Bigg Boss 10 4th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 4th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 80
Inmates wake up to the song ‘Dhadak Dhadak’.
The day begins with Om Swami giving an explanation to Manu and Manveer for making personal remarks at Manu the previous night and apologize him for it, Manu says you said to Manveer that my friend used to sleep on roads? Swami says Manveer said that you say Swami sleep on roads, i am going to win thats why you people are scared, Manu says you are mad, you cant win. Manveer says you are not ashamed to lie, Manu says you might be sleeping on bed but you are sleeping on bed of curses.

Om Swami, on the other hand, continues with his bizarre shenanigans by writing Bigg Boss viewers, forgive me and vote for me on a piece of paper and hangs it around his neck, Lopa says why you asking forgiveness if you want

votes? Swami says i am asking forgiveness from you people.

Rohan says to Lopa that i didnt like comments about our friendship, Lopa says the comment you said that i dont deserve your friendship? Rohan says you have such big ego that you cant say sorry.

Bigg Boss resumes the Maalgaadi task and asks the contestants to get back inside the jail. Swami leaves lounge before listening whole thing. Even before Bigg Boss rings the buzzer to start the task, Om Swami decides to sit inside the Maalgaadi with his food even after quitting the task mid-way to become a contender for captaincy. Manveer says why you are going mad again? Swami says task have started again. Manveer says the one who quit yesterday cant come inside again, Swami says i am illiterate. Niti says you are sitting on my umbrella Swami, Swami says this is of Bigg bos. Niti takes umbrella from him and closes it. Swami snatches it from Niti. Manu gets up and tries to snatch it from Swami. Manu and Nit snatches it away from him, Swami’s finger gets cut in snatching, his finger bleeds, Swami says see they have spill my blood. Niti throws Swami’s plate outside. Swami says see Bigg boss they have spilled my blood, Niti says give him first aid kit. Swami splashes his blood. Manu says this man is weird. Rohan asks everyone to come out of jail, Bani ask inmates to leave jail, there is no need to be around people like him. All inmates leave garden. Swami says i am going to die.

Lopa says to inmates that ignore Swami for few days.
Swami is in confession room. Swami cries and says make these inmates understand. Bigg Boss after giving him medical attention rebukes him for breaking the rules and barging in the task even after being ousted. Bigg boss says this is entertainment show, Swami says it was not my fault, i was silently sitting in jail, Bigg boss says you are already out of task, Swami says i didnt know it, Bigg boss says you knew it, you even left your clothes of task, you knew that you werent part of task.
Buzzer plays, inmates start task again by sitting in jail. Swami apologize to Bigg boss and comes out of confession room. Rohan and Mona starts moving lever. Rohan says to Mona that we can release Monveer first, Mona agrees. Niti says to Manu that they might have bid atleast 1lac on me, Manu says we might be able to increase 20lacs, Niti says we are increasing money by sitting here, people do so much to earn it.

Siren plays. Rohan asks Niti if she can stay till late? Niti agrees. The first one to be released and delivered to Bigg Boss by the jailers Mona and Rohan is Manveer. Mona hugs Manveer.

Manveer says to Lopa that Swami splayed all blood. Lopa sees him lying on sofa and says he got injured himself with all this. Manveer says he does everything like drinking wine and all but his gives good suggestion to younger kids, he is not mad, this is his acting.

Siren plays again. Rohan asks Niti if she can stay till longer? she says yes. The jailers free Manu from the jail with only Nitibha left in the game. Manu hugs Niti and leaves. Manveer comes in jail. Manu hugs Mona.

Niti says to Manveer that others opinions dont matter to you, Manveer says i dont follow others, i am not simple person but i am pure, Niti says you are pure thats why i became your friend but you dont care if you dont talk to me, Manveer says i cant change things if they are not going good, Niti says you dont think like friend, Manveer says if you dont win show then i will have regret whole life, Niti says we will be friends for life? Manveer says you can fight with me then become friend daily, Niti says you dont find anything positive in me, Manveer says i dont find need of positivity for friendship, Niti says you told me about negatives, what are positives? Manveer says you are beautiful and you are not liar, Niti says why you didnt say it before? Manveer says i am thirsty, he goes to drink water, Niti says he doesnt want to talk to me.

Swami says to Manu that Bigg boss said that i was not at mistake and they have spilled my blood, Manu says you want tea? Swami says yes, Manu says then say we are not at fault, Swami says i wont drink tea then, Bigg boss see this, Manu and Manveer mimic and makes fun of him. Swami says Niti should leave, she doesnt deserve to go to finals, Niti says mental dont talk about me, stupid. Niti throws thing near Swami and says next time it will be on your face.

As the last and the final siren rings, the housemates celebrate their victory as they release Nitibha, Manu and Manver lifts her on shoulders.

Bigg Boss ends maalgaadi task. Bigg boss ask Mona to tell inmates about bids placed on them. Mona tells them bid placed on them. Bigg boss discloses that after successfully completing the task, the housemates have managed to clock 28 lakhs increasing winning amount to Rs. 43,99,206, inmates are happy to see it. Bigg Boss also announces that Bani and Om Swami will fight for captaincy and the task will be announced soon. Manveer hugs Rohan.

Manu says to Rohan and Mona that you people were not even convincing Swami to remain on jail. Manveer says his bid was like 500rs, they laugh. Manveer says even soap is higher value than Swami, Swami comes there and says i am winner, Bani leaves. Manu and Manver laughs on Swami’s bid, Lopa is laughing seeing them. Swami laughs too, Manu says you are child eater devil Swami.

Lopa says to Rohan that i might vote for Swami in captaincy because he might leave on weekend. Rohan says be fair, Lopa says i would have voted for her if stayed a little longer in task, Rohan says i wont give vote for Swami, Lopa says she didnt do anything and i make way for her to become captain? and i am sure Swami will leave this weekend.

Bigg Boss introduces the launch of Oppo 2017 calendar task wherein the contestants have to use OPPO selfie expert camera phone to click pictures at designated locations inside the house. In the given time the contestants are asked to capture interesting selfies and share it with Bigg Boss. Om Swami is made the director of the task while Manveer plays the role of assistant director. Swami says Manveer you are director. Bani says i wont work with director like this. Swami says to Manveer that we will remain in all selfies, Manveer says i am ill, you remain in selfies, Swami says but i dont know how to click it, Manveer says you want photos? Swami says yes, Manver says you will have it, dont worry, i dont know why they tie me everytime.

Swami says i will be in all selfies. Manveer says you will be in one selfie only, dont destroy all tasks. Manu says Swami you wont be able to survive in house now, cheap man. Bani starts taking selfie but Swami is coming in it. Manveer tries to push Swami away. Manu says this beggar didnt see anything in life. Manveer says this man is coming in all selfies. Manu says we will edit him. Bani takes selfie with Swami and Manu, Manveer says now move away from selfies, Swami doesn. Manveer pushes him aside, inmates take selfie quickly. Rohan says lock Swami in jail. Manu, Manveer and Rohan takes selfies in jail while locking Swami outside.

Inmates are taking selfies. Manveer and Manu pushes Swami way from them as girls are taking selfies now. Mona, Niti and Lopa are taking selfies. Bani is not included. Swami tries to come in them too but Manu grabs him. Swami says these goons are fighting with me, Manu says i will fight now. Niti tells one selfie scenario. Swami says i wont let Rohan in all selfies, Swami says i am director. Rohan, Lopa and niti takes selfies.

Niti and Lopa select final photos and delete others. Swami says they deleted mine. Manveer locks Swami outside of store room and puts phone there. Swami says they deleted my photos, Manveer says you dont know anything about selfies. Swami says i have taken many selfies on phone.

Inmates are shown their selfies on Tv, they enjoy it.

Lopa says to Rohan that kitchen is so dirty in Manveer’s captaincy, he is not organized, toilet is so dirty, i cant even tell you, Rohan says he is worst captain, he didnt do anything, Lopa says he was sleeping himself.

Manu is in smoking room and says she would see everything, i have lost everything, i can smile all day but i miss my mom at night, i need you mom, he weep silently and says i need you mom, i want to sleep, i want to sleep in your arms mom.

Manu comes out to smoking room and touches Swami’s feet and says forgive me. Swami says there will be captaincy task tomorrow, be on my side, Manu says this man is crazy. Swami says i didnt ask anything from you people, i want to be captain now, i dont want it for myself, i want to lower anger people have against Bigg boss, Manu says tell clearly that you want to be captain, Swami says this is my chance so make me captain, Manveer says your acts dont deserve to make you captain, Manu laughs, Manu says we will try to make you captain tomorrow.

PRECAP- There will be captaincy task. Pyramid is made from card boxes for both Bani and Swami. Inmates have to break pyramid of boxes of contender who they dont support by hitting them with tennis balls. Rohan is hitting Swami’s pyramid and Manu is hitting Bani’s pyramid. Rohan says i wont let even box of Swami to stand on table. Swami starts hitting Rohan with balls. Rohan grabs Swami’s waist, Bani is angry on Swami and shouts on him. Manveer and Rohan pushes Swami in jail, Manu locks Swami in jail. Rohan gets angry on Swami and charges on Swami, Bani throws boxes on jail as Swami is inside.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Lol

    Lopa is nutsss..!!! Giving vote to swami fr captaincy?!!! Brainless chick 😂😂 BRAINLESS and USELESS

  2. Simone

    I’m so pleased he is gone!! He gets away with everything everytime. If he stayed then next year whole house would have such people like him! He is a discust!! At least he can go home and have a proper bath and wear other before this only one suit off his gets ripped

  3. ravin

    om tum to kameeno ke bhi baaap nikle..sau kamine mare hnge nooooo lakhon mre hnge ..tb jake ek swami bna..hahahha

    lopa: is ladkj ne bht achha stand bna lia tha bigg boss me..but ab ye thodi negative dikhne lag gyi h..wo bhi islie cz bani se bht insecure h..she needs to be poaitive..bani nvr b*t*hes about anyone..even usne rohan ko bola ki i m sry on lopa’s behalf ..this shows ki she is mature..ab bani gaurav ke jane ke bad individual khel rhi h.sympathu nhi gain kr rhi hi ro rhi h initial weeks ki trh.this is good for her

    rohan: bht achha khel rha h..individual call le rha h..and lopa ki friendship ke bojh ke tale dabkar apna opinion nhi bdl rha..thts good for him..

    i dnt knw abut manveer cz abhi hal filhal ke days me wo thoda gayab sa lag rha h scene se..captaincy ke lie pagal tha but theek se nhi kr pa rha..buck up manveer..i see u in top 3

  4. Devinder uk

    Why is disgusting old man not bring thrown out. Throwing urine at housemates , urinenate openly its not entnrnating. Don’t forget all this is watched outside India
    What impression is this old man giving
    Bb may like of for trps
    Please this is not entertaing its shame on I Indian viewers. Aap ka abhari put hands together and say sorry week and week out does not cut it. Sick disgusting person. Great hero do something

  5. Faisal

    We all watch BigBoss here in Saudia for Bani only.
    She has strong personality and she deservesas a winner.. love you Bani

  6. Sameera

    Well done nitibha! ☺
    Though I am not her fan, I appreciate her efforts in every task…
    Lopa 🙈🙉🙊
    You will vote for om?!?!?!?
    WHAT? 😂😂😂😂😂
    She can see that dhongi pagal baba to be the captain but not bani? 😂😂😂
    What is wrong with her?
    I don’t think bani did anything wrong… She chose captaincy over money… And it was also a part of task.. So she completed her part… So she did well… Even Manu wanted to do it… Before the task started, lopa was also ‘almost’ cool with it.. And when om lost a huge amount for immunity, it was lopa who said she might have done it too… But now suddenly they are all correct and bani is wrong?!? 😕😕😕😕😕
    Anyways, the selfie task was cool… Dhongi pagal again tried to ruin it but manu manveer did a nice job controlling him.. 👍
    Precap : pagal phir se jangli ban gaya… Rohan and bani please don’t hesitate to slap this dhongi 😡
    Phir agar beghar hona hai, ho jana par isko do char jute marke ana 😠

  7. vidhi

    throw dis monkey om out sallu
    he is so idiotic
    bada aaya captain banne wala
    muhh dekhi hai kya kabhi ayine mein……LOL…

    but yaar rohan is a fair player

  8. Maria

    Seriously lopa,manu and anyone supporting om for captaincy are so stupid…
    I dont think he even deserves to be on the show….n they r supporting him for captaincy…….
    Kick this man out of the house making him face the doors…………so that he never returns😠

  9. vidhi

    i reallly dont think bani deserves d task
    her resolution was to take part well in all the task completely
    she gives up everything
    she only fit for eating and sleeping
    plus fighting and b*t*hing

    really disappointed with dis bani dis is not d first time

  10. vidhi

    but d best part was when gaurav wrote that B STAR SORRY that was really cute

    bani regrets now for d way she behaved with gaurav

    ppl have hopes on her but she is in her own world if she plays like dis then……..god knows

  11. vidhi

    but hats off 2 nithi wow girl u nailed it

    such a daring girl
    kisi ne use kehe diya ki tu nahi aayefi finale tak
    pura karke vapees aayi…….

    ppl who could have done it dint do it
    just like lopa, manveeretc
    no hopes from others
    not telling rohan as he was moving d liver he would have killed it if he was there

    • arvind

      yeaa riya. agree on this. Bani u need to buck up, do b*t*hing, do plotting, play unfair, play dirty , cry more and be cunning. I think then u can win this show like manu, lopa, monalisa, swami om . If u will be fair and will not do b*t*hing and all.. you can’t win . Am I correct riya?

      Riya is just like the other housemate… except bani

  12. big boss fan

    Hope nitibha eliminate ho is week. Nitibha yahan sirf top 5 tak Jane k lye friendships ker rahi hai
    unhe kabka nikal Jana chahe tha lekn Is bar shayad janta ka nahin bigg boss team khudehi decision lerahi hai

    • Godbless

      Nitibha is playing well nowadays.. she completed the task properly,knowing that she had low bet.. she deserves to stay in house…

  13. Bithi

    Lopa was quite good. Though i didnt like her that much but still i had nothng against her. But from last 3 weeks what is she doing yaar? Accusing bani for pushing her,b*t*hng to rohan about bani and now taking swami’s side. I mean seriously? He calld her so many thngs and u want to be house captain. I know she said tht he will leave. But ths is bb. Nobody can say what will happen. Last tym anybody didnt expect gaurav’s eviction. Also in the weekend when she was askd to praise bani she said very meanly “ghar mein kuch bhi ho jaye wo apni routne follow karengi”.
    Manveer is now over confidnt i thnk he can b a winner everybdy praisd him thats why he changed a bit in last few weeks

    • arvind

      perfect boss. So might be this time , bani will be evicted as per big boss. bcoz she is not doing b*t*hing, she is not creepy as well. she is playing genuinely… so big boss requires contestant like lopa, manu and swami om… so big boss ko votes se farak nhi padta…

  14. Love U ROHAN

    Rohan U have more winner qualities than M2 gundas(production fav),Bani(endemol fav) and Lopa(for footage)…………as BB team also knows that u r threat for their favs ………planned to edit ur scenes,ban on captaincy,no appreciation,nominated for the entire season,iignored and no promotion for you on WKW…Always taken unfair decisions …

    jagga and om targeted you most as they knows u r the easy target and they never got questioned by BB/salman……….but karma hits them back as they mess with pure soul……….same will be for BB team and colors,endemol surely as in future they will face lot of hurdles.

    U r the real Hero and mard in the house,always decent,never done anything for footage or fake stands,u have ur own point of view,always supported right persons..

    Proud to be a #ROHANMEHRA fan always, ur selfies are the best today….the goodness inside u projects on your face..angel face………ur always cutie pie

  15. nim

    Lopa is such a loser and an insecure person, she can vote for baba aganst bani only bcz Bani was the first to get dwn frm the task, it was her call and she said frm the beginning tht she wnted captaincy nt money, if she had waited thn she wud lost her chance. i don’t see anythng wrong with wat she did. She thinks frm her mind not like lopa -hive mentality.

  16. aman

    Yep nitibah should be eliminated this week after her monalisha should be eliminated , happy to listen that this nonsense om is kicked out of the house , appreciate the decision of bb team , but this should have done so earlier

    • arvind

      I think monalisa. nomination doesn’t matters to her.. she wants to be great, manu is safe because of her.. so she deserved to go out. boring

  17. Virgorules

    Vidhi u didn’t understand the task. The jailers have to decide whom they want to deport to bigg boss according to the amount of money they have bid on the individual quadi. After Om Nitivha’s bid was the lowest which is 1 lack, so the jailers decided to deport her the last and lopa’s bid was the highest which is 11 lacks, so the jailers decided to deport her first. Nitivha is the most non deserving contestant after Om in the bigg boss house. She had s*x with Manveer just to be on the show. Disgusting b*t*h!

    • Kalika

      Did Nitibha really do that??? I don’t watch very often that dhongi baba irritates me. Hope Bani and Rohan are part of the final 3, Lopa seems to be taking over from Priyanka with her over dramatic reactions… I miss Gaurav 🙁 You are right about Mona, she is a pain she deliberately became close to Manu then gets all teary eyed because her partner doesn’t approve, honestly, what did she expect. If she was my girlfriend she would find herself very single right about now.

    • kbatarka

      just dont say rubbish about nitibha..dont imagine ..okk nitibha izz better than mona yRr nitibha iz not cheap like otherz..she iz playing fair n honest.. true frndz of her..

      • Virgorules

        Kbatarka do u watch bigg boss regularly? I bet u don’t. When Mannu was outside Nitivha took the opportunity to get close with Manveer. Mona had already called Nitivha bhabi because she has seen them together in the same bed in the night when lights were off . Gaurav has also seen them together. Mannu even said that within a few days this Nitivha got into Manveer’s lap. Don’t forget Nitivha is the one who supported Om when he cursed Bani’s mom.

    • Godbless

      don’t say anything without knowing… they didn’t do anything like that.. Nitibha is playing very well

      • arvind

        ohh u know all the things abt nitibha. great godbless. if u hv followed the show.. she was deliberately went to manveer’s bed when he was sleeping…
        u know what I mean….

      • Vinod

        You are not following the BB closely, Nitibha has had _ _ _ with Manveer and Manveer also is an alcoholic… if you see Unseen Undekha on Voot you will see he was so desperate to have some booze that he took some medicine bottle and drank the whole bottle down just to get his high….

  18. hrithik ka Fan

    Hi guys.. . where r lopamudra’s fans….I want to see their faces now. ….she is egoistic insecure proudy. ……u guys can’t argue on that she is very very insecure of bani. ………she showed her real face yesterday ….she can support swami but not bani and reason she was giving that bani didn’t stay longer and wasted 6 lcs …oh common bani already told nitibha and lopa that she would choose immunity and to some extant lopa also agreed. ..and lopa also wanted to become captain as she told rohan but to look good and fair she stayed there. ….and miss not india u were the only inmate who told that I would have been in place of baba I would have choose 2 weeks immunity in place of 10 lacs. . so stop giving lecture now ……lopa is going downhill for past 3 weeks. ..she is showing her true colours. …blo*dy hypocrite.

    and last thing. …when manveer told baba let’s take selfie in living area and then closed the door was hilarious.…..

    • ritz

      u r absolutely right….in the press conference lopa said bani is insecure of me but its the opposite….its actually lopa who is insecure of bani….
      my god bani captain na ban jaye isliye she is ready to support om who has commented on her father,her face and said kaisi ladki hai ye….
      lopa always backbites and b*t*hes about bani but bani never does anything like this
      lopa is also insecure k kahi rohan bani ka acha frnd na ban jaye to use b bhadkati rehti hai

      GOD BLESS HER!!!

    • St

      Ya exactly….lopa* fans hv bkm Mr. India…hahaha…….

      At last real lopaz has come out…..she’s toooo insecure of bani…….. DA way she threw rohan’s luggage was disgusting.. N even didn’t say sorry…..

      Gurbani rokzzz!!!!!..

    • Vinod

      Well said HKF, Lopa was very insecure during the press conference also when she interfered whenever Bani was answering the questions put in front of her..

  19. harshitha

    Guys swami om is thrown out of bigboss for throwing his pee on bani and rohan during task..he s eliminated..

  20. ditya

    hello kp,simran,Shriya,kiddo,sona,ria,anu, aakashi,shazna n all

    the much awaited moment for everyone
    m soo happy….finally the so called swami om is out….
    mere dimag me ek song aa rha h iss situation per

    jiska mujhe tha intejar
    jiske liye dil tha bekarar
    vo ghadi aa gyi aa gyi han
    swami ko gher se nikal jana h aaj
    HMs ko thoda sukoon pana h 😉😂

    sorry friends main college me busy thi isliye comment nhi kr payi…bt missed u all a lot
    n aaj itni acchi news k vajah ek comment toh banta h

  21. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Hello bigg boss ke priye darshakon…
    Gm ko bhai(kaha ho aap?)simu di(cime fast dido)diti di(thank god u commented)jj bhai(now comment daily)shriyo(where r u??)sona di(aap kaha hoon)anu(finding u ?)aaki di(no comment yet??)shazna(u r also not here)bigg boss 10 fan(thank god koi toh hai)bj supporter ,jia st and every1…..
    So kp bhai i m posting the song u wanted me to come and read specially written for ur wish..
    Aaj hai khushi ka mauka,
    Swami om ke sath ho gya dhoka,
    Bigg boss hoye pareshan,
    Bahar kr ke ghar ke om ko krdia heraan…..
    Kp bhai is samay jhoom rhe honge,
    Jj bhai toh khushi se aasmaan ko choom rhe honge…
    Simu di toh iss khushkabri ke mare bhool gyi hongi aapni hindi,
    Sona di ne toh celebration ke liye bana li bindhi…
    Diti di toh khushi me comment kr dia,
    Aaki di ne toh khushi me yeh momemt dil me baand kr dia…
    Shriyo toh uchaal rhi hongi,
    Anu keh rhi hongi aacha hoya chala gya dhongi..
    Sonai toh hs hs kr ho gyi hogi pagal,
    Bj supporter ka toh favourite goga yeh pal..
    St smile revealer nim love u rohan lopa’s fan,ria,anshu di,ravin,me fan,shazna aur sabhi toh koh gye honge aapne hosh,
    Jaaga dhaku pragat kr rhi hogi aapna roshh…
    Ghar wale bhi sare naachenge,
    Is buddhe ke jaane ki khushi ko manayege…
    Thanku ……..
    Guys i hope its ok..i know ot too good.
    Hope kise ko bura na lge..
    Love u all

      • hrithik ka Fan

        Hi prettypreeti r u …ur song is good. ..compose a song daily. ..and ya happy that this baba is out he should have been out earlier but nevertheless he is finally out….

    • kp

      Am really sorry little girl actually now days am busy with my study thats why i didn’t comment but your song is very nice well done and yeah you knew it too good hahahaha

      and you are right where is shriya and simran? Simran missing your comment

    • Shazna

      hlo pretty dr..nice song dr..cant identify any mistakes bcz dono hindi fluently hehe…so happy tat finally swami z out..rohan n bani well done..

    • Sonia

      Hello priti,
      Smone is also using bigboss fan name. So from today i will use my real name sonia.
      I read news that om is thrown out of bb house.
      Happy to know.

  22. Sudeshna Ghose

    I don’t know why is everyone after Bani.. She is the most solved and straight forward one in the house.. Actually Lopa and Bani have eta chashes but they are similar in so many ways.. If someday in the house they try and before friend then its gonna be a great team.. As for Rohan he is playing it just right.. He does what the does even without anyone standing by him..
    Seriously Nitibha and Swami need to be out if the house.. They are just dead weight.. Swami is an asshole.. If anyone like him was known to me I would have already beaten the shit out of him..
    And M3 is shit.. Manu is so bipolar.. Kabhi edhar kabhi udhar.. He b*t*hes about his so – called brother Manu all the time.. And talks shit about Mona as well.. Manveer is a good a guy really good at heart but sometimes he tends to run after Manu like a puppy.. Moalisa is just weird.. She used to take stands but now she expresses no opinion..

  23. RamyaChella


    |Registered Member

    Finally Hip Hip Hurrah! shit is out of BB house. I knew it he will do this dirty act one or another day. He said that he will piss on other rohan to keep out of tasks. and he did it. disgusting man ib BB history. errrrr. she should have been kicked and slapped nicely before kicking out of BB house.

  24. Jia

    A very pleasent morning to everybody..guys if its true that swami is eliminated the its a fantastic news. I will go crazy..u know what snow is falling outside my house and i am so happy to hear this news. Lopa is getting worse day by day. She prefers swami over bani. Lol. If some other contestant would have been there then i. Could understand but swami. Preeti the poem was very funny. And nice.❤❤.

    • Sonia

      Don’t know why lopa is so insecure of bani.
      May be she is jealous of growing friendship btwn rohan and bani.
      Rohan is playing very nice.

  25. sonali

    ilove rohan cuz his actions speak louder than his words . manu n manveer r phatu n bol bachan .lopa iz a sore loser . luv u rohan #vote for rohan

  26. ShriyaT


    |Registered Member

    Hi kp,simran,ditya,preeti,good girl,ria,anu and all…sorry i couldn’t comment for many days as i was busy in my notes completion…
    Omg the episode was awesome…i liked how all the inmates teamed up against swami…thats the spirit..n good news is swami is thrown out of the house!!!

  27. Johnnnn

    Am soo happy guys….. tat filthy shit om is thrown out…. thn guys plz dnt respect tat dhongi (using d word swami)… thn who is d next captain???

  28. Prettypreeti


    |Registered Member

    Thank u to all lovely frds for liking my poem..thanks jj bhai kp bhai shazna and u all
    @jj bhai ok har din bigg boss ke epi ke upar dekongi..
    @kp buai study well
    @shriyo hi girl whats up how r u

  29. Reema

    Bani rocks.. I just love bani she is too good.
    she is a real hero. & very positive..
    hope bani win bb10.

  30. revealer

    Jo kam 1st week me hona chaye tha ab Kia big boss ne Kia lekin chlo der aye drust aye om Ko nikal kr . Lekn agr srf rohan k upr urine phenka hota or rohan ne hath uthaya hota to big boss rohan k khilaf action lete , aj bani ne Kia to bani ki waja se om out , rohan ki nomination wali punishment b cancel kro

  31. Tumsaarenautanki

    Tum logon ka na koi career hai na koi aim bus nautanki karna hai..bani is good lopa is worst yeh bol bol kar kaan pak gaye hain..disgusying dude go and make some productive things so that ur parents r proud of u

  32. lopa's fan

    Nice poem pretty , waqayi khushi se khogya hum hosh 😃 good news , dhongi Baba is no more a part of bigg boss

  33. Tumsaarenautanki

    Saale tu hrithik ka fan..mere maa baap par gaya..sala apna maa baap ko dekh..pata ni tujhe paida karne ke baad kahan mooh mar rahe honge tujh jaisi galti paida karne ke baad…sala chutiye ki aulad…harami

    • Tumsaarenautanki

      Pata ni aur kise saath saab kia ho taki dhang ka koi paida ho jaye…tujh jaisa hinjra paida ho gaya.hrithik is a man tujh jaisa hinjra nahin

      • Vinod

        Abbey G_ _ du tujh jaisey ko paida karkey toh terey Khandaan pachta rahan hoga yeh tere samajh mein nahin aayega kyunki tera toh koyi khandaan bhi nahin hoga … tujhey toh hijra kehna bhi un logo ki tauheen hogi …

  34. Pankhi

    Omg Rohan is such a dog..always keeps crying…He is a drama queen.Abhi bani bani kar raha hai…dal badlu hai ek nim ka..why does Lopa think he is her friend.He is just using her.Gaurav chala toh aab bani bani bhi rohan rohan kar rahi hak but its not looking bad on her coz she is not betraying her friend for someone but Rohan is yakkk.please usko bhi nikalo..Lopa has been supporting him throughout but still how he does with her.Also wen u knw swami is a mental man toh kyun chedte ho usko…woh jaan bujh kar swami se pange leta hai…Bani ka I understand ki woh aag main ghee ni dalti phir bhi usko pareshan karta hai..lekin rohan is a sabse bada wala…..

    • Vinod

      Yeah.. Rohan also should b*t*h about Bani then you will be happy I guess. He is Gentleman and very rich . not like Lopa (who wants to do big in bollywood or telelvision after this show watch Unseen and Undekha in Voot).. He already left a big serial only for this and still shows his upbringing… not like your Lopa who got a fame and this has got into her head…

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.