Bigg Boss 11 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Hiten king, Shilpa-Arshi queens

Bigg Boss 11 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

At night, Mehjabi is talking to Shivani about her story. Mehjabi says Lucinda was MP’s wife, she is 25 years old and he was 80 years old and she even threatened to throw us from his property, I was MP’s daughter.
Lucinda talks to Hiten and Vikas. Hiten asks how she is related to MP Siddiqui? Lucinda says he was my boyfriend. Vikas asks if he gave her property? she says yes, he gave me as gift in Goa and some other places.
Mehjabi cries and says to Shivani that my husband Sajid died when Luv was 3 years old, I brought him up but he doesnt listen to me anymore, he doesnt respect me, he was 19 years old when he met Sabyasachi and he is mad over him now, he doesnt listen to me. Benafsha asks if he lives with Sabya? Mehjabi says no keep coming and going to back him.
Luv says

to inmates that there was murder case too related to MP Siddiqui, its about property.
Aakash says to Lucinda that I dont know much but India will go against you, give them property or charity it, take 10% only and leave the case.
Vikas asks Mehjabi about property, she says there are cases about Mumbai farmhouse too.

Shivani says to Aakash that whole story is not true, just listen and dont react, we are not fools, there is something fishy.

Shivani says to inmates that Mehjabi said that they have crores of property then she couldnt get rid of Lucinda? she can easily throw her out of country. Puneesh says she cant, Luinda have case against her. Benafsha says Luv doesnt listen to Mejhabi too.

Aakash says to Puneesh that Lucinda is hot, she was kissing cheek, Aakash says if we flirt then people will curse us. Puneesh says no we have come here for that. They come in restroom area. Puneesh says hi Lucinda my love. Aakash says Puneesh already have girlfriend, Bandagi is his girl.

Day 9
Inmates wake up to song raja. They all dance together.

Sapna looks at Lucinda and says to inmates that how can they be so fair complexioned? they look cute when they are kids like pigs’ babies, all laugh. Sapna says her hands are so fair. She holds Lucinda’s hands and says you have no hair too, why? Lucinda says they are gone. Vikas sees her tattoo in hindi on her hand and asks if she likes bollywood a lot? she says yes very much. Sapna says I cant talk to her a lot.

Mehjabi talks to Luv and says they cant know about our story otherwise game will end.

Arshi says to Shilpa that Luv and Mehjabi doesnt look like mother and son, they dont have any features in common. Shilpa says they are talking about their grandfather? Hiten says yes.

Luv comes to Hina and Vikas and says Arshi taunted about my s*xual preference, I wont bear it. Hina says Salman warned them.Vikas says they have decided that you are bis*xual. Hina says Priyank said he is bis*xual. Vikas says but why fight over this issue? Vikas says I dont have to share about my s*xual preference? Hina says Priyank told me that you are bis*xual, are you gay? Vikas says its my choice if I want to share or not, Vikas says we are fighting with you for nothing? Hina says I dont want to talk to you. Vikas says I dont want to talk too. All come there. Hiten asks why they are fighting? Vikas says I told her to not talk about my s*xual preference. Hina says Shilpa is right to fight him. Vikas leaves.Hina says he fights with people who are supporting him, he becomes wet cat when Shilpa takes on him. Vikas says I avoid her, Hina says talk to the walls. Vikas says she was supporting Zubair when he was here but when he left, she started cursing him. Shivani says you want people not talk about your s*xual preference but you keep bringing that topic up, you want people to talk about it, Vikas says I dont want to fight with women. Shivani says you keep going behind Shilpa. Bandagi says you touched Shilpa too.Puneesh says you charged on her, I had to stop you.Vikas says I just touched her like this.Puneesh says dont you dare touch me. Puneesh asks Vikas to not mess with him, get lost. Vikas says get lost, you show off your father’s money but I am what I worked for. I keep my patience but people are against me.

Hiten takes Vikas aside and says they want you to lose control and leave like Priyank left. Luv says this is just start. Vikas says I wont cry, I am feeling bad. Hiten says go to washroom. Vikas goes to washroom and cries inside. Shilpa is in luggage room and says oh my.. my… he is crying.
Puneesh says to Luv and Aakash that Vikas keep threatening that he will destroy my career, to hell with him.

Shilpa comes to restroom area and shouts at Vikas that cry, you cry as much you made me cry. Bandagi and Jyoti comes and says please come out, we will talk. Vikas cries inside and says they are all bad.
Puneesh says he is so drama queen.Shilpa says I am so happy. Puneesh says game has just started.
Vikas is in washroom and says to Jyoti that they are so bad people, Hina said she will stand up for gay community and then she was cursing me. I cant live with filthy people, I cant curse like them.
Hina says to Shivani that Vikas is not bearing that I am talking to Arshi, he was happy when we were fighting but now we are talking so he is fighting with me.
Vikas comes out of washroom and says Shilpa dont lie, you left the show and you are lying so much, I cant live with jerks like these. He throws his mic away and leaves house through blinds. Shilpa says so happy. Vikas tries to leave through backdoor.

Vikas comes to confession area. Bigg boss says why did you try to leave house and damage property? Vikas says they are so filthy people, they dont even let me cry, I dont know how to handle these filthy people, I dont know how to react. Bigg boss says maybe problem is that you react to everything, its bothering you that you react. Vikas says I will think about it, I shouldnt have tried to leave, I shouldnt runaway from my problems. Bigg boss says your behavior was very disappointing, it shouldnt happen again. Vikas says yes I am sorry, I understand and wont do it again.
Vikas comes back in house. Arshi sings oo lala.. Hiten asks why he ranaway? Vikas says I didnt want do play, I didnt know what to do, I didnt come for all this.

Mehjabi is talking to Sapna about her relatives. She says I liked my aunt’s daughter for Luv but when I talked to Luv about it, he said that he likes boys and if she doesnt want to be with him then fine.

Sabyasachi reads task of the week. Hiten will be king and Arshi and Shilpa will be queens who will try to win Hiten’s hearts. One will be bad queen and other will be good queen, At the end of task, Hiten have to guess who is good queen, if he is able to recognize the good queen right then he and that queen will become contenders for captaincy and if he guesses it wrong then the bad queen will become contender for captaincy of the house.

Arshi’s follower/servants will be Vikas, Puneesh, Jyoti, Hina, Sabyasachi, and Lucinda. Shilpa’s followers will be Aakash, Luv, Mehjabi, Bandagi, Shivani, Sapna and Benafsha. They will show support to their queens. There are red bricks and blue bricks. Red is of Arshi and blue if of Shilpa. Their servants have to make wall from these bricks, whoever team makes a bigger wall, that team will become contender for captaincy along with their queen and king, this task will affect next nominations too.
All come in store and find their royal costumes, all are excited.

Arshi and Shilpa comes in confession room. Shilpa says I know Bigg boss you are stunned to see us. Bigg boss asks if they understood task? they nod,. Big boss says you both are important in this task, we want to tell you that Shilpa will be good queen and Arshi is bad queen but you both will try to make inmates believe that they are both good queens, nobody should guess who is good and who is bad, you have to keep your position secret and dont reveal it till we order you too.

Task starts. All are dressed. Hiten sits on crown. Shilpa and Arshi sits beside him.Shilpa says king I want to sit on right side, Hiten says you are already sitting on right, Arshi and Hiten laughs. Inmates are making walls with wood bricks. Puneesh throws bricks of other team. Sapna says why they are doing it? Puneesh kicks Aakash’s wall. Vikas says Luv is touching, Bigg boss please stop Luv, this is madness. Vikas comes infront of Luv and tries to stop him from breaking wall. Vikas tries to break Aakash’s wall, he asks Bandagi to move away. Hiten says dont kick each others wall. Benafsha says Puneesh is pushing. Hiten says you people dont understand. Hina gets hurt on hand, her hand is bleeding, she leaves.

Hiten says to Shilpa and Arshi that you didnt try to please me.Arshi asks what he wants? Shilpa says I will massage you. Arshi tries to hold Hiten’s hands, he says keep your hands to you. Shilpaasks if he wants it rough or soft? I mean massage, All chant for kiss.. kiss.. Hiten says no kiss. Arshi says we have to listen our crowd.

Hiten asks followers to serve them. All start massaging king and queens arms and feet. Hiten asks Sapna to massage Arshi’s, feet. Sapna says I wont massage this queen’s feet, my queen is other one, Hiten says but you have to follow orders of king. Sapna says no I wont massage her feet, who can hold feet of cheap woman? She leaves. Arshi says this is rubbish now.
Shilpa comes to Vikas and says you are servant.Vikas says get lost.Shilpa says I am queen. Vikas says get lost. Shilpa says dont talk to me like that, I will complain to king. Arshi asks everyone to work. Vikas says this Shilpa becomes psycho. Sapna comes in kitchen and says they dont have standard to even become bus conductor and have become queen?

aakash says to Puneesh that our queen is crazy. Aakash says to Puneesh that kind asked Vikas to chill and dont go anything. Bandagi runs and hides behind Puneesh. Banafsha comes there and laughs, she says queen Shilpa is calling you all, get lost from here.
Shilpa comes in kitchen and says workers have to clean it.
Hiten asks Sapna to massage Arshi’s feet, she says I can choke her neck but cant do this. Arshi says then I will punish her. Sapna says she will punish me? look at her face even. Hiten says she wont punish you, we all are doing task. Shilpa says Sapna is my worker, you cant ask her to work for Arshi. Sapna says I will massage her feet for Hiten. Vikas asks Sapna to not cry, you told me to not cry. Sapna says no I will do it, this is a task. Arshi sits on chair. Sapna sits on floor and massages her feet. Hina says you are very sporty. She hugs Sapna after massage. Sapna cries. Shivani and Benafsha hugs her. Jyoti says this is task, you dont have to cry. Sapna breakdowns and cries. Bandagi says dont cry and give points to Arshi, if she becomes captain then she will have weakpoint of yours.

Bigg boss says to inmates that today’s time of task has ended. Sapna is in tears. Hina says she was in task. Sapna comes to Arshi and says you filthy woman. Hiten stops her and says my promise, you respected me, I wanted to show my people respect me, I salute you,he hugs her. Sapna cries. Vikas says calm down. Hiten says you respected me. Hina hugs Sapna and says you did great.

Sapna says to Hiten that you can choose either queen but I am going bite these snakes now, I will play in their style, no curse, no vulgarity, nothing but I wont spare them now.
Arshi whispers to Shilpa that we are playing nice, you looked like bad queen, you were so much in character, I was laughing in heart at your acting. Shilpa says there are many colors of people here, they will change colors. Arshi says only we dont change colors, we are what we are.

Puneesh says to Bandagi that will go on date with me? she says why should I go? Puneesh says all hate me here, Bandagi says I dont know why they hate me, I didnt do anything. Puneesh says you are too clever. Puneesh kisses Bandagi’s hand. Puneesh says its night, lets go to sleep. Bandagi says lets go. Puneesh says I am not scared of anyone. They go to sleep.

PRECAP- Arshi taunts Sapna if dancers get married? Sapna says I am a dancer, any problem? Sapna keep following Arshi. Sapna says now I will spit poison. Hina says to inmates that Sapna is from Haryana, she will crush Arshi if she tries to mess with her. Sapna says to Arshi that you are flying high but I will bring you to ground in a blink. Arshi says mental mental. Sapna says you must be mental, dont mess with me, I will break you apart.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shabnam

    thanks atiba for update

  2. Why sapna is being bothered by arshi…arshi doesn’t mess with her even once but sapna is trying to put arshi down…and how dare sapna has that she called arshi cheap lady while arshi not even once used such words for sapna..arshi is also human being specially women…arshi is not playing smart..she is just being herself on show..arshi doesn’t interfere and comment on other housemates personal life, like others do.

  3. Samaira_khan

    Thanku Atiba for the update.. This episode was really odd.. I mean lot really y were everyone attacking Vikas I really didn’t like the way when Vikas was crying Shilpa went them and instigated him more.. Sapna is toh real Sherni of haryana loved it!! She has self respect.. Bandagi and puneesh❤️
    Let’s see what’s stored in future for them..

    1. I agree…
      Even i felt bad for vikas…. And why did d fyt start…? Coz he din want to say it loud on national tv.. As a frnd, hina shud hv understood that…. Instead she felt offended that he isnt opening up…
      Too bad…. Very dissapointed wid hina…

      And shilpa, i understand that u hv a past wid vikas nd u hate him…. But No matter how happy u r afta seeing him cry,, that behavior u showed was totally disgusting… “inhuman” i wud say…. I was kinda liking u afta last weekend but lost it again… And evn u hv cried , i din see vikas or ny1 doing dat to u… Thats character….

      Sapna,, is defintly a strong woman.. But i feel she shud hv taken it a lil more lightly… It was a task… Her problm is arshi… It wud hv been fun if she did it wid nakares nd taunts nd made it funny rather than emotional… Nevertheless she did a good job…!! I like her…

    2. Because he deserved that shit

  4. Really dissapointed with Hina Khan.Kitni jaldi apna raang badaldeta hai ye.??????

  5. hi guys
    ghar wale padosi ka raaz jyada din tikne nahi denge kuch hi time mei shock hogaya hai ine toh gharwalo toh saatir nikle. vikas aur hina ke fight mei koi logic nahi dikha mujhe faltu ka time waste aur footage. waise fight ka wajah kya tha. vikas ka nautanki agar wapas aana hi tha toh gaya hi kyun bhai. shivani ji bilkul thik thi vikas hi fight start karr raha tha.

    biggboss galti kardi aapne vikas ko king bana the shilpa arshi queen bada maja aata. task suru hui nahi jhagade suru ho gaya re. sapna ji task ko task ke tarah lene ka personal nahi. shilpa omg good queen ke bad tevar aur bad queen ke good haha…shilpa ka dialouge kadak chaiye ya naram massage and hooting for kiss hahahaha. shilpa right mei betke bhi kya bolti ho. shilpa toh full character mei apne dost ko bhi nahi chodd rahi hai.
    and again last ka kuch time biggboss ne bandagi aur puneesh ke liye diya hai toh unke natak dekhna parta hai ufff

    and the precap arshi vs sapana mejhabi and ghar wale. kal toh sapana band bajayegi arshi ka jo arshi ne bola hai na i felt bad for sapna and at last woh mejhabi ne bola tha farz pe giyagi and that ental part also happend with mejhabi and arshi

  6. Jo bhi ho vikas smart hai!! – Lucinda se andar baat kiya bahar aake mehjabi se do teen questions pucha tha bus andar aake bata diya ” THIK SE TAYYARI NAHI KI IN LOGON NE”

    Aaj laga hina zabardasti react kar rahi thi… Kisi k s*xual orientation k liye agar aap stand le rahe the tou unke preference pehle janna chahiye tha (stand lene se pehle) ab jab wo bata raha hai ki wo batana nahi chahta hai tou chillana shuru kar dia…

    Waise sabke apne choices hai, share karna nahi karna!! Unke parents bhi dekh rahe hai abhi tak unko pata nahi hoga, ya unko samja nahi paye honge… Kitne saare possibilities ho sakte hai!! Jab tak apne muh se nahi bolte tab tak manage kar sakte hai apne hisab se… Bus tum puchoge aur unhone share nahi kiya tou pagal k tara kuch bhi bake jao huh BIG DISAPPOINTMENT Hina

    Upar se kuch bhi boli ja rahi hai gay wala issue to shuru bhi nahi hua tha bartan waala incident pe aur dono ko connect kar rahi hai!!!

    Har kisi ka ek point pe emotional break down hota hai vikas ka jab hua tab bhi jake aur tang kar rahe tou dekha usne door khula pada tou bhaag gaya warna bb k bhulane tak wait hi karna padta..

    Sabse bekaar contestant hai puneesh ye ek hi banda hai jo ek bhi moment k liye ya ek bhi situation me sahi nahi laga ab tak.. footage k liye cheap planning upar se “yuck”

    Sapna ka reaction bhi unexpected tha par samaj sakte hai kuch logon ko kisi k paer chuna acha nahi lagta, task ho ya kuch bhi ho gandi baatein bolna avoid kar sakti thi

    1. Mother of dragons

      Agree so much. This kind of topic is very sensitive especially in India. Parents ko pata v nahi hoga shayad to wo kya khud national TV pe mai gay hu bolega? Also we Indians all have that mindset ki log kya so sochenge. I don’t know why everybody is bringing this topic. I support Vikas this time. I feel like vikas is a sensible person and has so much dignity n self respect. Compare Shilpa n Vikas character. Dono ko dekh kar pata chalta hai real life me kaun professional hoga aur kaun nahi.

      1. I am not sure Vikas is so clean. In the 2nd episode he accidentally confessed that Shilpa was sacked and then Shilpa’s reaction was worth noticing. Now he is saying Shilpa left. I feel that is you call a bad person bad then they wont react that much (like Arshi) but if you call a good person bad then reaction will be violent. Shilpa is here just to take revenge. Point to note that even while doing so she remains within boundaries like mimicking, singing, smiling etc. Yes, she is overdoing things but fine with me.

        Now for Vikas he claims that Priyank said to him that “In logon ko mat chodna” did anyone hear that. To me he loves playing victim card and wants people to fight for him. As Ekta said “He is a Drama King”.

      2. @Shailesh Jha

        Nobody s saying vikas s pure and serene soul!!!

        Everybody is shrewd and cunning in their own way… I don’t judge either of them over the issue outside BB!

        So much happens in 24 hours we see only 1 hr… Kya pata Priyank ne bola hoga jo dikhaya nahi gaya… Waise bhi vikas ne kuch galat nahi bola us baat pe… Jab hina aur arshi ki gandi ladai chal rahi thi tab bhi uska aur arshi ka baatchit ache se hi ho rahi thi… Gaaligaloch wagera kuch hua hi nahi tha arshi aur vikas k beech… Par wo hamesha limit me baat karta tha har kisi se… Par hina ka yun sort out kar lena usko atka hoga wo jagda karne k liye encourage nahi kar raha tha hina ko… Usko bhi lag raha hoga Priyank inlogo k waje se nikal gaya aur jo priyank ko support kar rahi thi wo khud unse sweetly behave kar rahi hai tou bura lag raha hoga!! Arshi jaise ulta bolke aag tou nahi laga raha tha!!

        Mujhe tou lagta hai jo bhi shilpa aur vikas ko pehle nahi jante aur BB me pehli baar dekhte tou dono me se Vikas hi sahi lagega aur shilpa irritating lagegi…

      3. @Shailesh Jha

        And one more thing

        Vikas never instigated anyone to fight for him neither he asked anyone to take a stand for him!

        He even told Priyank seperately not to come in support of him!!

        Even with the eviction incident u can clearly see vikas saying I can manage this myself don’t come inbetween to Priyank!!

        And above all I’ve not seen him playing VICTIM CARD unlike Shilpa who has come with a victim card from outside world if i consider what shilpa’s supporter mentions!

        Apni marzi k khilaf ya fir na chahte hue bhi Vikas kal sabke liye target ban gaya the!!

        Victim bhi khud nahi bane kuch logo ne milke bana liya tha.. Mujhe tou lagta hai Victim banna unko bardash nahi hua tabhi unka emotional breakdown hua!

    2. Drvidhi

      Sahi use fight ki jarurat kyaaa thiii? faltu mai kyu chiilaaa rahe hooo?
      Vikas bol raha hai I don’t mind if someone say GAY it’s not galli
      And hina say pehle bolna tha hum fight nai karte
      I mean kuch relevant hai nai hai.. go kya bolna chahata hai aur vo kya samaja rahi haii. Kuch bhi faltu ki fight…
      Aur use me punish pata nai kyu aya bich mai…

      1. Hina ego aur attitude k waje se fight karti hai… Bina waje reaction deti hai…

        Shilpa ne iski baat nahi suni sorry nahi bola tou vikas k saath milke hungama kiya

        Shilpa ne muh tod jawab de diya ye private show thodi hai ki private baat kare??? Tab bhi

        Jo jo hina k advice nahi sunte wo iske ego ko hurt karta hai jo sun lete hai unse sweetly baat karti hai…

        Vikas tou bohat patience k saath samja rahe the tab jake jabardasti unke orientation k baarein me puchi ja rahi jawab na de rahe tou insaan pura galat kaise ho gaya??

        Galti tou hina ki hai puri baat jane bina stand liya.. upar se ab pata chal raha hai kis baat k liye stand le rahi thi iska clarity bhi nahi tha!!!

        Mujhe tou samaj me hi nahi aai kal kis baat pe gussa kar rahi thi??

    3. Drvidhi

      Absolutely right hina ko pata hi nahi tha ke usne kis baat ke liye pehle stand liya tha… Kal wali fight ki jarurat hi nai thi. She didn’t understand what vikas want to say .
      Vikas ka point hi alag tha aur hina kuch aur hi samaj rahi thi…
      Dono ka frastration saaaff dikh raha tha

    4. I agree with your take on Hina. Unnecessary fight. Yes, if you consider only the BB show then you are bound to feel that Shilpa is overdoing with Vikas.

      But for me Shilpa is the reason for entertainment in the show and bring some smiles on amidst the fight and tension. And to some extent Ben.

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    Today’s episode i felt a bit bad for vikas though i dont like him at all, this kind of sensitive topic shouldnt have been raised. And the padosis made such a silly story, aisa hota hain kya real life main even the gharwalas are in doubt now , they had such a big advantage to win this chance they will be caught easily. And as for the task interesting task so far but i just hope it doesnt get too much violent later on like season due to which most task got cancelled. I liked hiten today. Lets see who can win the task

  8. Drvidhi

    Thanks for the update…
    What’s going on can’t understand…?
    Ek baat to acchhi hai Ghare wale task mai bhi maZee kar rahe haii…
    And for hina ek time aisa bhi ayega ki use hi Apna dialogue apne pe use karna padega “ talk to the walls” can’t stop my laughing in after seeing this unnecessary fight…overacting ki sabne…
    Thank god is task mai to Shilpa ne apni personal problem side mai rakkhi…aur task kar rahi haii.. good…
    I don’t want to say anything about arshiii
    Sapna sach mai serni haii????

  9. Rooting for Vikas Gupta all the way. I find him genuine. All others are just chameleons especially that Hina. She acts to be damn sweet but in real she is a chudail

  10. Mother of dragons

    I’m really feeling bad for Vikas. Women are discriminated so much in this country and 2nd to them are the lgbt community. Just imagine how much they have to suffer, made fun of just because their preference is different than ours. Parents doesn’t accept them, society calls it a Taboo. But love is love. It’s not their fault guys, they are born with it. Wat Hina did, just showed how narrow minded she is. It’s not her business n neither Vikas ne uska kuch khaya hai jo wo usko ye sab bolen ki main gay hu mujhe isleye support Karo. Duniya kaha se kaha pahuch gayi par ham ab V inhi cheejo main lage hue hair.

  11. Mother of dragons

    Also I don’t support Shilpa anymore. You are saying that what is happening to Vikas is karma. But do you know d whole story. Ek haath se tali nahi Bajti. N whatever she is doing..constantly poking, making fun, kutta bolna, chai pe kuch Daldena, Ben k tshirt pe chai dalna, sote waqt chappal rakhna etcetc the list goes on. I’m actually surprise that Vikas has dis much patience. Imagine yourself in his place. Main hoti to kabka Ek slap dekar ghar se beghar ho jati. Shilpa always start first then only he reply or fights back. I was so excited for Shilpa n I was supporting her but she really disappointed me. I think she is mentally unstable or have split personality. Unko only Vikas ne hi nahi baaki serial me se V nikala Ja chuka. Her behaviour showed how difficult it must have been to work with her. I don’t think she is professional at all. Yaha pe serial banane walo se to problem hai he upar se south walo ko v nhi chora. Remember when she was saying abt a shooting underwater karna tha south wale sab chor hai. Wat is dis…sab me problem. I mean that’s ur job agar nhi karna tha to pahle he mana kar dete. I just don’t understand either jaha pe v woh shooting karne jati hai all d producers or makers are wrong n she alone is right or its the other way around. N I think it’s d later.

    1. Drvidhi

      That’s what my point is in my previous comments. She should realise ke Abhi haya pe vo game khelne ayi hai apni personal problem solve karne nahi…lekin go day 1 se victim card le kar bethi hai…if she is professional she should ignore Vikas vala problem here and do other things which she is now doing. I mean abhi aaj task mai vo achha kar rahi haii…

      1. Mother of dragon

        Yes exactly. Aesi karti rahegi to future me kaun kaam dega? She should never forget that she’s an actor. You have to act accordingly. I think real life me V aise he muh me ata hai bol deti hai. It’s the maker who is the boss not the actor. Agar unnecessary demand karte rahoge to obviously u will get thrown out of the show. N looking at Shilpa..Im sure that uski v galti hai. No emotional depth, don’t know how to behave..the list goes on.

  12. Hiten ko sapna ke sath aisa nahi karna chahiye tha. sapna was to take care of his rani shilpa not arshi.And hope this week vikas will get evicted and we will get rid of this monotonous fight.

  13. Vikas gupta is the most genuine and very tolerable…shilpa is so cheap provoking vikas and making fun of him…she is not a woman enough…shame to shilpa for being such kind of woman, daughter and sister…hina is dangerous a rolling stone…love jyoti hiten and vikas…the padosis story may not last long but hope they manage to play and win the task…puneesh is rolling stone like hina

  14. Chikkoos

    Shilpa…My queen???

  15. Finally, Vikas Gupta got a dose of his own medicine…and he couldn’t handle it! This just goes to show how strong is Shilpa Shinde! They had done exactly the same thing to her and she didn’t break down even once! Wow! For a so called mentally ill person, she is exhibiting a lot of mental strength! I felt bad for Vikas Gupta though. Just like Shilpa Shinde had not deserved their collective ragging, neither did he. Hina Khan, love the way you are showing your true colours…poor show and you are coming across as an oppurtunist, as always!

    1. ARK


  16. I Really dont know , guys why you all are saying Shilpa is bad .. But one thing is Very clear after given so much to Industry if suddenly because of one Person , you will face ban , no work then what you will do .. She is a girl her image is maligned by one person , with no work from past 2 yrs then what you will do , what she is doing to him is very less please read Vikas and Parth Story as well , then you will understand what kind of person he is.

    1. ARK

      Very true.

  17. today very disappointment with heena she over react wihtout ant talk or topic vikas to ite pyr se bolra tha or bin bt smjhe paglo ki trh chilana strt kr dia disgusting or today i feel ki uski sweetness fake h bin bt p zameen p let k hasna bin bt k chilana u cant make an issue kisi ki bho personl lyf ki its wrng or vikas ne kha ki apko mujse puchna chhaiye tha shi to kha ab koi kuch bhi bole ap man loge kya or chila kr y prov kri h she did right jbki she is wrong.. priabk jayega to m jaugi to gyi q ni abhi tk i m fan of her but personly she is fake feeling bad to see her lyk this its very wrong feeling bad for vikas seriuly

  18. ARK

    In today’s episode sapna really was disappointing. Task ko task samjh k karo. Game k bare me kal badi badi baatein kar rhi thi aur aaj sab kharab kar diya kahin sportsmanship dikhi hi nhi.
    Second incident which disappointed me was sapna’s racist remark on Lucinda. She didn’t think twice before comparing her to PIGS. And the most annoying thing was that all the so called sensible people were laughing their heads off. I had started loving her but now she is showing her true colours.
    I too find vikas heena fight unnecessary. Heena was too quick to react.
    Now the task was interesting. I laughed hard when Shilpa said ” big boss humein dekhte hi reh Gye” in the confession room. Shilpa was fully in her character. Loved her so much.

  19. Yaar ash Arshi toh MATLAB….iss baaar high boss mein koi accha contestant hai hi nah I….everyone is cursing…everyone is acting like a psycho

  20. Vikas Gupta is like that team manager/ boss who hates the star performer of the team( Shilpa Shinde ) as he/she asked for a hike for all the hard work done. So to make the life of that star performer as miserable as possible the manager collaborates with other team members who obviously want to save their job and perhaps get a promotion( in this case the other contestants think that maybe after the show Vikas Gupta will cast them in one of his show as lead or supporting character, like say priyank who was acting like a protector of Vikas and got kicked, obviously he will be back soon). So they start torturing the star performer till he or she quit the company( Yet Shilpa is strong enough that she has not broken down even though she is totally isolated in the house and none support her, Arshi nah not much of a friend). Finally the other team members also realize how cunning the team manager is and they can’t get any help from the manager so even they start to quit the job. Like in this case housemates relaized that what Vikas is. A snob.

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