Bigg Boss 11 14th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vikas and Hina Safe

Bigg Boss 11 14th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman is at his home, he says I am ready. He wears his coat and gets ready. Salman looks at home through windows, he says lets see highlights of last week. Clip shows Vikas and Shilpa’s fights, how everyone went against Vikas, how he tried to leave.. then how neighbors entered house.. how Vikas became captain. Sapna taking on Arshi. Arshi and Shilpa’s fight then Hina, Arshi and Sapna going to jail.

Salman comes on stage. He welcomes everyone to show. Salman says you must have seen changes in this season, we have heard footage word a lot, we listen about this word a lot, especially actors, its used for screen timing but inmates use it for someone. He shows Shilpa’s photo and says she wants to become Sri Devi.. her one eye is always covered with hair

and Vikas is her armor right now. Salman says Arshi is behind Sapna, Sapna is behind Arshi.. too much fun. Salman says Sapna glared at Arshi whole day, and Hina thinks of herself as mother India who is tortured a lot. Salman says for the first time, there is fictitious character in house that is Lucinda.. all are searching for her, Lucinda cant be seen in house like kangaroo in India, all laugh.

Call is connected to house. Salman greets everyone and says you all are looking nice. Salman says Hina, Vikas, Shivani, Jyoti and Sapna are nominated. I will take two names who will have to stand up and sit on red seat, its for new couple of house. Puneesh looks down. Arshi says he is blushing. Salman says whole India is happy to see their romance, its really beautiful, their bond and connect is genuine so they have right to sit on love seat. All ask Puneesh and Bandagi to sit there. Puneesh says he didnt take name. Salman says there is only one couple in house. Puneesh says please take name. Salman says Arshi please sit there.. Arshi sits down. Salman asks Hiten to sit with her, all laugh. Hiten says no sir no.. Arhi laughs. Salman says Hiten go there fast, be a sport. Hiten says this is not fair. All are laughing. Hiten and Arshi sits on love seat. Salman asks Aakash to sing love song. Aakash sings I gotta love you.. Arshi starts seductive dance, Hiten is stunned. Salman says I have never seen such romance expression like its there on Hiten’s face right now. Hiten looks on. Salman says this couple is popular in India, let me show you the trend going on. Clip plays in which people are shown using roti rollers, women are shown keeping spoons like Sapna showed to Arshi, all laugh. Salman says we have so much happening in house, you settle things too. There is witness box here, you can give your reasons behind allegations put on you. Salman asks Arshi to stand there. Arshi says people talk about me. Salman says she is talking about audience who is drunk, all laugh. Salman says to Arshi that inmates that you are a snake. Arshi says I am a snake and will bite anyone in my way, I have a lot of poison in morning, lying is my quality, I convert truth to lie and can tell people it. Salman says if you lie then how will they trust you? He asks Shilpa if she wants to say something? we are not able to understand what you are expressing. Shilpa says even vamps in TV shows are better than her, I dont know where she brings language and words, Arshi says they provoke me to use bad langauge, people know everything. Salman says yes do, its amazing if she is like that and still going ahead in show. Salman asks her to come down from witness box, she does. He asks Shilpa to stand in box, she does. Salman says you are alleged to plan fights and things. Arshi says she plans things and go back on it. Shilpa says she plans to take on people, how to kanger them. Arshi says you plan about Vikas. Shilpa says I know how to take on Vikas alone, she lies and she admitted it, she wanted to fight with people, and when I try to stop her then I am mental? she throws things on people. Arshi says you try to act like my mother, you dont want me to do make up or eat. Shilpa says I feel this is Bigg boss house, we have to live here, if someone does a mistake then we can forget it, Arshi keeps provoking people. Arshi says she keeps stopping me from doing things, I am tired of her restrictions. Salman asks Vikas if Shilpa flips sides. Vikas says Shilpa said that she used harsh langauge, fought with me to make me strong for game, i dont understand her methods. Salman says find some new topic to fight. Puneesh says Shilpa is always behind Vikas and now she flipped and is behind Arshi, she flips. Shilpa says I dont talk to Arshi. Salman asks Hiten to imagine that he actually dating and married to Arshi, Hiten rolls eyes, Salman asks what would you say in Arshi’s favor? he says she is a snake, all laugh. Salman says Shilpa allegations on you are done, she thanks him and goes down from box, Salman ends call.

Salman says let me show you something. Ben brings things to Hina in jail, Hina takes it. Ben says people dont even say thanks these days. Hina says I wont ask her to bring things from now on. Later Ben is running in garden, Sapna says she got fat in such less days? Arshi says Hina was right about her. Ben says Hina is behind me because I dont take stand in her fight, why would I involve in her fights? Hina says you said that you want to see fights, Ben says you are still behind that joke? I dont instigate people and fight. Hina says you have no personality, you dont do anything, you just enjoy the fights. Clip ends.

Salman says someone has problem that people are not fighting and some have problem that others are fighting too much. Call is connected to house. Salman asks Hina to stand in witness box. Salman asks about captaincy contenders. Hina says I told inmates what Bigg boss said but I didnt give complete message and I am sorry. Salman says inmates think that you think you are always right and everybody is wrong. Hina says its not like that. Salman asks Ben. Ben says especially this week, I feel she is overconfident, she said that she and Hiten would be able to handle house as captains only. Hina says I just said that we can work things smooth. People listen to Hiten, he has leadership qualities and people respect him and that is what I meant. Ben says she even talked about Shilpa’s fan following. Hina says I never mention who I am or what money I took. Salman asks Vikas. Vikas says we are equal here, people talk who is strong or not, Hina shouldnt have that attitude that kshe is strong and others not, Hina says its not that, he says let me complete. Hina says ask me gently, he says I cant be anymore gentle. Salman laughs and says so much love in this house. Hina says thats why I dont talk to him. Vikas says all are strong here but Hina thinks others are not strong. Hina says I agree with him, this captaincy was about who performed well in last task, Puneesh and me worked so hard in task and Vikas performed minimum, he didnt do best, its not about he cant handle house. Vikas says Bigg boss took luxury budget points and Hina’s name was in list for breaking rules. Hina says you became captain because Puneesh was against you. Vikas says she was asking inmates to not vote for me. Salman says Hina people blame that you are a cry baby. Hina says I just cried when I had fight with Vikas and on last weekend. Arshi says when jshe doesnt get support, she cries and when four0ofive people are with her then she thinks she is strong. Salman asks Aakash. Aakash says she is good, she works a lot, she cried when Vikas called her hypocrite, ladies cry. Hina says whats wrong in crying? Vikas cries a lot too. Salman says how can you say Aakash that only women cry? that they have hormonal problem. Aakash says no I cry too. Hina says its my weakness that when I am too much angry, I start crying. Salman says when get really angry, angry tears fall down. Arshi says when I am angry, I make other people cry. Salman asks Aakash if he thinks she cries for sympathy? Aakash says people gives sympathy when someone cries, it hurts when I see people cry, Salman says aww.. and says you are sweet knife, Aakash says thank you, all laugh. Salman says Hina is also alleged that she doesnt know how to keep friendship. Vikas says I said it but I feel in first week me, Priyank and Hina were friends, she joked about whom Hiten will sleep with (taunting Vikas would want to sleep with him) I cried because I realized my friends were joking about me, she doesnt keep friendship. Hina says I dont know what to answer, it was not about him, we were talking generally. Vikas says if she was joking behind my back then its about taunting me, Hina says it was just me and Hina. Bandagi says I heard Hina, Shivani and Hiten laughing, Luv and Sabya wanted to sleep together so Hina and company was joking whom Vikas will sleep with. Vikas says it was wrong, she doesnt know how to keep friendship. Hina says people are not listening to me. Salman asks Hiten. Hiten says we were joking but it was about (gay), it was about adjusting neighbors, it was general joke. Salman says to Vikas that sometimes you are so emotional that you dont understand whom to trust, if Hiten is saying that it was not about then Bandagi is lying. Hina says people lie here, Bandagi says Shivani was there too. Shivani says we didnt talk anything that can hurt anyone. Bandagi says they were joking but it was indirectly about Vikas sleeping with him. Hina says to Vikas that we are from one industry, we wont lie to you, Bandagi met you for two days, there are people who will want us to be enemies. Bandagi says what will it benefit me if you and Vikas are not friends? you even asked Priyank if Vikas is bis*xual and Priyank got angry on her, from then on she is joking about his s*xuality, Hina is lying. Hina says its proved. Salman says there is one more thing Hina. HINA YOU ARE SAFE this week, she thanks him. Salman asks Vikas to stand in witness box, he does. Salman says you are alleged to not work in house, all laugh. Vikas says I have wound in arm. Shilpa says he must have biten it. Vikas says I do things but I have pain. Hina says you can ask anyone, he doesnt work at all from when he became captain, Hiten checks on people if we are working or not. Salman says he is not even doing captain work? Vikas says I have used inmates’ qualities, Salman asks what Shilpa is doing? Vikas says Shilpa is doing a lot of work. Salman says Shilpa is scared now? Shilpa says no not at all, he keeps sitting all day, he asks Hiten to keep an eye on everyone, he even lost key of jail, we do work because we respect him. Vikas says I make everyone kdo work. Salman says you are also alleged to run from house in one week only because you are scared inmate? you cant even use your power. Shilpa says his power is that he doesnt let people talk to others, when Hina and he fought, he thought that he is alone now and cried. Salman says even I heard you asking people to not talk to others. Vikas says I asked Priyank to get in my fights, they plan fights, they choreograph fights, they planned how to involve Priyank in my fights. Salman asks who choreograph fights? Shilpa says I dont plan any fight, Arshi says Shilpa, Aakash, Puneesh and even I was there when they were choreographing how they will involve Priyank in fights and provoke him .Shilpa says I didnt choreograph any fight, Vikas planned it all, I just said that I wont fight and will sing only. Puneesh says she plans fights. Vikas says I can fight but I dont know how to react to women yelling at me, I was very sad when I threw tea on her clothes but I dont know how to react, I asked Hina too that tell me if one woman is going miles to torture me then how can I handle it with patience? Salman says you cant do anything, you cant do anything, years of experience, trust me just stay silent. Salman asks Hina what she wants to say. Hina says I just want to say that he wants to react on Shilpa and then tell me that I will make Luv support me and go to gym with him. Vikas says let me explain her pattern, she thinks she is strong but she wants support, she used to support Zubair, she didnt encourage his curses but she supported him, she then cried that Arshi abused her and Puneesh never took stand for her, she called Aakash dog, Priyank fought with Arshi because she abused Hina but Priyank said to not spare these people and when he left, she hugged Arshi and forgave her, first it was Zubair then Priyank and now she will take support from Luv and will make him fight her fights. Vikas says I told Luv that she will make him friend to get his support. Hina asks Luv when she asked him to join gym wit him? Vikas says I predict it, Hina says what kind of prediction is that? Vikas says she used Zubair, instigated Zubair and he left then she used and instigated Priyank and he left too, I asked Priyank to not fight with Priyank but you instigated Priyank. Arshi says when Vikas became captain, Hina was fighting too much. Vikas says Hina instigate too much, Hina cries and takes sympathy from boys, she instigate boys to get support. Hina says I am enough for myself. Salman says Arshi is supporting Vikas but you alleged that he doesnt know how to use power. Arshi says yes, Hina thinks she is strong but when Vikas became captain, Hina was most nonobedient one, she didnt do any work and I asked Vikas to use his power of captain and take action but he didnt, Vikas says I am not king and if things were out of control then I would have used power, Puneesh says he plays game in using power too, Salman says you know his power? VIKAS IS SAFE.
Salman says now we will connect to caller of week, call is connected. Caller says that Shilpa was behind Vikas 24/7, made his life hell but from the time he became captain, she totally changed and is now very supportive, why? Shilpa says when Vikas cried that day, I thought he understood his value and reality, when you face truth and reality, it hurts, I got chance to.. I wont say revenge but I took out what was in me, he cried, he broke eggs so I told him that you are in contract, he tortured me with contract of that show so I told him again, Vikas has two shades, he acts like Hina is baby but then he shouts on her so when he became captain, I worked and became obedient so he doesnt have any point that I didnt do anything, all clap. Call ends. Salman says dont break eggs or waste water in house or outside, people are dying of hunger and you breaking eggs? all nod. Salman says to Jyoti that your question was right, their families grow too, world is changing, one is metros*xuals who like to beauty up and shop like women, there is hetros*xuals who like opposite gender and there are homos*xuals who like same gender, their families increase too by adopting or other methods, there are bis*xuals who swing both ways.. now s*x education class ends, all laugh, Jyoti is embarrassed. Salman says Vikas, Hina are safe, now Sapna, Jyoti and Shivani are in danger. Salman says lets see who is going home. Salman says I will tell tomorrow who is going to evict. Salman ends call.

Salman says we will tell tomorrow who is going to eliminate till then do whatever you want but dont trouble your mother. He signs off from show.

In house, Arshi says audience knows everything. Bandagi and Puneesh talks to Vikas. Bandagi says Vikas you know everything, Puneesh says there will be new drama. Vikas says to Puneesh that we are stuck on women here, my God women here are next level, you cant compete them, Puneesh says you are right, I cant believe their level. Vikas says they are cursing and yelling, men are not like that, they are decent now. Hina says to Hiten that we have to be careful around him, Hiten says dont talk about anything infront of him

PRECAP- Rithvik Dhanjani and Ravi Dubey comes in house. They play a game with inmates where they have to tell their thinking about others. Arshi says Shilpa is sweet from outside but she is bitter from inside, she will get stale. Shilpa glares at her and says she is rotten.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hrithik ka Fan

    hina shouldn’t have come to bb…so far she has come across as a liar , overconfident, unapologetic, sly( I can’t remember the adjectives) woman…it was clearly seen today that when she was getting exposed she couldn’t handle and was almost on the verge of crying which is powerful tool….it used to like her before infact I found her very beautiful ..but disspointed big time….and ya vikas is becoming favourite for sure…..he is a gentleman. …

    1. I agree…. There r only few ppl who hv come to bb wid a wonderful fan base nd then left wid a bad image …. If hina dnt change her ways,,, she’ll be definitely one of those…. !!!
      Ryt nw shez coming across as a rich, spoiled brat… !!

    2. VINDY

      I totally agree with you.Hina was one of my favourite bcz of yrkkh.Bt now i regret.She shld change her behaviour.Vikas is winning ❤ s.Dnt knw wt will happen next.

  2. Best scene – ‘Aap contract me ho’. Fizzy sawal pr shilpa ka fizzy jawab. Revenge taken. Ab usko shanti mili hogi. Maza aa gya

  3. Expected a lot from Hina , But she turned out to be the Worst one.
    BB should bring Back Priyank .
    Vikas ,Arshi,Hiten,Sapna,Luv Long way to Go !!!

  4. Drvidhi

    Vikas gupta ? plz tumko bhi support chahiye
    Hina kabhi khabhi galti man lena achhi baat hoti hai
    Arshii definately captancy tak hi vikas ke saath rahegi
    Benafsa i was right sirf khati hai doosro ki plate se aur soti hai
    Punish bandgi tumhe bhi support chahiye isliye natak kar rahe ho
    And it was epic when hiten arshii ka naam liya aur punish ka planning fail huva couple vala?
    And yeah koi ek hi banda majak nai udata sabhi karte hai behind back kisi ek ko kyu target karna
    And this is true that strong and weak contestant hota hai koi mane k na mane and vo manana koi galat baat nai hai? kyuki nomination mai vo hi dialogue ata hai “we are nomination you coz u r strong contestant ?”
    And yes for captancy mujhe bhi disciosn fair nai laga vikas ne task mai kuch nai kiya tha?
    Anyway accha episode tha
    And te best part is “mother india ” hina khan?

    1. Exactly ab mjak bnate h pith piche bt apne frns ka ni….he said ds thing nly I used to thnk we r frns …bt use frnshp nibhani ni aati….apne frn ka mjak ap uske samne bnate …pith piche ni

      1. Drvidhi

        Seee yeah Hume dikhaya nai hai ke vo kis baat pe discuss kar rahe hai.
        May be Hiten hina we’re right and or may be Vikas was right
        I mean Vikas was not there as per they mentioned Bandagi told him may b she was lying or may be Hiten hina was lying
        We don’t knw anything
        And they are not Frds there this is also fact yes they were in one group but no friends though they said k v r like frds it’s totaly rubbis koi kisika dost nai hai
        They show very limited things to us so it’s game and everyone is playing and on behalf of one hour can’t say anything who is right who is wrong
        Coz kal wala epi bhi edit karke hi dikhaya hoga

      2. @Drvidhi – Maybe hina din say that…. Evn if we gv d benefit of doubt,,, she did over react wen vikas din wanna open up abt his prefrnces… As a frnd she shudnt hv reacted that way….
        Nd i do blve there r frndships in bb… We hv seen enuf examples over d yrs…
        But ya hina isnt anyones frnd…. She is using others …

        Yes vikas also need support,, but unlike hina he is not denying it…

    2. Drvidhi

      That’s what I mentioned about her kabhi kabhi apni galti maan ni chahiye which she didn’t do
      And I already said on one is frd here in BB house they may b in one group koi kiska bhi frd nai he

      1. Drvidhi

        May be they will become frdss in future but for now they were just using eavh other which includes all hina vikas arshii shilpa punish each and everyone
        For this stage definitely they were not frds

  5. For me I don’t think Salman took Hina’s “class”. It was more like gharwale uski asli chehra dikha rahe the. Shilpa hina has been using such foul language n mujhe lag v raha tha ki salman un dono ki class v lenge but no..he was talking to them so nicely. Agar Vikas ka incident uski jagah kisi larki k saath hua hota tab to bohot chillate. Double standard. Secondly ye Shilpa bhabhi ji kitni chalak hai. Vikas ko itna torture kiya itne jooth boli ki unhone mera career barbaad kar diya mms nikal diya ab bolti hai ki nahi me to Vikas ko test kar rahi thi, psychologically strong bana rahi thi. Like what? ? Is baar ghar me ek se bard kar ek aye hai. Mera to favourite shilpa se change hokar Vikas ban gaye. Ab next week kya hoga pata nhi.

    1. Samaira_khan

      Exactly yaar I was loving Shilpa but now it’s vikas

  6. Aj to Heena ki Puri pol khul gayi.and whatever vikas says about her us correct.u hate her now..

  7. Go shilpa Go

  8. Hiba thought , whatever she did , she will be supprted . But she is really mistaken. Her true colours are coming out now.

  9. hi guys
    aj bahut saare baat clear hogayi hina ko usk mistake bhi dikhaya gya lekin ek baat agar vikas hina ko allege karr raha hai ki usne arshi ko maaf kiya aur baat karne lagi priyank ke mana karneki babjud bhi vikas ji app kya karr rae ho aap bhi toh arshi se baat karne lage na baat kya pura suggestions lene lage aur bestfriends bhi bann gaye aur ye baat sirf hina ko hi kaha gaya

    saari allegations hina pe lagaya hua sach nahi the lekin mostly the. lekin hina change hojao yaar. and backbitting sab karte hai lekin dekhate sirf kuch ke jis ke wajah se hum log judgemental hote hai toh and i think biggboss ke ghar mein backbitting sb karte hai toh usme badi baat nahi honi chaiye

    1. Drvidhi

      Totally agree with you
      In Each and every word
      Har baat mai kisi ek ko target karna sahi nai hai… vohi backstabbing and all to sab karte hai lekin dikhaya nai jata… and as I mentioned here no one is frd here ha group ek ho sakta hai but friendship no ways
      Hina Shilpa Vikas ko to abhi aur bura dikhayenge BB vale kyuki unhi se hi episode chalega un logo ko har baar nominate bhi karege
      Se sab trp ka khel hai nothing else hota kya hoga and dikhata kya hai?

  10. Really feeling bad for Arshi…from day one she is being slandered, abused or body shamed, made fun of, have been treated like shit, characterless women…Others are doing it as a matter of right…yeah…it is alright to call her sl*t or all those names , but regarding any other women calling all that is bad. That is the attitude of every one…First zubair was caling her all those names, then hina, then sapna, Shilpa…it goes on and on….well its true dat arshi used bad language too….but mind it, it was only reaction…she used bad words in reaction….she never started abusing any one..but others thinks it as a matter of right to abuse her even if arshi said nothing against them….the recent example is Hiten…arshi never had anything against him….but he keep on calling her naagin…how bad is it..calling a women naagin…but every one is laughing and enjoying it..yeah..its ok to call her dat..Not even Salman said anything against it…but why should he? Arshi is not human….she is some piece of’nt it?..So every thing is allowed. Now if this calling “naagin” continues Arshi will react and abuse Hiten too…Then that will be huge issue and every one will be taking class against her…yeah…That is what going to happen..Arshi really felt bad at the time. She was just hiding it by laughing…..and her reaction too when she was asked about it…she was like”well, every one will presume and call me that why say I have also heart and emotions…just accept what they are saying..i am naagin, lier, bad etc etc”
    That’s it…

  11. Aarti32

    Arshi aur uski awaam??

  12. Arshi is the best entertainer till now , she not only fights like hina and sapna..atleast she is giving entertainment.she never started fight with sapna.It is sapna who is taking footage by her.sapna has nothing to do.She said i am haryana girl and all , haryana is famous for many things like sangram and phogat girls not only for fights.How she can say to arshi that she never gonna be married in real life arshi said ill words to sapna only in the reaction.

  13. They are not showing many clips may be.. like hina and priyank’s.. they dont want show some contenders real sapna….

  14. shilpa and hina best contestant in bigg boss house

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