Bigg Boss 10 5th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 5th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 58
Bigg boss asks Manu to come in confession room.
Manu comes in confession room. Bigg boss says there are some situation in outside world for which you have to leave house, you can say bye to inmates and come out. Manu asks if he should not tell anything to them? Bigg boss says no. Manu comes out of confession room and says bye to Rohan. rohan says secret task? Manu takes Manu away and says take this lightly, he makes her sit down and says in ear that i am going out, she says what? Manu says i am going home, dont worry. He comes to Manveer and says listen carefully and dont show reaction, i am going home. Manveer says why? Manu says i dont know and kisses his cheek, Manveer starts weeping. Manu says dont show reaction, Manveer says dont do it. Mona comes there too. Manveer

hugs Manu and cries. Manu says dont show to people. Manveer and Mona hugs Manu and cries. Manu says bye, he says to Manveer that you are my brother. Priyanka comes there and asks what happened? Manveer doesnt let Manu go but Manu says i am not lying. Manu says bye Bani take care. Rohan stops Manu and asks what happened? Manu says they just asked me to come out of house. Gaurav says to Rahul that seems like Manu is leaving. Manveer hugs Manu. Manu goes in confession room, Manveer cries. Manu leaves house. Bigg boss tell inmates that there is some situation outside for which Manu had to leave. We want Manveer and Mona to pack his stuff and put in store room. Niti says Swami left too. Mona cries incoherently. Rahul asks Mona if he said anything specifically to her? she nods in no.

Reporter Debang reports that Manu had to leave house because of this mother’s untimely exit.

Day 49
housemates wake up to the tunes of ‘Sar Jo Tera Chakraye’. Manveer and Mona doesnt get up from bed. Priyanka dances. Mona sadly sits on bed.

Manveer holds Mona’s hand and says lets eat something. Mona shows him badge which has Manu’s picture and says he gave it to me, it is was test tube captaincy task. He gave it to me just 5minutes back. Manveer says i gave it to him, he looks at it. Mona says give it back, i will hide, Priyanka is coming.

While having a discussion with Priyanka, Mona taunts her by saying that she must be very happy since their trio is now separated. Mona adds that she always wanted to break their alliance and has finally managed to do it. In her defense, Priyanka says that Manu and Manveer were never Mona’s friends and she always had a misconception about it.

Alarm rings. Bani comes in store room to get flour and other things, she thanks Bigg boss. Bani brings it in kitchen.
Bani comes in restroom and puts Niti’s makeup in her pocket and shows her pouch, Niti screams and they dance.

Kick-starting the nominations for the week, Bigg Boss asks the contestants to unanimously nominate one contestant out of the three wild card entrants- Jason, Sahil, and Priyanka on house much they contributed in show from the viewer’s point of view. Bani asks new entries if they want to leave? Gaurav says we wont have clear name in mind, Rahul says that person will get evicted directly? Manveer says just have to give one name. Gaurav says Jason’s pole dance was entertaining and he is contributing in house. Manveer says Jason has swag, Sahil takes time to get along but Jason doesnt, Bani says according to dome task and other tasks. Audience must have expectations from Priyanka, as inmate i prefer this Priyanka than first week’s Priyanka. Lopa says her bahavior pattern fluctuate, you are interesting. Rahul says i am scared of Priyanka but she is strong contender. Mona says she has done personal attacks on me, i dont know if audience will like it. Niti says just give names, no explanation. Gaurav, Bani votes against Priyanka. Niti says Sahil. Lopa, Rahul, Rohan votes against Priyanka. Manveeer votes against Sahil and Mona aginst Priyanka. Priyanka says you people do worst with me, she starts crying. Manveer says you wont leave show. Priyanka says you people are unfair, you people will see me in task, i will take revenge. Bring my name in nominations but i will fight. Manveer says you are not getting evicted. Priyanka says it hurts, this girl Lopa injured me but still i didnt call her villain, it hurts that i cameback here and have to face reaction. Lopa says dont drag this decision. Priyanka says it will be fun now, now i will hurt all, people will enjoy it.

Manveer says to Mona that i understand she is behind you but why crying over others? Priyanka says i will these celebs now. Manveer says you keep suggesting me to change this and that, you keep trying to be nice, this is not time for being nice, just be yourself. Priyanka says they showed they are celebs, Manver says you are are acting nice all the time. Niti says if you had been genuine and took on them then this wouldnt have happened. Manveer hugs Priyanka and cries.
Jason says to Bani that it doesnt matter if i go home. Bani says you wont go home.
Gaurav says to Rahul that Priyanka is disappointed with you, now you see, Rahul says i am scared.

Priyanka says to Bani that you said i play fair and took my name for nominations? i was playing fair with you. Bani shouts that i was nominated whole week too, are you joking with me? Priyanka says i made you loose in dome task, Bani says yes i left dome task. Priyanka says i didnt go to bathroom, i played fair but you were unfair, what was the competition between me and Jason? Bani says i love Sahil and prefer Jason over her any day and hence she did not nominate them. Priyanka says i will play game then as you are preferring celeb. Bani says Jason is no celeb, i am not unfair to you, Priyanka says its okay, Bani says shout as much you want, Priyanka says i played fair with you, Bani says i didnt say you played unfair, Priyanka says you people want to nominate me everytime. Priyanka says i didnt expect Bani to support me, i thought people changed but its same.

Priyanka is crying in her bed. Bani is lying above her. Priyanka says what Jason did expect peddling cycle in task? i would have done it, Bani says i know, all know you would have done it, you play task well. Priyanka says i want to go home now, Priyanka says i won tasks but these people are unfair, they pushed me in water but i didnt call her villain. Bigg boss ask all inmates to come in living area. Bani goes but Priyanka doesnt leave bedroom. Manveer comes to Priyanka and ask her to come, dont be coward. Priyanka, however, refuses to become a part of the process and instead tucks herself in bed. Manveer, Bani, Nitibha and Gaurav try to convince her to let go of her anger and complete the nominations process but she refuses to move even a bit. Priyanka’s even ends up disregarding Bigg Boss by not following his instructions. Bigg boss calls Priyanka in confession room.
Priyanka comes in confession room, Bigg boss says its must for all inmates to follow Bigg boss’s order, dont repeat this again, go in living are now. Priyanka cries and says this shouldnt happen, Bigg boss asks her to go to living area, Priyanka says i am feeling bad. Bigg boss says you have problem with inmates so discuss with them, go in living area, Priyanka goes.

Priyanka comes in living area. Bigg boss says we asked you to nominate one wild card entry. Gaurav says we mutually decided to nominate PRIYANKA. Bigg boss says Gaurav is captain so he is safe this week, Priyanka is already nominated so they wont her name. Each inmate will nominate two inmates in confession room. He asks Mona come in confession room.
MONA: Bigg boss asks to nominate two inmates. She nominates SAHIL and says he is nice but i am not clear with him. She nominates ROHAN and says i dont understand him much.
RAHUL: He nominates BANI and says i dont like how she talks. He nominates SAHIL.
NITI: She nominates SAHIL and says he is seems lost. She nominates BANI and says she is not friendly with me.
ROHAN: He nominates SAHIL and says he is over the top, trying too much. He nominates BANI and says fights are happening because of Bani, she fights for her cake and eggs, for petty things.
MANVEER: He nominates SAHIL and says he is not entertaining. He nominates BANI and says she is playing well.
JASON: He nominates ROHAN and says he is not interesting. HE nominates MONA and says she doesnt talk much.
BANI: She nominates RAHUL and says he doesnt get positively involved in tasks and personally i am not able to talk to him. Bani nominates LOPA and says she tries to make people against me.
LOPA: She nominates BANI and says i dont like her behavior, she hurts sentiments of people. She says Niti told me that she wont empty her test tube but she did it soon, it pained me. She nominates NITI.
SAHIL: He nominates MANVEER and says i tries a lot but he doesnt get along. He nominates NITI and says she is not interactive.
PRIYANKA: She nominates JASON and says he doesnt know hindi, he breaks rules. She nominates SAHIL.
GAURAV: He nominates LOPA and says she fakes to be good hearted. He nominates MANVEER and says he looses his cool in tasks, it can be dangerous for everyone later.

Bigg boss tell inmates that nominations are done. Nominated inmates are PRIYANKA, SAHIL, NITI, ROHAN, LOPA and MANVEER.

Swami comes in confession room. He greets Bigg boss, and says you are my God. Bigg boss welcomes him, and asks him to go in house. Swami comes in house. He says hi dude. All are happy to see him. Priyanka hugs him. Swami says his dude, he hi-five’s with Lopa. Swami hugs Rahul, Rahul says you took time. Swami hugs Manveer, Sahil asks for what he left? Swami says i had some legal work so i had to leave for that. He hugs Gaurav and says i missed you. Swami says i am happy that i am trending in outside world, Priyanka laughs. Swami says people are singing for me to comeback in house, i liked that people say they wont see bigg boss if he left house. Jason says such big words? Swami says when people saw me, they started screaming.

Manveer says to Mona that they made Manu leave and brought this oldie back? Mona says i am feeling more bad now. Manveer says this will not work that they are leaving and coming back. Priyanka comes there and says my tongue has come, i dont have to say anything now, i will make him talk, she asks Mona why she is sad? Mona doesnt answer. Manveer says Manu should comeback but they are bringing Swami back,
Discussing the every changing dynamics inside the house, Gaurav tells Sahil, Jason and Bani that Mona might be a part of Manu and Manveer’s group but in Manu’s absence, others don’t consider as an integral part of the system. He further says that with Manu gone from the house, they can easily get Mona on their side. Priyanka leaves.
Swami says to Priyanka that i told viewers that we will be nominated everytime. Priyanka says she pull me in pool and nominate me too? Swami says you wont get evicted. Niti says to Manveer that now he will appeal in camera. Swami says in camera that i request viewers to save me and my daughter. Manveer laughs seeing it and says this is their family.

Manveer is lying in bed, Mona is sitting beside him, Manveer says to camera that what is this house? is this office that all can leave and comeback? call me out too, can i nominate myself. Manveer says to Lopa that i want throw some steal spoon on Swami. Mona laughs. Swami says to Gaurav that i saw swimming pool through my glass window. Girls in swimming dresses shouted for me to come in pool with them like Mona. Gaurav says you listened voices behind glass door? Mona laughs. Manveer says Gaurav dont doubt Swami. He says to Swami that we have collected so many things in washroom, collect them and put in your luggage, Swami says i will.

PRECAP- In luxury budget task. Garden area is converted into busy road. Manveer and Bani will ride fake taxi on road. Manveer asks Swami where should be drop him? Swami says fare? Manveer says 100rs. Swami says i dont want ride, you can leave. Priyanka will be traffic police and will collect fine from inmates for breaking rules. Priyanka says to Jason that you broke rule, give me fine, he says i wont give you one more penny, Priyanka says i will snatch all your currency. Jason says mad girl. Priyanka asks Lopa to give fine, Lopa asys i wont give it. Priyanka says you have to. Priyanka tries get money from her pocket, Lopa says dont put hand in my pants, dont you dare touch me, Priyanka shouts to give fine, Lopa shouts ayy.. lower your voice. Priyanka tries to snatch money, she says you can push me in pool but i cant snatch money from her? Lopa says i will slap her. Swami says to Manveer that if you dont take me to washroom in less fare then i will pee in container(vase) here, Manveer says do it. Swami goes in corner and pees in container. All inmates are mortified. Swami keeps container on ground near kitchen and caps it with tissue. Swami tries to come in kitchen but Manveer asks him to not come inside and dont touch him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. what the hell ya…..too bad BB
    This is really unfair
    swami om ko gher me tb bheja jb nomination over ho gya…varna vo aaram se nominate ho jata
    what kind of fare game is this
    I hate to see that pakhandi’s face
    I like all inmates of BB house except that dhongi n his stupid daughter
    n I don’t understand the nomination also…bani gets more vote than lopa…then how come lopa is nominated…n bani is safe
    hope manu come asap….

    1. Bani lso nominated..

      1. oh I c….I only read the update…n in final nominated people they didn’t mention bani….so I got confused… bt thnx a lot shazna for clearing ma doubt☺

  2. Gaurav and Rahul are playing a fair game and so is Bani but she has to watch out as her language is on another level.

  3. Bani is also nominated…

  4. So right about fake Omji. He should not have come back. And he is not even nominated, so he is in for another week. Can’t bear to watch him on screen. Also, it is not fair for other players when people re enter the house with outside information.

    1. rishi malhotra

      bigg boss pls send manu back…..he is nice men and season being boring….says yes guys pls support

  5. Totally agrees with Sonya…. Dhongi baba would have been nominated if he was there…. And just after nomination…. He was there…. Can’t understand…..

  6. Bb savingv omji everytime..last time bb sent him back aftr nominations..rohan reason 4 nominating bani was so silly..hez blaming bani 4 everything..n that cake till nw sorted out…many viewers thinks tat bani dint shared cake wid any1 lse than gaurav bt this z totally wrong bcz she shared wid everyone except tat lopa n rohan both were not present while cake cutting i have seen unseen in videos voot f cake cutting ceremony..but bb dint aired it n shown bani as in reality bani z so kindhearted n sweet tatsy i like her as i have seen her many unseen videos .. bani fans ll save her..manveers comment on omji’s comeback was funny..evnthough i m not fan f m3 bt sometimes i like manveer as his funny doings makes me laughout but till nw he played under manu’s shadow so nw we can see individual manveer..

  7. BJ Supporter

    So true guys…..
    SWAMI OM: ko nominate hi nhi hone de rhe big boss to wo eliminate kse hoga???? Uski hearing thi court m mje se attend krke phr wapis aa gya thats not fair
    MANU: His mother is no more thats why he exits from bb house.
    PRIYANKA:uske baare m likh k line hi waste hogi
    BANI: Hats off to this girl yar iska attitude starting s asa hi h she is not even 1% changed bb m itne twist aate h ki hr kisi ka behaviour change ho jata h bt i love bani for that no one can change her neither the environment nor the tasks(vog example dome task)
    ROHAN: Really trying hard to be in light… good efforts nd efforts does not go waste
    LOPA: Kuch jyada hi serious le gai wo salman ki bat ko ki wo fair stand leti h uske bad s har kisi k maamle m ghus jaati h
    MANVEER: Bina manu k dekhte h wo gayab hota h ya khul k aata h let see. He is good from heart.
    GOURAV: He is frnd of BANI thats it nd i like him only for that reason the day he will beyray bani i will start hating him
    JASON: hottiee…..
    SAHIL: Again bani’s frnd nd also cutieeee
    MONA NITIBHA are just a glamrous furniture of the bb house…..
    RAHUL: kind of a mysterious man but atleast he dont irritate as mona nd nitibha does

  8. Phirse om ji bapas aa gaya hai. Yeh kya hai bb aisa kyu kar raha hai. Usko hamesha ke liye snd kyu nhi karte hai bar bar ghar mein bapas aa raha hai. Aur jagga daku bohot natak karti hai. Uski naam nominate hone se voh rone lagi

  9. feeling sorry for mannu,wish to get him back.otherwise,it will be boring
    when om ji left,piku was smiling,but,when she is dominated by,then she became powerful due to swami’s entry..using om!!
    lopa ko compliment thoda kom dena chahiye tha salman ji..natija-don’t u dare,if I want,slap u..bla bla..
    abh,tera keya hoga re kaaliyaa(mona)
    bani,save ur all energy for finale,oh,sorry,..u r already following this rule..
    egar to se kantilal’s game
    mona,kuch bhi nehi hai,so,why u strong ppl(bani,gaurav)need her??I think,afraid of piku,they really need manpower……

  10. BB knows that if swami om gets nominated then he will surely eliminate…. that’s why saving him
    aate he jhuth bolna shuru…”too much popular am outside the house….in trending n all”
    ssly u r popular bt in a negative way…ppl hates u…didn’t u see that during ur one day vacn?
    I like manveer’s comment on swami?

  11. Ewwwwww..!!
    wat kind of ppl r tis.. tis seasn will b known alwys fr peeein on cameraa.. Lolll..
    Priyanka wat a trend u hav settt.. its sooo yuckkk.. swamijiii ko dhakkkke maaar k nikalnaa chyye,, but tis ppl r like.. watevaaa
    Nitibha nominated Bani.. is it true,, or t its t update got messd up wid t name.. its kinda undigestable.. 😛
    Bani,, u rlly need to watch out.. i rlly feeel on & offf wid ur behaviour..
    its v.disapppointin sumtimz..
    anywayy,, i dont mind abt ur issuz wid lopa… but wud luv to c u & lopa in finale.. takkkkar ka comptn. anyhw,, ur fan base is stron enuff,, so evn widout effrts u can easly reach finale..
    & Lopaaa,, luvvv uh Galll..<3 i know,, tis previws r sumtims vry misleadin,, like in Gaurav's captaincy time.. but fnlyy v knew u wer right..
    waayyy to go gall..& u r winnnin lot of hearts wid ur atttitude..
    u clearlyy r a winnner in true sense..
    Rohann, misssin uhh.. plis b activv

  12. I think nxt rohan will evict.becoz they pay to rohan not to commoners

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