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Bigg Boss 10 3rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman is in activity area of house and says inmates dont know i am here. He says Mona, Manu and Manveer’s friendship is rocky rightnow. Their argument due to captaincy is shown. Salman says Swami should be called blunt robber. Manveer finding things from Swami’s bad is shown, how he was blamed to be robber in house. Salman says there is sandwich of Mona, Manu and Priyanka. Salman says lets see which side Manu will choose. Salman says there is one lonely person too that is Bani. Bani’s crying moment is shown, how she said to Gaurav that nobody supported her. Salman says lets go to stage.

Salman comes on stage. He welcomes everyone to Bigg boss. Salman says we are in middle of season and we are seeing action is increasing in house, lets see what happened

in captaincy task. Manveer slipping and injured is shown and how Gaurav kept painting while Manveer was injured, how Lopa said that Gaurav had no humanity for doing that act. Salman says i feel that incident will affect today’s episode. Salman says lets see who will get evicted this week out of the four nominated contestants — Rahul Dev, Bani J, Jason Shah and Elena Kazan.

Salman connects call to house. Inmates greet him. Salman says all are looking nice, Manu looking good, Bani you are looking beautiful, wishing you belated birthday, she thanks him. Salman says why did you reach in challengers zone? we think we are working hard but we dont see that others might be working hard more than you, you have a lot of talent you are getting distracted by getting emotional here, nobody deserves emotional quotient here, this is useless in this house, Bani wipes her tears and says i understand. Salman asks Manveer what happened to you? Manveer says i got too much involved in task. Salman asks what happened after wild cards entering? Sahil says its different from outside and being inside house. Salman says who is inside and outside house both? all say Swami. Salman says Swami is like playing from inside and outside too. Salman says you are looking rockstar in this new avatar, why dont you give audition for world’s greatest entertainer. Lets give you situation. Situation is that enemies have cheated your son and stole country’s important papers and you have decided to take revenge, enemy is Gaurav, so lets start scene. Swami says to Gaurav that you betrayer of country.. i cant bear your betraying, i will destroy your country, you took oxygen, iron from this country and tried to break it too? i will take you to supreme coat because i am lawyer and i will use atom bomb against you, all laugh. Salman says situation number two. Salman says situation now Lopa, who is a girl enters scene and forget about betrayer and starts dancing with her. Swami says you betrayer.. tune mari entry starts playing, Lopa enters scene so Swami funnily starts dancing with her, all are laughing seeing his energetic dance, Lopa moves away from him being careful and says this is funny. Salman says Swam is big entertainer, as soon as song started, he switched from betrayer to girl dancing, dont know why Manu and Manveer wants to kil you, Swami says because they know i will win show, i will show that after Salman i am greatest entertainer. Salman says i remember about your luggage, Swami says it was plotting against me and those who did got punished(Manveer getting injured). Swami says i was praying that Priyanka will come as wild card so i thought to collect things to distribute in wild cards but i am their competitor so that are plotting against me. Salman asks Manu what was in his luggage? Manu says it was whole departmental store there, all laugh. Salman asks Lopa what was inappropriate in those things? Lopa says some girls stuff. Swami says it was just foam, it was not for girls, anyone can apply it, it was not written that it was only for girls, i read on that spray, all laugh. Salman says there is male, female and unis*x. Swami sys i am not unis*x, i am fully male. Salman says the product we are talking about is called intimate wash which is usually for females only but if you want use it then its your choice, it might suite you, all laugh. Swami says i can do anything for you.
Salman says to wild cards that inmates might have started to know you and you know them now, lets play game. Inmates of rate wild cards, they have rate from 5stars. Salman asks Manu to rate Sahil. he gives 2stars to Sahil and says he is playing safe, he wont be in top 5. He says next Priyanka will be rated by Mona. Mona sighs, Salman says you have to give atleast 1star, all laugh. Mona gives her 2stars and says she is keeping it inside but will explode, she seems like having strategy. Salman says Lopa will rate Elena. Lopa says i would have given 3stars but after dome task, she gave up really soon so i am giving her 1star. Salman says Jason will be rated by Gaurav. Gaurav gives him 4stars, he says i think he has mindset and strength to play this game, in yesterday task, i had hopes from him and he fulfilled it, Manu says Jason is straight forward. Sahil says i dont mind Jason getting this much stars, Manu talked to him just for 2minutes and thinks he is straight forward, Manu says it doesnt matter to me. Salman asks Manu how much he would have rated Jason? Manu says 3stars, Salman says still more than rating he gave to Sahil, Sahil says no problem.
Salman asks who was villain this week? Niti says Swami disrupt peace of house by yelling, so he is villain. Rohan says Swami, Manveer says Swami. Mona and Manu says Swami too. Priyanka says difficult but Swami it is. Salman says i told you Swami storm is coming, Swami says i am thankful that my daughter can talk against her father too, all laugh. Sahil says i am trying to correct Swami but he is villain. Lopa says Swami is villain of season but unexpected thing happened this week, i want to take Gaurav’s name because Manveer got injured but Gaurav forgot humanity and was busy in painting, if he would have just asked Manveer if he was okay then it would have been good, its like its safe for everyone to call Swami villain, give punishments to him, i agree that he is villain but we should not ignore other things too happening in house, Salman claps for her and says i agree with you Lopa that Swami is easy option for everyone to call villain because Swami doesnt mind it too. Salman asks Gaurav, Gaurav says tasks are difficult and in end tasks get aggressive and in that time if someone loose their cool so anything can happen and that happened with Manveer, for mistake i want to take manveer’s name for villain chair. Salman asks Swami, Swami cries and sings no one is more bad than me, Salman says this is new style of his crying. Swami screams that if i take side of truth, if i defeat enmity then i am villain, i will remain till end of my life, i will want to be villain for all births. Salman says you said all that fast. Swami says i agree with Lopa because inmates know i am winner of this show so they call me villain every week. Salman asks Bani. Bani says i was upset because Lopa was not taking any action in captaincy task when she was referee, i felt bad because we should be clear in tasks, she should take responsibility, she was not even on spot, Lopa says what would you do if you want to go loo? are you going to pee in your pants? i wanted to go to toilet so i had to go, when i returned, i saw Manveer grabbing Gaurav’s brush, i read rule that contenders can stop each other from painting but they stop them was not written, how to define it? Gaurav said Manveer threw his paint bucket so i asked him to kick his basket too, as long as there was no physical assault, i was fine, i didnt take bias decision because of my emotions, i am proud of my decision, i was not unfair, as Lopamudra Raut i was supporting Manveer but as referee i was totally fair and i dont have any regrets. Gaurav says but she didnt know about rules, i told her what happened in task and then she said that she didnt know about sequence of events. Lopa says i listened to both sides of story, i asked Manveer too, i asked Manveer if he pushed or got physical with Gaurav, he said no. Lopa says i asked Sahil too as neutral person and he didnt see any physical too. I want to make them remember when there was immunity task between me and Bani, she got physical with me but they were same people and didnt take stand against it, nobody raised voice against it, how he is calling Manveer’s acts as aggression? Salman asks Manu. Manu says there was no plan from our side to destroy task, we had no strategy to mess with task but from Gaurav’s side, it was clear that they were planning to destroy task and hero of it was Bani, i was sure that they would do something. Bani says i dont even say anything about you but you keep thinking that i am plotting. Salman says manu you keep implying that there is wall between them and you, Manu says i try to break that wall, i try to maintain peace but i cant avoid things, Salman says dont divide house, he ends call. Gaurav asks Manu what did you say? Bani says i just supported Gaurav, Manveer says you kept telling him advises in task, Bani says he is my friend, wont i support him? wont i want him to win? i didnt even say one ill word against Manu, i didnt give any advise to Gaurav, i just asked him whats his plan, what the f*uk do i know about canvas? we saw that task for first, stop judging me. Manu says you dont listen to anyone, just say what you want and leave. Bani says you have problem with me since day one, if you have then come to me and say it on my face, Manu says i have no interest in coming to you, Bani says i dont like your backbiting, if you have problem with me then come and talk, you dont need to f*cking backbite. Manu says you can overreact or just plot, Bani says you can say anything about me and want to me remain silent? Manu says why did Gaurav take Manveer’s name? he was ready to take Swami’s name but he changed his mind.

Salman connects call again. Salman says the wall between inmates is still there and its not broken from both sides. Salman asks Elena who was villain this week? Elena says Lopa. Jason says Manveer. Rahul says Swami because he tries use power of his vote, he keep it till end to make it powerful. Salman asks Swami to sit on villain seat. Swami says i wanted Gaurav to win captaincy task thats i played game so that Manveer is contender against Gaurav, i knew if it was between Manu and Manveer, Manu wont fight against him. Gaurav is very good person, Manveer and Manu plays unfair, i made situation in which they have to make Gaurav captain. Salman says most amazing thing is when Manveer was getting stitched on head, you went to Gaurav and congratulated him for winning, task was not even completed. Swami says yes because i supported Gaurav. Salman says you remember when youw ere crying, only manveer came to pacify you, Swami says i love Manveer a lot but i dont want him to be aggressive and dont want to see him violent, i took stand for Gaurav infront of all. Salman says you stealthily went to Gaurav and congratulated him. Salman asks Gaurav what mistakes he wont repeat which Rohan did? Gaurav says i dont have mindset of having power, i dont there is wall in house and i will be fair. Salman says there are many things you have to do as captain, i want to show you one thing. Clip plays, Rohan(as captain) says to Lopa that washroom is not clean, Lopa says make them clean it. Bani says to Sahil that there is no timetable set by Rohan. Rahul is shown sleeping and buzzer goes off. then Bani is shown sleeping, Rohan says i should punish you, Bani says buzzer didnt play. Manveer says to Mona that no one listens to Rohan. How Rohan told Bigg boss that captain doesnt have enough powers, how Bigg boss discarded Rohan’s captaincy due to his negligence. how Rohan asked Gaurav how to stop inmates from talking in english. Gaurav says punish them but you never do, clip ends. Salman says you people wear nice clothes but house is this much dirty? Salman asks Bani what Rohan did as mistake? Bani says he never was serious about giving punishments. Salman says to Manu that you said if you get captaincy, you will set house right. Manu says i would have divided duties, Salman asks if inmates were not listening to Rohan? Manu says me and Mona did work which was allotted to us. Priyanka says they didnt wash bathroom from the time they have come, Manu says nothing like that. Rohan says people are blaming me, i asked Bani to clean toilet but she didnt. Salman asks Gaurav that his duty to keep house clean. Gaurav says i promise we wont have any example of untidy next week, Salman says good and ends call.

Salman says reporter Debang follows show so he will question inmates now. Salman connects call to inmates and says Debang will ask questions too. Debang says first question is for Gaurav, he always say he is here as Gaurav Chopra actor, people want to see real Gaurav chopra, till when you keep your fake appearance? Gaurav says when we call ourselves celebrity, then its our duty to show behavior of good person. Salman asks if its personality is like this offscreen too? Gaurav says exactly like this. Debang says Gaurav your friendship with Bani is good but you fulfill it as its convenient, you dont put much effort. Gaurav says i dont understand question. salman says you might think that there will be direction giving to this friendship, people will put label, you might have girlfriend which will beat you. Gaurav laughs and says i dont understand why this friendship is mysterious. Salman says you both have tussles like husband and wife, you know those people who have lived together for longest time and argue like them. Bani says we bicker a lot, Gaurav says maybe i am entertaining people like this, Bani says its fun to bicker with him, salman asks Bani if Gaurav is with her in difficult times? Bani says he tries to show support in his way but my expectation is high, i am like why dont you make oats for me. Salman says i felt you were upset about Gaurav. Bani says i was upset generally, you can see i am in jail. Salman says when i was behind bars, i didnt cry. Bani says i am little disappointed with Gaurav, he doesnt talk to me much now. Salman ends call.

Salman says there is one more friendship in house that is of Manu, Mona and Manveer but things are changing due to Priyanka entering house again. Salman says people have opinion and some will share here now. On stage, Manveer’s sister in law Sunita, Manu’s fiance Priya and Mona’s boyfriend Vikrant comes on stage as panelist. Salman ask them if its good for Manu, Mona and Manveer that Priyanka returned. Vikrant says she tried to attack Mona but Mona woke up, Salman says first time, Vikrant says she woke up for me like that a lot, Salman laughs. vikrant says Manu, Manveer and Mona re acting cozy seeing Priyanka but Mona and Many are more cozy, its not digestible. Salman asks Manu’s fiance Priya. Priyanka Jagga is trying to break manveer and Manu’s friendship, i dont accept mona in equation, manu doesnt listen to Priyanka Jagga but manveer trusts less and agree to everyone against Manu. Salman asks why you are disregarding Mona? Manu’s fiance that girl should have limit in friendship, Salman says boy should have limits too. She says you are right but i know Manu, he is friendly with my friends too so i dont have objection with that but Mona tries to come closer to Mona. Salman asks Vikrant if he is feeling same? Vikrant says feeling more than her, Salman laughs, Salman says it shows on Tv a lot. Vikrant says i know Mona for more than 8years, she goes out of city for movies, its important to be heroine in movie but i feel Manu and Mona’s friendship is strong because she is heroine. Sunita says Priya and Vikrant are saying same thing that you both know them nicely, its looking wrong on Tv. Priya says Manu talks about me but Mona doesnt take your name, Vikrant says maybe she will get ahead in show being underdog. Salman says i also feel that Mona is doing her job, she didnt get along with celebs and changed sides quickly, she is doing her job as heroine, did she say it to you Vikrant? Mona’s boyfriend says i had argument with Mona and told her to not cross limits in show like Veena Malik did but Mona didnt say yes or no, she said that i am going to Bigg boss house, i said go get lost, i know you can romance alone but they are doing extra to show off, i feel bad maybe more than Priya. Sunita says you might had doubt that this would happen, Vikrant says i had doubt but not this much, mona was change in first, it was real Mona but in second week, she got hero Manu like she gets as heroine, i dont know if Mona has feelings for Manu but i can say surely that Manu loves Priya a lot because when Mona tries to get close to Manu, he says that keep distance, he was upset when Mona pecked his cheek, i dont know what will Mona when she comes out of house. Sunita says is this all happening for footage? Vikrant says if Manveer, Mona and Manu are so good friends then he would have let Manveer be captain without argument. Sunita says mastermind is Manu. Vikrant says i am fan of Manveer, heis real person, he will same outside, he wants to have good friendship. Salman asks who is leading more Mona or Manu? Mona’s boyfriend Vikrant says its Mona who is inclined towards Many more, but when you will meet Mona after show then you will know her, i am telling surely that if someone attacks Mona personally, even 10Priyanka jagga cant cope up with her, she is very dangerous in this matter. Salman says Mona came here on this stage some years back to perform here, this is not same Mona now, i dont think Mona is like this on movie sets. Priya says this is set too. Vikrant says Priya dont worry, Manu loves you, Salman laughs. Sunita says Vikrant you said you had fight with Mona before she left so what if she changed mood about you? Vikrant says God cant be that grateful, Sunita says then you can try on Priya, Salman is stunned. Priya says i love Manu a lot, dont say it, i didnt say i have doubt on Manu, as a girl, when Mona is getting close to him then i feel it, Sunita says its called insecurity. Priya says Vikrant thinks Mona is acting close to Manu but i think Mona is not acting, its good if has this misunderstanding. Salman says if she is not acting then you both are in same both, Priya says i will quit then, Salman asks what this means? Sunita says she will leave Manu for Mona then, Priya says nothing like that. Salman asks Sunita why Priyanka is attacking Mona? Sunita says she thinks these three are strong together and want to break them, i feel like Mona uses Manu, she doesnt say anything she wants but ask Manu to say it on her behalf. Priya says Priyanka thinks that Manu and Manveer are still her friends and should follow them. Vikrant says i liked when Manu said to Priyanka that you cant do anything against me, i see all transmission because its dangerous for me. Salman says what if Manu gets interested in Priyanka Jagga? Priya says he doesnt have that much bad taste, he would never go to girl like her, he always want to have simple, wifey material girl, he told Mona too and he thinks Mona is like that, Sunita says but you are not like that, Priya says i am very innocent, i am just speaking now because of seeing Mona and Manu’s scene, if i dont say even now then its useless for me to be girl. Vikrant says Manu understands Mona, Mona is very nice girl, i call her tubelight because she thinks too late, she doesnt realize whose hand she is holding because she is actor, Salman says it can be it and if not then Vikrant might be happy or sad later. Priya says i always think Manu has forgotten he is facing camera, Salman says he ha forgotten that there are two people(Vikrant and Priya) waiting outside, they laugh. Salman greets them and they leave.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says four inmates are nominated. The one who are safe will become part of house again and will not remain in challengers room. Salman says BANI IS SAFE, all clap. Bani comes out of challengers room, Salman says audience have given you birthday gift, Bani says dont know if i should be thankful or not. Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Ranveer and Salman dances on stage. Ranveer enacts stars like Anil Kapoor, SRK, Priyanka Chopra and Sanjay Dutt. Salman shows morpohed photos of celebs to Ranveer and asks him to guess. First he shows Deepika’s picture with mustache and beard, he is shocked to see it and laughs, he says her eyes is like Deepika and mustache like Ranveer Kapoor, Salman says if you both get married then your baby will look like this, Ranveer is embarrassed.
Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor comes in house. Vaani gives dare to Priyank to pick one inmate and kiss them on cheek. Priyanka picks Gaurav and pecks his cheek. Ranveer dares Mona to dance sensually with Jason, Mona dances close to Jason. Ranveer asks Manu to confiscate Niti’s makeup and put in store room, Niti whines and says no. Swami is called in confession room, Bigg boss says there are some problem outside house so you have to leave house rightnow, Swami leaves house through confession room. Inmates get to know it and are shocked, Mona dances on his departure.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Jazzy

    now a days weekend ka vaar is boring salman doesn’t give any opinion just only some comedy by baba thats it
    he is not that involved in this season

  2. I don’t know about right or wrong but at thus peak of season I can find only two strong contenders who are very Lear and strong opinionated about their stands. They are LOPA and BANI.
    Gaurav is I think in his own celebrity zone trying to protect his image which is fake.

  3. Yes, Salman Khan does not seem that much involved this season. Don’t like when he encourages Omji for his bad beviour. Omji need to be put in his place for his disgusting vulgar behavior. He is giving bad name to people who are in same profession as he is. Manu is blaming Bani for brainwashing Gaurav, but since the start of the season he has been doing the same to all commoners and Mona. They both have commitment outside of the house and their behavior is really weird . Hard to digest . Since the start of the season, Manu has done nothing but brag about himself . Manu and Mr Om Ned to be eliminated. Lola is overreacting for no reason. The nominated people were working hard to fo all other inmates to get the water and gas supply , while nitibha could not even take trouble to cook for bani and she was in fact eating in front of them. Everyone else also complained about cooking for them . Including lopa . Also, badmouthing Gaurav when he kept painting after manveers fell. I think the game does not stop if one person gets injured. It has to go on. Priyanka made a big fuss for the small injury. And Omji made even bigger fuss about that for no reason. His behavior is no laughing matter. Bigg Boss should actually be concerned about this behavior .

  4. Yes i gree tat ths year salman not much involved as compared to previous weekend hez juz cracking jokes abt omji..previous season every weekend there was copmlete discussions abt luxury budget tasks like whoz wrong & right n he was lways pointing right things…this year nothng lyk tat oly thy hardly discussing abt captaincy & nomination task…
    Awww..yestrdy bani was looking stunning in tat saree..shez so beautiful frm heart too..n gaurav was looking like dulha hehe…

  5. Where are the supporter of Gaurav ? Have you seen what was shown in today’s episode ,that manveer had fallen and he was bleeding. All the inmates were concerned for him but Gaurav was doing the task and as you were saying that it had happened in split second that’s why Gaurav didn’t get Time to react but it was clearly shown in episode that he carried out for more than 5 minutes.which is more than enough to see what had don’t show yourself as blind flowers of Gaurav.

  6. Manveer ne galat kiya gaurav koi galti nhi hai kyuki manveer ne gaurav colour karne nhi de raha tha. Lopa is overreacting. Thank god ki swami ji ja raha hai. I am very happy about it

  7. Yaar iss swami om ko yeh bhi nahi pata ki kounsi cheez kis gender ke liye use karte hai andddd if m3 s partners had such a big problem wid them sticking to each other then they have not seen the previous seasons…har season mein atleast ek aisa relation hota hi hota hai…lekin m3 ke gharwale agar itne insecure ho rahe…toh inhe bolo ki todha dimag kam chalai aur bharosa rakhe inke partners par..agar bharosa nahi hai toh pyar offence…..really NO OFFENCE…i am sry if ur hurt but if i dont say dis den i will feel michmichi….no offence m3 partners….now comin back….yaar now i feel really gaurav is at least ek ‘ru ok’ toh puchta….bani was luking amzing in tht saree…bani is smart…she got out of tht dome only becox she had trust in her fans and she knew tht they will save her

  8. We all see gaurav inside image in do his task to win when the contestant participant die or live – like sushim do in ashoka serial. So how he manage the captaincy, it tells now. Bani give idea to rohan when he was captain and at the same time she did not follow him or obey rules which results to a great disastour to rohan. The big boss house is now divided into four party as M3L, om and his daughter jagga, GB and his followers , independent party like niti and others. However m3 are in top till now.

  9. Jazzy

    i agree about gaurav he should have atleast asked r u ok but noo he didn’t i thought salman will talk abt it but he didn’t

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