Bigg Boss 10 2nd December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 10 2nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 47
The contestants wake up to the energetic theme song of Appy Fizz. Mona and Sahil dances.

Manveer says to Gaurav that I talked with Manu, I think Manu should be captain but he is quitting then I should take his place, we should do it to proceed further, if I am against you then you will get support but we have to choose two contenders. Manu asks Gaurav to empty his test tube, Gaurav says okay.

Lopa and Niti comes to pool in bikinis. Manu says now we cant go anywhere, he, Manu and Mona watches them. Niti asks Priyanka to come too. Priyanka sits beside Lopa on pool boundary, Lopa hugs her and asks her to take off her mic, Priyanka says I am not going in pool. I already took bath. Nit says come here. Priyanka comes near pool. Lopa and

Niti pushes Priyanka in pool, she screams and says i got hurt, she shows wound on leg. Lopa says we just thought to have fun, Priyanka says I have not come here to get injured, Lopa says we will apply bandage, Priyanka says you both are enjoying but don’t hurt me, Niti says we were joking. Priyanka says I didn’t want to get in pool, I was already injured, Niti says we pulled you in just for fun, Priyanka says Lopa and Niti pushed me in pool and i got injured.

Priyanka is in restroom and cries.
Lopa ties towel around her and says she spoiled fun. Niti and Lopa comes to Priyanka. Lopa asks where did it hurt? Priyanka cries and says I am hurt, Niti says we didn’t hurt you deliberately, Priyanka says just leave me alone. Swami comes there and asks what happened to her? who did it? who pulled her in pool? Niti says me and Lopa, we said sorry, Swami says it wont stop hurting her, you cant force people to go in pool, you forcefully pushed her in pool, Lopa says don’t shout, we are taking care of her, your yelling is hurting her more, Priyanka says I will bear pain, Swami says I talk in high tone, Lopa says tone it down then.

Swami cries and says in camera that they broke my daughter’s leg, its all plan. Sahil comes there and says don’t cry, he hugs him and says it was not deliberate, Swami says they forcefully pushed her in pool, they cant do this, it was Priyanka, what if they pushed me in pool? they cant force people, Priyanka is slim so they can force themselves on her? Bigg boss do something or else it will be problem if I become indecent.

Swami shouts on Lopa for pushing and injuring Priyanka. Lopa says me and Niti are feeling bad for it, Swami says it wont lessen her pain, Lopa says your yelling wont set things right too so shut up, Swami shouts I wont, Lopa says idiot, you want chance to yell, mad man. Manveer asks Swami why he is shouting? Swami says she is talking to me, Manveer says someone is hurt, why you are yelling? Swami says let me calm down. Lopa says why you are interfering in this matter? I and Niti are feeling bad, Swami says it wont lessen her pain, Swami looks down to Lopa’s torso, Lopa says look in my eyes and talk, Swami says I don’t have problem looking in eyes, Lopa says look in my eyes, don’t stare at other places, I will take out your eyes.

Priyanka says to Lopa and Niti that you both misbehaved and now saying that you both didn’t do anything? Niti says we are saying sorry. Swami says you can shoot and then say you are feeling guilty and say sorry. Lopa says I know you are upset Priyanka, Priyanka says I am in pain physically, I seriously like you so much, Lopa hugs her and says we didn’t have bad intention, I am really sorry. Swami says talk in English, Lopa says just shut your mouth, Swami says you shut your mouth, Swami says talk in English, whole house will get punished. Lopa throws tissue paper at him and says wrap your mouth with it, Swami says you have hurt my daughter, Niti says let Priyanka eat food. Priyanka asks Swami to get silent, I am requesting you, Lopa says to Sawmi that she is your daughter that’s why you say rubbish about her? she has seen everything, Swami says let her eat, Lopa says you are liar. Swami says people see this is of my daughter’s age and is throwing tissues at me. Lopa says you are buttering, Lopa says to Priyanka that i cant talk then this man is not around, i cant deal with him, he is not human, Swami says i am a man. Lopa goes from there and says to Rohan that i want to stuf his mouth with tissues. Swami says to Priyanka that she threw tissue paper on my face.

Gong rings, all inmates come in lounge. Swami says i wont emoty Manveer’s tube, i have come to be cursed out, to be thrown toilet paper at. Gaurav asks Manu if you want to be captain? Manu says we have to complete task so lets sort this out, i am quitting. Gaurav says i want to say that i dont like when one inmate tries to halt process of task(hinting Swami) and we all get blackmailed to proceed further from our ends as we get blackmailed, Swami says i am not blackmailing anyone, Gaurav says i am talking so stop, Swami says why you are saying that i am blackmailing? Manu says he didnt take your name, Swami says i am not blackmailer, its criminal activity, Manveer says you did criminal activities. Gaurav says we should bring house back to system, Gaurav empties Manu’s tube thereby making Manveer and Gaurav the final two contenders for captaincy. Bigg boss says captaincy task has finished and contenders for captaincy are Gaurav and Manveer, there will be task between them after sometime.

Swami says to Lopa that what i said wrong? i just asked you to not talk in english, Swami says i didnt know hindi of sorry, i tried to make things right but you didnt need to interfere, you did and i got angry, i threw tissue paper in your direction but did it hit you? Swami says your target was weak, Lopa says i am basketball player, my target is never wrong, i have more maturity than you, Swami says you think so, i dont care about anyone, Lopa says then dont wait if i throw tissue paper on your face next time, Lopa says to Swami that if i want to beat you then i will slap you on face. Swami says my cheek is infron of you, slap me, Lopa says i dont want to do that, she caresses his beard and says i dont want to do it, Swami says i wont do it but if you do it then you will see reaction, Lopa says be truthful, Swami says i wont stay silent if you hurt my daughter. Manu asks Swami to not fight again, Swami says she came to me. Lopa says to Manu that he is saying that i threw paper on his face, Swami says she said she would slap me, come and slap me Lopa, Manveer says why would she slap you? Swami says she told me, she is not letting me eat. Priyanka asks Lopa to not talk to him. Lopa says i just said that i would slap him if i wanted to hit him. Niti asks Swami to calm down and eat, Swami says i wont eat now.

Niti reads captaincy task, both contenders Manveer and Gaurav have to paint canvas with their color, Manveer has got to pain yellow color while Gaurav gets blue color, this task will continue for two hours, the one whose paint is more visible will win task and will become captain, Lopa is asked to be the Sanchalika(referee) of the task. Challengers will be in main house too for this competition and can be part of it.

Buzzer plays. Gaurav and Manveer starts painting canvas. Manu says after filling canvas half-half from either side, they can paint on otherside too. Jason says to Manu that Manveer has already taken more part of canvas. Manu says Gaurav had not painted sides, he tried to write his name too, he must have planned to show that he is organized so he will be organized as captain too. Gaurav says to Bani that this is of ten minutes task.
Swami says i want Manveer to win but Gaurav will win, Elena asks why? Swami says Gaurav’s heart pure than Manveer so nature takes side of good heart which Gaurav has not Manveer.
Gaurav starts painting Manveer’s side, he says i will take half of canvas, Manveer says if you want to come on my side then fine, Gaurav says you took more side of canvas. Manveer says you should have told me that you would paint your color on mine, Gaurav says i started from end of canvas while you started from middle and took more space then me. Gaurav comes to Manveer’s side and starts painting on his paint, Manu says Manveer go to Gaurav’s side and paint. Gaurav tries to pain but Manveer puts hand infront of Gaurav’s brush, Bani says dont try to fight, Manveer says keep your advise to yourself, Manveer says i did my side of painting, Gaurav says i promise that there wont be physical fight from my side. Gaurav tries to paint Manveer’s side and vice versa. Furthermore, Manveer tries to stop Gaurav by holding his hand while he is at it. Bani asks if this is allowed referee? she asks Lopa if it is allowed that Manver can hold Gaurav’s paint brush? Lopa says i cant make my rules, they can stop each other from painting, but not particular is written. Gaurav says i wont get physical in whole game. Manveer throws Gaurav’s paint box, Gaurav asks if this allowed? Lopa says you both can apply paint others paint.
Swami says to Elena that Gaurav’s mentality is really well than Manveer, he is intelligent and not violent but Manveer is violent, nature takes side of good person, Gaurav wants good of others and Manveer wants bad for other people.
Gaurav tries to paint Manveer’s side but Manveer snatches Gaurav’s brush, Gaurav says give me my brush, Manu asks Manveer to give it back, he does. Gaurav says i was following rules but Manveer is not. Manveer and Gaurav starts painting other’s side pf canvas and destroys whole canvas with both paints, Gaurav kicks Manveer’s paint basket too.

Manu asks Manveer to stand on ladder, dont let Gaurav stand on it. Whole canvas is covered in blue and yellow mixture, Lopa says canvas is now green with both colors mixed and i wont be able to take decision, Manu says tell this to Bigg boss. Gaurav and Manveer are still trying to pain. Gaurav says i said that i wont get physical, Manveer stands on ladder, Rahul says be careful, dont fall down. Manveer gets down from ladder but floor is slippery due to paint on whole floor.

Gaurav and Manveer are still trying to paint their respective colors on canvas. Manu brings carpet for Manveer and asks him to stand on it as floor is slippery, Lopa says house property is getting destroyed. Manveer loses his balance, slips and falls with his face hitting the floor. All rush to him, Manveer’s face is injured, Bani asks to bring first aid. his head bleeds, Lopa and Manu tries to stop bleeding, Lopa says no one will panic, Gaurav is still painting on canvas. Bigg boss asks Gaurav to stop task. Gaurav says to Rohan that he was getting so aggressive, he should play calmly, Swami says right, Gaurav you will win, Rohan says what are you saying? a person is injured and you are saying all this?
they all go to confession room to give him first aid. Manveer says i am fine. Manveer is brought to doctor in confession room.
Swami says i am just saying congrats to Gaurav. Gaurav says just say it now. Bani says he fell himself, he was so aggressive.
Mona and Priyanka cries for manveer, Mona says oh God what has happened to him?

Manveer comes out of confession room after getting wound dressed, he asks Mona to not cry.
Bigg boss says to inmates that as per doctor’s advise, Manveer cant continue this task more, we want to ask Lopa at this stage, who won? Lopa says buzzer didnt play and how to decide who won? because before Manveer fell, whole canvas was green, on what basis should i decide winner? Manveer says that wont be able to function as captain, tell this to Gaurav, Swami cries seeing Manveer. Manveer asks Lopa to not worry about his injury, just take your decision, see Gaurav has applied paint on canvas, Priyanka says Gaurav applied it after you fell down, Manveer says i fell because of my mistake, not because of Gaurav. Lopa says at this stage, there is more blue color on canvas so Gaurav is winner. Bigg boss says congratulates Gaurav for winning and becomes captain. Gaurav says to Manveer that i didnt want captaincy like this, jerk. Manveer laughs and says my brain doesnt function much.

Manu and Manveer are in garden, Manveer says i have no regret about injury but game went to worse. Manu says you fought till end and then this happened, Manveer laughs. Manu says i kept telling you to be careful, Manveer says i am hard headed, you must be angry on me, Manu laughs and says no, Manveer how more this show will take? Manu laughs, they see Mona and says she is crying since start. Priyanka comes there and cries, Manveer says Mona has got company in crying, i tried to turn and fell flat, my head is opened now. Priyanka says you played well. Manveer asks Rahul was it fun to watch me fall? Rahul says not at all, i was shook.

Lopa cries and says to Manu that you brought carpet there and i said dont use house property, Manveer turned to look at me and slipped, Manu cries, Lopa says he got hurt because of me. Priyanka cries too. Manu says biggest insanity was that Manveer was bleeding and Gaurav was silently painting his side, Lopa says i saw humanity of people today, that man was fallen on floor but Gaurav didnt even make him stand up, if i was there, i would have stopped everything to help injured person, what should i say as judgement that Manveer fell down and Gaurav kept painting so he won.

Gaurav says to Manveer that i didnt want game to end like this, fight was happening, if inmates are thinking that got advantage because you fell down and won like that then you become captain whole week, you order me and i will pass that order to inmates, i will voice only and you will be captain. Manveer jokes that your eyebrows are still brown, he says i didnt want captaincy, you are captain. Gaurav says when you fell down, i didnt understand what happened and kept busy in game, i should have understood earlier and stopped, Manveer says no issues, Gaurav says i warned that its slippery, Manver says i didnt listen to you as you were my enemy at that time, Manu laughs and kisses Manveer’s cheek.

Bigg Boss announces the week’s luxury budget for the contestants. While a considerable amount of points are deducted as a result of contestants not following the rules, they also earn few brownie points for Gaurav and Manveer’s incredible performance in the captaincy task.

Manu and Lopa talks. Lopa says if Bani had fallen then i would have picked her up and see if she was okay, Gaurav has this much humanity? he is real villain, she leaves. Manu says to Priyanka that one person was injured and Gaurav was still busy in game without batting eyelash, he should sit on Khalnayak Khursi  this weekend, Priyanka agrees.

PRECAP- Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor comes in house. Vaani gives dare to Priyank to pick one inmate and kiss them on cheek. Priyanka picks Gaurav and pecks his cheek. On stage, Manveer’s sister in law, Manu’s fiance and Mona’s boyfriend comes on stage as panelist. Salman asks who is leading more Mona or Manu? Mona’s boyfriend says its Mona who is inclined towards Many more, Manu and Monare too much cozy. Manu’s fiance that girl should have limit in friendship. Mona’s boyfriend says i had argument with Mona and told her to not cross limits in show, they are doing extra to show off.
Salman ask inmates about captaincy task. Lopa says there was spirit to win task and people forgot humanity in that. Manu says someone was injured but other is just busy painting, Gaurav’s supporters showed like they would destroy things and hero of those were Bani, Bani says you have problem with me since day one, if you have then come to me and say it on my face, Manu says you can overreact or just plot, Bani says you can say anything about me and want to me remain silent?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. DgenerationX

    In captaincy task………….when manveer fell down, Gaurav was unknown about cut in his forehead …..since both of them were facing in different directions and also gaurav was already frustrated due aggresiveness of manveer… Gaurav decided to continue task……..if Gaurav would have seen cut on manveer’s face then he would have thrown his bucket and helped manveer…………..but this Lopa without knowing this fact, is b*t*hing against Gaurav and talking about inhumanity of Gaurav………

    1. i was about to comment about this

    2. agree..n this lopa n manu z so insecure of bani n gaurav n for every incident hez blaming bani 4 without reason what a sense this incident manveer gt injured bcz of his foolishness n naagin lopa planning to make gaurav sit on khalnayak..

      1. DgenerationX

        while watching episode I was getting very angry on this nagin lopa…….bcoz of her b*t*hing against gaurav

    3. Gd morning to DX simran aakashi swastika simple shazana sarayu soya ani ishaan and all the fans you all are right bcz i like gaurav v much
      And DX my friend you are absolutely right my friend that manveer got injured himself and this lopa talking inhumanity about gaurav and she herself doesn’t have any humanity
      And baba pakhandi say whatever you all want to say against him i remember one thing usne bola tha ki wo salman ki aane wale year mei shaadi karwa dega haha my foot bahut jhooth bolta hai yaar ye total mental and reckon himself a international moda

      1. DgenerationX

        yes kp, manveer fell down bcoz of his own aggressiveness…….and I wanted to slap lopa when she was b*t*hing against gaurav at 4’o clock after lights out…….

      2. Ok DX are you a girl or boy? I think you are a boy i think only i may be wrong my friend

      3. hi kp I agree with u . lopa is getting more and more irritating day by day . without knowing all facts he started blaming gaurav . now I feel that bani is ryt every time they blame bani for everything .
        I want to see rohan more . he has potential but wo captaincy se barkhast karna aur punish karna is very demotivative

    4. Above all manu commenting on bani for planning and plotting since day , what rubbish i jus wanna slap him hard across his face and show all the videos where he b*t*hes and plots since day 1 dumb*** she didn’t have any idea till the announvement that challengers are allowed to come out of jail for task from where the hell this shitman see bani plotting against them.. she doesn’t evn give a shit about these guys thats y they are burning.. most aggressive s brainless manveer and all the other commenors are pshycos. Lopa s another cunning person she twists words
      and makes everything an issue. But except few cunning activities i find her tolerable. But this plan of making gaurav sit on the khalnayak chair s utter jealousy. Meanwhile i liked the funny conversation of manu and manveer aftr the task. For last couple of days i started thinking manveer s slightly better than manu but aftr watching this episode he again went to the same spot.

      P.S I’m not at all a bani fan

      1. Totaly agree with u same my point of view mujhe bhi manveer better lag rha tha last week but uski agressiveness na kich nahi kar sakte but ye bhi sach hai ke manveer ne to abhi gaurav ko blame nahi kiya ye lopa and mannu hain manipulators

      2. You are a Bani fan Admit it. How can anyone like Bani. She is so selfish, and has a I am always right attitude. Very derogatory in her approach to the Commoners. Always using cuss words and Gaurav comes out as her pet dog.

    5. It is Karma.. Navin cheated and became aggressive in task he got his shoulder dislocated and now Manu tried to cheat and get aggressive he had his head opened… aur kya magarmach aansu ro rahen hai sabhi …. jaisey koi mar gaya.. agar commoners ho toh pata hoga in logo ko issey bhi jyada chot lag jati hai lekin koi inki tarah Sayapa nahin karta….

    6. Sorry not Manu … Manveer

  2. madhusmita panda

    Now i started hating Lopa.. love u bani and gaurav…

    1. DgenerationX

      and for your this line….I have started loving you…….

  3. Why are they blaming gaurav fr manveer’s mistake, the guy was doin his task and everything happened in a split second . Does anyone actually believe that Manveer wud stop to help if gaurav fell ,please joke of the century. Manveer was aggressive and splashing paint all over wen the task cud have won fairly .sorry but swami is rte,gaurav played fair and won while Manveer was aggressive and fell flat on his face
    Wat s wrong with Mona,priyanka and lopa??? He jus had a cut on his head he did’nt die . The way these drama queens were behavin was like he died on the spot. Don’t mean to b rude bt if ure goin to play rough thn thr s chance to gt hurt

    1. Lopa still at least has emotions and humanity unlike some people…

      1. Hahaha humanity or the sense of opportunity to grab trp and plot as she knows Gaurav becoming captain means Bani cannot be ill-treated as per her wish. Such an hypocrite. Priyanka got hurt by mistake. First thing she utters coming out of pool Mazza kharab kar diya. That how human she is. Manveer falls because of his own mistake. Gaurav inhumane. Humanity ki definition pata hai? I doubt.

    2. DgenerationX

      agreed with all your points Nim………manveer also wouldn’t have turned back even if gaurav would have got major injuries…….and very loud volume crying of Mona was so irritating………..I liked babaji when he was supporting gaurav……..and lopa is turned very b*t*hy nowadays….

    3. @dorothi v well put forth regarding lopa’s humanity this should be caller’s question to lopa this week

  4. Mene epi nhi dekha but jo abhi wu padha us hisab se mujhe lgta hai k jb lopa ko task ki sanchalika bnaya to ye kehne ka kya matlab k main apne hisab se rule nhi bna sakti she should have stopped manveer to ye sab hota hi nhi aur lopa ki insaniyat to hum dekh hi chuke hain ghatiya hai khud bhi aur manu kya hai wo bhi jante hain

  5. Gaurav is a gentleman – Manveer was aggressive and physical in task. This is a game so Gaurav continued painting and was not aware what was happening as Manveer was around, up and about in task like a jack in the box.

  6. Lopa is very cunning

  7. I swear dx..ur right man…tht manveer fell and gaurav was not even able to see him…ISS SWAMI KO KOI NIKALOOOOO…y does he make every issue so hungamatic…..yaar hadh hai…that dhongi is sooooo pakao….he is not needed in the house…salmanji kabhi kabhar apni fans ki bhi toh sun liya karo….bigg boss hum dekhte hai and aur hum hi vote dete hai….swami ko nikalo varna yeh jagga and daku milke pagal kar denge…dude the tissue dint even touch his damn face and y so much dicussion abt tht damn tissue roll…and yes there is our priyanka…arre tum log ko pata kisko chot lagi hai???PRIYANKA JAGGA THE OVERACTING KI DUKHAN KO….koi hospital iske liya VIP room book karo…priyanka ko chot lagi????

    1. DgenerationX

      hi aakashi…….I can see u hate this babaji very much…..and also I hate him………but today I liked him for saying very good things about Gaurav while babaji was talking to Elena during captaincy task…….

      1. Hi dgenerationx kp aakasi . Lopa ne aacha nhi kiya gaurav ish tarah se insult nhi karna chahiya tha. Achanak swami ji ko kya huya gaurav ish tarah support kara raha tha . Jarur swami ji ke dimag kuch short circuit ho huya tha

      2. DgenerationX

        ha. swastika…. babaji ke dimag me short circuit ho gaya hoga ……weekend ke war se pehle iske dimag me short circuit hota hai……

  8. WO nhi chahti ki blame uske upar aaye

  9. Gaurav was right..wt he did he politely said play fairy tatz wat gaurav did..but this brainless gone agressive n got injured..n funny part was to see lopa n manu crying n blaming gaurav haha..n precap manu blaming bani 4 this lso seriously what a joke..manu n lopa so insecure bani n blaming her for every incident happening in d house..n in precap well said bani if u hav prblm say it on face bt manu don hav guts to say on u bani bcz he knows tat if he will tell smething on ur face u will shut his blo*dy everytime talking behind u n lso taunting u oly infront f salman…well done bani uski aisi muh band karna jaise aage kabi vo aapke muh na lage..well fair players in the house bani n gaurav.. juz love them nxt place goes to rahul…

    Tommo epi gonna super fun as Ranveer coming n bani’s fav actor tats y shez so xcited..n this manu n monas so called frndshp ll b xplosed by their fiance oly haha…manu n mona agar frndship dekhna he to watch bani n gaurav..pure frndship no drama respecting care each othr n having fun together…love their frndship..

    1. Yes agree with you my friend bani and guarav friendship is with full of respect and i hate manu v much and that moda and his only one daughter bcz they both think drama is essential in bb for attention

    2. So true gourav nd bani m kitni ladai hoti h but they never backbite each other infact wants that they both dont look bad this is called frndship. Bani’s list of frnds is too short but really happy that gourav is in that list……

  10. BJ Supporter

    Commenting about after 1 month nd my opinion is still same love u bani and gourav nd bani was so right this crab manu wants that he can blamè anyone that one should be silent but bani is not that type of girl like others do…..
    Thats why manu did one on one convetsaton with almost all inmates but he cant do that with bani bcs he just got spechless infront of bani

    1. totally agree with u… u i am also a big fan of bani…but after first 2 weeks, i realised dat she is sometimes very rude and aggressive and i also thought manu and lopa are genuine….but now it seems manu and lopa collectively try to put blame of everything on bani….she is behind the bars peddling for the house mates and manu is accussing her of planning and plotting….My god tum pura m3 gang sara din kya karte ho…
      bani is straight forward person….jo hai muh pe bolti hai koi plotting nhi krti

  11. initially I supported lopa….but now I hate to see her face stupid she is
    khud ka dimag lgna band ho gya h Jo ab manu k saath mil k game khel rhi h..bilkul uski copy bnti ja rhi h…itna bekar drama kia mil k rone ka…specially mona? when she was crying…I was laughing and at least night me toh chain se so jao…24/7 tum unki he baat krte rhoge kya…itni chugli toh koi normal insaan nhi kr pata
    shame on u lopa n manu
    what’s the fault of GC in all this
    u r aggressive…tumne he paint girayi…jisse floor slippery ho gya infact GC many times warned him…bt he didn’t listen….manu n manveer what a drama in garden area….apni acting dikha rhe the…
    worst acting….nautanki….kuch b kar lo kuch nhi hone vala tum logo ka….GC will rock…now I also started to lyk bani and BB plz show rohan more

    1. ya I think rohan us captaincy chale Jane k baad demotivate ho gaya that’s why he is less seen . but I am totally with rohan and happy to see gaurav as a captain

  12. watever the reason is manu’s target is bani.. nd lopa i really liked her attitude first but now its getting worse.. the only constant player is bani and gaurav..

  13. But Salman always support Manu and Manveer..he didn’t even ask Manu why he called maal to sunny leone..y dat baba touch her so badly ..she was feeling so insecure..Manu always backbite dat so irritating ..always blame bani bcoz she is strong dats y he can’t even talk face to face with bani..

  14. Bani is abusing machine and she so blind that make his head strike with lantern and even cross rohan when he play with knife . Gaurav is not more then 1 km far from manmeer so that he can not seen, when manmeer falling. So this means he is also aggressive in task. So many fans pray bani n gaurav, for what reason I did not know, may be they r former fan of them. At last they give reason t blindly hat manmeer is aggressive.
    That’s wrong that we tell from outside and give reason because so and so, something was happen. The ground is so slippery that any one can got slipped, for what Mannu want to give mat over them so that they can do task smoothly. How ever what their fan prey to bani n gaurav even in wrong , the actual true fact never end. M3 are the best n may they win.

    1. DgenerationX

      hi..sss…..I can accept that M3 are good but I cannot accept questions upon humanity of gaurav and bani……and I was not knowing them from previous shows ……I knew them in this show and became their fan…..

  15. Omg..Guyz i heard nw such a sad nws tat manu’s mom passed away n hez exited..RIP..shocked so sad manu juz cant imagine hw he ll b goin through away frm mom n family frm last 40 dyz n hearing such a nws.. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. Sad…… R.I.P

    2. Rip!!!! is it confirmed ??

      Waqt ka kuch pata nahi hota shuru se bas b*t*hing kar rha hai aur ab yunhi nikal jayega

  16. guys elina is evicted from house . I think its unfair for her bcz use ghar m aaye abhi ek week hi hua hai and use challenger room m bhi rehna pada .
    and I heard but not sure that swami is removed from the house Ku ki uske uper bhut sare case ho gaye

    1. Hi simran hope you fine and swami om per bahut case file hai but let see what will happen

    2. I really hope k jo tumne suna h vo sach ho jaye…baba om ko bahar fek dena chahiye
      n ya it’s really unfair with elina….elina is much more better than nitibha and mona…don’t know kaise bach ja rhi h dono baar baar

  17. Omg! I’m a no supporter of Lopa but why you people are saying about her is absolutely wrong.gaurav didn’t stop till bigg boss asked him to stop and hr was painting even when people surrounded manager. is he a gentle man? Lol? … hypocrisy much.w as there any one situation where gaurav took

  18. The crying segment of manu, mona and priyanka seemed to be tears of crocodile. It was totally predictible that actually what was going on their mind. Inspite of being out of competition, rahul was concerned about safety of them but after the injury even. manveer was making fun about his concern. Wherever lopa was sanchalika but was not present in the scene most of the time, and vani had to call her to remind her duty and now she is talking about humanity of gaurav. Manveer fell because of his own carelessness though still felt sorry for him but that does not mean that gaurav should be blamed. He even didn’t did anything physical.
    Really feeling pity for gaurav though he became captain fairly but is still blamed. No matter if not lopa I hope he will be supporter by bani and rohan and rahul.

  19. I wt gav be come a caption.
    But is ka samna manveer nicha kira pir be isna manveer ki pass kiya nai.
    it Is wrong. Koi be niche kira otha hum gake help karna chaiha.
    Lopa is over riating.
    Rohan moji ko conraj karnako data is so right.
    I like rohan.

  20. I wt gav be come a caption.
    But is ka samna manveer nicha kira pir be isna manveer ki pass kiya nai.
    it Is wrong. Koi be niche kira otha hum gake help karna chaiha.
    Lopa is over riating.
    Rohan moji ko conraj karnako data is so right.
    Rohan is right.i like rohan.
    Chot laknaka bath Manveer ka reaction so cool. But house members over reaction.
    Chot laknaka bath jagga very very over reaction. Omji bi v.v.over react.
    Play karnaka time sapko chot lakna nomel path ha. Hamati friend ki vajacha school me hum sub ko chot hajaya ha kirchuki ha.
    Is ko masak me lana chaiya.
    Jakka simpatee pana kiliya over react math karo.
    Bani,gav,roh,lopa doing well.

  21. Hi frnds.i m new here.can anyone pls explain that bigg boss already done whole episodes or what.
    Becoz on bigg boss 10 wiki showing all evictions and finalist

  22. Only fair contestants are Bani , GC , Rahul and Rohan. Liked Lopa at the beginning but she is another jealous candidate . I have no respect for commoners as they are the worst participants of all seasons . Do nothing except back biting and behave as victims during weekends. Lol it won’t run for long.

  23. i can’t understand how can all support gaurav in this he was totally wrong if he didn’t see he hurt his head ok we can consider that but atleast when he slip he should have helped him but he was tooo busy
    no one is questioning his selection as a captain and i m 100 percent sure if anyone among manu or manveer was there na instaed of gaurav everyone would have bashed him soo much this is for sure
    he should have left the task then only i m sry but in other seasons all had differences but when anyone got injured everyone left their task to help the other bit he was tooo involved in task that bb had to say to stop the task

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