Bigg Boss 11 16th December 2017 Written Episode Update: Luv and Shilpa safe

Bigg Boss 11 16th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman comes on stage. He welcomes everyone to the show. Salman says show can be very nice, inmates can be very entertaining but show wont get ratings till you people dont show interest it so thank you for taking interest and making it a success and thanks to our inmates that are giving enough to keep your interest but I wont share this with them as then they will get lazy. Salman says LUV, PRIYANK, SHILPA and HITEN are nominated this week.

Salman connects call to house, he greets everyone and says all are looking nice, inmates thank him. Salman says this season is different, you must have seen other seasons. Salman says Hina have been fan of bigg boss, whats different this time? Hina says everyone is competitive here. Vikas says no one is playing with emotions, people

use their minds here, Luv is playing too. Salman says in earlier seasons, they could reach to mutual decision after fighting but now there is no mutual decision, captaincy is important and you people dont have captain right now, even Vikas failed this time. Vikas says they dont want others to win, Shilpa decided to back step but even then they didnt mutually decide, Salman says who is most responsible for this? Vikas says its ARshi and Luv. Luv says Arshi didnt want to budge. Arshi says I worked in task, you said that I got captaincy in free fund so I worked and asked for captaincy. Salman says many weeks gone, why didnt you give Puneesh’s name? Vikas says we could have said Puneesh’s name too but it was not decided mutually so it didnt happen. Salman says but no one was captain this week, one will be punished for this, you didnt keep all this in mind? Shilpa says Arshi said if she is not the captain then no one. Puneesh says she wants to drown but with everyone else too. Salman says but if Arshi is unjust saying that she wont allow anyone else to be captain. Vikas says Arshi is not the only one unjust. Arshi says they blame me for nothing. Vikas says Arshi alone was not unjust, if Arshi was saying she wants to go then Luv was saying he wants to go too. Salman says other way is that Luv, Vikas, Arshi have become captain before so Shilpa is remaining. Vikas says we took her name first. Shilpa says when they took my name and said that choose Shilpa and Arshi even then Arshi didnt agree, Luv was okay with me and Arshi’s name but Arshi was not, she said she wont take my name and I was the worst performer. Arshi says I didnt say that, she is lying. Arshi says I said that she didnt work first day in task but second day she worked nicely. Salman says Arshi that you worked in first task and now you are giving speeches on that. ARshi says this is time to fight, I cant leave it, I have right to fight for captaincy. Salman says you were asking Vikas to not make Shilpa captain, think of game, you had plan. Arshi says we have to save people close to us. Salman says you were talking about game, you had good relation with Shilpa, Vikas and Shilpa used to fight and everyone was behind so now when they solved things and are not fighting so you thought you will go against Shilpa and now you will take Vikas’s place against Shilpa. Arshi says its not like that. Salman says we asked many times why you started fighting with Shilpa but there was no reason, if Shilpa became captain then you would be so jealous that you would drink poison, Shilpa was not captain once so sensible thing was to make her captain. Arshi says you are insulting me. Salman says you have heart for it? Shilpa says Arshi keeps saying that I dont answer her, I dont fight with her. Salman says if one Saturday I dont talk about Shilpa and Arshi then everything will be fine, we wont talk about this topic, you wont get more footage. Arshi says Shilpa got more footage too. Salman says to Shilpa that Vikas asked you to make Puneesh captain but you didnt say yes. Shilpa says then Arshi would have said that I dont want to be captain. Arshi says this woman is lying. Salman says yes this shameless woman is lying, you can say that too. Arshi says I am sorry if I insulted, Shilpa is nice. Salman says people are watching. Salman asks Hina her thinking. Hina says we were trying for mutual decision. Puneesh says why they dont ask me. Salman says I want to say that its happening in 11th week so dont know what will happen in end. Salman says we gave you chance to blame other inmates, everyone wrote but Vikas didnt. Vikas says that week was negative. Salman says you spit fire, we saw everything, if you didnt write then we have to find what you said, we found a lot for you Vikas, Vikas laughs. Salman asks Priyank to stand on podium. Salman says Vikas blamed you that you do everything for camera and you are fake. Priyank says what to say, he calls me friend then think everyone is fake, he said to Shilpa too in start that she does everything for camera, he said that about Hina, Arshi and Aakash, he doesnt trust friend, if I praise him then he says I do it for camera, he made issue of a nickname gocheepo, I said sorry, even then he said I do everything for camera. Salman says you blamed him more, all laugh. Salman says Vikas you said that everyone is fake? Vikas says I am okay with saying that Aakash does for camera, when I used to not understand Shilpa, I said that she does for camera but I dont say it for Hiten, Puneesh. Priyank says if people follow him then they are real but when they talk their opinion so we are fake, he wants me to agree with him all the time. Vikas says I never asked him to follow me, I just asked him once in a task for help but I always just requested to respect me, I never saw him like this outside, he didnt use to curse or anything. Salman says to Priyank that you were blamed to use people. Priyank says Ben needed help and I helped her, tell me whom I used here. Vikas says Priyank used Ben wrongly, Ben was playing nice in show till he was not here, Ben was weak and he influenced her, she made Ben make issue of Aakash’s words, Priyank provoked her. Priyank says he is lying. Salman asks Priyank to let Vikas talk. vikas says he tried to emotionally blackmail me too, when he came, he said that most popular contestants are Hina, Sapna, Shilpa, he tried to make them friends to emotionally blackmail me. Priyank says I was friend with Hina and he said that I like Hina, he makes things look wrong. Salman ask them to sort out, he ends call.

On stage, Salman says they like to predict so let them give a chance. Salman connects call to house and says to inmates that you analyze things everyday starting from morning song. Salman makes Vikas stand up and says you have to predict who is going to leave Hina’s side soon,put that person’s face on dummy. Vikas put Arshi’s face. Hina says doesnt matter, Salman says doesnt matter like who is Arshi. Salman asks Hina who will cheat Vikas badly? Hina puts Puneesh’s face on dummy for that. Hina says Vikas helps Puneesh to be saved from nominations, Vikas tries to nominate himself but not Puneesh but Puneesh wont save himj when time comes. Salman asks Luv whom Hina wont want to see after the show? Luv puts Shilpa’s face for it.Salman says Vikas have signed them both for best friends role. Hina says work it can happen. Salman asks Shilpa who will handle kitchen? She puts Aakash’s face on dummy and says he said they wont need dummy. Salman asks Arshi who is guest in this show for now? Arshi puts Luv’s face and says he is less than the others so he might leave first. Salman says its very obvious but results are shocking. Salman says LUV YOU ARE SAFE. All are shocked. Salman says Luv you seem shocked, Hina is shocked, Hina thinks that Luv might win. Hina claps. Vikas says Arshi said that earlier. Salman says SHILPA IS SAFE. Salman says now Priyank and Hiten are in danger. Salman says Bigg boss asked Arshi to select two inmates who can see videos, Vikas and Hina got the chance and now Luv and Shilpa will get this chance to see clips of inmates, he ends call. Hina hugs Luv and says parents’ blessing. Vikas hugs Luv.
Shilpa says to Puneesh that it was very nice that it happened, Vikas and Arshi played bad game for captaincy and their reality came out, look at Vikas’s face. Vikas comes there, Puneesh says mastermind doesnt work all the time. Shilpa says God is watching everything.

Luv is in confession room and watching clips of inmates. In clip, Puneesh says to Aakash that Luv is negative, Vikas wanted to save Luv everytime. Aakash says Luv is a hen, he would save Vikas later. In clip, Vikas says to Hiten that Luv doesnt use his mind. In clip, Priyank says to Hina that Luv might have soft corner for you, Hina says maybe, its not wrong to have feelings, he knows I am in a relationship, clip ends. Luv says wow, Hina is playing that Luv is behind her too.
Luv comes in house, Puneesh says they might have shown my clip too. Luv says I cant tell anything, Hina says you can tell me, Luv says no.

Arshi says to Vikas that you tried to save Puneesh and see what happened, Luv is safe now, remember Puneesh is on Shilpa’s side and now this happening with Hiten, Vikas says to Hiten that I am feeling bad for Hiten and Priyank both.

Shilpa is in confession room and watching clips on inmates. In clip, Hina says biggest game is being played by Shilpa, she is the mommy and all are behind her. In clip, Priyank says Shilpa will become captain? that woman cant even run, her body is like big fat cow, they have gained 80-80 kilos here, Luv asks him to not say like that. In clip, Arshi says Shilpa wants Puneesh to be captain and not me, Vikas says dont bring me in all this, Arshi says Shilpa will be behind you. Arshi asks if Salman will be angry that I am not talking to Shilpa. Vikas says just be civil with her. Arshi says you want Shilpa.In clip, Arshi says to Hina that Shilpa didnt make relation with anyone in life, her heart is stone. In clip, Hina says Shilpa acts like real sacrificing mother, in clip, Vikas says to Hina that Shilpa is making everyone run, she is playing the game in real. Clip ends. Shilpa thanks Bigg boss.

Luv is in washroom and says I have to stay calm till nominations. Puneesh asks what happened, what did they show you? Luv says many things. Puneesh says I am target. Luv says others are target too. Luv asks Shilpa what you saw? Shilpa says I know what Vikas thinks of me, he tries to be nice infront me but I saw last day too, Luv says no one is friend here.

Puneesh says to Luv and Aakash that I dont understand Arshi, if she says anything to Shilpa then I will come inbetween. Aakash says I will come to try to make them understand, I will try to solve it, we have understanding now.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that Vikas is against me. Puneesh says not now, it was earlier. Shilpa says he is now too, he is cornering me. Puneesh says I will talk from now on.

Arshi says to Hina that I dont like Puneesh at all. Hina says he is trying to please Shilpa.

Vikas asks Shilpa what they showed you about me? Shilpa says nothing, they showed how Hina said that I am mommy and all. Vikas says she says anything.

Aakash says to Arshi that Puneesh said he will fight you if you against Shilpa. Arshi says leave Puneesh now. Aakash says you are my friend, I have to throw Shilpa out.

Vikas says to Shilpa that Priyank is my ex-friend now. Arshi calls Vikas and says choose me or Puneesh, I dont think it can happen together, I dont think Puneesh deserves to win, he said things to Aakash, I hate Puneesh and people are getting out because of him, you cant keep promising him, she leaves. Vikas says to Shilpa that they are asking me to choose. Shilpa says you have provoked Arshi for this behavior, Vikas says I swear we try to stop her.

Aakash sits with Puneesh, Puneesh says you told Arshi that I was talking about her. Aakash says I just said things will happen.

Vikas says to Hiten that Arshi will bring Luv under her, Puneesh was not on her side so she wont spare now.

Puneesh says to Aakash that why you told my things to Arshi? you didnt do nice, Aakash says dont nominate me. Puneesh says you are superstar, dont worry.

On stage, Salman welcomes Mouni Roy on stage. Mouni comes and dances with Salman. Salman praises her performance. Mouni says it was with you so it was nice. Salman says why you come every year? Mouni says I like to meet you every year. Mouni says I will ask you some questions, I will show you a clip. In clip, Salman is itching his jeans, putting strings of thread in mouth and sleepy in press conference. Salman laughs and says if I get bored then I pick on my jeans and eat threads. Mouni shows him Katrina and Mouni and says if you have to save one in boat then whom you will choose. Salman says its Katrina and Bipasha right? Mouni fake glares at him, he says its not Bipasha. Salman says oh its Mouni. Salman says both will look good drowning in water, I dont have to save anyone. Mouni says if you have to share top secret then you will share with Arbaaz or Sohail? Salman says they are both one, I cant keep a secret. Mouni says now you will make me learn maine pyar ka step. Song yeh pagla song plays, Salman and Mouni does dance steps. Mouni says now I am happy, I will go in house, I am nervous. Salman says be careful, there are snakes inside. Salman says Mouni will go in house tomorrow and we will bring Priyank or Hiten out of house but there will be big twist, elimination will be done in twisted way.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hina said may be that dosnt mean ki wo sochta he luv ke wareme aisa…logon ka to adat he hina kuch v kare uska galat matlab nikalte hen…aur vikash…etna achha khelne ke bawajud usko kitna kuch bol rahe he…vikash u r rockz..hina aur luv ke frndshp bahat strng he mujhe nehi lagta ki iss wajese unke bich darar ayega…they r d best nd loyal frnds inbb house…priyank pucha to hinaur kya bolti ?jo v bola sahi bola bilkul sashi chal rahi ho hina khan..also vikash am a big fan of vikash…hina nd luv too

    1. @srishti… agreed to ur comment….

      1. Sristi totally agree

    2. Esther

      woah me too ,like Vikas,Hina and Luv…..hope Hina-Luv friendship stays strong…

  2. As always Salman ne sbki class li questions puche but Shilpa se ni jbki usne Arshi openly threat kiya tha. Atleast isme to Salman ka reaction aana hi chahiiye tha coz Shilpa k bhi negative sides ab clearly bahar aa rhe hai.

    Priyank and Vikas k matter mein I support Priyank as Vikas agr apne friend ko control ni kr paata to irritate ho jaata hai. Like Arshi bhi agar Vikas k against uske face pe hi kuch bole to Vikas machine gun chalane lagta hai.

    Luv ka reaction after watching the clip was stupid as clip mein aisa kuch tha ni moreover Priyank ne soft corner word use kiya na k Pyaar. Hina ne bhi Priyank ki baat ko importance ni diya bas hoon haan kiya and bola k I am committed he knws about this and aise bhi to it’s human nature. Isme galat kya tha bhai k itna react krogy tum?

    Luv save ho gya hai to bahut uchal rha hai but agar usne ye friendship chod di to wo ghar mein tik ni payega as wo popular hi apni friendship aur commitment k dum pe hua hai na k usne ghar mein kuch aisa extraordinary kiya hai. I am very disappointed with Luv behavior, age use bura laga to baat krna tha na k nomination day ka wait krna tha he is actually IDOIT. Even if they are friends again I am not going to support Luv for sure as uska tariqa wrong tha usne apne dosto ko bina wajah humiliate krna prefer kiya than baat krna.

    Arshi ne makhmal mein lapet ko Salman ko achchay se jawab diya which was very much needed.

    1. @huma.. where were u yesterday????????
      waited for ur comment..
      anyways , like ur comment.. every think u wrrite is actually matched with my thinking…
      “Arshi ne makhmal mein lapet ko Salman ko achchay se jawab diya which was very much needed”
      i this line so much…
      bcz arshi chahe jaisi bhi ho but wo kaam k lalach m galat cheezein nhi bear karti..
      and yeah feeling petty on hina.. even luv is giving that reaction on hina and pri convo.. seriously that reaction was not needed at all… and its look like luv wants to change his side…

    2. luv is in the house bcoz of hina but nowadays its seems that luv wants to go in shilpa’s side that’s why he is just finding reason to leave hina. He is overacting too much bcoz he is getting more votes but he doesn’t know that half of the hina’s fan has voted him.

  3. Dear Friends please Check out @HerdHUSH’s Tweet:

    Very very interesting video link must watch word to word

  4. please Check out @HerdHUSH’s Tweet:

    Very very interesting video link must watch word to word and digest

  5. Now vikas will understand he did big mistake making arshi captain. I wish she will leave house soon. yes punish was right vikas told him about shilpa said…it will of course look like instigating….even though his intentions was not like that.. punish more loyal to shilpa so he told her.

  6. when i was talking against vikas… some ppl came and tagged me as hina fan or supporter.. even said ab aap bhi hina fan ho gayi..
    so now u all got the point????
    i said this thing bcz vikas was trying to please shilpa ,everytime… may be to remain in good books of salman… and bcz of pleasing shilpa he is destroying his game… vikas is losing his charm right now… so i hope he stop to please shilpa and salman and play his game like before…
    in today’s wkw… it was clearly seen , salman is totally biased….
    when akash scrifised his captaincy three time , why salman didn’t raise that question…
    it is a cruicial time when everyone wants to got save… so what arshi did wrong to not voted shilpa or luv for captaincy…
    who the hell salman is to be so rude with arshi………
    i think salman ko ab acting chod k lawyergiri start kar deni chaiye….
    when vikas made gandagi n all captain , by using his mastermind , salman never raised that topic… but when arshi became captain like this.. salman have lots of problem with her..
    it is contestants was of playing game..either it is shilpa,arshi,vikas or someone else.. everyone came here to play and win the game… and they will first think of themselves…
    so what arshi did wrong jitna salman ne usey beizat kiya??????
    jab shilpa kisi k liye wrong words use karti h rocky and hina ka mazak banaya salman k muh se ek word nhi nikla.. jab akash ne ben ko kitna kuch ganda nhi bola shilpa ne bola wo toh ladka h karega hi.. but jab akash shilpa k against gaya tab salman ne akash ko beizat karna start kar diya..
    is it not being biased????
    last two weeks salman hina k peeche pada tha.. zabardasti ki choti choti baton pe usey insulta kar rha tha… ab hina ko chod arshi k peeche pada h..
    and this vikas and priyank matter is too much… and now i have to say this thing vikas ka game usi ko bhari pad raha h… puneesh jaise saanp ko bacha raha tha jo ki ab usey hi dasne wala h…
    vikas khud ko accha frnd bolta h true frnd bolta h… but khud hi apne aur priyank k relation ka mazakbanwa raha h… priyank toh gadha h hi… but vikas toh mature h… he can easily handle all the situations… but it looks like he dont want to handle..
    i hope vikas ab shilpa se door hi ahe aur priyank se bhi… aur pehle jaise apna game khele.. aur hina k sath mil jaye toh that will be a fun to watch both of them togatehr..
    nnow luv is behaving weird… now he wants to leave hina and go to shilpa’s side just to get saved….
    that hina and pri conversation not wrong so luv can give that reaction.. that reaction was such a waste…
    shilpa… isne toh kisi ki b*t*hing ki nhi…….??
    isne toh vikas ko torture kiya nhi…. jb khud ne ye sab kiya h toh abhi ye shocking reaction q vikas ki clips dekh k… pehle se pata nhi tha kya he was against u.. and u was against him too..
    salman is only the reason i hated now shilpa the most…. if he become lil fair.. then i will definitely like shilpa…
    and heads off to u arshi.. u dont need to scared of salman just to get work in this industry… u fought for right… proud of u… only u have guts to say right on face…

    1. Esther

      @Xyz….totally agreed…..I too didn’t like Hina in the begining….but from last few weeks she looks changed and better than Shilpa……I really hope Luv won’t change his sides and go to Shilpa….I too agree that Vikas should handle this Priyank matter maturely rather than creating a mess

    2. @ xyz, arshi ne day care task me kitne baar flip kiya?..ek toh task samjha nahi….phir jab samjha toh vikas ki baat naa sunkar shilpa ko haraane ke chakkar mein give up kar diya…
      phir rone dhoney ke naatak…vikas aur hiten sey jhagda….at last literally hiten asked her to request them…


      bandagi ke time mein…puneesh was playing and negotiating on her behalf….also she had some favor to ask of vikas because she supported him and brought puneesh on his side in cushion task…and also saved hiten when vikas requested her…
      so it was just return of favour…and also some active participation….not just begging like arshi did…

      regarding vikas shilpa angle….vikas is seen more trying to flatter shilpa…follow her everywhere and flirt with her too…….
      shilpa recently even started praising vikas behind his back…the way she talked about him to aakash and puneesh….

      vikas even openly admitted to priyank when shilpa was absent “ki mai kabhie us aurat ko pasand nahi kar sakta”……still pretends in front of shilpa….

      shilpa doubted his intentions before but had come to trust him…..he tried to benefit from her emotional nature….
      bigg boss did right showing that clip…she now knows and was wise to not tell vikas what she saw…
      waiting for when she will give a karraara jawab to the filthy mastermind…

      and vikas saying he feels sorry for priyank being in danger!!!!!!WTF???



    4. Xyz I disagree with your comments on Salman Khan .Tell me just one reason why Salman is biased for Shilpa? What do you think he will gain ? Its not fair to call a host biased unless you can prove that he has vested interest. It’s unfair to call him Biased just because he is not with your favourite contestant. ? Remember there are people who watch Bigg Boss only for Salman Khan .. it’s his presence bring mojority of TRP

      1. @Fairmont… hina is not my favourite contestant , akash is not my fav. contestant..
        and yeah i gave all the reasons why salman is biased…in yesterday’s comments…
        so u can see there..
        and if u r disagreed then its ur pov.. and i respect it……….

      2. @Fairmont… #No Offance.. but i am not the one who has this pov.. many more are saying the same thing that salman is biased…


  7. @silentReader , Mi,shrishti,MD…. agreed to u guys…

  8. In this season non of the eliminations were shocking that means no deserving candidates. And still we find so many non deserving candidates in the house. Very bad editing BB team no clear favourite.

  9. Neeru

    * Damn…. The game is on….!!! Ab se Everyone is playing… Dekhne me mazaa ayega…. Puneesh nd shilpa talk abt vikas nd wen vikas says to shilpa dat i wud hv said something, she says no nd behavs all good… Puneesh says to akash dat he is against arshi nd will say against her if she speaks against shilpa… Akash agrees .. D nxt momnt akash tells dis to arshi… Nd proves he is playing a double game wid puneesh… Vikas and hiten talk against Shilpa nd he is quite sure ache se ladayi hone wali hai… Luv is upset wid hina nd pri nd is supporting shilpa…
    * Kichdi ban chuki hai…. I wud love to see a wildcard now just to change the whole game…. Kab se rumor hai ki Gehana vashist nd divya aane waale hai…
    * Luv is ryt to be a lil dissapointed… Coz wen hina saw puneesh nd shilpa talking abt dis,, she wasnt happy nd blamed them for creating a different angle…. Now he see his own frnds saying dat… Nd dey r saying one sided… So it myt come across as if luv is trying to make an angle wer he is a poor – lovestruck -helpless person… I myt feel d same… But i jst hope he doesnt takee it toooo serious nd fyt wid his frnds…
    * puneesh telling to akash mein tho tuje nominate karunga…. And dat smirk on his face… Swag…!!! ??
    P. S – luv is saved…. Hope ppl stop calling BB biased nd say votes are nt counted….

    1. [email protected] I don’t think that there was any need for luv to get disappointed cause such talks are common between group of friends infact priyank didn’t even say that he loves Hina directly , He just said that Luv has soft corner for her( which is somewhat true) and Hina gave benefit of doubt to it and it ended there itself but the way he reacted yesterday was Seriously disappointing, If he truly considers them as friends then he should go and clear his doubts instead of reacting like the way he did yesterday, I sincerely hope that he clears his doubts today and doesn’t take any foolish step. As far as BB is biased is concerned, I don’t know about that but it’s pretty clear that salman is totally biased towards shilpa and yesterday’s episode is enough to clear any doubts.

      1. Neeru

        @mic….. Between frnds such things happn… But pri din tease him … Dey wer nt talking in front of him…. And in a situation wer u get to knw frm a different source dat ur frnds are talking behind ur back it hurts….. I m nt saying hina nd pri r wrong…. But d way it was showed to luv nyone wud feel bad… I wud,, if i see my frnds talking dat i have a soft cornr for a person who is already committed ,,dat tooo on national tv… Ofcourse i will hv a doubt hw it myt reflct on my image outside… Luv have felt d same…
        So i tjink luv’s anger was justified…. But yes evn i said i hope he clears it wid hina…

    2. @neeru… that was all drama .. of frnship just to avoide wkw situation and all were fe up of vikas and shilpa thing.. otherwsie shilpa always talk about vikas behind her back.. but vikas never do that.. he even said puneesh that shilpa hina and arshi k comparison m kam galtiyan karti h..
      i hope now u got my point.. why i was saying that vikas should stay away of shilpa…
      i knew it very well salman har baar ki tarah is baar bhi task fail hone pe blame karenge vikas ko.. and actually it happened….
      and yeah.. i was right for puneesh too… he was not good for vikas he was just using him for getting saved….
      and yeah its true pri and vikas ne khud hi apna mazak banwa liya aur dusron ko bolne ka mauka diya.. they can maturely handle everything.. but dont know y they just keep blaming each other..
      and end the en kya hua..?????
      accha kar k bhi vikas hi bura bana na..????
      sara blame fir se aya na vikas pe??

    3. @neeru… #No Offence… but we can talk about and usually we do this things to talk about love angle of two ppl in our grp.. but if someone , out of the grp say abt the same we willl get oofensive… and it happenes to us too…
      and yeah hina said “MAY BE”… and puneesh said.. ek luv story bandagi and meri chal rahi h.. and ek hina-luv ki…

      1. Neeru

        @xyz…. Yes… But if i get to knw from a different source dat my frnds are discussing thing behind my back on national tv itz a lil disappointing… Specially if d girl in d question is alreafy committed…. I m nt saying hina nd pri wer wrong,,,but i feel luv being a lil miffed is ok… Dat hapns…

      2. @Neeru… yeah… his dissapointment is lil bit fair… but to say i have to be calm till nomination was wrong… but ayways… all are playing game now.. so y wont he…..

    4. randomfancreationz

      I agree wid u neeru,

  10. I am not Shilpa fan but don’t think what Arshi did was right. Shilpa sacrificed her captaincy many times just once she wants to be a captain and for that also Arshi had problems and questioning her intentions. There was no harm making Shilpa captain, Salman was right to scold Arshi for her behavior.Salman understood her game thats why he said he is going to ignore Arshi- Shilpa matter next time.She continuously uses foul language against Shilpa anyone gets angry entire INDIA knows Shilpa situation in television Industry she was jobless for 2 years how can she do any harm to Arshi just to scare here she threatened her, which clearly effects her for a second.Arshi is entertaining I like to see her more but she needs to get her act right.Continuously targeting Shilpa for no reason is not good, she uses her to get more footage and when Salman scolds her she will tell he is biased.
    Luv is a bit overreacting after seeing the footage, Hina Priyank conversation was no big deal to react that way.He can simply discuss with her if he felt bad and gets thing cleared.Puneesh did right to discuss Vikas matter to Shilpa, Vikas is really playing dirty this week hope he changes his game.
    I like Hina she is doing really well these days.
    Puneesh and Shilpa are good together
    Akash no comments

    1. @vidya… agreed… all shud get a chance to become captain… but this is the time when all wants to keep safe themselevs and all wants to think for themselenves first….. may be if we would be on their place we would think about ourself first..and as u know shilpa is a celebrity… and she has lots of fan following and supporter … so to get scared of nomination is justified for arshi and others….

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  12. Maybe Luv har baat ka badla lena chahta hai ab. Unn dono ka use least deserving samajhna, use save na karna uss wale nomination mein etc. And I think yeh reaction jo uska ab hai yes saari baaton ko milakar hai, sirf is clip ka nhi. Maybe he feels dost dost to thik hai but priyank n hina are sort of trying to build a weak image of Luv and he’s not liking all of that coming from his friends. This is my PoV

  13. Jisha

    I don’t feel like watching or commenting on weekends… it’s all about Shilpa Devi… Shilpa keeping a sad face and an expression of ‘don’t say anything,I am gonna cry in seconds’…fed up….and lawyer Salman saying y Shilpa was not given captiancy? Y Shilpa was removed from kitchen? Y she was sent to jail? Y Arshi threatened her? Y Akash said this to her?
    Y Vikas kept her away from TV? And many more…
    Vikas did that or not is out of question..but he is definitely gonna get trolled by Salman…but if Shilpa threatens Arshi of being in industry for these many years or whatever… that is allowed…
    After all…this show is made for her…she can see as many clips as she want….she has to receive the best secret award for hiding her degree pass thing from her father….a man who said that I was about to undergo a s*x change operation is not a big deal…. revealing this on national television is a simple thing in front of Shilpa’s secret….
    Shilpa calling Arshi ghatiya ladki is justified….but arshi calling her vahiyat aurat is the biggest crime and has to be humiliated till death…
    Arshi misbehaving with Shilpa’s mom not accepted at all…I too say that she was wrong.,.Arshi was bashed for that entire one weekend….it is okay if Shilpa makes fun of hina’s emotions wen rocky came….that matter is not that big deal to be mentioned once in weekend.
    Arshi became captian is called Khairaat ki captiancy…but if Shilpa is the one who had not become captian out of the rest, then all the other persons are supposed to give her captiancy gift wrapped…and if you are not doing that, u r bashed left,right and centre….

    Anyone here is to play the game…at this point of time,if Arshi has thought about her n her friends safety…. what is wrong in that?
    If Shilpa was captian for this week,she will save puneesh….as seen last week, channel doesn’t want akash to leave…then who is left…as inmates have calculated that luv would go this week…only one left is priyank…Arshi doesn’t know whether his popularity is higher or lower than hers…to save yourself from getting eliminated at this point of game is biggest crime and she should be punished….

    Wow….next weekend please come with the trophy and hand it over to Shilpa… that’s more better…

    1. Esther

      Soooo trueeeeeeeee?????

      your each nd evry word is true………..
      keep it up………

    3. @Jisha and Xyz, somehow I can undertstand the frustration and in fact I used to think the same way untill you look at it at from a different angle.

      Salman is not biased and in fact in previous seasons, the same was said.

      But put yourselves in the position of a host, would you want to ask questions to a housemate who will easily agree and say yes I was wrong? How much TRP will you be able to gain. You may run down the show. For housemates like Hina, Arshi, Priyank, Aakash, Vikash, Puneesh and Sapna (when she was there) they will always want to explain their side of the story and it actually creates controversies and issues for further discussion. Shilpa and Luv are different. They may easily nod and agree or smile. It immediately ends the matter.

      For all fans following various housemates, I want to crave your indulgence, none of the housemates are bad or evil, they are all playing their games. Some are good or better than others considering their circumstances (enclosed in close proximity with people you may not want to see everyday).

      But if one dispassionately watches the weekend shows you will realise that most often Salman is teasing them and depending on the housemate’s reaction, the matter either dies or escalates.

  14. what does Arshi meant when she said that vikas want shilpa

    1. its about sides…. like we say this want that….
      it was about v……..vikas want shilpa in his side……… bcz arshi was jealous of vikas and shilpa’s frndship……..

  15. Jisha sorry to say you need to analyze all the situation first.I too don’t like Shilpa but whatever you said is not at all justified. Salman was called biased many times in the previous season as well but that is not at all true.

    Making Fun of Hina Emotions was wrong but while watching the rocky episode I was laughing too, that was a bit dramatic for the people who don’t like Hina will make fun of her. I like Hina ,I am not judging also but that was really funny, to be honest.

    Arshi is entertaining she is capable enough to run the show on her own but she always targets Shilpa for no reason.

    Just because she was offering food to Shilpa Shilpa does not want it and gave her look she went and complaint to Hina, SHILPA using tap water for food was that necessary ???/ When she herself use tab water for tea and coffee. Shilpa and Hina argued and troll started who was right and who was wrong both were correct in their places but Arshi was the real culprit everyone is watching Salman see those things as well it’s completely justified. Arshi targets Shilpa everytime that is why Salman said he will ignore this going forward.

    1. Jisha

      Hi Vidya,
      Firstly I am not a Hina fan…but who are we to judge her emotions towards rocky? Do we know what kind of a relation they share? I feel we should not judge her emotions towards him specially wen we don’t know how intense their relation is….it wud be a different case if rocky too was a housemate and u have seen their relationship…like bandagi puneesh.,.
      I feel that two episodes where relatives where coming were the emotional and purest episodes… anyone who degraded that by making a fight on parents and making fun of emotion are wrong…so Arshi is wrong and same way Shilpa too is wrong…
      Secondly tap water issue – Arshi told hina this.
      Shilpa directly used tap water to make the egg curry more gravy. Instead boiled tap water should have been used…that moment Hina realised that tap water is being used for cooking and made issue on that…. this was what happened…u can check in voot….

  16. Hiii everyone..this is soumyashree..first time commenting here..I read ur comments…
    I think next week will be fun..everyone will get nominated..
    Is baar agar Hiten jaega..then I ‘ll be sure,yeh show ache logon me liye nahi h..previous season Keith gaya tha..I was so upset..
    There are 2groups here.Nina’s supporter n vikash supporter..its good u support whom you like..but don’t insult each other.
    Hina was looking negative from now..I started to like her..aaj ka episode ka aaj pata chalega..hina ne actually kya kana

    Arshi-pata nahi use kya hota h..woh v thali ki baigan h..kabhi edhar kabhi udhar..if u think,Shilpa doesn’t respect u,then please maintain a distance from her..hina was least she can’t hurt u..humne dekha h..aap uske saamne jate ho aur khud ki insult karwati ho..idhar ki baat udhar v karti ho.
    Shilpa-she is so matured..usne sayad bahot galat dekha h apne life mein k woh stone hearted ho gayi h..still I like her..
    I like hiten,Nina,Shilpa,vikas,now a days luv also.
    Commoners ka pata chalta h..they can’t fake it for celebrities.. U can’t say..Chehre me piche chehra..
    Its my own opinion friends..

  17. raji tamilmagal

    @jisha…true comment and all ur points were very true…i can see my pov in ur comment..thank u for tat..

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