Bigg Boss 10 7th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 10 7th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 52
The contestants wake up to the tunes of ‘Chakke Mein Chakka, Chakke Pe Gaadi’. Inmates dance.

Signal turns green. Swami asks Priyanka to end chores, task has started. Mona says to Priyanka that Sahil, Rohan and Jason were in bedroom and ranaway from here when signal rang. Swami comes there and gives mic to Manveer, Manveer says you cant roam here.

Lopa says to Priyanka that you should return my fine, it was not fair. Gaurav says Sahil was running behind Rohan. Priyanka says Rohan is lying and is not giving fine, Rohan says i am supporting your favorite. Priyanka says no one is my favorite, Rohan says you cant yell all the time, i dont need footage like you. Priyanka comes near him and spits at him. Rahul and Lopamudra tell her to behave herself.

Lopa says you cant spit like that, Rohan says be fair.

Lopa says to Gaurav that Priyanka is not playing fair, she tried to touch me and snatch money. Gaurav says then you didnt find it wrong when Manveer got physical with me? Lopa says he could stop you in that game, Gaurav says he pushing me away is fair but this is not fair when it happens to you? Lopa says then why didnt you speak up when Bani got physical with me? why you didnt stand up? Gaurav says i am not comparing that, i didnt promise to take stand for you, Lopa says then i dont have to take stand for you too, Gaurav says you cant demand that, Lopa says you even requested me to not make Bani villain then, Gaurav says i didnt even take her name, Rahul says these are old things, Gaurav says she bring that Bani’s incident all the time, she is two faced, Lopa says i am one faced.

Niti is crying, Manveer hugs her, she says you dont know that i am tensed to get eliminated, Manveer says i will give you my money, Niti says Mona is not giving me because she doesnt want me to stay, she is doing it for you but not me, Manveer says Jason is supporting Bani so Gaurav will ask her to give Jason’s money to him? Niti says i am tensed that i wont get saved every week, i will get less votes. Manveer hugs her.

Niti calls Manveer taxi brother, all laugh.
Rohan says to Swami that Bani wont Priyanka be good captain, she thinks differently.
Gaurav hires Bani’s taxi, she brings him to kitchen, Gaurav is giving her fare and says take 10rs not 20rs, i want to save 20notes. Bani starts moving, Gaurav asks whats confusion? Gaurav says to Jason that i asked her to take 10rs, i am trying to help her.
Lopa runs and brings out cushion from jail. She takes out her money from there and goes in washroom.

Sahil sees Bani crying in corner. Rohan says i am feeling bad for her. Lopa says this is not good, she asks Bani to come to them, Bani doesnt listen. Lopa says Gaurav is not supporting her, Swami says he is giving wrong message. Sahil says Bani supported him fully in paint task. Lopa asks Bani to not loose like this sitting in corner, Swami says you are winning. Priyanka comes to Bani and says Gaurav was giving you 10rs instead of 20rs? Bani says its not the problem, Priyanka says tell me, i will take fine from him, Bani says he promised me to give me money but he gave me only 10rs, he wants to be captain, its fine but when you promise me to help me then dont lie. Priyanka says you understand people here? Bani says i wont stop him to play game but atleast he should not lie. Bani says to Priyanka that Gaurav has given me only 10rs till now, to hell with his money and his support.
Gaurav says to Jason that i dont get time to sort out things because i am spending a lot time with her, Bani snaps back badly, i dont understand, she makes things difficult by walking out, she doesnt sort out, she doesnt defend you when people taunt you for supporting you, she makes it difficult by being touchy.

Bani is sadly sitting in car. Priyanka says dont move from here, i will fine you. Niti is sitting with her in car andsays you are greedy for money, Priyanka says i am not taxi driver, i didnt get fine. Niti says take 30rs fine and let me move from here, Priyanka says Bani will give toll tax too, Bani says take my all money, i dont want to play this stupid game, she gives her whole money bag and comes out of taxi. She leaves.

Gaurav says to Mona that i dont understand her behavior, she has expectations from me but she doesnt tell them to me, nor like we have that relation, she doesnt do anything for me that she expect all that from me to do for her, she even said that if would be fun if Manveer won paint task. I always give her benefit of doubt that she got rude because she is touchy. Manveer says what is with Bani? if you say anything then she leave everything and start mopping. Gaurav says i dont understand her, i am stuck in situation, he says to Manveer that i am stuck in this situation without any reason, we dont have that relation, we are friends but dont know what she expect.

Bani, Gaurav and Mona are in kitchen. Gaurav gives 20rs to Bani, he puts it near her but she doesnt take it. Mona is singing nearby, Gaurav says sing loudly, it might work for me. Mona says to Gaurav that i am like her, i get hurt too but difference is that i dont expect things one sided, i do things for people too. Gaurav says situation is not same. Mona sings Mein tainu samjhawan ki.

Gaurav asks Bani to take money, you wanted 100rs, i am giving you it, Bani says you are giving me 10rs notes? Gaurav says take 20rs notes, he gives her 20rs notes and says my game is destroyed so take it. Bani says you would want to save your money when buzzer is played? Gaurav says i would want to have maximum money at the end, Bani says i just asked in yes or no. Bani says i understood your answer and starts leaving, Bani says why you are walking out like always? you wont let other person talk. Bani comes to Jason and says if he wants to save money to become captain then tell me clearly, why is it difficult to say? i supported him in captaincy task, nobody helped him but i did, he is forgetting it.

Gaurav hires Bani’s taxi to come in restroom, he throws money in her car and leaves. Bani takes money and puts in her bag.
Gaurav is sadly sitting in restroom. Rohan says to Lopa that he is upset that he had to give money to Bani.

Priyanka says to Lopa that your money might have ended, your game is ending because i dont see any money with you and will put you in jail, Lopa says go ahead, put me. Rohan says why you wanna go to jail, Priyanka says your money is not with you, i will take your money from where you have hidden it, she leaves. Lopa and Rohan laughs that she wont find it in bedroom as they have hidden it in washroom.
Priyanka comes to Lopa’s bed and doesnt find her money there. She asks Bani if she stole it? Bani says i swear, i didnt steal it. Priyanka says Lopa is dead.
Priyanka comes to Lopa. Gaurav comes out of washroom. Priyanka tries to get in washroom but Rohan goes inside. Priyanka asks Lopa to swear she didnt hide it and it got stolen, Lopa says check me, i dont have it. Gaurav gives Lopa’s money bag to Priyanka and says i found it in washroom. Lopa is disappointed, Priyanka leaves with her money. Lopa says atleast give my points back, take tax. Rahul asks why did you hide it? Lopa says it was my game. Priyanka tells Bani that Lopa hided it in washroom, Gaurav gave it to me.
Rohan says to Rahul that Gaurva gave her money, Rahul says why did you hide it? Lopa says i was saving my money as i wanted. Lopa asks Priyanka to give her money back, Priyanka says you mentally upset me, i was blaming others for stealing your money, all your money is my fine now.

Lopa says to Rahul that i will get chance to destroy Gaurav’s game too, why he had to interfere in my game? i didnt want to be weakest performer, i dont care about captaincy, you are greedy for captaincy so play your game. Priyanka threatens to put Lopa in jail because she doesn’t have any points left. Lopa says i didnt get any fine, Gaurav stole my points. Priyanka says Lopa has to go to jail. Rohan says she wont go to jail.

Bani tells Gaurav that Rahul might give all his money to Rohan making him contender, should i ask them for money? Gaurav says they wont give you money, talk to them but they are already against me, Bani says then we can support Sahil as contender, you want to become contender? Gaurav says i dont have problem but this is not my call or suggestion. Bani comes to Rahul, Rohan and Lopa. She says Priyanka will become contender as she has lots of money, apart from that, we can make Sahil or Gaurav contender, rohan says Lopa can be too, Bani says yes Lopa can be contender too, Lopa says i would have been contender but my money was given to Priyanka by Gaurav only, if you are man Gaurav, get my points back, Gaurav says why would i protect you?
And, to save her, Rahul and Rohan give Lopa some of their points. Gaurav sternly says why should i protect person who shoots me behind my back, you are friendly on my face but foe behind my back, i told you that we should not be friends if we have differences, Lopa says i am not going to fluctuate like you. Lopa says to Gaurav that get me my points back Gaurav Chopra, you have done a really silly thing, Gaurav says how? Lopa says because you changed whole game because of one stupid act of yours, why did you give it to her? you could have kept it with you, used it but why did you give it to her? i was fighting for 40points yesterday because there is reason i am doing this.

Rohan asks Lopa to take his money, Lopa says you would go to jail then. Rohan says i already cant become captain, i would go to jail maximum, its fine, Lopa says i dont want your money, Rohan says why you are crying? i thought we were having fun in this game, it was fun game, Lopa wipes her tears. Priyanka comes to her and asks what you want? she hugs Lopa and says dont cry, i cant see it, Swami says it can be pretense, Priyanka says i am part of this house and she is inmate with me. She asks Lopa what happened? rohan says she thinks that all are thinking bad about her for plotting, she didnt blame anyone for stealing, she doesnt care that you took her points but she didnt blame anyone for stealing money but people are thinking she did it for that purpose.

Priyanka reads rule that if inmate’s money is finished then she has to go to jail, Rohan says she wont go to jail, Priyanka shouts to not tell me what to do. Rahul gives money to Lopa to save her, Priyanka says you cant do this, Rahul says i can do anything like you can, Priyanka says this is not fair Lopa. Lopa says i didnt give you my money, you play fair, i am playing fair, Priyanka says this is not your money. Lopa says i have this money and this is fair, you are not fair so what do you expect. Lopa goes in corner and is crying. Rahul says to i dont want to stay in this game, Rahul says no need to cry, Lopa says i dont care about captaincy, she asks Rohan to make Rahul captain.

Bigg boss tell inmates that we have ended BB taxi task. Swami and Priyanka exchanges money. Bani says to Jason and Sahil that i want to beat Priyanka and become contender so please give me money.
Manveer says to Mona that their game has started now when task has ended and talk about being fair.

Bigg boss asks Bani, Manveer and Priyanka to tell their points. Priyanka says i have 5860points, Bani says i have 1560points. Manveer gives all his money and says i have 20points. bigg boss says Priyanka becomes contender for captaincy, Swami hugs her. Bigg boss asks inmates to tell their points.
Sahil: 1980points
Rahul: 1840points
Gaurav: 2000points
Mona: 420points
Niti: 2000points
Lopa: 2000points(rohan has given her)
Swami: 10points
Rohan: 20points
Jason: 20points

Bigg boss says as Niti, Gaurav and Lopa have 2000points so only one will become contender among them.

Gaurav says i was off that moment and gave Lopa’s money to Priyanka, she was instigating me since morning, Gaurav leaves. Bani says to Jason that he is implying me it was my fault? i should stop supporting him, Gaurav says he is saying that he doesnt understand why he gave money of Lopa to Priyanka, it was game changer. Bani says Gaurav had that money then why did he give ti Priyanka? he could have done anything with that money.
Gaurav says i was giving my all money to Bani.
Bani says to Jason that Gaurav wants to play game and want to keep everyone happy too but this plan is cracking now.

Priyanka says to Manveer that i am winning tasks, i want to become captain, once i become captain, i will punish inmates for not praising me, i have planned everything, i will have PT in morning, i will ask inmates to say ‘east or west Jagga is bed’.

Jason is sleeping on floor, Bani comes to him and says bye, Jason says i might be getting evicted tomorrow, Jason asks her to come near, he wants to hug her, Bani says its on national Tv, she doesnt let him hug her, they have fist bump, Jason says i cant hug you so i would give you flying kiss, Bani laughs.

PRECAP- Gaurav takes Lopa’s name to send her to jail and says she lies and blame people. Lopa says to Gaurav that you were insecure because i was winning and thats why you are sending to me jail. Gaurav asks Lopa to go to jail, she says shut up, i wont go.
There will be press conference in house. Reporter says it feels like Gaurav has no existence without Bani, Gaurav says i take your opinion and accept it. Reporter sasy to Priyanka it seems like Swami is using you or you are using him, Priyanka says if we both are using each other then its fair. Reporter asks Lopa if she thinks Bani is insecure of her? Lopa says she must be insecure of me, she might have seen some winning qualities in me, Bani says bullshit, she is childish, she throw tantrums, Lopa says i am younger than you so i will behave like that, Bani says i didnt interrupt you when you were talking, atleast be respectful, be fair and be mature and let me speak, i am feeling insecure so let me have time with media too, do not lie about shit, Lopa says there are episodes where you were insecure of me, Bani gets up from chair and says she wont let me finish, i dont have time for this, dude what is this? Lopa says leave, Manveer tries to stop Bani from leaving but she pushes him away and says i dont want to stand infront of shitty people like her, she walks out from conference.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. come on bani ????

  2. Priyanka is so mean and opportunistic ..
    She is so very much selfish ..she only thinks about herself..yaar kuch zyaada hi kar rahi hain yeh..mann toh kar raha hain ki kal hi evict ho jaaye yeh priyanka jagga..aur usne yeh bola ki agar main captain ban jaaungi toh sabse ‘east or west jagga id the best ‘ bulvayegi. I don’t really want that to happen..I don’t want priyanka to become captain at any cost..
    And yaar what the hell us gaurav doing? Why did he give those money to priyanka he should have given it to Lopa or else he should have kept with him atleast..This foolish act of gaurav is not acceptable yaar..he cannot be so foolish in big boss house..and now a days he is always sidelining Lopa for a silly reason that she was supporting manveer instead of him..
    Gaurav u were playing good but please don’t act in a childish and foolish manner..
    Lopa u r going good..but please don’t cry..otherwise the inmates would definitely target u everyone and consider u as a weak contestant..and I don’t want that to happen..last but not the least rohan thank u for giving ur money to Lopa..

  3. Sneha ramakrishnan

    Lopa is b*t*h

    1. Sneha Ramakrishnan learn the spelling first buddy??. it’s clear that she is one of the strongest contenders and you to are insecure about what ever she has done today is absolutely right.just because she took gauravs name in Saturday he is upset.moron .

      1. lopa sucks, gaurav and bani r the best

      2. Lopa is a naagin…!! jealous and super fake…just keeps faking a good heart…!

    2. Lopa is just using Rohan and Rahul for support and wat the hell is Rahul doing there? No initiative at all?? I mean Lopa lost her chance so he cud atleast put in an effort to be a possible contender. Do something than just sitting in the washroom the whole time

    3. sneha ur also behaving like a foolish as gourav did

  4. what is wrong with lopa n gaurav….I really don’t lyk them now…. selfish ppl…always do emotional drama to take immunity…. why….only these two r there…. I understood rohan can’t become captain….bt lopa done her blackmailing part very Rahul also given his points to her…. I ssly wanted to manveer shld become captain…. bt nothing sort of happened
    and GC…..he is gone somewhere else….ajeeb personality?
    at last jagga shld not win at any cost

  5. Bani is really irritating me now, i mean wats with her. She wants to be contender yet she never completes any of the tasks. I don’t blame Gaurav for not supporting her. It’s good he did not . if she was against Priyanka she wud have given up like she does for everythng and her excuse …. I did not get support from anyone meaning ” Gaurav”. Gaurav can’t play his game?? he has to keep everythng aside to let Bani play when she just gives it up in the end…It was a stupid thng for him to give lopa’s money to Priyanka , he should have just kept it but I still don’t blame him because he was really bugged with Bani’s attitude. She is just like a crybaby and she knows that only gaurav supports her and she throws her attitudes at him expecting him to bear with it. There is a limit you can take yaar. He said it clearly to her face, he wants to be a contender so he wants to keep max money with him but he will give her some. wat was not clear to her. The clear thing was she wanted to win so she expected Gaurav to give her the full money and influence others so he could get her more money. Sahil and Jason are idiots who are following her since they have no stand on just anythng. give it time…she will play this tactic on them and they will get fed up of her as well.

  6. Lopa has done black mailing? Haters get a life.niti blackmailed manveer ,Bani did gaurav and priyank baba you don’t have to tell.just because you don’t like Lopa you tell this about her.ipen your eyes?

  7. Respect for Rohan . he gave his all money to lopa . I know he can’t become captain . I think agar uske pas sabse zayda paise hite toh wo captain toh nhi banta . shayad bb uski punnishment ko maaf kr dete aur he could have been able to become captain again next time

  8. dumb niti ne,at last manveer ko convinced kar hi liya ..greatest achievement of her in bb house.
    manveer,why u did it?if u r supposed to do that,then why u broke ur head in painting task,argued with mannu to be captain??very disappointing…missing mannu a lot..
    gaurav making his game shit,due to this “SO CALLED STRONGEST”-bani”..bani,plz,do something by ur own,stop forcing other to make u winner,in the name of friendship!!
    what’s the problem,all trying to be too good,to stay in house?I think,ppl will vote on their “acchai”.that’s why….

  9. Have gaurav gone insane? why he is behaving so rudely? Is he showing his true colours, or being punching bag of bani for 7 weeks made him explode suddenly! or is he insecure for jason . It seems like manveer’s head injury effected on his head.
    Rohan and rahul showed their loyalty to friendship once again, by giving their money to lopa. However lopa seemed quite fake on crying, she is not so weak to cry. She is saying she did not want to be captain, but at the same time she is emotionally black mailing rohan and rahul. It was actually her foolishness to replace the hiding place. Moreover lopa supported bani, but even that had a motive, which is because she want to make gaurav look bad due to the seize of her money.
    Even Jason showed his true colours by back biting behind gaurav inspite of nodding head infront of him.
    Nitibha trapped manveer by blackmailing him, it was so bad to see that whole day manveer worked hard but at last he had to give all money to her. How cunning she is, is known today.
    Still don’t want jagga to be the next captain. She is so drama quee

    n that she is changing colour every single moment.At first she was seen to console lopa for crying but after a minute she insisted her to go to jail. if she really felt bad she might return the money, however it is part of game.Today’s episode was full of emotional torture.

    1. haven’t watched the episode or you haven’t read the update.lopa asked or consoled bank before the gaurav incident.after that gaurav gave his money to Bani and was sitting in restroom as if he had lost his love and that’s when he decided to give looks money to priyanka.insecured about Lopa being a captain.get your facts right??. don’t just blame someone without knowing.

      1. Bani*,lopas* money.

  10. none of the wild cards are entertaining at all. sahil said big big words before entering the house now nothing. jason has pointed out correctly that both mona and rohan are not interesting, now he joined them. i don’t have words for priyanka. Bigg boss has done wonderful job by picking worst candidates as wildcards.

  11. Rohan & lopa is best

  12. Hey Guy’s its all scripted yar. They all are play dramma .

  13. Sir dard horha hai bigg boss dekh ker ye prryank jese logo Ko nikalo aur yeh bani yaha achar dalnay ayi hai Sara din roti hai ,her task main fail hojati hai to yaha kerna kya ayi hai isko bhi gher bhejo , ab kioi is irritating larki Ko pasand nahin kerega to Jason k sath scandal banay ki tyari shru krdi , aur sahil Ko bi bolo gher main aram kere , or gaurv Ko bi nikalo boring or unfair captain Jo bi is k khilaf bola us se revenge zeror leta hai, insaniyat nhi hai is Mai , ager wild card entry honi he ti to lokesh Ko bhej dety

  14. Priyanka Ko laker show ka maza kirkra krdia, bani Ko reporter gauher se compare na kere , agr is show Mai koi gauher jesa khelta hai to wo lopa hai ,

  15. O god..!!
    prvsly,, i used to hav sympathy fr Bani, wen she cried.. but now it seeems to b a regular drama of her.. evry week. come on gal,, v belv u r t most strongest gal in t house,.
    & Priyanka,, is macchar jsii dikhne walii ladkii me bhtt Courage hii yaar.. evn all t shit she does wit so much of confidence..!! BB do helll with tis gall.. so annnoyin
    Lopa had broke down cox she agn lost t chance of being captain.. if priyanka like moron can get a secnd chance to b contender, thn y not lopa.. b*****it.. bb is so partial & lgtaa hii swami k sath,, bb ne b priyanka to betii bnaa lia hii,, swami ko toh alrdy baaap bnaa bthe hii..

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