Bigg Boss 10 6th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Salman comes on stage and is shown Swami’s pee act and his words that he said. Salman this happened first time in this show, i saw many things in this show in 9seasons, i try to make them understand their limits, but what happened this time was.. i dont understand what this man thought while doing it, he thinks india will love him and vote for him? he doesnt know that in all seasons, who were cheap, never won and didnt get work outside house, no one calls them, it was out of limits, Bigg boss doesnt bear all this.

In Bigg boss house:
Bigg boss calls everyone in living area. Manveer asks Bani to wear mic and come. Swami says inmates it was not urine but water. Lopa says i saw mug in toilet, he thinks we are fool? Manveer asks Bani to come living area, first Bani ignores it but then

comes. Lopa throws away Swami’s things from living area. Bigg boss says in seasons, people did things to win show or tasks, used curse words and got physical but today such heinous act happened, what Swami did today proved that he doesnt deserve to live in this house so Bigg boss expels him right now from this house. Inmates are happy, Swami says i am ready. Swami goes in washroom of jail. Bigg boos says to Manveer that there are some security guards in garden, give jail key to them. Inmates thank Bigg boss. Bigg boss sends his bodyguards in house and stand outside jail. Inmates are watching everything far away from jail. Swami is in washroom. He comes out of jail and says thank you bigg boss, he is taken out of house, escorted by guards. Inmates cheer for Bigg boss. Outside house, Swami says bigg boss is unfair show, i dont care, i would have got eliminated anyway. In house, Bani breaks all boxes of Swami’s pyramid.

On stage, Salman says its good this fake, cheap Om is not in house, Bigg boss threw him away, thank you.

In house:
Manveer says to Manu that we are trying to build image and Priyanka and Swami destroyed, Manu says commoners must be painted like they are cheap, Swami was psycho. Mona says i am feeling bad, Manveer says he should have left but we are representing commoners, Swami crossed all limits, Manu says Swami was doing all that to win, he didnt know how to get exit from house, he planned all this, started throwing urine, all would be scared of him after that, this house have taught us lessons.

On stage, Salman says Om came as indian but have tainted india’s image, he thinks all us indians are like him but i want to tell him that no one is like him, i am happy that if there are few people like Om who is cheap, filthy then there are people like Manu, Manveer, Niti, Lokesh and Naveen. Whom you love will go ahead in show. Salman says 3weeks are remaining in finale, we pray may the best contestant win.
Call is connected to house. Salman wishes them happy new year. Salman says i am shocked, he is jerk, Manveer says he destroyed whole house. Salman says nobody got idea he hided urine in bathroom, they should keep camera in washroom, we dont know what he was doing in washroom, i am glad he is not here because i swear i would have come in house and.. Lopa says you could have. Salman says you guys handled it really well. Salman asks Rohan that you were close to Swami and grabbed him and you couldnt have locked him in jail alone but Manu and Manveer helped you then why you say you supported Bani only? Rohan says inmates were confused about supporting Swami, they were not sure of not supporting Swami, i felt Bani was alone, Bani always supported me, i was just giving support to Bani. Mona says i was always with Bani in task, i also said that Swami is mad normally, we cant make him captain, Rohan says you were breaking Bani’s pyramid too, Mona says Bani was saying it. Manu says we didnt want Swami to become captain, we were just enjoying task, it was obvious Bani would have won, if it was not Swami then i wouldnt have allowed Bani to win but she is better than Swami so we were supporting Bani but Rohan kept saying like only he was supporting Bani. Salman says Rohan you should make task fun then make Bani win. Rohan says they supporting Swami in court task too, they scold Swami but they protect him too. Bani says people may have different way of supporting, i understand that it was not long task, i had to keep task going, Manu says you were clear about your support? Bani says i knew most of them were supporting me. Salman asks Manveer that when Om started throwing urine, Rohan thought he was handling alone, Manveer says i pushes Rohan away from Swami but Rohan was going towards Bani but we all helped to put him in jail, Rohan says i didnt say you people didnt helped, in this task, i said you people didnt stop Swami in flower bed task, Mona you dont listen rightly and tell them unclear. Salman asks Manu if they used to support Swami? Manu says it was obvious that we wouldnt allow him to become captain but to make task interesting, Rohan doesnt understand anything when he wants to think what he likes to, Rohan says i was just trying to make Bani win, i dont know still who they were supporting, Manu says all know except you. Manveer says even blind people can tell who would we support from Swami and Bani. Salman says if Swami would have chosen you to do his task then what would you have done? Manu says i would have tried my best to win, Rohan and Bani says i wouldnt make Swami win, Salman says Swami would have become captain then? Manu says yes, but inmates wouldnt allow that but i would have tried my best. Salman says most cheap, jerk man he is but if he gives you duty then you would have made him captain? Manu says yes, Salman says then how Rohan would think? Manveer says i would have done task but i would have in mind to not make Swami win. Rohan says you made Swami win in court task too. Salman says you people live in same house, you could have discussed what to do in task, Niti says i told Manu and Manveer to play in tasks but think about peace of house too. Salman says so much happened in captaincy task but there is no captain still. Rohan says Bani should be captain. Salman says Bani didnt wear mic for whole day, she broke many rules, talked in engligh and threatened to let you talk to Gauhar, Bani says i just asked twice, this never happened with me and it happened in this show? i just wanted to talk to someone to get calm, do i not get to be upset about this sir? are you kidding me? he threw his pee on me in task and i threw my mic and you are asking me to think about captaincy and immunity? you got to be joking. Salman says you are using english, Banis ays i am upset, Salman says i am upset too, but then ma’am, he was thrown in a blink. Salman says this happens, you have to move on, Bani says oh my God. Salman says you guys are upset over idiot. Salman ends call.

In house, Manveer says to Mona that Bani keep showing anger but its all fake, Manu says they are negative about us because we are not celeb.

Bani is not wearin mic still, Manu says she doesnt talk to anyoene so doesnt matter if she wears mic or not. Manveer says if she talks to Gauhar then i will talk to Salman, Mona laughs.

Manu says to Manveer that Bani is so angry but asking me about Swami’s leftover eggs, she said she would all eggs, Manveer says she is miffed over his act but would eat his share of eggs easily? we will eat it, Manveer says she is like tell me how he as punished, Manu says i would have protected Mona from his urine but who is Bani to me that she expect us to protect her.

On show, Salman says Bigg boss punised Swami but Bani broke rules ending the sweetness of it.
Call is connected to house, Salman says to inmates that my friend died today morning, i filmed many movies with him and that Om Puri ji, inmates are shocked. Salman says everyone goes throw shit, you have to move on, you peope used to call Om villain, he was responsible for everything but he is gone now, now i want to see performance of inmates now, audience see everything, its in your hands how to move from here to final. Salman says Bigg boss gave you chance to increase prize money of show, it was good task. Bani and Om left task soon because they wanted to be captain. Salman says to Manu that you were telling Niti that you are disappointed with Manveer, why? Manu says when task started, i wanted to go for captaincy but when i sit in jail, theni realized it was good task to do, then i changed my decision to get down from captaincy. Salman says to Manveer that Manu supported you in captaincy but you didnt support him much for this task, you didnt want Manu to be captain? Manu says i didnt fight for captaincy, Manveer says i would have supported him if he had chosen to do captaincy task. Salman says this time’s captaincy is important, Manveer says i asked Manu to leave task if he wanted to be captain, Manu says i valued prize money, Manveer says i was going to increase captaincy. Salman says you people did this task well, it was good, inmates thank him.
Salman says to inmates that Lopa, Bani, Niti, Mona, and Rohan are nominated this week. We will tell tomorrow who is getting evicted. he asks Bani to smile, Rohan asks her to smile, Salman says its okay Bani, dont let these idiots affect your mood, you are giving him undue importants, Bani says its not about that, its about consequences that i have to go through, i am not getting captaincy and immunity too, Salman asks Bani sweetheart breath. Salman signs off from show.

In bigg boss house:
Bani is upset. Manveer asks to calm down, Bani says i didnt do anything wrong, Bani is weeping. Niti says to Manu that Bani was talking to him with such bad attitude but he still called her sweetheart. Manu says he shows he is bigger person.
Bani comes in restroom and says this stupid game, she locks herself in washroom. Manu says to Niti that Manveer never agreed that he was at mistake in court task, he was feeling sorry for making Swami wint that time but changed his statement today. Manu says to Mona that if i have to take decision against bigg boss then i would do, if Bigg boss ask me to be lawyer of Swami then i shouldnt support him but think about house.
Bani is weeping in garden. Manveer asks her to calm down, Bani says i didnt get anything out of all this. Manu says to Mona that see Manveer is pacifying Bani now, Niti says to Mona that Bani is getting so much footage without even doing anything and all are against her, so she would have air about her that she can do anything, nobody can touch her thats why Bani is like this, Bani talked rudely with Salman but still Salman was calling her sweetheart. Mona says she is saying that she couldnt talk to anyone, wished Gaurav was here.
Bani says to Manveer that i went through all this but this is unfair that i didnt even get captaincy and got nominated again.
Mona says to Manu that Manveer is stupid, Manu says if this girl is carrying show then we will get out, we are people who worked so hard for this show but Bani did no efforts, Manveer is saying something else too, i shouldnt have expectations from him, he is pacifying Bani and not me why? because she was being called sweetheart by people, so he went there, i always fought for my friend but he has ways to go against me. Mona says Bani is not worried about Swami but crying over not getting immunity, she has no faith in her fans, Manu says i am late but i have understood, Manveer looks at him from far.

PRECAP- Aditya and Shraddha comes on show. Shraddha asks Salman that situation is its your lover’s birthday and you forgot it, Aditya says this happened with me, Salman says this happened with me always, they laugh. There will be interview of Swami with reporter. Reporter says headline is “Swami becoming villain of Bigg boss”, Swami cries and says i destroyed myself over this show but what i got in return? Reporter Debang says you did overacting, Swami says Bigg boss just wanted excuse to expel me and he used few drops of water to expel me, Debang says you yourself said it was urine, Swami says but in real, it was water, i am villain so i would project is like urine, if Bigg boss doesnt call me in finale then i wont let finale happen, Debang says you are threatening, Swami says yes. Rohan says Manveer was worst captain till now. Manveer says you will remain against commoners.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Hemant

    Is Bar Ka Pura Big Boss Season Itna Khas Nai rha usme bhi ye swami jese aesa kar ke or Bigad dete hai Puri Show Ki popularity Nikal di..
    Is bar ka ek bhi contestants itne khas nai hai..
    Ek manveer dil se khelta hai toh smane manu mind game se khelta hai..
    Dekhte hai kon hota hai winner..
    But must Vote for manveer Gujar..

    • Megha

      Hemant fabulous name… Mera b bf ka naam hemant h.. Me usko bahut Miss kr rhi hu… Apka nam dekha tho reply kiya…

    • Virgorules

      Hemant r u kidding me! U wanna support Manveer gujjar the ass licking b*****d, who doesn’t take stand for anybody, who doesn’t perform well in tasks, who b*t*hes about the celebs all the time and who has always supported Om.

  2. ..

    Today’s episode was good. Rohan was right.manu-manveer kahi na kahi om ka support system bane hue the. Bigg boss ne bhi uski galtiyo ko ignore kiya. That’s why vo is extent tak gaya.

  3. Kalika

    I used to like Bani but she is over doing it now, if anyone should win it should be Niti. M3 are full of BS and Rohan is very young and immature, i think he made a mistake by entering BB, hes a sweet innocent kid who has been thrown amongst the wolves. As for that dhongi baba, the media should stop giving him so much importance, he is nothing more than a thug in a costume

    • Param

      Omg r u kidding niti how the hell she will b winning the show and on what bases tell ,,, she is is just a looser,, manveer is someone who deserve to win,, he is really a true guy who deserve to win,, he is lik prince,, playing from heart no statigies,,

  4. phoenix

    I hated today’s episode a bit…..salman intially ask3d inmates not to nominate swami or else he will be evicted….bigboss again n gain bought him into the show… did such thing and expect bani to remain silent….bigboss would have at least talked with bani….would have told her keep calm…necessary actions would be taken….they did nothing such sort….so obvious ly her behaviour.,…. What salman said was bit true….but at that point,…what she did was okay,…..inmates taunting…banis own anger..,.she tried to be cool…she even kept her head in fridge,….except Mona..nithibha..and Ronan,.I don’t like the rest….waste fake people,…..rohan shouldn’t have lied.,..he did say to mona

  5. Maria

    I am soooooooo happy.. …
    They took om out of houz…i dont understand even affter this…why r they putting him up ina talk show against debang..
    He doesnt deserve to be on t.v anymore….liar lying in the face
    And d rest of the people in d house have gone bonkers
    Its high time they get back their senses…..
    I am a fan of bani bt she took it one step forward with her attitude which i didnt like………if she cant follow d rules i also think she doesnt deserve to be a captain….and they punished om so what else can they do……bt she looked really pretty today…better luck next time…..bani

  6. Mahi

    Omg.. Superb baba om ko nikaal diya.. Gandagi ko pehle hi nikaalna chehiyetha..
    I support #Bani frm d core bt ws bit upset wid her.She ws rude to SK evn aftr knwg tragic news abt Istanbul n OmPuri sir but I know she was upset with pee incident and also she didnt get d immunity..
    Ek point me Salman b galat tha bcoz baba ne yahi drama Salman k saath kiya hotha tho usko maar maar k laal kr deta.

    Rohan se baat krne Kay mannu k confidence toh dekho woh log jaise Gaye na tu bhi jayega.self obsession..
    Manu kudh tho kuch kar tu sirf planning plotting krtha h.. Khud k best friend ko b ni chodtha… Manu se tho acha rohan h kisi k peetpiche buraai tho ni krta

    • Sameera

      Jangli ko utha k ghar se fek diya πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
      Isko aur nehi dekhna padega yeeeeeiiii!!! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
      Now coming to the rest of the episode, m3 yaaaaarrrr!!!
      Kitna b*t*hing karte hai ye…. Specially Manu, pata nehi kya samajhta hai khudko πŸ˜•
      I really don’t like this person at all… Full time bak bak karta rehta hai. Aj to manveer ko bhi pata chala manu usko lekar baat karte hai… Aur jab salman ne kaha to bilkul saint ban gaya manu… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Kitni natak ki innocence ki πŸ˜‚
      Rohan ko aj bhi support nehi kiya salman ne πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
      Nothing to say πŸ˜•
      And bani!
      I like her but what was she doing today? How can she talk to salman like this?
      I know whatever she said was right, but the way she said that was clearly wrong! πŸ˜‘
      Should have handled the conversation in a better way πŸ˜•
      Supporting Rohan ✌✌✌✌
      Hope he wins ✌✌✌✌

      • manash

        Kisiko jabab dena koi galat bat nhi hota hai…..uski point of view se v toh dekh lo …….m3 rule brake kre toh hazaro guna maaf ….bani/rohan ek galti kre toh shajja ban jate …….

  7. anshu

    From yesterday episode its clr that rohan is not going to win the show bcoz salman sir didn’t want it i m a big fan of salnan sir but today whatever they did with rohan was wrong why salman sir didn’t ask manu and manveer and about mnveer statement jb hm p aaygi tb dekh lenge in this episode so guys donot vote for rohan bcoz our vote our opinion didn’t matter to them the victom of this last captancy task is nit only bani but also rohan but it doesn’t matter to salman sir bcoz for him rohan can’t be right

    • Virgorules

      Anshu u r absolutely right! But we should still vote for Rohan becoz he is the real hero of the house. But we know from today’s episode either Manveer or bani will be the winner of this season because they r Salman’s favorite.

      • Param

        Rohan is just a crap,, only a siblong who want to become a nice guy lik primary child, who want stars in every subjects but get zero , and always fails,, and u appealing to vote him unjustified,, vote for manveer,,

  8. Vinod

    Clearly shows Manu and Manveer were supporting the Baba.. whenever housemates tried to boycot him.. they were the only 2 who were bringing him back.. and Great Manu Seth says that if someone comes and says sorry to me.. my heart melts for him… really .. if that baba says the same words what he said to all the ladies and men in the home to his brother or sister and comes to him and says sorry.. will he forgive them also…. then Manu really needs a temple to be build by whole Indians for him… when Baba uttered his fiancee’s name, he was furious enough to beat him down… I am 100% sure if baba was not evicted, these 2 would have again pampered swami and put whole blame on Bani and Rohan… what they are doing right now also…

    • Kalika

      The first time that dhongi baba peed in front of everyone they should have poured it on his head. Can’t believe they kept such a filthy backward person so long for TRP. Big boss needs to close shop.

  9. moni

    Agree i too support rohan and bani…and i wud be happy to c them win bigg boss but it seems impossible as bigg boss is always supporting dis manu n manveer….salmans one statement was awsome when he said manu dat if wer given a chance to support swami n play d task by his side what wud he do den…he easily said yess forgetting dat he was telling every one including manveer dat they r supporting bani in d captancy how can he say dat rohan is immature wen they themselves r showing duality in everything…rohan proved his point dat why he was supporting bani alone coz nobody was supporting her…everyone was faking…i think dis is why manu is so much frustrated…anyway m just watching show for bani n rohan…but i dnt think gonna watch it for more days coz they dnt want true winners to win…plz make manupulative manu n manveer winner of d show n close it soon…monalisa n nitibha r useless they only roam around like idiots(thali ka baigun)….

    • St

      Da way she told vth SK was wrong…
      But just think wt wud u HV if sm1 thrws his pee on u n tat too in front of ntnl tv…….

      • St

        Xtrmly mistake I replied here.Sry moni…

        N ya agree vth ur comment..
        Bani or rohan shd win…….

  10. Real Bigg boss

    I was supporting bani but sorry not anymore.
    She is the most selfish contestant in the house of bigg boss

    She doesn’t deserve to be a winner

    1. She didn’t wear the mike even after swami was kicked out off the house. Bigg boss did what he had to do then why the f*ck was she not wearing a mike

    2. Salman was being polite to her so she shouldn’t have acted like a bit*h . I understand that whole situation but she was not the only one who was thrown piss at rohan had to face it too

    3. How the f*ck can she be soo insensitive dude.when they were told about the demise of om puri and salman’s friend everyone was showing their sympathy
    Their shock

    But bani was still acting like a bit*h
    That’s not done
    Its not

    4. She was crying ki mujhe captain nahi banaya i wanted immunity when she is the one who said i don’t care about the game and you can’t expect the game to be good to you if you are not good to the game

    Bigg boss gave her and rohan justice within few hours, bigg boss was good to her so she should have put her mike on the moment he left the house

    But she didn’t do it so bigg boss gave her the punishment which she deserved

    I am sorry to all her fans

    I don’t think she is deserving

    She shouldn’t win

    She is a selfish, arrogant, mean bit*h

    • tsering namdol

      Eatever u said was true but still some people need time to cure itself. If something happen with u than u ll understand her feelings. Ur openion u can give to people but u cannot decide whether she is deserving or not. She is deserving contestant thats y she is still on the show. U should be selfish to win the game. # bani dnt b upsad now n play the game wisely

      • manash

        Reallly ….i totally agree with ur comment …….in this world aisa koi v nhi hai jo selfish nhi hai ……hr log pehle apne bare main he sochta hai ….i dont think ismein koi burai v hai….

    • namitha

      i feel u r wrong ,even as a ordinary person if something happens like this i would have never forget this incident. and bani when she comes out she has to face this. even if she tries to forget people wont let her to. ofcouse bigg boss must have given a warning saying it will affect her captaincy . but they wont do that because they want her to be nominated. votes= money

  11. Adhuna




    Vo tha ek chota sa pest

    Pass kar liya usne kamine pan ka test

    Bigg boss ne ussko bahar nikla

    Thank you bigg boss
    You are the bestest



    Ab dhongi baba bahar se hi jitega kyuki andar toh usse koi ghusne nahi dega πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Couldn’t see the episodes properly last two weeks reading updates and seeing whenever I m free what Swami Om did was completely unacceptable and disgusting felt so bad for bani. And Rohan also he stressed himself out too much and also fall sick. Poor guy. I am always fan of Lopa but I didn’t like her much this week she was over-reacting at minor issues and it’s clearly evident that she is too insecure of bani which will cause problems for her only if Lopa wasn’t insecure of bani she was the perfect candidate to win bb10. Manveer problem is blinded by the love of M3 . He was calling Rohan being biased and favouring celebs whereas he himself was biased and favouring commoners and Rohan also called manveer worse captain and he himself not good as a captain. I don’t know why manveer and Rohan hates each other.Best captain of bb10 was one and only Gaurav, Lopa’s captaincy was average others not that good. I am still shocked that last week Gaurav got evicted like monalisa got higher votes that Gaurav? Seriously? Mona did the maalgari task well though. For me this week star of the week is Nitibha because she said right things, she was not biased, took stand against Baba and was brilliant in maalgadi task I didn’t like Nitibha but this week she was amazing was thinking to vote for bani, Rohan and Lopa this week but now changed my mind to bani, Rohan and Nitibha. I really feel nitibha deserves a chance now. She won’t go to finals but at least she is better than monalisa i feel. Mona is very hard to understand. And I love manveer-Nitibha as a pair. I don’t like the fact manveer is ignoring Nitibha . Could see the chemistry between them when bb paired them in the royal task.
    May the best contestant win I have a gut feeling Rohan will win many r supporting him and also last season many said prince Won’t Win bb Won’t let him win Salman favours Mandana and not prince bla bla bla in the end prince won. If prince can win why not Rohan.

    • Lopa❀Rohan

      Hii,, i m a lopa fan.. & i think u r a bani’s fan. by mistake,, i supz u mentioned lopa..
      Cox,, as far as i hav seeen,, Lopa was far betttr than Bani this weeek,, thou she over-reacted at timez.. bani as usual,, walked out of t task for captaincy,, as expected t walkout queeen..! & I guesss,, as per survey,, she has high chancez of win.
      & Wateva happnd wid her tis weeek cox of Swami can onlyy get her Sympathy votes & nothin more. (Fact) cox,, She has beeen her selfish mean gal tis weeek..
      & Evn Rohan over reacted tis weeek.. & lopa was no less or more..
      So,, if u r rllly a Lopa fan & not an sympathy distributor or wateva.. thn do analyse ur points again.. hope u willl choooose t rite thing…

  13. Sid

    LOL where are all the Bani fans today??
    Seriously, her over acting needs to stop!! She is just over doing it now. Suck it up and move on!.. And how stupid of her to be actually upset about not getting the captaincy!!.. loll what a joke!! When she was talking to Salman, it was all about how she is upset because of Om.. but later when she was talking to Manveer, all her drama and over acting was because she was upset that she didn’t become the captain!!.. And the way she was misbehaving with Salman.. hats off to Salman Khan for keeping his cool and not blasting her off.
    WAKE UP PEOPLE and stop supporting this stuck up Bani. She has done NOTHING for the show. Someone needs to burst her little bubble and give her a reality check.

    • tsering namdol

      Yes so true bani reaction was not good but that situation was not good for her. #i still support bani. Kyunki she is human n galti innsaan se hoti hai# lobe u bani

    • St

      Da way she told vth SK was wrong…
      But just think wt wud u HV if sm1 thrws his pee on u n tat too in front of ntnl tv…….

  14. riya

    bani ashamed of u…..she wants rules b break karu….continue eng me baat kru….task me give up kru…entertain b nhi kru…except gaurav kisi she baat b no kru….kbi smile na kru..mic b utar du…aur in sbke baad mjhe captaincy chahiye mjhe immunity chahiye…BT I give u better tumhe eviction dena chahiye aur M3 me se kisi ko jeetna chahiye.

    • Param

      Nicely said,, riya,, vote for manveer,, not for any tatood idiot lost in her own and just want eggs all the time,, leave all tasks and don’t vote for Rohan who support her if every idiotic situation,, he is just a crap,,

  15. riya

    bani ashamed of u…..she wants rules b break karu….continue eng me baat kru….task me give up kru…entertain b nhi kru…except gaurav kisi she baat b no kru….kbi smile na kru..mic b utar du…aur in sbke baad mjhe captaincy chahiye mjhe immunity chahiye…BT I give u better tumhe eviction dena chahiye aur M3 me se kisi ko jeetna chahiye.

  16. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Pros and cons of the contestants who r still in the game in my POV
    Good: True, Straighfoward, Respects Friendship, Plays by heart
    Bad: Rude, Bad in Tasks, Leaves conversion mid-way

    Good: Takes stand on right things, Unbiased, Knows what she is doing
    Bad: Insecure of Bani, Overreacts at times

    Good: Kind, Calm, Entertaining, Energetic, Motivating
    Bad: Gets excited most of the time, Loses control at times

    Good: Soft-spoken, Quiet, Dancing
    Bad: Crying, Always behind Manu, Gives up easily

    Good: Plays by heart, Good Person, Not at all hesitant
    Bad: Influenced by Manu, Biased(Favors only commoners)

    Good: Funny, Makes good use of mind, Friendship, Unbiased
    Bad: Backbites others, Brainwashes others for own benefit

    Good: Unbiased, willing to try, Active, Confident
    Bad: Lost at times, says wrong things at times

  17. Gib Ssob

    Manu is backstabber that we viewers know it but why are they not showing his reality to inmates of house..
    Manu was frustrated after losing igloo task.
    Manu was not happy to see manveer as captain, it was well defined from his c@@t face..
    But today his cheapness is getting out.. Hope manveer know the reality of manu.

    • Simple

      Manveer sab samjhta hai but wo khud ko abhi ese hi potray kar rha hai ke jese mannu usko use ker rha hai but actual mein ye dono ek dusre ko use kar rhe hain thats wat i feel ….
      Bani ka gussa theek tha but salman se is rudeness ki zarurat nhi thi but i think wo host hai unse sabko expectation hoti hai pr jb salman wkv mein ate hai or zada mannu b*t*her or manveer gnwar ko chada kr chle jate hain
      Aj rogan ko phr question kiya gya k aapne kaha ap akele hi usko handel kiye phr mannu manveer se pucha gya or wo as usual bat se phr gye
      Check the link mannu was just standing till baba finished his secret task or baba ko is hal pr pohunchanewale yehi hain kyunki humesha uski galtio pr usko support krte hai sabke samne dantne ka natak or bad mein they r praising jb manveer captain bana tb bhi or usse pehle bhi kaee bar
      Or sara ghr niti mona manveer mannu sab usko bethe criticise kr rhe hain abbe tum sab pr phenkna chahiye tha jb pata lgta mannu is so irritating now a days …iski to hawa hi badal gyee hai ye soch rha hai celebs evict huye hain to ye bada popular hai iski galatfehmi hai isko btao unki eviction producers ne planned ki thi janta votes ne nhijesi trending gaurav k liye ho rha hai lopa mona neeti mannu kisi k liye nhi hoti

  18. πŸ˜’

    such bat ha
    K vote koi mater nhi krta nitiba ab tk ghr Mai pta ni kya Kr rhi ha usko kbka nkal Jana chahie tha
    Manveer Ko kuch b nhi bolte kuch b hojye
    Comonr Ko jit wana me laga hn ye log
    Manveer to bol rha ta om pakhndi ko k hm log Ko represntve bnate apni traf se khelne dete , lekn nhi tmhe to khd bani k samne khare hokr khelna aese jit jaoge tm bani se jit Paoge tm
    or aj Salman k smne kuch bol rha ha k hum nhi chahte the k om bane captan
    dble stndrd ha in log ka

    Pta ni Kahn se pkre ye comonr Ko
    Manveer chmcha party strong dkhi wahn ludak jata ha
    Kal bani ki burai aj Salman sir Ne bani Ko sw8h8 bola to uski chmchagiri me lag gya
    Lopa Ko full ignore mar rhe hn Salman sir ap he to big boss nhi ho khd
    lopa ne apka kya bigara
    aj b to om pakndi Ko nklna pada na aj b Wo to phle nikal dete jb Wo rohan Ko tunel me pkda tha om pakndi ne us pr rohan ko sahi supot kia lopa ne
    Fir dsri dfa Phool wla task me supot nhi krna chahye tha lopa Ko qk rohan lyk nhi k usey koi supot kre
    Bani Ki fan folowing dkh Kr ab bani jesh se iski dosti hogyi
    Ye rohan dost kehlane lyk nhi
    Lopa ne big boss Ko unfair ghlt bola lekn clr b to krdia k mene ghlti ki bgair dkhe bola big boss Ko unfair,
    Rohan Ko nomin8 nhi elimin8 krna chahie
    Bani jessa selfsh ha ye rohan nikalo isko
    Lyk nhi frndshp jelous horha ha
    Manveer Ko is bat ki chinta nhi k Salman sir K sth kesa bhv Kr rhi ha bani selfsh usko Salman sir ne sw8h8 bola to bani ki chmchagri krrha ha k se log hn bhai
    Salman sir ki innocence dekho manveer psnd ha
    Celebs Mai ek lopa achi ha
    Baki Sb selfsh
    Bani jo abi winer nhi bani itni arrognt ha kal jb kuch or bnegi to kya keregi bhai

  19. πŸ˜’

    Manu to jitne k lye itna desper8 ha k kisi ghr wale Ko bura na bola asa ho nhi skta apne dost Ko b nhi chora
    Sirf lopa he win krne lyk ha
    Baqi votes btenge k majrity ktni gndgi Ko supot krti ha
    Sbse acha is seson me koi rha ha to Wo lopa ha agr pura show ki hr episod dekhe to pta chle
    Jb k Salman sir us Ko big boss unfair khne pr ghlt fehmi krwadi uski or selfsh rohan ki frndshp me k ap has rhi thi washrom k bhr b8 kr jb k rohan k fans or lopa k fans Ko asa kuch nhi laga k lopa maxak udane ka has rhi thi
    Jabk sb rohan k fans or lopa k fans Sb ne kaha k lopa caring ha
    Lekn acha Hua lopa Ko pta chala k ye rohan selfish ha ye bhari party ka dost ha
    Lopa se jalta ha celebs b lopa ka nam lekr gye k lopa ko psnd krte hn is rohan ka nam to ksi ne Lia nhi

  20. πŸ˜’

    😊 lopa ap k lye smily face ye nam wale sectn me mene bura rectn wala chehra islye dala k ye seson boht bura ha , ap k lye smily face 😊 😊 😊

  21. sonya

    Manu is very sly and yes Manu and Manveer both were supporting him and most of all they were doing it for the footage. I want to see now how they are going forward……Lopa too has anger issues when she threw Rohan’s stuff all over including his suitcase and this somewhat has died a natural death.

  22. Virgorules

    Om threw pee on both Rohan and Bani but still Bani is being the center of attraction and Rohan is being ignored by Salman, why? Why this partiality?

  23. shivanya

    Bani u did very wrong…jb salman n om puri k death ki news btayi tb bhi bani ek dum sada hua face bnaye thi jaise kch hua hi n baki sbko bhi bura lga bt inhe to bs cptncy ki pdi h kisi k marne jeene se koi.frq n pdta…totally wrong…and bani n khud hi apne pair p kulhaari mar li jb wo swami ja chuka tha to usko kya zroorat thi mic utarne ki rules todne pr bhi inhe captain bnao…ar ye faltu ki zidd…k gauhar se baat krao…have u lost ur mind bani…cptancy ka asar tmhare mind m chadh gya h

    And wo swami he is threatening now ar kitna gire ga filthy man bb m ab entry n milegi

  24. prateek

    Gd morning simran ditya shreya aakashi preeti anu s riya degnerationX swastika shazna simple

    i was laughing so hard after watch the interview of that pakhandi hahaha oh my god dhamkee to bigg boss and whole world agar mujhe wapas show me nahi bulaya toh finale nahi hone dega oh my hahaha under world se baat kar li hai usne (pakhandi ne) hahaha

    • good girl

      Oh mr. Prateek now who are you and why are you taking my friends name here

      hi kp simran preeti shriya aakashi anu ditya and all

      what is bani doing i think she shouldn’t talk like that to salman sir

      and preeti i am sorry mai busy hoo to cmnt nahi kar payi but maine tumhare sare cmnt padhe bohot ache hai

      and where is kp shriya and ditya why they not cmnt?

    • ditya

      gud morning kp(prateek)….ssly ya…i was also laughing very hard
      when he was crying….n debang said overacting kar rahe ho aap…then suddenly josh me aake dhamkee dene laga sabko….pata nahi kis mitti se bna h…kahan se utha laya bb ne isey

      • kp

        Yes ditya pata hi nahi chal raha hai kaun hai ye iska pura name padh kar toh mujhe bahut bhyankar hasi aagayi “shree sachanand sai baba om ji” oh my hahahahahahahahaha

        gd girl am sorry i wrote my full name prateek

        and preeti ditya is right am also waiting for your solid poem

  25. Ela

    Guys… I am not from india. Big boss has been a show close to my heart for many years. But this year I stopped watching it. Jst as a thiRd person I wld say indian people in general are being potrayed in a very bad way by commoners. There is no class,no etiquette,no manners. Celebs are respectable but they are bashed every week and thrown out of the guys say bani is a quitter,rohan is immature. But atleast they r showing tht all indian are not bad. I hope bani/rohan wins the show. Otherwise my perception abt indian people wil change for ever. N for Mr. Salman,he shld stop hosting the show,he is too biased.

    • Ashish

      Ela from where you are and you are 100percent right this show is just a waste of time nothing else. Also this season has been the worst season so far in BB history. And the people who are representing commoners have spoiled this show’s image very much and they have brought standard of the show to a very low level. This dhongi baba should have been thrown much earlier I mean what were the colors channel and BB makers waiting for that he would pee on someone and then will be thrown out. That dhongi baba had done so many weird things earlier also but no action was taken against him but was just being warned by big boss.

  26. hrithik ka Fan

    rubbish episode today. ….manu and my favourite bani ..both were wrong…

    .1…bani ..first. ….she was completely wrong yesterday. ..was full on attitude and self centred. ..salman handled well……If she behave like this other hms will definitely talk behind her back…so bani disspointed me 2nd time after that priyanka’s episode. ..heart broken…

    2…manu …omg he is very very cunning u had to see his face when salman exposing him what he told about manveer to nitibha. ..but as usual being bb favourites salman will not reprimand manu manveer like he did to rohan always…

    conclusion : rohan is turning out to be favourite. ..he is way mature than any other housemates. …disspointed with bani …even nitibha is turning out to be a good contestant she took right stands last week …..

    …last thing ….lopa was completely ignored today …lol….she wear something in her nose and was expecting salman to praise her for her attire but was ignored completely. .hahahah.….

    • Pankhi

      Did she tell u that she was expecting salman to praise her..R u a kid.wats ur age..being a guy u r jealous of a girl…tum ladke ho bhi

    • Pankhi

      Tumse akar bola kya lopa ne ki woh salman ke praise ke liye saz rahi thi.she is a model and models aise ho tyar hote hain..tumhari ahe kya hai..ladke ho ya ladki ki ek ladki se jelous ho

      • hrithik ka Fan

        Hello pankhi. ..mind ur language and I wrote what I feel. ..and btw I guess u never heard about the thing body language. ..lopa’s body language was such that she expected salman to praise her due to her attire but he didn’t. .so I felt that it’s my opinion u have nothing to do with it. ..mind ur own business. .blo*dy looser….

  27. #bani and rohan' are the best

    Just love u bani,rohan. I think Manu,nitibha,mona were jealous when Salman Khan called her sweet heart.Day and night bani ki burai karte rehte hai Manu,manveer.Lopa plzz stop throwing things on rohan,It doesn’t look good on camera.Bani please play your game and don’t loose hope,just watch this for you dear.#Support ‘bani and rohan.’

  28. manash

    Bani is only a real people in this seson…only she deserve to win ……gysss keep voting for her …….she will win ……

  29. Bhavana

    Diff b/w Manveer and a dog? dogs are loyal but Manveer only wiggles his tail around those who r supported by salman….He was b*t*hing abt bani that her aggression was fake then y consoling her after WKW….

    Both Manu and Manveer can’t stand/fight alone ,both are using each other to go ahead in the game.

    In the name of commoners, they brought criminals,gundas,gawars….its a worst season …the show got degraded….just to show off that their selective commoners are the best ….so in WKW they r promoting them a lot and praising if they don’t do anything also.

    salman being a great hero hosting a pee show and praising gundas….its better to quit the show…he is not a simple star to just blindly follow the script.

    Rohan is a matured and decent guy…..Those who like gawars M2 never understand and know the meaning of decency and maturity.if they r liking kaala dil waala and chuglokar aunty that shows their standards.

    Rohan always supports right,doesn’t follow blindly where jhund is going.

    He will go against bani/lopa/M2 /even biggboss if they r wrong.

    BB team also knows that ROHAN has all winner qualities and has fan base ,but they dont want him as winner…so start project him as immature,boring,favours only celebs etc…kitna bhi acha karo,no appreciation…how much humiliation he got faced still never that poinr raised by salman.

    most of the audience are not gawars so they know who is real Hero…who is scripted hero….

    They consider the votes for finale….stop believing rumors…vote for ROHAN… ur love and support thru voting..its a big slap to bb team that we know who is right and wrong…we r not dumbo like their zeroes…

    Love u ROHAN, still standing like a rock after so much unfair decisions….love ur spirit… only for ROHAN the most intelligent ,decent,matured cute contestant

  30. ditya

    hi to all my tellymates kp,simran,shriya,kiddo,anu,sona,aakashi,ria,
    again salman ne rohan ko target kiya….mujhe samjh nhi aata salman kbhi rohan ki tarif kyu nahi krte….bs galtiyan he dikhate h….aur hamesha ki tarah manu ko judge bna dete h sab situation me….and i also don’t lyk bani’s behaviour towards salman sir….selfish dikh rahi thi kal bahot jyada…lopa toh dikhi he nahi….nitibha mujhe lopa se better lag rahi h do din se
    hey kiddo aaj k liye poem ready h nah??? m waiting…..

    love u rohan…..u rock

  31. simran

    Hi ditya
    Ya I totally agree with u they always target rohan like prince ko karte the last season mein .
    Preeti school gayi hogi wo uske bad hi comment kr payengi

  32. Shelly

    When priyanka jagga didn’t understood a question,Salman sir asumed that she was showing attitude to him and was thrown out of the house.Now,if Bani j is actually showing attitude,Salman is making her understand sweetly.Wow !!! I hope i don’t see her winning Biggboss 10

  33. Shazna

    Evn i too felt bani shd hav conveyed her point in a cool way..but i dint liked d way salman said abt boarding school n al juz move on n he simply targeted rohan..rohan deserved praising but salman as usual juz tried to cover manu manveers stand..salman on every point hez asking manu manveer opinion n lways supported them..rohan was absolutely right on his point..manu before d task he openly said i will support om n evn lopa lso..

    manu lwayz commenting on bani’s food get a life man bani openly said she need more food as her diet z different n itz written in her contract..haha niti n mona felt jealous as salman called bani sweetheart..oly 3 weeks left..m sure bb ll make manu or manveer as winner..but my support to bani n rohan..

  34. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Hello all.good afternoon..aaj jldi chuti hogi due to saturday so im here..
    Thank god aaaj sona di toh aaye…
    Hi kp bhai,jj bhai,simu di,diti di,sona di,anu(kaha hai tu)aki di(waiting for u come fast)_shriyo(where r u)sonai.soo guys i m ready with poem but pehle kuch batein…
    I didnt likr bani attitude yesterday and manu b*t*hing bout manveer….but i love baba going out…
    Here is a poem..
    Aakir ho gya buddha ghar se beghar,
    Pr ek cheez samaj nhi aa rhi jaane ke pehle toilet me kya kr rha tha yeh yaar.
    Ab bahar aa kr dibang ke sath kr rha hai bakwass,
    Smajta hai aapne aap kuch zyada hi khas.
    Bani ne ki galat tareek se baat,
    Bhut bura lga mujhe kl ki raat..
    Rohan ne diye aache jawaab,
    Shayad salman ko bhi lge ho woh lajawaab…
    Manu apne hi dost ki kr rha hai burai,
    Manveer ki kya thi koi glti bhai..
    Mona aur nitibha ne dia manu ka sath,
    Lopa ko glat lgi bani ki baat..
    Dekhte salman aage kya karenge,
    Lekin hm sb toh ese rozana hi discuss karenge..
    Aaj raat 9 baje ka hai intezaar,
    Salman ke sath dekhenge weekend ka vaar…
    Love u all

    • kp

      Love you too little sister gajab ho gaya yaar aapko ek baar DU(delhi) aana padega mujhse milne ok aur ye poem kitne time me soch leti ho aap 2 hour’s or instantly and if instantly than you are great

      i like your poem more than best keep it up untill bb end aur kal toh aapki chuti(holiday) hai aur meri bhi toh morning me ek poem aur ho jaye

    • Prettypreeti


      |Registered Member

      Ya bhai subah pakka ek poem..poem actually 5 -6min me…thank u…i will definitely come 2 meet u
      @godbless thanku and ya woh poem.thi isliye likh diya but sorry for my mistake

    • ditya

      u r a ROCKSTAR dear kiddo….superb poemπŸ’– n r u serious…sirf 5-6 min me tumhari poem ready ho jati h😱 then u r really great
      keep writing…. n entertaining us😊☺

  35. #bani and rohan' are the best

    I just watch this show for bani and rohan’ .If they get evicted I won’t be interested in watching the show.These both are only ones whom I find genuine.Manu ki overconfidence saaf nazar aa rahi hai and baaki sab over actors ,I find them fake .U guys support your favourites but l strongly love bani and rohan’ that’s it

  36. Johnnnn

    I too felt very bad abt bani’s behaviour….. bt it was her natural attitude (guys i never support dis type of attitudes)…. thn shazna totally agree wid ur cmnt abt mona & nitiba

  37. Jia

    Hello everybody.I am happy that swami is out.didn’t like banished behaviour towards salman questioned rohan again.I didn’t like it but manu was really in trouble today.he back bites about everybody na now he will get punishment. Salman should have displayed video so that manverr could see it but still kam se kam kuch to kiya.who is this tumsarenautanki he never speaks something good he is so rude.preeti or poem was very nice…

  38. sana

    I ‘m not Indian but I don’t like bani
    this bani is misbehaving with super star Salman
    She have a attitude problem even with seniors
    So arrogant dude
    I like lopa only she is deserving contestant

  39. sana

    Lopa rohan Manu manveer these should be in top 4
    But lopa should win the show .
    Bani doesn’t respect seniors .
    However bani has huge fan following now fans should stop voting for bani because if she doesn’t respect superstar. then who are you just a fan of her.
    Think about it.

    1.lopa 2.manveer 3.rohan 4.manu

    • Mahi

      But im sorry to say.. I completely agree with Bani and I support her. As Salman rightly said , if Om was in the house today he would have entered the house …Why …we all know. Similarly Bani has her way of reacting , which is completely justified … yeh tho acha hua om par bani ne haath ni uthaya..

  40. Henry

    Salman advised Bani not to give swam om too much important,

    But why is big boss bring back Om in a talk show with Debang..

    I think that he is not worth this recognition.hH

  41. Mahi

    I completely agree with Bani and I support her. As Salman rightly said , if Om was in the house today he would have entered the house …Why …we all know. Similarly Bani has her way of reacting , which is completely justified …

  42. Sweety

    Omg!!! What an episode. Manu said clearly that anything may happen but I will support om and make him win at morning time but when salman asked he said I dint have any plan to support om. Really dude hez playing games. Hez backbiting about manveer. He even took advantage of mona the previous task by making mona nominate herself. Hez so jealous of bani. He doesn’t stop telling rude about her. Coming to bani she was so fustrated but I do think she should atleast speak to salman properly because he comes on weekends to make them go in right path. Om just buzz of man. Don’t have minimum ethics.

  43. #bani and rohan' are the best

    Manu is crazy he will support wrong,manveer does chamchagiri,lopa has anger problem she starts throwing things and insecure of bani and rohan’s friendship ,nitibha and Mona took support of Manu and manveer to reach this position,filthy piece of shit are being thrown out of the house
    Only bani and rohan’ are consistent and they are genuine and real and I don’t find ego problems in them
    So of course I love bani and rohan’ and want either of these both to win the show .The rest can just go to hell I don’t care .My opinion is not going to change .I just watch this show for bani and rohan’.love u truly guys.

  44. lopa's fan

    I hate bani ,she has no manners how to talk to star ,om puri ji ki death hogyi isko immunity ki pari hai selfish hai bohat, I don’t like kuch task nahi kerti aur immunity chahye Salman sir se aese bat kerrhi hai ek immunity k liye

  45. Pankhi

    Hrithik kavfam has lost.Bani ke body ko padhte ho ya nahin..u can even lick her ass u double blo*dy looser..thats why people call u neither men or girl in this forum

    • hrithik ka Fan

      pankhi. ..go and check unseen video on voot …rohan manu manveer teasing her that for nose ring thing that salman didn’t compliment her for that …so obviously she was expecting salman to praise her but he didn’t give a damn…lol….

  46. #bani and rohan' are the best

    Ufff this lopa always doughts rohan’ man .I don’t like her at all.are bani kya ab rohan’ aur nitibha se bhi baat Na Karen.m3 toh din rat uske baare mein bakwas hi karte hai.manveer kya celeb aur commoners karta rehta hai ,do he realise he is also a celeb now,so much overacting man.
    Bani and rohan’ want either of you both only to win!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.