Bigg Boss 11 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Arshi and her team becomes contender for captaincy

Bigg Boss 11 11th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 11
Inmates wake up to old song dulhe raja. They all dance. Vikas looks around yawning, Shilpa dances around him.

Mehjabi talks to Sabya and says Vikas was saying that we lived together for 7 days and must know each other well, he seems to have an idea about story being fake but its our work to keep believing it. Sabya says Vikas was calling you Aunty, Mehjabi says Puneesh was touching my feet, Sabya says he is 33 years old. Mehjabi says I am 29 years old.

Aakash asks Lucinda what she is thinking? she says I am thinking about next yoga pose, he asks her to show it. Lucinda gets in pose. Aakash says the song was about king and queen, only one kiss and we will get married.

Puneesh says to Hiten that Aakash was swooning over Lucinda’s


Aakash says to Lucinda that before you leave house, I will kiss you. She blushes and says no kissing, he sings sweet rap for her, she laughs.

Vikas is in kitchen. Shilpa comes there and says all are equal here, I never thought I would get hunt here like this, darling every dog has a day. Shilpa asks Bigg boss if they cage for mental people who try to runaway? Vikas avoids her. Shilpa says Bigg boss you shouldnt keep mental people near. Vikas says to Hiten that my mother has made me learn to respect women but she crosses limit sometimes.

Puneesh says to inmates that today king and queen will get married, Arshi have lottery today to marry Hiten. Sapna taunts that its good, those who cant get married will get to marry for show, fake marriage is fine for them. Arshi says so dancers get married? Sapna asks who is dancer here? Arshi says you cant hide what you are/ Sapna says I am a dancer, yes I am a dancer, any problem? yes I am a dancer.

Sapna is glaring at Arshi who is sining. Hina says to Sapna that she called me a dancer(nachne wali), I wont spare her now. Sapna comes in kitchen behind Arshi and keeps glaring at her. Arshi comes to Hiten and whispers that Sapna is glaring at me. Hiten says you messed with her, you want some drama.Arshi says she is glaring so creepily.

Sapna keeps staring Arshi. Sabya is cooking in kitchen with Arshi and asks everyone to move away. Hiten says to Luv that Sabya doesnt let anyone touch things in kitchen. Mehjabi comes there and says Arshi is not letting me make breakfast, she is spitting in food, I have been seeing filth and eating filth. Arshi asks what happened? Mehjabi says bring your mind on tract. Arshi says go make tea. Mehjabi says get lost. Arshi says this is her way of way talking? Luv asks Arshi to be respectful infront of him atleast.
Arshi comes in kitchen and says to Shilpa that Mehjabi was going mad. Sapna comes to Mehjabi and says she is calling you mental. Mehjabi comes to Arshi that remain in your limit, dont mess with me, I will break your girly nature, dont spit in food. Sapna laughs seeing Arshi getting roasted. Mehjabi says she is all the the time in kitchen, Arshi says I will make Mehjabi massage my feet when I am become queen. Mehjabi says I would never massage her butt too, she has no standard to get massage.

Luv and Vicky are laughing and talking. Sabya comes and says you people are joking? Vikas says we have become friends. Sabya ask them to come out in garden. They go in garden. Vikas says Luv was flirting with Lucinda who is his said grandma. Mehjabi comes there too. He says to Mehjabi that you are very nice actress. Jyoti comes there too, Vikas says I bless you to move ahead. Vikas says Luv and Sabya are in relation. Jyoti asks if he will marry a girl and likes girls? Vikas says yes I like girls. Jyoti asks Luv if he will never like girls? he just smiles at her. Vikas says he just enjoy girls’ company. Jyoti says how will he have kids? Vikas says he will hire orphans. Jyoti asks if he never liked girls? Luv laughs and says have some patience.

Luv says to Hina that Sapna is making Arshi crazy. Hina says Arshi ill talked about her profession, said so much ill things that Sapna has gone mad. Mehjabi says its her greatness that she didnt roast Arshi and is just following her. Arshi comes there. Sapna keeps glaring her. Arshi taunts dancer and leaves. Sapna says to inmates that if she calls me dancer once again then I will hit her. Mehjabi asys you are mad, she wants you to leave by showing violence.

Luv is talking to Shilpa, Shilpa says you want half of property? Luv says yes, he was my grandfather. Shilpa says you cant show right on grandfather’s property. Mehjabi says but he was my father. Luv says who is Lucinda to get all property? Shilpa says your grandfather gave her everything so he must have thought before doing it and Luv has no right on property. Luv says I am family members, he was my grandfather. Hiten says she is just saying opinion. Shilpa says its judgement. Luv says who is she to give judgement? you are coming in free fund, Shilpa says you have no right over grandfather’s property.

Sapna talks to Hina and says if I hit someone here then she will become fine till January? and till then game will end? Hina says yes. Hina laughs and says she will beat Arshi to pulp, she is haryanvi girl, she wont spare her Sapna says I am not Priyank, if I beat her then she wont get up from bed for 5 months and cant even say sorry, I will break her head. Arshi is lying in her bed. She gets up. Sapna moves behind her and sings love hua kab hua.. ab hua.. she keeps singing behind Sapna. Arshi says in mic that Bigg boss call me in confession room right now, call me there. Hiten asks what happened? Shilpa asks Arshi to not be scared of Sapna and tell her on face. Sapna keeps singing. Arshi says I will get hurt in all this joking, she will make my life hell. Sapa keeps moving behind her.

Shilpa talks to Mehjabi and says there is property, you and Lucinda both cant use it, you dont know how much time you have, you have lived without husband, what will you do with so much money? respect other woman too, she was in relationship with your father for 2 years, end this matter with love. Mehjabi says I will think and cries. Shilpa says end this matter by giving her small piece. Mehjabi says seems like father took revenge from me, she cries. Shilpa says dont be sad.

Arshi comes to Shilpa and says this Sapna is threatening me to directly kill. Sapna comes there. Shilpa says if she hits you then Bigg boss will see her. Sapna glares at Arshi from behind. Arshi says this is not joke.

Shilpa and Arshi are getting ready for task. In king queen task, king will spend time with his queens everywhere today, king will have all the bricks with him today, both queens will try impress king, if king becomes impressed with any queen then he will give bricks to that queen’s team to make wall and also her team can break other team’s wall too, queen can ask for bricks only when trumpet plays. Bigg boss says the team who makes bigger wall can become contenders for captaincy, and if Hiten guesses who is good queen then he and good queen will become contenders for captaincy too and if he guesses wrong then bad queen will become contender
Task starts, Hiten says I am king but getting crushed. Hina asks if he wants massage? Arshi comes there. Hiten says lets go to private. Arshi jokes that I dont need privacy, I can start anywhere, king I will give you every peace, wife’s love, and everything, all laugh.

Arshi and Shilpa are around Hiten as their king. Arshi asks how many kids he want? he asks her to keep moving. They all come in garden, all chant for king. Hiten asks teams if they want bricks? all say yes. Hiten says I will give one pile to Arshi’s team. Arshi’s team start making wall with pile. Puneesh says queen see we are making wall.

Bigg boss says queens are trying to impress king. Shilpa dances infront of Hiten funnily. Hiten laughs. Shilpa asks if he is happy now?
Puneesh says to Bandagi that come in our team. She says if I could, I would have, I am so angry but I dont want to get nominated. Puneesh says yes go to Luv’s team.
All bring king in garden chanting for him. Sabya is holding umbrella on their heads. Hiten says Arshi’s team did very nice, but the one who really entertained me this time by dancing nicely is Shilpa, so her time will get bricks pile. Shilpa breaks Arshi’s wall. Her team starts making their wall. Benafsha says this team is cheating and crying. Aakash says she is a cry baby.

Shilpa fans Hiten and says I am making you fall for me, he says this way? she laughs.
Vikas says to Arshi that if Shilpa becomes captain then everyone’s peace will be destroyed.

Arshi comes to Hiten and says I want to live peacefully away from everyone. Hiten says I will make separate palace for you, queen will not be there.

Buzzer plays, inmates say now king will give decision. Arshi sits on his knees infront of Hiten. Shilpa says I want to marry him and live life long with him. Aakash says she is real wife. Hiten says both queens did very nice and served me very nicely but I really liked how Arshi’s followers served me, team sequels. Hiten says so I am giving their team three bricks per person. Arshi’s team lifts Hiten in air. They make wall again.

Bigg boss ends king queen task. Bigg boss asks Hiten to announce which team won the task by making bigger wall? Bigg boss asks Hiten which team was successful to make higher wall? Hiten says Arshi’s team made a bigger wall. Arshi’s team becomes contender for captaincy, her team members include Vikas, Puneesh, Jyoti, Hina, Sabyasachi, and Lucinda. Bigg boss asks Aakash to bring some things from store room. He brings flower garland. Bigg boss says how Hiten will choose whom he thinks is good queen. Hiten says I think Arshi is good queen because she tried to show that she is violent and is cruel but actually her heart didnt want to do cruel things, he makes her wear garland and chooses her as good queen. Bigg boss says Arshi becomes the contender for captaincy as she was bad queen and Hiten’s guess was wrong. Arshi sequels and thanks Bigg boss.

Benafsha says to Jyoti that everyone is playing game here.
Hiten says to Hina that Ben was happy for Arshi becoming contender for captaincy. Hina says yes she was happy. Hiten says she was like again wrong decision.Hina says it was not wrong decision.

Mehjabi talks to Luv and says Hiten and few other inmates about story being not true, our task is still going on as many others dont have an idea about it being fake.

Sabya talks to Vikas. Vikas says Arsh’s sources are from Pakistan. Sapna asks whats Arshi’s income source? Vikas says we dont care about her life. Vikas says she says that she is phD, Sabya says I cant believe it. Vikas says she is orthopedic? Sapna says she has done *****, all laugh. Sabya says she was showing so much seductive moves when I saw her first, I was like move ahead.

At night, Puneesh asks Bandagi why did she call gay Luv for help in tying her chain in washroom? Bandagi says there was no one, whom should I call to help tie my chain? Puneesh says to not make Aakash do it, he is a *****, dont call him ever, She asks if should asks Hiten to do it? he says no, she says Vikas? he says you are talking filthy people’s names. Bandagi says Luv? he says Luv not at all, her mom wants to make you daughter in law, you call me at all the time, I am near you. Bandagi says no I was in washroom and I asked for help whoever was near helped me, there was no girl there. Puneesh says what if it was Aakash? Bandagi says I wouldnt have called him. Puneesh kisses her hand says your perfume have made me crazy.

PRECAP- Hina asks inmates why didnt play well because of her? what wrong she did with her team? Vikas says you have your own politics that you play. Hina says I play on my own and Bigg boss Arshi is not happy with this decision, she is forced to take it. Arshi looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This Sapna is very irritating,throw her out of the house this week.Now she is instigating Arsbi for no reason,as Arshi already settled her diffeence with her this past weekend.

  2. ARK

    I too think hiten was not fair in his decision. I mean we all saw yesterday how arshi’s teammates were relaxing and Shilpa made her teammates work. Even sapna gave leg massage to arshi while vikas who was arshi’s team member did nothing. We all know hiten has a soft corner for vikas and vikas toh sabse bol rha tha ki shilpa ko captain nhi banne dena.And heena saying ki vo decision fair na hone pe bolti was TOO MUCH.
    Arshi- sapna fight mein sapna ki jyada galti thi because she started it. And mehjabi is irritating too, kya problem hai agar koi kitchen me hai toh tum apna kam karo aur niklo.
    Loved how Shilpa was explaining to Luv and mehjabi, shows how good person she is. In this task Shilpa was full on entertainment and deserved to win.
    And this puneesh and bandagi are annoying, isse accha kuch aur dikhate. The unseen uncut on voot is more entertaining than regular episode.

    1. Drvidhi

      I think hiten was fair enough… Task tha raja ko rizao and I think arshii’s team member did a great that wat i have seen in voot videos. They did a great job all of them.
      One thing I am agree with you SHILPA is biggest entertaining person in this task…

  3. Sapna…. 😀
    I am becoming a fan…. That stare…. Deadly… 😀

    1. Sapna scared the shit out of Arshi. Arshi ki saari adayein Sapna ki ek dhamki mein khatam. It was funny to see Arshi’s telling Sapna to break her head and taking a step back.

      I Like Shilpa, she is nice, funny except for Vikas. She also keeps Arshi in check. If not for her then the show will only be about fights.

      The problem with inmates is that they all think that they are superior in work and on all matters from other contestant. Hina is very proud.

      1. I too liked sapna because she s the right person to tackle arshi…

        Luv hua ab ye na pucho ye kab hua “ye kal hua” lol i was laughing loud like i did when shilpa escaped from jail

        I try a lot to stay with dislike but arshi always forces me to hate her

        Shilpa arshi se jitna dur rahe utna acha hai kyunki wo sach me naagin hai jo wo manti bhi hai

  4. Drvidhi

    Hey thnq for update
    Pata nahi BB kaha kaha se namune uthake leke aye hai…
    I do have question. Is shilpa beleiveing siddhiqi story if she is then she don’t have brain?
    Btw nice task BB
    Just ek thought aya ki agar arshii bani captain to Bb ki AAWAM ka kya goga ?

  5. Chikkoos

    What happened to Sapna?Why is she trying to copy Shilpa.She can’t be like Shilpa ever and she started the fight.Shilpa was so funny yaar??

  6. BB ka task hi bekaar tha!
    Jitna mujhe samaj aaya us hisab se tou shilpa aur arshi ko bataya gaya ki kaun achi rani hai kaun buri.. aur dono ko achi rani ban ne ka yakin dilana task tha…

    Aur yahan achi rani buri ban ne ki natak kar rahi thi aur buri rani kya ban rahi thi koi idea nahi episode k hisab se!!

    MTV extra aur voot video se dekha jaye tou team work Arshiwalon ka better tha…

    Jahan sapna ne mana kiya aur vikas ne mana kiya hiten ne dono ko samjaya aur dono se kaam karwaya tha…

    Decision tou fair tha Hiten bhi kya karega bell bajne k baad batate karya khatam hua tou thik hai par ab do hi bell bacha hai karya khatam hone me announce kardiya pehle hi tou ye team wale bhi plan kar rahe hai wo wale bhi plan kar rahe hai… Raja bechara kya karega???

    Shilpa ne entertain tou kiya par task ulta hi kiya buri rani dikha diya apne aap ko… Tou captainship ki dawedar nahi ban payi… Kya pata arshi aur shilpa ka plan bhi ho sakta hai taki hiten ko captainship k race se hata sake

    Confusing task tha!!!

    1. Chikkoos

      Biggboss ne Shilpa se kaha tha ki buri rani ki tharah behave karna hai. Isiliye Shilpa aisa kar rahi thi?

      1. Acha tou me bhi bb k tarah dekhte hi reh gayi shilpa ko ? ki bb ne kya kaha thik se suna nahi ???

        Par aapko ye nahi lagta ki task hi thik nahi tha…

    2. Chikkoos

      Haa.Task bohut confusing tha.But it was very entertaining?

  7. This stupid sapna started it by saying that ” some people can’t get married in real life so it’s happening on tv even if it’s fake” to Arshi and when she got called a dancer she had a problem like why did u start when u can’t handle it. I hate sapna she’s f**king annoying she’s acting all miss goody good when u guys will see her videos on YouTube then u will see what a double faced she is .

  8. Shilpa and arshi had to behave opposite.tht means shilpa had to pretend bad and arshi had to good .shilpa did it good and arshi was also fine.task was confusing little bit

  9. I like bandagi punish aakash and lucinda, they are good entertainers,benafsha too?????

  10. why is sapna reacting so much on saying dancer. she is a dancer and people throw money on her and sometime they behave like this
    and here she is becoming so sati savitri.

  11. Sapna should be ousted next…She is weired following Arsi copying Shilipa…Hiten Vikash Sab and Luv are the best. Arsi has changed and seems better than Shilipa and Hina.

  12. Wht happened to Sapna..she started the dirt by telling to arshi that her marriage cannot be happen in arshi answered it,disgusting sapna.i like ur dareness,but not this.

  13. hi guys
    task khatam hogaya lekin jhagde nahi
    although aaj galti sapna-arshi fight mei sapana thi lekin arshi ko sapana ne hilla dali ye chaiye tha lekin sapna ko kisi ke baare mei aisa nahi bolna chaiye tha
    mejhabi ashi faltu ki fight vikas ko pata chall chuka hai
    shilpa saying ye aisi hai aap kyun iski piche padihuye hai sapna ji and arshi like kya kaisi ho and that store room sequence bolo na marne ke liye and arshi haan maaro and stepping back haha so funny
    aakhir red team jeet gayi aur phir jhagde start
    i dont know is shilpa dumb aur pretending like that she is beleving
    most of the people goes to hina and complain about each other thats why i think hina think herself as most genuine fair stand lene wali most sensible and many others jo woh thodi hai lekin utna nahi jitna woh apne aap ko samajti hai but i m hina fan and is supporting her
    lets hope for best episode

    guys whom do you thnik will be the captain this week?

    1. Shilpa is very funny. Anybody asks Shilpa “Kya aap Pagal hain”. She replies smiling “Haan Hoon”. Damn cute and funny.

      I think either Arshi or Vikas. They both would do anything to become Captain. Arshi for pleasing the aawaam and Vikas to settle score with Shilpa and Hina.

      If Hina becomes Captain then it will more fights.

      1. es shilpa is funny and cute woh achhi hai lekin vikas ka frustration ki wajah se buri bani hui hai

    2. Drvidhi

      Agar task ke hisab se dekha jaye ki sanse acccha kisne perform kiya to I will prefer hina she involved a lot I knw k use vo apne fayde ke liye kiya lekin usne kiya
      Second option will be saggy he also worked to please king
      Vikas ne utna involvement nai diya jitna dena chahiye
      Punish bhi achha thhaa
      Jyoti sayad influences mai aayegi abhi captain bani to
      And Arshi bani a to aawam ka kya hoga fir?

      1. yes app bilkul sahi ho and vikas bann chuka hai captain and yes agar task hi baat ho toh hina karleti hai jo bhi ho lekin phir kya ho jata hai usko pata nahi

    3. Come on….kha se wo genuine fair h….hahahaha ….usne vikas se jo fight ki was jss baseless…. N kal bolti I wud have said if u were unfair agr meri undue side lete tb b…. Toh abi tk vikas ke case mei glti ku ni Mani….priyank ke sath Jane wali thi gyi ku ni….she is fake….vikas is right hypocrite she is….

      1. hey pari
        i m not saying 100% woh fair hai genuine hai lekin comparing to others thodi si toh . i agree vikas ke saath fight baseless tha and kal ke task mei red team ne hardwork kiya tha comparing to blue team and blue team ke bande unke queen ke order mann rahe the whreas red team ne overall perform kiya tha i think soo
        priyank ke saath jane wali thi lekin salman ne usse daata tha isliye she took backsteps and offcourse she is proudy jo hai so hai uski galat baat ko mei bhi support nahi karti
        but fan toh mei ussi ki houn

  14. Hina ab thoda over react krne lagi hain.. arshi aur sapna hahhaha mast the.. shilpa aaj entertaining thi lekin i don’t like her wh bht irritate krti hain

  15. Drvidhi

    Guys just saw voot extra dose… How many of you think that benafsa doosaro ka bhi khana nai Bach ne deti
    Kitna khati hai wo bhukkhad
    Sirf khati hai aur situ hai
    Kal bhi punish ka paratha kha gai adha adha leke
    Aur aaj vikas ki plate mai se adhe se uper khaya

    1. Lol mujhe sabse gandi lagne lagi aadat wagera dekhke… Fridge me plate rakhna

      Khud tou kuch kar nahi rahi thi aur bandagi aur punish se le liya bandagi uthke gayi tou firse punish se maang liya waise kya kar rahi hai sabse bekar aur upar se bol rahi thi mujhe nahi aata warna me kisi ko pareshan nahi karti arre ab mauka hai kam se kam kuch kaam tou seekh k jao bb se…

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