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Bigg Boss 10 17th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 62
Salman says there is one rule of friendship no thank you no sorry. What can you tell this man who is confused about friendship.
Gaurav says sorry to Bani says don’t say that. Gaurav wears a jacket with a sticky note on back saying I am sorry. Everyone says so cute. Bani says sorry for what? Camera? it’s useless.

Salman says Mannu is back in house. This mannu is different.
Mannu says to Manveer you are so famous, you are like B to Bigg boss. If you and Bani are going somewhere out people would give you more attention. Mannu says to Bani I really love.

Salman says Priyanka came back too. The twist is her so called father who used to cry for her is now crying because of her.
Priyanka comes back. Swami welcome her. Priyanka shoves him and says

I have never seen a dirtier man than you. Swami says yes I am dirty. Om starts crying. Manveer tries to console him. He says my head hurts.
Salman says not sure who should get drama queen award, daughter or father.

Weekend ka waar
Salman comes to stage and welcomes everyone. He says the song “bahar says koi andar na aa saky” its fit for bigg boss house but not for last some days. Because jason had to leave because of stomach problems and Mannu and Priyanka came back in.
your celebrities from colors family are coming here because celebrations have already started. This week nominated are, Manveer, Rahul, Nitibha, Lopa and Bani. let’s go inside house and see.
Salman asks everyone how are you all? They say good. Salman says the Tux looks so good. Welcome back Mannu. Are you good? he says yes. Salman says its sad to hear about your mother. Our condolences are with you. Wherever she is her blessings are with you. Mannu says thank you sir. Salman says how you feel after coming back? Mannu says I feel better. Salman says you did better by coming. Mannu says yes I feel distracted and better. Salman says what you feel different here? He says some of my friends had issues. now everything is fine. Salman says whats written on the T shirt? He says its M3 written on our shirts. Manny Manveer and mona. Salman says you planned to stay together? They say definitely.

Salman says you look lovely Bani. She says thank you. Salman says maybe this is reflection of Lopa. Bani says possible. Salman says looking nice Lopa. She says thanks. SAlman says what happened to your hand? Bani says it got injured during the task. Salman says that’s Lopa’s reflection too. Bani says according to her it was my mistake. Salman says mistake reminds me of.. he laughs. Salman says should I take name? They all point at Gaurav. Salman says G for ghalti, G for gaurav. Salman says Gaurav you got a reward of date. You said if it was in second or third week it would have been good because more choices. Whom are you taking on date? He says Bani. Salman says how lovely Bani. Salman says so gaurav said if it was second or third week he would have gone with Lokesh. If not her then whom? bani says could be anyone. Could be Mona. Gaurav says no no. Mona says Akanksha. Salman says so you prefer them over bani? Gaurav says not at all. salman says lets go on a double date I with Bani and you with lokesh. Bani says done. Gaurav says I would stay quite. Salman says now we see whats in your heart. your acting couldn’t hide your love. Lokesh see.

Salman says Omji.. Forget what happened and tell us headlines of the week. Om says breaking news, Lopa accused Swami om and said I see her with bad eyes and at places where I shouldn’t see. And this is a lie. Lopa accused me and this makes all our community offended. My height is short so I could look till where I could. My eyes are always down. I said you are looking good. Salman says so people who have low height can’t see stars and trees? Om says so if I look up while talking to Lope it would look awkward. My eyes are always down. She said i see her with dirty eyes? Salman says what does that mean? Om says that I see her with s*xual gaze. Lopa says yes I said that but not about every man. I said that about you. Om says you used that word where I look at you. Salman says she didn’t say that. She said she doesn’t like it the way you see her. Om says if she wears clothes that makes her feel this way, she can wear better clothes. Salman says okay that’s what you are saying? That her clothes are responsible. Should you be having control over your eyes? Om says I have control over my eyes. Salman says her clothes are her choice. You have to change your mentality. The more you speak the more you drown in this. Manveer says you should be quite. Salman says your mentality is wrong. Thats what we all think. Om says there are no sins in my heart. Salman says yes she is doing the sin.. You are just.. Mannu says seeing the height. Salman says I think you need wife and kids in this life and there is nothing wrong with it. He says yes i am preparing for my swembarg. Everyone laughs. Lopa says yes colors will telecast baba’s swembarg. Salman says I wanna see how many girls will be there. Do you have girlfriend? He says they are like my sisters. Salman says no in a way you feel something? Om says no I don’t feel anything. Salman says is there somee fault? He says I can’t tell you that on screen.
Salman says Lopa congrats you distracted his mind. She says I traveled in his mind and lowered down his gaze. congrats on captaincy. you played really well. Salman says so to be eliminated are: Ranveer, Nitibha, Rahul, Lopa and Bani. one by one you tell the name that should be sitting on the chair. Om says I have the name. Salman says lets starts,

Rohan: He says Priyanka. Because she gets very personal. This happened with Lopa.
Gaurav: He says I think Lopa because she chose me for a punishment. She was in a difficult position I understand but I really dont have another name, Its really small thing though.

Om: He says of course, Lope because she is unjust. Salman says yes yes your explained.

Priyanka: She says Lopa because when I interfered in the task. I just poured water. Lopa says boiling hot water.

Bani: Bani says Gaurav because of what he did with me during nominations. I felt really bad about it.

Lopa: She says Priyanka. The way she behaves with everyone. She is very rude and she does personal comments.

Rahul: He says that incident where she poured water, Priyanka.

Nitibha: She says villain this week is Bani. I thought she is a good friend. She gave my name in nominations and said now I will give the actual name.

manveer: He says Gaurav. He made a group in nomination. He planned something there.

Mona: She says I think Gaurav, during nominations. I don’t know whats right and whats wrong.

Mannu: He says I didn’t notice everyone but I would say gaurav.

Salman says Gaurav you are on Khalnayak chair. Salman says comfortable? He says very. Salman says what happened during nominations? What was your plan with rahul? None of us got it. Gaurav says I think it is shallow. No one knows what happened but you are nominating. you didn’t listen when he tried to explain. There was no plan it was a thought which came form an emotional moment for me and Rahul as well. That in the beginning when we had a team, it made a bonding for us. I hugged them all and said whatever has happened this is it I am gonna stand by you. Salman says which 3 people did you you wanna save? He says Rahul, Lopa, Bani, Rohan, and Mona. Mona says liar. Priyanka says I saw the secret room. Salman says what you saw? priyanka says i saw he made the list it had mona’s name. Gaurav says I went to mona and said I didn’t wanna nominate you. Gaurav says did I nominate you? Mona says you said something different at night. Salman says this whole problem is because he didn’t nominate you. But bani what was the plan when Gaurav came to you? bani says I am hearing this all first time now. Rahul says he said that he will stand by us. Bani says he said that to me, that he will stand by me. He can promise something like that to just one person in a show like that. Gaurav says it was just an emotion it was not a promise.
Salman says what names did he take? Bani says Manveer monaa. Priyna says Mona was in the list. bani says he wanted to save us all I had no idea. Bani says I wanted to show him that I won’t nominate him. I wanted to see if he will nominate mona or not. but he didn’t.
Salman says you expect a lot. Bani says you confuse me a lot. Gaurva says small things change the meaning to things. Salman says you said to bani blow nitibha’s balloon I will blow Mona’s. Then when you changed the plan? He says I don’t remember. Bani says he said. Nitibha says he said I won’t blow girl’s balloons. Salman says gaurav you threw bani in trash and you are safe yourself. Gaurav says I am fine if I can be part of nomination. It doesn’t matter to me. Nitibha says it matters to us. Gaurav says it was not something planned. Manveer says we are not fools. Gaurav says did you listen to me when I called everyone. Salman says Grauav how did you expect that someone would nominate someone would nominate and the other person won’t take the revenge? If bani blows nitibha’s balloon Nitibha would do the same. Gaurav says this is why I talked to nitibha. How can I guarantee that if I ask people to nominate me and they won’t. Priyanka says Gaurav was confused in the end. He thought bani would feel alone. I would go and say to everyone to nominate me. Gaurav says I was going to people asking them to nominate me. Manveer says Gauravw as using bani. I told nitibha to get ready. When bani the game changed. Bani realized what happened.
Salman says where is your brain bani? She says its out on a walk maybe. Salman says bring him back. SAlman says trust me is the easiest thing to say. You trust and expect too much.

Gaurav says to Rahul out of all the people the one I did all this for is blaming me?
Manveer says Garuav came to everyone and said it was Rahul’s plan. Bani says it was actually Rahul’s plan. Rahul says gaurav started. Manveer says I said that I wanted to save two people myself and Gaurav.

Salman says everyone was telling their choices. but someone else had the control. Mannu and priyanka were in secret room and deciding things. Mannu told you your meters weren’t working. but they were.
Salman says lets, bani should be stopped from using Gym. He shows the names. Rahul, om, mona, lopa said yes. Bani says I am shocked to see Rahul’s name. Salman says you were talking to gaurav all week and now this. Everyone laughs. Salman says gaurav relax its no big deal. Gaurav says thing is intention wasn’t wrong.

Salmna says who two should use jaccuzi for half an hour? Om and lopa were chosen by Gaurav nitibha and manveer while rest voted for Mona and Gaurav.

Next question Lopa will only use jail bathroom. Om and Bani voted yes. Lopa says better I see. Salman says why you said you said no? Bani says I was talking about jaccuzi. Its about hygienic reason.
Salman says again about captaincy. The ring task, lopa showed most senses. Om says when she was hugggin manveer that wasn’t wrong? sAlman says no one felt that wrong. Stop saying that.

Salman takes the call. Salman says whats your name? He says Mohit. He says I want to ask om ji, he woke up at 5 and hid a fruit basket in washroom and pretended that he was on hunger strike. Everyone laughs. He says we heard you went there and ate fruits. om says that wasn’t eating. caller says you were eating after every half an hour. Om says its your imagination. Mohit says bani is playing really good. bani says thank you. salman says ijmji you are fooling everyone. Mannu says I cant understand this man.

Salman says if you could transfer your punish to someone who would you do it? Priyank says rohan. Salman says we cant do anything about that. but Om ji would be give a hammper with his favorite things. Manveer brings it and laughs. It has an apple. There are two spoons. There are toilet papers. He says Lopa would know about it she would throw it on them. There are perfumes and body gels. Manveer says very well. Everyone laughs.

Salman says bani there is something special special for you. Its bani’s sisters video message. She says you are playing very well. Don’t be sad that makes mom sad as well. You said you will meet me at the end of the show. You can survive. Just be happy and I love you. bani cries. Manveer and Mannu hug her. Bani says she never spoke this much hindi. salman says you are safe bani. Stay happy now.

Everyone comes back home.
Manveer and Mannu bring apple from bathroom and say everyone come here who wants apples. bani says he is so strange. Lopa says this is too much. Mannu says what a drama he is. Lopa says if you take food from kitchen I won’t allow that. Mannu says he won’t enter the kitchen. Om says I will enter who can stop me. Lopa says the food is for the people of this house. you won’t take it anywhere now.
Mona is crying. Mannu asks what happened? She says Mannu they could send me. manbeer says don’t cry like kids.

Lopa says its obvious she would feel bad. Priyanka says she took her own name. Priyanka says Mannu said mona thinks she is sunny leone. Nitniba says why is she crying now?

Salman says says good bye to everyone.

Precap-salman welcomes all the celebrities from colors family. Swamiya says I will ask you questions about shows? She asks what was simar made? bee? Robot? Bear? He says I will call my mom. Thats the helpline. Salman will become part of daily soap. All the colors family will go house. Swamiya dances on naagan dance with Om. Salman says one of you has to leave this house. Rohul, rohan,Lopa and nitibha.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. rahul is evicted guys, so sad

    1. Yes sarayu its v sad because rahul was my favorite after bani

  2. HI,thanq 4 ur update.but i think it has some request is to pls check it once while u post it

  3. atleast every one truth came out and some problems are solved by salman ???

  4. Y rohan is nominated

  5. And this baba my god fruits in the toilet/bathroom haha

    and simran i thought you would be the caller of the week iss chakkar mai pura epi dekh dala haha

    1. ya kp Maine apni entry toh bhej di hai . but ab un logo pr hai wo hi decide karte hai k kon hoga caller of week .I was unlucky this time . but I will keep trying

  6. Srii


    1. Srii

      Nice episode. Rahul is evicted this week. Feel sad for him . One of the most sensible contestant. I don’t understand how nitiba secured more votes than Rahul. And I don’t know how long should we tolerate her and her quanky diction. ??. Bani you my all time favourite. Love you and your attitude . You are real unlike others.

  7. I hate nitibha salman k Jane k baad boli k gaurav ki planing k wajah se m eliminate ho jaungi . I dont know ise samj ku nhi aa rha k abhi toh isne irritate karna shuru kiya hai bb usko elimnete Ku karenge . bb toh unko nikalte hai jo sabse km irritate karte hai . mujhe abhi tak yaken nhi ho RHA k karan ko lokesh se bhi km votes mile the its impossible . karan has huge fan following like rohan ,bani and gaurav . jis din inhone rohan ko nikala (i will not be shocking bcz hamri votes ki koi value nhi hai )us din se m bb dekhna hi band or dungi ( I know its very difficult but…). I will never give any single vote for anyone else. inko toh hamari voting se koi fark nhi padta . elimnate toh inki marzi se hi hoge

    1. Very good comment simran that’s why i like you very much here excellent obsvervation i also think voting by audience doesn’t effect to result of eviction

      and exams mai nakal (cheating) karti ho tum? Haha

      1. sach bolu toh………. little bit cheating toh chalti hai . frndz se hint vgera le leti hoon but aur kuch nhi karti. u know I am very intelligent and brilliant student . m bhut achi bachi hoon ……… hehehahahahhhhaaaaaaaaa. ab aap bhi btao kya aap cheating karte ho (chuth mat bolna Ku ki chuth bole kauya Kate , kale kauye se driooooo….. hehehahahahahahahah)

      2. I am still laughing hard simran but i am intelligent than you haha actually boy’s cheating nahi karte girls cheating bahut zayada karti hai kyuki teacher’s girls ko check nahi karte haha

      3. kp I think aisa nhi hai . boys cheeting toh karte hai pr pakde nhi jate Ku ki full experience hota hai na unhe

    2. I feel voting doesn’t matter…if it was the case, karan would not have eliminated.. every one knows he had a huge fan base…n of course at least more than lokesh…it is just that he and Rahul are genuine and sensible people who don’t make arguments and issues or fights… which are essential for bb… so they deliberately eliminated them…
      People who would stay back will be manu,mona manveer as they have managed to give contents through masti, friendship and arguments…
      and lopa,gaurav and bani as they too manage to give contents and fights…
      And swami and jagga… doesn’t matter whether people like them or not, as per bb, they are making arguments,curses and nonsense talks…so they will be retained….
      Final 8 are mona,manveer, manu, gaurav, bani,lopa,swami and jagga….

  8. nice part was fizzy called..loved his kind words to bani u bani ♥

  9. “Ape jab bath karrahi thi mane interfere nahi kiya”. Lopa See how annoying it is when somebody keeps inturupting ur comments. What were u doing at the press conference with BANI….. it was really disgraceful of u to do that and very immature. I use to like u but b3cuase of ur behaviour lately now i only like Rohan.

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      absolutely right bang on…when she was interfering during bani’s press conference no one stopped her and now saying don’t interpret when I m talking…same thing she did during her captaincy task when bani got hurt …but giving lecture to gaurav about insantiyat. ..she is double faced …I don’t like her……..that’s why bani is best she is carefree.……love bani…

  10. same scripted weekdays…M3 b*t*hing,plannkng and plotting,Gaurbani fights…..

    same Scripted Weekends……Bash Gaurav,Om ….ignore ROHAN MEHRA..

    Praise Bani,M2 a/c to BB script
    praise Lopa as she is salman’s fav…

    Heights of unbiasedness…..karan mehra,Rahul,Sahil got more votes still they got evicted bcoz its a d grade show they want cheap people like M2,swami,jagga…..

    till now M2 never won any task….just do b*t*hing,supports swami,jagga..

    itna entertainment they r giving thats y its a flop show …no TRPs….still u want Bani as winner …M2 in TOP 3….cheap b*ch boss

    1. Bhavana you have very strong bhavanai..get it
      Sorry if it sounds rude
      You have a lovely name ❤

  11. i feel like rating the contestants on how nice they are:
    1 being very unreal and ten being very real
    Lopa – 7
    Rohan – 8
    Gaurav – 8
    Manu – 9/10
    Mona – 8
    Bani – 8
    Rahul – 9
    Priyanka – 3
    Om ji – 1
    Nitiba – 3
    I havn’t given anyone 1 because i hate them and 10 because I like them
    I am basically just being very real
    Personally my favorite contestants are Ban, Gaurav and M3
    I absoultly hate Omji, Pryinka and Lopa
    Sorry if I hurt anybody..
    Share your view
    Comment below if you agree or disagree

    1. Actually sophie i like your observation but i want to change someone ratings plz don’t mind

      bani- 9
      omji- -1(minus)
      lopa- 3
      rohan- 9
      jagga- 1
      manu- 5 and rest all are gd
      and my favorite are bani and guarav after rahul evicted

      1. Om ji minus one…ahahahah…agreed dear..

  12. I luv this show very much and i love bani very. She is my favourite contestant and rohan. I am huge fan of him and her. I love them both and they both r playing very well in the game.

  13. I hate this season ,had h us priyanka n baba ne to nautanki macha rakhi h phr bhi unhe itti priority diya ja raha

  14. Kash yeh omji jaldi se out ho jaye. Or unki so called beti priyanka bhi eliminate hoy jaye .

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