Bigg Boss 10 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 10 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 51
Inmates wake up to song ‘ruppiya’ song. Gaurav and Mona dances.

Mona asks Manveer that you ranaway from your wedding? Swami laughs. Mona says if groom runs away from wedding, it become problem for bride. Manveer says she got married to my younger brother then, when her proposal came, i said no to family but they didnt listen so i ranaway from house. Mona says i thought that you ranaway from wedding venue, Manveer says no way before that. Swami asks how she behaves with you now? Manveer says i dont go to home much now.

Bigg Boss will introduce the luxury budget task ‘BB Taxi Stand’ wherein Manveer Gujjar and Bani J will be the taxi drivers while Priyanka Jagga will be the traffic police. The entire house will be turned

into a runway track wherein Manveer and Bani will have to ride taxis and take housemates from one place to the other. Inmates are not allowed to go anywhere, they have to hire taxi to go and have to give fare to driver. All inmates are given 2000points. Priyanka will be strict traffic police and cane fine inmates for breaking rules of task and house, this task is for captaincy too. The one who will earn most points among Bani, Manveer and Priyanka will become one contender for captaincy. The inmate who will have most points remaining with him or her will become contender for captaincy. Rohan cant be captain again but will be part of task. Inmates will have the liberty to negotiate with them to save maximum points though the drivers will have the luxury to demand whatever money they want. Signals will be placed as taxi stands and drivers will need to drop the housemates at those specific points only. Also, the drivers will be allowed to travel while the signal is green, if signal is ready, drivers cant drive taxi. The contestants, on losing their money, will be put in jail. Priyanka says i will fine anyone who break rules so get ready.

Niti says to Manveer that Mona is not interested in captaincy so you can earn her money, i dont want to give money to Bani so take low fare from me, Manveer says okay.
Gaurav says to Bani that if inmates are not sitting in your taxi then say that Priyanka will fine them. Bani asks if he will give her money? Gaurav says what? she says all your money? just keep least money for you. Gaurav says shouldnt i try to become captain again? Bani says i am getting targeting, i will get nominated next week. Gaurav says i will get nominated too. Gaurav says i will give you money but not all, Bani says i didnt ask for all money, Gaurav says listen to me now, Bani says i dont wanna listen, she starts leaving, Gaurav says why dont you listen to others? why you asked me to give all my money? Bani says i didnt ask for all money, Gaurav gets angry and leaves. Bani says i dont want his money, friendship is for convenience here.

Task starts. Bani picks her taxi. Manveer says you cant move taxi as signal is red. Priyanka asks Bani to give fine, Bani says i dont have money rightnow. Lopa says to Niti that this will go on for whole day.
Bani asks Manveer if he wants to be captain? he says yes.
Mona tells Priyanka that Jason moved from luggage room to bedroom. Priyanka comes to Jason and asks him to give fine, he came in bedroom, he cant move. Jason says for what? she says bigg boss he is not giving fine, Jason says how much you want? he gives her one note as fine. Bani says to Manveer that she will snatch all money from everyone and from us too.
Jason says to Priyanka i dont understand why i got fined. Mona says you moved from luggage room. Jason says i understand, i gave money for that. Priyanka says give more fine for arguing with me, Jason says i am not even talking to you, Priyanka says you are talking in engligh, give more fine, he says i dont know hindi, Priyanka says give fine. Jason says i will break rules now and i wont give one penny as fine, lets see, Priyanka says you cant move now, i will make sure. Jason says mad girl.
Signal turns green. Bani and Manveer pick their taxis. Priyanka doesnt let them enter house, she says do something to prove that you deserve this taxi. Manveer says i will runover you with my taxi, move. Priyanka doesnt let them enter house and say sorry and say i love you, Bani does. Priyanka let them go in house. Bani asks if anyone wants taxi ride?
Gaurav says to Rohan that if no one sits in taxi then Priyanka will fine us all. Manveer asks Lopa to sit in taxi. Priyanka says if no one sits in car then i will fine everyone. Mona says to Manveer that i want to go to drink water. Manveer picks her in taxi and takes her to kitchen. Priyanka asks Gaurav and company to start moving else she will fine. Manveer brings Mona in kitchen ad says give as much as you want. She gives him 10points. Priyanka asks Rahul to give three notes as fine, Rahul says give one, Priyanka says now give 10notes as you are arguing, Rohan says but he didnt break any rule? Priyanka says all should not argue with me. Rahul gives her 10notes as fine.
Lopa asks Manveer to not move too much, we will travel in your taxi only.
Priyanka asks Gaurav to give fine as he went to washroom without using taxi. Gaurav says i will hire taxi now, he sits in Bani’s taxi. Priyanka says you are arguing with me so give fine. Sahil says to Rohan that i wont give her any penny.

Signal turns green again. Bani and Manveer go to their taxi. Rahul hires Manveer’s taxi to go in kitchen but Priyanka stops him and says give toll tax, he says take 10points, she says i want more, he says its my taxi, i can go anywhere. Manveer drives taxi and take Rahul to kitchen. Jason asks Priyanka to give his money back, Priyanka says say sorry first, Jason says you cant do this, you cant force me to say sorry. Jason hires Bani’s taxi to move. Manveer asks Swami to hire his taxi, Swami says dont move much, you are injured, Manveer says take my taxi, i am not taking much fare rightnow but i will take more later. Jason takes off his shirt and is in boxers. Bani brings him to gym, he gives her 30points.

Rahul hires Manveer’s taxi. Rahul has to go to washroom but Bani’s taxi is in way, Bani says i am waitin for Niti to come out of washroom so she can hire my taxi. Manveer stops taxi in middle and doesnt take Rahul to washroom. Priyanka asks Rahul to give fine for getting down in middle, Rahul says i wont give fine. Priyanka hugs him, Rahul pulls her in washroom. Niti hires manveer’s taxi to go in kitchen. Niti asks should i give you fare? he says no.

While Jason is working out in the gym area, Bigg Boss will ask him to wear his mic, he wears it. Mona notices this and ask Priyanka to charge him a fine for it. Priyanka asks Jason to pay the money but he refuses and hides his money pouch. Jason says i am working out, dont disturb. Priyanka comes closer and tries to take fine, Jason says i am giving you fine just cause Bigg boss asked. She takes 4notes from him but he offers her more money and gives her more notes, she is surprised, Jason says now leave. Priyanka says dont take off mic now. Mona says to Priyanka that you should be strict now. Priyanka says he is moving his chest infront of me, i laughed at that, she says i love you Manu, Mona and Manu are same for me so Mona’s notes are mine as Manu would make me win. Mona says you are loosing control seeing guy but my name is tarnished. Priyanka says i didnt loose control but it was funny.

Signal turns green. Manveer asks Swami where should be drop him? Swami says fare? Manveer says 100rs. Swami says i dont want ride, you can leave. Manveer says Mona will give me 100points. Bani doesnt let him pass through door, Bani says i am irritated rightnow, i want to play but what Priyanka is doing? Manveer says i want to play too, you are talking english too, Bani doesnt let him move car and says i dont want to look at anyone when i am crying. Manveer says this is not reason to cry, Bani wipes her tears. Manveer comes to her and says dont do this, fight with me but dont cry, its not your type. Bani says i get upset, i am human too.

Lopa hires Manveer’s taxi, he says i will take 100rs as fare, i would take 200points but you are beautiful so 100points will be fine, she says okay go. Lopa sits in his taxi and says turn on AC, Manveer blows air on her face, she says eh bad breath. Signal turns red, Priyanka asks Lopa to give fine, she says why? Priyanka says you are sitting in taxi but nits not moving, Lopa says driver didnt move so its not my problem. Priyanka says i wont let you come out of taxi without giving fine. Priyanka comes in taxi too, Lopa says i wont give fine, Priyanka says give 500points as fine. Lopa says you cant snatch fine from me. Swami says its going to be battle now. Priyanka tries get money from her pocket, Lopa says dont put hand in my pants, you cant be physical, Priyanka says give fine, you didnt take ride even once, Lopa dont you dare touch me, Priyanka shouts to give fine, Lopa shouts ayy.. lower your voice, Priyanka says you have to give fine, Lopa says driver didnt drive taxi so its not my problem. Priyanka tries to snatch fine from her hand but Lopa comes out of car and takes pouch from her. Priyanka tries to snatch money from her again but Bani comes inbetween and says not like this Priyanka, she tries to protect Lopa. Niti says dont touch Lopa. Priyanka tries to come closer to Lopa to get fine but Bani says no. Lopa says i will slap her, if you try to snatch then i will burn my money, Priyanka says give me fine, Rahul and Bani asks Lopa to negotiate and give her some fine. Priyanka says give me 200points, Lopa says i will give 40, Sahil says take it Priyanka. Lopa gives her 40points.

Bani asks Swami where he wants to go? he says to washroom, she says you know we take 100points for that ride, Swami asks Manveer, Manveer says i will take 100points too, you want to go in cheap fare. Priyanka gave him food, if she didnt then he would have hired taxi to get food, its his weak point, now see how he will survive without going to washroom. Swami says to Manveer that if you dont take me to washroom in less fare then i will pee in container(vase) here, Manveer says do it, you just keep talking big but dont act on anything, he wont do anything, Swami asks if they are not taking him for 50points? Bani and says Manveer says we will take 100points. Swami goes in corner and pees in container, Lopa and all are disgusted, Lopa says he is infront of camera, Bani says you can hear sound of pee too, Lopa asks Priyanka to take fine from him. All inmates are mortified. Swami keeps container on ground near kitchen. Swami tries to come in kitchen but Manveer asks him to not come inside and dont touch him. Manveer tries to push Swami out of kitchen. Manveer says he peed. Priyanka asks Swami to hide container with tissue. Lopa says to Swami that you cant wash hands in kitchen, you have to go to toilet, Swami says i wont wash hands then, Manveer says dont go in kitchen, Bani asys dont do it. Swami says if anyone want to fight then i am ready. Manveer goes in bedroom and brings his pillow, Sahil asks Manveer to calm down, he is injured. Manveer mistakenly hits his head on barrier where he is already injured, Bani asks him to sit, Sahil says see Swami what you are doing, Swami shouts that he is doing everything. Manveer brings pillow in kitchen, Sahil says dont do it Manveer, Lopa tries to stop him too but Manveer doesnt listen, Lopa asks Manveer to calm down, Manveer says you are ******, Swami says curses dont affect me. Lopa puts ice pack on Manveer’s head. Swami picks his peed container, Manver says take money from me and go from here, Swami says i will give 10points. Manveer asks Bani to take him anywhere away from me, i will give you money. Bani says we take standard 100points for washroom, all are giving it, Swami says i wont. Rahul says you can pee in kitchen, Priyanka asks Swami to give 200points, Swami says i am saving you points for you. Priyanka asks Bani to take him for 50points. Rahul asks Swami to put his pee in toilet not in wash basin. Bani says i will take him there calmly. Bani takes Swami to washroom.

Priyanka asks Rohan to give fine because he didnt use taxi till now, Rohan says this is no reason to take fine. Priyanka says if you dont give fine then i will snatch it. She tries to bring it out of his jacket, Rohan says you cant snatch it, this is no rule, Priyanka says give me 50points, Rohan says i wont give it, Priyanka tries to snatch it from him, she pulls him but Rohan tires to move away from her using his body and Priyanka falls down on floor. Rohan says dont do it Priyanka, i am not doing anything, Niti asks Priyanka to not get physical, Bani tries to stop them. Swami says where is women power now? Rohan is getting physical with Priyanka and nobody is stopping him, Manveer asks Priyanka to leave Rohan, Priyanka says i am taking money from him, Swami says to camera that Rohan has thrown Priyanka on floor, Rohan says you fool just listen and dont talk rubbish. Swami shouts that you are fool and your father is fool. Swami says Rohan threw Priyanka on floor, he should be discarded from house, Priyanka says nothing like that happened, stop it. Priyanka comes to Rohan again but Bani comes inbetween them and doesnt let Priyanka snatch money from him, Priyanka says Bani move away, i will take fine from him, Bani says i wont move. Mona is crying seeing all this. Manveer comes to Swami and shouts you mad man when you dont know anything then why you are saying that Rohan got physical? did anyone get physical with you that you are shouting so much. Swami says you got physical with me, Manveer pushes Swami away and says get lost, Swami says i wont go. Bani tries to keep Swami away from Manveer, Niti asks Manveer to calm down. Swami says he can do anything but i wont budge. Manveer asks Priyanka why she is snatching money from people? Priyanka says i have take money somehow. Rohan says to Swami that i told you to not comment about my family, you commented about my father again, you mental, Swami says you are mental. Swami says you threw Priyanka on floor and want me to say praise words for you? Rohan says get lost, Swami says you crazy mental, Rohan says you are son of donkey, Swami says get lost. Rohan leaves. Niti says to Swami that is there any person in this house who didnt curse you out? Swami says curses doesnt affect my soul.

Bgg Boss tell inmates that BB taxi task has stopped for today. All inmates are elated.

Rohan and Lopa are in garden and are thinking to hide they money somewhere. Lopa comes in jail, Rohan says we can hide beneath bed mattress. Lopa hides her money in jail’s cushion.

PRECAP- Gaurav hires Bani’s taxi, she brings him to kitchen, Gaurav is givin her fare but Bani says i dont understand what you are trying to do? you want to save all your money right? Gaurav doesnt answer, Bani says i understood your answer and starts leaving, Bani says why you are walking out like always?
Bani says to Priyanka that Gaurav has given me only 10rs till now, to hell with his money and his support. Gaurav says to Jason that Bani snaps back badly, i dont understand, she makes things difficult. Bani says i supported him in his captaincy task, nobody else did. Gaurav says to Mona that she has expectations from me but she doesnt tell them to me, nor like we have that relation, he says to Manveer that i am stuck in this situation without any reason. Bani says to tell with this stupid task, she throws away her money back and comes out of taxi. Lopa says to Gaurav that get me my points back Gaurav Chopra, you have done a really silly thing, Gaurav says how? Lopa says because you changed whole game because of one stupid act of yours. Gaurav sternly says why should i protect person who shoots me behind my back, you are friendly on my face but foe behind my back. Lopa cries and says i dont want to be in this game anymore.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Zai

    Omji is disgusting, i felt disgusted reading this, now think how all the imates must have felt… And that too in kitchen, come on dude. At least respect the place where food is cooked. He must resoect higiene….

    Priyanka was totally unfair, about the fines. She shouldn’t have taken fine from Lopa as it was not her fault. And nonwhere it was mention that she can take fine if they don’t use the taxi like she did with Rohan. She was making her own rules
    Like the way that everyone stood up for each other like bani did for lopa and Rohan.

  2. Way to go Gaurav… loving the way you are gearing up in the game… sab apko abtak use karte hue aye hai…main kabse chah rahatha ki aap aasli me game start karo and now u hav stand out our expectation

    1. Azan aapko aise kyu lagta hain ki Gaurav ko sab use kar rahe hain??

  3. Dost Dost na raha…. Gaurav prefered captaincy more than friendship… Dis showed his character… I know all r playing for captaincy but atleast don’t break the bond…. It looked so weird…. Bani was trying to maintain… Per ek haath se taali nahi bajti…aur yeah priyanka year…. Uff….puri. Mental patient Hai… Etna frustration… Kaha kaha se laaye ho bb… Hats off

  4. Yaar this priyanka is disgusting. I really cannot tolerate her.. why is she doing like this?? And this swami mujhe nahi lagta ki yeh iss janam mein sudharne waale hain..
    However again there is a misunderstanding between Bani and Gaurav but still Bani ko little bit aur understanding hona chahiye and Gaurav ko bhi straight forward hona chahiye..
    I am loving the way Lopa is playing the game and I hope that she continues to play like this..

  5. Well done Gaurav, Lopa thinks she is something and always tries to put you down. Glad you put her in her place. It was very nice of Bani to stand up for Lopa and Rohan inspite of all Lopa taunting her always. Priyanka is on another planet, she has two children watching her and she is not ashamed of her stupid deeds – not at all polished. Mona is a cry face is she crying for what is happening in the house or her mind is wool gathering ….leave it to your imagination.

    1. gourav is too selfish don’t compare him with lopa who is playing fair game.

  6. This gaurav is really too much. He is targetting lopa since she pointed out his inhuman behaviour. She never backbited him, or anyone. Whatever she says, she says right into their face. And that day also she did the same. Remember when manu n manveer mimicked him, everyone enjoyed it, but he was annoyed.
    Loved it when bani jumped in front of priyanka to protect lopa. Whatever she had in mind, it was gud to see her lik this. It is time for lopa also to extend her hand and break the ice.
    The best thing was that the whole house was united against priyanka and swami. I think the real manveer, without the manipulative manu, is really a gud person.
    And thos baap beti are so disgusting. Bigboss had purposefully brought them back to provoke the inmates to ignite fight and create lots of drama. Bb also makes her referee or traffic police bcos she creates lots of drama and irritate others. She is fining others even without reasons. Bb is not responding seeing her snatch other’s money. And that swami, he has started his drama of doing favour for captaincy. They two are not the one’s to be send home so easily. Even if no one gives them a single vote, bb would not mind retaining her. I wonder kaun pagal will vote for dat psycho. And since she came, she hasnt been mentioning anything about hr husband n kids. May b all the rumours are true.

  7. I don’t know what is happening . it is disgusting an is swami ne kitchen m bhi start kr diya . I don’t know why bb is doing all these . is dhongi ko had baar nominations se kyon bachaya jata hai . har baar aise circumstances create kiye jate hai taki swami om nominations m na aaye . ye do baar ghar se bahar gaya hai or dono bar usse nominations ki prikriya k baad laya gaya hai . ye dhongi ab tak sirf ek bar nominations m aaya hai or usi m eliminate ho gaya tha aur sirf use hi secret room m rakha gaya baki eliminated contestants kyon . sirf is baap beti ko hi second chance kyon .
    it is very unfair for bb k bachara rohan pura task bhi kare or use kuch mile bhi na . when priyanka was trying to get money from rohan by pulling him . that dhongi came and start disgusting things . jab ki priyanka khud bol rhi thi k aisa kush bhi nhi hua fir bhi wo hangama kar rha tha.
    I think bb bhi sneha ki trah dhongi k fan ban chuke hai . ooooo ye priyanka hi toh sneha nhi thi . ab ye kam usne apne chelo ko de diya hai

    1. what is this pahle logo change ho gaya ab fir wo hi logo ho gaya

      1. Hello simran because you changed your e mail id

      2. I mean when you were commenting you skip some word of id thats why your logo had been changed

      3. ooooo thanx kp for the ans

  8. har baar priyanka ko hi captain ban ne m preference kyon di jati hai . pichli bar bhi sanchalak bna diya is bar fir traffic police

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    I loved the way Bani stood up for Lopa when Priyanka was getting physical despite the fact Bani and Lopa can’t tolerate each other. Now my respect for Bani increased more. And Baba what is with this guy? He is just too much. And that is so stupid of Priyanka that just because Rohan didn’t travel anywhere he still have to give fine that’s completely illogical. I liked the way inmates stood up for each other. Currently I find Bani, Lopa , Manveer and Rohan r genuine. I hope any one of these 4 wins. Gaurav I didn’t expect this from him, what’s wrong with him nowadays , he is behaving so strangely now I don’t like Gaurav these days. Among the wildcards, intially Sahil was better now I find Jason is better.

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    I personally find this season the contestants r better than that of season 9 the previous season and i think for this season failure makers should be blamed not the contestants. This time bigg boss is sometimes unnecessarily interfering and speaking too much and also they r quite biased with Baba and Priyanka. Baba got saved twice firstly as wild card and secondly as he was away during nominations and now this Priyanka last time also during the challenger thingy she was sanchalak and this taxi task and both the time she got oppotunity to earn herself immunity and captaincy. Hate the way bigg boss deprived rohan’s captaincy for the entire season if they deprived him for the week for captaincy it was fine but entire season is too much somemore he is the youngest. If this season makers would have been less biased it would have been better

  11. Hello DgenrationX where are you? Why are you not commenting this swami is so disgusting how did he come back and jagga is unfair herself don’t know what is she doing

  12. This priyanka and omji are disgusting :/

  13. Today’s episode was full of entertainment but priyanka was doing excess. Actually she was asked to take fine as much as she wish, but it does not mean that she will take fine without valid reason and make her own rule.
    She had no right to be physical, and take fine forcefully from the inmates.
    Lopa,rohan, Jason became her forceful victim. If this goes on, it is seen that she will become captain by hook or by crook ,being illegal.
    Loved the sweet tiffs between ba-rav. And the segment when ro-dra where hiding their money in jail. Good to see that bani is taking stand for lopa and rohan. Hope either bani or manveer becomes the next captain but not priyanka.

  14. Damnnn..!!! i’m switched on by ur side agn. jus luvd t way u tried protectin lopa & Rohan frm tat Devil Jagga.. & tis ediot Swamiii.. yucckkkk..!! i supz tis season is a failure jus cox,, sum like me r avoidin watchin,, of tis reckless & irritatin fat-dau duo.. how can sum1 tolerate thm.. kickk thm outt firstt BB..
    Garav sir,, hope u guys reconcile back sooon.. sum things r out of control,, hence tis had.. & High time Lopa & Bani too get to b on friendly terms.. bhtt hogyaa jhagdaa.. u guys togthr will b a grttt teamm.. Lopa, Rohan & Bani.. u guys desrv to b t finalists

  15. I’m happy that gaurav has come to his senses n finally distancing himself from that selfish bani. I mean whats wrong with her? Gaurav apna sara paisa use kyu dega? Individual game khelne aye ho individually khelo. Aur jo wo boli ki gaurav ki captaincy mein sirf usi ne support kiya are ye kya baat hui? 2m khud cheer up kar rahi thi usne nhi bola 2mhe cheer up karne aur gaurav khud akele task karke jeeta na ki uski help se. Bani se dosti karne ka matlab sirf uski baat he sunte raho uske saath he raho. N dat swami is so disgusting. Priyanka overacting ki dukan..itna unfair se khelti hai. ?

  16. Amrisha Srivastava

    I just hate this baap beti ki Jodi.They r intolerable.Bigg Boss’s this season is very partial.They always make that DHONGI safe from nominations. Why only Priyanka n Swami get 2nd chances. The way she was getting physical with Rohan lopa and Jason showed her real character once again. She is no more than a psycho. Ab use Apne bacchon k nhi yaad aa rhi k vo kya sochenge. Swami is such a filth.
    Loved the way Bani stood up for Lopa and Rohan. I love Lopa’s game. Plz bigg boss start being fair

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