Bigg Boss 10 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 10 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 54
The inmates wake up to the Appy Fizz theme song. Swami, Mona, Gaurav and Sahil dances.

Lopa is sleeping, alarm plays. Swami says no one is sleeping in garden, dont play cookoo, that Gaurav is taking revenge out on me, he might be captain rightnow but today it will crush down, then he will be nominated by me and will be kicked out of house by me, he has small heart and has poison in it, he was nothing infront of Manveer but i made him captain, he promised me to not lock me in jail but he did later. Rohan and Lopa laughs.

Bigg boss says Lopa and Swami’s time in jail has ended, Gaurav free them. Gaurav opens jail. Swami hugs him and says i was just acting forgive me, Lopa asks if he is acting now? he says no.


boss says to inmates that Priyanka had highest points in taxi task so she is one contender for captaincy. Gaurav, Niti and Lopa had same highest points so we ask the contestants to nominate the second contender for captaincy from amongst Gaurav, Lopamudra and Nitibha who will compete against Priyanka.

Gaurav says to Lopa and Niti if they have any suggestion how to take mutual decision? Lopa says if we select one from among us then they will agree.
Priyanka says to Manveer that Lopa will loose again.
Lopa says to Gaurav that we have experience with Priyanka, we should take decision, we cant bear Priyanka as captain. Swami says you cant remove her from being contender, Gaurav says let us discuss it, Swami says you cant remove her.
Sahil says to Bani that why they are discussing it?
Gaurav says to Rahul that you all should vote, we wont be there, Niti says no i want to be there and listen reasons for voting. Rahul says to Lopa that i will vote for Gaurav because he has majority, Lopa says go with majority then, let them see that Gaurav got your votes too and i didnt get any vote, dont explain anything to me if you want to walk in caravan.

Jason, Bani, Sahil, Rahul votes for Gaurav. Rohan votes for Lopa. Swami votes for Gaurav, Mona votes for Gaurav. Manveer votes Niti. Priyanka votes for Niti. Gaurav tells Bigg boss that i am selected for captaincy task. Lopa says to Priyanka that you are becoming captain because of my charity, i like to give beggars money, i have given charity to you, Swami says she snatched it like me, Priyanka says let me talk. Priyanka says shame on you that Niti got two votes but you got one vote only, Lopa says you beggar, loser, Priyanka says Niti is playing better than you.

Priyanka says to Manveer that i called Lopa loser. Manveer says to Sahil that Rahul doesnt have stand like Swami. Sahil says we asked Lopa to not take things personally.
Lopa is crying, Rohan asks what? are you crying because of Priyanka? Lopa says no i am crying because of Rahul, i take him as my father but he just walked in caravan. Swami comes to Priyanka and jokes that Lopa is crying like a child, Priyanka laughs.

Rohan says to Rahul that even Priyanka taunted her that Lopa got one vote only. Rahul comes to Lopa and says i know you are upset and you should be, atleast look at me, Lopa weeps, Rahul says please, she doesnt look at him and silently cries, Rahul is sad too, Lopa says you dont need to give attention to me, Rahul says i understand that you are disappointed with me, Lopa walks away from him.

Manveer asks Mona if she is something else in heart and something else on face? you can support anyone you want, Mona says i dont point whom you support so why you are pointing at me? Manveer says why should i vote for Gaurav when i have option? Mona says i dont see Priyanka or Niti as captain so i didnt give them vote, Manveer says i am not asking you to vote for them, Mona says you do what you want, Manveer says what you think is right is not right for others.

bigg boss ask inmates who is contender they have chosen for captaincy task? he asks Manveer to tell name. Manveer says its Gaurav chopra. Niti reads captaincy task. Bigg Boss announces the Appy Fizz Feel The Fizz captaincy task wherein Gaurav and Priyanka have to select 4 supporters each to keep them raised in the air while they’re tied to a harness, their supporters will have to keep them aloft by holding harness other end tightly and save them from dropping down in the tub kept below. The contender who will land up falling in the water first will lose the game and the one hanging in the air will be the ‘Fizzy’ captain of the house. When alarm plays, any supporter can leave harness and stop supporting their contender telling Manveer reason for it. Gaurav choose Rahul, Mona, Rohan and Lopa, while Priyanka chooses Bani, Om Swami, Sahil and Nitibha. Manveer is given the duty of the Sanchaalak(referee) and Jason will not be supporter because he is sick.

All are in activity area. Contenders Gaurav and Priyanka are raised in air by their supporters pulling other end of harness. Priyanka thanks her supporters. Rahul says why buzzer is not playing. Priyanka says i love you Bani, dont leave. Bani says to Sahil that she did a lot of bad things. Priyanka says dont leave Bani. Buzzer plays, Bani says i wanna leave her support, Manveer asks reason, Bani says i have shoulder pain so i cant support her, Bani says to Priyanka that dont cry, i love you, Manveer shouts on her to not cry. Bani leaves and says to Swami and Sahil that dont let go. Priyanka asks Sahil to keep pulling her harness, Bani says Sahil this game is about sympathy. Niti says to Sahil that if you leave then how will you look on national Tv. Swami begs him to keep pulling. Buzzer plays again, Niti asks him to not give up, you are soft target. Bani says to Sahil that we dont owe anything to anyone in this game, leave if you want. Manveer says to Sahil that all are shouting Sahil’s name and Sahil you should not leave. Priyank cries and says i beg you Sahil, dont leave. Buzzer plays again, Bani supports Gaurav’s team and cheer for them, Rohan is pulling Gaurav’s harness and says dont quit it for me, Lopa says you leave it, we wont. Lopa asks Bani to help Rohan, he has hand rupture. Gaurav says to Sahil that see what they are doing with Rohan, they are torturing him. Manveer says to sahil that they are not leaving support and asking you to leave it. Bani asks Sahil to think from heart, think about who has good heart among them. Swami says Bani if you dont stop instigating then your mother will die. Bani shouts on Swami in task that how dare you say that my mother will die? who the hell are you? Bani yells. Bani says what the F8ck, who the hell are you? this upset Bani greatly and she threatens to sabotage the task. However, Manveer stops her. Manveer shouts on her to go and sit, dont touch harness, Bani says its about my mother, she yells, Swami says i apologize Bani. Bani shouts on Priyanka too, how dare you talk about mother? Manveer says dont touch harness, Bani says what if he said about your mother? Manveer says your mother is my mom too, handle him later but dont touch harness, Bani shouts on Niti that you are supporting this guy? she says i am supporting Priyanka. Sahil quits task too. Rohan is in immense pain but doesnt leave Gaurav’s support. Gaurav’s knee touches water tub, he falls in water. Manveer hugs Swami and Niti. Swami says my daughter Niti. Bani says you cant say anything, i cant forgive this. Manveer announces that Priyanka Jagga is winner, Priyanka hugs him. Gaurav hugs her too. Bigg boss says Priyanka is new captain of house, we congratulate her.

Bani says to Jason that Swami said your mother will die, this is so wrong, how can he say these things?
Niti hugs Rahul and says i wanted to prove that i am not weak, Rahul says you over-shadowed everyone, Priyanka hugs her. Niti says do captaincy well now, Priyanka says i should take rest now.
Bani says to Mona that you did good job, Niti doesnt have strength but Sahil could have left earlier then they would have lost.
Gaurav asks Swami to think what you did with Bani. Niti says to Swami that you should say sorry to her, Swami cries and says i will sit in her feet, Swami goes.
Bani says to Mona that did you listen what Swami said to me? Mona says he is filthy man, Bani says he said that my parents will die, how can he say that? even then Niti was supporting him. Swami comes there, Bani says dont show your fake tears. Swami says i am sorry for that, i am human, Bani shouts that i dont care, i am human too, Swami says you betrayed Priyanka, Bani says Priyanka knows my real reason, who the hell are you say that, she pushes Swami away, Niti says you cant touch him like this, Swami says throw her out of house, she pushed me, Niti and Manveer asks Swami to calm down, you did a lot.
Bani comes in bedroom and says how dare he call that to my mother? she has cancer, 3rd stage. Lopa brings water for Bani and asks her to drink it, Bani screams that how can he say that for my mother? do you even know anything about my mother? Lopa says nothing happens with him saying anything, calm down, Bani says i know but he cant say shit like this. Bani is agitated, Lopa asks her to calm down. Bani says i told you Bigg boss that i cant bear things like this, pack my bags if this happens here, Gaurav is agitated seeing Bani’s state and throws away chair in anger. Rohan asks him what happened to you? Gaurav is going behind Bani but Rohan hugs him.
Priyanka says to Manveer that Bani told me she can pull me doen, i will see how she pull me down. Bani comes there, Priyanka says dare you pulled me down from harness, Bani says if you are trying to tell me that your game is more important that what he said about my mother then go and leave, Priyanka says it was not my problem, why you started pulling my harness? Bani screams that you realize when someone says that about your mother? Gaurav shouts on Priyanka to realize the serverity of his words, Priyanka what was my fault? i was hanging in air, Gaurav says her mother had cancer and he is saying that she will die? Priyanka says i didnt know that.
Bani comes in garden, PRECAP,, Gaurav and Lopa runs to her, Lopa says dont do this, she tries to hold her hand but Bani jerks her away and says dont touch me, let go, Lopa says calm down. Gaurav asks Lopa to let her be, Lopa says dont hurt yourself. Bani says he cant say shit about my mother, she is breathing heavily, Priyanka says i didnt know what he said, Bani says why defend him then? Priyanka says you were pulling my harness, i didnt know what he said to you, Bani says this is not about stupid game, Bani says Manveer you were stopping me for sake of game? Manveer says she was sabotaging task, Niti says he said wrong but you pushed him, Bani says if he said about your mother then you would not do that? Niti says he was apologizing to you, Bani yells that i dont care, what would you do if he said about your mother?
Manveer says to Swami that you did great work by making Priyanka win but he destroys everything with his mother.
Jason says Swami can do anything if he can curse girls.

Gaurav says to Bani that dont forgive him, lets throw them out. Bani weeps. Bani says i dont want to loose self control over something like this, i broke someone’s leg for saying thing like that.
Swami says to Manveer that i just said you swear on mother.. Manveer says we will know on weekend but you attack parents directly. Swami says did you see she was swearing Gaurav yesterday and today supported him, Manveer says they are celebs.
Gaurav says to Sahil that how can you keep supporting person who is saying all that? Bani says Priyanka was acting like damsel in distress. Bigg boss says wear your mics and talk in hindi, Gaurav asks her to wear mic, she says give me jail punishment, i dont care, Gaurav says it doesnt matter that i lost captaincy task.

The team of Wajah Tum Ho including actors Sana Khan, Sharman Joshi and Gurmeet Choudhary visit the Bigg Boss house. Gurmeet says we brought luxury budget task for you. bigg boss welcomes them, Sana says i missed you bigg boss, Bigg boss jokes that mirrors of house missed you too, Sana laughs. bigg boss wishes them luck for upcoming movie. Gurmeet says to Gaurav that it was intense task today. They all come in lounge. Sana says this house teaches you a lot, i have come here for you all, we have arranged dinner for you. The celebrity guests go on to introduce a fun game wherein each contestant has to choose a fellow housemate who is the prime reason of their happiness, the one who is their support and feed them a brownie. Sana asks Rahul to start it. Rahul says its Lopa for me, she is miffed with me, she cried because of me, he hugs Lopa, Lopa smiles and they share brownie. Mona says my reason of happiness is Manu but he is not here so can i eat on behalf of him? Sana says so sweet. Manveer says i see many people with reason here but there is one girl who doesnt even know why she is here, so i will make her eat for that, he makes her eat Niti and says she will go ahead, all say its sweet. Niti says my friendship with Manveer has increased, he is my reason of happiness now, she makes him eat it. Bani says there is no other than Mr. Chopra, the actor, reason of my happiness, thanks for keeping me sane and making me insane, she gives him brownie. Gaurav says she is insane, little crazy and difficult, when she calls me actor, my emotions turn up and down, she keep making me question if we are friends or not but i like her the way she is, he gives her brownie. Sharman says i think now Sana will tell if movie we did, her reason of happiness for me or Gurmeet, i am taking risk as they have romantic angle in movie. Sana laughs and says dont look at me like this, i will gurmeet’s name rightnow, Sharman is like my daddy, all laugh. Bigg boss says its time for them to leave, Gurmeet hugs Gaurav, Rohan dances with Sana, Manveer dances with her too, he thanks her for coming, she says you are life, he laughs.

PRECAP- Salman gets angry on Swami and says what did you say about Bani’s mother? Swami says her mother is my mother too, Salman says you say that about your mother that she should die? Salman gets really angry on him and says you are no baba.. how dare you say that? Listen Om there is no task above Indian mother and you peed for just 50points infront of women? Sawami says Gaurav challenged me that if i can then show him if i can pee, Gaurav gets angry and shouts him to shut up, Salman yells that if you have guts then bring knife and stab Manveer with it. Debang and Karishma Tanna comes on stage. karishma says Priyanka is using Manveer calling him brother. Mona is in confession room and says i have been hurt with Manveer in last few days. Debang says Manu was like pillar of building and now its removed so building is falling. Manveer shouts on Mona that you dont trust me? Mona says i dont need to trust you, Manveer says so what, i dont care. Mona says you are saying this to me for these people? all is shown, what you are doing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. BB fan’s there is no need to take tention about the captaincy of Priyanka as I think she will be evicted this week.

  2. Omg! Priyanka jagga is the new captain. Bigg boss pls eliminate her in this week. Pls captain mat banao. She will destroy everything.

  3. Jahangirmalik

    Baba ko bahir phanko

  4. i am just crying reading the updates…now i realized why bani is so emotionally broken…OM should be thrown out along with priyanka….this happens when you try to give more than deserving attention to roadside filthy people…just wearing good clothes wont clean their tongue and behaviour…
    bigboss if doesnt take action then its really not worth watching it. prayers are with you..your mom will recover soon and nothing bad will happen to her. Be brave, stay strong!!!

    1. Sarayumane

      same yaar, i was lierally crying when i read that bani’s mother has cancer.

  5. marisha shroff

    SAHIL IS getting evicted dis week s far as i know..isaw a news related to we hv to seee this b*t*h for 2 more weeks as next week also she will nt get evicted as she is the captain

  6. Just throw baba out of the house…. He doesn’t deserve to be in there. Just for trp such people should not be given fame by bigg boss

  7. Jst so u all kno sahil would be eliminated this week .. Priyanka would be safe nd ruling the house.
    Om is a piece of shit . I hope salman kicks his ass hard tonight. How can u blo*dy say that ur mother will die. U go jump somewhere.
    Priyanka is one mad woman jumping in when knows nothing about what’s happening !
    Bani needs to stay strong.
    Nd nitibha is crazy how the hell she could support om . Om has bad mouthed each nd every contestant its high time somebody give him the taste of his own medicine.

  8. Jst so u all kno sahil would be eliminated this week .. Priyanka would be safe nd ruling the house.
    Om is a piece of shit . I hope salman kicks his ass hard tonight. How can u blo*dy say that ur mother will die. U go jump somewhere.
    Priyanka is one mad woman jumping in when knows nothing about what’s happening !
    Bani needs to stay strong.
    Nd nitibha is crazy how the hell she could support om . Om has bad mouthed each nd every contestant its high time somebody give him the taste if his own medicine.

  9. He is no baba..he is shit….how dare he saying about her mother like this….earlier also the mad man sad wrong about rohan’s father…but rohan doesn’t take strong stand like bani did….salute to bani….

  10. hate swami n so called daughter…. I really like that moment when she was begging n crying to not leave the rope…. sadly she won….hope tmrw she will evict…plzz BB throw her with his baap….cheap person alwys say bad things about other contestants as well as their family….. get a life man….who gave u the right to say abt someone’s parents….. first rohan n now bani….she pushed u…. she shouldn’t have done this….she should have slapped u…..and in task….rohan u nailed it dear….superbly performed… Wht to do…gaurav is heavier than that daku?…..I ssly don’t know Wht kind of frndship betn Mr.chopra n bani??….BTW gud news is rohan is doing really well…..Rohan rocks?

  11. sahil is evicted as per twitter. if it is so, bigg boss urs is the most biased reality show in the history. u are promoting that junglee monkey n her puppets.., y do u need our votes money.

    i seriously regret voting for you manveer, u know only one thing following others and calming down om and support him. rohan is far better than you at least stands by his childish decisions.

    niti, u are the weakest of all and u shall remain the same till the end.

    no comments on that junglee n her so called baap.

    bani, stay strong and fight back. u are the only one who can sabotage that junglee’s captaincy. i think entire celebs will help you.

    today’s episode is the proof that celebs and commoner’s are still divided.

  12. I just don’t know y I cried in this episode swami has cross his limit big boss drag him out pleas and don’t worry bani am with you

  13. One point is missed in the update.. When gaurav gave brownie to bani., sana khan said everyone outside love ur pair(bani nd gaurav)..that line is missed in the update…

    1. Right the updates are missing out those sweet gestures

  14. Please throw Pryanka n Om out of the house. Most disgusting n CHEAP people on the planet!!!

    Ye bigg boss ka ghar hai ya sulabh souchalay… everybody is ppeing spitting smoking (ofcourse smoking is not a crime but its really not necessary to show the footage on TV).

    “OM” n “Pryanka” are the most disgusting people on the show… really want to know if these people does the same thing in their own houses… spitting n peeing wherever they want especially Kitchen, if so.. Manu was right yeh kachara hai and inko ghar ke bahar hi rehna chahiye.

    It’s really shameful to watch how pryanka is treating Rohan spitting again n again on his face. Is that what she wants to teach to her “KIDS”. If u still think u hv become a celeb then forget it whenever ppl will see u they’ll remember u as a “gadhi peed on ghodi”.
    The faces she makes while fighting makes her look more UGLY!!! “DAAIN”
    OM : you are no swami, u r barely a human being. “Gandi naali ka keeda” Just because you are “60” does not give you the right to talk about someone’s DNA and abuse their parents. Would Salman himself tolerate all this shitt, if he would have been in the house.
    I don’t understand why these (colors/endemolshine)people are waiting for public’s vote to throw them out of house. If you are keeping them just for TRP then just one question… can you, yourself live with them for just one week?
    Nobody would ever want to stand next to such crappy people.
    and what’s with all the “RONA DHONA”.. why the crocodile tears??

    Otherwise to baba Bimar hota hai par jab chillane ki bari aati hai most of the time gala faad faad ke chilata hai… kisi din ghar me hi heart attack se marr jayega. So for his own goods… please sent him in “PAGALKHANA”

    Bohat hi Neech log hai ye dono Both of you belongs to gutter… dont want see them on National TV.
    Please Salman do something….

    1. Great comment ????gadhi peed on ghodi ????and agree dear i remember biggboss k kisi season mein ek bar ek chor ko bulaya tha jis per oye lucky bani hai usne itna gali galoch kiya ke inhone usko jab hi ke jab hi eliminate kar dea dont get ke baba ko itna sab karnw bad bhi bar bar gher se nikalne ke bad bhi la rhe ho gher kis khushi mein we really dont want to see him aur prenka jagga chi kis kadr gandi aurat kis tarah ate jate munh per thuk rhi hai rohan ke apna class dikha rhi hai k gutter se hi talluk hai iska i really wish ke salman kal baba ke sath sath prwnka ke uper bhi ungli uthaye waqaee ager inko rehna padta na ye log 24 ghante nahibtik pate is bap beti ke sath aur to or mujhe nitiba aur manveer ko dekhnkwr herani hui they r supporting this ullu ka patha (sorry) khasker manveer hans bhi rha tha bad mein shame on hima aur nitibha ko isi om ne kaha nominate hai panga na le myjhse to kya fasad kiya tha isne ab itni badi bat per us budhe ki side le rhi hai ke dhakka nahi de sakti bani ki jagah main hoti to ese marti ke baba marr jata

  15. You deserve to be slapped fake baba…. Aur teri beti….pata nhi apne bachho ko kya shikhati hai aisi maa jo logo pe thukti hai.

  16. This week its going to be tough for the inmates bcz jagga us captain yaar..
    Mujhe nahi pata ki inmates kis tarah ke zulm se girenge..
    And this baba f*****g s**t should be removed from the show yaar..
    Main chahtha hoon ki woh kal hi nikal jaaye..I dont want him to be in the show and ruin the whole game..

  17. What the hell with this irritating Baba ? How can he pass such a mean comment regarding anybody’s parents? May be he has done some sort of magic to kill manu’s mother too ? Because manu was also against him , He is so evil , what he is doing in bb house ?

  18. Please bring Manu back , and kick this irritating Baba and priyanka out of the house, what the hell with them ? Such irritating people , no manners how to talk and what happened to manveer , he Is not taking stand on right things , he was going great , what happened to him now? And This bastard Baba and irritating priyanka poisoning manveer’s mind, please bring Manu

  19. And this nitibha fights with Baba now she was supporting him what the hell , this time bani is right ? who the hell this om is to say such bull shit about her mother ,, idiotic man ,

  20. So mch happened in epi n bb sitting n watching..nothing action taken against swamiji juz for the sake of trp..i was in tears while watching bani..hw it ll b feel n lso her mom z cancer patient.. everyday shez facing emotional atyachaar..bani u r so strong..hatss f to u..but this house z jugli house spcly so called common ppl whoz representing indiawale..n niti supporting omji n telling juz show fake tears n say sorry..u r juz stupid wont evict her for 2 more weeks as manveer-niti’s wajah tum ho started..n today m disappointed wid manveer lso…bani stay strong..u r a fighter..fight back n win this show…we fans r all wid u ♥

  21. Maithlii Sinha

    Om swami is really a double face face person !!! Needless to say I hate him n his so called beti the most in the house……
    I used to hate lopa too when she fought with bani…..but the way she supported bani today…..I m really impressed seeing her behaviour……hope it’s a start of their friendship!!!!


  22. RANdomfANCreationz

    This baba is getting worse day by day how can he say something like that about someone’s parents. He is too much. Now it’s high time he should get evicted he crossed all the limits such an inhuman behaviour. He is entertaining but what kind of behaviour is this, he shouldn’t have done so at all, what’s wrong with him. More than him I hate Priyanka Jagga, she is so selfish how can think about her task among all this and she can say like that to Bani that this happens really ridiculous can’t believe she will be here for more 2 more weeks, she earned some respect by not doing well in tasks but she loses all of it with her immature behaviour stupid girl, someone said bad about one’s Mom and worse is she is a Mother herself .kamsekam baba guilty tha not like Jagga but baba shouldn’t have said so so two faced -_- hate this duo but the Daughter more .
    And hats off to the celebs today they were the star. I liked the way Lopa tried to consoled Bani after that incident even though they r not at all in good terms and also like Bani supported Lopa when Priyanka was getting physical. They both don’t get along but at least they r genuine that’s why I like both of them. Rohan did very well in the task, hats off to him. Manveer is good but he gets influenced very easily that’s his biggest problem.
    And Nitibha i don’t know what’s with her initially i liked her now i don’t how can she not see what baba did was wrong. Mona phir bhi knows what she wants to do, but not seen much. These wildcards where r they barely seen, Jason was still seen a bit but he got ill.

  23. Manveer is not a gud person…manu gaya toh priyanka ka chamcha bangaya…..he will always be a blind supporter for a leader…

    Still Biggboss is trying a lot to show Manveer hero…to this purpose they r editing Rohan’s footage and his stands…

    Baba said Rohan ka baap Murdabad…wat this means?Rohan got angry gave two punishments ….what happened in weekend?salmsn followed script praised Manveer a lot and bashed Rohan for giving two punishments to Baba….salman hardly scolded baba 5 mins & then doing comedy with him…if you people were strict at time….

    every weekend they will bash or ignore Rohan…if any celebrity task also they will edit Rohans footage …alias one showed bcoz he lost with M2….

    Raised this topic bcoz Bani is there due to her active fan power otherwise they will praise M2….in every weekend they will Manu,Manveers opinion make Talk show with M3….biased f**k*g b*t*h boss show

    one n only deserving Rohan Mehra faced a lot of humiliation still never lost his calm…hats off to his patience

    proud to be a Rohan Mehra ….never ever disappoints

    1. Megha123

      So .. tru yaar Even I feel the same . Though that witch PRIYANKA treats him badly like spitting on him and bla bla bla…He never bullied her , the same way . This shows his gentleness …. doesn’t matter whether he wins in bigg boss 10 or not for me he is a true winner.

  24. How dare baba to say tat..
    blo*dy f**ker baba…
    Dhongi kahika.biggboss vale or salman koi action hi nahi le rahe hei kya hei ye sab
    TRP ke chakkar me kisiko bhi marvadonge yar..
    Aise hi INDIA kabhi upar nai aane wala

  25. I just hate hate hate that om. isko toh muh par kala rang laga kr bahar nikal dena chahiye . agr priyanka ko baat k bare m pta hi nhi tha. then how can she defend om without any reason . bani itna ro rhi thi .
    now I have started hating nitibha too. bina faltu ki footage k liye kr rhi Sab kuch

  26. now i hate manveer to supporting that fake baba n that so called jagga in captaincy task. i m vry disappointed from manveer jabse manu bb se bahar gaya hai tabse manveer ko ri8 or wrong ka diffn krna bhul gaya……

  27. hello frends how r u all. commenting.
    coming to the episode it was very emotional i was crying while reading this update.
    i am fan of bani and i was felling very bad and sad for her. i just want to say that be strong bani we r with u.
    no one has right to say anything about anyone”s parents and what is this dhoongi his is repeating same thing again and again. agar rohan ne ussidin isko sabak sikaya hota toh aaj ae nahi hota. kabhi kisi ki baap ko gali deraha hai kabhi kisi ki maa ko marr jayegi kaha hai and uhh bhi kisi cancer patient of 3rd stage. mujhe ushi bakt uss dhongi ko marne ka mann ho raha tha.

    now coming to the members of house
    1. bani- i’m fan of her but i don’t support in her wrong acts like leaving in the middle of conversation. abusing all the time. etc. but the way she protected lopa and rohan in the task it was awesome. she is strong and playing well infact other are insecure from her.

    2. gaurav- he is nice man but after being captain he has changed his behaviour but he is also strong and playing well.

    3.lopa-i dont understand her sometime she behave like a matur person and some time i dont know . but yesterday how she took care of bani i really loved it. she is another strong person but nowadays she is taking some footage like dhongi aur uski beti.

    4.rohan- he is playing nice but hiding nowadys.

    5. rahul- same as rohan but now also he is not playing for himself.

    6 sahil- fuss bomb ghar me aane se phele ye karunga uhh karunga but now he is not showing his that jalwa.

    7 jason- he is nice going well

    8 mona- after manu’s departure she is low but taking her own stand its nice he is not like manveer flowing in others word and listning to others.

    9.manveer- he is such a fool niti ka acting nahi samaj paya uski baat per yekin karliya. jab manu tha manu ke piche abb jagga ki piche he has not his own stand playing with others. mujhe laga tha woh bhi ek strong player hai but he is weak person jo kisi aur ki baato pe yekin karta hai.

    10.niti-she is another weakest person jo save hone ke liye kisi aur ka istamaal karti hai . mujhe bura toh is baat ki lagi ki woh dhoongi ke saath sabse jyada ladai karti hai aur jab woh kiski ke maa ke baare mein comment karr raha tha toh ye usko hai support karr rahi thi stand lene ki wajah. agar uski maa k barae mei bola hota toh kya karr leti thi.

    11.dhoongi aur uski beti ki toh baat hi nahi karna kon log honge yesse logo ko support karte hain. i hate them very much. phele jo mann mei aaye bolo pher jaake sorry bolo aur kaha acting hai. ghatya aadmi aur uski ghatiya beti

  28. plz priyanka ko evict karo


  30. I liked lopa,s game play upto first 6 week but Nowadays Lopa, behaves like immature and becomes miffed for small issues and cry . Rahul was in dilemma, he had to choose one of them from lopa and gaurav whereas both of them are very close to him but chosing one for being helpless, does not mean that he is against lopa. But the way he shared the brownie with lopa and sought it out ,was nice.
    In other side the way priyanka behaved with lopa was very bad to see however it is her habit. Who is priyanka, to taunt lopa for votes ?whereas she became a contender for captaincy by taking lopa’s money!!! The way Rohan consoled lopa keeping team spirit and friendship was commendable He is really going well. he always tries his level best to bind all the celebs together. And soughts out all the things in his way. He plays from the bottom of his heart.
    Today I even liked the way Mona played her own game and showed her opinion to manveer. He should not decide her way of game.

    Good to see that Gaurav and bani had patched up once again. The brownie segment of barav was very cute.

  31. bb house converted to stress house

    This nithi and priyanka are playing cheap game , they are using manveer , and after manu’s exit ,,/ manveer forgot the difference between good and evil, this Baba, priyanka and niti shoud be thrown out of the house , niti is now getting close to manveer just to save herself from eviction.

  32. Plz someone throw this baba out…what a filth he is….!!!

  33. bb house converted to stress house

    Vote for lopa ? playing very well ??

  34. Guys we hv double eviction this week. Dirty filthy jagga is also evicted!!!
    Time for a bhangra!!!!

    1. But i dont know bhangra lets do haryanvi

    2. Megha123

      Is it true ? ? Omg!!! I’m too…………happy

  35. The incident which happened with bani is purely unacceptable but lagta hai aap logo ne roadies ka bani waala season nhi dekha hai…wo dekho to pata chal jayega ki bani kya chiz hai…Anthony ko as a stair use kr k wo show jeet gayi….aur bhai logo aap log jitna achha samajhte ho na usse wo utni v achhi nahi h…go and watch roadies….to know bani

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      dude for ur kind of information. ..bani didn’t won that season ..she was runner up. …get ur facts right first….and btw no one is perfect everyone has its own deficiencies. ..and one more thing we also use slangs. MC….BC….but to say ur mother will die cannot be justified. …..I will support bani no matter what…

  36. Shanurji…sare comtestant mein acha to koi nahi hai….lopa too at time shows her real low….in all these fakes, atleast dont pull in parents…dont spit…tats nt a show i stay back late to watch.

  37. I hate priyanka and swami om

  38. Throw dis baba outside the house

  39. i was thinking lopa was at fault.lopa was ther standing ,,,,,,therefor but she left after some time

  40. Agree with shanaur but bani runner up thi rodies main , Anthony Ko use to Kia tha right ? but agay pohnchnay k liye , lekin Anthony he winner tha roadies ka

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