Bigg Boss 10 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 5
Swami is saying prayers. Dil hai Hindustani starts playing. Inmates wake up and starts dancing to song. Niti, Akansha, Priyanka, Mona and Manveer are dancing. Swami claps for Mona’s dancing. Swami says i got enjoyment today.

Swami says to camera that Bigg boss bring AC here or let me go out of jail or else i will dig tunnel and come out of jail. Manu says when you will dig tunnel, we will close it end coming out of jail. Swami says if you want me to remain in jail then bring Mona out of jail. Priyanka comes to Swami. Manu says to Mona that you are glowing in jail. she laughs. Swami asks Priyanka what happened? Priyanka asks if i should call you what others say? Swami says you want to say that i am biggest fake of world, yes i am fake, i am devil and cruel. Priyanka asks him to remain silent, if this go out then it will be insult for you, Swami says people know that i am not fake, i am telling my daughter. Priyanka says keep calm, this is just first day in jail, days even have started, Swami says i am going mad due to heat here. Priyanka asks him to sit and calm down. Swami says i am not habituated without AC, Manu says who Swami says that? Swami says i am modern Swami, Priyanka says Swamis are modern too. Gaurav. Karan, Niti are doing yoga, they close their eyes and make hum sound. Manveer asks Swami to close eyes and hum too. Swami dos that. Lopa cutely hums, Karan rolls on floor and laugh at her. Manveer says i told Swami to close his eyes, nose and mouth and hum. Swami says there was an incident where my life was in danger and i stopped my breathing and people thought i died, Manu says why were you fooling people? Swami says i save my country, Manu says first Swami got beaten then Swami showed as he died so they stopped beating him, Mona says why his followers didnt come to save him? Manu says it was late night so they were sleeping, Mona laughs and says there can be film made on him, Swami says there is film in process on me, its name is Om. Manu says it should be tax free, Swami says it will be.

Lopa says tomatoes are chilies have ended. Manu says it was present when i cooked. Lopa says you are cooking good but use ingredients wisely, Manu says i didnt cook anything in that much quantity for my team members even with fact that commoners are one more than you people. Bani says we eat boil food, we dont eat anything else, use anything but i am just saying that use with care, Manu asks how much chili you use? Lopa says two in food, Manu says i used two too, how much tomato you use? she says one and half, he says i used one and half too, i took 2onions, Lopa says i used one, Manu says i made 8eggs and used rice made from before only, Lopa says we are making accounts, Bani says point is that tomatoes have ended, Manu says when budget comes next time, we will divide in half half, Bani says well done, its good.
Manu comes to his team and says they are saying we are finishing things quickly, i found chilies which they had hidden so they have problem with that, they stole chilies but i found it. now i have said that i will divide ration between two teams.

All inmates are standing in line in garden. Bigg boss says that commoners we gave you big power by making you owner of this house, and when power comes to you, you have responsibilities too and you have to follow rules but you broke important rule by making food yourself time and again. and to make you understand your responsibilities, Bigg boss is giving one more chance to slaves to change reign of house. There will be competition between commoners and celebrities and its win will decide who will rule this house, he asks Karan to read instructions. Karan comes forward and reads task, there will be competition, both teams have to choose two mates from their team, they will sit on rocking horses placed in garden, they will rock horses, they have to keep sitting on horse as much as they can, when horse makes sound, person sitting on horse will have to drink full mug of water and person from other team will have to make them drink water, this task will running till both members of one team leaves horse and disqualify from task.
Manveer says to Priyanka that this is easy task, use flexible people on horses, he asks Niti if she can do it? she says yes, Akansha says i can do it too. Priyanka says i can do it for whole night.
Rahul says to his team that Bani should do it because she is physically strong, Gaurav could have done it but he is tall so balancing horse will be difficult, Bani says i want to know about going to loo. Rahul says you cant go to washroom, Rohan says i will pee if i have to in task. Niti asks Lokesh if she wants to do it? Manveer says she cant do it, she says why not? i have not come here to show face only, Manu asks if she is ready? she says yes. Niti says if she is ready then let her be. Swami says from jail that this is not of girls strength, Manveer you do it, girls cant do it. Bigg boss ask inmates to make line. Gaurav says we would require flexibility too, Karan doesnt have it, Bani says Gaurav you dont have it too, Rahul says he has some as he does yoga. Bigg boss asks commoners who are going to rock on horses from their side? Manveer says Naveen and Priyanka will go from their side. Bani says me and Gaurav are going from our side.

Bani, Gaurav, Priyanka and Naveen sit on their horses. Horses make sound, Akansha makes Bani drink water. She asks Bani to not hurt yourself, while rocking. Rahul makes Naveen drink water. Karan makes Priyanka drink water. Lokesh tries to make sounds infront of Bani but she ignores it. Bani says to Gaurav that why your horse is going in rounds. Akansha brings boot and makes Bani sniff it. Gaurav says what is this? Akansha says this is part of task. Rahul says we didnt do anything like that, Lopa says we can go really that way too, Akansha says do whatever you want, Rahul says keep decorum going on, Manu says we will maintain it, Lokesh says we use trash and water but if we do it then they will do it too, but task will be interesting this way. Akansha tries to make Bani sniff sock but Bani shoves her away, Akansha says she is going physical with me, Bani says you putting sock in my nose, thats not physical? Akansha throws sock at her. Manu asks Akansha to leave it. Akansha says you people are so coward, Manu says you should have sit on horse then because Naveen is asking me to not mess with their mates as they will do it to our mates too. Naveen says dont throw shoes at them, Akansha says i just make her sniff it, Manu says they will bring something bigger then. Lokesh says to Gaurav that your battery is down, you should go down. Rohan says Priyanka is rocking horse so slow. she cant do it, Bigg boss this Priyanka is moving like horse is not even moving. Manu says he is right but she have learnt this from Bani, Rohan says i am not saying this to you, i can say anything i want, he says yes.

Karan asks Akansha that you cant do everything, show anything, Akansha says but nothing is restricted, Karan says you dont have understanding with anyone. Lopa takes off Manu’s beanie playfully, Manu takes off Lopa’s hairband and throw it away, he says you are doing wrong, she says why did you throw my hairband away? Manu jerks his beanie away from her hands and says i told you two time to not take off my beanie, Lopa says so why did you throw my hairband? Lopa charges at him but Rahul grabs Lopa, she pulls her away from him and says its okay. Lopa asks him to pick her band, Rohan says its okay Lopa, i will pick it up for you, he picks it for her and says see, take it, she says no, ask him to pick it up, ask him, he asks her to take it, Manu says she snatched my beanie first, i told her that i will bring her cap, Lopa says you are liar, Lopa takes band from Rohan and throws on floor and says Manu will get it for me, he says yes i will get it for you, Rahul says i will get it for you, he picks it for her, Lopa says to Manu that i am like that, thats why girls follow, kiss my ass baby, Lopa asks Rahul to throw it again, he will pick it because i didnt throw his beanie, she takes band and throw it again, Manu says i have no problem in picking it, he picks it, Rahul says give it back gently, Lopa says make me wear it gently just like you gently wear it, Manu says i dont know how to wear hairband darling, he puts it on her head, she says its not fine, Manu sets it for her, he says i asked her to not take off my cap but she took it off, Lopa says i didnt throw it, Manu says you threw it, she says are you mad? i kept it in my hand, she takes beanie from him and make him wear it with smile, she says happy kid, Manu gives her side hug. Karan says all are kids here.
Horses make sound, all run to get water. Rohan says Bigg boss you can see i made Priyanka drink water like this only as slave but mistakenly it fell on her, like it will fall now, thank you my lord. Manu says we are giving glasses to your mates, give our mates them too. Gaurav spits water after drinking while no one is seeing, Bani smiles at him, Gaurav smirks. Lokesh says to Swami that some people in our group thinks that they have mind but they are insane, they are doing nothing, they are not even disturbing. Priyanka says to Akansha something about Karan. Priyanka says to Manu that no one can make you lose, Manu says you are lioness.

Akansha moves Priyanka’s hair from face, Rohan says you cant touch her, Akansha says its not written in rules, Rohan says i dont know about it, i felt so i said it. Priyanka asks him to speak loud, Rohan says i am not loud, i talk gently, Priyanka says you are egg, become chick first then start slaying hen, Rohan says i dont want to slay any hen, i am fine, Priyanka says i will break you egg righthere, dont talk about anything, dont make rules, Rohan says i just said that she cant touch you, dont make issues of everything Priyanka, we are not saying anything to you, Priyanka says your whole team is sitting quietly, only you are one to put up fight, you will come out egg first from your team. Lopa says to Naveen that you are smiling too much, Naveen says you sit on horse with me, i will run to Bihar with me, all suel, Lopa laughs and asks should i behind you? are you fine? he says yes come. Lopa asks where will he take her? he says anywhere, Lopa asks can we go out of Bigg boss house? Naveen says you ask for horse from Gaurav, we will run together, she says i dont know how to ride horse, Naveen says he will see my horse running and will learn himself, Lopa says i said yesterday my prince charming will come on horse, Naveen says Gaurav has come on horse for you, Lopa says you have come, Naveen says it will be expansive, Lopa asks what? he asks what to do? tell me, she says just get down from horse, Naveen says come and sit, Akansha says wow, Lopa says please get down, Naveen says pick me in your arms, Lopa laughs.

Bani says to Karan that i have to pee, i am wearing pads, i want to pee now, will you pee on national TV? Karan says you see for yourself, i dont care about if, if i were in your place, i would have done it here only, but everyone has thinking, you are playing game and how much far you want to go it totally upto you, Bani says i might have to go. Karan says to Gaurav that she might have to go, she is asking if she should pee here? Gaurav says to Bani that dont think about team’s point of view, think individually, for you Bani, the actor, the Vj, what you want to show, Bani says i understood, Gaurav says its upto if you want to show endurance, that you didnt loose, its about yourself, Gaurav says dont think about team and put your reputation at stake, Bani says then i am going, i am doing till i can but i dont want to go for peeing on Tv.
Horses make sound, Manveer makes Bani drink water, she spits it, Manveer says this is wrong, Bani drinks again, but spits again. Manu says Bigg boss Bani is spitting water from her mouth, she did two time. Bani says to Gaurav that i am done.. he says absolutely fair and fine, Bani says i am getting off because i cant do these things(pee) infront of whole india, thank you, i did fun having this task, i am sorry, i cant stay more. Priyanka says you do more cheap things than that, Bani says dont worry, you will reach that point soon, Priyanka says i dont want to reach that point, Bani says i love you Priyanka, Priyanka says you want to say that you cant do it infront of india but we can? Bani says we all are different, i dont want to do it, its my choice, Priyanka says i can do it, they are my people, they are all my brothers. Bani says okay, i am quitting, Bani gets off from horse and says i need to pee so bad, she runs from there.

Priyanka says i dont have any tension about peeing. Manu says it just about two more hours as all are in same condition. Manu asks Naveen to pee if he wants. Priyanka asks should she do it? Manveer says do it, you can do anything for winning, do it. Manveer says to Naveen that we could have sat on horse too, just move ahead, calm down and do it, Naveen moves to horse neck. he says i have done vomiting too, Manu says spit vomit far away. Manu asks him to bring towel. Priyanka pees on horse, it falls down from horse(gross -_-, now i will vomit). Naveen says i am getting down. Manveer asks why? Naveen gets down from horse and goes to washroom. Niti says to Akansha that hats off, she has spirits, has guts, Akansha says she has strength, Niti says respect for her(really?).

Bani to Priyanka that can you make understand one thing? i am not provoking you, Priyanka says you cant even provoke me, say it. Manu says it shouldnt be related to pee thing. Bani says we should have freedom of expression, you say many things too. Manu says okay say it. Bani says to Priyanka that why you want to win? Priyanka says i want to win this show for my kids, when they will stand up in future, they can tell people their mom was BB10 winner, i am not poor but i am not rich too, i am middle class, Bani says we are different, its not a problem, Priyanka says i am mother and mothers can do anything for their kids, Bani says i am not saying anything against it, i am just saying that they are boys, i am girl, i cant to it, simple, i am not saying she is not girl, we just have different choices, Manu says yes, Bani says i am not provoking, i am just making it clear, Priyanka says i love you, Bani says i love you too, i am just trying to understand you, Priyanka says you are daughter of someone too, God make your parents take care of you too, Bani says be careful, dont say anything wrong, Priyanka says i am saying good for you, i cant say anything wrong for anyone’s kid because i have kids too and i am a mother, Bani says i didnt do anything against you, please be careful, Priyanka says i am just doing task so my kids be proud of me that their mother didnt give up, i never gave up, i am sorry if you dont like my talks, Bani says you know you say bad things so it will feel bad, but you didnt say anything to me bad direcetly, thank God for that, Priyanka says you are daughter of someone too. Bani says we are all daughters of someone, Priyanka says if you are hurt with my words so i am sorry, Bani says you didnt say anything to me, we are just sitting to know each other. Naveen says you didnt get chance to know her in last 4days, this is right time for you? Bani says we were in different zone, we have time to talk here peacefully, Naveen says you are so innocent, i got to know rightnow sister, Bani says i am not sister and be careful, i dont want to take you wrong. Priyanka says i dont like that you do acting, who acts in reality show? this is hurtful, you are acting without script. Bani says i think you people dont have habit when someone comes and nicely talk to you, you people always think that its acting, she gets up from stool beside Naveen and says you people may have habit of this, its okay, Naveen says we know, Niti says dont generalize us all, Bani says i havent come for fight, Niti says i know, Bani says no even you dont know, you are generalzing now, Niti says when i did it? Bani says what Naveen said was wrong, Niti says so talk about him, why bringing me in it? Bani says Priyanka and Naveen had misunderstanding and now you are misunderstanding too, Niti says you are thinking wrong, i am talking normally, you talk to him when he said things to you, Bani says its so sad. Niti says i just said that dont generalize and talk about Naveen if he is saying things. Priyanka says Bani si good girl but we havent come here to praise each other, manu laughs, Priyanka says if she expect us to be awstruck from her and ask her what she is wearing and all that, i havent come to pamper you. Bani says when did ask you to pamper you? we are your slaves, Priyanka says i am here to play game. Bani says i even washed your clothes happily, Priyanka says it were just 4clothes, did you see it washed in 5minutes, Bani says yes i am not saying it didnt wash in 5minutes, Priyanka says i didnt ask you wash them nicely, Bani says i didnt say anything about you, its all going out, you can see footage later, then you will realize i am not that kind of person at all.

Gaurav says to Rahul that take call now, its difficult, either i pee rightnow because its paining now or should i keep going. Rahul says i told you clearly its okay from my side. Rohan says if its paining then get down, its okay, Karan says yes. Priyanka gets towel and puts it under her so she can pee on it. Manveer and Naveen are watching her. Gaurav take deep breathes. Horse makes sound. Karan makes Priyanka drink water. Niti gives cup to Gaurav so he can drink water. Priyanka pukes, Lokesh asks what happened? Priyanka says i am alive. Gaurav says to Rahul that take call, its solid now, he is in pain, Rahul says there is no need, not at all, i have said it many times, you dont need to keep sitting, you dont have to go for any call. Gaurav says okay, he gets down from horse and gives up on task. All clap for Gaurav, Niti says respect sir. Priyanka stands on horse and dances. Maneer hugs her, Rohan hugs her too. Rahul claps for her and hugs her, she kisses his cheeks.
Gaurav comes to washroom and says i hate losing, i hate losing.
Priyanka runs to Swami, Swami says you kept my respect, you are Devi, Priyanka touches his feet, he says i was standing on one feet, you kept my honor, its not in my nature to loose, Priyanka cries, all clap for him. Swami says you are Devi, you are Devi. Manveer hugs her. Niti says this girl is invincible, you are storm, India this girl should never leave house. Niti says she stood for all women of India, she should women power. Swami says Priyanka is devi, she should it and reward is that she should come out of nominations and india vote for her.

bigg boss says Priyanka and Gaurav great playing, all clap. Bigg boss says commoners won task, Manver hugs Priyanka. Bigg boss says commoners will remain owners and celebrities will remain their slaves, congrats commoners for winning and as Priyanka won task so Priyanka will get special power, she can free one inmate from jail. Priyanka says i want Swami to come out of jail. Manu opens jail and free SWami. Mona says finally, Swami says this is gift from my daughter, Manu says come out in three minutes or else i will lock it again. Swami says you can do anything now. Priyanka brings Swami out and hugs him, Swami says my daughter.

Priyanka rings bell. Bani is going from there and stops to listen order, Priyanka says my clothes.. Bani says which one? the one you peed in? Priyanka says i washed them, you can see them in washroom if you think i didnt wash them, just put them in water then dry them and put on rope, Bani says i have to dry them only? she says yes, Bani says okay.
Bani comes in restroom, she wear gloves and says worker or owner whose face is black? she goes in washroom to get clothes of Priyanka.

Bigg boss calls all commoners in activity area and celebrities in living area. Mona will remain in jail.
Commoners comes in activity area and see chocolates there. Bigg boss asks Niti to read instructions. In living area, Bigg boss asks Gaurav to read instructions. Gaurav reads that its time to buy luxury budget items, commoners are buying items and in that time, celebrities will see items on Tv and in 4minutes, you have make list of 18items and write on board. In activity area, Niti reads that in this task 8commoners won so 8*3=24items could have bought by them but because Swami and Akansha couldnt save their secrets so they only 18 items to buy, Lokesh and Manveer will buy items, all other commoners will take part in buying by instructing them. After four minutes of buying, you will take items and go to living room and sit on sofas then Gaurav will announce items which you bought, the items that will be on board written by them and you have chosen same item, that item can be kept by you. Buzzer rings, Manveer and Lokesh starts getting items. Manver gets bread, Lokesh takes coffee, yogurt.
In living area, celebrities see list of items, Gaurav writes Muesli, Poha, boneless chicken, popeye, tea, cottage cheese.
Manveer fills cart with items. they bring cart to living area. Bigg boss asks Gaurav to check items in trolley and check how many items match with list he made on board. Gaurav says items matching are brown bread, coffee, mutton, poha, rajma, muesli, boneless chicken.
non-matching items are lychee juice, cornflakes, cheese spread, jam, paratha,

Lokesh says to Swami that i can cry for whole day but when Bigg boss show comes, i used to watch it and watch repeat telecast too, Manu asks who was her favorite winner? Lokesh says says Gautam Gulati, Manu says didnt he fight with anyone? Lokesh says fully fought. Swami says Gautam fought but how he won? Lokesh says the one who fights is favorite of public, Manu says the one who is fighting is going out of show(pointing himself), Swami says Manu lets go and sit there, Lokesh says Swami i am not telling you every scene of all episodes, Manu laughs, Lokesh says romance and love happens here, romance happen in washroom here, Manu rolls on floor and laugh. Swami says dont they stop bathroom romance? Lokesh says love can happen anywhere but they are shy so they go in washroom, Manveer and Manu are going hysteric listening to her talks.
Mona is alone in jail and weeping silently. Mone says i cant go inside house as if i murdered someone, what did i do? her face is fully red and tears are rolling down her cheeks.

Voiceover says tomorrow Salman will reveal who is going to be eliminated from house.

PRECAP- There will be weekan ka war tomorrow by Salman Khan. Salman says to Gaurav that it seemed like you were behaving differently, you are avoiding them. Priyanka says i dont understand celebrities attitude, they have tantrums, they are slaves and they ask us to say please or sorry when we order them. Salman says what you make your kids learn? sorry, please, thank you words right? Priyanka puts her head down listening it. Rohan says i think Swami is khalnakyak of whole India. Lopa says man is literally threatening me that if i do that then i will have to bear consequences. Swami says Lopa betrayed me, Lopa is really? Salman says in just a week you are threatening and scolding, you are giving threats in house about outside world.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Maithlii Sinha

    Update fast please

  2. Plzz update fast

  3. hrithik ka Fan

    no comments yet….was bad episode …that priyanka won and as usual that baba…. oops dongi baba as he himself said..irritates again……let’s see on which side salman will be…because last season he was on wrong side supported mandy I don’t know why. ……..let’s see…what say guys…

    1. I think salman will be on celebrities side bcs in the end he is also a celebrity dont u remember the intro section of lokesh nd bani he supported celebrity but i think i will be happy being a commoner hum use hi psnd krenge jo entertain krega na ki use jo aam aadmi aam aadmi krk irritate kte as like priyanka jagga daaku……

      1. hrithik ka Fan

        she will be eliminated. ..permanently or not …only bb will decides that….

  4. “Another episode of Tolerating Priyanka” She is so irritating . lopa is nice she is playing well except her no celebrityy is seen just want them to start playing . That was good Bani In her argument with Priyanka today, about choosing to quit the task rather than pee on national television, she took a stand for herself. The “in-house vamp “(Priyanka)also asked her to wash her clothes, the same ones in which she pee. But Bani effectively handled it while maintaining her calm and demeanour. Trust me, this is difficult with Jagga as your opponent in the debate.
    Priyanka is a mixed combo
    annoying voice like Dimpy
    attitude like KarishmaTanna
    psycho like DollyBindra
    fake like Mandana

  5. hello guys update is not full so i m commenting for upto now update
    swami ji himself confessed that he is big fraud hahaha. he is saying he can save world but cannot save himself from heat it was quite funny na
    today i like manu ussne babaji ki bolti band karwa di
    akansha did thodi overacting today i think lekin they can do anything in task phele season mei toh ye sab normal tha
    lopa ne manu ko line pe laake deka diya woh kisi se kam nahi hai
    rohan bass keh raha tha lekin ye priyanka ko footage khana hai toh issue bana diya
    naveen aur lopa ka conversation funny tha
    ye priyanka apne aapko kya samjthi hai national tv pe pee kardi itni cheap ladk mene aaja tak nahi deki hamesha dusro ko uski class batathi thi aaj khudki class deka diya . ye bata diya ki woh kis tarah ki family se belong karti hai cheap thirdclass hai ye
    and what happend to this niti and akansha they are saying they are proud of this cheap girl

    and about celebraties they rocks

  6. Maithlii Sinha

    If someone saw yesterday’s episode please tell what happened next…..

  7. update plzz

  8. hrithik ka Fan

    so guys a good news infact brilliant news……priyanka jagga daku is eliminated. …100% confirmed news. … happy now…

    1. Maithlii Sinha

      How do u know ?? Are u sure ??? Please tell ur source…..

      1. hrithik ka Fan

        I m 100% sure she will be eliminated tonight or tomorrow. …but who knows bb might bring some twist…..

  9. @anu s i think priyanka really did well in task n btw evrythng is fair in luv n war n that was task…usne pee kiya that was her decision wat to do or wat nt to do… i think she is nt a dumb bt a strong n clever girl who knws hw to get footage…in lst season priya ne bottle me pee kiya yaha pr priyanka ne openly kr diya ye task h or game jisme sb valid h bs dekhna h ki tum me kitne guts h n i think woh priyanka me celebrities r good bt masala toh commoners hi de rahe h..atleast apna stnd khud le rahe h.. swamiji ki harkate, priyanka ki nautanki…manveer n manu r good..

    1. @nishi yehi to baat hai priya ne bottle pe kiya tha ye toh openly she have no shame naveen aur bani toh gaye the na task quit karke because they have shame its not about guts my freind its image that they have made infront of all audience.
      sorry if u r hurt but my opinion is this

    2. @nishi u r rt they are entertaining us but peeing in the national tv is not good na. ye guts ki baat nahi shame ki baat hai jo achi family se belong karta woh ye sab nahi karta just lookbani and naveen.
      this is my thinking if i hurt ur feeling then sorry

  10. Are u serious HKF ???
    u gave all of us a very big nd gud news….

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      ya for now she will be eliminated. ..but u know bb they might keep her in secret room or something else…..but she is the one who will be eliminated

      1. I don’t think they’ll eliminate someone the very first week.. And that too after all her drama, weird woman

      2. hrithik ka Fan

        @anjana. ..she will be eliminated tonight or tomorrow. ..but there might be a twist. ..let’s see

  11. @anu s no i m nt hurt…actually that ws my opinion n that ws urs…. plz don’t take it serious….?

    1. i m not taking seriously😁

  12. Prettypreeti

    Hi aaj jaldi chuti ho gyi aur mai aa gyi.
    Oh so today we all will know who will be eliminated .
    First I want to talk bout today’s epi.sorry yesterday……??????
    Jagga dhaku pta nhi kab sudregi yaar yeh bandi poori hili hai she did wrong by telling bani to wash her clothes that too .ahh.task toh aacha kheli but personally I was not happy seeing what she did.this woman should be out……….
    Hey hkf JJ bhai r u sure jagga dhaku out that’s great.
    Coming back to epi.
    Celebs and commoners have different tastes.
    Baba akir bhol gya ki mai doongi hoon well done baba ji.
    Aur jagga dhaku dhongi ki beti wow.
    Baap doongi beti dhaku dono ladhaku.
    I m waiting for 9 oclock


  14. hrithik ka Fan

    I am sure she’ll be out …but there could be some twist. …

  15. I think iss season ki update very much slow Tortoise se vi zaada slow .

  16. guys ….good news
    salman khan is going to scold manu and priyanka for their misbehave with rohan….

  17. I like priyanka s. Character nd attitude

  18. Why is the update incomplete!?!?

  19. that om swami should be removed from the show! what was he thinking threatening lopa on television ! our country doesn’t need such mentality to be shown on national tv. disrespecting people, threatening them and moreover his delusional talks. i feel yuck whenever he is on tv. isko nahi jhel sakte. i hope they eliminate that fraud soon. #bb10 om swami wrong choice for a contender!

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