Bigg Boss 10 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 23rd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

DA 68
Inmates wake up to fizz song.

Gaurav counts bowls not washed, he asks Bani about it, Bani says they are not our bowls, we didnt cook any rice, Gaurav says where is rice? Bani says this is rice cooker, you still have no sense about utensils, Gaurav says i was just counting bowls not cooker, first listen then comment, Bani says no need to be snappy in morning, Gaurav says you dont understand that you speak like that, you make sarcastic comments on everything, Bani says its fact you cant regocgnize utensils, Gaurav says dont pass personal comments, i dont, Bani says you do, you can have fun but i cant? Gaurav leaves.

Mona and Lopa are washing dishes. Mona says captain is not allowed to work but i would do work if i am captain, Lopa

says i am washing too, Mona points out that Gaurav just wiped the platform but did not bother to clean the utensils even after seeing the mess, Lopa says two people dont care about anything in this house, they dont even care about each other, Mona says Bani always wash her dishes and dont disturb anyone about her food but Gaurav doesnt do anything, Lopa says i used to cook for Bani in start, i used to cook separately for her and now she doesnt care about anyone, she just keep sitting in room.

Mona tells Manu that Naveen still miss me, Manu says yes Vikrant told you that you should praise people who left and people in house are not your friends. Manveer mimics Vikrant when he said that Mona have no friends. Manu says he said that we backbite about you but you are always behind me then how can i backbite about you? Mona says i told him that its not like this, Niti says he was tensed that his girlfriend is away. Mona says i never said anything about Piku(Manu’s fiance) then why he is making fun of Vikrant? Manu says i wont now.

Bigg Boss gives Manu and Swami a chance to charge the battery. They have to walk on a hamster wheel for a considerable amount of time till the battery shoots up to 86%. One at a time will run hamster wheel.

Manu stands in hamster wheel and starts moving it, Swami says let me try too, what if Manu gets tired? Gaurav asks Manu to move calmly and sing songs, all inmates sing song with him.

Swami asks Manu to let him walk in wheel, battery will be charged. Manu comes out of wheel, Lopa asks Swami to be careful. Swami starts moving wheel, he ask inmates to not say anything, dont make me laugh, Swami has difficulty to move wheel, Manu asks him to move feet.

Manu stands in wheel again and moves it. Battery is charged to 86%. All congrats Manu.
Bigg boss asks Swami to wear his mic. Swami runs and wears his mic but battery is drained to 83%. Swami says i was going to washroom only, Bigg boss says inmates have to wear mic all the time.

Niti says to Bani that you boycott Swami and asked inmates to boycott him and we did. Now no one is talking to Priyanka because of what she said, but you are still talking to her, she said such ill words, Bani says she is very sweet to me, everyone was fighting with her yesterday then her kids and everyone was playing with her kids, Niti says her kids are not at fault, Bani says it would be duality, Niti says no it was sporting that all welcomed them. Priyanka says i am good mother thats why i allowed everyone to my kids. Lopa says Priyanka should keep sleeping. Priyanka says i wont say what she wants to listen, Niti says you take care of your health, have fun, i will say what i want, Priyanka says do not talk about me to anyone, just try it, Bigg boss asks Priyanka to wear mic, battery is drained to 80%. Lopa says dont talk to person who is not wearing person. Manveer says no one is liking to talk to Priyanka.

Manveer is called in activity area. Swami and Manu hugs him. Manveer comes in activity area. Manveer is given four options:
1st option: meet his father for 2mins, will use 41% battery
2nd option: meet his father for 10minutes, will use 48% battery
3rd option: Get his father’s message, will use 16% battery
4th option: Talk to father on phone, will use 21% battery

Manveer is emotional and sees his father on TV, he says hello papa, he starts crying and bows infront of of TV seeing his father. Manveer chooses to meet his father for 10minutes using 48%.
Manveer comes out of activity area and says my father is coming. Swami says i will welcome him. Manver says move away, let me go. Manveer is waiting for his father to come looking at door. Father enters house, Manveer gets emotional seeing his father. He falls in his feet and cries, Father picks him up and hugs him, Manveer cries, father asks him to not cry. Mona and Manu are emotional seeing it too. Manveer is laughing and crying at sametime, father cries too, Manveer asks you fine? he says fine, he checks Manveer’s forehead for his injury and asks him to calm down. Manveer brings father to inmates. Swami says you have given him great upbringing, Manu, Rohan, Gaurav, Niti, Lopa, Mona touches his feet, father hugs Swami. Manveer takes him aside, inmates go away to give them privacy. Manveer asks everything fine? father says keep playing like you are playing, everything is looking good outside and be careful about some people, your injury fine now? Manveer says i am playing fine? i am original, Father says you are free bird, how you spent 2.3months here? Manu comes there, father says i am shocked that he stayed here for more than 2months. Swami comes there and Niti comes there too. Father says i know everyone. Mona says me and Manveer are wearing same clothes. Father says you are all looking great outside, Manveer asks how is Swami? Father says Swami keep house occupied. Priyanka comes there and touches his feet, he asks you ill? Priyanka says your son made me sick fighting with me. Manveer says let me show you home. They go inside. Lopa says Manveer has same features like his father. Father asks Manveer to be careful of Manu, dont follow him for everything, Manveer says i play as i want but rightnow situation is difficult. Manu tell inmates that Manveer is meeting his father after 8years. Lopa says bigg boss made them met. Manveer asks Father how he came here? father says using plane, Manveer says i had to shave my beard, father says you were praised for that, Manveer says we will start afresh, we have many grudges. Bigg boss says father has to leave now. Father meet inmates, Manu says Manveer his beard away for me, father says he didnt give it up for me but he did it for you, Gaurav and Bani touches his feet too. Swami says greet everyone, father says everyone greet you forcefully you play like that, all laugh. Manveer hugs and touches his feet, father leaves. Manveer is so happy. Mona says your father is so sweet. Lopa says he talks so less and you dont stop talking, Manusays he has come to Mumbai for first time, Lopa says how cute. Manveer touches Swami’s feet and thanks him, Swami says i was praying for you. Rohan asks did you meet him after 8years? Manveer says i met him a few times but not properly, we talked most today.
Manu is in washroom. Mona knocks it and asks him to come out. Manu cries in washroom. Mona comes to Manveer and tells him that, Manveer asks Swami to not come. Lopa asks Swami to give space. Manu too gets extremely emotional and locks himself in the washroom. Manveer comes there and knocks washroom, Manu opens door and is crying. Manveer says you are playing nice, he hugs him and says we met because of you, Manu cries and says i want my mom, i didnt realize it before but after seeing your father, i am realizing it, Mona comes there too, Manveer says i want her too, dont cry, we will be together, dont cry, you are able to reconnect with them but i couldnt even meet them before, Manu washes his face and thanks Manveer, Manveer hugs him.

Manveer thanks Bigg boss. Manu says they changed your life, big place couldnt tie us but we are living here so calmly, we left relations, cities everything and here we are, but there is difference between us and these inmates. Manveer says i used to think what to do that people recognize my father because of me and i got that here.

Niti is in confession room, her options are:
1st option: meet her mother for 2mins, will use 26% battery
2nd option: meet her mother for 10minutes, will use 45% battery
3rd option: Get her mother’s message, will use 10% battery
4th option: Talk to mother on phone, will use 20% battery

Niti chooses to meet her mom for 2mins. Manveer says she coudnt choose other options because of me. Niti runs to confession room. She comes in confession room and hugs her mother, mother says my beautiful girl, Niti asks how are you? she says i am fine, show your presence more, you are playing very nicely, play like Lopa, put your views more sternly, Niti says you are looking light, Niti asks who are my supporters? mother says Manveer and Priyanka backbite about you, Niti says she is mad, mother says Gaurav has problem with you too. Bigg boss says your time had ended, Niti kisses her mother’s cheek and says i love you, she hugs her, they both are giggling, mother asks her to interact more.

Bani is in confession room. Bani is given option to meet 7 winner Gauahar Khan but battery is 6% remaining so there is no use to show you any option, we are giving you chance to recharge battery, if Manu and Swami agrees to nominate themselves for next week then battery will be increased to 100%, if one of them agrees to do it then battery will be charged to 47% only then you can choose any option, this is last option to recharge battery.
Bani comes outside and calls everyone in lounge. She tell inmates that Gauahar has come to meet her, she tells that Manu and Swami have to nominate themselves for next week to recharge battery, this is last recharge option, so this is for me and Lopa both. Swami says i get evicted when i get nominated, Lopa leaves. Manu says i cant do it, Swami says i cant take risk, Manveer says this is mistake at this stage, Priyanka says we will get nominated by votes easily if you both are directly. Manu says if i can leave after 14days then no problem leaving in 7days.
Gaurav says to Bani that Manu is kind of agreeing but all are asking him not to. Bani says if i was in his place then i would have done it, i would have nominated myself, i did that for Priyanka. Lopa says to Manu that i need my parents blessing and its with me if i meet them or not, so dont do that in my pressure, i have no issues meeting them, Manveer says you are not in zone Bani will charge if Manu recharges battery, Lopa says if you want to do it then both should do it to recharge battery. Gaurav says Lopa is not expecting her family. Swami says i cant take risk, Manu says you are going to nominate anyway, you can choose to do good by nominating yourself. Manveer says to Swami that inmates will nominate you anyway but if you do this then there will be soft corner for you that you helped them, Swami says i know i will be nominated. Manu says to Bani and Lopa that Swami is not agreeing, Manu says you can try convincing Swami, Bani says no need. Swami says Bigg boss Manu is our leader and i get evicted when i get nominated so we will not nominate ourselves.
Bani comes in garden and weeps. Bani knocks on gate of house and calls Gauahar’s name.

PRECAP- Will Manu and Swami Om make a sacrifice and nominate themselves for Bani’s happiness?
Priyanka is sitting on villain chair. Salman says Priyanka you are most aggressive in this house, you have used most swears, abuses in this house. Priyanka says i will do it more, Salman says you cant use this tone of your with me, Priyanka blasts and shouts that i dont wanna stay here, she leaves villain chair too, she screams on Salman that i am also human, Salman says dont do this drama with me, Salman takes off his coat and pulls up his sleeves. Swami requests Salman to not take action. Salman throws his coat away and says to Priyanka that please leave my home, Priyanka goes to pack her stuff. Salman says if she(Priyanka) ever came on this show or on colors channel, i will never work with colors ever.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Mishkat

    Guys atleast now you realise that what priyanka said to Lopa was not at all acceptable.salman asked her to leave the house.All are telling that Lopa over acted but what if some one says to you that you have achieved the title by sleeping with some it acceptable?

    • Maithlii Sinha

      Did Priyanka really say that….it was never aired nor is it there in the unseen videos… do u know about it ?? Can u pls tell ur source or can u post the link pls

  2. aparajita

    even swami is sweater than priyanaka
    atleast he has manners to talk with salman
    welcome move by mr salman khan

    manu n baba doing good to help others ..todays episode was very good

  3. Crazy

    Arey yaar he Bani tho bahuth selfish nikla.Priyanka mere liye kana banathi hair isliye I like her.Aur tho aur episode starting mein hi gaurav se lad pada.aur would gaurav ki ye bol raha ki agar mein uske jaga pe hotha tho mein nominate hojaungi agar priyanka keliye.jab tum sirf priyanka keliya karogi tho so log tumareliye kyu kare? Wo Lopa tho boldiya ki mujhe expectations nahi hai .Par ey Bani time ayatho expect karthi hai unse aur jab want atha stand nai lethi kisikeliye.tho would kyu sabse expect kar Rahi hai.

  4. hrithik ka Fan

    sorry guys…yes I m a bani fan…and still I am ..but she clearly showed us she is selfsh when she told nitibha why should I boycott priyanka she cooks food for me..damn that was very selfish of her…..she still my favourite though. …but….

    …1..manveer 2..rohan..3…bani…..that’s it…and nd others. ..

    …manu-double face
    ….lopa-attention seeker b*t*h
    …nitibha -hugely fake
    …mona- I can’t tolerate her cheap dance every morning. ..plz evict her..

    rest…no comments. ..

    …but feeling very heart broken due to bani….

    • Mahi

      Hrithik sorry mai bhi bani ki fan hu…
      Bani ne sirf yahi kaha ki ” priyanka = bani se ladai nhi krti he.. Uske liye khana banaathi hai..bani k saat sweatly rehti h..”
      Bani selfish hoti tho shayad vo Inn sabke saat ghul milke rehthi.. Par uski point of view h .. Bani ne yahi baat sabki peetpiche gaurav ko boli hothi tho samaj sakthe wo selfish h… But wo tho frankly keh rhi h..

    • prettypreeti

      Bhai I still like bani coz woh use laga she isn’t rong at saying that but jagga dhaku a stupid woman ke liye yeah kehna harranijanak baat hai.
      Manu manveer my fav jo bhi kehlo
      Mere bhaiy ka dil thoot gya….nhiii

      • hrithik ka Fan

        Haha hello prettypreeti. …I was hurt but after reading so many comments I thought I was wrong bani was actually right why should she boycott priyanka when others were not supporting her at baba’s time. ……go bani go…u rock…I m with u ..

    • anu s

      but hkf nitibha ko ye kehna ka koi right nahi hai ki bani ko bhi jagga ko boyycott karna chaiye tha because jab swami ne bani ke maa ka baare me kaha tha toh bani ne bhi sabse kaha tha boycott karte hain lekin sabse pehele nitibha aur manveer hi swami se baat karr rahe the tab toh bani ne nahi kaha tha ki tum log swami se kyun baat karr rahe ho?

      yess we are bani fan but we are not going to support wrong acts of bani right?

      • hrithik ka Fan

        ya anu s …u r right I was wrong. …I misunderstood that situation. ..actually I got carried away with manveer and his father’s reunion act….but yo bani is no.1….

  5. bhavana

    #ROHAN didn’t even sit until Manveer’s father told him to sit….1 min scene is enough to understand rather than 24×7 chillam chilli…

    Im so proud of myself that im supporting #ROHAN MEHRA this season unlike some shitty filthy abusive mouths…..

    Jagga humiliatef you a lot but never got questioned in WKW….they ignored a lot what ever happened with u….but karma surley hits them back as u r the most genuine and decent guy ….

    Happy that Jagga got thrown out….this is the saza u got by humiliating Mr.Respectable guy Rohan Who never hurts or unnecessarily overreacts for footage

    • Zai


      |Registered Member

      Right bhavana, Rohan is the only one who is true and respectable in the entire season.
      Rohan’s fans are really proud of him. He never backb*t*h about anyone and if someone does it in front of him, he never answer.
      Even i am proud to be a Rohanite. Really proud of him

  6. Priyanka ki oh my mata hogayi

    Yeh, nitiba’s mother doesn’t say manveer is backbiting, she says manveer is supporting u and priyanka is backbiting for which nitiba says priyanka is mad.

    Haha happy that Salman threw jagga out

  7. Pankhi

    Bani showed that she is a selfish queen.Priyanka is damm sweet to me and she cooks food for me so y shall i stop talking to her.she is least bothered of anyone in the d house.this gaurav and bani both r dogs.Bani wants to meet gauhar not coz she is her best friend but to know how she is looking from outside warna koi family member ate toh baat bhi thi.Gaurav and bani both are assholes.How could dey assume ki Lopa ke ghar se koi ni ayega isliye bahar dialogue mar rahi hai…common be a man stop behaving like b*t*hy girls…its seems bani who pretend to be a guy and gaurav who pretend to be a guy r d b*t*hiest one.Apki family apko pyar karti hai lekin lopa ki family toh ayegi hi nahin…how do u knw dogs.
    Now regarding Bani talking to priyanka .For her she is good so she will be good to her bhad main jaye baki saare.Phir toh The Salman Khan ke saath saab achche rehte hai toh woh phir kyun sahi aur galat ka faisla karne ata hai…woh kyun priyanka ko ghar se nikal dia.Usko toh sabko favour karna chahiye coz everyone loves him…its not abt ki mere se kaun achcha hai aur kaun bura its about standing for d right…if people start thinking like Bani den no humanity will be left out. People who r in army dey are fighting for us on our behalf lekin unke personally toh neighbour countries ne kuch ni bigada lekin phir bhi hamare liye ladte hain .Bani and gaurav i will abuse u coz sharm ko bhi sharm ati tumlogon ko dekh kar.abusive words think plz dont insult us by using it for Bani and Gaurav..Cheapsters

    • Lopa

      Saali kutti dusro ko galat bolne se apni language correct Kar.. Tujse tho achi priyanka hai..saali Pankhi asshole b*t*h.. Bani ki marji wo kisi se b baat kare tu kyu chid rhi h.. Kya ye army ki ladai he kya?? Ek show h use nazariye se Dekh..

      • Pankhi

        Maie toh bani ko gali di tumhari kyun itnj jal rahi hai…waise tumne jo bhi mujhe bola woh khud tum ho aur uski double ho.

  8. Godbless

    Nitibha should follow her mother’s words… she should be more active to stay at house… today she gave good answer to Priyanka..

    Manveer and his father’s moments were best….😘

    precape was very interesting…how Jagga did dare to talk to Salman Khan in such tone..😈it good that she will out of house without nomination…😁

  9. Sarayu

    Bani- I hate her, whenever she cried I thought she is missingredients her family but now I feel she is so selfish and someone who doesn’t care about others but wants everyone’s attention. Selfish

    Gaurav- he has no other identity except being bani’s friend. He just sits composed and sometimes bursts out.

    Swami- I can’t understand his character, sometimes he abuses and then says it is acting. He says some bad things about someone’s mother and again fighting with others for the same girlevel ( bani). Once he gets against his own team in a task and once he sacrifices the whole luxury budget. I can’t figure out what is acting nandita which is not. Totally confused….

    Rohan: cutie, loves his bonding with lopa, loves him so much…

    Mona: she only knows 2 things, one is dancing and the other is crying, no one can beat her in these 2 things.

    Lopa- takes stand at a right time, not very aggressive, good. Cute

    Manu, manveer- I have seen a lot of good change in them from beginning, I don’t mind someone winning from both of them.

    Priyanka- shit, I am pretty sure she is not from this planet, I donot want to talk more about her, worst than Swami om.

    Nithiba- fake, drama queen, only living in the house with luck, I wish she gets evicted soon.

    • Lips

      Ur ryt man… Lopa nd Rohan are damn cute.. Luv u guys.. i wish i cud convey the message they both luke cute and playing very good… Lopa and rohan rocks…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Bani- Is the symbol oh heights of Hypocrisy….hate u from core of my heart…

  10. waris

    Nice with priyanka i just hate her tit for tat yehhhh i just love salman khan
    hats of to u fr hosting the show

  11. lopa's fan

    Yeh Jo lopa ka name use ker k comment ker raha ya rahi hai na pehle apni shakal dekho , tum bani bano selfish and blind , always backbite against lopa , bani has no manners , now showing her true colours

  12. lopa's fan

    Lopa buri lagti hai tumhay but phir bhi uska name use ker k comment ker k importance chahye , stupid , kyun k bani Ne apna real face show Kia hai to uski fan bhi lopa ka name use ker k importance chahti hai

  13. good girl

    Hi kp simran shriya ditya how are you guys? mujhe bhi rona aa gaya the jab manveer apne papa se mila tab aur ditya and shriya you asked my name so myself sona and i am in 10th standard aur guys i love you all kp simran ditya shriya shayad aap sab dost bhi ek dusre ko like and love karte ho and i hope ki mujhe bhi karte ho aap sab bahut ache ho kp bahu intelligent hai simran bahut nice hai ditya bahut achi hai shriya bahut beautiful hai and shriya and ditya aap kahan se hai aur konsi class mai ho mai bahut lucky ho ki aap kp simran ditya shriya mere dost ho shayad mai aap sab se little hu hehe aur kuch bhi galat bola ho toh maaf kar dena apni friend ko kyoki mujhe aap sab se kam knowledge

    • kp

      Gd morning simran shriya ditya gd girl aakashi swastika and all
      yeah gd girl am fine and don’t worry we all loves you and agree with you v emotional when they meet to each other and guys jagga said v obscene words to lopa thats why she got evicted

      and simran best of luck for your today’s exam and aaj aap mera brain use karna exam me kyuki gd girl said am intelligent haha shriya and ditya bhi agree karengi

    • kp

      And one more thing aap girls emotional scene dekhne par roti kyu hai hahaha this question for you also simran shriya and ditya don’t be angry asking generally bcz i don’t know why

      • good girl

        Thanks kp and good joke hehehe but simran ne bilkul sahi ans diya aapko ab to samajh gaye ya aur samjhane ki jarurat hai

      • prettypreeti

        Thnku for allowing me.
        @kp bhai I m 13 and gonna be 14 this Feb 26 and aap emotional nhi hoye kya baat hai itna aache scene PR bhi nhi.yeah bawt dil pe laghi just joking strong heart
        @simu di u can call be preety preeto preeti anything

    • simran

      hi kp , ditya , good girl ,shriya , swastika ,anu s and bb fans
      and thanx good girl for all the compliments . and thax kp mujhe apna brain use karne k liye diya . and ya ladkiyon ka dil bhuttttt bada hota hai jisme sab logo k liye jagah hoti . isliye wo duron k hasne par hasti hai Rone pr roti hai .
      and am so happppppppppyyyyyyyyyy k jagga is fizzed out by The salman khan . she deserves it . (its quit selfish but am still happy).
      he may not win this show(but I want him to win ) . he has already won lots of hearts.

    • ditya

      hi good girl,kp,simran,Shriya, anu,n all bb fans… good girl….u r too sweet yaar n emotional also….mai Mumbai se hu n doing engineering (sec yr)

      n kp….girls bahot dilwali hoti h…isliye bahot jldi emotional ho jati h😂😂

      really happy for manveer….that was really special moment for both of them….last bani n lopa he baki h apne family member se Milne ko….bt that cheap swami…selfish….nhi kr rha nominate khud ko….I hope kuch aur option de bb inko

      best weekend ka war till date…love salman….accha hua daku bahar chli gyi….sb khush☺

      Rohan is best😘😘..hope he will win

      n simran all the very best dear….I know u will do good

    • simran

      thank u so much ditya .
      and prettypreeti u can call me anything . and ya i will call u preety. if u don’t mind

    • simran

      ya kp boys also have good heartand caring behaviour . but little little things that can effect or hurt a girl , boys will never know . am I ryt ditya , shriya , preety, anu s and good girl

      • kp

        Simran perhaps you are right but the boy who respect a girl a lot can understand girl little thing which effect/hurt a girl although girls are very difficult to understand bhai hahaha where is shriya

      • good girl

        Ha simran bilkul sahi bola aapne lakin jo aapki respect karta hai wo toh aapko samajh sakata hai i mean girls ko i am little than you i may be wrong

      • ditya

        ya u r ryt simran…n boys apne emotions express nhi krte h jaldi….ye inki strength h shayad….

        hi preeti,ria,anu

        n Shriya ssly tum b 9th me ho???😱
        mg I can’t believe it ya
        sb chote ho mujhse😂😂

        n humara grp bada ho rha h

      • kp

        You all are v nice and humble girls i respect you a lot to simran ditya shriya gd girl anu preeti riya and all thats it it can define me bcz “our attitude determines our altitude” and am lucky you all are my friend bcz you all are caring and loving without seen to each other it is v big thing

    • ShriyaT


      |Registered Member

      Hiee sona(good girl..can i call u bye that name?),kp,simran,ditya!!!!
      Thanks good girl and i m the small from everyone actually☺ I m in 9th standard and from navi mumbai but i m 14 years old😊😊
      Yes girls bohot emotional hoti hai
      Really me itni khush thi precap padhke…finally jagga out!!🎊🎉
      i saw ki lopa ki sister bhagyashree ane wali hai use bani and gaurav ka lol ho gaya😂😂
      ROHAN love u!!

  14. nirali

    yeaaa jagga got evictd yuhoooo maza agaya

    salman ase om ko b nikalo pls bap beti sath me jayenge haye maza ajayega bahar puri public chapl k har se swagat karege hehhe

    • ditya

      actually….true…sb kaam baap beti ne mil k kiya h toh ye gher se b saath me niklna chahiye…. aur public unka acche se swagat kregi😂😂

  15. Bj Supporter

    Bani haters ko bani isliye galat lag rhi hogi bcs bani easily ladai karke kisiko maaf nahi karti thats it tabhi wo gourav s bhi rudely baat karti h nd gourav to h hi spineless usk pas koi option hi nhi h bani k alawa thats why wo insult hone k baad bhi usike paas baithta h baar baar nd wo kuj ni expect kr rhi thi kisi s usne app room m hi keh dia tha its difficult nd usne swami k age request krne s bhi mna kr dia tha agr wo selfish hoti to swami k aage roti plead krti bt no she prefer to cry in front of door rather in front of bani guys tumhari problem kya h agr koi ladki apne dil ki sunti h to use selfish kyu kaha jata h use apni lyf ko jeene ka ryt h okkkk
    jaha tk Ladai m na padne ki baat h wo aayi thi lopa k pas ki its chillao mt its not worth it bb tumhe andr bulangr calm down
    and abt salman wala cmnt ki salman s sb pyar krte h to he shoul be gud to every one so @miss pankhi usko paise hi is baat k milte h ki pure week m kisne kya galat kia kya sahi okkk its his job not that he is taking stand lagte kon h ye sb salman k
    and priyanka s bolne ki baat kyu bnd kre wo bolna agr koi usk sath achha h to wo usko kyu boycott karegi jb usne swami oo boycott kia to isne to kisi ko ni kaha ki tum usse kyu bolte ho or wo un ghrwalon k liye kyu priyanka s bolna bnd kare jinhone jb uski màa k bare m galat bola ja rha tha or wo sb task karne m mashgul the
    Guys wake up har ladki ek sacrifices nd morols ka statue ho ye jaruri nhi change ur thinking pleasee
    i dont know wo jeetegi ya nhi bt itna pta h ki wo change ni hogi na bahar na andr love u a lot bani keep rocking ase double standard logon k beech rehna mushkil h bt u keep strict on what u like

  16. priya

    Guys did u ppl noticed 1thng whn dy showed rohan nd gauvrav’s bro dy were sat n confession room before rohan gauvrav chose battery amount bt for manveer bani priyanka der family was sat n white chair… hw come BB knows contestants choice before itself

  17. Hazal

    I don’t think bani is selfish its just that she is hurt from all contestants and doesn’t want to do what others are doing and she is doing what she thinks is right

  18. prettypreeti

    Heyyy gud morning all bb 10 fans how’s life going.
    Ohhhh I was so emotional at manveer when he met his dad..
    Manu bechara ohhh feeling pitty.
    Salman first time ese rooop mei aaya priyanka is really a b*t*h no doubt stupid ……how rude.every bad word end to describe this dhaku
    Manu or baba nominate kr denge kya..I think coz lopa had met so simply means bani too have meet.

    • ditya

      I don’t think k baba ne khud ko nominate kia hoga….kyunki usne kl he bb ko bola k vo aur manu ye risk nhi lenge…selfish man
      bt bani gauhar se milti toh h ye pakka h

      • kp

        No ditya baba will take the risk haha bcz he know he will have to nominate toh chalo koi achha kam karke hi nominate ho jao so, bani will meet gauhar

    • simran

      ya swami and manu will nominate themselves and after that manu will say to swami . wa kya baat hai #lounde dil jit liya tune

    • prettypreeti

      Simo di aap ne yeah vakhya kaha se pta kiyz.
      Ditya di I agree with kp bhai nominate toh hona hi hai chahe aise chahe vaise

  19. priya

    Jb priyanka banise acchha behv krti hai to bani kyuu usse zagda kre vo bhi un logonke kiye jo uske khilaf hai..fir bhi usne priyanka se kaha ki vo glt words use kr rhi hai..lopa ne bhi glt words use kiye big boss ne bhi lopa se kaha hai,..aur swami nominate hone se dr rha he,aur vaibhi mondy ko sb use eliminate krne hi vale hai…uske liye ye ab acchha hai ki vo acchha bnke nominate ho jaise mnveerne kaha,..

  20. Wahiiilos

    Whosoevr r sayin,, k y shud bani go against priyanka, if she is nice to her. Then dear ppl,, y did evrybody bashed swami & boycottd him wen he only sweard on bani’s mom..
    he didnt sweard on lopa’s parents then. fir b she supprtd. Therz a thing cald “Humanity” wich obvsly u wont get itt.. Coxx i hav seen many of thm bashin her fr evn showin humanity..😂😂😂lol.. Howw sadd of tis ppl na..
    Nywayy,, i dont wannna fite..
    I hope aaaj kii trp,, is season kii bestt hogii. Who wud dare to misss jaggga kii classs.. Ese mauke roz roz nhii milte.. Loll
    &yeah,, lopa sweard back on jagga cox of her illll words,, wich any1 wud havdone.. Coxx nobody is tat bechara to tolerate any such sh*t..

    • Hazal

      Well there is a thing called ‘humanity’,and nobody boycotted him when that actually happened it was only when salman bashed him and said to boycott swami then only they did that. I m not a fan of bani but i support her in this issue

    • hrithik ka Fan

      Hello. ..wahiioos. ..for ur kind of information. one boycotted baba after he badmouth bani’s mother they all were doing their task..and bani didn’t ask anyone to boycott him. was salman who told housemates to boycott him but they didn’t. ..and these two b*t*hes lopa and nitibha both were backb*t*hing abt gaurav and bani that’s OK for u but when bani and gaurav does than they are bad…hypocrite. ….and that b*t*h nitibha asking bani to boycott priyanka. ..I think she forgot she was the one who told baba to cry and say sorry and was also supporting baba …..blo*dy hypocrites. …

  21. anu s

    hi simran kp ditya good girl and preetypreeti. merry christmas eve to all of u guys.
    Aaj toh double celebration hai 1. jagga out hogayi 2. christmas

  22. Karishma

    How can u guys say Bani is selfish just cos she doesn’t want to boycott Priyanka? When everybody in the house is against Bani for Lopa why would she even do a mistake of boycotting someone who is good to her for these venom splitters. Think from her shoes.. And moreover Lopa was selfish here because she comes and tells Manu and swami to nominate only if both r willing cos she would get a chance, and she didn’t want Manu alone to nominate cos Bani would get a chance.. Now decide who is selfish! Manu is also selfish here by not agreeing to get nominated although he would have done it for Lopa.. And u all want Bani to boycott Priyanka for such people?

    • Lips

      At this point of time getting nominated will be great risk. bani is asking them to nominate themselves. and Lopa is stoping them to do the same. Bani will meet her frnd but but Lopa can meet her family. Still c wants no one to get nominate for her personal benefit. dont u have brain to understand who is more selfish..??????????

  23. anshita

    Hey guys i don’t think bani is selfish i m not a bani fan but stil i m saying bcoz its her right to choose ki use kis se bat krni h .
    And ya i m rohan fan a crazy fan he is the most genuine person of bb 10 house so east or west rohan is the bst for me

  24. Aakashi88

    Thiis is for all the ppl who abuse each other on the site….

    U guys are assholes…miss lopa i wud like u pls not use abusive words at pankhi coz even she is a person who wants to put her opinion on this site..anyway…guys tumlogon ko itna kya ladna hai over the people living in tht damn house????

    Btw hi kp and simran..shriyat do u even watch ishqbaaz coz i just loveeeee tht serial…dx man wer ru???yaar atleast pata toh chale tum kahan ho???

    Yaar swami aur manu ko itna kyu sochna pad raha hai??jab mona ki baat aayi thi tab toh palak japakte hi haan bol diya…manu will ovio get saved…swàmi ko yeh log waise hi save karne waale hai…

    Guys..i was just thinking..wen bigg boss gets over…where will we all talk to each other??i mean we have known each so well only becoz of bb…so i mean can we stay in touch??coz wenever i make frends i just want to keep in touch widthem for a long time…coz u all are ssoo gud to each other..our views also match..we all hate swami and i was just thinking

    • kp

      Hello aakashi no i don’t watch ishqbaaz but you are right we have gd bonding to each other so we will miss each other but we can continue keep in touch by multiple sources don’t worry about that

    • ShriyaT


      |Registered Member

      Hiee aakashi!! Yeah i too watch ishqbaaz…love it and i think someone should create type of fanfic for bigg boss in which we will just chat to each other to keep friendship….
      Dont know who will do that but i m sure we will keep in touch! Do u agree with me aakashi, simran, ditya, kp, good girl, ria, anu s??? Please reply😊

      • good girl

        Ha shriya mai bhi agree karti hu but plz meri ek baat mano plz kp simran ditya shriya aap sab log aaj night mai 23rd sanyukt serial ki site pr comment karna same hi procedure hai jaise bb ki tell update ka hai mai us serial ko pasand karti hu plz waha koi bhi comment nahi karta plz ek baar agar aap sab log chahte ho toh ham waha chat karenge plz tonight agar aap mera cmnt padh rahe ho toh

      • ShriyaT


        |Registered Member

        Sorry i forgot o mention ur name preeti..sorry..
        I think i can make a fanfic type in which we will talk…like wait i will show u tomorrow…come to tellyupdates then go to bigg boss 10 n fanfic will come i think we could talk like that

    • simran

      ya aakasi agree with u . m ishkbaaz kabhi kabhi dekhti hun . good girl WO toh theek hai but m WO serial nhi dekhti hun toh hm discuss kya krenge wahan

  25. sss...

    Some bani fan think she should do right but why she do ..this is all about her cheap thinking what we see now , some think she may right but actually what she seen like in bb house, it is imaginable. One who see full episodes without biased then he can realise that in top 5 ….bani is n zero and othing to value, so the comments about bani, which their fans popoulate the comments are only their expections from bani. So lopa and m3 are best in this show and the villians are gaurav and bani, think gaurav will be evict first. Thank to salman sir for throwing jagga.

    • sss...

      Mr u pray bani or whatsever it may be dont get personnel here, what u like about bb, u can comment about the show only not personnel. So please be learn to behave yourself.

    • sss...

      Mr u pray bani or whatsever it may be dont got personnel here, what u like about bb, u can comment about the show or contestant only not personnel. So please be learn to behave yourself.

  26. Hamer

    Everyone here are telling that Bani was not there when jagga was commenting about Manus mother.please go check the episode again or else go to boot and see the highlights video .bani was there along with gaurav.dont judge someone else before commenting on don’t tell that may be Bani didn’t hear it.when it was on her mom she took whole house on her head and when jagga commented about Manus ? Double standards.moron

  27. lopa's fan

    Bani ka real face mene pichhli written updates episod 22 December wali main comments Kiye hai , woh parh lo bani k blind supporters , woh parh k bhi blind rahay to bohat baray blind ho aap log , itna fuzool time nahin k bani ka real face bar bar likh ker apna time waste keru

  28. lopa's fan

    Agree with you hamer , yeh bani ayi kya kernay bb house main, sirf khubsurti ka achar dalna hai bb ne

  29. lopa's fan

    Apni maa per baat ayi to hangama aur Manu ki maa ki baat ayi to Doran bed per ja kker lait dono gaurav bani hypocrites

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.