Bigg Boss 10 8th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 10 8th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 53
Inmates wake up to song “public sub janti hai”. Mona and Swami dances.

Swami says i do everything for Rohan but he fights with me, Rohan says you are dual faced, you were instigating me against Priyanka, you fight with me infront of all and then come to me and whisper that you are just acting and love me from inside, dont do acting infront of me, Swami says you do acting, Lopa says dont talk, Swami says i am talking nicely but he is insulting me, Lopa says you called her dog and expect him to talk to you normally? Swami says he called me dog first then i said it, Lopa says i was there, dont lie and dont talk. Rahul asks Swami to let have them breakfast, Rohan says you were instigating Priyanka against me, Swami says i will do it, Rohan says

then dont expect me to talk normally. Priyanka asks what happened? Swami says this mental dog is barking at me, Lopa says talk with respect, Swami says he is not giving me respect, i dont disrespect you because you dont, i was talking to Rahul but he interrupted, Priyanka says when i try to talk to Rahul, Rohan interrupts calling him papa, Swami says Rohan just wants footage by talking to me, Rohan says i dont care about going home, Lopa says he has many fans, he doesnt need footage, Swami says then dont talk to me dog, Rohan says mental dont swear at me, Manveer comes there and says to Rohan that the way you talk and the way he talks, its different, there can be no reconciliation because you both argue only, like Rahul tries to explain and handle him then dont interfere, Priyanka says we will interfere too, she spits Rohan. Rohan says see Manveer, Manveer says have you gone mad? Priyanka says i feel like vomiting seeing his face.

Bigg Boss asks Gaurav to announce names of two contestants who he wants to put in jail. He takes Swami’s name. Swami says you are betrayer. Gaurav says two days Swam did something near kitchen(peeing) which i dont think is acceptable for any task, or rules. Swami says i didnt break rules of bigg boss, Priyanka says let him talk, Swami says he promised me, Manveer says you will go in end. Swami says i am ready to go but this Gaurav promised me to not send me to jail ever, this man Gaurav is fooling everyone and me too, i appeal to public, i have made him captain, i prayed for him, Manveer is part of my heart but still i took Gaurav’s side. Rohan is laughing seeing it, Swami says i supported him spiritually thats why he is captain, if i didnt pee then i would have pissed my clothes, both drivers denied taking me to washroom, Bani comes to him and says let Gaurav finish this task then you can say as much you want, Swami says then nobody will let me talk, Bani says you will get it, Priyanka asks him to calm down, Swami says i am stopping because my daughter is requesting me. Gaurav says i want to take Lopa’s name for punishment, she hided her money bag, i dont think it was right to lie and blame others for stealing her money, thats why when i found money, i gave to referee, Lopa says i want to say that Bigg boss said we have to carry money pouch like mic but it was not possbile because Priyanka broke my pouch first day while snatching and it was written to save my money with your intellect and i did it, Priyanka wouldnt have become contender because Gaurav gave her chairty, i did what i wanted in task. Bigg boss asks Lopa and Swami to go to jail. He asks Gaurav to lock them up. Priyanka asys now Lopa is no queen for me. Bani says who made her queen before?
Swami comes to jail and says Gaurav is betrayer.
Gaurav says to Rahul that i punished on basis of task. Lopa says you want me to loose captaincy task, this can be your strategy. Gaurav says you always think wrong, i was playing well, he took her name only because he is insecure of her and doesn’t want her to be a part of the captaincy task. Rahul says its his decision, Lopa says he can take decision but i can say what i want, if he thinks that i am weak then he is weakest.
Priyanka sings we love we love baba. Swami says people will Gaurav’s bums.

Swami says in jail and says Gaurav is betrayer, i will ask Ambitabh to file defamation case on him, he tries to act like him, fake. Lopa comes in garden. Rahul brings her things in jail. Lopa selects one bed but Swami says i am taking that bed, i will yell at you too, Rohan says we have to follow what Gaurav is saying, Swami says he is nothing for me, he is betrayer. Gaurav says it doesnt matter, Swami says you promised me to not send to jail, you are betrayer. Manveer says give him punishment when you become captain. Lopa asks Swami to change beds, he says i am sleeping now, he lies on bed which Lopa wanted, Lopa says change it, Swami says this is my permanent bed, Lopa says i wont go to jail then, captain should sort it. She comes out of jail, Gaurav says sort it out, go inside, Lopa says shut up, i want that bed because i can talk to all from that side of bed, Gaurav says i will try, come inside, Lopa says i know you will lock me, Gaurav says i dont do that, Lopa says i have experience, Gaurav says getting your stealing caught is not experience, Lopa comes inside jail. Rohan asks Priyanka to request Swami to swap beds, Priyanka i am his daughter but why would i request him? Lopa says actually Swami wont listen to you too, Priyanka says dont play mind games with me, Lopa says he wont agree to you. Gaurav locks Lopa and Swami in jail. Swami shouts betrayer should die. Lopa says sharing jail is biggest punishment actually. Swami says to Rahul that i am asked by people to do all this. Rahul says if public ask you jump from height then you will do it? Swami says yes i will do it, its in public’s hands that i will stay here or not. Lopa slams his bed to make him stop talking, Swami says you ugly girl, Rohan says what are you saying? Swami says why she is tapping my bed? Rahul asks Lopa why are you doing it? Lopa says he is shouting so much, Swami says she is ugly, Manveer says i have asked you Swami to not say anything about others like that, Niti asks him to calm down. Swami says i will make your life hell here, Lopa says i will slap you. Swami says she is tapping my bed, Gaurav says she wont do anything, you calm down, Swami says okay. Lopa says monkey. Priyanka says let them solve their problem themselves, lets go, Gaurav says you go, Lopa says you go, my people will be with me, you leave. Swami says you are not bigg boss, Lopa says i will cut your hair and make you bald, Swami says i will make you bald in this jail, Rohan says dont talk to him, he can say anything, Lopa says i am not scared of him, Rohan says you cant stoop to his level, he is weird man, Rahul says it will be weird. Manveer asks her to intelligent.

bigg boss says to inmates that we have crossed half journey, public has seen you a lot but there are somethings that people want to know about you thats why some reporters will come and meet you people, there will be press conference where nominated inmates and captain Gaurav will take part, he ask them to come in activity area and Lopa will be freed from jail for this task.

inmates come in activity area and see reporters waiting for them. Niti says so many people.. Bigg boss welcome all reporters. Bani says who is excited. One reporter asks Manveer who else other than Mona in celebs who is good enough to be friends with according to him? Manveer says all are good enough, Bani is my friend too, i am friends with all except Rohan because he doesnt listen much, i am good with lopa too right? Lopa says yes, why asking, he says just confirming. One reporter asks Rohan what you become lion and rat both. You fight with Manu and Manveer but when it comes to Gaurav or Rahul, you become rat, rohan says i had fight with Gaurav and Rahul too but i take Rahul as father and Gaurav as brother so i try to sort instead of fighting with them. One reporter asks Gaurav that your friendship with Bani is different. Reporter says it feels like Gaurav has no existence without Bani, Gaurav says i take your opinion and accept it and wont answer it, reporter says you have to answer, Gaurav says what is question? Reporter says dont you think you should play alone, as your relation with Bani influences your relation with others, Bani is surprised listening it, Reporter says Bani is strong headed and take her decisions but you dont, Gaurav says our journeys are different, we are not with each other most of time, Bani says what? Reporter says you are not getting along with Bani right now, is it because of Jason? from the time he has come, your equation with her is changed, is it because of his close proximity with Bani? Bani is stunned and says from where did Jason come? she laughs. Gaurav says i dont think there is change from my side, so ask the person who is reason for change, reporter asks Bani. Bani says i dont think relation can be affected by third party. One reporter says that i wanted to ask question from you but since you are not doing anything then let it be. She asks Lopa that you always talk about be being and fair and have humanity but in cycle task, when you saw how Bani performed, you didnt appreciate her, you appreciated others and left ignoring her, was that humanity? Bani acts like looking at Lopa intently. Lopa says your point is right, i wanted to express my gratitude to her but incident happened in jail, it was Bani’s birthday, i wished her alongwith others but she didnt even look at me and thank me so i thought she doesnt take any wishes from my side and i was hurt thats why i stepped back. Reporter says to Priyanka it seems like Swami is using you or you are using him, Priyanka says if we both are using each other then its fair, he is taking stand for me, i cant ask if relation is true or not. One reporter says to Manveer that you entered like dabang then you met Manu and became his follower, you got in his shadow, Manveer says its not bad, he is my friend, if i am heart then he can be mind, it doesnt matter, i think i wouldnt have stayed this much long if i didnt meet Manu, you can give credit to me or him, i dont care, Reporter asks if he is competitor or friend? what would you do if you have to compete him? Manveer says i would compete with him when nobody is alive on earth other than both of us, means if only two of us remain in house only then i will compete and even then if i think that he is deserving then i will back out. One Reporter asks Lopa if she thinks Bani is insecure of her? Lopa says she must be insecure of me, i feel it but she started his cold war, once i talked with Gaurav, i told him that i want to make things right, i dont know why she behaves this way with me, she might have seen some winning qualities in me, maybe her behavior is right as she takes me as competitor but if i was in her place, i would be good friend of them and would learn something from them, i am person that openly fulfills friendship and animosity both. Bani says bullshit. Reporter asks Bani if Lopa is threat for you? Bani says she is childish, she throw tantrums, Lopa says i am younger than you so i will behave like that, Bani says i didnt interrupt you when you were talking, atleast be respectful, be fair and be mature and let me speak, i am feeling insecure so let me have time with media too, all laugh. Reporter asks Bani to continue, Bani says i am very ladylike, i dont lie.. this is all Lopa says but in tai task she lied so much that Priyanka and all of us believed that someone stole her money, Lopa says Salman said stealing in competition is not real robbery, person’s hypocrisy is that they say they wont say sorry but then beg for votes, i am sorry if what what i did task hurt her, Bani says do not lie about shit, Lopa says there are episodes where you were insecure of me, Bani says i took that opportunity to sincerely apologize to you, not because i wanted voted, Lopa says she started apologizing when she wanted my vote for captaincy, why should i forgive her then? Bani says i dont need your forgiveness, f*ck you, such bullshit, Lopa says she does everything for tasks, she is dual faced person, Priyanka says you dual face is pushing people and lying to their faces Lopa which you do, all laugh. Lopa says she is still stuck with pool incident, Priyanka says dont touch me next time. Reporter asks Bani that we all know Gauhar is your best friend and we saw that in season 7, Gauhar’s animosity with Tanisha went on till end of season and they never became friends so can we assume that you and Lopa are Gauhar and Tanish of this season and your animosity will go on till end. Bani says its huge compliment that you are comparing me with Gauhar because her heart is reaally big, she told me about Tanisha but i cant bear if people lie to my face, this is wrong, Lopa says you forget things, people have seen everything, Bani says stop interrupting me, let me talk for 2 minutes, show some respect, Lopa says go ahead. Bani gets up from chair and says she wont let me finish, i dont have time for this, dude what is this? Lopa says go, go. Manveer tries to stop Bani from leaving but she pushes him away and says i dont want to stand infront of shitty people like her, Bani says to reporter that Gauhar Khan, she is love, her patience and tolerance is much more, i have come here just because she said that it will good for my growth not for shit like this, i feel so bad for feeling emotional over shitty people like her(Lopa), she chokes on her words. Manveer asks her not to quit, she says i cant stand this shit, she walks out from conference. Priyanka says Lopa this is bad. Bani comes out activity area and says f*ck that shit.

Bani says to Mona that Lopa said so much shit infront of reporters, i understand that she wanted to act goody goody two shoes infront of media so i let her talk but when they asked me, she kept interrupting me, she is like i wanted to be bigger person so i forgave her, so i asked her let me talk first, they asked me about Gauhar who is my best friend but she interrupted me again, i am respecting her infront of people but she is not, she says *********, will she do this in real world? i wont see her face, Mona asks what was question? Bani says they asked me if we are Gauhar and Tanisha of this season but she didnt let me talk so walked out from conference, i wont do this in real, i will be nice to her, Manveer says why did you walk out? Bani says i cant stand people saying all this to me, blame me for false things. Rohan didnt say anything to me but why Lopa does it? i didnt interrupt her, i could said many things against her but i didnt, she is ugly on inside, who cares if what you look like on outside, Bani wipes her tears.
Lopa comes in jail. Swami says Bani is angry on you, Lopa says she can do anything, she is immature, Swami says she was cursing you out, Lopa says she is showing her character, dont tell me all this. Bani comes in garden and says you need you grow up and dont bullshit me, when i am sincere to you, you should be sincere with me too, you are *********, have balls and dont talk to me or talk about me, Lopa says i dont give a *******. Bani leaves.
Niti asks Manveer why Bani got so emotional? Manveer says maybe she doesnt see Lopa as you see her.
Rohan comes to Lopa, Lopa says i forgot to say few things, Rohan laughs and says it was wrong that you didnt let her speak thats why she felt bad but your points were bang on, Lopa says i forgot that say that i won all tasks against her thats why she is insecure. Rohan says you said everything, Lopa says she cant handle and walked out.

Mona and Rohan are outside jail. Swami says i like Mona’s smile and eyes, she looks like devi when she smile. Rohan jokes, Swami says i will win, Rohan says he leaves before nominations for cases, Mona says seems like women fraternity is filing case against him, Swami says nobody file case against me, i file cases against poople. Mona says Swami announced that he will do something at night, Lopa asks if he is going to take off clothes? Swami says its in your hands Lopa, Lopa says what you mean that i will pull your pant’s elastic? Rohan laughs, Lopa says i am like your daughter so please respect, Swami says its in your hands.

Bani is lying with Jason on floor. Gaurav comes there and says if you get time then come to me, i want to talk for two minutes, he goes to his bed. Mona and Manveer are in restroom. Mona says that i saw Bani was lying on Jason but i didnt feel odd but i never did it, if i had done it then she would have made it gossip.
Jason says to Bani that i am eating rajma since two days, i dont know about hygiene too, Bani hugs him from behind and lies with him, they look at camera and points at it, Bani says i feel awkward, Jason hugs her tight. Sahil comes there, Jason says you come too. Gaurav comes in bedroom and sees Bani hugging Jason.

Gaurav says to Bani that why would anything change now? Bani says people change, Gaurav says if i am changing then i will tell you, Bani says i dont know anything, i am so confused because of taxi task, you promised me that you will give me money but you didnt, Gaurav says i told you that money will be exchanged in end, Bani says but game changer was when you got Lopa’s money bag and gave it to Priyanka, Gaurav says i was ready to give you all my money, Bani says i dont understand you so i should leave, Gaurav says you are walking out again, Bani says i am infront of you, Gaurav says dont keep talking, i want to answer you but if you are here then fine, you dont understand when you walk out, Bani says thats how i end all conversations, now i am going, she leaves.

PRECAP- Bani shouts on Swami in task that how dare you say that my mother will die? who the hell are you? Bani yells. Swami comes to Bani later and says i am sorry for that, i am human, Bani shouts that i dont care, she shouts on Gaurav and Lopa that just f*cking captaincy is not important then people in your lives. She says i dont want to play this stupid game because this is wrong, she goes to gate of house and starts hitting it, she kicks it and says this is bullshit.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i am observing bani for the past few days she seems to be upset very much..but i dont know for what because whatever small thing is happening to her she gets irritated and she does not have that patience to tolerate it.. bani i want u to be more patient and give herself some time to calm and respond to whatever is happening to her..
    why did gaurav put lopa in jail?? this is just unfair..and he gave a foolish reason that she hid her money in washroom..what the heck man??
    gaurav i respect u but after seeing all this u r losing the respect and i am starting to hate u yaar..
    and about swami ji and priyanka no words..because words are not the right thing that they desrve so no comments on them..
    and it seeems that other than lopa,rohan,bani,gaurav,swami ji and priyanka no one exists in the house..other inmates please do something or else u r losing ur fans..

    1. Gaurav is just taking revenge bcos lopa called him villian. After that episode he always finds a reason to point finger at lopa even on silly matters. He behaved kiddish and annoyed earlier too when the clip of manu manveer imitated him n bani was shown.

      1. Sorry, bt if you are a lopa fan and saying this then I don’t want to argue with you bt plz don’t call him kiddish. He did the right thing by putting lopa in jail as she deserved to be there and what lopa did was justified by calling him villain in the captaincy task for without any reason actually the real villain is lopa here

  2. I feel bani s some kinda alien i never liked her ever since she came in bigg boss.. but still i gave her benefit of doubt and tried not to be prejudice.. everytime she keeps proving wrong and shows what she s.. she have 0 percent tolerance with everyone and everything.. liked manveer last week before captaincy task but aftr that he s oknow and another task ll come he ll again do something aggressive..

    I saw bb live where this jagga boasts abt herself and states that she s the queen of her kingdom (outside world) and no man in this bb house s to the level of her husband thats y she don find anyone attractive and her immaculate english slang in which she thinks she sound so innocent and sweet ? oh spitty woman i’ve never seen someone as cheap as u

  3. Love u bani…… Iam really feeling sad because of that press incident nd if I were in the situation I would have done the same nd i really hate Lopa so much for her behaviour.dont worry bani u will be the winner nd we will support u love u a lottttttttttt?????????

    1. rishi malhotra

      aise log kabhi winner nahi bante who has no patience Yarr bani dull yrr thodi si to understanding dikhao like lopa …………

      1. Lopa is very mean. She is always ganging up on Bani. Bani is BAE and people like her have won the show eg. Gautam Gulati.

      2. seriously….even based on only what is aired in the shows only and leaving out the unseen voot videos….its clear that she has anything but patience and manners. Or else she would have waited for Bani to end and then present her points. But its her upbringing. She is the perfect bigg boss winner candidate….for viewers like you because even manu is a baccha when in comes to her skills of using people(ROHAN, RAHUL, MANU), implanting false interpretations( how she lied to Naveen about what Bani said and instigated him against her), planting and manipulating opinions and being expert in mind games(knew she is unknown entity in the house, so to be in limelight she is shrewd enough to target a popular one like Bani). She is very smart….jail mein faltu ke pange le rahi thi baba se….khud hi instigate kar rahi thi. Difference between her and baba’s jail tamasha is just that baba would after some time say that he did it for fotage and this one would say I am fair and not guilty for whatever i do. Gaurav and Priyanka are correct- she is the most double faced contestant. Sambhavanaji said correctly Lopa is the villain of last episode and hero was absent because everyone is so engrossed with their stakes in the game that no one has the gut to say wrong is wrong and right is right, no wonder priyanka and Baba and now Lopa has taken to insanity in the house.

  4. please evict Priyanka Jagga…she is crude, rude and just disgusting. How can she spit on someone? gross

  5. Big boss my humble request is please please kick dongi cheap disgusting fellow om swami and cheap Priyanka jagga. Big boss.Decent public wont support dongi criminal cheap swami in any way only cheap people will support that dongi devil.priyanka is another disgusting loud lady in the house. Please I request you to kick swami out of the show

  6. Bani is very strong contestant in the house . this show is not about the emotions. So why all aspect from her she cant became fake like lopa(dual faces). She came here for playing game not to live here like a happy family if she have to do this only so she can do the same at home too. Bani is a tough competition and i think there no comparison btwn lopa and bani. Bani desrve to be the finalist

  7. Prvsly, i had sympathy for Bani,, wenevaa she cried..
    but now its beeen a daily routine fr her.. watt a drama.. i guess she think she forgot tis isnt a daily soap but reality show.. evry weeek.. come on gal.. v expectd u to b t mostt strongestt person in t house..
    ok,, so dear Lopa haters,, i agree she must not hav interrrupted in between during conference. but wat is this.. can Bani nevaa complete any thing on her own. t first captaincy was all thnx to voting basis, but wenevaa it comes to task.. she has always given up.. other than cycle one.. tis is not t way.. WALKED OUT of t conference.. like reallly,, thr r many ways to tackle such interrruption. backing out is not the answer.. & Lopa is t actual contender fr her,, so t bani fans r alwys targeting her for all t sh**.
    wen tis season started,, i was supportin bani.. but now i’m jus dislikin her atttitude epis by epis..
    nywayy,, i wud want her to b in t finals.. but Lopa shud win..;)
    & fr t moment,, plis kick tis jagaa & her abba outtt

    1. I totally agree like I get it she was interrupting bani but bani didn’t have to walk out. Why is bani acting like victim when Lopa ignored her but yet when she ignored Lopa it wasn’t a problem.Also,when priankya kept interrupting Lopa by talking about the pool incident then Lopa could have lost her cool and WALKED out but shedidn’t.I like Bani but sometimes she’s just too much.So you all haters need to stop say shit about LopLopa is wrong sometimes but when she’s right don’t talk shit.
      I also agree that
      LOPA SHOULD WIN and bani should stay in top 3.

  8. I use to like lopa, but now i hate her and i use to hate bani and now i like her. What ever she is she’s up front, I like this about her. But I voted for Rohen becuase i like him more than bani this week.
    I now also like Manveer, without manu he’s doing good. I don’t like manu, he’s very manipulative and b*t*hy.

  9. i do wish bigg boss is not biased towards priyanka, she needs to be kicked out of the house. both nitibha and priyanka are frightened to get nominated because they know ppl are not going to vote for them. My question to them is how they are planing to win this show without ppl’s support?

    manveer, man pls be selfish for once, your in game for yourself not for others.

    lopa, we know u love speaking but let others to speak women.

    gaurav, pls make us understand ur point of view man

    sahil and rahul, what the hell are you doing in house?

    mona, ur not taking psychotherapy & dancing sessions on others.

    om swami, some one pls put on some plaster on his mouth.

    rohan, clear us what ur playing for?

    bani, u claim that u came here because of gauhar recommendation but the truth is, ultimately its ur choice that u are here so stick up to ur choice and fight back. don’t loose ur patience & coolness and give up.

  10. Kunwar saharan

    Koi tumari mother ke baare me kahe tum patience nahi khoge chutiya log pagal

  11. guys jagga is going to be elimiated have look here

    1. *eliminated

  12. I like bani but I don’t support her in the bigg boss house contestants as she does not follow any rule moreover she doesn’t do any task properly, she refuses to do the task at the end ,but this time I’m supporting her , how can this swami stoop this low all the time ? Idiot man , kick him out , bring Manu back ,

  13. Lopa ? ?

  14. Lopa ?

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