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Bigg Boss 10 4th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Breaking from the Bigg Boss house
Swami Om was asked to leave the house at once. Om asks about informing Priyanka but Bigg Boss tells him to come out at once.

The inmates were informed about Swami Om’s departure all at once, Priyanka was asked to pack his bag. Everyone was shocked, then concerned what could the matter be. Priyanka and Gaurav go to pack his bags.

Weekend Ka Vaar
The show begin with Ranvir Singh’s dance. Salman Khan later joins him. After the dance, Salman welcomes everyone and later introduces Ranvir Singh. He asks about Ranvir’s dress, Ranvir says he mostly wears clothes like Salman and dances over his songs. Salman appreciates Ranvir’s always energetic mood. Ranvir shows a photos where he had been dressed like Salman. Salman enjoys, Ranvir sings

a ramp ‘Baby to Bass Pasand Hai’, Salman continues. He then announces Ranvir always confuse people, but mocking people on stage. Ranvir laughs he has been doing this since his school life. Ranvir says these are only Salman’s films that on the first day it seems to be a carnival, a party. Salman thanks Ranvir, and promises he would perform outside the theatre on first day of Ranvir’s film. Salman asks whom Ranvir has come with, Ranvir welcomes Vani Kapoor. Vani was performing, Ranvir joins hers on stage. Salman comes to welcome Vani Kapoor, and announces they have come to promote their film ‘Be Fikray’. Vani confesses that she is also a huge fan of Salman, but her mom is the biggest fan of Salman. Salman asks for her name, and thanks Dimpy Kapoor Aunty on stage. Salman asks Vani if she has ever seen Ranvir still and silent. Ranvir tries to be still and silent. Everyone laughs. Salman shares Ranvir and Vani Kapoor’s visit to Bigg Boss house.

In the house, Bigg Boss calls Vani in confession room. He asks about her experience in challenger room. Vani says it was interesting, difficult and challenging; just like life. Ranvir enters the confession room screaming ‘Surprise’. Vani hugs him. Ranvir asks her to take him outside. Vani announces there is someone here; Ranvir comes to greet everyone cheerfully. Vani Kapoor also comes inside, and meets everyone. Ranvir compliments their shining faces. Bigg Boss also welcomes them, and wish for success of Be Fikray. Ranvir compliments Mona Lisa’s shoes, and gets everyone seated. He then asks about Swami Om, and says he also got an app of Bigg Boss. He says there film Be Fikray’s moto is also being care free. Like their film, they are here to challenge them as well. He and Vani go inside to meet Rahul, Aleena and Jayson in the challenger’s room; they take them outside along.Ranvir tells Rahul that they met once in Delhi gym. Rahul had been really encouraging for him then.

Ranvir gives the first challenge to Lopa Mutra, and asks her to stand still on one finger… then laughs he was kidding. He tells Lopa to keep all the flour in store room and goes with Lopa. Everyone calls Lopa not to give away flour, but Lopa goes with Ranvir towards store room. They come outside. Ranvir provokes everyone that Lopa has cut down their flour.

He announces about the next challenge. He asks Jayson to dance for Vani Kapoor. Jayson goes shirtless while dancing on ‘Jab se tum pe’. Vani whistles for him. Everyone enjoy and cheer Jayson.

Ranvir now calls Sahil and Mannu, and challenges them for an arm wrestling. Sahil wins over Mannu. Ranvir asks why Mona is upset, Mona says Mannu lost!

Ranvir calls Manveer forward, and asks when he first asked a girl for date last time. He teases by plucking Manveer’s mustache. Manveer says he asked someone but she didn’t agree. Ranveer wants him to take someone’s name from the inmates. Manveer selects Lopa. Ranveer tells him to propose her. Manveer makes her sit on the stool. Ranvir taunts if it’s a stool test. Manveer says she has been Miss India, she must have seen the world, travelled across as well; has she always live a ‘mast’ life. They ask him to be a gentle man! He tries to be sophisticated, Lopa laughs calling him boring. Manpreet says ‘Walking alone on road, he feels alone and needs a company which can be her’, he then asks her to agree as its already too much. Ranvir goes banging his head with his fist. Lopa agrees as he had been trying hard.

Next Vani calls Mona Lisa to dance for Jayson. Ranvir stands in ovation. Vani asks how many stars should Mona gets, Jayson gives nine while Ranvir calls her a super dancer.

Ranvir challenges Mannu to grab Nitiba’s makeup and place it in store room. Mannu hurries towards the room and place her makeup in store room. He was shocked that Nitiba was silent. Ranvir now calls Nitiba forward, and asks what she wants to say to Mannu. Nitiba wanted to break some eggs at Mannu, Ranveer says Bigg boss has granted her wish today. They bring a cake for Nitiba to smash at anyone’s face. Nitiba goes to Mannu. Ranvir holds Mannu tight and put the cake all over Mannu’s face; apologetically. Mannu takes the cake to eat the rest. Finally, Ranvir dances with Mona Lisa. He and Vani Kapoor leave the house.

On the stage with Salman, Vani considers Jayson Kantilal’s body being good one. Salman tells them about his film ‘Partner’ in which Katrina’s father was marrying her to some guy. He came to know today that man was Jayson Kantilal, when Jayson came here he didn’t tell Salman he did a film with them. Ranvir compliments the first show of that movie. Salman says whenever Ranvir goes to watch his film, he distracts everyone. Salman asks Ranvir who is a strong contender. Ranvir considers everyone as really challenging, but Swami Om is amazing. He mocks Swami then.

Salman says they should go inside now, as another member of the house. He announces there are already some VIP celebrities inside. They sat with card board dummies of Shahrukh, Anil, Priyanka and Sanjay. They mock their voices over Salman’s questions. Ranveer goes to sit on the hot chair. Salman tells Ranvir he will get a happy call now. The caller demands Ranvir for a song. Ranvir promises to sing Bigg Boss’s title song in 1980’s song. Everyone clap over his performance. Outside on the stage, Salman appreciates them both for their performances.

Salman asks Ranvir to score against Vani now. He announces they would show them some photos, Ranvir should judge the person in this photo. The first photo was Kareena and Katrina, Vani judge. Second for Ranvir, it was Ranvir Kapoor and Ranvir Singh. Next for Ranvir, Ranvir laughs watching the photo first. It was Deepika Padukone and Ranvir Singh. Salman laughs, if they marry their children would look like this. The next photo was for Vani, Ranvir asks to sing a song ‘yeh bandhan tou’; it was Shahrukh and Salman. Vani says they are Karan, Arjun. Salman asks Ranvir about best heroines of film industry, Ranvir replies it’s no one. Salman asks Vani what was Amar’s name in Andaz Apna Apna, he gives options as Amar Malhotra, Amar Manohar or Mehrutra. Vani replies wrong, Ranvir knows its Amar Manohar. Salman questions Ranvir, five films of Anushka Sharma. Ranvir names the five. Salman asks Vani in how many films his name was Prem; 10, or 15. Vani says it’s ten, Salman asks for names. Ranvir hints Prem Ratan, Mene Pyar Kyun Kia. Salman tells them it’s wrong, they were 15. Ranveer asks if he sings one song from every film, will he get a bonus. Salman takes the names while Ranveer sings one line from each film. In the end, Salman wish them for their film. They leave.

Salman takes everyone’s attention to inmates. Bani tells Salman she feels really good being independent. Salman tells its time to be decided who from Jayson, Aleena or Rahul will not get a chance to come out of the jail.

Salman asks Priyanka why she put all the flour in store, Priyanka says they have kept some hidden. He then asks Nitiba about her makeup. Nitiba says she has some left over makeup and brushes, and can manage. Salman asks her to place the rest in store room as well. Nitiba goes to the room and places her makeup in store room, bringing the rest of it back. He says they have heard some statements from contestants. Now each of them should recognize who said this, and spray over their face. He tells Bani ‘Bani won’t openly fight, she only stabs at one’s back’. Bani sprays over Mannu’s face. Mannu didn’t remember if he said this or not. Salman tells Bani she was wrong. He narrates another statement, ‘Bani isnt divide and rule, she is only divide as she can never rule over them’. Bani comes to spray over Mannu’s face again, he denies having said this. Salman says this time Bani was correct. Salman tells Bani the next statement about cycle task ‘she had ruined the environment already and didn’t want to do the task’. He gives a hint that its not Mannu and someone who uses the word Task frequently. It was Lopa.

Mannu explains to Mona he never say anything by heart. Salman says another statement, ‘I and Mona have no competition’ Mona sprays over Priyanka’s face. Priyanka says may be she had said this in beginning. Salman clarifies it was yesterday’s statement. The next statement, ‘she must have a lot of boyfriends but now she needs a foreigner’. Mona goes towards Gaurav, Mona says she and Jayson had been talking to each other. Salman gives the next statement ‘there is no brotherhood in Manveer and Mannu’. Mona goes to Priyanka, Salman says it was wrong. It was now Priyanka’s turn, ‘Priyanka is a psycho’, and Priyanka goes to Bani then sprays over Rohan’s name. The next statement, ‘if I compliment anyone, Priyanka fights with me when alone’. Priyanka cheerfully goes to spray over Mannu’s face but Salman clarifies it was Swami. The next, ‘I don’t want to speak to her, as she is rubbish’. Priyanka goes to Mannu, and he accepts it was him. Salman then asks them to get freshen up, he will return to take the eliminated one outside.

At home, Manveer discuss with Mona that people would definitely talk here. Mona wonders if she is a playgirl in this house, as per everyone’s statement.

There, Salman introduces the new show the Rising Star’s auditions. He then heads to speak to people through Jio TV. The inmates were seated. Salman asks for the epiFizz caller. It was Faizan to speak to Bani. Faizan says it seems she is being friend with Priyanka Jagga because Priyanka wants to break the friendship of Mannu, Manveer and Mona. Bani clarifies she had a lot of questions before going into the dome task, but the way Priyanka spoke to her there it was really nice. But for her, it wasn’t really necessary to go to a far extent. Faizan wish his side with Bani. Salman asks Bani to repeat his words, and then warns her to keep her image strong.

He now comes to announce that any two from the challenger’s room will join the others while one must leave the house. Salman says he is sorry Aleena that she must leave the house, and congratulates Rahul and Jayson. Everyone come to greet Aleena, and take Rahul and Jayson outside.

Salman announces this is what happened to this wild card entry Aleena, it’s the audience who make this game as it is by their votes. He takes a leave.

PRECAP: Mannu was asked to leave the house. Mona and Manveer both cry. Mona and Manveer badly cry. Mona accuses Priyanka for breaking their friendship. Later, everyone accuses Priyanka. Bani and Priyanka later has an argument for nominations.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. hrithik ka Fan

    this manu is a liar …He always does back b*t*hing and lie in front of salman and other housemates. …He is also scared of bani because he never cofronts bani always accuse her In front of salman …He know he doesn’t stand a chance against bani as bani is always spot on with her talk…….

    ….lopa and mona are desparate b*t*hes. …

    …priyanka is completely in acting mode since her return as she knows last time she was voted out due to her rude behaviour. ..

    …manveer is good and straight but is influenced by manupulative. ..gaurav is also good as he never shy of accepting that he is an actor and behave accordingly. ..

    …rohan is lost Somewhere. ..Rahul is on and off switch button…

    …others r mostly non existing. …

    1. Agree hkf manu zadatar koi guest aye jab bani ko reply deta hai ya salman ke samne kyunki wo janta hai bani ke age wo tik hi nahi sakta per jutha number 1 hai mannu specially yesterdays epi mein jab bani ne bola bhai tu ja ker dekh lio konsi planning plotting ki hai mene main tere bare mein bat hi nahin karti tab bhi mannu saya tum over react karty ho ya planning plotting abbe bhai tune kab sun liya bani ko b*t*hing karte on the other hand lopa bohut safe khel rhi hai aur manu aur lopa ki gadi hi bani ki wajh se chal rhi hai

  2. I love lopa.. …… If I will get chance as caller of week.. … I will propose her.. …

  3. Feeling sad for mannu even i hate him but after watching the precap i was also crying

  4. Manu should back……without manu no entertainment.going borng

  5. Feel very sad after listening manu news. Its now no entertainment in house without Mannu, the m3 portray the real Indian amm aadmi story in house like kabhi khusi kabhi gum. Bani is abusing machine so no one like to talk with her, even gaurav give her advice to gentle but lastly he himself got abused by bani.

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      m3 r real… my foot…I think u r like them ..and they r representing u by back b*t*hing abt others unnecessarily crying for camera …by lying as manu does ………as for bani she is the strongest in the house …ye she abuse but not behind others back …she is on the face that’s why manu doesn’t like her…….manu doesn’t stand a chance in front of bani…and he is also scared of bani…

      1. Thank you for reply ur reaction. just entertain the show and Nice to watch bb10 . hope we meet again on final day of this season.

  6. I dont like manu..he is biggest manipulative person in house…he is the one who triggers everyone…innocently topic nikal ke bhadka ke aata hai…i m very sad for his loss in real life 🙁
    He shud watch show outsode before returning and turn to bani as friend…she is playing fair..
    Lopa is a b***h
    Nitibha has no brains…wonder wat job role she was in google 😀
    Mona is very selfish and just after manu as he is strong aur sirf manu ne he usko ghaans dali purey ghar mein.
    Rohan dear wat happend to u..he is a kid…got upset with harsh punishment from biggboss.
    Rahul is just Lopa’s secretary…he shud go out..loat respect sir
    Gaurav is playing fair….thoda bore krta hai pravachan de ke…but who is perfect in this world!!!
    Priyanka is hopeless as ever…happy she is making mona’s life hell
    Sahil is strong but too sugary…overdose…appears full fake…as his aggression is unhidden
    Jason is nice…need to know him more before commenting.

    My all votes to bani and gaurav

  7. LMAOooo..!!
    Joke of the day : Bani doesnt do backb***g..?
    welll,, dear blind followrs,, u shud c thz beginnin episdz, whr bani gott her footage onlyy wen bb abt m3 wid Rahul & Gaurav..
    vse i’m not a m3 fan,, nor i hate thm..
    reazn : thy r gud wid LOPA..;) yeahh..!! so i’m supportin lopa,, she is fairr player,, undoubtedlyy.. evn ths bani fans wud know.. jus thy r ignorin t fact bound by fan love.. welll i dont blame.. if i wer t 1,, evn i wud havv..
    wat evaaa,, i wishh Lopaaa wins t show,, cox she is t reall player..
    rohan,, v r missisn u.. hope is task me vo joshila rohan mile..
    Rahul sir is ok..ok.k.k & Gauravv seriouslyy needs to stopp runnin behind banii.. wats t diffrnc btw m3, & GB if thy do so..
    Gaurav is playin as an actor.. buttt he wudnt b abl to make it to top i supz..
    Gladd k dhongii baba is out,, & condolesence to manu’s fam.. hope he gets back agn,, jus like othrs (Kushal,, Upen etc.) had durin prvs szn..
    at t end : Loveeeeeeeeeee uhhh lopaaaa.. u r alrdy r a winnner fr us.. hope u win ths showww tooo.. gud luckk..!!

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      Haha lopa a fair player …what a joke. …lopa is a cunning fox..before weekend ka war she always make plan like she did on Friday night and before that also when no one took bani’s name as a villain she was complaining. ..This shows her character. ..A b*t*h…….and btw she doesn’t know what manu manveer think about her….If she watch previous episodes she will come to know how good manu manveer her friends are…

  8. Aditya dhanraj

    Yeah lopa is playing fair aur winner bhi vhi hogi bani ke blind fan ke alava koe like nhi karta hai she is b*t*h love to lopa and m3

  9. Hello wahiiiilos…guess u r new to BB10.
    I hv watched all episodes…bani was not b******g abt m3….she just discussed wat she saw.
    Its human to comment abt all nonsense going on between manu and mona….especially wen u r stuck in 4 walls with same nautanki people.
    Commonera keep in cribbing abt celebrities but truth is ceebrities dont want to stoop so low to their level.they hv worked real hard to earn the fame they have now….wat will commoners lose by such behaviour??

  10. Helllos Hrithik ka fan,,
    if u think Lopa is cunning,, then i wud jus say,, tats t fan lover in u speakin.. Honestlyy,, evn u know she didnt.. & for lopa’s act on blaming Gaurav on friday.. then v hav beeen cleard on wekend ka war by salman,, Gaurav was at fault.. & if she was complaining also abt bani.. then i wud say,, k its bcx of her hatred. & evn she is a human,, so evry human makes a mistake.. & if u realis ur fault,, then thy apologise. unlike bani. infct she argued wid Gaurav tooo. tats wat i rlly feeel is not a good thing.. who wants to hav a friend like this in real life.. Gaurav is image consious,, so he’s tolerating.. & evn Rahul realised by now as a neutral member in t house..

    & Navpreet,, agreeed.. its alll in human nature.. bani isnt at fault.. but i jus want to telll ths fans,, who r alwys b***ing abt lopa here.. tatt she’s nt at fault tooo.. she is being herself & bani is as well herself.. thy r equallly goood. jus tat bani is bit aggressive. which she seriouslyy neeeds to work on..& tis two gals seriouslyy neeed to solv out t diffrncs btwn thm.,.
    as for M3 talks of Lopa,, it was bfr there friendship. m3 nevaa spared any celeb.. so thy did wid lopa,, but not now..

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