Bigg Boss 11 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ben, Hina and Sapna nominated

Bigg Boss 11 14th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 43
Luv and Hina comes in bedroom. Hina applies base on his head where zero is written, she hides it and sprays tonic to clean it, it gets wiped out and says live. Luv says Sapna your mehndi didnt stay on my head.

Bigg boss says to inmates that you people dont understand rules? we clearly told Hina and Luv that Luv cant hide mehndi with makeup then why you did it? Luv says I didnt hide, Hina says we didnt hide it with makeup. Bigg boss says if you use tricks on right time then its good but this is cheating, we want to tell you that Hina applied makeup and she didnt complete her condition and now she is not safe from nomination and is nominated and Luv maybe ashamed of getting a tattoo so now you can do anything.
Shilpa says to Arshi that Hina tries to act smart.

says to Hina that you still cant apply makeup. Arshi says we can check with makeup remover. Hina do it. Arshi wipes his head with make up remover and shows base on cotton, she says his head has makeup. Hina says even if there is makeup, tattoo is shown. Vikas says to Luv that rule was you cant use any makeup, Luv says they wanted to see zero on my head so they will see it now. Luv takes mehndi and writes zero on his head again. Vikas says all are mad here. Hiten says he will do what he wants.

Bandagi and Puneesh are on couch. Bandagi is lying on Puneesh’s lap, Puneesh kisses her forehead, he asks if she wants to wash clothes then I will help you, she says I dont need much help, he says I will.

Bandagi bring clothes to washroom. Puneesh goes in washroom with and locks door, Bandagi makes noises of washing clothes inside.

Puneesh and Bandagi are lying on their beds, Bandagi asks him to sleep, Puneesh says they will beat us for that. Bandagi says they wont accept me now, I get trapped in your talk, you made me do mistake today, whatever will happen will happen for good now.

Day 44
Inmates wake up to song what is your mobile number. Arshi gives flying kiss to Hiten. All inmates dance.

Priyank comes to Hina and asks her to hug her pooh bear for last time, Hina hugs it and says dont do it, I get frustrated, Priyank shows frame, Hina says its special for me. Priyank says think about me getting bald, Hina says they can ask to get half bald, Puneesh says I wont do it.

Aakash says to Hiten that you are enjoying, Arshi you are giving him attention and he is enjoying drama. Hiten says yes I am doing so much drama that I am saving person like you, Aakash says not that. Hiten says dont talk about me, keep your mouth shut, I will call them out when I want, you keep talking that I am doing drama and all, I will talk to Shilpa and Arshi that they wont touch anyone, Aakash says I wanted that. Hiten says dont talk in my matter, if you do then you will leave like I shredded that photo of my family. Hiten asks Arshi and Shilpa to stop it, enough. Arshi says looking so good.

Phone rings. Shilpa goes to tower and takes call. Bigg boss says if Vikas destroys his lost boy jacket then you will be safe from nominations, Shilpa says we dont have that much love. Shilpa tells it to Vikas, he is shocked. Shilpa says if you want to destroy it then you have to put it in paint. Shilpa says I told them that we dont have that much love. Vikas says its customized and gift, he goes to bring it. Ben says to Shilpa that Vikas ran to destroy it, its not a big deal. Vikas brings his jacket, wearing it. Shilpa says you are doing it for me? let it be. Vikas says you have made me learn things. Shilpa wipes her tears. Vikas says I shouldnt have reacted the way I did, I threw tea and water on you. Shilpa says I provoked you. Vikas says I hurt you for 2 years, I didnt do anything but I didnt stop people from torturing you, I didnt stop them, I let them do what did with you. Shilpa says you are right, there was something in my heart, you understood it, thats enough for me. Vikas says promise me that you will work with me, promise me. Shilpa says I will think about it, Vikas says please for me, its my Karma. Shilpa says its one or two day project, he says okay. Vikas puts his jacket in his color tube. Hina says its just a jacket, why you are crying Shilpa? you said to people that its hair and photo only. Shilpa thanks Vikas, he nods and leaves. Hina says now you face fell for a jacket? Shilpa says it was really nice of Vikas. Aakash says this was all script. Hina says all drama.

Hina says to Sapna that Shilpa’s reaction was sad.
Aakash says to Shilpa that whole India got to know about your and Vikas’s drama, I will bring whole story out, Shilpa says you are cute. Bigg boss calls Shilpa and says she is safe from nominations, he asks Arshi to come in tower. Shilpa gets down and pats on Vikas and says I hope it was just a jacket, he says no worry. Arshi sits in tower, Hiten says I think you should sit in tower for two hours so your mind opens up. Arshi says my mind is already open Hiten Tejwani.
Aaakash and Puneesh jokes around Vikas about love and emotions.
Ben says to Shilpa that Vikas tortured you so much and you cried for Vikas Gupta? Shilpa says I cried for jacket, you have thinking like that so I dont have to explain it, its a task to live with you all.

Arshi gets call from bigg boss, he says you are nominated, if Shilpa destroys tiger’s photo sent to her on diwali by her brother then you will be safe. Shilpa comes there, Arshi says its not big or small, Arshi says you have to put photo of tiger in paint, its not big deal. Shilpa says okay, Aakash says its just a photo. Shilpa brings photo of tiger and says my brother knows that I love tigers, he will curse me but I can get more. Arshi says thank you maa. Shilpa puts photo in paint and says I am sorry brother. Arshi claps for her and says thank you, love you, Shilpa says love you too, its just a photo. Arshi says to Aakash that they took photo because they know that tigress are alive here. Bigg boss calls Arshi and says you are safe from nominations this week.

Puneesh gets Bigg boss’s call, he says you are nominated right now but you can get saved if Bandagi keeps one dress she is wearing and one more dress only with her and put all her other clothes and makeup in store room. Puneesh says this is not fair. Bandagi says tell me. Sapna says we can give her clothes. Puneesh says I will get down, its about all clothes, you will be with two clothes, you will get them clothes back by weekend. Bandagi says I can wear your clothes.
Shilpa says Bandagi wakes up with makeup on face.
Puneesh says this is tough. Sapna says I wont do anything like that. Aakash says they wont ask you get bald, I would not do it.
Vikas says to Puneesh that she loves her clothes but loves you more, Puneesh says she wanted to look good on TV. Aakash taunts that you are all real. Bandagi puts her clothes and makeup in store room. Bigg boss calls Puneesh and says he is safe.

Bandagi gets call, Bigg boss says if Aakash gets bald then you can get saved from nominations. Bandagi says why Aakash? Aakash says no. Bandagi says A-cash, you have to get bald, he says no. Puneesh says you are a brother, please do it. Aakash says have you gone mad? Puneesh says I am begging you Aakash on national TV, please do it. Aakash says please dont do it. Bandagi says Puneesh are you mad. Aakash says I will get bald, its okay, why you had to love him? He asks Hina to bring shaving cream and razor, he starts getting bald and says jerk you loved her and got be stuck? all laugh. Aakash gets bald. Bigg boss calls Bandagi and says you are safe this week. Aakash says look at me bald.

Luv gets Bigg boss’s call, he says you are nominated but you can get saved if Hina completely destroys her favorite soft toy teddy bear and put it in store room. Luv says shit. Luv says to Hina that you dont have do it, you have to completely destroy pooh and put it in store room. Puneesh says this is big task, her pooh is 8 years old. Bandagi says Hina got stuck with Luv, Hiten says they take your favorite thing. Bandagi says they took my all clothes. Hina cries. Puneesh says Hina relax babe. Hina silently weeps.
Shilpa says to Arshi that next is who? Arshi says can be anyone. Shilpa asks Vikas if he is taking bucket? they laugh. Arshi says she is doing so much drama.
Hina hugs her pooh bear and cries. Luv says you dont have to do it.
Shilpa says to Arshi that we didnt cry this much for a man. Arshi says cried to make man cry.
Hina hugs her pooh and says mom, dad, Amir you were jealous of me bringing this everywhere, you used to throw it, its going now. Hina puts her bear in pain bucket, and says I love you, she weeps. Puneesh says he will look more good after getting colored. Hiten says he is looking cute now, blue blue bear. Luv says who says Hina Khan is not friend of anyone? Luv thanks Hina. Luv is safe.

Vikas gets Bigg boss’s call and says you are nominated but can get saved. Bigg boss says to Vikas that if he wants to get saved then Arshi have to give away all her nighties, put them in store room, Vikas snickers and says you are asking her life. Vikas tells it to Arshi, she gets tensed and thinks, she says I will do it for Vikas Gupta, done doing it. Vikas says all nighties, nothing to remain on nighties’s name. Shilpa says this is biggest sacrifice. Arshi says I will do it. Shilpa says Bigg boss is funny. Arshi says they are already old, Shilpa laughs.
Vikas says to Bandagi that Arshi said she will cut her eyelashes for me, Bandagi says Arshi will do anything if she wants too.
Arshi puts her nighties in bucket, Sapna says dont leave out single one, put everything otherwise it will be problem later.
Vikas says we will see how many nighties she have. Bandagi says they are a lot. Aakash says black, purple, white..
Shilpa says we wont see Arshi in nighties. Arshi puts her nighties box in store room. Shilpa and Arshi acts like crying. Arshi comes to Vikas and says I did it for you. Bigg boss says Vikas is safe.

Sapna is on call next, Bigg boss says if she wants to get saved then Puneesh have to wear Sapna’s clothes for two days. Sapna says I dont want him to do it. She tells it to Puneesh, Puneesh says I wont wear them. Puneesh asks Vikas if I should do it? Vikas says it wont matter much, it would look pathani suit, Bandagi says you will wear it? Puneesh says will you wear with me. Sapna says he denied it so leave it. Sapna gets call from Bigg boss, she says Puneesh wont do it. Bigg boss says you are nominated, she says okay and ends call. Puneesh says sorry, I wanted to do something for you but not this.

Bigg boss says to inmates that nominations for this week have ended, nominated inmates are BEN, HINA, AND SAPNA. Ben says to Priyank that against Sapna and Hina? I dont think so. Priyank says to be very honest.. do whatever, I am sorry. Ben says I should have thought that Luv got saved. Priyank says what can we do? ask Hina to not save Luv? I thought about it, I told Hina that it might be you and Hina, come here, she says dont..

Shilpa says to Arshi that I gave kisses to Aakash on cheek and now I feel filthy. Arshi says he talks bad about me, he says that his intentions go bad seeing you, Shilpa says then he call me mom? Arshi says he is not nice person, even Hiten didnt stop him, Shilpa says Hiten got mad at him in morning. Arshi says Aakash is forcing Hiten to scold me but he wont do it, why would he?

Ben comes to Priyank’s bed and lies with him under blanket. Bandagi says to Puneesh that she taunted me and now doing this? Puneesh says Hiten talked to me about it so I will show him this. Puneesh goes to Hiten and wakes him up, he says to Hiten that Ben and Priyank are lying in one bed, they are their blankets but lying beside each other, I just wanted to show it, sleep now. Puneesh goes to lie on his bed.

PRECAP- There will captaincy task. Vikas, Puneesh and Luv are dressed as dinosaurs, they can crush photos of inmates under their feet and that inmate will be out of captaincy race. Vikas says to inmates that I want to make Arshi captain, Luv would want to save Hina. Hina says ask Vikas whom he wants to save? Luv says I want to crush Arshi’s photo. Vikas asks Luv to use his mind, not follow other’s mind.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. update fast yaar….
    Stupid Hina….
    unfair for hina’s group…easy task for shilpa’s group..
    hard task for Bandagi,priyank &Luv…..
    FYI-I’m not friend of Hina or shilpa but feels unfair for hina’s group
    the pair which bigboss made is wrong…poor Sapna

    1. Bilkul sahi kaha …bhoot hi unfair tha…sabse jyada to sapna k sath unfair hua..sayad bigg boss khud sapna ko show se nikalna chahte h.
      Sabko easy task mile..but sapna kuch jyada hi special treatment mila h …unfair bigg boss

    You guys couldn’t wait?! You’ve only known each other for such small amount of time! That is so disgusting!
    Hina, if she knew the rules, then she got what she deserved.
    Puneesh, it was only 2 days. You are having s*x on national television but cant wear sapnas clothes?

  3. I never actually made a comment over here but just couldn’t resist today. It’s quite evident now that shilpa and vikas both are making reunion drama. The way they were fighting before and with those major allegations there’s no way they could’ve sorted their differences(not minor) in just 2-3 weeks and not to forget that convo between
    Vikas and sabya. Either they are paid by bb for that drama( Highly possible) or they have something planned behind it just as Akash said.

    1. Hey.. I second you.But even then Vikas has quality .He is not a Dramebaaz, doesn’t give much gaalis and is very intelligent and matured.I don’t think in the history of bigg boss there cud have been a contestant as intelligent as him. Prince Narula was dumb, even Gauhar was pretty immature ( though I respect her for standing against Salman), maveer Gujjar was pathetic, Gautam Gulati was really foolish and dumb.So.. Vikas is actually better as he is playing a matured game , being positive,mingling even with commoners… So , even if all this is for footage, I still root for Vikas since he is soooooo much better .

    2. Neeru

      @Anonymous – What kind of major allegations .. ? Din get that…

      1. I don’t remember it exactly but it was something regarding ban on shilpa or so. But whatever the reasons maybe if they couldn’t sort it for last 2 years how come they sorted it out in just mere few weeks?

      2. Neeru

        @Anonymous – Vikas was the creative/programming head of &tv… And shilpa’s show was on that channel… The show was successfully running but she quit the show after a year alleging that the makers “mentally tortured” her… Where as the Production house claimed that she is asking more money nd the contract is sealed for two yrs nd she cant ask for hike…. Also not one co -star supported her in this matter… Now vikas being the head of the channel he stud wid the production team and finally replaced her…
        One yr later Shilpa accused producer, Sanjay Kohli, of s*xual harassment and his wife, Benaifer Kohli, of threats…. She evn filed an FIR….
        She tried getting new job in kapil sharma show but CINTAA had banned her for the contract breach…
        Now who is telling the truth, shilpa or the producer, we dnt knw…
        But Vikas was never directly involved in the matter…. Her issues wer wid d producer nd team… But since vikas was involved in replacing her nd he was d one available in d BB house, she tortured nd took all her anger out at him….
        Thats why yestrday vikas mentioned that being her fan, he shud hv make her stay somehow nd he understands her anger nd he knws evn she is nt happy hurting him but the anger nd frustration of nt getting a job for soo long had brought out d worst out of her…

  4. Neeru

    – vikas,, soo sweet… It was jst a jackt… But wat touched me was that speech…. Hats off man… I m in love with you… And in d end that offr to work wid him,, i m aweeddd… (Good to knw vikas was saying the truth al along nd he wasnt directly involved in d issue, but he stud wid the production house vch is why shilpa was upset.. And for that vikas said sorry that he shud hv asked her part of d story nd make her stay)
    – Hina,,, why did u do that…? She applied foundation, on his forehead wen it clearly said he shudnt do it… Are you dumb.. ? Upar se wahi jhoot ka natak… I din do it, no makeup… Now she started calling BB also a liar… ?
    – Shilpa’s taunts wer always irritating … I hated it wen she did it with vikas… Nd i hate it now also.. But itz good to see how others react … coz wen she did it with vikas hina, hiten nd gang laughed nd said Its funny… Ab kya hua ,, nt funny nymore. ? ??
    Shilpa : 4 log pakad ke kandha dho…!! ????? Vikas aap kya matka uta rhe ho.. ???
    – Arshi’s nighties? LOL… Good one bigboss…. Haha…
    – First tym i wont mind whoever goes … I dnt support ny of d nominated ppl… So no voting this week… ?

    1. @Neeru…Still some anonymous people thinks that its all drama?

      1. I still believe it’s all drama. Just think for a while those two couldn’t solve their issue in 2 years but they solved it in just few weeks AMAZING, right?

      2. They couldn’t solve their issues because they don’t want to face each other but here they are living in the same house so they got the chance to get every thing out of their system. I don’t think it was a drama, they were genuinely fighting.

      3. Neeru

        @mohini – Exactly….!!
        @Anonymous – I remember shilpa herself saying to salman during the premiere that vikas wasnt directly involved, we dnt meet, things abt me wer potrayed to him in negtv manner nd he took action for that.. !! So vikas never had isuues wid shilpa…. He was jst being professional… Here in BB He tried to sort out from day 1.. He hv always givn complimnts regarding her acting skills nd looks.. It was shilpa who tortured vikas all through…. Vch i hated abt shilpa.. But thats two yrs of frustration… Happens… Nd slowly wen she saw vikas isnt reacting badly, she realized vikas is nt all that bad… So she stopped being rude to him… Nd vikas realized hw good shilpa is otherwise… Thats it…
        All is well that ends well…

    2. Same views..!!!
      Neeru u r dp ? ? ?

      1. Neeru

        @Amy….. Afta the “under table” momnt… !!
        Arent they cute…..!!???
        I hv nvr felt so happy for ny relation in BB house…. Nd they r nt evn couple… Actually nt evn BFFs…

    3. @Neeru….. well said………

  5. All was funny task?.Hina aur uski as usal nautanki.Phirse ekbaar jhut bola.Hina bohot jada samajdhari dikhati hai.Maja toh tab aata agar Bandegi Ki makeup & clothes Ki jagah hina Ki makeup ko dene Ki liye bolti.Jaha paar log bald ho rahi hai waha par boh serf ek soft toy Ki liye rooraihe.Nautanki.Luv ko Bigg boss ne sehi tattoo lagaya.”ZERO”.Woh sach Mai zero hai.Uska kaam serf hina ki chamchagiri karna.Iss weekend Ben ki bye bye ho jayegi.Priyank ko tab jada time milega Hina ki chamchagiri karne ki.Punesh & bandegi aab bass bhi karo.Pregnant ho kaar jaogi keya iss ghaar se?Tum dono ki pyar kabhi bhi chalu ho jati hai.Arshi keya bigg boss Mai aneki samay serf nighties layi Thi keya?Aaur kuch nehi layi?waise hina ne bataya nehi ki woh konsi khan hai?Salman,shahrukh,amir aur saif konsiwala?Woh jis tarase arshi ko threat dia ki woh batayegi ki woh konsi khan hai mujhe to laga Ki pata nehi India Mai naya konsi aur powerful khan aagayi?

    1. Hey jeh hina khan is a big nautanki khan…..hahahahaaaaaaa

      1. Swethaa

        so what hina will defintely get saved

  6. May i hv ur attention plz…this song is dedicated for HINA KHAN…..ek chatur naar badi hoshiyar apne hi jaal me phasat jaat hum hasat jaat arre he he he he he he he he he he he he he

    1. Hihihi
      I really don’t know whether she is really stupid or acting like a stupid.without thinking saying v didn’t do it

    2. Neeru

      Haha….. ???

    3. I am not a fan of any contestant and have not ever posted any comments. But today I am tempted to do so. Firstly the task given by Bigg Boss were very unfair… Hina, Priyank. Luv, Hiten and Akash all were given tough deals while others had insignificant things to do. Imagine tearing a picture of tiger LoL LoL or giving away nighties …. How difficult it is !!!!
      Let’s get to the definition of chatur/clever, smart, cunning etc then it eliminates the possibility of being dumb; because clever people are not dumb. Henceforth, Hina Khan cannot be both clever & dumb…… She is emotional, straight forward & prone to silly mistakes. Anyone with clever mind, under the glare of cameras, will not remove or hide zero but she did. Arshi is so annoying and insulting, the way she speaks to her in front of cameras, wonder how irritating she would be behind…. People would react in a worse manner than Hina.
      This is a game as Vikas said so people should be practical and use their brains. He said so and he is using his. The way he clings to evicted contestants as if he is their best buddy and volte face with Shilpa shows a clever, manipulative mind. Ditto with Shilpa…. She is the most manipulative and cleverest of all. She knows how to use her past, people and situations to her advantage.

      1. Neeru

        I agree the tasks were unfair…. But i dnt agree wid the list….
        Priyank, ben, akash, bandagi nd puneesh had the toughest…
        All others wer quite doable…!!

      2. i also agree with you. First , The task was unfair for Priyank, Luv, Hiten and Aakash . Second one , Shilpa is too manipulative and calculative women. She knows how to use her past. She is great actress as most of the people don’t realized that her each and every move are calculative.

        After this episode, Respect for Priyank got increased. Aakash did the same task but Priyank have assignments after this show and it is one of the best part in his looks and he gave up without thinking twice.

    4. Swethaa

      it doesn’t a big deal for hina
      famous celebrity and obviou she will get saved
      for sure ben will eliminated
      thankgod finally ben will evicted

  7. hina deserved big boss ki achchi wale daant

  8. jab nomination ki bari atha hai tab puneesh ki aukaat patha chaltha hai….aj bhi bandeghi ke liye Akash se kithna bhig manghi thi…..harbar bach jatha hai..par kab tak bachoghi puneesh????sapna wali task agar puneesh ko dethe badeghi ke liye tab patha chaltha….hiten ka yeh ruup dekkar acchi lagi…aakash ki bolthi band kardiya hiten ne?

  9. NO WAY! Puneesh and Bandagi in the bathroom together at night. OMG! This is it. This is ridiculous.

  10. Ben is now realising that she is a big fool??
    Ek toh banda itna weak contestant ooper se khud ko 3 weeks k liye nominate krwa diya?? Had hoti hai bewakoofi ki….
    She will definately leave this weekend…..

  11. I think from the next week we will see some new grouping……Akash will join hina’s gang may be….

  12. I loved the way bb asked nighties from aarshi,her nighty become famous.she should start nighty business….I loved the way she said vaisabi vo purana ho gaya.yesterday said for 7 years I made the nation cry, today she tried her level should have asked make up set from her.that was better than this.
    Puneesh said no bcoz of bandagi.that was not a big deal, most of them are trying hard to get footage and he could have get easily.moreover spana said to bandagi that I will give you dress.

    I’m sure bb wants to send spana . they are going to save ben for sure that s why they give this task to puneesh.

    1. @ Neha… Fir bi mein khush hun…. Sapna and Ben both r damn irritating… I wish a double eviction too…

  13. throw filthy sapna dancer out of house….she is cheap and mad woman…….

  14. Aaj k sabse badi sacrifice to Hina ne ki hai…Jo bandi ek mitayi bhi doosaro ke sath share nahi kar sakta vo Luv keliye apni Teddy ko destroy kiya yeh to bohut badi baat hai…
    Shilpa royi to vo drama or khud jo sentimental scene create kiya ???.
    Arshi ki change kamal ki hai.Vikas aur Shilpa k sath rehkar itni badal gayi?Kitni gracefully usne apni nighties chod di.Sabko pata bhi hai Arshi keliye nighties kitne pyaari hai.Fir bhi usne apni dosti nibhayi.
    Vikas-Shilpa k scene bohut cute tha.Really hope k dono aise hi rahe.Love you Shikas❤

  15. Oh my god riya…too funny, yaar soo true.this song suits hina very much.kuch zyaada hi poooo ke liye roya jaaraha tha.jaise hina prenursery ki choti bacche hai.all overreacting.rona dhona all naatak.nautanki seekhni ho to hina khan is thr……………lol.

    1. Aiman.. U r so rude to cal her nautanki.. Hina s only 30yrs old….. 😉
      In my place not evn 3 yrs girls cries as much Hina did for pooh…
      She s incredible!!!!

  16. This week’s nomination took 2 days… 😮
    Hina…, aur kitna jhoot bolongi tum??? We saw u applied foundation on luv’s forehead and denies it… What a liar????
    Luv s ur robot.. He wil only repeat what u say…
    When BB was announcing., housemates breaks rules alwas…..etc., before knowing what BB was abt to reveal Ben was telling to hina, priyank nd luv..” i told u na,, shilpa was lieing…”
    She might hav thought Shilpa came down from tower by hiding something…
    .. Anyway Arshi proved they ‘r lieing by wiping his forehead ….still all lies he had applied foundation earlier…???
    Seriously??? Luv b make up dalte hai.???

    Hiten tejwani ne mooh khola finally???
    Hina tels Shilpa it’s jus a jacket..nothing big deal…everyone said so….me too feel Evn it was his favorite jacket nothing big deal in it…
    But when it was abt Hina’s teddy pooh… Hina burst into tears….
    Like really???
    Like really????
    Can anyone explain me what was all that from Hina’s side???
    Acash s bald to save bandagi… That was fair bcs bandagi has chance to get evicted…
    Acash says ” bandagi tum kisse pyaar kiya??” ????

    silliest tests were shilpa and hiten’s pic and luv’s zero tattu… ( we know mehendi stain on FOREHEAD wil fade in 24 hrs… They wer acting like it s for life time…. )
    toughest were Acash and priyank trimming full hair
    biggest test was sacrificing all clothes and cosmetics by Bandagi …
    Second – arshi’s nighties???…
    I know she ‘l do more for people she loves…
    She said waise bi purani ho chuki hai…??
    She finds happiness in everything…. I love u arshieeee… U r my api?
    Ben nominating herself, vikas’ jacket and Hina’s teddy pooh were not so big deal for viewers… Happy that only Vikas did it whole heartedly and the their conversation…☺☺☺☺☺☺ he ‘s sorry that he couldn’t stop her from leaving show…. He wants to amend his mistakes…. And offered his help…. Lovely Shikas…?
    Thank u BB for not letting him run away…

    What nonsense BB asked Puneesh to do…cheee..
    Vikas was telling how abt if Hiten and Vikas also wears same ??… I dnt think so.
    Good that puneesh denied…
    Only sapna was not asked to do anything for others…bcz ben s already nominated and there s no pair for sapna…

    Bandagi, Arshi ,vikas, and Shilpa abandoned their stuffs with most pleasant face….. Bandagi has 2 outfits only….still she ‘s happy….?
    Finally Either ben or sapna wil go this week☺☺

    Priyank and benafsha s upset bcs luv s safe…???
    Benafsha s scared of nomination bcs of sapna and Hina…. Dnt worry ben u said yesterday ur fans wil sav u??..
    I hav seen a video in which Hina had disagreement with ben… &
    Ms right was saying. ” m trying to make things better for everyone ” and ben tells priyank secretly ”why she s behaving like ‘daadi’ alwas… m frustrated that y creating problems when there s nothing.. And she ‘s influencing….”
    Chalo ben, u too know she s spreading negativity….

    1. @Neha….. exactly……
      is baar to koi bhi jaye.. koi fark nhi padta..
      and yes bb wants to send sapna home.. bcz she is doing nothing….. so its fair if she get evicted…….

    2. @AMY……. First of all thanks for missing us….on 11 nov.
      and what should i say now… u wrote all the things, i was going to write……..

      hateeeeeee hina…… she thinks she is too cute…… she is pretty,intelligent,fair…. but she is a big drama queen.. i was laughing when she was crying that poooh……. seriously??????
      how can someone do so much of drama…… and all time i can judge her acting….. i dont know how she survived 8 yrs in acting field…… she said she made cry ,whole india for 7 years…. i just wants to say…… first of all they used glycrine and second thing.. they made cry by their boring and poor acting……

      and hina always wants to take footage y any means…… when vks was trying to make understand priyank and others that priyank’s sacrifice is not worthy.. bcz hiten is going to save still hina started arguing with him.. even he was not talking to him…….. again she lied that luv didn’t apply makeup…..
      and i am happy for sapna.. she deserves it. what she did for arshi nd group……???

      puneesh did right.. to not do the task for her…….

      and yes. hina and team ko toh ba mahan banna tha.. priyank and ben’s task was not worthy… again they show public how dum they are…pehle ben ne maan banne ka natak kiya… cz she knew it very well next week bhi wo nominate hone wali h so its better aise hi nominate ho jao…
      first they think hum sab ne to task kar liya.. hum logo ki frndship bht acchi h.. but arsi and gang nhi karne wale task.. but ulta hi ho gaya…

      like arshi… love vks…… 🙂

      1. Sb vikas ko dramebaz bolte hai ki wo sb kuch plan krke aaya hai shilpa k sath fake hai n all km se km wo decent to hai intelligent to hai sbke samne bolta hai game khelne aaye ho khelo drame mt kro ben phle mhan bni ab shok mna ri k nikal jaungi sapna kisi kam ki ni hai usko dekhna aankho me eyedrop ki need kra deta hai aur ye jhooti hina sareaam jhoot bolti hai makeup lga k palat gyi expression to aise di jaise ganga se nha k nikli ho ab ye kisi ko ni dikhega aur vikas kuch b kr de to drama ye ben bandgi ku bn ri aur punish aur bandgi besharm hai aur vikas chahe game khel rha jo kr rha in sbse behtar hi rhega same arshi jo hai samne hai khud ko nagin bolti hai sati savitri ni btati bakiyo ki tarah

      2. @Aditi.. very true………
        east or west.. vks and arshi are best………

    3. @Amy you quoted Ben comment about Hina but kya aapko ni dikh rha k Vikas Ben k aage piche kitna ghum rha hai…Aapko lagta hai jo Ben ne bola wo uski zubaan hai?

      Vikas, jo k Ben ko bilkul like ni krta that as accroding to Vikas Ben ki wajah se hi Priyank usse durr hua but aaj Ben ko itna support kyu kr rha? Strategy kya hoti hai itna samajh jaate to ye comment na krte.

      Vikas ne apna kaam Shilpa group mein kr diya hai but Shilpa is smart enough to not react on Akash jbki Vikas baar baar Shilpa ko bhi provoke kr rha tha k ye Akash to bilkul pagal ho gya hai, kaisi baatein kr rha hai, koi kb tk bardasht kre n all. Ab Vikas ne Hina k group ko target kiya hai. Ben k sath wo succeed hua coz she can never be loyal to anyone. Priyank k sath bhi kr rha tha but usne ulta Vikas ko bol diya hum is ghar se bahar jaake baat kreingy:D uske baad Luv se baatein krne laga. He is doing his best to break teams apart.

      1. Yess Huma, muje sirf lagta nahi…. M 100% sure what Ben said abt Hina s her own opinion based on her overall experience with Hina…. Ben had disagreement with Hina earlier also bfr priyank re entered… It wasn’t Vikas who made them against each other….
        Both Vikas and shilpa looked calm when Acash was blathering….he didnt provoke shilpa against acash… Instead he was hinting ‘ how foolish acash speaks’…. He further told Acash tht ”you’r hurting shilpa”….
        We also saw how hiten lost his cool when Acash said ‘hiten s doing drama…’
        I havnt seen a person like vikas who has much patience,well manners,very intelligent and good heart till this time..
        Sad that even after very clearly BB showed us Hina s the biggest liar, her remaining fans can’t accept it…. She hardly accepts her mistakes.., and you people also

  17. Vikas and Arshi friendship is true… didn’t like Arshi before, but started liking her these days… Vikas love you from beginning! I don’t give a damn if your and Shilpa friendship turns out to be drama… you will always remain my favorite!

    Hate you Hina from the beginning! The worst player!

    1. Arshi ne ek bar bhi dram ni kiya nighty dene k liye bilkul bindas haste hue diya ye proof krta hai wo jb roti hai to sch me hurt hoti hai drama k liye ni ro skti hope vikas n arshi aise hi friends bne rhe i hate akash n ben they both are eye n ear cancer sound like bhopu

  18. Love u vikas.u rocks.Vikas is very intelligent, logical , smart and decent guy inbigg boss house.hiten is also good and decent but who nazer nahi aata zyaada.salman ke warn karne ke bawajood bhi puneesh bandagi, u have crossed all ur limits.just grow up, dnt behave like animals.both r very cheap.Arshi and shilpa r both doing well.plz bigg boss throw sapna, hina and ben all together out of bigg boss.

  19. Bigg Boss Please eliminate all three of them….

  20. All is right ,, but really Arshi , Shilpa they had no emotions or respect for others emotion they r so selfish even puneesh bndagi Akash shown emotion in each one sacrifice but these two even Vikas . It’s going to be new bondings in house Vikas wants Arshi to be captain so that wants Luv for Hina so whts big deal even Vikas u seems like chamcha of Arshi and Shilpa Akash very well expose u guys…

  21. Ben can stay for 2,3 weeks, but please eliminate hina and sapna I can’t tolerate their nautanki any more

    1. @Victory……….

  22. Arshi & Shilpa are the worst.They r targeting Hina bcz Hina is the strongest performer.Her fans will always save her.Hina has more more more fans than overall fans of other 17 they hese Stupid Arshi,Shilpa are planning,manipulating others.Hina always stands with her friends.& BB too!!!this week Hina groups were given hard tasks…lastly Shilpa & Vikas!!!srsly!what are they doing?Its really a new plan.dushmani badal gayi dosti mein!lol…Shilpa is the worst,cleverest manipulator.She is just using everyone.this week is totally unjustice with Hina,Priyank,Ben,Luv,Sapna..Punish was crying for saving bandagi but he didn’t help!!BB wants Ben & Sapna to leave BB house.Its clear.But BB cant see what our Shipla Maa & Arshi lier are doing.Arshi had already told so many lies.Even she said she was holding Afridi’s child…lol..just for camera footage & gaining cheap popularity she lied about maternity.chiii…
    We will always be for Hina.Arshi & Shilpa always try to provoke Hina by taunting her.That’s why hina had to give replys.Bt till the last moment Hina will be winner♥

  23. I don’t watcg the episodes but i do read the updates daily. And according to me hina has not done anything wrong till now i don’t support any one except hiten tejwani cause he deserves to be a winner. A well matured and calm composed person he is.whatever hina said till now or whatever she did..its her point of view or way of reacting on a particular thing..even we do so.whatever we are commenting or accusing her is similar to what she said or does.she is a human being .even we cry for silly things . She had that pooh bear since 8 years. We do have something that has a special place in our life..we will definitely cry if we lose it. Now coming to shilpa shinde and vikas according to me they are doing everything for game . And yes shilpa is definitely ill mannerd. What you sow that you reep. .she is going to get the same and infact she is getting same..vikas gupta ..he is having a policy of divide and rule..the way he was provoking ben that priyank shouldn’t have done this for hina is a kind of divide and rule policy .he wants to break the bond between them.
    Arshi khan- she doesn’t deserve to be here. She is sick .she is ill mannerd.
    Puneesh and bandagi- these people are responsible for the filth in the house. Whatever they are doing is completely shameful.showing love to billions of people out there and claiming your self to be in love is not love.. love should be a pious .you people have lust for eachother. Nothing else. Girl if your man loves you he won’t ask you to get cozy on National tv. Coz he would b concerned about your and your families respect that is what a true lover does. Shameless people.

    And yes today aakash,priyank,luv,hina,hiten had to a tough sacrifice. But above all Ben’s sacrifice was toughest. Nominating yourself for next 2 weeks even after knowing the fact that she isn’t having much followers is tough. But she shouldn’t have done this foolishness. Priyank would have been saved. But overall she proved her friendship true

  24. Arey bhai fair unfair wtever it ws task hw a person cn go to wt xtennt to sàve friends ….all were gud ….n yaa vikas is supporting arshi bcz she std lyk rock throughout his journey whch noone did…he is dng for frienship..nt chamchagiri bcz arshi n vikas play individually wras luv always approach hina fr any thing thnk god proyank using his brain n playing individually …guys c d diff btwn arshi vikas n hina luv friendship…in one hina is dominating wras in other bth r mutual arshi favoured vikas so many tyms so he is retrning her favour

  25. jab priyank bald kar raha tha tab shilpa ne is not a big deal bal hi toh hai…..issliye hina ne bola jacket e toh hai is not a big deal…in fact wo sapna ko bola bhi tha mein sirf shilpa ki reaction dekne ke kiye geyi hoo….aur wo hoa jo expect kar raha tha…..

    1. She was not crying for jacket. Uske sath jo hua past 2 years me. She was overwhelmed by the vikas’s gesture. It was not for jacket.

  26. Ben will definitely go…but if not then sapna… but I really want Hina to go…
    She is destroying her cleb image

  27. Guys if you watch extra dose then you will realize that Vikas is just playing the game with everyone. He is the biggest enemy of all as he is doing this silently. Like he is the reason for the rift in Shilpa’s Group and now he is creating differences in Hina’s group and he succeeded with Ben. Vikas was trying to influence Priyank by saying that Hina is using them & was giving some stupid examples to which Priyank clearly said that he won’t agree with that. I truly like Priyank stand for Hina, although Hina was not there. Ben is clearly using Priyank to stay in the house as she feels that if she sleeps with Priyank, she will be safe. How stupid of her?

    If you guys observe Vikas then you will realize the real gamer, it’s good that he is using his brain but if someone calls him naive then that is wrong.

    Hina & Sapna are doing really good in the kitchen and the best part is they are not b*t*hing like Arshi & Shilpa. This is why they finished their work early. The house is going smoothly without the captain as Hiten is taking care of everything & others are respecting him.

    Shilpa is doing things that are wrong on her part, according to her if she cries that is real and rest all are fake. What Vikas did for Shilpa was obviously not as emotional as what Priyank, Akash & Ben did. But she made fun of Priyank, I am glad that people will see her real face soon.

    1. @Huma…… everyone came in bb house to win the show……… if vikas is playing by mind so what’s the problem in this??????????

      atleast he is not stooping low… didn’t do wrong…..
      he didn’t try to get footage by unnecessary fights like hina…….
      as i can see u r hina lover.. i will still say.. in yesterday’s epi. …. vks was not talking to hina still she poked her nose…….. atleast vikas dont do all these things………

    2. Shilpa kitni achi hai aur Hina kitni selfish and arrogant hai yeh sab dekh chuki hai.Hina fans bas yeh wait karke baito kab Shilpa se kuch badi galti ho jaye. Kitchen mein Sapna koyi b*t*hing nahi ki Hina pura time b*t*hing kar rahi thi.Aaj tak koyi kam nahi kiya ab bol rahi hai Shilpa kitchen clean nahi rakhta.Hina fans ko Vikas aur Shilpa se problem hi hoga na aur kya expect karu.
      Issbar kisko vote karu theeno ek jaisi hai…

  28. Can anyone plz tell me how to vote for hina…
    She Z deserving and best among all these duffers …

  29. Ohhh plzz.vikas is very much decent,smart and intelligent guy.hina just want to show that shez smart, active.but in reality shez very diplomat, pehle dinse hi jagdaa shuru kiya usne.fasaad subme wahi karwaati hai.aur joot bolna to koi hina khan se log baat karte ho, woh hamesha beech mein bolti hai subko yeh dikhaane ke liye ki shez someone special .but overall shez very selfish clever and bigg fool,bundalbaaz girl in the house.arshi is 100 times far better than hina atleast nautanki to nahi karti hai hina ki tarah.hina ko subko apna pooooo banaaneki aadat hai.bigg boss plz throw hina khan first, then sapna and ben out of the house.

  30. Huma u r supporting hina support its fyn …everyone is playing game …evryone oneeeee evn hina too one is real fr sure …hina nae tho bigg boss ko hi jhoota bola …but hina is real she is nt fake sahi aap ki choice waisi doosrae log ki b sahi hai choice aap apki hina ko support karo … hina is trying to mk everyone gaainst vikas .n same thing vikas is dng uthna chalta ..d problm bth r strong opinion n intelligent ppl dts y dey cnt b together …huma ji yeh game hi hai …jisna accha khela wo jitha …agar hina jith gayi tho wo just uski fan following ki wajah sae jo bigg boss sae pehlae sae hai …par agar akash vikas sapna win hue tho dts purely n based n bigg boss bcz fr sure vikas sapna akash ddnt hd fan following ….yaa everytym is rght smtym n wrong smtym …frm ds week i noticed everyone is playing game y nly vikas everyone evn hiten …khelna acchi baath …par apni nazar sae gir nai jaana chahiyae us kae chakkar …rght nw hina n vikas r playing lyk game others just dumbs

  31. I think through wild card entry, two new contestants are going to enter the show to spice up the biggboss house.lets wait and watch beasties………..

  32. I think aakash will become new captain of the house, and vikas wants arshi to be the captain of the house.lets watch todays dinasour task………aakash is also jelous of vikas, hez not happy with shilpa vikas friendship……let’s see kya hota hai..

  33. Nothing is as accurate as this !!!
    Shilpa is emotional and caring ?
    Vikas is intelligent and wise ?
    Both are good souls
    I hope they remain as top 2 …and come out of the house as friends !!

  34. I think aakash will become new captain of the house, and vikas wants arshi to be the captain of the house.lets watch todays dinasour task………aakash is also jelous of vikas, hez not happy with shilpa vikas friendship……let’s see kya hota hai..

  35. Don’t know what to say about this season.its a big flop according to me that too after watching last season.bonds formed in second week lasted till the every week equations changes.i stopped watching and read only I don’t like anyone at all.iiked Shweta Tiwari , Gautam and Manveer.let anyone win except Hina ….

  36. very gud puneesh not doing nythng for sapna coz she doesnt deserve this k koi uske liye kuch kare..

  37. Aaj bandagi ne bola ke puneesh sapna ke liye yeh ni karega jo tum dono s*x lila chla rhe ho voh chalega vo s*x tv par acha lagega but salwar kurta nhi kya bakwass

  38. Puneesh is a big flirt.bandagi is flirt too.true lovers aesa kabhi nahi karte,jo yeh two flirties karahe sharam haya.besharmi ki hadd paar ki.

  39. Good that Vikas n Shilpa r getting on well. Hina is the worst in the house doing nothing but twisting Luv on her little fingers n she should b the one to get evicted. The best in the house r Vikas, Shilpa n Arshi. The others apart from Hina r bearable.

  40. Ye Shilpa or Arshi had hi krte h. Inse bada dramebaaz to ye pure ghar me koi ni h. I’m not supporter of anyone but for sure in dono ki hater zarur ban chuki hu. Pta nhi Shilpa kitna or apni image down karayegi

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