Bigg Boss 11 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sabyasacchi becomes new captain

Bigg Boss 11 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 39 (continued)
Arshi says to Luv that bouncer is back?
Priyank says to Hina that Luv is not giving right reaction, he is looking weak.
Luv comes to Vikas and says do your work. Vikas says I am doing my work. Vikas says to Luv that I am forgiving you from heart, its affecting you thats why you are doing all this. Luv says do what you wan. Vikas says I dont have to do anything, you will be served here.
Hiten says to Hina that I am hungry and they are fighting. Ben says they are trying to provoke. Hina says Vikas seems to be saying fight fight.
Vikas asks Luv if he is bouncer? Luv says you are jealous and scared. Vikas says I am saying sorry from heart, I forgave you, leave.
Aakash says to Shilpa that you should have problem with Vikas. Shilpa says

I am saying from before that Vikas is a gamer, I wont be part of it. Aakash says you are champion, remain happy, dont take tension.
Luv says to Vikas that if you think I will raise hand and leavethen you are wrong.Vikas says India will throw you without giving votes.
Hina says to Hiten that Priyank is silent when Vikas is fighting. Hiten says Vikas have asked him to not talk in his matters. Hina says they have put rods in jail because Vikas can run away.
Arshi asks Luv to get lost, bouncer go away. Priyank says to Vikas that what are you getting by doing all this? Vikas says he taunted me to make Hina laugh? Priyank says it ended, why you are continuing? Vikas says I am not talking to him.

Punessh says to Arshi that if you ask Luv what game is going on then he wont know. Luv comes there. Puneesh makes him sit and asks what you think, how game is going on? Luv says you tell me. Puneesh says dont take it personally, dont misunderstand, I will talk alone. Luv says talk when you want, he leaves. Aakash says Luv knows nothing, he is like kid that doesnt even know meaning of chocolate, Puneesh says he is dumb.

Hina says to Priyank and Luv that Vikas wont talk to me directly, if he has problem then talk to me, he said Luv that I did all this in house. Priyank says Vikas is not always right. Hina says who is Vikas that everyone is complaining to him? Priyank says no one.

Vikas says to Sapna that Hina is elder, more elder than me but she is not mature, she took my name that I gave idea in rocket task when I went out of rocket to hold towel for her.
Hina says to Priyank that Vikas wants to dictate but it cant happen with me.
Sapna says Priyank doesnt understand if you try to make him listen, he doesnt try to listen maybe because of game or group. Vikas says agreed.
Hina says to Luv that Vikas thought we planned all this fight. Luv says he goes behind Shilpa. Hina says he keeps roaming around her.
Vikas says to Sapna that Hina is insulting girls, Luv did mistake, Sapna says Luv did cheap thing. Vikas says Hina asked him.

Hina says to Luv that Vikas have no image, not bad or good and that is scaring so I stay away from him.

Ben asks Hina if she is mad with Priyank? he is very good friend, I didnt have friend like that, we were not close before. Hina says I understand special bond but I see special something else too, you dont behave like that with friend, he is very protective of you. Ben says it must be in show. Hina says it is a liking, he does like you. Ben says I think so. Hina says I can see it, Ben says please be silent. They laugh.

Day 40
Inmates wake up to song mein khiladi.. tu anari.. all dance.

Priyank says to Hiten that Aakash says Hiten is loser. Hiten says its their bad time now, he deflated in task and now talking about loser? Hina laughs. Hiten says now my personality is changed. Priyank says he changed in jail. Hiten says they sent Kali charan in jail and now Kalia will come out. Hina says Bandagi said to send Hiten. Hiten says ask her to apply bleach. Hina laughs and says Hiten is on fire, she is always with facepack. Hiten says ask Puneesh to bring facepack for her, Puneesh is her boy, he mimics Puneesh, all laugh.

Arshi says to Shilpa and Aakash that Vikas is better than Hina, Vikas always say that Hina is worst woman and Shilpa is better. Shilpa says he knows I am good, Arshi says if he says sorry then forgive him. Shilpa says I forgave him infront of cameras, I just asked him to say he is sorry, he made mistake, i will forgive you, but he doesnt accept, even on saturday, I got everything with love, people understood things and what is exactly Vikas, he has too much power, he can do anything outside.

Luv asks Aakash how are you frog? Aakash says you put me down and I will rise again. Luv says you do everything and then dont accept it, I stand up for right thing. Luv says I stood for you when you were right. Aakash says you just keep saying what they ask you to. Luv says you do that too, I have problem with Vikas, he took your shield. Aakash says you messed with wrong person. Luv says when he took your shield, you tried to mess with him and now scared? I have no problem with you or Puneesh.

Sapna will be part of task, she will get her egg to give to anyone of contender but she will be referee of task too. Inmates locked in jail will be part of task from jail only, Ben, Hina and Hiten will have one egg for them to give to one contender. Arshi says they have no value. Ben says you will how that one egg becomes more important.

Sapna gives egg to everyone.
Shilpa says to Arshi that we can make Sabya captain and see what he can do. Arshi says no we should make Aakash captain. Aakash says you always to this Shilpa, you take things from me. Shilpa says we will do what you want. Mehjabi says to Aakash that they will make us our eggs useless, you are star so you can do always better but we have to make it useful.
Hina says to Luv that lets make Sabya captain. Luv says I have to break Bandagi and Puneesh’s eggs.
Mehjabi says to Shilpa that Luv was not talking to me for days and now came to me and asked who I am giving egg so I said I will give to Aakash.

Buzzer plays, Ben taunts Aakash. Hina says planning and plotting wont work, beg for it. Sapna comes to Sabya and gives her egg to him, she says take care of it, its not mine anymore so you care for it. Sabya takes it.

Luv says to Priyank and Sabya that Aakash have majority. Luv says Shilpa, Puneesh, Arshi and Mehjabi are with me.
Aakash says to his group that we can make Bandagi captain. Shilpa says I want to make Sabya captain instead of Bandagi. Bandagi says they will break Aakash’s eggs. Puneesh says I can break Sabya’s eggs.

Priyank says to Hina that if Puneesh doesnt give egg to Bandagi then I will taunt him. Hiten says Puneesh will not have bed to sleep then, they laugh.

Shilpa says to Arshi that Bandagi wont do any work, Sabya deserves to become captain, time will tell whose side he will take.

Hina says to Sapna that ask Sabya to be fair. Sapna says to Sabya that we took eggs from behind and gave you so be fair, Sabya laughs.

Shilpa comes to Sabya and gives her egg to him. Sapna says wow Shilpa? she gives her a kiss on cheek. Hiten says this is game, Vikas told Puneesh’s group that they wont have majority of eggs so they are making Sabya captain.

Shilpa says to Aakash that we have to give Sabya chance, they were shocked to see me giving egg to Sabya. Bandagi says they thought you were going to break his eggs.
Mehjabi and Arshi gives their eggs to Sabya. Mehjabi says I am always with you Sabya.
Mehjabi and Arshi comes to Vikas and others, Arshi says I wanted to see this reaction of them, they are shocked. Vikas says to Bandagi dont worry, lets do it. Bandagi says I will give Vikas’s egg to Sabya. They come to Sabya. Puneesh jokes that we came to break eggs. Vikas says Bandagi is giving my egg to Sabya, Bandagi gives him. Shilpa says you deserve to be captain. Vikas whispers something to Sabya. Vikas comes to Hiten and says we could have broken the eggs but I dont want them to win, Sabya will be best captain, Bandagi did fine. Hina says they gave us so much power that they couldnt plan anything, Aakash couldnt be captain now too. Ben says what kind of friends you have Aakash?

Aakash comes to bedroom and says to camera that you give awya things but winner is you in end, its part of life.

Vikas puts hand around Sabya. Priyank says to Vikas that we are supporting Sabya so you dont have to say that only you are supporting. Sapna asks Vikas to stay away from Sabya’s eggs. Priyank says we dont trust Vikas. Hina asks Luv to go there too, we dont trust Vikas at all. Luv comes there too. Vikas says to Priyank that I am not doing anything. He takes Sabya away from his egg nest. Priyank and Luv protects his eggs. Vikas says we have already given all eggs. Priyank says wow so big heart you have. Vikas says I am talking to Sabya, you dont have to argue. Hina asks Sabya to stay at his nest. Sapna comes to Sabya’s nest, she asks everyone to move away, Vikas says dont teach me. Sapna says I am doing my work, you have more mind than me but its my duty to tell you to stay away from nest. Buzzer plays. Task ends. Bandagi hugs Sabya. Everyone congratulates Sabya. Shilpa, Arshi and Aakash sings bang bang for Sabya. They all laugh. Bandagi says golden egg of jail didnt work out. Priyank takes Sabya’s eggs, Sapna says leave them. Bigg boss congratulates Sabya and says we are giving him an important power, he can take one inmate out of jail and end that person’s punishment. Sabya says I want to free Hiten because he is less deserving to be there. Ben and Hina hugs Hiten and says we will miss you. Sabya brings Hiten out of jail.

Hina says Bigg boss why we are not coming out of jail? this is pissing me off, they break rules and are taken out of jail in morning, Ben says I am with you, Hina says this is wrong, I am pissed off, really pissed off.

Ben says Bigg boss this is too much, take us out. Bigg boss says to inmates that Ben and Hina’s time in jail has ended, Sabya bring them out. Ben says I love you Bigg boss. Hina says not fair. Hina gives her things to Priyank and Luv. They bring it in house. Shilpa says arent they ashamed at all? helping is different.
Ben says Bigg boss I am happy, thank you.

Shilpa is working in kitchen. Arshi is dancing around Hina. Hina says remain away from me, you are desperate, you are too insecure, take footage from others. Arshi laughs around her. Hina says when I throw whole bucket on you then you will know. Arshi says her blood is boiling. Hina says desperate unclean take on someone else. Arshi laughs and keeps staring Hina and says she is my big sister. Hina glares at her. Arshi says she is left alone now.

Hiten reads task to inmates, three male inmates will pass obstacles in garden and the one to clear it will become man of the series. There will be three pairs Priyank-Ben, Puneesh-Bandagi, Aakash-Arshi. First male inmate will pass obstacle then female inmate will wash his face, they pair which do this task first will win.

Hina asks Priyank to tie his shows nicely, Priyank says I know. Hina hugs him and says he has gone mad.
Bandagi says to Puneesh that you win or Aakash, I dont care, I will be happy, I dont want Priyank and Ben to win.

Priyank starts task, he passes obstacles and comes to Ben. Ben washes his face, Hiten says they completed task in 56 seconds. Puneesh is second, he starts running through obstacles, crawls from under them and comes to Bandagi. Bandagi washes his face. Hina says wash his neck too, Bandagi says Ben didnt do it. Hiten says did completed is 45seconds. Arshi and others start dancing. Aakash is only in boxer briefs and start dancing, all laugh. Hiten says Aakash get ready. Aakash starts task, he runs throught obstacles. Arshi washes his face with too much water. They complete task in 40seconds. Aakash and Arshi starts running and jumping around, they run and jump in pool, all laugh. Hiten brings gift box. Hina says to Ben that you took too much time in washing his face, Priyank says it doesnt matter. Hiten says Arshi and Aakash are men of season, he gives them gift box. Aakash says all are flop infront of me.
Ben jumps on Priyank’s back and says you ran fast.
Aakash and

PRECAP- In weekend ka vaar, Kapil comes to house. He jokes with everyone. Arshi ask in sultry voice if he wants to eat egg? Kapil looks appalled and says why would I eat egg? all laugh. Kapil asks Shilpa why she came in Bigg boss? Shilpa says time was bad. All laugh, Vikas rolls his eyes. Kapil says there will be statues of inmates here, you have to make their walk alright by kicking the statue. There are statues of inmates in living area, whom you dont like, you can give reason and kick that inmate’s statue. Aakash angrily kicks Priyank’s statue. Arshi says Hina is most fake person of house, she kicks and breaks her statue. Hina shakes her head.
Salman asks who provoke who? Arshi says Hina provoked everyone, she planned all this fight. Salman says first time I agree with Arshi. Hina says no no no..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hiten was on fire today ???
    He was hilarious. Kela Wala face pack lana.

    Dear Hina
    Agar big boss ne kan me khus phus ke liye Mana Kiya Hai toh English me baat karne SE bhi Mana Kiya Hai. Vo yaad nahi rehta Kya ?

    And seriously kitni insecure ho tum vikas see
    Vikas ne ye Kiya
    Vikas NE vo Kiya
    Bro he is way better than you accept that and move on.
    And Hina ko uske Papo ki saza Bigg boss ne Diya tabhi itni der jail me rakha ????

    Hina bechari ka ego bhi satisfy nahi hua coz koi nahi aaya uske pass captaincy ke liye
    And bwuhahahahahahahaha jahaaa Priyank no first Ana Tha last aya bechara task me awwwwwwww

    Luv faltu me bidha vikas see footage ka bhooka bechara and Priyank faltu me kyu pange le raha Tha vikas se.

    Vikas ne Jo Jo bola na Hina ke liye Sahi bola
    Tum girl power karti ho for ladhki ke bare me bakwas bhi karti ho
    You are cheap and a hypocrite babe
    Accept it.

    And bheek mango hamse ??? Ab mai bolungi
    Tum apna class dikha rahi ho
    Kapdhe fadh ke kaam milega , uski family thukegi uspe , uske kapdhe aise Hai

    Ye sab tum bolti hoo isse tumhara class dikhta hai.

    PS:- I loved shilpa and vikas’s convo today

    But Hina ko ab inki friendship SE bhi dikkat haiPichle Saturday khud bol rahi thi no out Karo bhaut hua ab bechara Kar raha Hai toh fir dikkatMake up your mind Hina khan

    1. Agreed to you about hina

    2. Neeru

      @vidu…. Some say shilpa is bossing over akash nd puneesh…
      Evn though they call her mummy,, akash nd puneesh hv thier own opinions nd shilpa nvr rule them…
      – But hina nd her gang’s case is different… Thats nt frndship… Thats following… Nd actually i dnt blame hina…. Priyank, luv nd ben are the stupid ones…. They allow her to use them… Why will nt she do so then…?
      – Hina’s bossy nature during today’s episode…
      Hina – ja ja bol ki vikas pe barosa nhi hai..
      Luv – priynk hai wahan..
      Hina – Aree priyank kaafi nhi hai tu bhi jaa…
      Luv going to intrfere..


      Hina – luv,, priyank pakado ye…
      Luv nd Priyank carrying all her stuffs inside..
      Shilpa – dekho kaise saaman leke aa rhe hai…

      Hv nvr seen shilpa use her “bachchas” in dis way….

      1. @Neeru completely agree?

    3. Ekdm 1000000% true wat u said…
      Rest are better….arshi is playing good…hiten awesome…vikas-shilpa will end up being frnd…Akash -hilarious ???????overall good…epi..hated the 1-2 epi of the week…n waiting for todaysm..kapu is back….

  2. Firstly I new it sabya will be new captain of the house…secondly precap was amazing… Waiting waiting waiting for tomorrow’s epi desperately…gonna love it for sure….now my tiger will hunt…woohooo salman sir will take class of inmates

  3. Samaira_khan

    Uff.. This was seriously amazing I loved it.. From starting.. Of this episode.. I m hating Hina and Ben.. So negative personalities.. Cheap.. I’m really happy for arshi and group.. They rock!!
    Priyank.. He has nothing left to do.. Hina ‘s doggy..
    I was sooooo happy when arshi and Akash won.. U r the best guys.
    Vikas Shilpa. MI make me confuse all the time..
    Hina is the most worst and cheap contestant.. She is talking with Ben.. Tht Priyank likes her ND all.
    Ewww cheap thinking she is talking all this Bulls hit.. By still knowing Tht Ben and Priyank r in relationship with some other persons.. Outside the house..
    She is also the most jealous person..
    Precsp-first time eagerly waiting.. After hearing Salman ‘s dialog

  4. Really don’t know what Salman is going to tell tomorrow.if he had the courage to tell in front of Hina that she is wrong I will be happy.i loved the way everyone support sabbya and he made hiten out of the jail.good decision.
    I loved the way Shilpa said about luv and priyank carring blankets.they really look like dogs.i loved the way aaksh laughed.
    Akash and aarshi won the was another slap on Hina face bcoz she could not digest it.ther she was b*t*hing against ben

  5. Hina ko Vikas aur Shilpa k ek saath hone se kya problem hai.Uski jalan saaf dikh rahi thi.Bol rahi hai Vikas acha bhi nahi bura bhi nahi to fir kya hai?…
    Lagta hai Hina gang ke karma time chal rahe hai.Un logo ne socha Shilpa aur sab Akash ya Bandagi ko captain banane k koshish karenge lekin aisa nahi hua??? aur eggs todne k plan fail…
    Task mein Puneesh aur Akash Priyank ko harakar kamal kiya.Priyank bada rodie bankar firta tha aur itna bura har hua…
    Hope Vikas aur Shilpa apne beech k differences clear karenge?…
    Salman to kal Hina ki wat laganewala hai.Waiting for tomorrow’s episode.

  6. Hina is trying hard to play game and to become mastermind ……………

  7. Hahaha ROFL LOL , Hina your truth is out, your Salman sir didn’t support you. Now tell him one second one second but its of no use glycerine drama queen.

    1. Salman sir is not always right

      1. He is…coz he n the bb team has access to 24hrs footage…n dy know better who is right n wrong…days why…things start on sat….n some end on Saturday…he clarifies who is right n wrong…coz ppl tend to forget wat day spoke abt…the previous day.

  8. i hate hina.. She is shit… Luv nd priyank are his doggi.. Wo he in dono ko chala rahi hai.. She is frustrated nd jealous lady
    Mom of luv nd priyank nd called shilpa mom…. Mera hina ko peetne ka bahut mann hota hai… I love arshi nd akaash…

    1. @tanya: loved u comment. Peetne ka mann hota hai. Bwahahaha. Puneesh was right. Ye apna celebrity status khone aayi hai. Hahahha

  9. Hina… Ben ko use kar rahi hai.. Hina aab priyank nd ben koo dosti se pyar main lana chah rahi hai by knowing dat both r in in relation outside… Hina u r playing dirty… U r commenting on teeth of punish nd bandagi face pack.. U desperste women.. Can’t u c ur bf.. Oh sorry u r actual doggi….. Who is fighting wid ur haters…..

  10. hina I hate u.worst , diplomat, cunning contestant, too much attitude, ugly, jealous of Vikas.plz bigg boss throw hina khan out of house.

  11. Twitter kabari saying that Sabbya and mejabin got out.they should have given two more weeks to sabbya.very unfair.

  12. Help guys. Arshi sings a song budhapa budhapa to taunt hina. I know this song have different lyrics.i have been trying to recall the original song. But I can’t.if anyone know please tell me.

    1. Sarara Sarara

    2. Sharara… Sharara.. Main hoon ek shares…

    3. Sarara Sarara song by Asha Bhosle

    4. Jisha

      Sharara…sharara…me Hun ek…sharara
      From meri yaari ki shadi hai

    5. Sarara sarara…Sarara sarara…

    6. Thank you so much guys. Ab jaake Mann ko shanthi mili

  13. If luv and priyank are hinas doggies then what is Akash to shilpa and puneessh to Ganddgii? Seriously I don’t know why people are hating on hina so much like if all the others are saint

    1. Akash has an individual opinion on most matters and I think he is very clear about the ppl he likes and hate. Shilpa had a prblm with Vikas but Akash never taunted him or bullied him becoz Shilpa don’t like him. They are playing different game and have different targets if you ask me.Coming to puneesh, I think better than to call him a doggie.. let’s say he is blinded by love

      1. Really Akash never bullied vikas? When vikas was in jail shilpa and Akash bullied him so much and when shilpa said to give ur money in the task Akash did and same way today he wanted to be the captain but shilpa said to make sabyasachi as the captain and he blindly agreed so I don’t know what ur talking about and yea puneessh is so blinded in love that he doesn’t know his limits on national tv they’re always under one blanket say and night and keep saying how he feels like doing something (s*x) all the time to this gandgi atleast hina is not characterless.

  14. LOL the moment hina told luv to go help priyank protect Sabyas eggs, he got up right away. They are hinas DOGS!
    I hope Salman Khan gives Hina a good class tomorrow. If not, i will stop watching BB

  15. i love u soooooooooo much priyank plz pyaar mein mat padna achai sai game khelo hina is using u why u r not understanding i want u to won the big boss play the fr game

    1. Unfortunately his brain and heart going in wrong direction.., that portray him as a dumb arrogant, good for nothing contestant

  16. Honestly speaking, although I don’t like Hina at all but it’s wrong to blame only her for wat Ben, luv n Priyank r doing. Wo log v dudh pitey bacche nahi hai. Unlog ki khud ki personality he aisi hai dts y they r together. Khud k paas he dimag nahi hai to dusro ko kyu bole? N Luv jo attitude dikhata hai na man karta hai kheech k ek du. Chaura me aah, phar dunga, ye kardunga. Kuch to hai nhi..pehle week me he was literally begging to Akash n Co to give him vote ki usne kuch nhi kiya life me aur ab baat karta v nhi dhang se. N Priyank n luv befaltoo ka footage k liye Vikas se larne ka plan sabko dikh raha hai. N ds Sapna too. Jab priyank n luv sabya k paas khara tha tab to kuch problm nhi hua aur jab Vikas khara tha to sabki problm ho gayi? Wo sapna he thi jo first boli thi ki Vikas ka plan tha rocket se utarne ka. Uske baad lier Hina ha me ha karne lagi. Newayz loved d way Vikas was talking abt Arshi n Hina. Not really excited for wkw after what salman did to Shilpa n vikas matter. Last time everyone was criticizing him be it on twitter or his instagram accnt so I hope usne ye sab dekha ho aur iss baar bias nahi ho ?

    1. Seriously? Ppl were criticising salman for that wkw? Nice to knw. I hated him dat day

      1. @Indian yes.. They were ?

    2. Hina ka career toh gaya… Uske sath an koi kaam Karna pas and nhi karega…ppl will think ye director KO manipulate krne gamare role ki importance kaam kar degi…

      1. Ab to usey Vamp ka role he milega.. Tab v bolegi sab Vikas ki wajah se ?

  17. That song is sharara.. sharara… Main hoon ek sharara…

  18. Abhishek! you are right i love your comment.

  19. Actually I was a silent reader till now but today I really want ki I should comment .. this hina is really a diplomatic person such a hypocrite .. means she has to take vikas’ name everywhere I think only one answer she knows for everything that is vikas .. yrrr it’s clearly seen ki u was first one who planned to come out from rocket secretly .. nd then u r blaming vikas .. such a mad lady she is .. lier..

  20. Really aj kal sapna kuchh zyada hi ban ri h. Usko abhi b samajh ni a ra ki wo galat logo ka sath de ri h. Bada bolti h ki dhang se baat karo ye wo aur jab khud ka muh kholti h to ganda hi bolti h. She is also a puppet of hina.
    About episode big boss is getting interesting day by day. Arshi aj kal jo kr ri h maja ata h jab hina jalti h.
    Hina bada vikas k bare me bolti thi ki shilpa to maja kr ri h kyu irritate hota h vikas. Ignore and ye wo. Mere sath koi aisa ni kar sakta but ab jab khud k sath ho ra h to handle ni kr pa ri. Arshi to fir b shilpa ki tarah extreme ni kar ri. Badboodar chhipkali is d right word for her.

  21. Honestly speaking, although I don’t like Hina at all but it’s wrong to blame only her for wat Ben, luv n Priyank r doing. Wo log v dudh pitey bacche nahi hai. Unlog ki khud ki personality he aisi hai dts y they r together. Khud k paas he dimag nahi hai to dusro ko kyu bole? N Luv jo attitude dikhata hai na man karta hai kheech k ek du. Chaura me aah, phar dunga, ye kardunga. Kuch to hai nhi..pehle week me he was literally begging to Akash n Co to give him vote ki usne kuch nhi kiya life me aur ab baat karta v nhi dhang se. N Priyank n luv befaltoo ka footage k liye Vikas se larne ka plan sabko dikh raha hai. N ds Sapna too. Jab priyank n luv sabya k paas khara tha tab to kuch problm nhi hua aur jab Vikas khara tha to sabki problm ho gayi? Wo sapna he thi jo first boli thi ki Vikas ka plan tha rocket se utarne ka. Uske baad lier Hina ha me ha karne lagi. Newayz loved d way Vikas was talking abt Arshi n Hina. Not really excited for wkw after what salman did to Shilpa n vikas matter. Last time everyone was criticizing him be it on twitter or his instagram accnt so I hope usne ye sab dekha ho aur iss baar bias nahi ho ?

    1. Who are you n y did u copied my comment lol ?

  22. Silipa is a genuine player. Her role in Babajee could not be replaced by an appropriate actress.

  23. I realy loved last episode…. More than half an hour hina and ben were in jail??
    Hina s good at instigating and she was doing it through out episode…

    Loved when shilpa and Vikas talk each other.. Shilpa agreed to Vikas that he never lied inside BB??
    It was shilpa’s idea to make sabya captain… And she made Acash understand it With love…. Same way Vikas supported Bandagi to do so and be the real winner….
    Both Acash and bandagi wanted captaincy…. I wanna see everyone as captain…. Sabko ek Mauka milna chahiye .. No need of repeated captains…
    Hina tells Sabya ” we’r making u win..,so be fair ” ???
    She thought only her team wil support sabya…
    When everybody donated their eggs to sabya ….hina ,priyank, luv and ben were not happy…. They realy wanted to break others eggs… Shilpa knew it already..
    She avoided A major drama there….?
    Sapna was alwas a waste…she wil remain till her eviction..
    She had no problem when priyank and luv stood near sabya… The way she talked to Vikas is disgusting… I wanna slap this lady

    And priyank and luv.. Kya bolun inke bare mein..I too called them hina’s puppets before… But today while guarding Sabya’s nest they were indeed looked like ‘doggies’ ??

    The only face I dnt wanna see on screen s Luv Tyagi….
    Sad tht he’l stay and mehjabi or sabya wil go… Ben wil b safe too as she started new feelings for priyank…?

    When ben was taunting Acash , he replied smartly that ‘ jaise paise dhan diya waise egg bi…’
    Shameless Ben, only bcs of Acash she could be a contender last week…
    I find only Arshi and Acash as entertainers most of the time….
    Sometimes shilpa s good sometimes she goes beyond humanity….
    Vikas – master of brilliance and great ideas…?
    Hina and team r worst…. They create fights only….
    Hiten s still spineless… He can’t b leader but a follower only unlike his wife wishes…

    Arshi and akash won last match…, priyank and ben were last????….. Hina was☹:|

    I tooo laugh when arshi starts laughing???
    & her ‘ budhapa ‘ song??….
    Jus see how much arshi changed from 1 st week to 6 th week …. ???? her journey is from worse to good
    That of Hina s from good to worst….. I dnt know what to cal her next level…??‍♀

    1. Agreed to each n every point. Arshi and akash are the entertainers. Shilpa smtimes good smtimes worst. Vikas very intelligent decent and graceful. Real player who knows how to play without getting dirty. Awsm he is

      1. Yess.. He s awesome 🙂

  24. Ye priyank apne ap ko kya samjhta hai uski to aisi asliyat samne aai hai show k andar hero bnkr ek bar out hua tha ise vapas aana ni chahiye tha show me kuki ab k bar ise koi puchega bhi ni bs kuch teenagers k siva jinhe sirf ladko k handsome hone se mtlb hota hai ab bat krte hai hiten ki he is a chuglkhor aunty wo kisi k samne stand ni leta bcz sbse dosti bnaye rakhna chahte hai spinlesss admi koi opinion hi ni sb usko suljha hua khte hai bt he is playing game only aur wo us insan ki tarah hai jise bahar koi puchta hi ni to apne do dosto k samne sbki acting kr k khud ko tasalli de do.salman apni shooting me busy rhta hai pta ni show follow krta hai ya bigg boss ki bnayi script padhta hai to jyada ummed to ni hai usse jo vikas k sath hua use dekhkr bt hope thoda bhut to sch bole.sapna dusro ki ek line bardast ni krti tameez ki baat krti hai jbki uski jaban sirf jahar uglati hai na koi kam krte dikhti na koi personality bs batmeezi kro aisa mindset ni hota ek strong lady ka so dont call this lady stong its insult of those ladies who are strong enough.last bt not least vikas is best n usko aur shilpa ko tareeke se vat krte hue dekhna gud feeling n arshi aur akash chahe jaise ho entertain solid krte hai khi khi pr.

    1. Yes Aditi bilkul sahi kaha Priyank ko wapas aana hi nhi chahiye tha.. Jb second time WO aaya to I was happy but WO to vikas se hi ladhai karne laga.. Or Sapna iske baare me kya hai isko sirf bolna aata hai or kuch nhi aata WO kehte h na “Garajte badal baraste nhi”bas wahi haal hai sapna madam ka

    2. Mast comment. Ek dum I feel exactly the same.

  25. Vikas said few weeks ago
    ” Ab Mujhe samjh agya hai k yeh game kese khailte ha ”
    Os k bad se na os ne shilpa ko pehle ki trha answer kia na hi khud kisi fight me involv huwa
    But i know ur game vikas
    U r a loser
    And thank u @Atiba

  26. @Huma i love to read ur comments
    i see u most sense able viewer of bigg boss and thank u hina hater ko facts btane k liye
    I also love Hina
    Sb se best cheez about her
    Os me koi negativity nhi daikhi me ne
    Os ne ben ki side li Q k wo janti thi k yeh sb mill kr Ben ko corner kre ga
    Or yeh batain ap log sb chor do k ap aik ghr me reh rhe ho or ap ladai se bach jao phr b
    Hr koi agr hina ka naam ly
    Priyank or luv ko Kutta bolay tu kya unhay gussa nhi aye ga
    Obviously aye ga
    Arshi k sath hina ne jo kia wo bilkul thk hai Q k Arshi ne jo sb hina k sath kia ya jo sb ose bola os k bad agr hina os ki side le tu phr me Hina ko like krna chor dn
    I wish k hina arshi ko oski auqaat dikha de
    Or hina ne tu first week me hi bol dia tha k me arshi k liye stand nhi ln gi
    Arshi bol k sb krti ha tu wo theek ha
    Hina bol k b kre tu b ghalat what is this yrrr
    Slow clap for all hina haters
    And ur comments are like someone is ” TALKING TO THE WALLS “


    2. Vinistars29

      U also have a ghatiya personality like hina. Thts y ur supporting her

  27. mujhe toh smjh nhi ata ki hina ne tum logo ka kya bigada hai jo har baat main hina hi galat hai or toh sare dhrmatma hai bigg boss ke ghar ke ander or rhi hina ke doggy wali baat toh doggies ki kami toh shipa gang main bhi nhi hai…..punnesh is bandigi’s doggy and shipa ka doggy akash…
    And more about arshi….why people support arshi uski gandi harkato ko entertainment bolte hai hadh h kasam se………show ki sabse badi gandgi hi whi hai……………
    Priyanak you play very well……

  28. D chamge in arshi is d moment she did friendship wth vikas genuinely …evn her gang speaks bad abt vikas at tym but she sd she trist vikas vikas ka charm ….

    1. Misti, it’s true… The man’s company she chose turned her image positively…
      And priyank left same man’s company & joined the vamp….. Even his fans r disappointed by his doings now

  29. Hina khan is very cunning lady.very much selfish clever.woh apni galti kabhi nahi maanti hai.she always blame others and she also used to criticize other inmates a Lott.hina thinks she will win the show.yeh uski galat fammi hai.vikas and shilpa r playing good.puneesh and bandagi plzz u hv crossed all ur limits.stop playing intimacy.bandagi atleast think about ur parents .dnt behave like animals, jo khule mein intimacy karte ho.I hope in todays episode salman should take good lessons to cunning hina khan. Bigg boss throw hina khan out of show.

  30. Vinistars29

    Hina is the most cheapest person in the house. Ek number Ki ghatiya aurat. Please use nikalo. She doesn’t deserve to stay

  31. my opinion on whats happening:
    * guys ben/luv/priyank are not hina’s doggies
    they just support her and i f u were in pace of them wont u support you friend
    * vikas and shilpa’s fight we cant tell anything becuz it is in between them and we dont no the story yet

    *why do you guys hate hina i think she isnt that bad she irritates arshi’s group becuase they irritate her tit for tat

    *If feel sapna is playing safe
    *Akash is not funny and entertaining he is just commenting on others badly which isnt funny
    *punnesh said hina is characterless in previous and you people are saying shilpa group is entertaining

    *arshi threatend priyank that she will create problems for priyank where he stays and thats what you people think is entertaining
    *mehjabi and sabyasachi or not seen

    1. Oh really… Who talks about class and standards? She intensely birches about commoners in the house and purposefully create problems in the house? Who cries for footage that one moment u see her crying the other moment she is all jovial batching about others.. And coming to luv and priya they do t have a Brain of their own.. You are a I d fan if one of these idiots.

      1. if u see last years commoneners except 2 all of them were well mannered
        if u see this year akash and arshi they think they r entertaining and more popular than hina khan but hina has been in the industry for about 8-10 years and arshi asked who is she and she was talking about her proffession badly this what you call entertaining and let me tell you once again luv/priyank are not hina doggies if u were in place of them wont you support them .arshi beheaves inapropiately infront of camera with aakash and puneesh

        not a supporter of both the teams both have pros and cons

  32. @Vinistars29 shame on you
    hina ka fan hn iss liye tamiz se bat kr rha hn
    ap ki trha personal comment nhi krn ga
    hina tu show jeetay gi jo krna ha jo bolna ha bol lo
    @Bc well said great

  33. Love u salman, excellent presentation.hina khan must learn something from salman.

  34. Love u salman, excellent presentation.hina khan must learn something from salman.aaj hina KO Accha Sabakh milla.throw hinakhan out of bigg boss.

  35. Hina khan is a bigg drame bazz women.being muslim she should atleast think twice about the clothes she Islam those short, dirty clothes are not allowed to wear.for a women.sharam karo barbarian hina khan.I’m surprised dat ur parents are not ashamed of u.kya tarbiyat di hai mashaallah.heran hun mein.don’t forgett u r a muslim first and not celebrity.

  36. Hina khan is jealous of shilpa shinde a lott because shilpa is very strongl contestant including vikas dats y hina is jealous of both.hina subki badi ammi banna chahati hai.shez very much diplomatic.throw her out quickly.

  37. Hina khan is making fun of shilpa on makeup, shilpa is quite pretty, she doesnt need loads of makeup u ugly hina khan.2 shows kya kiye kuch zyaada hi attitude dikhaati hai.rocky jaiswal KO bhi apna puppet banaaya hoga.listen Rocky hina will get eliminated soon.just wait and watch

  38. I think mehjabi and sabyachi will get evicted and akash will become new captain of the house, this will frustrate him a khan a lottt enjoyyyyyyyyyy.

  39. Akash will become new captain of the house, which will frustrated hina khan more.enjoyyyyy

  40. I love Hina Khan. She is the best. You all are jealous about her.
    Hina we love you. Best of luck.

    1. Oh really.we r not celebrities jo hina se jealous honge.shaayad aapki souch bhi hina ki tarah ghatiya hai isiliye uska saath derahe ho.and listen aapko bigg boss dekhna nahi its better for u to remain silent.akhaa india jaanta hai ki hina khan is a big bundalbaaz.tkcr

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