell ,it’s just a game so they don’t want to win if they are about to loose the game… cheap things.vikas use brain.i never seen anyone using brain in big boss because everyone simply do fights to get attention.

  7. Bigg Boss s not beauty pageant to win a contestant who looks stunning ,stylish and fair…. I had respect for Hina for reaching in top 2 in KKK…she lost to Shantanu for a few seconds..,she s also a winner…. As BB contender she’l get from viewers wot she deserves… Not just her but all contenders, same rule… We’r against her arrogance and wrong doings….

    Sad that nobody win luxury budget.
    Shilpaji, dont u know the saying ” too many cooks spoil the broth”..??
    U along with hina and akash started all these…which ended in losing luxury budget…. Vikas and team wer doing fair enough earlier…. It’s u who cried in the end…I knew Arshi would hug and console u seeing this…where sapna stood for her money only…. Shilpa had the chance to win task.. But her strategy were like a draw on water only… Vikas had minimum chance of winning, but he made the impossible to possible with his brilliance…
    No contestant tried to submit cushions on time for budget… But they tried atleast till end…except Hina, Acash, luv and sapna….hina lost interest when she found shilpa cheated her,,, then everybody walked out following her… Now are they gonna send shilpa and vikas together in jail…?? OMG!!! Hina did worst… She left the task first…lekin maharaani kabi nahi is baat se sehmat hogi….
    Vikas said right abt hina that if it’s for luxury budget she can work in his factory too…. Which others did towards end… But she speaks something& does opposite… Hina and shilpa are the worst performers…! BB should select contestants for captaincy and also to send jail with a real reason…. Garwalon ka decision hamesha galat hai…they ‘r not fair….but a pack of stupids only…
    Why Hina supporting this useless Luv??? She wanted him to b captain again??? :-/
    Ben without her efforts – captaincy contender???.
    If Ben wins captaincy, then she can be the worst captain…!
    Contestants who planned and robbed vikas,left with nothing in the end…. In task or in real life Theft never helps anyone!!!

    1. @AMY….. WELL said….. “Contestants who planned and robbed vikas,left with nothing in the end…. ”

    2. @Neha Chandra and AMY… totally agreed….this time tese ppl again going to try.. to put arshi and vks in jail.. shina seriously behaves like that she is the ruler of bb ..seriously yaar what kind of a personality she is….. and in all 10 season i didn’t saw so much unfair decisions.. in bb 11 ppl who peformed well didn’t choose for captaincy… i don’t know y ppl choose sapna all time for captaincy… it is arshi and vks who seriously played the all task very well.. hina too. but she already got the chance to be captain… and it is too unfair to send arshi n team al the time jail… seriously bb shld choose ppl to send jail.. and bb shld make strategy to choose contenders for captaincy at his own.. by performing task ….

  8. all housemates makes the luxury task worst just bcoz of taking captaincy specially hina nd priyank even they dont try to complete the task nd jaise arshi nd akash captaincy k liye capable nhi h so ben is also not not not not not not she is worst…….they all good for nothing so bb ko captainship deni hi ni chahiye raho equally or koi captain nhi….i hate loomdi hina,naag priyank,dumb ben.

    1. @Riya… exactly…

    2. dear but hina said that we have to complete order to get luxury budget
      i really don’t know why lot of people here are against hina
      she is doing very well

      1. @Swetha.. ## no offense
        yeah.. she is doing good.. as per game.. but stooping too low.. just to win the game…she knows very well.. most ladaku and negative contender had won the show..

  9. Today’s episode was so much fun. Fight, Fight, Fight, earn TRP. That is all!

  10. Guys #EXCLUSIVE: After a mental breakdown during the task of choosing worst performer of the week, Vikas Gupta Tries To Run Away From House AGAIN tells BB he is ready to pay 2 crore as penalty if he is allowed to quit
    FB mein dekha?

    1. @Sharan…. Really… ? Thats bad… All myt hv given his name as worst performer…..

      1. Yes.Worst performer to bilkul nahi tha. Hina ne to task choda tha. Usne sabko manipulate kiya hoga?

      2. In my view hina and shilpa’s flop planing failed everyone get luxury budget…. Hina s angry by thinking shilpa making acash captain…she left task.,, thus everything went out of shilpa’s plan…. All understud Vikas was reaching towards goal,…if luxury budget means something to hina she would hav encouraged her blind followers to submit cushion under Vikas ON TIME…we saw Shilpa asking sapna not to sit at her workplace & to join vikas,,bcz rest of others r with him…. That moment also shilpa could hav saved luxury budget, by urging to approve,,if she values others’ efforts a bit… If she did it they ‘l get luxury budget when vikas submit 25 cushions… Thus he wins and doesn’t need money anymore…. Then Vikas would make hiten captaincy contender for sure, then atleast hina and luv also share their money to Hiten…and ben can’t b a winner… Hina left the task, her own, when shilpa asked her to wear ‘v’ badge….! Shilpa herself is a dumb merchant…!
        Priyank cheated all…
        Vikas told bandagi ” jitna tumko puneesh per trust hai, utna mujko Hiten per hai.”…. Vikas knew his frns well..apart from Hiten, He trusted on, pooja, puneesh and bandagi too…

        Since salman appreciated Vikas’ master mind, hina and gang started insecurity…. Instead of appreciating his qualities,, they wer discussing here and there ”kyaa chaaal hai uska”….! If he quits Bigg boss, I hav no wonder… Evnt aftr performing best, who bears such dirty accusation??? Better to stay at hom than in BB mental asylum

    2. but bigboss make him understood and doesn’t permit him to go out
      if he goes then who will fight with shipla and itna dimag kaun chalayega

      1. Swethaji, aapka observation, mein correct karna chahti hun.
        its shilpa who fights with Vikas…. Not the other way round!!!!

  11. I don’t understand why was Shilpa crying like a looser? Apna galti nahi maan k dusro ko bolti hai paiso k liye ye log kuch v karenge? Pehle chori karo wo kaam nahi aya to fir Vikas k paas jaake chori karne ki kaushis jab Vikas ne defend kiya to woman card play karna start kar diya aur jab last me haar gayi to rona start. N the hypocrisy.. Akash kal se mahan ban gaya sabke liye just coz he support Shilpa? 1st week se cheap harkate karta aa raha hai he almost molested Lucinda, derogatory comments, lying etc tab sabko bura lag raha tha bt ab ekdam se saaf dil? Akash n puneesh r good frndships na then y did he lied to puneesh dt he gave all d money to Shilpa? He said mai Khali bag leke ghum raha hu n ystrday too how he called Hiten n Hina b*t*hed abt Arshi..just becoz they weren’t in the same page anymore. He’s cunning.
    Ben asked Bandagi to not give her money to Vikas n Bandagi told this to Vikas dts y he’s so upset. But colors as usual dikhaya nahi tv pe n vikas ko villain bana diya. N y was Vikas send to kal kothri. All the housemates r dumb o wat? I can undrstnd hw much Vikas is suffering mentally..everybody is going against him only target him n even Priyank. Priyank dimag bahar chor k aya hai Ben ko captain bana diya aur Vikas ko jail. Shilpa n Akash r again as usual planning to torture him. Had hoti hai yaar. Heard Vikas tried to ran again from d house. He even agreed to give 2 crore rps as a fine for breaching d contract. He just want to b out. If he goes out I won’t watch BB dts 4 sure.

    1. @ABC.. I will not watch bb too.. bb is so unfair,… why ppl are targeting vks so much… seriously felt bad for him.. all the time.. there are lots of ppl who didn’t do anyhing… ppl who fights without any reason.. ppl who didn’t perfor in task.. stillno onetook their name… seriously i hate all the persons in bb this time… except dhinchak,arshi ad vks… all r mad and brainless… but on the other hand i want that vks leave the show.. bcz person like him.. dont deserve to ebe treated like this… :'(

      1. @xyz agree…it would b better if he leave the show coz makers won’t let him win. The winner is alrdy fixed so it’s better to go out like this than loosing it to those fake people especially to hina or shilpa. If he stay, there’s still two more months to go I’m scared that kahi Vikas ko villain na bana de ye log u know like editing his good sides aur apne fav ko victim bana de.

      2. Same view point. I lovee vikas. Others are insecure of his brains. As they havent got any. I too like vikas arshi and dhinchak

  12. Vikas is playing smoothly and good? everyone’s trying to put him down. But he’s the best, he deserves to win.❤

  13. Vikas played well as expected. Shilpa ne bahut hi bekaar khela as the game was totally in her favour but usne poore game ko spoil kiya…uske baad apne ko mahan showcase krne ki koshish ki…Akash is totally changed after he left those Arshi, Puneesh & Bandagi group and I like him this way. Hina never wanted to support to Vikas nor she did. Infact she warned Shilpa about what is going to happen but Shilpa ne kuch excess hi logon pe trust kiya & at last she suffered. Shipa ko jail jaana banta hi hai baqi there are many who did nothing in task then why Vikas? 😀

  14. I did not like vikas game…. I wished till last he should not win…. But to say task can be done very good but no one performed it… This episode is clear picture of what money can do to a person… Over all I felt hina was right at last…. Shilpa you could have done much better… I am disappointed wanted your team to win….

    1. Shilpa ko jeetne ki poore chance thi. Vo emotions mein behke sab gava diya. Usko apni emotions control karni chahiye.Love you Shilpa?

      1. Shilpa lost a good chance to show her strength. She got cheated by her own so called friends, Hina, Hiten,Sapna led by Hina. All losers are behind Hina, whether for right or wrong. (Priyank, Ben, Sapna, Luv are extreme category). She is clever and enjoying the followers. Let us see after the commoners get evicted who will be friend to whom. Poor and murkh Luv will be deadly bitten by Hina very soon. Hiten, Shilpa, Sapna, if they are celebs, shd form their own group instead of following Hina blindly.
        Love Vikash

  15. tin tin tumo

    Is really vikas and shilpa are in physical relationship………. At the time of bhabhiji ghar par hain………….if it is true now we get to know why they fight so much……….. And according to sources vikas breaks her heart……… Poor shilpa he didn’t support her and instead of supporting he stand against her………. That’s why she blames him for ruinig his carrer………and shilpa is not becoming mahaan at all she isgood……… And i want this oldgrou……akash ,arshi and shilpa join hands become friends again like before……… And hope they reach to the final week as well……….. Vijas i just hate him…………this priyank has no game plan and he just playing dirty nothing else auur uski chamchi ben they both r just stupid……. He thunks himself smart but he isn’t………. Vikas always ditched everyone………..but if it is true then it will hav a lot of fun to see their relationship and colors and endemol know thisvery well that’s why they always focus on their relationshipn……. Let’s see who is saying truth god knows about their secret affair………. But this is truth that vikas is actually not good human being

  16. When the celebs are nominated, look at the dramas they are creating. I am enjoyiing it. They were blaming commoners for making hullagulla, which they are doing now. Things will change very soon. Let us observe the so called one serial, one channel, one state celebs, how they keep their dignity.

    1. Good point.

  17. @Neeru, HKF, Amy, DrVidhi and others

    Aap sabne episode ka post mortem hi kar dia bus me ye kehna chahungi

    BB 8 history s gonna repeat in BB 11

    Jahan saare gharwale apne gande soch aur gande kartuto se ek sache ache insaan ko HERO banayenge

    I just want Vikas to stay strong and have faith in himself… He s winning hearts…

    I just don’t wanna see him lose himself to his emotions!

    We love u Vikas Gupta ?

  18. Shilpa itna zyada ganda bolti hai. Wt all she said to vikas was unbearable. God knows frm whr this guy finds the strength. Agr woh itni achi thi ki sabko de do paise toh in d first place churaye kyon. Hina targeted arshi and shilpa targeted mehjabi ki ye galat bolte hain. Khud kitna ghatiya bolti hai ye woh nahi dikhta. And best player ko worst bata rahe hain. Na dimag hai na dil

    1. @indian… agreed..
      salute to vikas’s patience level…

  19. Luv bada mard banke ghumta hai. Sapna badi sherni bani ghumti hai. Hiten and Sabya bade mature banke ghumte hai. But jab Hina samne hoti hai to unka stand nahi hota. Priyank and €Ben are anyway creepers.
    Bandagi, Akash, Aarshi. Mehjabee are going great… Taking stand wo fear or favor.
    Vikash and Shilpa started to take stand against Hina.
    Some more weeks and tab maza ayega. Celeb’s true class will be seen.

    1. bcz all these ppl already.. what kind of personality hina is.. her voice and expressions are too irritating.. she is fake.. drama queen,arrogant,double standard,clean byy face and black by heart.. so no want to like argue with her.. bcz all knows very well.. she is not going to listen every one.. she will say bullshit and when some one say her back anything, she will play victim card…
      and yes.. hina knows very well that she is the only good looking girl in bb this time.. bb makers are going to support her… and she is the most knowing pesronality in bb …. so no one wants to argue with him.. bcz they knew it very well.. they are not going to win in the argument and in fight, to her…. :p

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