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Bigg Boss 10 18th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Salman comes on stage and dances. Mouni roy joins him and is seen shaking legs with Mouni Roy on the song from Sultan, “Baby ko base pasand hai”. Salman welcomes everyone to show, Salman says soon colors family actors will join us, one is here, gorgeous Mouni Roy from Nagin shown. Mouni thanks him, Mouni says i didnt know i would comeback here soon, Salman sings baby ko base pasand hai, Mouni says i like you too, Salman says i am your snake, she says i am you female snake, they laugh. Salman says MANVEER, BANI, NITI, BANI AND RAHUL were nominated this week. MANVEER AND BANI GOT SAVED. Mouni says i think the ne who got least will get evicted today. Salman says yes. Mouni says colors family, favorite actors of favorite serials are here with me but they went inside house to spend

time with inmates, lets see them. Salman says as you wish, clips plays.

In Bigg Boss House:
Bani is sitting in garden, stars from the Colors TV including Karanvir Bohra, Adaa Khan, Rubina Dilaik, Meera Deosthale and Vijayendra Kumeria enters house. Gaurav hugs Karanvir. All actors meet inmates, Karan jumps in Rahul’s arms. All come in lounge. Bigg boss welcome them. Karan says Swami i am going to dress weirdly sometimes but i like this style, i want your style, Swami says i will bring my clothes for you, he goes. Adaa says to Mona that i am glad you three friends again. Karan gives his jacket to Swami. Swami makes Karan wear his kurta. Adaa says to lets have nagin dance with you, music plays, Manveer, Manu and Swami starts dancing with adaa on nagin music, Swami dances around Adaa, Swami sits on his knees and dances like snake, Swami suddenly grabs adaa by her legs, all are stunned, Manveer and Gaurav pulls him closer, Swami says sorry to Adaa. Rubina says lets do something interesting. We all are part of colors, who can be innocent daughter in law? Manveer says Mona, Rubina says lets have twist, Bani will become innocent daughter in law, adaa says who will be vamp? Lopa is sweet so she will be vamp and Gaurav will be hero. Bani comes there wearing saree. Rubina says our daughter in law will make tea for her husband, otherside vamp is looking for chance to mix poison in tea, husband will drink it and will die, all laugh, Rubina says next Bani will go to Swami and plead for him to give her husband back, Swami will bring husband back to life. Scene starts, Karan says roll, camera, sound and action. Gaurava starts acting and says Bani i am getting late. Bani and Lopa re in kitchen. Lopa says i will mix poison in her tea, you dont know how much poison i spit, Lopa acts like mixing poison in cup. Bani brings cup for Gaurav, Garuav says i am thinking of taking of from office, Bani acts like blushing, Garuav drinks tea and falls on floor, he acts like dying, Bani says what happened to you Gaurav? Lopa laughs and says if he cant be mine then he cant be of anyone, Bani cries and says God i want him back. Swami sits like praying, Bani cries and says save my husband Swami. Swami throws water on Gaurav’s face, Gaurav wakes up, Lopa smirks at Gaurav, Gaurav says i recognize you, he romances with Lopa but Bani acts like beating them with roti roller, Lopa bites Bani and she dies, all claps for their act. Meera says i want inmates to do task, three boys will do task for three us girls. The three boys are Rohan, Manu and Manveer, they all go in activity area.
All come in activity area. Meera says boys will tied with bungee jumping rope, we will standing with baskets, you have to pluck roses and put in basket, the one who will have most roses in basket will go on date with that inmate, Lopa will referee of task. Priyanka is sad, Gaurav says is it your birthday? he sings birthday song for her, Karan gives her rose which was for task, Priyanka wipes her tears, she takes rose from Karan. Task starts, Rohan is collecting roses for Rubina, Manveer for Meera and Manu for adaa. They are tied with same rope and are stretching to get roses and put in girl’s basket. Task ends. Lopa says why did Priyanka take rose? put it back, Priyanka says this is embarrassing, she is snatching rose from me, this woman make me embarrass, i feel like shit, i dont want to be part of it, nonsense, she takes off her mic, Lopa says you always fight even infront of guests, Lopa says sorry to guests and says you cant change some people. Rubina says fights happen in family, its absolutely fine. Lopa counts roses of all boys, Swami says Lopa will unfair and will announce Rohan as winner. Lopa counts roses and says winner is Rohan. Manu says i will to pursue her outside house to go on date with me.
All come out of activity area. Adaa asks Swami to watch her show Nagin, he says sure. Manveer says to Karan that Niti is feeling low that she is not in any activity, so can we have dance with her? Karan says great idea.
Rohan brings cheese cake for Rubina and goes to garden for date. Rohan says this happens in every task here, Rubina says everyone enjoy, Rohan says nobody follow any rules here, Rubina thanks for cake and feeds Rohan.
Karan and Niti dances, he dances with Mona. All inmates and guests start dancing, Manveer dances with Niti. Rohan and Rubina comes back. Bigg boss says its time for guests to leave. Manu says i have started loving nagin, Adaa laughs. All guests leave. Swami says it was fun.

On stage, Salman welcomes colors family stars. They all dance on Kala Chashma song. Salman says what a performance. He meets everyone, Salman asks Karan how was inside house? Karan says we had fun, we got exhausted in two hours and they are in there for 60days. Salman asks Adaa if she danced? Adaa says yes i made Swami dance like nagin, he danced better than me, Salman says he is not a human, all laugh, Adaa says he wrapped in my feet too, Salman says take him in your serial, Karan says he is ready to enter nagin, all laugh. Salman asks Rubina what is Bani’s future in housewife? Rubina says she needs to give more dialogues, Salman says if you liked that acting so either you dont know anything about acting or your heart is big, Rubina says latter one. Salman asks Meera how was Manu and Manveer? She says both are nice, we had task with them, they were fighting to go on date, Salman says Karan started fight, Karan says i just gave her rose and it started, Salman says you like Priyanka Jagga, i can see in your eyes, all laugh, Karan says all fall in love with you, i have a man crush on you, Salman is stunned, Karan says take off your jacket, Salman says i need chance for it, Salman takes off his coat. Salman says to Vijay and Meera that i will put allegations on you and you have to answer them. They stand in witness box. Salman says Meera as Chakor, he says you fight with Soraj(vijay) like Bani and Gaurav, is it love or hate? She says love and hate both, Soraj says she is lying, she thinks about everyone but not me, Chakor says he married me forcefully, Salman asks do you have both kids? She says we he sleeps on couch, Soraj says dont know whats in her heart, Salman says lets me tell you how to pacify her. Salman says look in her eyes, he looks at Chakor and says just says i love and kiss her. Soraj says how will this happen infront of you? Salman says if both sleep on different places then it wont happen. Salman says lets dance, they dance on tere mast mast naine around Chakor. All clap for them. Salman asks Rubina aka Soumya to come in witness box. She does, Salman says you are alleged to take advantage of your tears, Salman starts moving witness box, Soumya says tears make people melt and increases TRP, she says i want to ask something, he says yes, she says you are most desirable face of colors, i will ask you about colors show, tell me what Simar became in Sasural Simar ka, options are bee, Robot, ant, bear? He says robot, she says wrong answer. Karan says give me one more chance, Salman says i thinks is bee, she says right answer. She says in Thapki, Bihar talks to leaves? goat? dog? fan? Salman says where is this show located? she says in village, he says he talks to goat, she says right answer. Salman calls Karan as Rocky and Mouni as Shivangi. Salman says you are alleged to be sandwiched between two girls. Rocky says look at them, oneside is Shivangi breathtaking and Sesha is gorgeous, who wouldnt want to be sandwiched, Salman says agree. Rocky says Shivangi is 22years and Sesha is 118years, Salman says what range you have, Rocky says what else would i want? look at my face, i am so innocent, this Sesha fool me by changing and looking like Shivangi but i dont because Rocky like base, all laugh. Salman says Shivangi you are alleged to kill people with your eyes, you lure people in with your eyes, and dont even say sorry, Shivangi says everything start from eyes only, like winking, like moving eyes down, looking in each others eyes, Salman says i love you, and also taking eyes off socket, Shivangi and others laugh. Salman thanks them.
Rubina says to Salman that we want you to be part of our serials, we want you to do scene with us, Salman says yes. Karan says his screen name will be Prem, Salman says its fine. Salman starts scene. Rubina comes to him and says Prem, you know i got message from Bigg boss, she blushes, Prem/Salman says you want yo go there? Karan says what you did? male actors only get 2lines in one episode, Salman says sorry. Rubina says i have got call from bigg boss, i want to go. Mouni comes there as vamp and says you wont go anywhere. Adaa comes and says why would she go to bigg boss? serial is something which run for 3years, not 3months, Rubina says i will go in house, Mouni says you cant like in that house, Adaa says we gibe reaction to everything, mouni says this doesnt happen in house, she falls in Salman’s arm, la la la plays. Rubina says this is not allowed in house? Salman says no and there is no script in house, Karan jokes that this is not in our serials too. Salman says they snatch makeup too, Rubina says Noooooooooooooooo, i wont go to Bigg boss house, forgive me Prem. Salman says i did, they sing hum sath sath hai. Salman thanks them for coming. Rubina welcomes actors of new show, they promote their show and its about wives working in professional field. Karan says i push my wife to work so i can chill, Salman says so she is busy and you fool around, he says dont go there. Mouni says we should follow dreams, Salman says if your inlaws dont allow you work then would marry? Mouni says they dont support my upbringing and my culture then i wont marry that person. Adaa says i come from orthodox muslim family but my parents supported me. Rubina says i wont choose partner who wont accept my dreams. Salman greets all, they leave.

Salman says one inmate will get evicted today, and its time for that. He connects call to house. Inmates greet him, Salman asks how was time with colors family? Swami says liked their love, Swami says your wrapping in her legs too, Swami says i wanted to touch her feet but my hands went little up, Salman asks how much up? Swami says just on knees, i wanted to go low in her feet, Salman says you didnt go that low? all laugh, Salman says you dont know how much low you can go, all laugh. Salman says one will get eliminated today. Salman says we will end nominations with balloons, there will water in balloons. One inmate will sit in activity area, i will give statements and inmates will tell if its lie or truth by showing placard. He asks Gaurav to go in activity area. Gaurav goes, he takes off his jacket and sits under water filled balloons. Salman says first statement is Gaurav is most diplomatic, all agree except Rohan and Rahul, balloons fall on him making him wet. Salman asks if Gaurav’s friendship with Bani is for convenience, all agree except Bani, Rohan and Rahul, Gaurav again gets wet with balloons, Salman says next statement is that Gaurav saves himself from sticky situations, all agree, Gaurav is drenched in water again. Salman says Gaurav backbite about Bani, Bani says no, majority dont agree with it, Salman says last statement is that Gaurav is scared of Priyanka, commoners agree, Gaurav is drenched in water again, all laugh.
Gaurav comes back after changing his shirt and comes. Salman next is Priyanka. Priyanka says dont lie. Priyanka sits under balloons, Salman says first statement is that Priyanka is jealous of M3, most agree, Priyanka gets wet with water, Salman wishes her birthday, she says i love you sir. Salman says next statement is that Priyanka fights with Rohan on personal issues deliberately, most agree, water falls on her. Salman says next statement is that Priyanka influences Manveer, Priyanka agrees herself, water falls on her. Salman says next statement is that Priyanka uses Swami like puppet, most dont agree. Salman says next statement that Priyanka’s friendship with Bani is strategy, inmates dont agree mostly, Bani says it was strategy in start but i dont know now. Salman says next statement is that today is Priyanka’s brithday, all laugh and agree, water falls on her. Salman asks Swami to help his daugher change clothes, he starts going, Salman laughs and says i was joking.
Salman says who deserves to be in house at this stage among Rahul, Lopa and Niti? Manu says Lopa should stay, Niti or Rahul can leave. Bani says i agree with Manu, its between Rahul and Niti to leave. Gaurav and Rohan says Niti will go. Salman says RAHUL IS ELIMINATED. Rahul says i am happy to leave. Rahul packs his stuff. Niti says its me, Salman is still on screen. Rahul starts leaving, Gaurav hugs him, Lopa cries in his arms, Rahul hugs Manveer, Rahul Rohan and Lopa who are crying, Rahul leaves. Manu and Manveer hugs Niti, she says i cant believe this, Manu spins her in his arms.
Lopa cries. Manveer hugs Niti and says i asked Karanvir to dance with you, she says really? he says i asked him to dance for you.
Bani says to Mona that this is bad day for Rohan and Lopa.
Rohan and Lopa are crying, Priyanka sings song around them. Gaurav says she is singing deliberately, Priyanka says it was my birthday and they drenched me in water, what happened? Gaurav says you are singing deliberately this song, Priyanka says i will sing another song, she sings and goes.
Niti says to Manu that Rahul was biggest celebrity of house, they salute Bigg boss.

On stage, Rahul comes on stage and hugs Salman. Salman says this is first man to be so happy to come in house, Rahul says i was done in first 3days, Salman says i want to show you something. Clip plays, Rahul’s journey is shown, his acts are shown, how Lokesh said that his presence doesnt matter, how danced with Gaurav as gay is shown, how Manu joked that he cut onions with care too, then how he snapped on Swami calling him potty, his friendship with Rohan is shown, how he called him son, clip ends. Rahul thanks him, Salman says its difficult to be calm in house, i dont know how you controlled this much in house, Rahul says even i dont understand, Salman says hope to work with you soon, Rahul leaves. Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- In task, different clips will be shown to inmates in booth. Mona is shown clip in which her boyfriend Vikrant says that Mona and Manu are too much cozy, Mona is hurt listening it. Rohan is shown clip. Manveer is shown clip in which Bani says to Gaurav that Manveer was hovering over Mona in bed and was on her four limbs going towards him, Gaurav says they are totally not brother and sister, Manver is angry seeing it. Manveer comes to Gaurav and says Bani and says welldone, you call yourself celebs? you have done TV for 10years and you have this much congested thinking? how can you say this about someone? Manu says i didnt expect this from you. Mona shouts on Gaurav. Gaurav shouts that i didnt say anything, Mona says you only shout on me but can actually do anything. Mona cries.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. so sad for Rohan….be strong….thanks biggboss for showing hina khan’s clip to Rohan…He really needs it….

    Some overacting fans said ill things about Rohan like he is puppet /under shadow of Lopa….Check today’s answers on Gaurav..his one and lopa’s one are different.actually lopa and bani answers are same for Gaurav..

    Rohan Mehra is one n only genuine contestant…so lucky to have a frirend/son/bf like him

    1. I miss that…what he said??

    2. ShriyaT

      I agree with u..rohan is cool…i support him??

  2. Finally Rahul dev evicted.Nitibha kab evict ho gi?Iss swami ji full pagal hain.Actually woh chahti Keya hain?Rahul & nitibha most inactive inmates of Bigg boss house.i m just wondering,woh loog itni din kaise survive kaar liya?Mujhe toh laga Tha Ki woh dono pehli 1/2 week Mai evict ho jayegi.Priyanka jagga & lopa overacting Ki dukan.Priyanka ek baat sach kahi hain Ki lopamudra make up Ki dukan.She looks scary without makeup.I just waiting for imam siddique.Sab Ki thoda thoda band bajayegi woh.Colors serial actors aakar episode ko thoda pakaya.I don’t like that.Last week comedy nights Ki all members & Amir lustig aayi Thi bohot maza aaya Tha.Especially Krishna & bharti Ki act & amir Ki electrically shock denewala act was superb..Now a days bigg boss Ki haar weekend bakwas ho gayi.

  3. i will miss you rahul….

  4. Hey , I m new to this and these is my opinion and my views.
    I hate that stupid Priyanka and that irritating and characterless Om ji.
    Don’t know why they want such useless characters in the show. Editors are giving maximum footage to M3 and their b*t*hing about celebs. But if we watch VOOT videos then its clearly seen that the fun celebrities have is much better and entertaining. According to me Lopa, Bani, Rohan, Manu and Manveer or Gaurav are the top 5.

  5. Do play secret room clip where manu was talking about manveer, plz show manu’s dual face to manveer

  6. Today’s episode was a waste of time. Why the hell do the bring that Moni again and again!! And now they have invited more of Colours serial actors.
    Lopa as usual does not admit her mistake. Priyanka is the only one that can put her in place.
    Nitibha needs a reality check big time. Its impossible that she would have got more votes than Rahul Dev. She got saved as she part of M3 group and giving more content than Rahul Dev.
    Manveer is getting angry on Bani after watching that video and when he was b*t*hing about Mona so many times that did not matter.
    Mona should be more worried about her bf comment rather than what bani said. Her bf saying something about her on national tv that must def be more upsetting!!
    Why the hell is manu getting angry? He sent mona and gaurav in the jacuzzi and was commenting of her. Whats his problem now?

    1. Agree with you. Bani should not have said that. Its not right. But Manveer Nithiba and Priyanka are repeatedly seen criticising Mona’s character, even Manu does not have much respect for her. When Manveer is participating in such gossips, Gaurav is right he does not respect her like his sister or else he would not have tolerated such remarks. He I think is angry because the conversation is putting him in wrong light. Blaming him for having feelings for so called Manu’s girl.

  7. This eviction was totally pre planed n unfare,most humble n real person is out of the show

    1. Absolutely right mahima feeling sad for rahul dev my favorite contestant so humble and nice now rohan bcz he is also humble

  8. Agree. Hopefully this week nitibha is out.

  9. OMG the precap…i am freaking out…

    1. Sophie mam my intuition power say’s you are from aus bcz of your writing style because i like aus cricket team specially Ricky ponting

  10. Boring epi…rahul evicted unfair [email protected] hez better than niti started thinking tat shez big star z making money through voting nothing more than that.. so bb tommorrow again shown bani’s video to manveer to create drama n get her nominated as everythng was gone well wid her ths week n no1 would hav been nominated her..itz juz a trick f bb to get her into nomination to make money through voting as shez having huge fan following than any1 else in the house..n i thnk ths show z fully scripted i understood it by observing specially last 2 seasons…so i never voted anyone through SMS n done oly online voting..why simply wasting money..n this manu shouting like seriously he himself b*t*hed abt mona n manveer in secret room n now shouting @ bani n gaurav…

  11. Show manu’s dual face to Mona & manveer..
    Bani is such a cheap… She is used to say curse words to everyone.. Its showing her upbringing & values… She is such a cheap girl…
    Most genuine person of the house got evicted… Will miss u rahuldev ?

  12. This is my 1st comment. Hello everyone. I dont know why people like bani much. But I feel that Lopa is genuine and a very good, fair and strong contenstant. She is really a strong girl emotionaly, mentally and physically. But Bani appears weak in all terms. She has more expectations from people rather showing her own strength and stand. She is used to abuse people all around and a self centered girl. She is second Mandana Karimi. but till date I have never seen Lopa back b*t*hing about anybody. whatever she has she says on face of peple. That shows her guts. If Lopa wud have been in the task with Priyanka dn she wud hv got evicted in 1st week itself. m sorry to Bani’s Followers. But luv u Lopa and Rohan. I strongly feel these two are genuine people in the house. Either of them sud win the show. My prayers are wid u… Lopa rocks..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Will Miss u Rahul Sir…

    1. Hello miss/mr. Lips with full of respect you don’t need to be sorry to bani’s follower’s bcz i am one of them actually bani looking weak in all terms bcz she is nice and real its ok everyone abuse to other’s on face or off face but sorry to say lopa is very selfish and prone to fight type girl thinks about herself only and in any task she does fight only and no offence my friend it is my opinion and i would be v happy if bani or gaurav/rohan wins this season

      1. Kp i like your way of talking very nice no use of abuse bcz i read daily all of your comments but you are child my boy bcz lopa is way better than bani she is only know about abusing every one bani is 100% unreal and dhongi i want to win lopa rock lopa yaaahuuu

    2. I totally agree with you. Lopa and rohan, whatever they have to say, they say it directly in the face. They dont backbite anyone, and they do admit what they said. They dont lie that they didnt say that or they didnt do this. Remember lopa had said openly admitted that she votrd against bani. But bani was showing that she did wrong by voting in favour of lopa against using jail washroom. It is gud that truth of voting came out. And mona also voted against bani and was showing as if she did not and was trying to confront nitibha who actually didnt vote against her. Bani is really weak, b*t*hing about others and loosing every task till date. Mona is really a shameless girl who just take the support of any strong men in the house to remain in the house. She is very clever and always escaped nominations. Gaurav is such a fake guy. And manu is also not anyones friend. He is playing very cleverly and with planned strategy. Lastly the pee company , i dont want to spoil my mood talking about them. Yuck, what fuss he was making on lopa’s comment. And he proved her right by getting hold of ada khan’s legs. Really disgusting guy.

  13. Manu exit hua tb mona and gaurav was close..jacuzzi task mein woh khud ka name liya and was saying ki lopa ko safe kiya omji se..manveer nitiba ke saath tha and manveer was blaming mona too and supporting nitibha..gaurav hi tha mona ko support karne. manu agaya wapas tb mona gaurav ko ooltah blaming..y can’t bigg boss show manveer and manu video..everything us fixed here..

  14. Now on Sunday” weekend keh vaar” it seems like we wanted to see bigg boss,at that time another program starts in between.
    Rather than introducing color’s serials or promos, or comedy shows it is better to make bigg boss to be six days a week and one day to be prefered for promos only,because in Sundays the bigg boss tag is used but we have to tolerate other characters as a punishment instead of it. Very sad to hear that rahul is evicted, it is seen that he is less entertaining ,but at least I think he was better than nitibah.
    Bani always talks about friendship and she also says that she is loyal to it but this time it looked bad,when she supported against gaurav in” villain ka kursi” whereas gaurav always tries his level best to support her even when she is wrong. He does make some arguments with her to make her under stand and mend her mistakes, it is the true definition of friendship because good friend will show you the right path. But that does not mean you will misunderstand him. Yes he himself also makes mistake as he is a human. If she is a real friend she might understand him too. The way she made him villain was really not worthy watching as friends will have arguments but will also save each other as well. Friendship do not mean that only one will do and the other will just misunderstand just in an excuse that she expects much and he don’t fulfill. The friendship of rohan and lopa could be a example because bothtries to understand eeach other and so they are friends.
    Hope next week we will witness nitibah’s eviction.

  15. Lopa & Rohan.. luvv u guyyss..
    so sad tat Rahul went off.:(
    is Niti se toh better hi the vo. atlst v wud fangirl on him. but is niti ka kyaa achaaar daale.. so disgustin big boss
    Luvv uh lopaa.. hope u win the show orwise Rohan.. :*

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