Bigg Boss 10 21st December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 66
Contestants wake up to song ‘kabotar ja ja’. Lopa and Mona dances with their teddy bears.

Priyanka says to Gaurav that Rohan is cutie pie, Gaurav says he doesnt deserve it, Lopa laughs and says jealous. Priyanka says i will get dressed for Rohan, Rohan laughs, Priyanka says Gaurav doesnt want to show world anything, you think you will win over me Gaurav? Gaurav says people act like their nature, he leaves.

Manveer says to Rohan that Swami is stooping low day by day, he broke door, bigg boss didnt know animal will come in house so he would have made steal gates, Mona laughs. Manu says Bani and Swami are alike, they both hided their mattresses yesterday.

Bani is cooking breakfast for inmates in kitchen.

Swami is cooking his food and keep adding eggs in pan, Bani moves away from his pan being conscious and says to Swami that you have already added four eggs, Swami puts two more eggs in pan. Bani tells Gaurav that he is eating six eggs, are you kidding me rightnow? Bani will be shocked to see that he has taken six eggs to make an omelette. Shocked by his extravagant food habits, she will inform captain Lopamudra Raut about the same and ask her to reprimand him, Lopa says i will do something about it but i cant snatch it from him, Bani says maybe he will cook more eggs, Gaurav says give him punishment, Lopa says for eating food? Bani says then i will eat all food too, give him punishment. Swami says you people cant stop me from eating, Gaurav says there is equal distribution of food, Swami says Bani ate 20eggs, Gaurav says she didnt, it was rumor, Swami says captain doesnt have problem. Swami says to Manu that Bani eats so much eggs and not making fuss that i am eating, he asks how many eggs did you take? he says 6, Manu says we dont have this much ration, Swami says no problem, Swami Om would then announce that he doesn’t care about anyone and would go ahead and have all the food in the house if needed. Manu says divide his food. Manu says Bani will have 18eggs, Manu gives one tray of eggs to Swami as his share, he asks Bani to not touch Bani’s eggs, Swami says time will tell, Manu says your bad time will come then.

Swami says to Priyanka that i will fight with everyone now, i saw Manu and Manveer, they didnt let me eat.
Bani says to Gaurav that i dont want ration to end because of me.
Swami says Lopa threatened me to not give me food, its not her father’s food, Lopa says dont you dare go to my father. Manveer says be in limits Swami, you dont have any family so saying anything, Lopa says you dont have thinking to understand daughter-father relation, if you say about my father, i will cut, to hell with show, i will kill you, Swami says kill me. Lopa says blo*dy *****. Bani sees her and says yes Bani is not swearing for once. Lopa says Swami you are ugly ant of slum, you must be illegitimate child, Swami says i am not illegitimate, you are the one. Manveer says Lopa is saying great, Lopa says you dont know any relation. Priyanka says i did mistake to call you father, Manu says animal there is difference between girl and guy, you came as Swami but you are a dog now, Manveer says look at your face.

Manu laughs and says Swami got insulted, Swami says i dont have any respect to be insulted. Rohan laughs. Manveer says even drunkards are not this much low, he is a synonym to curse, swami says i am lower than them, Manveer says your soul is dirty, Swami says my soul is pure, you cant tell me, Manveer says your soul has cancer, Manu says your soul is so cheap.

Gaurav reads task. As the love letter task resumes, it will restart again and all letters should be discarded. Swami is punished for his deeds yesterday, no contender will be chosen from this task now, now this task is for luxury budget only, Bani says lets have fun now. Lopa says have new spirit.
empties lockers, she reads Manu’s letter ‘i love you Mona’.
Manveer says lets begin game.
Priyanka hides some letters in her pillow.

Swami says now you people can exchange as many letters as you want. Priyanka says to Manu that i read your letters, my heart is flattered. Mona whispers to Manu that i had to give her your letters, Manu says Priyanka doesnt need to read them, bigg boss asked you to destroy them, Priyanka says its my individual call to read them, Manu says thats nothing, give letters back, i wrote them, she says i wont give you, Manu says i wont let game begin then.
Manveer says to Lopa that we will have fun in game now, Lopa jokes that you cant hit on me, Manveer says i will try a chance on you, she laughs.
Priyanka says to Manu that i will read your letters loudly now, Manu says its showing your true character. Priyanka says dont say rubbish, Manu says we wont talk now, dont try to talk to me.
Manveer reads his quirky message for Niti, he shows to her, Niti says your warden is coming, she takes letter away.
Manu says i wont go to garden, i will stay in bedroom if Priyanka doesnt give letters back. Priyanka says i am not doing task. She takes off her mic. All contestants put letters in lockers. Priyanka says i can take them out, i am warden here, not a servant, he keep shouting on me, i am not playing. Swami says i wont play too.
Lopa calls Priyanka as Miss muse and says guys are in our hostel.
Priyanka asks Mona to go and sit close to Manu, dont bend down, your back(butts) are shown, Mona says i can wear what i want, whats your problem? i am wearing shorts, stops with all this.

Priyanka says to Bani that i wont do anything in task now, Bani says we need coffee, Priyanka says i would say something wrong, Manu is doing this for cheap Mona, what is Mona’s standard? her boyfriend shown her standard.
Manu writes letter in bhoujpuri.
Rohan writes corny letter for Lopa.
manver says Priyanka is lying in bedroom, we can end task rightnow. Lopa asks Priyanka to come for task, Priyanka says stop with rubbish, get lost, Lopa says dont talk to me like that, Priyanka says do not come to me, my mood is off, Lopa says you are whole off, we loose luxury budget every week because of them. Bani says we didnt loose because of her earlier.
Manu says to Lopa that Priyanka and Swami’s tactic is just get miffed and we pacify them all the time.
Gaurav throws letter towards Bani, she catches it, she catches his flying kiss too.
Priyanka says to Manu that if you talk to me Manu then i wont spare you, Manu says walk away. Priyanka says the man who can say about his girlfriend then he can do anything. Swami says this Manu use girls. Priyanka says Manu can do anything, Manu says yes, Priyanka says show Mona’s boyfriend again.

Priyanka says to Manu that i cant fight with you, you are doing this for that girl? Manu says she is my friend, Priyanka says her life is destroyed, Manu says its not your problem, did i ever talk to about your family? Priyanka says you made your house but yo broke someone else house, Manu says you dont need to do welfare here, Priyanka says your girlfriend was calling me, Manu says i cleared her misunderstandings, no one will call you, Priyanka says i dont have time to talk to you.
Gaurav writes letter for Bani.
Swami says they used to call me goon but Manu is goon, Manu says your father must be goon, dont call me goon, he pushes Swami away with this chest, Swamis pushes him away, Manu says dont push me, Swami says dont come near me, Manu says you filthy thing. Swami says you are filthy, fooling Piku’s (Manu’s girlfriend) one side and other here, Manu charges at him , Swami says beat me, Manveer pushes Swami away and ask him to stop. Manu says Bigg boss call him to confession room. Swami says he started it. Rohan takes Manu from there.
Manu says if he attacks my family then i will kick 2crores too and will ********, call him in confession room.
Priyanka says to Mona that you wont be allowed to enter your own house, Mona says you *****, shut up, who the hell are you tell me about my house? no one can do personal attacks like this. Manu shouts on Swami that how dare you take Piku’s name? Lopa says Swamu dont even say a word, you have crossed all limits, Lopa says to Swami that you have no family so that means you can say ill words about others families? Niti says to Swami that we will break your face. Rohan shouts him to stop. Mona says Bigg boss i want to talk to you, i want to live here with respect, she is no one to tell me anything about my house. Manveer says Bigg boss take action against them otherwise all inmates are sitting outside leaving everything.
Swami says Bigg boss its in camera that i didnt curse anyone’s family, they called me ****. Manveer ties his mouth with cloth, Swami struggles to free himself, Niti says dont do this Manveer, Gaurav takes Manver away.

Mona has tears in eyes, Manu shouts that if you cry then i would be angry with you, Lopa says our feelings are not that cheap to cry over them.
Bani and Gaurav are doodling on eggs while all are having shouting match.
Priyanka says to Manu that Mona provoke you and you get provoked, Manu says i will get provoked for Mona for life, for life, i will do what i feel right. Priyanka says your family and my family is same. Manu says why Swami is saying about my family? you should have stopped him, Priyanka says i put him in place, Manu says its between us. Lopa says to hell with Mona’s boyfriend thinking, he is not here, we are here, we know nothing is going on, we will take guarantee that he will be with her, you keep saying what her boyfriend said, her boyfriend doesnt know anything, we are in this house and we know what is going on here. Manu says we nominated her, she is our friend, what else you want? i am tired, Priyanka hugs him, Manu is in tears. Priyanka cries, Manveer says they keep doing this.
Gaurav is making tattoo on his hand and says dont try this at home, its dangerous to your artistic skills as it really difficult.
Lopa says we are all with Mona. Mona puts head on Manu’s shoulder and says dont shout, dont know till when i have to bear this.

Gaurav reads letter he wrote for for Bani, it is “you are in throne of my heart”, Bani laughs.
Niti says Gaurav and Bani dont care, they are still writing letters. Lopa says we should do task too. Manu says let them do task, they will win. Niti says when Swami talked about her mother then she asked whole house to boycott Swami but now she doesnt care, Mona says we dont have need any support, Lopa says but there should be humanity.
Bani says i got note from Gaurav, she reads ‘we are friends for more then 10weeks, will you please grant me wish and go out on date with me’, Bani says bigg boss hear this.

Bigg boss says to inmates that we are discarding hostel task, we are disappointed that you couldnt make it entertaining. Swami says i tried to make it but they didnt listen, Lopa says shut up. Bigg boss says luxury budge is zero. Lopa says 3rd time in row, Swami says i dont get anything to eat from it anyway.

Niti asks Manveer which letter should i keep with me? Manveer gives her more letters.

Manveer read instructions to inmates that no one is allowed to destroy or damage property of house. Bigg Boss asks Swami Om to repair the broken door and provides him with all the equipment to do so, inmates clap, Swami has to repair and paint it otherwise he wont be given food, all clap. Swami says i would read instructions first, you might be saying wrong, Manveer says i would tear it, you might eat it. Manveer will be referee of this task and if Swami doesnt do this task then no food, all laugh. Swami read instructions himself. The contestants poke fun at Swami and dance around in happiness on seeing Swami being punished. Lopa says kick more.
Bani says to Gaurav that i wanted to do this task, Garurav says it would have been fun at night.
Swami comes to restroom. He puts ply on damaged area on door and hammers nail on ply. Swami says its learning experience but this is unfair Bigg boss, Rohan provoked me, all laugh. Swami paints ply, Rohan says he might become carpenter, Manu says who would want to destroy their house calling Swami as carpenter, all laugh.

Manveer reads instruction
Activity area is decorated for Bani and Gaurav’s romantic date, they should get ready and go. Bani says i will not change clothes, i am comfortable in it, i will change jacket.

Bani is ready for date but Gaurav is still dressing, buzzer plays, Bani calls Gaurav, Gaurav says stop calling me and irritating me, Bani keeps calling his name to tease him.
Gaurav and Bani goes on date there. They sit around table, Gaurav pours fizz. Bani says you are pouring for yourself first? never make lady waiting, Gaurav gives her drink first. Bani says this date is finally here, Gaurav says my ten weeks in this house would be incomplete without you in this house, thank you for my fabulous moments and miseries too, Bani says too much, they raise glass for cheers.
Manu says to Manveer that there are so many couples and bigg boss gave them date? they are all black, Manveer says if its dark inside, they wont be able to see each other.
Gaurav says who i would have chosen hypothetically? Bani says Mona or Lopa, Gaurav says you took Mona’s name earlier too, are you crazy, Bani says i thought you were interested in her conversations, Gaurav says you were not talking to me and i didnt have anyone, Bani says there was Lokesh too, Gaurav says i dont remember Lokesh was on this planet, Bani says so mean, Gaurav says she left soon so i didnt remember. Bani says you would have gone with Lopa for date. Bani says who i would have taken for date? i would have chosen Jason, Sahil or Rohan, i have more options than you, Gaurav says if Jason was here then you wouldnt have given me attention, Bani says this is worst date in bigg boss, Gaurav says i am joking. They start playing hasi song. Bani laughs and says we will dance separately, i love this song, he says i dont like it. They dance separately. Outside Mona and Manveer dances together holding hands. In activity area, Bani and Gaurav do waltz but without touching or holding hands.

All are in bedroom. Priyanka says to Swami that people can do anything for fame and this show, they even forget their family tragedies, what a sad news, my condolences, i got love of my family, i am so lucky that all my family members are alive and with me, people are unlucky who have everything but in reality nothing, they should feel like shit. Manu listens it. Lopa says to Manu that this is too low. Priyanka says Bigg boss dont do this, i am crossing my limit, i am giving one hour, i will put my things in garden, main gate will open for me.

Manu says to inmates that we should sleep and see what will happen, Lopa laughs, Manu makes noise. Priyanka wakes up and says he is mourning his mother like this, laughing here, what a mourning, Rohan says be in your limit, Priyanka says dont tell me. Lopa says she is not in world now, Manu says she is ill, keep peace, Priyanka says such big tragedy happened and you are here, you were thrown out of house, Manu says she is ill from mind, Priyanka says you came here less then one week of your mother’s death, Bigg boss calls Priyanka in confession room.
Priyanka comes in confession room. Bigg boss says wear your mic, we dont know if you are able to hear us, Priyanka says i am able to listen and see well sir. Priyanka gets emotional and says you have attached me with these dogs here, so they call me characterless? Priyanka pleads bigg boss to let her go home, she fold her hands and cry, Bigg boss says no one is related here, give yourself time, leave fights with inmates behind, we will call you when doctor comes, Priyanka thanks him and goes.
Manu says to Mona that see people have no limits. Manu says Priyanka is really ill, we dont do cheap things as we know we will go outside but they forgotten it.

Lopa says to Manu that we are with you, Manu wipes his tears. Mona asks you want paratha? she wipes his tears, she smiles at him.

PRECAP- bigg boss gives four options to Priyanka. First option is to meet her kids for ten minutes, her kids ar shown in Tv. Priyanka’s kids come in house, she runs and hugs him. Swami runs to them too, Manveer and Manu take them in arms. Lopa lifts one kid, he says you both fight, Lopa says we dont fight at all. Gaurav meets his family member too. Mona’s boyfriend comes in house, Mona hugs him and cries. Mona’s boyfriend Vikrant says to Manu that i am miffed with you, i see everything, i see telecast 24hours, 10weeks friendship took away 8years of relationship, how can you say infront of a girl that her boyfriend is filthy? Manu says obviously, if you have thinking like that, i would say, people dont want to see you, Vikrant says i am an actor.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Lovely

    Bani is a asshole.sali kutti hai woh.gaurav ek kinnar hai.dono sale khud yaha affair chala rahe hain dosti ke naam par bina touch kiye dance ka natak aur dusron ke character ke baare main bolte hain.pichle weekend jab salman ne gaurav ko range haath pakda toh phat gayi uski…baat ni chilla raha tha sab par..sala kutta aut kutti ki jodi.bani din ke 18 ande khaye toh thik aur koi aur khaye toh lopa ko zabardast bole ki dand do usko aur uska palti kutta gaurav bhi yahi bhaunke kyunki uski malkin ko ande pasand hai.Bani se zyada selfish aur koi ho sakta hai kya..apne birthday ka cake tak share ni kia kisi se..even salman said this.jab uski maa ko koi kuch kahe toh pura ghar utha lia sir par and even everyone supported her and jab aaj lopa ke papa ko bola om ne toh bahar apne nautanki kutte ko keh rahi hai ki bus dhamki dena janti hai lopa aur hans rahi hai uss par.sali kutti.itna kuch hua but woh phir bhi priyanka se jakar pyar se baat kar rahi hai ki chalo task karte hai…lekin kisi ke liye stand ni lia jab itni ladai hui aaj.infact dono kutte kutti lulu puchu kar rahe the andar.aur kehti hai i really really wanted to do this task.abe jab physical tasj aati hai toh phat jati hai aur quit kar deti hai..aur aise taak ko really really karna chahti hai…dono aise ghuse pade the ghar ke andar jaise un dono ke ilawa aur koi hai ni ghar par .i wish salman iski band bajaye. Air date par nautanki bina touch kiye dance..common yaar do dost bhi ball dance kar sakte hai…bina touch kiye kiya toh koi mahaan kaam ni kia…dat shows ki kitna fake tha aur dil main chor tha unke.aur gaurav toh aisa lag raha ki bus bani ko impress karne ke liye hi aya hai yahan…sala

    • devi

      Even though ur wrds were a bit abusive, very well said. Baani se zyaada selfish koi hain hi nahi. She was the same in roadies, using guys fr her convenience. And this gaurav is a spineless man. Wait, did i just say MAN…no he is something else. Gud that mouni brok up with him.
      Lopa and Rohan are the best.

      • anu r

        Though u went a bit overboard still i agree with ur points.bani is self obsessed.when phonewala task was going on she literally blackmailed gaurav to bleach his eyebrows and when karan was doing the task for rohan she said its just a nomination i wouldnt hav done it if i was in ur place.such a hypocrisy if it is just a nomination why were u forcing gaurav.lopa came to console her when swami talked abt her mother but madam’s response was abuse.its not lopa’s fault even if u r angry atleast listen to some1 who is supporting u.she behaves as if she is targated & isolated but nobody actually targets her & even if u r alone then it is bcoz of ur own fault.if u dnt respect others abuse them hw
        can u expect them to talk nicely with (nt every1 is gaurav).the cake thing was the height of selfishness even jagga wouldnt hav done it.the way she treats gaurav is just sick.when salman or guest insult gaurav she is always laughing.i dnt knw wht kind of friends do tht.over 1 baloon nomination she tortured gaurav for whole 1 week he even got insulted by salman.he said sry million times still she is nt moving on frm tht topic.the most targated housemate is rohan manveer did violence with him,swami talked ill abt his family ,priyanka targets him personally she even spitted on him still he doesnt play victim or abuse but miss bani j feels like a victim over a nomination or task.i dnt even feel sry for gaurav spineless he can get.he is worst than tanisha.never knew he is such a doormat.

    • sammy

      Even though your wrds wer a bit abusive, very wel said. Baani kuch zyaada hi selfish hain. She was the same in roadies also. Using guys for her convenience. And that gaurav is a spineless man. Wait, did i just say MAN….no, he is something else. Gud that mouni brok up with him..

    • bani j

      sabse badi rand aur kutti tu hai…sali kaun sa affair chala rahe hai dono…task kar rahe the …aur jahan tak bakiyon ko support karne ki baat hai…jab bani ki maa ke bare me om ne bola tha to kisne support kiya tha….gaurav ke alawa sab task kar rahe the….wo nitibha b*t*h sali bol rahi thi tune om ko Dhaka kaise diya aur wo b*t*h lopa …itna to ni chillayi thi………….aur sabse badi batt sale khud uske sath baithe hain fun karte hain …jab wo unke bare me bura bol de to hungama. avoid karo na jaise bani karti hai………aur tu lovely alag alag Id se comment karne wali …aukat me rahe nahi to ………

      • Lovely

        Maine toh randi kahin use hi ni kia..bani ki fan hai toh tum yahibusr karogi.. .waise i dont take ur comments so it comes back to u

    • Mahi

      Ye saare words tho sabpe use krna chahiye especially manveer ,niti, lopa.. Bani or gaurav kisi b Tarahse ni lag raha unka affair chal raha hai (na undonom ne koi chummachaati kiya na aur kuch.. Tume kisne bol diya bina touch kiye koi dance nhi ho sakta.. Jo kr rhe unki Marji.. .. TV pe telecast tha ki bani k birthday k din usne apna cake share ni kiya kisi k saath… Voot app me bani cake cut krke sabko Khilaa rahi hai. Sirf lopa aur rohan nhi the wahan par wo bedroom me baat kr rhe the.. Pichle baar jab bani ki maa maregi sala budhhe ne kaha tha Tab tho sab game me guse the… Tab manveer niti lopa kisi ne kuch b ni bola.sab task kr rhe the.Lopa ko budhhe ne aisa tho kuch bola nii na manu ko… (Maa Margi) (Even bani ki maa ko cancer hai) aur niti aur manveer ne budhhe ko bola ek baar jaake sorry bol diyo maaf ni kiya tho chod de… Wahi kaminey log kese expect kr sakte hai lovely bani gaurav unke liye bolenge.. I think mona, lopa,nitibha are asshole. Manu, manveer, rohan are kinnars… Yahi kinnars asshole k peeche rehke game khelte hai..
      Sorry lovely muje bura laga ye comment Padke isliye mene reply kiya..infact big boss 10 me phli baar mene cmnt kiya hai

    • aparajita

      very well said ..never saw girl as selfish as bani
      and gaurav is proper khalanayk
      priyanka is chudail and om je k lie no words hai ab to
      my fav lopa
      even tough mujhe manu and mona jyda pasand nahi lekin kal unke lie bura lga tha
      priyanka stooops so low to attack personally

      • anu s

        bb ghar mei hai toh selfish banna parta hai kyun ki waha per sab individual gaye hai khelte hai aur jitenge bhi ek hi.

    • anu s

      agar aapko yaad nahi hai toh yaad dilado lopa ne phele swami ko nazayas aulad kaha tha pher swami ne backfire kiya tha. agar woh dono bina touch karr ke dance karr rahe toh ye unka marzi hai. cake incident ke liye voot pe jaaye aap. 18 ande uska diet hai toh woh kha sakti hai and usne kaha tha ki uski wajah se ration kamm nahi hona chaiye tha.
      baat rahi bani ke maa ke bare mein toh agar koi aapki maa ke baare mei aisa comment karega toh aap bhi chupp baitne wale nahi ho.

      • aparajita

        wo hmesha hi arrogant rahi hai bani… commoners s shuru m sidhe muh bat krti n thi yad dila dun m to
        mumy ke bat p i suppprt bani maine us point k upar kuch bola bhi nahi hai…
        lekin bani selfish h aur wo dikhta h hmesha
        selfish se jyda self centered hai
        aur lopa n swami ko kha. ap uske upar kaise bol skte domt u know swami kis lvl ka insan h kitna torture ho chuke h sb wha pe us se

      • anu s

        phele aapk comment kisko kiya hai pade aur reply kare.
        swami ne sabko torture kiya hai per kal ussne lopa ne gali dene baad hi lopa ko kaha tha

      • aparajita

        me new hu to pta nai tha jyda and jab maine sorry bol dia ki maine dkha nai ksi aur ko bola aapne fir us bat pr argue kyu kar ri hain aap

    • Shama fathima

      Bani aur gaurav manveer aur mona ke baare mein bola toh sabko unki soch choti lagi…jab manu secret room mein tha thab bhi usne mona aur gaurav ke dosti ke baare aise hi kaha…thab uski dosti kaha gayi…kya uski soch choti nahi thi??? Usne toh mona ke baare mein yeh bhi kaha hai ki kaisi ladki hai uske saath chipki hui hai woh banda chupke kone mein baita hai…jab woh log jaccuzi par the…thab uski soch choti nahi thi kya….aaye bade bani ke baare mein bolne waale…bullshit man…

    • PRATAP


  2. Sri

    Love u lopa…… U care for every one in the House….. And i love Ur policy give respect and take respect…….

  3. Magic

    Lovely they all deserve it baba speaks about them. When baba said about bani mother manveer, nitibha were supporting him. Now they expect bani to speak for them… why ??? And lopa also did not take a stand she wanted baba and bani to be in jail. Insecure Lopa

    • hrithik ka Fan

      absolutely right magic….no one took stand for bani at that time and they r expecting bani to speak for them….why….and in this case they themselves r to be blamed …swami is like this only from the beginning but they chill with him and when he abuses them they want to kill him……..avoid him just like bani is doing…..

    • Mahi

      Ur ryt magic well said.
      Baba ne bani ki maa ko bola tab sab game khel rhe the especially manveer niti support b kr rhe the budhhe ko.. Buddhe ne lopa aur manu ko bola tho wahan sabne apna task rok kar diya..

    • Loophole

      You mentioned no one raised a word when swami om spoke bad for Bani’s mother so how can we expect she’ll take a stand for any other member like Lopa and Manu. But when she eats 10 eggs a day and no one objected her how can she expect that other members should take action for swami om eating 6 eggs? But here we are talking about Swami Om so Lopa, Manu and Manveer still took a stand for it.
      And accept it or not she is selfish we cannot judge while sitting cozy on our sofa and seeing short clippings but all other members who are living with her in that house think so. (Exception is Gaurav. He is contradictory in every manner.)

  4. Ishaan

    bani id sasti raand and gaurav is kinner ……..
    When that chuitya swami said about her mother lopa and every housemates supported her ….
    and when same thing happens with lopa and manu that b*t*h is laughing ……blo*dy fake …….

    • neha

      At dat tym lopa support and console bani apni dushmni bhulkar.. bt at dat tym bhi bani use avoid kar rahi thi .. nd today jb baba ne bola toh koi ro nae raha tha balki they fight well.aj baba ne lopa ke parents ka bre me bola tab lopa ne baba ko jawab diya acha bt at same tym bani coment pass on lopa ki ye sirf dhamki de sakti kuch karti hai nae..

    • Vinod

      Abbey Ishaan.. episode dhank sey dekha kar…. jab Bani ki maa key baare mein kahan tha toh koi support nahin kar rahan tha.. sab task karney mein lagey they… Task khatam honey key baad Nitibha aur Manveer ney chutiye baba ko bola “Ja key aisey hi sorry bol dey aur thoda aansu dikha dey” Aur Lopa ko baba ney itna hi kaha yeh Bigg Boss ka ghar hai tumhare Baap ka nahin.. jiskey badley mein Lopa ney kahan Tu Najayaj aulad hai…. toh ismey badi gaali kaun si hai …. Khud samajh ley…. I don’t support Priyanka but hope ki only for 1 episode Priyanka and Bani ek ho jaye……. pure housemates ki phat key haath mein aa jayegi…

  5. Magic

    Even Rohan was doing the task. He was also writing the letter while they were having a discussion outside. And nitibha is b*t*h f**king sl*t. She was the one supporting om ji and doing the task…. now what’s the problem. They all lick baba balls so they deserve it. They did not make that much noise for bani and baba never told any of them that their parents should die

    • Loophole

      They agreed to boycott him when Bani’s incident took place. What other support they can give? They supported bani after that rope hanging task as the task was so intence that it could not be paused without affecting the captaincy result. But yesterday’s task wasn’t so intense so we expect her to at least not pass a comment on Lopa, if she is not human enough to take a stand.

      • hrithik ka Fan

        Oh common don’t justify lopa and others double standards. …One task couldn’t be stopped other could be…what rubbish. ….If u r asking for humanity show first ur humanity. …lopa and others does it as per their convienence. ….and btw no one boycotted or supported bani except gaurav as they were supporting each other yesterday. …so don’t accept bani to support when u urself is not supporting her…..

    • Simple

      Could agree more 🖒🖒🖒great comment waqaee us din niti aur manveer ne defend hi kiya tha baba ko even nitibha to mujhe jb se aur zada zehr lgty hai actually there is a difference between niti and looa lopa ko right reason se footage lena ata hai fair ka drama kr k but niti ko bas footage lena hai usko sahi galat ka faesla lena bhi nhi ata jb hi google chod kr bb mein ai

  6. DgenerationX

    Hi friends.. ..mai Mumbai gaya tha, swami om ka naam ka SUPARI Mumbai ke BHAI logo ko dene…..Aur jaise Swami ghar se bahar nikle.. …uske lungi phadkar 6 ande ek Sath nikalne ka supari diya hai…….

  7. sammy

    I think bani or gaurav shud b evicted this week. Then the other person will know how it feels to be self centred. If gaurav is out of the house, baani will get a lesson of hr lifetime. Koi usse ghaas thak nahi dega…

    • anu s

      abb tak toh individual khel rahi hai bani and agar gaurav out bhi ho jata hai toh usse koi farak nahi padne wala hai kyun ki ko akelei hi khelegi ghar ke ander rehene tak. toh koi usse puche ya napuche ek hi baat hai.

  8. anneth

    It’s better to b bani than b like the housemates these pple they r swami friends n swami was never her.matter of fact hve u ever seen bani one on one with swami no cos she’s tryin to avoid.well manu n manveer they like him as long as its not themselves he’s abusing to.

    • diya

      Baani was so cosy with swami n supporting him in the flood task bcos he was against his own team mates. She is not that gud..she is just selfish and shows herself victimised always to gain audience vote n sympathy. She has even trapped gaurav to dance on hr tune.

    • Lovely

      Yes wen swami said abt her mother she overdid things.even salman said ki aap itna zyada overdo kar dete ho us waqt ki aap hi bure lagte ho.and i remember lopa said ki bani uske bolne se kuch ni hoga tumhari maa will be dine but again adata se mazboor she rubbed off her hand from her shoulder.jab lopa came to wish her birthday she ignored her and when lopa ignored her while congratualing for task den she is blaming lopa for that…common even salman said dis.

    • Loophole

      They are not friends of Swami Om. They know his tactics but eventually they have a heart. When baba cry all crocodile’s tears and say sorry their hearts melts. They have humanity. Even you and I would have melted seeing all the apologetic drama of swami om in real situation. This shows Bani is self-centred she doesn’t own a heart for others. Her grudge for other others is more important for her. Before Big Boss I was one of her fan cause she seemed different in positive way but after seeing reality in big boss 10, I know all her good attitude , broad thinking is show off in reality she’s a selfish and racial b*t*h.

      • hrithik ka Fan

        Oh common don’t justify lopa and others double standards. …One task couldn’t be stopped other could be…what rubbish. ….If u r asking for humanity show first ur humanity. …lopa and others does it as per their convienence. ….and btw no one boycotted or supported bani except gaurav as they were supporting each other yesterday. …so don’t accept bani to support when u urself is not supporting her…..

  9. neha

    Bani doesn’t involve in any matter and she always expected people stand beside her. She is self centred i was just laughing to see the comment of bani fan. Wake up…

  10. Shazna

    Bani z ryt on her side bcz aftr tat mother incident shez d oly person boycottd omji completely..even salman said to everyone boycott him as simple as tat..but these people always backing him n having fun wid him..thn he ll do dirty oly..tatz his asliyath..evn priyanka’s words r so personal..what she said abt manu’s mother was hurting..for tat i rly felt bad for him evnthough i don like him..disgusting priyanka..nvr seen such a should throw out these 2..

    Manu z so insecure f bani..every time n in every he mention bani ye vo bla bla evn he commentd on bani’s dress 4 date…wht was his prblm tatz her choice she ll wear wtevr she want..Best part f d epi was gaurbani date..tat was lovely sweet simple date…no fake romance kiss nothing loved it n loved their alag-alag dance..n my fav song too♥♥

  11. Aakashi88

    Hii dx…we missed u and yor comments soo much..and yes thank you…supari dene keliyE..bolna uss hitman ko ki agar swami zinda bacha toh humm uss hitman ko maar denge…anyway…abey dono priyanka aur sswami ka dimag ka fuse ekdum fusssssss ho chuka hai….rab ne bana di jodi…..waise iss bani ko ho kya gaya hai???itna selfish tarah se kyu behave kar rahi hao

    • anu s

      dono baap beti bahar jaake aaye hai toh logo ne baja dihogi toh ghar mei aakar frustration ke wajah se pagal bann gaye hai. kya boll rahe hai kya karr rahe hai inko pata hi nahi hai.

  12. hrithik ka Fan

    u need to wake up …no one took stand for bani when om badmouth abt bani’s mother so why they r expecting her to take stand. …..and om didn’t say anything bad for lopa’s father …He only said …ye ration tumhare baap ka nahi hai…that’s it….and lopa also said u r nazayas auld. … u r comparing these 2 things….common get a life u hater…

  13. Znaina

    From day one commoners have been b*t*hing about celebrities. Calling bad names , making fun of Bani, Gaurav, Rahul, all. Manu and Mona smartly paired up to get votes and stay in the show longer. Now, Mona is acting like tragedy queen and Manu is blaming Gaurav and bani for Mona’s boyfriend behavior . He himself was badmouthing Mona in the secret room. Baba does not deserve to be in any house. He needs to b evicted. Can’t stand him.

    • anu s

      ekdum sahi bola jab manu mona ke baare galat bole toh uski apni baat and koi dusra bole toh akad ghatiya aadmi. saare bakt toh chipakkar baite hote hai and bolta hai behen jaise hai mona,

  14. kp

    Hello simran ditya shriya swastika aakashi shazna dx and all the bb fans And i am v said every one using slangs at this site even no respect of girls also its ok you all abuse contestant but should respect all the commentater’s

    btw in the house everyone fighting to each other no one want to cmplt the task and this baba and jagga crossing the limit now only gaurav rohan and bani are real contestant

      • kp

        Hello anu s as you asked before my full name is prateek and yes using slangs to each other isn’t good bcz i respect girls most fir wo koi bhi ho aapki mom wife sister girlfriend friend or any one if you cant respect girls than you cant do anything plz read all comment sab ek dusere ko gaali de rahe hai

      • anu s

        hum log agndi words use nahi karenge dusro ko keheke fayeda bhi nahi hai kyun ki woh log manne wale nahi hai

    • simran

      hi kp
      ya kp this slang language also bother me . but we can’t u anything ….
      and it will be good agr Mona ki sari problam bb m hi solve ho jaya an toh uska bf bhi show m aayega .
      I LOVE ROHAN now he is taking stand and he is very active now. I hope he will win this show

      • kp

        So, you love rohan oh my god end of story hahaha but yeah you are right rohan is good perhaps he didn’t abuse to any one yet but you know simran in bb as you said before winner is fixed

    • ShriyaT


      |Registered Member

      Hiee kp…ya u r right jagga daku n swami ne saari limits cross kar diye hai…pata nahi priyanka n manu ke beech me jab fight chalu thi tab swami ko beech me ane ki kya jarurat thi….love Rohan!!

    • ditya

      hi kp,simran,Shriya,good girl
      sorry I had exm today so couldn’t comment early
      bt ssly I don’t lyk bani n gaurav’s attitude towards the matter….at least unhe bahar jana chahiye tha….dkhna chahiye tha
      vaise ye chance b in logo ne gava diya….itna accha task krne ka

  15. Zeenat Hussain

    I love bani at all….she iz very honest at her decisions….she never hurt people n nvr involves other s matter n gaurav too…

  16. bhavana

    #ROHAN has never really foul mouthed anybody,despite being at the receiving end of some of the worst verbal attacks on the show..

    Love u ROHAN…u r really very very very sweet,genuine,decent & mature person

  17. priya

    Bani is right on her side,..koi uske sath nhi hota hai sb uske khilap hai to sab usse kyu expect krte hai ki o unke mamle me pde..baba uske maa ke bare me bola tha to sb bs khde tmashe dekh rhe the,kai kuch bola nhi..tb usse kyu expect kr rhe hai..

  18. priya

    aur hmesha use kaha jata hai koi task nhi krti hai..aur jb vo task puri trh kr rhi hai to sb chahte hai ki task choddke unke sath baith jai,.dono side se bate krte hai..lopa fir huminity pe a gai jb usne khud apni huminity dikhadi captancy task me…hr kini ke mamle me ghus jati hai ..apne ap ko great dikhati hai..

  19. Sandy

    commoners have no manners. celebrities only Gourav and Bani are descent. how badly commoners treat that old man. *( bad man). but Gaurav had dignity and respect. he never insulted anyone in the house. Bani I love you. you are the best.
    don’t involve in any unwanted things.
    keep it up
    they all are jealous about bani and Gaurav.
    manu is double standard. talking ill about everyone in the house. he spoke bad abpout Manveer, Mona, Nitibha and all. but Gaurov and bani are best. what they saw they spoke/.
    I wish bani wins the show.

  20. Riya

    Though i was nt a fan of lopa at frst bt nw i am. The way she took stand for everyone that shows how genuine she is. Really disappointed with bani n gaurav. Those who r cmparing bani n lopa…open your eyes. Ek taraf lopa hai jo sabse baat karti hai, sabka stand leti hai n her telling mona that her bf knws nothing they r in d house n they knw nothings going on btwn mona n manu..thats jst show how good she is. Aur dusri taraf bani jo stand lena to dur thik se commoner k saath baat v nhi karti. Lekin agar usko koi bole to galiyo ki dukan ban jati. That jst shw how self centered she is. N we all knw wat she said abt mona’s character that too in such a cheap way. N those saying bani ka kaun stand liya tha jo wo dusro ka stnd leti rahe..4 me only selfish people think like that. N bb shud evict criminals like swami n his so called pyari beti priyanka. Can’t stand them anymre 😩

  21. Riya

    Though i was nt a fan of lopa at frst bt nw i am. The way she took stand for everyone that shows how genuine she is. Really disappointed with bani n gaurav. Those who r cmparing bani n lopa…open your eyes. Ek taraf lopa hai jo sabse baat karti hai, sabka stand leti hai n her telling mona that her bf knws nothing they r in d house n they knw nothings going on btwn mona n manu..thats jst show how good she is. Aur dusri taraf bani jo stand lena to dur thik se commoner k saath baat v nhi karti. Lekin agar usko koi bole to galiyo ki dukan ban jati. That jst shw how self centered she is. N we all knw wat she said abt mona’s character that too in such a cheap way. N those saying bani ka kaun stand liya tha jo wo dusro ka stnd leti rahe..4 me only selfish people think like that. N bb shud evict criminals like swami n his so called pyari beti priyanka. Can’t stand them anymre 😩

    • Wahiilos

      welll said dear..
      evn At t start of t season, i started supportin Bani..
      but her behaviour is non-sensical sometimes. & i dont like such ppl.
      Lopa is t one who takes stands for others. she is being honest. & i like her for that. hope evn ppl see tis & Lopa wins t show.
      anyway she is t winner for me..

  22. Ammu

    Wat do bigboss want from swami and jagga? Are they waiting for them to hurt someone badly and thereby increasing their trp…. height of nonsense…it seems they have decided that even if they kill one inmate, bb will give them a warning and let them stay….
    Every year they retain some crack people till end to keep the fight n galis in bb. .I remember there was one man sameer soon in a season who fought against it and made sure that lady with such foul mouth was thrown out…he didn’t mind getting evicted for that… respect for him…
    The entire house mates should gather n go against bb so that they eliminate these weird people…
    N really disappointed with the way, bani and gaurav behaved…bani expects everyone to stand up and support her when swami talked bad about her mother..n everyone boycotted swami too…n wat abt man’s mother n lopa’ s father…now it’s fine… height of selfishness…
    Lopa and Rohan very well done… respect…

    hate Mona for crying all the time…to hell with people… i am not justifying her deeds. either you do it and face it..or don’t do it…n wat is this natak of her bf.. she does every possible bull shit in her movie n that guy doesn’t have issue…now all of a sudden he has issues,if he has…as per everyone…I think everyone misunderstood his words…he said she is doing acting to be in game n it is not real Mona…which in turn is justifying her…she is taking it as a job or movie…
    Felt bad for Manu… whatever he is…no one should say such words….n love he stood up for himself…
    Manveer too is nice… they all are tolerating n forgiving swami considering his age and thT old man is digging it to max..

  23. Loophole

    When baba says something bad all audience seems legit about it. Now all Bani J’s fan, what will you say to protect her when she joked so inappropriate about Mona. Before this incident she seemed to be friend of Manveer and Manu and suddenly after her truth came in from of all she nominated Manu. Like really is she f**king nuts? How can she expect that she’ll say anything about anyone she wants and the other person would still don’t mind?
    And how can she say such a cheap thing about someone, she’s a celebrity, we never expected her to be so pathetic shit.

  24. anu s

    hello friends
    sabka apna apna opinion hota hai.
    in todays episode i was little disappointed from bani and gaurav althogh i m fan of hers. sayyad bani aur gaurav ko jaa ke ek baar puch lena chaiyetha ki akhir hua kya hai. but bani aur gaurav apni jaga per sahi bhi the woh dono task kar rahe the aur enjoy bhi.

    “saap ko milk pilauge toh last mein khud ko hi dass jata hai” jab ki ye log apni baat pe tik nahi sakte toh aur ki kya baat karna. swami ko boycott karne ka decide kiya tha aur uski tears dekthe hai support karne lage sirff bani isko boycott karr rahi hai.

    nitibha aur manveer ko toh bani ke baare mei bolne ka hakk hi nahi hai jab swami ni bani ke maa ka baare mei bola tha tab to badi swami ke chele bann kar uski support karr rahe the abb kyun bani ka support chaiye.

    ye manu jabb khud dusro ke burai kare toh sahi aur jabb dusre kare toh ghussa double face man.

    agar ye mona ko apni respect ki itna tension hai toh harr bakt manu ke saath chipak kyun jaati hai.

    swami om aur uski beti ko nikalo yaar biggboss

    lopa ko harr bakt humanity baat karte huye achha nahi dekh raha hai jaha humanity chaiye uha toh ye nahi dekati per jab bani aur gaurav ke support nahi milta toh humanity aah jata hai.

    rohan good boy

  25. anu s

    jabb swami bani aur gaurav ke khillaff bolta hai toh sab swami ke side ho jaate hai aur jab swami inlogo ke burai karte hai toh bani aur gaurav inko kyun support kare bhai. jabb indono ke burai hoyi thi toh koi humanity ki baat aayi nahi thi abb humanity ki baat aagayi.

  26. Neha

    Bani is best.jb koi uske bare me nh sochta to wo kyn kisi ki side uske bare me bolte h pith piche wo kv nh bolti and mona k bare me jo v bola sb sahi bola wo h hi characterless aur unlogo ne v bani-jason k bare me itna ganda bola jbki aisa kuch nh dikha hme.gourav&bani r just cute frnd.manu to apne frnds ka v nh h.manveer&mona k bare me v bola h usne wo kisi ka nh h.

  27. St

    So sad bb discarded DA hostel task…. Bani n gourav did so much effort …..they could HV bcm contender fo winning captainship…….
    How cheap is dis Manu,,,,, he is comparing bani with swami….
    Hate dis insecure lopa ..evrytm she interrupts bani but wn her turn cms she doesn’t allow anyone to open their mouth… …

  28. sss...

    Where there a snake live, no one like to go there even in dream and here bigboss thinks this show trp can be increased through airing nasty acts like what om and jagga doing. But the reality is that no one r like to see the bigboss anymore because of no entertaining except fighting these days. Now its seem gaurav will evict first because he do nothing till now expect running behind bani and play selfish game.

  29. ShriyaT


    |Registered Member

    Aah to priyanka ne hadd kar di wo aise kaise bol sakti hai manu ke mom ke baare me…not fair big boss…even if she is ill just tell her not to say these kind of things…
    Swami ko accha sabak sikhaya big boss ne…it was fun
    Love u Rohan!!!!!
    Mona har baat pe kyu roti hai rone ki dukan hai wo

    • devinder uk

      as long as someone wins other then priyanka and gready selfish baba , i am truly surprised he is still on the show, week after week he does and says the most vulgar things and aks for forgiveness every week. this is shit i think the voting is rigged by bb , the janta have no say in the matter at all, if they did this idit of a baba would have been out by now.

  30. Wahiilos

    othr sum blind Bani fans, i can seee evry person finds Bani is wrong.]
    & so do I. & those who r commenting tat no one supported Bani wen Swami abused her mother. toh please,, replay t episode again.. evry body.excpt niti, spclly lopa consoled her. t drama Queeen Bani was jusss taking it to another level,, which lopa & manu didnt do yesterday.. they didnt cry like she did. ok evn i would hav cried, but coming to support t drama Bani put up was tooo much to justify a support. evry1 supported her & manveer niti also asked swami to apologise..but u self–centered, ppl wont get it.. cox u r blind. u dont hav brains to understand..
    & I wud say,, a Gal is more atttached to a father than a mother. 90%of t cases. so I believe,, lopa was hurt obvsly,, but she didnt chose to behave like a victim & cry for gainin sympathy. she stoood for her own & tats wat v like abt her. but bani,, she shudnt hav paaasd t comment. not aalll r blind to support her like sum of tis a****ls..
    & if Rohan was doing t task, then its for evry1’s welfare. its for luxury now not for captaincy.. so dear blind followers,, thy cud hav continued t task jus like others. but Bani,, she is more concerned abt t Date than anythin else. howww disgusting bani.
    i hope, salman sir givs his piece of mind to Bani & gaurav this weeeknd.

  31. Sam Barua

    Priyanka jagga proved today that how heartless she is , by hurting manu by commenting about his expired mother. Moreover,she is calling herself ill treated while she herself ill treat all other housemate.
    Don’t know why bigg boss has still kept priyanka and om ji still in house, inspite of getting low votes. Nitibah is another example ,who does nothing for entertainment but tantrums to live in house. On one side she blackmails manveer and in other side she gets shocked while bigg boss made them partners in task. Rather than her own bussiness she puts her mind in others. It was not bad to continue the luxury budget task without joining in unnessary quarrels. Than why she was blaming ba-rav(bani and gaurav) for being inhuman while they were continuing the task as per bigg boss command. However most of the inmates were already pesent there to sought the problem out and so bani and gaurav were not needed, if it would have needed them they might come ofcourse,even if they have come at that time nitibah would blame them that they have come to seek footage.
    Nitibah really seems fake.Even she got low votes!!! but is still going on. Whereas rahul and Karan where evicted inspite of getting high votes.
    Lopa always seeks chance to call bani and gaurav inhuman what was she, when she hurt bani and manveer in captaincy task. Many says that she consoled bani in taxi task inspite of enimity but the actual fact was that she had argument with gaurav before it, and so she did console bani to make gaurav bad at that time, as the chaos was caused between bani and gaurav. However I may except, lopa is also a strong contender as she does all tasks which really is praise worthy.
    Mona fills the bigg boss house with tears whenever she goes to nomination. I think bigg boss will still save her as well even though she is also not entertaining.
    Like lopa, rohan,gaurav and bani. They are going good.

  32. Preet

    Jab bani kee mother k baare mein swami ne bola toh swami ko boltee hai k ro k Maafi maango..she is the*****ab bani ko Bol rai hai …vaise b bani ne bola hAi k swami toh uske liye exist he nai karta..toh fir woh kyo bole…

  33. prettypreeti

    Hello hi w all.very much comments.I wanna to say pls don’t abuse its not good….
    Secondly jooo bhi hoo kl wala epi interesting tha.and bani was right.its her wish…
    Today emotional ….epi family wale.
    Priyanka did very ronggg.her taunting way was very stupid.heartless.
    I loved baba repairinggg…

  34. arvind sinha

    f**k off to all… bani haters!! big fan of bani!! atleast she is not cunning and doing plotting …. whatever in her heart, she says it . saala dk boss manu.. he is comparing swami om and bani…chutiye ka patha…

    saale ki akal … rajasthan me hi reh gayi

  35. Mishkat

    Hahahaha everyone who is thinking bani has done well today’s task let me tell you all something.she has done the task for her own needs ,she wants coffee .in the morning she went and consoled priyanka just to get coffee and in fact she was telling priyanka not to bother about others .it shows how desperate this woman is for coffee😂😂😂. And also everyone who is telling that nobody took stand for bani go watch the episodes again and also boot videos.everyone were supporting her in fact all the people who are taunting Lopa .she was the one who gave her water ,asked her to calm down and also said her mother will be fine.they even made swami in kalnayak for the same. And when priyanka said she will show Lopa her aukath bani said ” yes dikadho usko.sab dikadho” such a lame person .and this woman was seen making omletes in yesterday episode.disgusting

    • Wahiiilos

      lolll,, tats true Mishkat.. *thumbs up*
      v dont jus blame Bani for wateva she doesnt do. but tis ppl, keeep blamin Lopa for anythin & evrythin.. gET A LIFE ppl,,.
      go watch t epis agan or atleast go thru t updates & U may know wat has Lopa did for Bani & wat is Bani doing now..
      I reallly pity ur condition Guys fr not being able to see t right. its as clear as a mirrror. but thn again u r bashin Lopa..
      weekend ka vaaar me sabko pata chalega,.

      • hrithik ka Fan

        so lopa is dudh ki dhuli. ..she is the biggest double faced girl …yes bani has shortcomings but lopa is real b*t*h she take stands as per her friends and convienence. ….

    • Degenex

      She takes stand for her friends? Get this right ” she made friends after she took stand for them”.Is bani her friend? Even then Lopa consoled that woman who lives all her life fighting for eggs ,crying and loosing tasks.👏👏.And such a moron she is first b*t*hing about Mona manveer but khud Jason me sath ……I don’t need to tell.when others do it they are cheap when you do it it’s called friend ship.wonderful.

  36. Med

    1. ‘swami om’ always fail as a human which is unaccepted, still I wonder why 3/4 of the house still sticking around him, reply him back, etc. Is that what you call as boycotting?

    2Lopa seems to stand for everyone, very good. But Mona, will she always sit and cry…. yes because he knows Manu or Lopa will fight on behalf of her. -_-

    3. Many said Bani gave up in almost all task, now when she enjoying the task, its inhamanity? Why will she waste her time fight with the same idiot swami om again and again.

    4. Everyone has prob with Om and Priyanka, and want them to be evicted, but still all the inmates forget them during nomination.

  37. Amina from dubai

    Why pro yanks uses cheap words not on big boss should take this up seriously bani is beauty with no brains

  38. Amina from dubai

    We watch this show with kids. BB, should tell loose characters Bani,Fake Swami the slapped Swami and Priyanka big filthy mouth her kids are watching the show also.

  39. Sourabh Goswami

    Bigg Boss should evict Priyanka and so called Baba immediately from the show. How can they do personal comments on someone and bigg boss do not take any action against this. If Manu wants to come out from his greif and be happy is it a crime?…..rather then supporting him Priyanka saying such things…..and when public already evicted such people from show why did bigg boss bring them back…..after all this atleast swami should be thrown out of house….. wearing dress like saint and doing everything opposite……my request to all people please don’t give vote for these people

  40. BB 10 sucks

    Well BB 10 sucks. I hate all commoners jagga dhongi baba Manu manveer niti akanksha all r gud for nthng .
    Akanksha tried to attract gaurav
    Manu is a big hypocrite
    Manveer has no say always need one to follow.
    Baba nd jgga to hell … I don’t evn want to waste my words for them
    Only lokesh was better n lil entertaining

    On the other hand everyone of celebs keep strong personality nd opinion except Mona n rahul.

    Commoners vs celebs was total a failed idea nd big boss made it worst by taking control in his hands instead of relying on public decision

    This year bb is nothing but a fixed time waste show

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.