Bigg Boss 11 12th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Mehjabi and Sabya eliminated

Bigg Boss 11 12th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Elimination Special
Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says Priyank, Ben, Sabya, Mehjabi and Sapna are nominated this week, we will see who will be nominated. Salman connects call with someone and asks who is speaking? she says I am speaking from phone, you want to meet me? he says yes. Vidya Balan comes there and hugs Salman. Salman welcomes her, Vidya promotes her movie. Salman says you are RJ in movie, you hosted show in house, she took Shilpa and Vikas as her supporter VJs, lets see.

Shilpa and Vikas are in booth and starts hosting show as VJs, Vikas says someone is going to come. Vidya comes there. Inmates are hearing them in house. Vikas says we have beautiful girl with us. Vidya says I have come to wake you all, Arshi says its Vidya, come inside. Vidya says should I break

walls and come inside? all say yes. Vidya says me, Vikas and Shilpa will be hosting show, I will ask questions that you asked inmates and then I will dedicate music. Shilpa says I will host, Vikas is silent. Vidya says first question is for Puneesh. Vikas asks Puneesh why you love Bandagi so much? Puneesh says she has cleanest heart and most beautiful in house. Vidya says now all will be behind you. Vikas asks Bandagi if she loves Puneesh as much as he loves him? Bandagi says yes yes yes.. all clap. Vidya dedicates a song shikdum to them, they dance. Vidya says next question is for Hina, you are looking beautiful. Shilpa says Hina applies too much makeup, Hina says we need it in our profession, you must have left this habit. Vidya says questions is do you create strategies in real life? Hina says many strategies work and many dont. Vikas says you think no one has class better than you? Hina says no I dont think class depends on families, Vikas says we are not talking about families, this is show, Hina says let me answer. Shilpa says this show is Bindass bol. Vidya says lets dedicate a song lucky boy, all dance.Hina thanks Vidya. Shilpa says we are RJs too.Vidya says next question is for Hiten, when will you say I love you to Arshi. Hiten says never in any birth, Shilpa says please say it, Hiten says Arshi is my sister, all laugh.Vikas says she is Gauri’s sister. Vidya plays song for him ghar wali, bahar wali.. all dance. Vidya says next question for Arshi. Shilpa says inmates asked when you will stop following Hiten? Arshi says Hiten is in my blood, I love him so much that I wont spare him even outside too. Vidya asks Sapna why you open mouth day before Salman’s mouth. Sapna says my mouth is always open, Vikas says when will you stop pretending to be so nice, Sapna says I am like that, I am so nice, I am like this outside too, Shilpa says leave then, Sapna says I cant stay away from you. Sapna says I want to say Vidya I love you, she says I love you too. Vidya says now I want Arshi and Sapna to dance. She plays naagin. Arshi starts dancing, Sapna starts dancing, all clap and hoot for them. Ben bow down to Sapna’s dancing, Hina hugs her. Vidya says superb. Vikas says both were nice. Sapna says when I open, I open like this. Vidya says now I will question Vikas and Shilpa.Vidya says for Vikas, you have to choose between Arshi and Priyank, or Arshi and Hina? Vikas says I choose Arshi. Hina says I feel so bad, Vikas says you love me that much too. Shilpa says Vikas likes to lie, dont worry. Vidya says I thought you both are friends. Puneesh says its going to change into love. Vikas says between Arshi and Priyank, I love Priyank a lot, Arshi is my best friend in house,in this house, Arshi is my choice, Shilpa says he says truth sometimes too. Vidya asks Shilpa if she finds only Aakash as clean hearted? Shilpa says no, Aakash is most clean hearted, Vikas says I am too, Shilpa says I cant hear it. Vidya says why you become mother in law in house? Shilpa says I am mom and Hiten’s mother in law, all laugh. Vidya says last song is for Vikas. She plays mujhe mere haal pe chordo, all laugh and clap.Shilpa starts dancing. Vidya says Vikas is sporting. Vidya says you all answered well, thank you, all the best, all say we love you. Vidya leaves.

On stage, Salman says Vidya started fire in house. Vidya laughs. Salman asks who is most interesting? Vidya says Hina and Sapna are out spoken. Some kids come on stage, one kid says we are taking over world, he says Salman and Vidya will be in film, kid asks them to have rehearsal. Kids ask Salman to start reading, Salman reads script, he asks Vidya to give pencil, she says I wont, Salman says I forgot my pencil box, I gave you rubber but you chewed it. One kid asks him to roll tongue while saying dialogue, they laugh. They play bijli girane, they all dance. Kids joke some more with Salman. Kids leave.Salman takes selfie with Vidya, Vidya greets him and leaves.

Salman says Vidya did a radio show but what happened later, see it.

Clip plays, Vikas comes in house and says to inmates that it was not my questions, Vikas says Sapna danced so well, Sapna says they asked me very bad question, Hina says I think Bandagi and Puneesh asked this from Sapna. Sapna says I can take on them in a single day, they want to wake me up and now I will show them what I can do. Puneesh says to Shilpa that I asked Sapna why she wakes up on thursdays only. Sapna says to Vikas that you didnt come up and get praised. Vikas says I know who praise me and who doesnt, Sapna says you are late Gupti, Vikas says I am Gupta, you will feel bad if I joke, Sapna says today was joke? what a joke.Vikas says dont fight with me, I am sorry if you felt bad,I dont want to talk to you. Sapna says I will say what I want. Vikas says I dont need this, you continue, he leaves.

On stage, Salman says inmates think they know everything but they dont know what will happen now. Salman says these innocent people dont know that there will be double elimination tonight. Salman connects call to house. Salman says this captaincy task was most peaceful only, Salman asks Aakash why didnt you become captain? Aakash says my mummy Shilpa asked me to win hearts so I gave up eggs, Salman says welldone. Salman asks Priyank that when Shilpa and others gave Sabya eggs, you thought it was a game? Priyank says they are talking and plotting. Vikas says I talked to inmates and asked them to make Sabya captain for peace. Priyank says Vikas whispered in Sabya’s ear to not nominate Bandagi and Aakash. Salman says when you got all eggs then what was the plan? they didnt break it. Vikas says dont know, what he was thinking. Bandagi says Sabya is equal.Hina says I thought that they will break eggs, Sabya couldnt have protected them, they could have broke all eggs and saved twos, it was a doubt. Salman says to Sapna that you asked Vikas to not teach him.Sapna says Vikas told me first that to not teach him, he misbehaved, I was doing my work.Vikas says she is pro of other team so she didnt let us stand there but we were allowed to stand there, I didnt want to fight so I said sorry because she kept saying that people dont apologize and all. Salman congrats Sabya. Salman says now I am going to drop bomb. Salman says MEHJABI IS ELIMINATED. She says yes, Salman ends call. Arshi hugs Mehjabi, Mehjabi says I dont want to be bad to anyone, she hugs Hina and says I am sorry to everyone. Everyone hugs her. Aakash says sing Mehjabi aunty, Arshi cries and hugs her, Mehjabi says dont cry and leaves. Vikas asks Arshi to not cry.

On stage, Salman says they dont know that one more elimination will happen. Salman says welcome hosts of entertainment ki raat, he welcomes Asha Negi, Balraj and Mobin. Balraj sits in Salman’s feet and asks him to promote their show. Salman says please do it. Mobin says now value is increased. Salman jokes. Asha says I will ask questions and you have to say yes or no, if your answer match with Balraj and Mobin then you will say dialogue of your movie. She asks if he checked Arbas’s phone? he says never. Asha asks if he ever wore torn socks? Salman says yes. Balraj and Mobin says yes too. Salman says dialogue for their show. Asha asks if he ever farted in parties? Salman says no, you must have done it. Asha asks if inmates ever think what they have to do to earn money, Salman says yes, Balraj and Mobin agrees, so Salman asks everyone to watch show. They greet him and leaves.

Salman connects call to house and asks who you thought would leave today? Hina says I thought Mehjabi too. Salman says that you all think who will give to Sultani ring. Salman says its Vikas and Priyank today. Salman says who gets ready fast will win one point. Priyank and Vikas starts taking off clothes and getting ready.

Vikas and Priyank comes in Sultani ring.Salman is there and says first round is verbal fight where you have to tell why other doesnt deserve to be in house. Vikas says I am better because I dontlie, Priyank says I dont lie, Vikas says I am friends with everyone, Priyank says he doesnt listen to even his friends. Vikas says I am enjoying this game now.Priyank says I have friends in house, this friend doesnt even talk to me. Vikas says when I get more votes in this round then he will know how many friends I have. Salman asks inmates who votes for Vikas? 7 people votes for Vikas and he wins it. Salman says next and last round is that you have to use shield and have to push other in mud. Vikas and Priyank start pushing each other, Priyank throws Vikas in mu in first go.In second go, Vikas makes Priyank land in mud, in third go,they both fall in mud. Salman says Priyank fells first so Vikas won even after being injured in arm. Salman gives meddle to Vikas and says you have so much body but couldnt win, zero points? Arshi hoots. Hina says its just a game. Arshi says shut up.
Vikas and Priyank comes home, Arshi and Puneesh hugs Vikas.
Priyank says to Ben that I threw him first, Ben says I know he would do drama.
Shilpa says to Aakash that I am happy for Vikas.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. He says to inmates that caller of week will call, call is connected to caller, caller says I want to talk to Priyank, he says Priyank you said you will fight with everyone who disrespects women but in start of week, you were spitting taking Arshi’s name, it was disgusting, when Hina comments on Puneesh and Bandagi’s relation, you enjoy those, do you think that there is anyone else in house who disrespect women more? who are women for you? Priyank says I accept it, I have talked to Arshi that I shouldnt have said it, we cant disrespect women, for Puneesh and Bandagi, we always say that how it must be looking outside, I am concerned. Caller says to Puneesh that you said to Bandagi in task that let duty go to waste, I am not their watchman, just referee. Puneesh says it was a joke, caller says referee has most duty than watchman, Puneesh says I accept that I was lenient and we lost prize money, caller ends call.
Salman says to inmates that Mehjabi left but there will be one more eviction, Ben how many times will you be safe? your game is done, come. Salman says BEN IS SAFE. Salman says SABYA IS ELIMINATED, he ends call. Sabya hugs Vikas, Vikas say you played well. Bandagi, Sapna cries and hugs him. Sapna says please dont leave, Hina hugs him and cries, all girls cry. Sabya leaves.

Priyank says sorry to Arshi, Arshi says its okay and says end it, she hugs him. Priyank says I am not like that, as a man, I am really sorry, Arshi says I know.Priyank says I did mistake but lets not repeat it, she says no problem.
Sapna cries and says no one is wrong here, people blame but they are not wrong.
Shilpa is sitting under table, Vikas comes under and says why you are crying? she says there are no cameras here, I am not crying.Vikas says you are most strong here, I have seen your strength, you are so strong, I was hurt to hurt you but you had strength, when you do things with me, I know you are not like that thats why I comeback to you, you handle so many people,you have made people positive, he holds her hand and says I salute you, you have changed minds, I want to hug Aakash, you changed him. Aakash, Arshi and Puneesh comes there, Vikas says you have given so much love, Shilpa says still many people hate me, Vikas remain like this.Vikas says I promise,I will always be like this, I cant see you weak, I feel good when you take on others like a strong woman, I am your fan, I have always liked you, I shouldnt have reacted like this in last month, promise me to always be nice with me, she says I will be but promise you will remain like this too, he says yes.

Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Aakash says to inmates that Shilpa and Vikas fought too much and now they became friends now, was it all planned or something? Vikas says what kind of things are you saying? you will hurt. Aakash says no truth hurts.
Inmates have to come to booth and have to tell other inmates to do some sacrifice for them to save them. Aakash gets call and says to Hiten that you have to shred your family photo to save me. Hiten gets call, Priyank have to go bald to save Hiten.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. After each episode Vikas se respect badta ja raha hai.He is such a gentleman?.I just love him.Vikas-Shilpa moment was the best yaar??.Vo log hamesha aisa hi rahe?.Vidya ne Hina aur Sapna ko sahi pehchana.Hope ki vo dono aaj ke baad Vikas ka peecha chod denge… Shikas?

  2. Neeru

    This will be my fav episode till date i guess….
    Lots of fav momnts…
    – #Shikas wud definitely be at the top… The way vikas went under d table nd consoled shilpa,, dis guy took my heart… Aww momnt was wen both of them said – aap plz aise hi rehna…!!
    – sabya’s elimination was a lil emotional but i loved d way everyone hugged.. Hina nd sapna said lets nt fyt guys… That was cute… I wish it remains..
    – vikas winning over priyank at sultani akhada…
    – caller ka fizzy sawal…
    – salman questioning sapna and hina ….
    – Arshi nd priyank hugging nd letting it go…

    The only thing i din like was sapna nd hina’s rude behavior wen vidya was asking questions… I think dey shud take a chill pill wen a guest is der… Vidya correctly said – thode muphad hai…!!

    But overall it was a peaceful episode nd i wish it stays dis way…. Such fun to watch…. ?

    1. @Neeru agree with every point?

      1. Neeru

        @sharan…… ??
        So finally shilpa nd vikas are frnds…!!!

    2. Prettypreeti

      I feel shikas is the one whom r my fav at this time..
      the joke was that hina *ji* said that she will not fight..isss hafte usse aacha sabak mila

  3. Yayy..vikas won against priyank.. priyank bus over acting ki dukaan.. Sapna bus footage khaaney ki koshish kar Rahi hai jhagda karkey? and btw she just keeps hopping in the name of dance? Vikas Shilpa moments were cute..

    1. Yes Neha sahi bola..

    2. Prettypreeti

      Priyank has not won a single task..even he lost against akash..i hope to see roadies wala priyank again nahi toh priyank se pinky bn jayega

    3. Last week priysnk won

  4. Superb epi

  5. I think we all like seeing vikas and Shilpa together!!!❤❤❤

  6. Superb episode.. shikas not bad..yaar caller of the week ne fizzy sawal puch kr khush kr diya.. and vikas won against Priyank.. Caller k sawal puchne k baad I hope Priyank ko thodi aqqal aayi hogi..

  7. Vikas and Shilpa jaani dushman bane dost..good to see that..looking forward for how Shilpa will handle Vikas and Akash’s clear that Akash is not happy with their union.

    Salman asked Sapna for misbehaving with Vikas but didn’t question Vikas for he misbehaved with Luv and asked for Arshi help to torture help

    This week was tough for Hina group but atlast Priyank said sorry to Arshi..Hope that he will improve. I don’t like anyone to be insulted like this.

    Regarding Hina comment during the Rj task, Vidya was just praising Hina beauty to which Vikas agreed but Shilpa couldn’t digest and said wo bahut make up lagati hai..Tareef ni krna to muh band rkho atleast bewajah Hina se reply sunna pada..Hina is always outspoken this is what I like about her.

    Sapna ko abhi tk main samajh ni paayi so no comments.

    Ab hogi real kitchen fight start? equations har weekend k baad change hote hai..let’s see ye week kya laata hai ?

    1. He didn’t ask arshi to torture luv…he said if she let luv sleep today he wont speak with her…..
      Vikas said right.. , he and luv r not in any joking relationship…, he preferd to stay away frm him…, again this rouge luv comes to Vikas for fight… He s realy a bouncer.!!
      Luv who himself said he s struggling for a chance challenges vikas who’s already in a great position with his hardwork and talents in young age….
      Salman hasn’t spoken a word against shilpa who threw bottle at Vikas and hit him with stick…u realy expected him to reprimand Vikas for that statement???
      Afteral they didn’t make it practical… Luv,arshi, vikas and everyone else slept peacefully that night

  8. Aaj caller of the week me naam par guhati see bhagwan ne phone Kiya Tha. I mean his questions were bang on.
    Hina ki shakal utar gayi this.

    Hina and Sapna needs to chill a little bit.

    Ek baat bolu Hina ne tameez dikha di apni.
    Shilpa NE joke Kiya
    And hina personal chali gayi
    Ye Hina ka standard dikhata Hai.

    Priyank haar le bahane bana raha Tha. Vikas na hath and all. Jhoota

    Arshi is too good yaar.
    I felt bad for sabhya

    I loved vikas and shilpa’s moments.

    1. Neeru

      @vidu…. I dnt like hina ,but i think shilpa went persnl first… It myt be a joke but it was unwanted… Not related to d question… She jst said frm nowhere ,, abt the makeup thing… And once she said it, hina is nt a person to keep quite.. Hina’s comnt was very rude ,,, much more rude than wat shilpa said abt her,, i agree… But thats hw hina is…. I think shilpa shud hv avoided that comnt vn a celebrity like vidya is der… Bura tho lagega na…
      But finally nuksaan tho hina ka hua…. Vidya felt she was outspoken nd din like hina’s comnt….

      1. @neeru you are absolutely right
        Shilpa could have avoided such remarks. the joke was out of the blue.
        I am sorry I should have made myself clear above. Actually I hated what Hina did was because when the same thing was happening with vikas you know unnecessary comments and taunts Shilpa use to make on him. Hina hasti thi mazze leti thi. And vikas le reactions ko faltu bolti this. Vo bolti this ki vikas ye sab footage ke liye kar raha Hai. And jabki usko Jo bola vo to vikas vali cheezo le samne kuch bhi nahi Tha tab bhi use react Kiya.

        But I agree with you they all need to behave themselves when a guest is there in the house. Hina ka bas chalta to vo bandi us frizzy caller see bhi ladh leti ???

      2. Neeru

        @vidu…. Well if u look at it that way,, u r ryt…. Hina alwaz said that vikas shudnt react to shilpa… If it was me i wud nt rply… Nd wen shilpa said it abt her,, she lost it…
        U r ryt…i forgot abt that… Nywaz i nvr liked shilpa’s unnecessary taunts… Be it for vikas or hina…
        But as u said this one showed hina that nt responding to such remarks is nt easy as she always claimed…

      3. Neeru

        And as for make up….
        Shilpa looks cute evn without makeup…. Hina looks beautiful in makeup…
        But my problm is ben…… Shee looks soo bad afta makeup…. Did u guys see her yestrdy… ? It din suit her one bit… Shez overdoing it big tym…. God i hate her look on weekends…. Warna tik lagti hai…

    2. Prettypreeti

      u r right vidu …caller ka question tha aasli fizzi wala…

    3. Bhagwan ne call kiya tha hahaha this joke was too gud.i m laughing so hard ryt now

  9. Hey guys, I just love Vikas,such a gentleman, vikas u rock, the way he came to shilpa…superb, fantastic.hina khan after getting soo much insulted remains silent in today’s episode.sapna is so much irritating and illiterate.hamesha vikas se unnecessarily ladti rehti girl of haryana.I wish next week woh gher se beger ho.

    1. Wo bs do kam krti ek sona dusra ye bolna k mai inko btati hu inhone mujhse panga le liya maybe wp ghr se bahar jakar khud ka stamina dikhayegi dumb khi ki itni arrogant hai kaise kisse bat krni hai pta ni

  10. Flyingfatty

    Epi was Osm. I loved the Shikas moment but precap……..what aakash said was not fair…..shikas supported him always and he……disgusting

    1. Idiot akash is jealous.wo shilpa ka support sirf khud k liye chahta hai n honestly wo kisi ka saga ni hai aur use lga ab wo footage kaise lega kuki agar vikas ki dosti ho gyi to vikas shilpa aur arshi ko faltu ka jhagda ni krne dega

  11. Ohhh my God I just cannot get over Shilpa Vikas moment I have watched that clip 1000 times
    Respect Vikas
    I hope akash was joking or quoting somebody else I don’t want any more hurts for vikas or shilpa I love them both n it was very difficult for me to choose one If they r together It is most amazing thing Loved Loved tdy’s epi
    hina khan let us see if u get any work after decade too much arrogance

  12. Where is luv today in this episode?

    1. meine bhi nehi deki thi…??

  13. East or West Vikas and Shilpa best
    Vikas you are a great Human

  14. Caller of the week mere hometown guwahati se aaya. Kya sawal puche wash. Vikas i luv u more n more man. Aap bht acche ho

  15. love shilpa and vikas together…… hope they will be together always…… loved the way he console her…… unhone show host bhi accha kiya tha…….. they were best together…….. love Shilpa’s family……. shilpa, arshi and vikas rocks….

  16. Aakaash is disgusting.its quiet clear from the precap that hez not happy with vikas, shilpas reunion.

  17. If any of you guys read my comment
    This is for them
    Please do watch on voot
    Very entertaining

    1. Neeru

      @jonsnow… I saw it the other day….. Laughed out loud the whole tym…. Soo much fun it was…. Poor hiten… I wish BB shows such things more rathr than stupid fyts….. Poor hiten… ?????

  18. Shilpa looks cute even without makeup ??

  19. Exactly wafa shilpa is very pretty,she resembles late actress divya bharti a lott.hina will never change kyuonki kutte ki dum kabhi seedhi nahi hosakti.hina is very rude hamesha personal jaati hai.throw sapna and hina out of show quickly.


    how dirty is it….look whos commenting and all supporting and changing the topic and that manipulative eyes

  21. Zoya afrozz and nataliya kayy are going to enter in house through wildcard entry..interesting.

  22. I think Shilpa is being given too much power recently & it’s going to her head…. she thinks she has the power to say whatever she wants – the way she spoke to Hina was out of order – I think she is playing strategy & trying to purposely provoke Hina as she sees Hina as her as a threat so is making the most of her power in the house & is purposely kicking Hina whist she is down as she knows Hina has had a difficult week….. Under her bubbly character I think Shilpa is very shrewd & calculating & is using Akash & Arshi to do most her dirty work against Hina.

    Before anyone thinks I’m saying this as s Hina Khan fan, Id like to point out that I am no great fan of Hina either… she is self absorbed & plays up to the cameras ….but I hate seeing the house turning on her, making personal attacks on her makeup – arshi Khan is always caked in makeup, why does noone dare to make a point of that… instead they encourage her to flirt with a married man… shameful behaviour.

    1. All wears make up…we know it… The point what other housemates said s ” hina takes too much time to do make up…’ yess..she takes and does touch up again and again….
      It doesn’t harm anyone.. I know…
      Many viewers hav no problem with her cosmetic face too…. Many expressed how glowing and beautiful shilpa s in her natural form only….some fans took it as an insult to Hina…. And Some blames her for make up too.. I agree

  23. Avishi

    manly i dont come to telly updates more coz i get to watch full episodes…but i love to see here the ship Shikas 🙂 ….kinda im happy for them coz both of them were my fav before Bigg boss too…and i really didnt liked the precap..last year we also had the same type of task and it was lit…but occording to news prinyank gonna cut his here…im gonna miss his hair soo much 🙁

  24. Hina n Sapna r very calculative. The best in the house r Vikas, Shilpa n Arshi. Sad that Mehjabi got evicted as she was better than Sapna who is the most laziest.

  25. I hate sapna and hina, these two r very much irritating,bahut zyaada attitude hai dono KO.I’m happy for Shilpa vikas, but letts see Kya hota hai.vikas I know is good and kind at heart, shilpa itni nafrat ke baad achanak vikas ke liye soft corner, I dnt understand wether this is just for game or reality.becoz bigg boss mein koi kissika nahi besties letts wait and watch kya hota hai.

  26. Kala u wr right, mehjabi was much better than that cunning dancer sapna.aakaash Ka bhi kuch samajh nahi aata, hez jealous of shilpa vikas friendship.well I think hez using shilpa for his benefit.benafsha kaafi zyaada kharaab lagrahi thi kal.dirty makeup and dirty dressing.

  27. For me also this s most favourite episode….
    Really loved BINDAAAAS BOL
    Among other HM, only Vikas can be better host … SHIKAS was BB’s selection to be RJ’s…. Arshi can also do it, bcs she speaks fast and funny too ….
    Hina seems a little disappointed…
    Hina said ”vidya always looks good ” -to which Shilpa unnecessarily taunted hina that vidya not wears make up but hina takes long time for same…. I can’t blame Hina’s reaction …. ( waise bi vidya kahan achi lagti hai without make up)
    Vidya s also surprised by Hina and sapna’s reaction…
    Sapna s cultureless….
    Hina once stopd sapna frm fighting with Arshi, that they hav class… Sapna or hina may b shares same class…
    She talked abt class and high standard to mehjabi also…. But infront of Vidya she lied she said this to only one person…
    Is this how sapna dance in haryana??
    Whatever no problem with her profession but i’m upset with her bossy, ms right attitude…. Right now ‘I,ME, MYSELF ‘ suits to sapna more than Hina…
    No respect for anyone..

    M glad with the fizzy caller…. I hop pungi and priyank wil not repeat such things….
    In sultani akhada
    Priyank was repeating Vikas’ points.. ?
    But it’s not suit on u priyank… U ‘r the one who turned against ur friend for ur other frns Ben and Hina….
    Vikas said right ‘ the time priyank entered s very wrong time for Vikas…”
    During his absence vikas has already understood that Arshi s far better than Hina and Ben….
    Vikas was hurt when Hina hugged arshi in 5 mnts aftr priyank left….. (we had seen what happened to that fake hug and their frnship)
    Same day arshi approached Vikas too, but he refused her friendship spot and said..there wil b indifferences again btwn them….
    But after that Arshi never troubled him… But Hina tried to turn everyone against him… And succeeded some level
    Arshi started supporting him mainly bcs of her anger with shilpa….
    Vikas – arshi friendship blossomed… Which s not fake…but it’s beyond priyank’s imagination…. He can’t understand it. Since then we saw a new Arshi..
    Priyank s not evn ready to analyze what al happend with Vikas but accusing him for Ben’s rude behavior..and Hina’s hypocrisy…
    Vikas tried to run away twice…but today same Vikas telling he’s enjoying here….thanks to arshi, shilpa, pungi,acash and mehabi
    If mehjabi wasn’t evicted she wud whistle for Vikas only… She’s atleast not like hiten and sabya who put legs on both boats….
    Vikas whispered to Sabya to save acash and bandagi from next nomination…. Tht’s may b against rule…, but for his thought I do appreciate Vikas…we know they want immunity…. And why Sabya revealed everything he heard as a secret??
    He tried to please everyone which eventually lead him out of BB..
    By the by,
    Without assigning duty of captain to anyone else how Sabya was taken out???
    Salman finally let sapna,priyank,ben,luv and Hina know tht, they can also be wrong!!! Thank u salman…
    During captaincy task and also that infamous fight btwn Ben and Acash Salman made it clear who’s at more fault…

    Episode ended with most loving scenes
    I can understand Shilpa’s sadness after sabya got evicted..

    Vikas found her under table,.he hasn’t used any fake statements to console or praise her…. He ‘s most honest with words always… He clearly said ” u r a strong one, he doesn’t like her to tease him bcs he knows she’s not that kinda person… She changed acash to a good person., she flips sometimes, stil she s strong.
    They make promise to stay same like this…☺ obviously both got hurted when they wer rebel to each other….
    Really loved how shilpa’s family joined them under table…. I mean all of them..arshi, Acash, puneesh and Bandagi??

    1. Agreed to every point. Very well said.

    2. Very nice observation. I share the same view

  28. love u soooooooooo much priyank I heard from some where that u r cutting ur hair for hiten it means u r soft hearted man salute u and me going to miss ur hair

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