Bigg Boss 11 17th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Hiten eliminated by inmates

Bigg Boss 11 16th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Day
Salman comes on stage and welcomes everyone. He says we declared Luv and Shilpa safe but they dont know the big bomb we are going to drop on them, they dont know if Hiten or Priyank will go. Salman says we told you that Mouni Roy went in house, lets see what happened then.

In house, Mouni comes in house, she sits in garden. Inmates come there. Puneesh says you are my favorite. Vikas says he loves you on another level. All inmates come there, Mouni asks them to settle down. Mouni says we all have shortcomings, I will give you some titles for sins and shortcomings and you have to dedicate that title to someone for that sin. She says first title is ‘anger’, she asks Hiten who is most angry here? Hiten says its Vikas, he is most angry, Vikas says I control it.

Hiten says let me think, Puneesh gets angry more than Vikas. He gives angry title to Puneesh. Mouni says next title is ‘greedy’, she asks who is most greedy here? Shilpa says its Arshi, there are many reasons for that, she takes her food first, she takes what she likes without thinking about others. Arshi takes title and says you have to be greedy, all inmates should be greedy in life. Arshi says I want to say that all sitting here, they should become greedy too, Shilpa is lobhi too. Mouni asks whom you would choose for this title? she says it should be Aakash. Mouni says next title is ‘egoistic’, she assk Puneesh who is egoistic most here? Puneesh says Hina have that ego about her position, she has that ego, she is like ‘ME’. Mouni makes Hina wear ‘egoistic’ title. Hina says this is a big word Hina, many issues happened here, I dont have ego, I think Shilpa have that ego, Shilpa says she will throw everyone out, it is Shilpa. Arshi says I thinks Shilpa is egoistic, she start day with me and me only, she is egoistic that she makes food, she is leading bigg boss, she keeps reciting that, I am tired of hearing that, I want her to leave. Shilpa says you get lost. Mouni says too much stress here. Mouni says next title is ‘laziness’, she asks Hina who is lazy here? Hina says right.. it goes to him.. Priyank says I am late in showering only. Hina says its Priyank, Mouni makes him wear lazy title, Priyank says I get late in pressing clothes, eating and showering so it suit me a little. Mouni says next title is ‘jealous’, she asks Vikas who is jealous? Vikas says its Aakash, he wants to be number one, if you praise a girl wearing green color then he wants green color too, he wants to go jail maximum too. Mouni makes him wear that title. Mouni says next title is ’emotional’. She asks Arshi is most sensitive here? Arshi says its my friend Vikas, he cries over small things, he starts crying over small matters with friends too, he cries over his old friend making friends with his new friends too, Priyank laughs. vikas says yes I am emotional but for people who matter to me. Mouni says last title is who doesnt have control over his vasana (lusty), all choose Aakash. Aakash says Mouni you are beautiful. Aakash says I have crush on Arshi too, I have lip kissed her too, I have two girlfriends too. Mouni says most blames were put on Aakash so now he has to repent his blames, he will not sleep on mattress, he will eat steel plates, he will live saint’s life, Vikas says you have to make sure he fulfills his punishment. Mouni thanks everyone and leaves house.

On stage, Salman says Mouni did her work, lets go in house, he connects call to house. Salman says my favorite TV star came in house. Puneesh says she is my favorite too, Aakash says mine too. Salman says congrats Aakash you got to repent, not everyone gets it, all laugh. Salman says they called you jealous and lusty, all laugh. Salman says its cheap kind of lust, why everyone is targeting you? Aakash says they are jealous of me, Vikas laughs. Salman says why they are jealous of you? your figure? your rashes? all laugh. Salman says Aakash you accept everything, Aakash says yes I am lusty, all laugh. Salman says Shilpa and Luv got to see videos, how were they? Luv says some clips were expected and some not, Priyank said to Hina that Luv have soft corner for you and Hina replied which were very bad and cheap. Salman asks what kind of soft corner? they gave impression that Luv is in love? Luv says yes and says Hina said that Luv knows she is in relationship with Rocky. Salman says Luv you wanted her to say that I am madly in love with Rocky but I can fit you as Rocky is not here, we will see outside but here mauh muah.. Hina says its okay if he has feelings. Luv says there is not 1% feelings from my side. Hina says its okay, relax Luv, its fine. Salman says Luv its fine if you have feelings for her, she is saying that she is pretty so you can have feelings for her, you dont have choice now, Hina laughs. Salman says Luv you are hurt of this? Luv says Hina knows that I take her as friend only, then why did she say I am in relationship with Rocky and all that.. Salman asks Shilpa what you saw? Shilpa says I was not surprised for most, I was surprised seeing Vikas’s clips, he shows too much respect to me but clips showed me otherwise, he says that he makes Arshi understand and to control her language but in clips, I dont see him making her understand. Vikas says me and Hiten tried to stop Arshi but then we thought that if two women are fighting then we should stand in corner. Shilpa says its not two women fighting, one woman just keep taunting. Vikas says I have tried to make Arshi listen but its useless if she wants to. Salman says I have seen Arshi changed in last week, she is not targeting you Shilpa now. Shilpa says she did in kitchen. Arshi says in kitchen I asked her to have food but she started shouting that I dont want it and all that, she glared at me, so I told her that I am not cursing her just asking her for food, it was the only fight we had, otherwise we have been cordial. Shilpa says Arshi keeps taunting, Arshi says she says rubbish things too, she says that I should see how I look on Tv. Shilpa says you call me psycho. Arshi says you are psycho and mental. Vikas asks Arshi to calm down, fight later. Vikas says to Salman that how can we say in all this? Salman says I remain silent in all this, all laugh.
Salman says to inmates that we will do test task, two inmates will sit back to back and we will ask questions, you have to show playcards for answers and we will see how many answers match and how compatible you are with your friend. Salman asks Arshi and Aakash to sit back to back. Salman ask them who they think are playing dirty game? Arshi and aakash shows Shilpa’s name. Salman asks whose voice is most shrill. Aakash shows Puneesh’s name, Arshi shows Aakash’s name. Salman asks who is sugar knife here? Arshi shows Vikas’s name, Aakash shows his name, all laugh. Salman asks who is not real friend here? Arshi shows Puneesh, Aakash shows Hina’s name. Arshi says Puneesh was my good friend but he backbite me, he is not real friend. Puneesh says you were Shilpa’s friend then changed to Hina’s side, Arshi asks him to not scream. Puneesh says you dont listen. Vikas says Aakash is very clever, he can become anything to play.
Salman says next pair for compatibility test is Hina and Priyank. They sit back to back, Salman asks who must be unpopular now? They both show Aakash’s name, Salman asks who is most double personality here? They both show Vikas’s name. Salman asks who is drama queen in house? They both show Arshi’s name. Salman asks who starts most fire here? Priyank shows Arshi’s name, Hina says Aakash. Priyank says Arshi said in start that she came here to start fire but Shilpa handles her very patiently, I think sometimes she pokes Shilpa for no reason, Salman says correct.
Next pair is Hiten and Vikas, they sit back to back. Salman asks who should have gone in 3-4 week. They both show Aakash’s name. Salman asks who is most insulting in house? They both show Aakash’s name. Salman asks who changed most in house? they both show Arshi’s name. Salman asks who will go to finale between you both? they both Hiten’s name. Salman says Hiten and Vikas won this task as their all answers matched.
Salman says to inmates now caller of week will ask question, he connects call to caller, she says I want to ask Puneesh that when Bandagi was in game, it looked like you were playing behind her and when she left, now it look likes you are playing behind Vikas and Shilpa, when you will start playing openly? Puneesh says there is no time left to play game now, I have come to 12th week playing in background, its good to play on backfoot. Salman says government runs from backfoot too, all laugh.

Salman says to inmates that your friendships are iconic, they are exemplary, all laugh. Salman says Hina said that they give example of our friendship outside, he laughs and says what friendship and what examples. Salman says today we will test friendship. Salman says in Sultani ring, it will be Hina-Priyank Vs. Vikas-Arshi. hina says they will win, Vikas eats 6 eggs daily. Salman says Arshi should live in Sultani ring, all laugh, Salman ends call.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that I shouldnt have taken Vikas’s name in clips task, I think Vikas is scared of me thats why he tries to show respect but I dont know its real or not. Shilpa says Arshi says so much bad things, she says so many bad words and Vikas and Hiten said she is changed. Puneesh says let me tell you that Luv will be with them tomorrow again so dont talk to him much, he will go to Priyank and Hina at night so dont tell him anything, she says I know.

Vikas-Arshi and Hina-Priyank comes in sultani ring. Vikas says Hina hates it. Salman welcomes them. Salman says there will be three rounds, in first round you have to tell why your team is stronger than other one. Arshi says our team is stronger because Vikas is mastermind and can play nicely. Hina says we are in game and playing nicely too. Vikas says Arshi and me are opposite and we compliment each other in game. Priyank says we are alike and take decisions mutually, Hina says we dont force decisions on others like them. Arshi says we are stronger because we play with everyone. Priyank says Hiten is with them too. Vikas says we take everyone with us for playing. Priyank says we dont call everyone friend, he wanted to save Puneesh so he sacrificed his two friends. Hina says even Gauri said to Vikas that you can throw Hiten out with masterstroke. Salman asks who won? three inmates whistle for Vikas-Arshi, Luv votes for Hina-Priyank. Salman asks Shilpa why you didnt vote? she says both teams have one player that are close to my heart so it will be partiality if I vote.
Salman says next round is wrestling, you have to throw other person on back on ground, first will be girls. Hina says please no no no.. Arshi and Hina start fighting. Vikas asks Arshi to pick and throw her. Hina and Arshi try to throw each other but Arshi pushes Hina down first and wins task. Salman says now Vikas and Priyank fight without using hands. Vikas and Priyank tries to throw each other using shoulder, Vikas throws Priyank on ground and wins round.
Salman says round three is tug of war. Both teams starts pulling rope to their side. Vikas and Arshi pulls Priyank and Hina to their side and win the last round too. Salman says Vikas and Arshi won all rounds, he gives them meddle.

On stage, Salman says this was the first doubles sultani fight and Vikas-Arshi won it. Salman says lets go in house and see who is going to eliminate today but today we will put burden on inmates for this.
Salman connects call to house and says its time for elimination, one will go from Priyank or Hiten. Salman says now Hiten and Priyank will leave from sliding door and wait for results. Hiten hugs Vikas and says you have to try to comeback. Priyank hugs Hina, Hina says you are coming back. Aakash hugs Hiten. Priyank and Hiten leaves through sliding door.

Priyank and Hiten comes to activity area, Salman connects call to house and activity area. Salman says there will be one more shock now, Vikas says no no.. Puneesh says are you saying that both will not comeback? Salman says this will be a big twist, there are less weeks for finale and people are going to leave, we are going to do what never happened in 11 seasons, today who will leave and who will stay.. you inmates will decide if Hiten will stay or Priyank will stay, you all think, decide together who is going to leave and who is going to stay, I will give you 5 minutes to decide mutually, he ends call.
Puneesh says now what? Hiten and Priyank are watching from activity area. Arshi says we should save Hiten, he is senior and Priyank got chance earlier. Hina says this game is not about seniority. Arshi says Priyank did mistakes. Hina says Puneesh have done mistakes too, we have to see who have more involvements in house, I dont have anything against Hiten. Arshi says Hiten does things more calmly. Puneesh says as a person Hiten is better, Arshi asks Vikas, Vikas is tensed.. Puneesh says Vikas you have to do it. Priyank and Hiten sees it. Hiten says you deserve it too. Priyank says Vikas is stuck now, its okay. Shilpa says Hiten takes less decisions, Hiten is tough celebrity, but Priyank is more active, Hiten takes time to take decisions. Shilpa says Hiten is senior and playing nicely but he cant be diplomatic. Vikas says its Hiten’s nature and game, he is done best in show but Priyank have done best too in show, but Hiten will be my choice over Priyank. Luv says Priyank shows different shades. Vikas says we will do favoritism in end. Call gets disconnected from activity area. Hina says lets vote, Vikas, Puneesh, Arshi votes for Hiten. Salman connects call. He asks to tell their votes. Puneesh votes Hiten, vikas and Arshi votes Hiten. Shilpa, Luv, Aakash, Hina votes for Priyank. Salman says four votes are for Priyank and three for Hiten so Hiten will leave house and Priyank will comeback, he ends call.

On stage, Salman says inmates want to save Priyank o hiten will leave house, lets tell them.

Salman connects call to activity area. Salman says inmates are taking decision who will stay and who will leave, they have taken decision, there are lights over you, the one whose lights turn on will leave house today, all the best. Hiten and Priyank are tensed. Salman says can we have light please. Light over Hiten turns on. Salman says HITEN INMATES HAVE ELIMINATED YOU, PRIYANK YOU ARE SAFE. Priyank hugs Hiten and says you supported me a lot, I will take care of Vikas. Priyank leaves. Salman says to Hiten that this is unfortunate, you got stuck, if you are better man then you will leave this house first, all thought that you will go till end but you are leaving maybe because they thought you are tough competition and they got the chance to throw you out, all appreciated you, Arshi voted for you too but majority voted for Priyank, it was a pleasure Hiten to see you, it was needed to have sensible, dignified, sane man in house, all are scared of that man. Hiten says I was saying that you have to be a little goon in house. Salman says remain like this, goons can never go long, life is not about this game only, it matters that you are going with dignity and honor, Hiten thanks him, he ends call.

In house, Puneesh says really Hiten left. Vikas and Hina are sad over Hiten leaving. Shilpa says its a game, they have to leave one week after another, I can simply say that Hiten is a tough competitor, I want him out so i threw him out, you cant cry over that, its a game. Hina says this cant be happening. vikas is sad too.
Aakash says to Puneesh that I had the choice to save Hiten but I took Priyank’s name. Priyank comes in house. Aakash says hi. Priyank says you saved me? Aakash says I saved you, I got the last call and I saved you, I did it, you can ask Luv, I did the last call, I saved you, dont forget it. Hina and Luv hugs Priyank. Aakash says I did it, you owe me a favor, I did it.

Arshi says to Vikas that I asked you to stay away from Shilpa, see what she did. Vikas says she did what she wanted, she knew if Hiten stayed then he can win in last. Arshi cries.
Priyank thanks Shilpa. Shilpa says no need to thank me, Hiten had less involvement, he didnt take stand where he wanted to.
Arshi cries over Hiten leaving.
Vikas says to Puneesh that Hiten stood up for Shilpa against Arshi most.
Hina says to Priyank that I want to slap Aakash, what he is saying that he did favor on you and all that.
Puneesh says to Aakash what are you saying that you saved Priyank? you had one vote like everyone else so they saved him too, what masterstroke you played? Aakash says I just played a little.

On stage, Salman says we will know who will be top 5 soon, I am feeling sad that Hiten left the house but okay man, he signs off from the episode.

PRECAP- Arshi says to Luv that Hina and A-cash are a good pair to nominate. Puneesh says we have muscles to nominate, all laugh.
Bigg boss says to inmates that this is most unfortunate thing that in 12th week, you people are openly discussing nominations and now as a punishment, 7 out of 8 inmates will be nominated. All are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Neeru

    * Puneesh’s answer to appy fiz caller… Super awesome…. ” There’s nothing left to see… Yes i accept i play in d background … “???
    * Salman tells shilpa that yes vikas is ryt… Still she is saying to puneesh that i shudnt hv mentioned abt vikas nd he is playing…. Why.. ?
    * Hina said – “Puneesh ko bachane ke chakar me hiten jayega… ?” Hv been hearing this a lot…. The nomination task was nt to choose between hiten nd puneesh… It was a team nomination … Nd team blue had vikas also… Why wud arshi choose hiten over vikas… ? Why wud vikas be unsafe to save hiten wen itz clearly knwn that hiten is more popular than vikas… Is beech me puneesh kahan se aaya… ? Wo tho puneesh ki kismat achi thi yaa bb ne khela to make puneesh safe coz it was obvious arshi wud choose vikas… So ultimately arshi chose to save vikas or vikas chose to save himself… But ppl will say puneesh ko bachane keliye hiten ko nominate kara… how dumb… !!
    * Nomination task… I din understand… Voting tho hua tha… Fir wat was dis twist all about.. ? But seeing That was hurtful…. Shilpa,, not expected,, not at all expected… !! I will miss hiten…. I will miss hiten – vikas jodi… ??
    * Akash was soo annoying….” I saved u bro.. You owe me one…” Hina was ryt – maarne ka man kar rha tha…. Mastrstroke,, game changer,, my foot…. !!

    1. Samaira_khan

      @NEERU completely agreed loved vikas and hiten they r just AMAZING.. bb pagal ho chuki hai i dididnt get y the hell r people voting if the have to choose.. VIKAS was reallyyy upset.. they were amazinggg to watch yaar

    2. Ghunawat.abhishek

      @neeru samaira khan
      Actually hiten’s eviction makes me somewhat sad…but i m glad shilpa did this….
      Because when vikas nominated shilpa against akash if that was a masterstroke for all vikas fans… Than she played a masterstroke to mastermind…nd openly admitted why she did that… Not like anyone hiten ki lallo pacho but save priyank ko karenge… She played lone warrior…
      Ek teer se do nishane…
      Vikas arshi ki group tod di..
      Hila hi dala…
      2nd she said competition khatam kar diya…
      Lekin agar wo hiten ko bcha bhi leti to hiten aur vikas shilpa ko support nhi krte… Nd u all knw this very well… Mano ya na mano…
      Well played shilpa today…
      Last but not least this is my personal opinion vikas ki wajah se vikas ke game ki wajah se vikas ke promises ki wajah se deserving candidate bahar ho rhe h… Aur non deserving bach rhe h… They all knew luv ka game sudhar rha h over confident tha… Aur yahi reason tha punish aur akash ko save kiya arshi aur vikas ne… So they were equal reason in hitens eviction….

      1. Neeru

        * nominating and direct eliminating is diffrnt…. Yes vikas nominated shilpa against akash… But it was done knowing dat akash will go…. You cnt deny dat…. Or agar badla lena hi tha tho nxt nomination me she cud hv nominated vikas… Tit for tat…. But hiten ko… ? That too direct elimination.. Not justified….
        * competition… ? Since wen did Shilpa start fearing competition… ? Yes grp thod diya… That i agree… That was her only reason to do dat…. But at d cost of directly eliminating hiten was wrong…. If she was saving puneesh or evn akash against hiten i wud hv undrstood… But priyank… ? He was d person who hv talked bad abt her d most…..
        * you say vikas nd hiten wud nt hv supported shilpa…. Fir kyaa priyank karega… ? LOL.. You think so… ?
        * luv ka game kitna bhi sudhar jaye,, no one will expct him to get more votes dan hiten… Arshi saved vikas nt puneesh… It was a TEAM nomination… Vikas ke fans r less dan hiten’s…. So who wud be in more danger… ? So arshi saved vikas…. Nd again nomination me hona nd direct elimination is different…
        Shilpa did wrong nd she will pay for saving priyank…

    3. Agree with ur each and every word ??

      1. Neeru

        @sha… Hope you mean me…. Thanks buddy… !!

    4. @Neeru I think Shilpa isiliye aisa decision liya kyuki aaj Priyank Shilpa ko support kiya aur Shilpa is baat se upset bhi thi k Vikas aur Hiten ne bola Arshi me badlav hai jabki Arshi Shilpa k saath abhi bhi bohut badtameezi karti hai.Vaise bhi Hiten ko sabse kam votes mile the.Vikas hamesha game palattha hai na iss baar Shilpa ne game palti?

      1. Shilpa new incase of punish Vikas lied and bbetrayed Shilpa. When Vikas told about this to hiten he joined and laughed about it instead of opposing Vikas in his wrong doing . Shilpa knew this and that’s the reason she selected Hiten

      2. shilpa make everyone think like that….. she is the one always against hiten from starting…… she saved priyank as to make winning easy ….. love looked good because of the task and loyalty….. all were so sure that love will go but hiten went…… aarshi sirf shilpa se batameez karti eh ,,,, task mae aarshi instantly bola aapko gussa thilana na bahot acha athiyae aarshi cant able to explain salman y she dont like shilpa……shilpa acha bolti eh but sirf game keltiyae…… she is constantly manipulating puneesh against vikas…… priyank neh sand kaha shilpa ko woh deserving eh and respect diya woh undeserving……. game ki bhar bi vikas and hiten ll stay great friends…..

      3. Neeru

        @sharan… Priyank ne kya supporr kiya.. ? I din get that…. Aur priyank…. Really ? She forgot all that he hv said nd who supported her at dat tym… Arshi me badlav aya hai…. It is true… Nd jst coz hiten said that she’ll choose priyank over hiten..? If she was saving puneesh i wud hv nvr questioned her actions…. Game palto… But priyank… ?
        She will regrt this… !!
        Votes kam aaye honge… But dey had a chance..
        Shilpa Dissapointed me..!!!

      4. Neeru

        * Shilpa knew vikas lied to puneesh… ? No… She thought he did…. She trusted puneesh ovr vikas…. But befre the eviction her beloved “salmanji” cleared it… Now she doesnt trust her salmanji… ? If she does why wud she use dat reason to go against vikas… ?
        * And afta salman went she said she shudnt hv said abt vikas nd shud hv mentioned only hina… U knw why.. ? Becoz now since salman cleard it ,,she cant use dat factor against vikas to nominate him…. If she had kept quite she cud play dat card saying vikas double crossed her… Then evn we wud hv said itz nt her fault,, bb showed it dat way… But now she cant… And if she does,, she cnt be all Saint in front of us… PLAN DECODED…!!!

      5. Yogitha

        @ neeru shilpa said that she doesn’t know that vikas is doing things towards her out of respect being genuine or just out of fear… Which cant be judged by Salman there…
        This is the reason that she thought her decision of keeping that topic in front of Salman is not wise…

    5. Neeru,
      U wrote my reviews abt today’s episode…
      I loved punnus answer too… Why no caller asked same question to luv yet ?? but giving him votes abundantly…?
      May b hina might hav forgotten ‘ luv ke bachane ke chakkar me sapna ko kya hua..’
      ( but i’m thankful to Hina for sapna’s eviction 🙂 )
      Shilpa says Hiten’s contribution s less in game,
      Then she says ”he s tough competitor”
      She knew she got more votes & Hiten got less
      Still she says he’s tough competitor and she wanted him out…
      If she dumped him for puneesh, I wouldnt hav blamed her…. But she chose priyank over Hiten….
      Priyank never stopped Hina when she shouts at shilpa
      Priyank never stood with Shilpa when Arshi and Acash tease her
      Priyank who disrespected her before…
      Why shilpa didnt save Hiten who respected her,who nevr misbehaved with her???
      Is it bcs he took Arshi’s name for the one who changed a lot…???
      Or is it bcs he’s vikas’s best friend in the house…???

      1. @Neeru,Amy mujhe sirf aap logo se matlab hai baki koyi kuch bhi bole kuch farak nahi padega
        Yeh dekhiye.Shilpa pehle se bolti hai Hiten stand nahi leta.Jab unka trimmer nahi mila tab apne aap keliye stand liya uske alawa vo kuch nahi kiya hai.Hiten Vikas ka support system tha isiliye aap logo ko zyada bura lag raha hoga.Lekin Shilpa par zara dosh nahi daal sakte.Usko bhi apna game khelne do.

      2. @AMY,neeru… agreed to ur each and every word today..
        its sad that a person like hiten got eliminate.. actually this not a show for hiten kind of ppl……
        and shilpa’s behaviour was shocking…. to play game was fair… to give explanation was fair..
        but to say we dont have to cry for these things.. was seriously insensitive…..
        feeling bad for vikarsh now…… they three were seriously compatible to each other……
        and yeah Amy your explanation is nice as shilpa said hiten never stopped arshi …. hiten never stopped shilpa too when she was torturing vikas…
        and just bcz he did’t stood for u doesn’t mean she will say hiten didn’t take stand ever……
        “Why shilpa didnt save Hiten who respected her,who nevr misbehaved with her???
        Is it bcs he took Arshi’s name for the one who changed a lot…???
        Or is it bcs he’s vikas’s best friend in the house…???”
        bcz she is emotionless and thankless..
        she wants to break… vikarsh-hiten tigdi… and hina-luv-pri tigdi……

      3. Neeru

        @sharan…..? I know,, you give importance to my pov evn though our favs r different…. And i do too…. Thank you… And trust me I dnt hate shilpa…. I am jst dissapointed…. I m saying it again nd again,, if she had done it to save puneesh i wudnt be against her… Hiten is nt a winner material,, but he deservez to be der than priyank…. I m nt only saying dis bcoz of vikas,, but also for wat priynk did to shilpa…
        I hv always liked her for being difrnt frm others… Dil se khelne wali…. Remember we used to say dil nd dimag… That’s why … Nevertheless yes evn she needs to play… Itz a game afterall…. ?

      4. Neeru

        @Xyz…. Well written xyz…. I will miss dem too….
        And buddy,, my commnt yestrdy was nt for you…. I knw u r a vikas fan…. It was for shilpa fans who hate vikas.. !!!! I dnt knw why u misunderstood….
        Hope you dnt get me wrong… ?

      5. @neeru… ohhhhh.. then sry for getting that comment , wrong……..

      6. Sharan,
        I have same pov what Neeru has given to u…
        We’r disappointed in her choosing pri over Hiten only….bcs there was A TRUST, which Hiten,Vikas and ‘viewers who love SHIKAS’ had on her…. That got damaged yesterday…. Apart from that I still agree with Vkas Like ” she ‘s the smartest player and at less fault comparing other 2 women…”
        – she’s one of the deserving contestants to win the show…!

      7. Xyz, U r right, HitVikShi were compatible to each other…..
        I loved this TRIO verymuch.. They were very funny together…. He might not b title winner for us…, still he deserves to b in top 5 along with Vkas,shilpa,hina and Arshi…
        Doesn’t matter how many viewers say this person deserves and that person not deserves… All evicted contestants who lived inside 24* 7 have same opinion when they came out regarding 2 things
        1. Vikas Gupta will win or he deserves the title
        2. Luv Tyagi is least deserving


        Care to read this once, Hiten didn’t do any extra favour by saving Shilpa.

        Hiten never did an extra favour on Shilpa, he just returned the favour as Shilpa saved him once.

    6. @neeru… I agree!!! I’m shikash fan. I can understand when Shilpa says that I’m afraid of hiten, he is a strong contender. It’s a game so I throw him out. But I’m disappointed when she says to Priyanka that you deserve it hiten had less involvement and didn’t take stand when he wanted to. ?

      1. Neeru

        @ deepika….. Yaa…. Heart breaking… ?

    7. Ghunawat.abhishek

      I still say that was a correct decision…vikas broke the truce by nominating shilpa against akash… He tried instigating punish after captaincy discussion…and as a group vikas arshi n hiten playing very well always in majority somehow… Now too much fun.
      As i said vikas hiten not gonna support but i didn’t say priyank will support…it will be seen in today’s episode probably that she didthat unexpectedly…
      N in another word vikas arshi priyank all are snakes… But snakes in sleeves is much more dangerous than snake upfront.

      1. Neeru

        @ Abhishek…. I hv always liked ur comnts but today i disagree…… But i respct ur views so i wont counter again….. Lets wait nd watch wat will hapn in d coming days… It will be fun to watch…. ??

    8. @neeru…shilpa was right this time. Hiten ne sirf ek baar shilpa ko nomination se bachaya bcoz shilpa ne bhi use bachaya tha…that’s it. Hiten never chose shilpa over arshi and vikas. When akash made shilpa uncomfortable it was luv who defended her. He never took stand for shilpa…this is ridiculous that people judge shilpa for playing her own game.
      BTW…hiten would have been anyways eliminated since usko sabse kam votes mile thhe. I don’t know why people think he ishould one of the strongest. Why didn’t vikas fans vote for him

      1. Neeru

        * Hiten din take a stand for shilpa,, but neither did priyank whom she saved…
        * Hiten will choose vikas nd arshi nd pri vl choose luv nd hina…
        So these points dnt make sense…. Also,
        * Hiten nvr spoke bad abt her or ny girl but oriyank abused nd body shamed her..
        * hiten every tym complimented her on her food, where as priyank always supported hina…
        So choosing pri over hiten is really disappointing….
        * i nvr judged her for playing her game…
        I jst said yes she is playing game…
        * 1st of all BB nvr gIves out voting results before hand,, so ny site giving you information abt votes is FAKE… So hiten getting d least votes is jst based on all d twittr polls nd all… 2nd evn if he got d least votes bb gave a chance to save d sensible man but dey din…
        * Vikas fans did vote for him… But itz quite in d open dat hina nd shilpa fans are thrice d numbr… Hina has like million followers compared to some thousands of vikas.. Hina fans voted for luv nd pri…

      2. Completely agree with you ..Good points..

    9. Ghunawat.abhishek

      I also like ur pov n respect it…
      At d end of day n season we won’t get anything…but nice sharing my views here..
      N pleasure reading yours…
      Now bb11 in final stages.. Much more to come…

  2. I am very sad and disappointed.
    Hiten ?
    I mean he was the most sensible person in this house. And to people who say that he was spineless. There is a difference between being civil or gentleman and a crazy person who fights for anything and everything.

    I want to punch Akash in the face. Maine game change kiya. Ghanta kuch Kiya last Tak chup reh Kar decision dene see game changer nahi bann jaate
    Akash apni underwear toh change karta nahi hoga. Badha aya game change karne Wala.

    And Shilpa ji’s Insaan NE tumhe para nahi Kya Kya bola usse bacha liya and jisne respect ki usse hata diya. Kal ko puneesh ko bhi bhaga Dena and Akash ki bacha Lena coz Jo respect karta hai uski toh tum ho nahi na.

    And Salman ne clear Kar Diya ki vikas was not at fault still you had to drag him.

    Arshi man bol ke aayi thi sabko dhoka dungi but sabse sagi vahi nikli hiten ki.
    Vikas arshi and puneesh they had their loyalty with them.

    Congo Priyank lovers.
    I have nothing against him. He is just dumb to be honest.

    But I am very upset that hiten left

    1. Samaira_khan

      @vidu agreed to each and everyyy point of urs.. VIKAS ARSHI PUNEESH only 3 were loyal to himm.. i was ooo happy i though puneesh would take PRI s name. no matter wht kind of personality he is he is reallyyy a loyal person.. which is clearly seen with SHILPA too

    2. Neeru

      @vidu… I totally agreee with you…. Very well said….. Shilpa really dissapointed me…. She chose a person who body shamed her calling her a saand over a wonderful human being…. Well played shilpa…. Master stroke… She actually wanted to break vikas nd arshi… But at the cost of eliminating hiten … ? Terrible choice….

      1. I agreed to you neeru,vidu and sk.. disappointed with hitens eviction

      2. [email protected] you don’t have to get disappointed with Shilpa. Justhe ask yourself what Hiten did for her except respecting ? Hiten joined vikas in betraying Shilpa in case of nomination for Puneesh,’s captaincy. When Vikas told him about his wrongdoing instead of correcting vikas he was laughing and admiring vikas .. Don’t you think Shilpa should protect herself ? Remember Vikas and Hiten was is and will never be with Shilpa as they take her as their main contender.

        Now that Priyank is obliged to Shilpa and luv happy with her two she has gain the possibility of likely support from them if possible. Otherwise too she is One women army and lone warrior … I think she is perfect in her decision and not playing dirty game at all .Her cards are open and clear … I think it’s perfect game rather than playing dirty like hina and Vikas play.

      3. @neeru @samaira

        I don’t think it was Shilpa’s master stroke to be honest. Master stroke tab hota jab vo samne wale group ke bande ho nikalti. Jitna hina , Priyank ne disrespect Kiya hai uska utna hiten ne nhi Kiya. Infact Hina Priyank ne to arshi ko bhi support Kiya hai uski badtameezi me.

        Vikas se jealous hoke sabko game changer banne ka shok hai. Game change karne ke chakkar me usne apne hi ek Supporter ko Ghar SE nikal Diya. Hiten ne USS bandi ko arshi ke uppar preference di thi.

        And koi lone warrior nahi hai Shilpa. Jisko ye lagta hai that person is delusional

      4. Neeru

        * If hiten din support shilpa niethr did priyank… Morover hiten always complimnted her unlike priyank…. So lets cancel dat point out….
        * Yes shilpa shud protect herself…. But i dnt think she needs to be protected from hiten…
        * You think pri given a chance will nt do d same she did to hiten… ? He will…. Nd frankly, vikas can get priyank to his side if he wants to…
        * Shilpa is playing game… That i agree… Nd dats wat i am surprised abt… Ppl here kept saying she is faking… But i nvr thot so… She potrayed herself as dis innocent girl playing wid her heart,, nt knowing games… She kept saying muje nhi Pata ye kaise khelna hai… But no.. She is playing game…
        * Nt dirty like hina nd vikas… ? Well thats abt povs…. I think a frnd smiling nd stabbing is more dangerous dan being killed by an enemy … Vikas is known to play games… He is said to manipulate ppl… But shilpa had a different Personality all together…

      5. Yogitha

        @ FAIRMONT True…

    3. Vidu,
      I agree with your points…. M also very upset…
      Hiten bhau s the only contestant who got eliminated frm BB11 with so much dignity & without losing respect … Salman’s words ” stay like this only…” tells how much Salman also respect nd love Hiten’s character!
      Even after he wasn’t contributing much, he had a major place in BB ,in every contestants heart…the pla ce which can’t b filled by anyone else…
      I really loved the bond btwn Vikas and Hiten throughout….! It was amazing all their placards matched very correctly…!
      I will miss Hiten
      I will miss Hit-Vik-Shi
      Acash is a stupid,irritating, unwanted contestant..!! Viks and Hiten r right ….He should have eliminated the very 2nd or 3rd weeks itself… ?

      1. @Amy OMG I hate acash. I want to punch him in his ugly face.

        And hiten was an amazing contestant tbh

      2. @AMY you Know what I don’t like. This hypocrisy. People hate you when you act crazy like Akash.

        And call you spineless when you act like a gentleman and try to stay away from such petty fights like hiten.

  3. hrithik ka Fan

    Damn…literally cried today ..hiten…basically not because hiten eliminated but the way he was eliminated. ….felt slapping shilpa there…what is her contribution in the show…cooking. .my foot….her true colours r coming out now ..she is not devi like portrays herself …she was thrown out of each show she worked on…her cp stars doesn’t speak good about her….she has attitude problem yesterday how was she threatening arshi …me shilpa shinde hun…she is very bad person ….but salman is supporting her ..what else can anyone do…

    …Vikas is genuine. .he is playing and he is showing that as well but should stay away from that lady shilpa…….

    ..I think hina is much better than shilpa as she is same from the beginning. ..yes she is also arrogant ..self obsessed…but atleast it’s visible unlike shilpa…..Although I hate both hina and shilpa…

    …In one of the episodes vikas described shilpa’s game and he described exactly the same what Is coming out now…

    ..Lastly akash is an idiot

    1. Samaira_khan

      @hkf i have no hatred gainst SHILPA but today i reallyy felt irritated its ok but.. hmm i agree to other things AAKASH IS THE MOST IDIOTIC AND STUPID PERSONALITY BADA AYA GAME CHANGER!! LOL

      1. Ghunawat.abhishek

        Hatred ho ya na ho… But she played game today n played openly and well….
        Aur hame bhi yhi game dekhna h…. vikas khele to mastermind and shilpa ne khel diya to disgusting…at least she deserve the due respect…

      2. @Abhishek…#No Offence….
        as it clearly looks like u r shilpa fan…
        but i just wants to ask…
        hiten was the one who respected shilpa the most.. its ok to voted against him for elimination was fair…..but she can show some sympathy….
        ..and her reason was not fair…….
        and i wants to say one thing too…… when arshi fought for her captaincy.. all blamed her.. she is selfish n all…
        but what shilpa did today was a game plan and she played openly?????
        shilpa is a big celebrity , if she throw out hiten bcz he was her cometition.. then y arshi can’t think of herself…….??????

    2. @hkf agree.. Bilkul sahi bola..

    3. Yogitha

      @ hkf with today’s episode I don’t hate shilpa… But I had a little disagreement with her decision… N more over, this is the show where bb robo lab wali task sach mei logon ke saath hothi Hai….
      N eventually this game is getting more n more manipulative… Shilpa ka ye decision Lena jayaz isliye Hai, kyu ki usko arshi ka behavior uske saath accha nahi laga… Like screaming on her, Hina se water ko lekar jhagada karwana, phir uski dikhave pe comment pass karna aur phir captaincy ka task me vikas ka aur arshi ka bartaav…
      By all this she already warned arshi… As she had an opportunity in her hand to send the main person of their team out… She has done it…. Another reason is: he is a strong contender…
      Another reason: if she says priyank, she will also gets into good books of luv and priyank…
      she just stood by her decision… she didn’t think ki log Kya sochenge….she didn’t think about hiten fans or the ppl out there will hate her for this…. She just accepted and said that I can’t be diplomatic and without doing any drama like hina… Oh god… Is Hina ko toh Sach mei museum mei rakhni chahiye…

      The one thing I loved the most is…. She didn’t back bite or anything but just said it on face and ended it… That I will vote for priyank… Agar usko decision lene ka adhikar milega toh wo ? dethi Hai… Jaise vikas ko adhikar Mila toh Akash ko nomination me dal Diya.. we can’t compare both but just saying…

      And more over she was telling since few days that I am not a good person….
      Good ka Matlab mei kisi ka pyadha nahi banne wala hu jaisa…

      She just returned what arshi did to her… By making hiten leave the show….

      But yaha se ye dekhna chahiye ki Kya Kya hoga Ghar Mei…

      But overconfidence sabko ek jhatke mei kha jathi Hai… Ab dekhna Hai ki aur Kya Kya hosaktha Hai ghar ke andhar…

      Laajawab precap…. No words to say…

      I am not a fan of shilpa but I love the game she plays n also her priorities… I like vikas game but his support towards arshi is a little wt I don’t like… As he couldn’t control her…
      N I feel for what arshi had done with her all these weeks, she just got replied by on single master stroke by shilpa…. N I don’t feel that shilpa is acting like sati savithri types… But wo Chun chunke badla lene walon me se ek hai…

      And this attitude is being proved from day 1… Be it vikas or arshi… And ye khubi ek aurat mei jyada rehthi Hai… Jo chalak hote Hai wo har ek situation mei react nahi karthe Hai… They only react when it reaches peak and the answer will just shuts the opposite person’s mouth. Just like today… N I know this will make arshi more nagin and irritating towards shilpa… N this is also an advantage for her by the way…

      I am a bb11 lover… Not anyone’s fan… Hope u ppl understand my last few sentences ????

      1. Agree with you Yogitha. .well said .. please also read my views .. I am with Shilpa and I am not happy with Hitenough as he not done anything for Shilpa except respecting her

      2. Neeru

        * Arshi nd vikas se badla lene ke liye hiten ko eliminate,, not justified… It reminds me of sholay wer gabbar kills all of takkur’s family one by one to take revnge …?
        Evn i dnt hate Shilpa… But i am dissapointed…. Big tym..
        * Vikas plays nd ppl know dat nd he is called manipulative for dat reason… But shilpa portrayed herself to be dis person who is nt playing games,, who is nt intrsted in all dis ladayi,, always giving up ,, nt afraid of nominations etc etc…
        But no… She is playing …. She is playing a big game… vch is Good,, all are here to play.. Atleast now itz in open…

      3. Yogitha!simply superb what u wrote. I am not a fan of shilpa. Glad that shlpa didnt try to look good by svng hiten. She knows she will be bashed,but still did it. I like women who take brave decision at the cost of loosing their name..
        Wld HV sprted hitoo bby had he voiced out his opinion strongly .

      4. @isha… #No Offence….
        “I like women who take brave decision at the cost of loosing their name..”
        when arshi took decision for herself (For cataincy) , that was being selfish…
        but to eliminate a person like hiten was a good thing or part of the game…
        i really cant understand this thing..
        i am not saying shilpa did wrong… but like we say shilpa did that for game… then arshi too did for the game……and as u said “shlpa didnt try to look good by svng hiten” .. like arshi didn’t try to look good……

      5. This is what exactly what I feel. Even Salman said yesterday that by being after Shilpa, Arshi is giving her footage but still she fails to understand. Arshi devi ko game to samajh aane se raha, shayad thodi zabaan kam chalaye to dimaag chale.

      6. Yogitha

        @ Isha & xyz
        She took right and brave decision….
        Somewhere a few ppl said that Hina boldly said about hiten and shilpa is only talking about him on his back…
        Yes it’s true… But she doesn’t react unnecessarily and only stated her opinion…
        N she stood by her decision from start… She felt that he is not able to take stand at times…. So felt him to be the contestant to leave the house…
        I take @ cost of loosing her name as a positive one…. As it’s true that a few shilpa fans might start hating her by this decision … Especially who have a soft corner towards hiten…
        The fact is the one doing the crime and the one who’s not offending it… Both are equally responsible… It’s a fact that being friends with arshi, they weren’t able to control arshi… It’s their clear failure… This failure is becoming her support to do all nonsense….
        So wts wrong, if she made hiten evicted… If u see this way… This isn’t due to revenge on arshi but for his clear failure to control arshi even aftr becoming the bau of the bb house…

      7. Yogitha

        Suberb yaar…@ Shruti

      8. Yogita,
        You said..” fact that being friends with arshi, they weren’t able to control arshi… It’s their clear failure… This failure is becoming her support to do all nonsense….”
        THEN SHILPA S ALSO A FAILURE IN CONTROLLING ACASH…HE ALWAS DOES NONSENSE….OTHER HM ACCUSED SHILPA FOR ENCOURAGING AND NOT STOPPING HIM…TO WHICH SHE DISAGREES… HM HAVNT WITNESSED HER STOPPING HIM…. SAME WAY VIKAS-HITEN TRIED TO STOP ARSHI SEVERAL TIMES…JUS BCS SHILPA DIDN’T WITNESS IT,DOESN’T MEAN THEY WERNT CONTROLLING HER…. Waise bi aisa kya clip dekha shilpa ne ki vikas per false accusations dalne ko…??? In clip he said to Arshi to not misbehave with shilpa only…. In fact she’s angry with Vikas for telling punnu tht ”she nvr considered punnu for captaincy…” only!!
        For u.., ” Hiten’s eviction is not due to revenge on arshi but for his clear failure to control arshi even aftr becoming the bau of the bb house…” – BUT SHILPA SAID HE WAS A COMPETITION TO HER AND HINA AS HE IS A CELEBRITY…,SO SHE WANTED HIM OUT FROM HER PATH…. So u too agree that shilpa was lieing…. Right..??
        She targeted vikas and Arshi through Hiten’s eviction….

    4. I totally agreed with you hfk

    5. @Hritik ka fan… lovedd ur comment… same thinking ….

  4. Today I hated luv wn Hina came and hugged Priyank and luv left her it’s too rude in fact luv is safe because of Hina khan and hers

    1. They’ll be back to getting friends in few days.. Chill maar yaar

      1. Being *

  5. Shilpaji,today though I am feeling bad for Hiten,I loved your decision,you could have easily stood with Vikas blindly and opposed Hina and rescued Hiten,but I honestly feel Priyank deserves more,Hiten is balanced and silent,but most of the times lacked that identity,this show doesn’t deserve a good guy like him,but contestants and viewers all know the fact that this show is not for the perfect people, it is a game,and it is to be played that way,and today you put your points with 0% diplomacy,and told your point right after giving your decision and walked away,Vikas would have clearly understood your strength today.He should stop his manipulating now and others should be wise enough to stop playing according to him.He was playing a good game with you in both positive and negative sense,but that day when he was given the opportunity to save one of you,he didn’t save you,and u and Akash got nominated,that day I felt he is not your true friend,today,you would have fallen in my eyes if you would have saved Hiten,you are playing ur game with maturity, mind and poise,yea,u deal with Arshi in ur own way that is good,good to c Hina and Shilpa agreeing on a point,Hiten looked sad,but honestly,bigg Boss is not for good men like you,but he came out without tarnishing the image,but he cant be a winner as others are playing it better than him,of course a few are just lucky,but I like love Luv nowadays.Priyank told about Arshi provoking Shilpa,he put that frankly,good to c that even Arshi didn’t expect that,I wish to see Shilpaji in top 2 and eventually a winner,fan for a lifetime and not ashamed to admit that.

    1. I agree with u.Shilpa cleared that she is playing that game, she doesn’t care about what others will think, she put her thoughts about Hiten and then played it smartly,after all, this show is like that,good that she didn’t lie and over explained her side,she said the reason frankly.She will win or not,doesn’t matter,I like her.

    2. Today I understood that Shilpa is playing the game properly,if she had taken Hiten’s name she would have tagged in that grp,she played her lone game today boldly,I had many a times felt that she should play more,now I liked that she is playing her game well,obviously Hiten is a good guy,but Bigg Boss needs a little crooked,mind gamers,I think Shilpa is playing well.I agree with your points.Hiten can be happy with his character but not deserving to be a winner.Show doesn’t deserve him like you said.

    3. Shilpa took a wise decision ,I had a feeling that either Priyank or Hiten will be eliminated, he is a very good guy but this show is not the place for him.Shilpa should win,all past winners have played the game their way,she is playing her way.

      1. Reeta! Very well said. Hi fi! Reshma,Trisha very well understood

    4. Samaira_khan

      @REETA wow i lovedd the way u descirbed hiten but let me tel u some things..

      1. @Samaira………. exactly

      2. Agree Samaira but what would have Shilpa got by saving Hiten,except Puneesh none would have stayed by her without conditions,not even Hiten,no problem in Hivikarsh friendship,but Shilpa would have got nothing by saving him ,cos if Vikas could be trusted by her at least a little(even if 50%) ,that day ,he could have easily saved her from nomination(when his friends were not there to be nominated along with her) but he didn’t ,so if Shilpa saved Priyank she has nothing to loose ,may be nothing to gain also,but she knows her enemies in Hina’s gang,not like saving Hiten and adding people who will use her well and at the end save their favourites,she is clear that she is alone,and she played the game with mind.What would have she got by saving Hiten,he won’t play against Vikas and save her at all,and Vikas also won’t stay with her always.


    6. Ghunawat.abhishek

      Well said same feeling here

    7. I liked your comment Reeta,I agree with you,Shilpa is a lone player and now her stand is clear,she uses her mind,I respect her because she didnt justify her stand,she said her reason for not saving Hiten directly,nothing wrong,that is her game,Bigg Boss is a game show and almost all have played.

    8. I agree Reeta, actually I was thinking about that day,when, if I am not wrong,Vikas saved Luv/Puneesh(not sure whom ) and Shilpa and Akash got nominated,I think that week elimination didn’t happen because both Acash and Shilpa were necessary for the drama of this show,if it was Puneesh or Luv ,chance of an elimination would have been there,that day I think Vikas said Shilpa is a strong contender,now, indirectly that has come back on Hiten,I mean a little similar situation,not the voting pattern,but that stronger (Shilpa thinks so but she is popular than him now) one got evicted,inspite of patch up ,if Shilpa wasn’t saved from a nomination by Vikas(his friends weren’t there),then now ,when a direct chance of evicting a stronger contestant (as per Shilpa again)was given,she was clever to use it,but I second the points she said,she was clear with what she was saying and doing,so she knows her game well,that is good.I want Shilpa to win.But if she falls like Hiten in a similar situation (can’t say anything about scripted Bigg Boss and of course Karma is a bi..h) then also,for me Shilpa is a winner.

    9. @Reeta completely agree with you

    10. Reeta! Very well said. Hi fi!

  6. I knew yesterday itself I told Shilpa consider hiten as a tough competitor ….. Hiten saved Shilpa against aarshi …. This is just a game show for Shilpa and Vikas know tat …. The way Vikas looked Shilpa when she said hiten is a tough competition Vikas was so angry ….. I support Vikas he is only person Playing well ….. Aarshi taunt Vikas alot but he trust her so much without doubting ….. I just love them both…. Shilpa telling aarshi greedy superb …. Aarshi still have a problem with Shilpa but hiten ditch Kiya aarshi ko but she is saving hiten ……. She truly respect him …. Atleast BB showed some courtesy by not allowing him to go away by telling people vote …. They sent him with respect saying HM thinks u as a tough competition

    1. Samaira_khan

      1. VIKARSH bonding is amazinggg lovee them.. hmm in a way or other i agree ARSHI is greedy just for captiancy als i can say.. and its not WRONG to be greedy everyone wants their BEST!!
      2. I AGREE WITH SHILPA S THING but savingg a guy who is not at alll deserving and who disrespects woman is WRONG

    2. @Rohan shayad aap bhool gaye honge k Shilpa also saved Hiten before.Its her call whom she want to support.Shilpa started her game now only.She completely changed the dynamics of the game

    3. @Rohan………. well said…….
      totally agreed with u…
      i will miss the tigdi……. vikas-hiten-arshi……….
      and these three genuinely cares for each other..chahe vikas-arshi and hiten-arshi kitna bh argue kare.. but they are loyal to each other… and unki dil se dosti thi………
      i love the way how hiten and vikas made understand arshi on her mistakes and her imature behaviour……..

  7. Hiten you are going with lots of respect.the real khiladi is Vikas Gupta is a Mastermind with heart.they have shown clips to luv and he was angry to priyank but he voted for priyank ,that’s called friendship and pure heart.shilpa behaving like Hina nowadays.i worked 15 years and I will show you who I am…. today she proved that who she is…..hiten was a tough competitor but I don’t think she voted on the basis of nobody can blame vikas for hitens elimination.vikas Gupta,play your game, don’t expect anything from anyone.
    After every weekend Shilpa become overconfident and ahankar and Hina become more insecure.

    1. Samaira_khan

      @N yep agreed!! vikas is khiladi and hiten is truly a gentle man.. haan yaar luv a;ways wins up my respect happy for tht..
      haan evem i didnt like shilpa s behavior .. even i have the samee felling tht shilpa didnt vote on the basis of tht she is kinda scared of vikas and hitn i felt,. dont know y..
      – obvio no one can balme MASTERMIND he voted for hiten..
      – yeah shilpa s behavior looks a lil changed after every weekedn but hina is not becoming insecure.. she is loosing her confidence yaar.. but this time it was quite ok

      1. You are right sk, Hina is loosing confident.

    2. Neha,
      You r right ,shilpa voted out Hiten for some other reason which she hasn’t given…. But it’s still in episode for viewers to understand…
      Hiten has more years of work experience than shilpa…. Never seen him boasting over anything….. Like puneesh said HITEN A THE REAL CELEBRITY..!
      Vikas wil always remain as the real khiladi of all seasons not jus BB11….
      I dnt know Why SOME think vikas wants to be in good book of salman thts y he ‘s supporting Shilpa….!
      He may be afraid of her torture… Bt what abt the promise he had given to her under table..?? He promised her ” I wil remain same ( being nice to her..) ..u also pls remain same…”
      WE ALL KNOW HE KEEPS HIS PROMISES..! He might have said something like he dislike her to cool down Arshi…apart frm this he was very nice,polite, & lovely behind her back also… Even if she gonna make his life hell again, vikas won’t try to run away again…
      I hope he wil win the show…!
      The only name every evicted contestants put forward as winner – VIKAS GUPTA..! May b never happened this in previous seasons..!
      M nt sure, bt I feel vks wanted to giv some footage to priyank in KHAIRAT….! Vks wants pri and hiten stay and luv go…but BB s ruining his games now a days…!
      In sultani akhada when Vikas defeats pri…,bfr getting up he kisses on pri’s cheeks..?
      Thn in next round pri jumps on vikas to hug… It’s also sad to see them fight even after having somuch love towards each other in their heart…

      1. Agreed to you amy.vikas is playing smart.he might be giving footage to priyank to save him.he is the real Mastermind and bb also trying hard to fail his plans.

      2. @AMY……..”I dnt know Why SOME think vikas wants to be in good book of salman thts y he ‘s supporting Shilpa….!
        He may be afraid of her torture… Bt what abt the promise he had given to her under table..??”
        YEAH ITS TRUE…

    3. @N…. totally agreed to u… that’s i said this thing before a month that vikas shud stay away from shilpa…
      “After every weekend Shilpa become overconfident and ahankar and Hina become more insecure”
      its true .. obviously when some one came with pride and some one full of arrogance… but suddenly she got scolded for each and everything then obviously confidance toh low hoga hi na……..

      1. XYZ, It’s true that Hina was less visible on wkv.. Arshi s taking most footage now a days…. Her confidence level has been lowered…. I m sure, if it was pri who went, it would have damaged her existence in the show badly…

      2. Agreed to you xyz

  8. I’m not scared of any ones fans….I said my views in the name of N
    I want Vikas Gupta to win the title by hook or crook????

    1. Same boat buddy.He is d one who is playing well?

      1. Samaira_khan

        @vindy nd neha chandra join me up too!! VG ROCKS!!

    2. @Neha , Vindy… want the same………

  9. Good to see Salman made luv understand.Today there was strong bonding between Hina and Priyank.But in that friendship thing,salman unnecessarily took dig at hina.It was very small thing.Hina showed today what friendship means to her.She stoof there for priyank.Hina got sad after Hiten was evicted.On the other hand Shilpa just felt it isn’t a big deal.I don’t know why Shilpa voted for Priyank.Hiten always supported Vikas.On the other side Vikas-Hiten friendship is immortal and will remain beyond the show.I like Hiten but eviction of Hiten over priyank is justified as Hiten has got less votes than priyank.Hiten went outside with pride and dignity.If anyone knows plz clear my doubt,why are Aarshi and Aakash flipping from one side to other.Sometimes I feel that Aarshi and Hina are now friends,the next instant Aarshi don’t support Hina.Same she does with Shipa.She sometimes appear sweet with Shilpa.The next moment she fights with Shipa.I think Shilpa and Hina should become friends again.They had very nice bond in first 5-6 weeks.And then Vikas and Aarshi broke their freindship.


    2. Samaira_khan

      @TOOTHLESS just to clear up ur doubts..
      1. arshi and hina r not frnds and they werent before also.. both clearly stated tht.. its just tht they both have stopped fighting.. arshi is always of hiten andvikas and same goes to hina she is only of pri and luv
      2. shilpa andarshi both have EQUAL fault no less no more.. as she said tht shilpa did something thts y,, nd i guess it going to continue till the finale!
      3.omg!! plzz dont say tht VIKARSH broke their frndship.. their friendship is IMMORTAL just like vikas and hiten s.. the thing is they fight they taunt but when they need to support each other they will do it!!! true frnds..
      4. i dont think SHILPA ND HINA can eever be frnds they were like they both dont want to see each other s face also..

  10. Whatever besties……..I’m very sad today……I’m feeling very sad and disappointed for hiten……..plzzzzzzz kuch twist kardo biggboss, hiten ko secret room mein bhejhdo.

    1. Samaira_khan

      @naina haan yaar same here.. but idont think so its going to happen at this critcial time of bb as rumors there wild car enteries r als coming.. so lets see..

    2. @Naina kaash aisa twist hota.. Hiten ko secret room me bhej dete..

    3. @Naina….. sad too dear……
      but i think makers ko hiten ko nikalna hi tha…..

  11. Samaira_khan

    – when mouni came and the tak was held i think everything was suitable acoording to the emotions except 2 i thought the emotional one would be HINA.. but its ok and haan 2ndly i agree HINA is a lil proudy but sorry i feel SHILPA is more,,hina never said tht i will win bb and all.. but shilpa has tht..hina has some proudiness for her profession but more than HINA i would go to SHILPA
    – to all those who said salman BIASED u can see how he suppoted vg against shilpa and i agree to tht.. dont know after explaining also SHILPA still had doubt.. even i feel tht vikas is scared of shilpa but haan he respects her and i bet my life on tht..
    – SHILPA PUNEESH AND PRI WERE A LIL WRONG THERE..for me snce the beginning till now its ARSHI who has most changed and i love her for tht..
    -fizzy sawal was just to the point!
    -1st double dangal was too fun to watch..
    -sorry to all the PRI fans but more than him acc to me HITEN desrved it!! after reentry also pri didnt do anything!! still at a way im ok as now it would ahve been comp beween VG AND HITEN

    1. Samaira u asked Even after Salman said vikas was right, why shilpa doubt him…?? it’s bcs she doesn’t want punnu to trust vikas over her..
      Samaira, Neeru,
      I couldn’t read and comment yesterday…
      I have very different pov from you regarding captaincy discussion and last nomination…
      I can’t see any game by puneesh and Vikas…
      Vikas found it a little strange that shilpa s not supporting puneesh for captaincy…
      First thing- only Vikas was repeating punnus name… Shilpa jus one time suggested his name, that was jus for a sake only…she didnt prefer him over her….Arshi was insisting most like shilpa’s name shouldnt b there, neither she wil accept punnus name too.. After a while Arshi and Luv fighted badly and both wer not okay with each other’s name… In such situation too shilpa didnt consider punnus name, she said make it luv and arshi infront of luv.., luv disagreed on spot… Vikas didn’t want luv as he expected luv’s eviction only…
      Vikas told punnu what exactly happened during discussion and expressd his disappointment in Shilpa’s decision… Even suggested him to ask her regarding same later…( if he was instigating or lieing to punnu, he wouldn’t hav said so..)
      It’s Puneesh’s right to know if shilpa indeed rejected him or viks s lieing..
      So he asked her.., and told exact things vkas said- THERE WE SEE AN INSECURED SHILPA …SHE WAS MIFFED WITH THE FACTS THAT VIKAS TOLD PUNNU LIKE SHE WASN’T CONSIDERING HIM AND WOT ALL SHE PLAYED FROM HER SIDE….SHE TOOK IT AS VKAS WANTS PUNNU AGAINST HER & SHILPA BECOMING ALONE…” which s not true… But puneesh was seriously confused after hearing shilpa’s side…
      -Then during wkv salman asks shilpa y she didn’t take punnu’s name?? To which she replied ”if she did.., arshi would point out ”See shilpa doesn’t want herself and giving his name… ” – THAT’S A LAME REASON…! if shipa agreed there wil b majority for punnu for sure… Luv was not okay with Arshi.., so he would say okay for puneesh-luv.., This s why vks doubts Shilpa’s intention… The time she suggested ‘luv- arshi..’ luv wasn’t ready for Arshi and vice versa… Shilpa knew it… May b she expected BB wil intervene in her favour…
      I had watched all these discussions and their confession infront of salman again and again… Luv and vkas wer not at al hiding anything…they were giving exact descussion without any fear…where Shilpa was hiding something & Arshi was arguing only without admitting her own faults… U can see again , wot was punnu’s reaction when shilpa answered to Salman- THAT’S THE MOMENT HE UNDERSTOOD WHAT ALL VKS TOLD HIM IS TRUE AND SHILPA WAS BLAMING VKS (privately) TO HIDE HER MISTAKE ONLY…. M 100% SURE ABT PUNNUS REACTION..!
      After watching clip she didn’t see anything like vks was seriously b*t*hing her, stil she was deliberately stating ‘vks said things behind her back..” – to which Punnu respond ” those must be old clips..” [Bcs he still trust vks … Even while vks appreciating shilpa for how beautifully she made family here, bandagi and puneesh were on their bed listening to all these..]
      – Shilpa s not ready to agree to punnu and she says ” vks was instigating punnu aftr captaincy discussion too..” – Punnu only humms and his reaction itself speaks ” not viks but shilpa lied”
      Now I have a doubt, has shilpa considered puneesh this week ever???
      If we take what happened to nomination task also we can understand this clearly… Remember shilpa-arshi conversation??
      Shilpa- ”u promised luv”
      Arshi- ” but Acash & punnu r on other team, they hav chance to get eliminated”
      Shilpa – ”TAKE RISK .. & leave them on their fate…”( what…?? she didn’t want to save punnu…?)
      Arshi – ”luv ke liye me acash aur punnu se nhi lad sakti..”
      Shilpa – ”ladna padega..”
      Neither punnu or vikas heard this… Viks never cheat his friends or the people who trusted and supported him… But shilpa did this week!
      Why arshi nominated Hiten’s team in real???
      I would say – to save only VIKAS…not for Acash and puneesh-
      It was her own decision… In fact everyone expected Hiten would b safe nd luv wil go….
      It s obvious if Hiten and Vikas are in opposite teams, she wil prefer Vikas over Hiten only….

      1. @AMY………… “Why arshi nominated Hiten’s team in real???
        I would say – to save only VIKAS…not for Acash and puneesh-
        It was her own decision… In fact everyone expected Hiten would b safe nd luv wil go….”

      2. Neeru

        @Amy….. Damn girl…….. Wat an observation…….. You are toooo good at this…… Thank you for giving this pov…. Never considered this…!! completely forgot that nomination day conversation….. Very well written with proofs… Pretty clean job….

      3. Xyz, Neeru, thank u guys 🙂
        – For me Arshi and Vikas r never the reason for hiten’s eviction
        Arshi while cutting priyank’s apple told him ” u hav to b loyal with ur frns rather than jumping to other people…”
        So there s no way that she nominate vikas even if he hasn’t asked her any favour…
        But shilpa knew she’s eliminating Hiten and saving priyank…!

  12. The one who is saved in nomination ll be Vikas ….. I knew he ll feel Soo low …. Because of hiten only Vikas played well in the game ….I hate that Shilpa b*t*h ….

    1. Samaira_khan

      @rohan haan they r like jai veeru love them both.. nd its just not HITEN who is with vg ita ARSHI too!!
      – yaar we just cant blame up shilpa coz i feel she also dont want any competitior but still id didnt get her actualm reason for not voting for him..

      1. Anonymousaa

        Exactly…Shilpa’s voting and nominating patterns are just unpredictable.
        Do u remember what Shilpa said during Lucinda and Luv nomination; I am voting Lucinda out coz she is a non-Indian!!!!Seriously was that a reason??
        And now at the eliminations,she votes for someone who body shamed her and votes out the person who saved her in nominations over Arshi.
        Game is game but u forget morality there?
        I I have no words to explain my hatred for Shilpa.
        Always had loved Hivikarsh bonding.
        Shilpa Shinde now u see Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan playing the real GAME.

    2. @Rohan Shilpa game palat diya na…

      1. Sharan,
        But don’t u feel bcs of her Masterstroke she lost some respect…??? Many her fans wil praise her move or they wil defend her…. Still you can’t unsee the fact that who she chose as deserving..? A boy who had disrespected women enough by his words….he hasnt even spared a motherly figure… When he called her ‘saand’ ,her fans who trended #evictpriyanksharma – now praising her for saving him as ‘Masterstroke’…????

      2. Agreed amy.

    3. @Rohan , Anonymousaa.. hated shilpa too…
      to vote against hiten was fair enough but the reason she gave was stupid…….

  13. I feel really bad for Hiten.. Bhai mujhe ek baat samajh nhi aa rahi hai k bigg boss ne aisa q kiya public k votes ke aadhar pe kisi ek ko eliminate karna chahiye tha na.. Ghar walo ko q decide Karne diya agar aisa hi karna tha to voting line close rakhna tha phir karte the ghar wale decide k kisko rehna h ya nhi.. Hiten k fans ne usko vote kiya uska kya.. Ghar wale hi decide karege ab k kon Jana chahiye ya nhi to hum log vote hi q kr rahe hai.

    1. Samaira_khan

      @shadab u stole my words dude!! but the thing is according ti votes also PRI ony got more votes u cn chck anyways he was going..

      1. @Samaira sahi kaha.. Agar priyank ko Hiten se zyada votes mile the to thoda bahot samajh me aata hai but At least Hiten ko Luv se zyada votes to mile hi hoge na.. Ab luv itna bhi acha nhi khel raha k usko Hiten se zayad votes mile hoge

    2. Yeh BB ki strategy hai game ko interesting banane k liye….logon ki strategy badalne k liye …. game se bada Koi contestant nahi.. Yeh aaj dekh liya

      1. @Sapna… obviousy.. they are paying lot of money to the contestants.. toh obviously makers ko bhi profit chaiye na…
        and everything about game even contestants too….
        jo jitna zyada content dega utna zyada der tak rrahega game m…
        .. as u can see last time om swami ne kya kiya..but makers usko 3 baar again n again le k aye show m…
        cz swami was the reason to increase trp……..

    3. @Shadab.. according to some voting polls sites.. it was hiten who got least votes………
      but its sad too……

  14. @Reeta.I liked that U pointed out Shilpa’s side.Yes I agree with U,shipa played with brains today.Infact Vikas will know that Shila Shinde can’t be manipulated.She was honest and straightforward today.

    1. Yea ,she said her POV correctly,if Shilpa had taken Hitens name,she would have been hated by Priyank and gang’s fans and tagged to Vikas’ grp,but there who can she trust,Arshi,Hiten and Vikas won’t stay with her unconditionally ,they won’t give her any priority over them,she will again be alone, she actually evicted the right one ,Hina and gang may or may not support her,but she at least will know and can be sure that they are her enemies, but not like people who flip sides,who saves friendship,who save their favourites, so she has understood her game and the fact that she is alone,she patched up with Vikas,but that day when Vikas destroyed his jacket and offered her work with her,she didn’t readily agree and admired her personality when she said will work if it for a. Short schedule like 2,3 days,so she is strong ,instead of trying to be in the good book,she grabbed this eviction opportunity to make her stand crystal clear,may not be master mind or master stroke but she has a mind, whatever enemies may call her mind as,I liked her the most today.

      1. I mean I admired her personality.

  15. Hiten left. The guy deserves way way more than this paagal khaana. But still feel a little sad.

    Why didnt Shilpa save him? Competition? He got less votes than her didnt he? Less votes than even Luv.
    She says that he is senior and all and dereves to stay. The next minute changes completely he doesnt take part and doesnt take his own decisions (atleast Hina had the guts to call him spineless on his face). She should have stuck to one point. Then she says he is big celeb so a strong competitor.
    Had she from starting said that she is voting for Priyank because she considers him strong competition I would have been perfectly alright with it. But saying something and changing your words the next moment? Why?

    When Salman brought up the Dosti ki misal thing. No one understood it at first but then I guess Vikas got it and maybe even Shilpa and Arshi and started laughing. Hina started laughing too to show that she understood the joke. Dumb. But atleast one thing proved that she actually doesnt have a very sharp memory. But what was the need to make fun of it? Rocky and Rohan both had told her the same thing. Whats her fault? But how can Salman miss an opportunity to take a dig at Hina and praise Shilpa. Like all of us he too can have favs but that biasness shouldnt be this visible specially since he is the host.

    Luv being angry was justified. But that angry?

    1. @Riya………. agreed ot your each and every word……
      your explanation on shilpa and hina is too good,……..

  16. Aaj bahot dimaag kharab ho raha hai.. Shilpa se ye expected nhi tha.. Usne bola k ye game hai hiten strong contestant h isiliye unko nhi bachaya to bhai matlab tum bhi insecure feel krte ho.. Tum bhi fattu ho tumko strong competitor nhi chahiye..

  17. Bigg boss ordered that 7 out of 8 housemates will be saved.I hope Shilpa and Vikas don’t save Puneesh.He has been nominated only once,

    1. Neeru

      @ Toothless… Ppl arent saving nyone…. BB directly nominated 7 ppl for breaking rules….





    shilpa saved hiten and in return hiten saved shilpa (though anyway she was nominated by vikas)

    hiten even said to arshi that his dealing with shilpa was over and now on he would support her…


    (thanks to the so called bias by bigg boss)







    a lone fighter…..
    a true person…
    having courage to admit that hiten was a threat…
    giving a decisive blow to VG and his bhai behen plans (again flipped towards priyank..?????)
    honest in your decisions….not like drama queen hina…
    GO GIRL!!!!!


    2. I agree Mahi,in fact I typed almost the same in a reply to toothless,you have put my words,that too perfectly.


      Care to read this once, Hiten didn’t do any extra favour by saving Shilpa.

      Hiten just returned the favour, Akash is to be blamed for Hiten’s elimination. You can clearly read in this link that even Hiten knows why Shilpa voted against him. No one is Shilpa’s friend in the Bigg Boss11 house so why should she save so called friends?

  19. This is my 1st and probably last comments on this page
    Felt bad for hiten
    Today format of elimination was wrong they shoulder eliminate by vote
    I m predicting Akash will elimate next week
    Because he lossing his fan followingfollowing
    Little angry with slipa but she gave reason is true and may be selfish many agree many not
    But Akash was shit
    Today elimination was emotional
    It would have been fare if elimination was by vote %

  20. From today I will never watch this shity show..jaha pein opinion ke nam ke fight hota hey.aur Jo fight karna nai sahta hey usein nikal dya jata hey…Aur jaha koi genuine aur acha insan ko nikalke bure ko jagah milta hey.. yein show dekh kar hi pata Salta hey ki ham kalyug mein hey..

  21. Ok..I am not going to see your page…

  22. Shadab bhai.I think bigg boss is a well scripted game.hiten was very strong…….isiliye biggboss ne trick use karke use nikaala.becoz bb khud chahte hain ki shilpa jeete….it’s all scripted, I think so….but today I hate shilpa for not voting for hiten….I hope and wish vikas bb11jitjaaye,.ameen baaki Allah knowz better
    Feeling very bad for hiten…

    1. @Naina… correct……. shilpa -winner
      hina- 1st runnerup
      vikas/arshi – second runnerup
      me want vikas to win the show too.. but its not gonna be happen……
      and hiten ko nikalna was a plan by makers….. not by contestants or public……..

    2. @naina sahi kaha..

  23. Guys ds is only fr vikas arshi hiten fans ds trio were unique ladai bhi pyar bhi tha dosti thi screen pae dekna accha lagta tha kuch bhi bolo ….you tube pae theeno ki video dekh aansun agai …wonderful trio …wn ds 3 were togethee dey used to hv fun no b*t*hing dt part ws gud to c …missing ds trio…ds is sachi wali dosti jo mujae lagraha hai ki bahar bhi hogi…love u 3…wt ur opinion guys

    1. Agreed .the 3 looks like bff.

      Aarshi is right vikas doesn’t need to support Shilpa, she will betray anytime.shilpa was saying people will do anything and will say it’s a part of game , today she is the one who exactly did that.

    2. Thank you Misti,
      I wil save those videos… I’m very sad seeing this trio’s fun pics in twitter …

    3. Neeru

      @misti….. Totally agree….. They had fun…. Their talks wer mostly abt world outside… Nt b*t*hing abt d inmates…
      Will miss hiten…!!!

    4. @Misti… totally agreed… as the tme passes they started care for each other and understand each other………
      vikas-hiten… bada bhai -chota bhai relation was genuine
      arshi-hiten .. one sided likeness was genuine too………
      i am really sad for the three…….
      i hope now arshi dont filp…….. and always be with vikas…..

  24. Tomorrow’s episode would be fun, big boss punishing for talking about nominations ???

  25. Big Boss ENDS today for me.I was following big boss only for hiten and arshi.In today’s eviction even vikas also played his game-he was first so depressed(which may be true) then he waited and heard who will support whom and gave his vote to the person who has less votes.According to me he should with no doubt support hiten after all that happened between him and priyank(if it wasn’t fake).
    And don’t even take shilpa’s name,she is clearly playing her game which is good for her but as hiten said in his post-eviction interview,try and compete against strong contestants and win.what kind of victory is it if u are winning against the weaker one.
    And hiten’s only one mistake of not confessing to arshi made him out of the house while others getting away making so many mistakes!
    I’m so disappointed!

  26. I hate u Shilpa mumy for not supporting hiten.u play a very dirty game Shilpa shinde.u will not win this show.I want vikas to win the show in sha allah.hiten we miss u a lott…nice gentleman.bigg boss yaar what r u doing…silly biggboss….

  27. After watching Hiten’s interview I can proudly say that Shilpa took the right decision.Aaj Priyank ne sach bolne ki himmat dikhaya Arshi k bare me.Arshi k behaviour me kuch change nahi aya hai (In case of Shilpa)fir bhi Hiten ne kaha Arshi me bohut badlav aya hai.Shilpa pehle ek baar Hiten ko bachaya aur Hiten pichle bar Shilpa ko bachake favour return kiya.Hiten k priorities Shilpa se pehle Vikas&Arshi honge.To fir Shilpa ko chance mila to Hiten ko vo kyu save karu?Shilpa diplomatically nahi kheli usne sabke samne bola k Hiten competition hai and he is too good for the game.Dekha jaye to Vikas aur Arshi bhi simmedar hai.Iss mode pe koyi bhi ja sakta hai.To iss hope me nahi rehna chahiye tha k Luv hi jayenge.Game kabhi bhi palat sakta hai.Pehli baar Shilpa apneliye kuch kiya.Love u Shilpuu keep going

    1. vikas and hiten always explain aarshi ,,,, aarshi salman ki bi nahi sun rahiha ismae hiten ki galti kya eh ….. aarshi hiten and vikas this trio were so unique …..

    2. Neeru

      @sharan…. Sharan dear it was hiten vs priyank…. Till yesterday evn u wer against him…. Agar hiten saath nhi dega
      Tho kya priyank dega saath.. ? Priyank ke priorities clear nhi hai… ?
      My only problem wid Shilpa is she decided to save priyank over hiten….
      The choice she made will definitely hit her back….!!

      1. @Neeru Shilpa ko yeh pata hai ki Priyank Hina k sath hai.Hiten Vikas &Arshi k sath hai.Shilpa ko laga hoga Vikas uske peeche game khel raha hai aur vo sach bhi hai. Dono ko out karna Shilpa keliye same hai kyuki uske sath abhi sirf Puneesh hai. Vikas ko todne keliye Shilpa kiya hoga.Luv ko bhi Hiten se zyada votes mila.Hiten top 2 me aya hota to is noubat nahi ata.Mujhe pehle disappointment hui.Lekin jab Hiten ka interview dekha tab Shilpa k decision par khushi hui. Aap bhi dekhna

      2. Sharan,
        What game was vkas playing behind her..??
        He’s not…he always tells truth…. Abt captaincy discussion vkas told punnu exactly what was shilpa doing only…he didnt lie anything…. He asked punnu to ask her too…. But shilpa went offensive with her own truths….. On wkv infront of salman ‘shilpa couldn’t answer in a way which satisfies punnu…’ & puneesh seemed like understood shilpa’s game…
        U r saying only puneesh s now with shilpa… Then why she asked Arshi to nominate puneesh and leave him on his fate for luv and pri????
        Shilpa s playing behind…not vks..
        We all know why vks nominated her, he was making sure Acash leave only…. He was not against shilpa….
        Here by eliminating Hiten..,shilpa wanted to see Arshi-vkas crying and gets upset only…She ‘s angry for Hiten & Vks saying ‘ARSHI’s character CHANGED from starting… That was her real reason…But she gives false statements…How the person whose involvement in the game Less is a tough competitor for her…??
        How a celebrity who got less votes than her s a tough competitor for her…??
        She’s all about to play with lov and priyank..?? & wil openly dump puneesh also when he disagree to her….
        Very disappointed in Shilpa for her wicked game in yesterday’s episode…

      3. @neeru everybody has to play their own game .Nither Priyank nor Hiten iwas going to help or support Shilpa…With Hiten playing his masters voice the best strategy was to encash the possibility to nominate Hiten who was vikas,’s support system there by hit two birds with one stone… And Shilpa exactly did that. AND II will say again that Hiten did nothing for Shilpa ..And Shilpa did nothing for Hiten except giving respect.. Saving Shilpa by Hiten inpkace of Arshee was a return favour to Shilpa by Hiten So Shilpa was no more obilged. .

  28. Very surprised how folks expect Shilpa to save Hiten when Hite was joined and enjoyed the betrayal of Shilpa by Vikas.. Shilpa has understood Vikas’s game and playing in her own interest without any group

    1. betrayal?????????????????? wat u r talking about …………………… shilpa ka nomination salman was praising shilpa like anything so tat decision was so easy for vikas…. hiten and love ko swap karke bahot gandha game bb kaela… is se or nothing

    2. @Fairmont…… no one expect that shilpa to save hiten……..
      it was the part of a game……
      but the reason she gave was not fair……
      and one thing agar shilpa ka hiten ko niklna fair the toh arshi ka bhi khud ki captaincy k liye stand lena fair tha……..

  29. Shilpa ji,apne sahi decision liya…mommy Bänke dekh liya unhone ab contestant ban ke dekha…….hiten ji chala gaya…kher bechare pri ko thore aur din rehnedo chaplushi karne ke liye…phir toh chala hi jayega….hina aur shilpa ji ke andar ego toh hogai na gharke celebrities jo hai….yeh admit karne mein kya hai……isme bhi jagra..ab mujhe samaj aya hiten zaldi kyu nikla……hina ji,mein apko vote karungi chappals,tamates khane ki badh bhi…zara hum jaise fans ka maryada rakhna….kuch dino se accha khel rahi hai isliye comments kar pa raha hu isa na ho kalse bandh karna pare…shilpa ji,apko bhi Didi ke phone se vote karungi….plz vikas ke sath rehke kheliya..banda accha hai……vaise salman uncle toh hena apke sath……suna hai arshi ke naa m ka arrest warrant nikla hai police ao aur isse leke jao…..

    Last,bare bhai aur didi’s hina khan ko chalu khan mat bulao…request.she is not wrong everytime..she do have some spark that’s why I am still her fan…..I know she did some bad things..but she is not that much bad…..aur app sab logo ki comments lazabab hai…

  30. Not aspected shilpa, still i support #shikas. biggbogg trp ke liye shilpa aur vikas ki fight karvana chahte hai similarly they are creating fight between luv and hina, love you hiten played very well.

  31. I think ‘fair’ is not the word for this show, so no complaints and I realise that shilpa is the real mastermind and she knows that there is going to be only one winner so try to be the one. A gameshow deserves such masterstroke. Hiten, I appreciate you since I was a teenager, you are a true gentleman and don’t be upset BB is only about money as I don’t think gives a major push to the career.

  32. According to some websites, Hiten already had the lowest # of votes do what did you think would have happened if the housemates had voted to evict Priyank?

    1. Good point ..The lowest number of votes were for Hiten but if Priyank would have eliminated it would have been unfair

  33. Log ateh hai log jaate hai par big boss hi rejateh hai.. to those who say they wot wtach big boss see u soon in season 12 cz bug boss rocks lol
    Hiten deserves to b saved tho unfair
    Hate shilpa but she played her game

  34. As per the game perspective right decision by Shilpa to vote against Hiten and remove the strong contender from the league. Same has been done by Vikash when he nominated Shilpa and saved Luv.
    I don’t understand why Arshi and Vikash are crying now and blaming Shilpa for this.
    I really liked the Hiten’s game but it’s unfortunate that he has to leave.

  35. Esther

    ❤️ HITEN ❤️ HITEN ❤️ HITEN ❤️ HITEN ❤️ HITEN ❤️

    will miss him………

  36. Esther

    Now all might have understood that HM’s are playing their own game….Ppl were calling Vikas names when he was playing his game…..Shilpa…eventhough she resides mostly in kitchen is also playing her game…she is not there to show how big her heart is or how good her cooking skills are…..all are playing there game and today we got a chance to see shilpa’s game……even though I’m sad about Hiten leaving the house I won’t blame Shilpa for not saving him…..She did what was needed for her to win the game,….hope atleast now ppl will realize that this is a game and stop bashing Vikas…..bcoz unlike other HM’s who have large fan following Vikas has to play it very well if he wants to win…..
    n Agree with whatever Salma told about Hiten

    1. @Esther… i said it before… vikas is playing openly… but usse badi mastermind h shilpa…
      and i said this thing bfr… #SHIKAS jaisa actual m kuch hi nhi.. they were just being cordial…. eitherwise shilpa still dislike vikas…….

  37. This is a slap on our our face. We are nothing to the big boss . If you are not using our votes for the elimination then why should we vote. I guess people should realize this ki kata humara hain, hueen ka nahi.

    2nd point is that I am happy that hoten is out because he was the only person who disappointed me as he had the opportunities to become a hero but he played under vikas.
    I am not a shilpa fan but if I would have been in her place I would have done the same thing

  38. Vg badla lenae walae mein sae nai hai …..par nw i feel vikas wont trust anyone … hai moo pae boltha hain ….ikas is scared oof shilpa dts true d way he tortured him god i dnt want such days in my life if unknowingly i did wrong of smone …..shilpa cnt maintain relation ds fr sure ….in cmng future all will gt to know ….

    1. @Misti…….. totally agreed………

  39. Hii everyon commenting for the first time.but always read comments and lv the cmments of @neeru @vidu @smaira @amy. Agreed to yr impartial cmments. I m cmmenting to highlight one major difference between masterstroke of vikas and Shilpa. Vikas want to eliminate weak and least deserving candidate out of the show but Shilpa want to eliminate the strong one. And in this I agree with vikas bcz there is win in getting defeated also if u r fighting with strong. Apne se kmzor se jitna bhi kya jeetna.

    1. Thank you Sidhra,
      I highly agree with your point ‘ Vikas was trying to eliminate weak and least deserving candidate always but Shilpa wasnt….. IN A WAY IT LOOKS LIKE A BETRAYAL ..NOT A MASTERSTROKE…
      Hiten earned all respect and love from Viewers…. Perhaps no other contestant will achieve it when they comes out…!

    2. Neeru

      @sidhra….. Thank you soo much…. ?
      And i agree with you…. Good point…!!!
      Keep commenting….!!!

  40. Come back hiten

    The least they can do is making hiten sit in a secret room?. He deserves more respect than any other in the house. More respect to this guy.

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