Bigg Boss 10 16th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 16th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 61
Inmates wake up to song ‘fizz song’. Lopa and Swami dances. Lopa hugs Gaurav.
Manveer says to Manu that i was worried that Lopa’s hnd would get hurt if i snatch it, Manu says everything would have been fine later. Mona tells Swami how Lopa snatched ring from Manveer. Swami says she will put me in jail. Swamiji condemns Manveer’s defeat and calls him ‘Kamzor’(weak) instead of ‘Bahubali’(strong), Manveer says dont mess with me in morning, Swami says it was ten miuntes fight, you did wrong, Manveer says we cant snatch everything, Swami says you could have fought if she wanted fight.

Manveer tells Bani that i slept for a minute, Bani says its okay. Manveer says i asked Lopa to be careful, Bani says she was blaming me for

getting hurt myself, Manveer says i had argument with her. She has big nails, Bani says i know, winning is not that important for me, she can win, Manveer says i want to take good relation form this house.

Bani says to Gaurav that i want to leave from here, Gaurav says i have understood one thing, i won’t be able to survive inside the house if she gets evicted. Bani says really? repeat Gaurav Chopra, Gaurav says it would be difficult for me without you here, i realised it now more, Bani says your bigg boss journey will be random without me then why did you make me get nominated, Gaurav says i was stupid, Bani says i am waiting what Salman will say, i will wear black for you get scolded by him, Gaurav laughs.

Bigg Boss asks Lopa to choose any five contestants who she wants to punish supported by a valid reason. Lopa says those who should be punished are Swami as he make us loose luxury budget, Swami says it was Rajul’s fault too, he could have taken me anywhere, Rahul says then you would have said that i am trying to kill you. Lopa says second name is Priyanka as she is rude, she made task difficult for me, i was hurt personally, Swami says its Priyanka who is feeding food to everyone today, Manveer says Ms Dhoni untold story, please shut up, let her talk. Lopa says third is Gaurav as he made my points get caught in task, fourth is Bani as her behavior after loosing task was humiliating, Bani says person react if they get injured, Lopa says even i got injured, Bani says i even saved you when Priyanka was throwing water on her, Priyanka says Lopa is unfair for punishing people for doing tasks, Swami says she is taking revenge, Rahul hugs him and asks him to control. Lopa says fifth name is Niti, she is strong to take punishment, she will try to understand my situation, she is my good friend, Niti looks on surprised, Swami says criminals get punished but not enemies.

Priyanka tells Bani that she will show Lopa what revenge is when time comes for her, Bani says show her. Priyanka says we are friends as our enemy is same.
Priyanka says to Lopa that i didnt throw water on your eyes, i threw water on your face, i wanted to show your real face to people, he also calls Lopa ‘make up ki dukaan aur meetha pakvaan’ pointing towards her makeup addiction. Lopa says go away, Rohan says dont say like this to her, Lopa says even Salman said that i look best without makeup, Priyanka says i wish people can see your reality, we can reality in morning, Rohan says she is beautiful all the time, Niti says dont pass personal comments, Lopa says you cant take answers, Lopa says i can answer you but me being captain is my revenge against you, Lopa says i cant stoop to your level, dont talk to me, i have represented my country, girls like cant even stand in auditions, i dont care about your comments, Priyanka says you are made up of makeup.

Manveer says to Priyanka that dont comment like this, Priyanka says you cant stop me, Lopa called me to have split personality disorder.
Rohan says to Rahul that Manveer doesnt stand. Lopa says she is cheap, she has no character.
Manu says to Niti that its good that Lopa was roasted.
Rohan says to Lopa that dont justify to her.

Bigg Boss gives Priyanka, Om Swami, Bani, Gaurav, and Nitibha a chance to turn their punishment into a reward. Five chosen housemates are asked to stand in the garden area in front of 5 cylinders and grab a gift that pops out of it following a blast. If they become successful in grabbing the gift, they get an exemption from the punishment and also the gift that they are entitled to. by grabbing gift boxes that will pop out of a cylinder following a blast. All five contestants are asked to stand in front of 5 different cylinders and wait for their turn.

All punished inmates are standing in line, Swami says bigg boss start with Niti so we can have rehearsal. Niti’s cylinder blasts, Niti runs and catches her gift relieving herself from punishment, she hugs Lopa. Swami says i prayed and bigg boss listened.
Niti gets a handwritten letter from her mother as a reward. She says bigg boss i love you. Manveer hugs her. Rohan hugs her. Manveer says this is good punishment. Niti says today is my mother’s birthday, thank you bigg boss for sending this letter.

Gaurav’s cylinder blasts, Next one to grab the box is Gaurav. He opens box and a chance to go on a date with a girl contestant of his choice. He chooses Bani and announces that he will go on a ‘friendly date’ with her. Bani says food, food, food. Manu says i would have taken Manveer’s name for date. Gaurav says to Mona that we dont have much options now, Niti says you have options too? Gaurav says i could choose anyone for date. Gaurav says if i got this chance in first week then i would have chosen anyone.

Swami’s cylinder blasts, Swami is holding his shirt and is distracted so he looses his gift and was not able to catch it. He says its okay, i was busy in talking so i couldnt catch it. Manveer opens his gift and reads that he could have gotten gift hamper. Manu says give him hamper, oldie would get happy. Niti says to Swami that you got immunity and thats best gift. i got message from mom but what is get evicted tomorrow?

Bani’s cylinder pops up, she gets scared listening blast and is not able to catch her gift. She looses her chance. Bani opens her gift and says she could have gotten video message, she gets sad. Manu says this is to make you more strong Bani. Bani says it was video message from family.
Manu says to Priyanka that stay little away from cylinder as you will get scared when it blasts and keep ready, Priyanka does it.
Manveer says to Manu that Bani is not able to pass any task, Manu says she is little dull.
Bani is little sad. Gaurav says aww. Manu says this will make you more strong, only 40days more.

Swami asks Priyanka to be alert. Priyanka moves away from cylinder seeing it blast and is not able to catch her gift. Swami says gift didnt fly in air, this is unfair bigg boss. Bani opens her gift and reads that she could have transferred her punishment to anyone. Manveer says her gift didnt fly in air, how could she catch it? Bani says we had to get punished, Priyanka leaves being angry. Swami says give Priyanka’s punishment to me too, i am ill but i will take her punishment. Manveer asks him to stop it.
Lopa says to Rahul that God is seeing everything, Rohan says Priyanka’s gift didnt fly an inch. Swami says to Lopa that give Bani and Priyanka’s punishment to me too. Priyanka says dont talk about me, i would say ill words for you, Swami says you punish me too. Rahul says he was saying positive for you, Priyanka says dont listen his to him saying my name, Swami says you cant stop me.

Lopa is asked to put two contestants in jail while the third one is required to hold a placard with ‘Lopa, I am sorry’ written on it and shadow Lopa for the entire time, Lopa snickers hearing it. Swami says i have already put things in jail, Lopa asks Swami and Bani to go in jail and Priyanka to hold the placard. Swami says this is bigger punishment than being in jail to be with Bani, Bani doesnt talk to me, she is sister of my daughter. Swami goes to jail. Bani refuses to share jail space with Swamiji because of the comments he made about her mother. Lopa says dont talk to him simple, Bani says he will try to talk to me, Bani says i wont go to jail with him, i would have gone with anyone, Lopa says i went with him to jail too, he said ill about my family too, Bani says i have only my mother, She tells Lopa that she will roam around with ‘Lopa, I am sorry’ placard but won’t go to jail with Swami under any circumstances, understand what i am saying, this is no argument, i wont go, Priyanka says i wont go to jail too.
Swami says Lopa is bringing down peace of house.
Lopa says to Priyanka that you have to carry placard, she says i am not carrying it, Lopa says go to jail then, Priyanka says i am not going.
Lopa says she has to do one punishment. Manu says send Priyanka and Bani to jail and give placard to Swami, Lopa says so punishment will be for me as he will be behind me, it would be punishment for me. Priyanka says you are stuck now. Lopa says bring placard and roam behind me, Priyanka says talk with respect, Lopa says you dont deserve more respect than this.
Swami is in jail and says i am target, i am winner of bigg boss so they are behind me. Lopa comes to him and says promise me to not irritate any girl in jail with you, Swami says if Bani comes here theni wont let anyone sleep at night, Lopa says Priyanka doesnt want to come in jail with you, Swami says its your problem, if Bani comes in jail then i wont let her sleep, i would irritate her, Lopa says you will go to Lonavala jail then, he says i dont care, i have no one to cry for me.

Lopa says to Priyanka that i am uncomfortable with Swami roaming behind me, he looks cheaply and i wouldnt be able to go to washroom, Priyanka says i have no problem with placard but did you forget about your family? Lopa says i didnt, Swami did it with me before Bani, Priyanka says i hate myself when Swami takes my name, i have no issue with taking placard but think about Bani and his words, Bani’s mother has cancer, think about it, Lopa says i understand her sentiments, i have lived in jail with Swami, Priyanka says we both are ready to roam with placard but not share jail with him, cant you put me and Bani in jail? give placard to Swami, Lopa says i cant roam with Swami tailing behind, Priyanka says okay ask Bani to roam with placard, i will go in jail.
Priyanka says to Swami that Lopa is saying you look at her with bad eyes so she cant give you placard, Swami says she is saying rubbish, she is saying that i look at her *****, should i comment about her too? Rahul leaves hearing it. Priyanka says Lopa is saying she is not safe with him tailing behind her, Manu says Swami is clean in that matter.

Manveer asks Lopa that should you stoop low to Swami? why you are saying that he looks at you with bad eyes? Lopa says i am uncomfortable with him, i wouldnt like him going to washroom with me, i would prefer a girl, Swami says i didnt do anything, Lopa says i asked you many times to look in my eyes, Swami says i am not a bad man, i never eyed any girl with bad eyes.

Priyanka says i wont go to jail with Swami, i have come from secret room, i wont do all this, Lopa says you didnt feel sorry when you did acts? Priyanka says i have not come to see your dirty acts. Bigg boss says Swami, Bani and Priyanka should follow punishments of Lopa. Bani says i wont go to jail. Swami says to Rahul that i wouldnt eat anything. Bani says to Lopa that i will follow your punishment, you know reason for me not going to jail with him, if you want me to hold placard, i will do it rightnow, Lopa says hold placard, let them go to jail, Priyanka says i wont go to jail, Lopa says Swami go with your daughter to jail. Bani brings placard saying ‘Lopa, i am sorry’. Rohan says let Bani do it, she is doing it happily. Bani sits near Lopa with placard, Lopa says this woman is mad, i dont want her do it, cant she see, Lopa starts weeping seeing Bani holding placard.

Priyanka and Swami comes to jail. Bani is holding placard behind Lopa. Gaurav gives food to Priyanka and Swami in jail. Swami says i wont eat till Lopa doesnt apologize for alleging me wrongly, Manu says she will apologize, she knows tomorrow is weekend, Swami says i will throw food. Manu says say sorry to him, Lopa says why should i say sorry? Swami says you blamed me for cheap act which i didnt do, he throws food on garden, Manu says cant you see sorry to him for once? Lopa says why should i? Gaurav then why giving him food? Lopa says this is my work, Swami says she said i look at her *****, Lopa says i didnt use this word, this man is so cheap, i cant stand here, he is filthy. Bani is following Lopa.

Lopa is weeping hugging Rahul, Rahul says dont take stress, she says i want to go home, i cant do this anymore, Gaurav says be strong and leaves. Lopa says my strength is different, i cant do it, Rahul says people are jealous, that you are captain, you are dong good, people are insecure, they are all against you but if you do this then they will take you down, Salman is fair man, he will take your side, dont worry, Lopa says people are saying i got captaincy in charity, i worked hard for it, Rahul says you have come here to get till end, forget everything.

Bigg boss announces that Swami, Priyanka and Bani are free from punishment now. He asks Lopa to free Swami and Priyanka from jail. Lopa opens jail and says welcome back. Swami and Priyanka leaves jail.

<br /n
PRECAP- Salman says to Gaurav that in nominations, you portrayed yourself nice and pushed Bani in battle, Bani says he promised me to stand by me till end, he tried to save all, i dont whether he wanted to save me or not. Gaurav says what would i gain from all that? Niti says you are not nominated, this is biggest gain, Manveer says why you were leading them? Gaurav says did you listen whole conversation? this is ridiculous. Colors actors like Karana Bohra, Rubina Dilak, Adaa Khan will come in house. Adaa dances like snake with Swami, Swami grabs her waist, she screams at suddenness. Inmates are gievn scene where Bani will act like innocent heroine and Gaurav as hero, Lopa as vamp, Gaurav acts like dying, Bani act like breaking her bangles. Nagin show heroine Mouni Roy will dance on stage with others.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Seriously.. I’m nt going to watch bb anymre. We all knw who is going 2 b d will b bani. Bt personally i thnk wo itna deserving nhi hai. People call her rahul n even rohan are also real. Bt they don’t get d attentn like bani. People say she doesnt talk behind their back bt yet she talks abt gaurv in frnt of jason manveer n also abt lopa. People say she is yet she nevr won a task, always walks out on people n situation she can’t handle, complain abt it n go 2 a corner n cry. If she is that strng thn she shud face it not walks out like a coward. So dont say that she is d strongest contestent here. I think she is very immature n rude. Hamesha gali aur chillane se aap cool ya real nhi banjate. People need 2 understnd that. She also has attitude prblm..she never talks 2 d commoner that much n also 2 d celebrity sometime. Instead complain that they dn’t understnd her. Kya usne kabhi koshish ki logo ko janne ki. Abt gaurav i used 2 like him bt nt anymre. Y always he has 2 prove his friendhip..wo bb me bani k liye to nhi aya hai..they were nt even dt good frnd agar itna frndshp hota to bani use chor k jason k saath itna cozy nhi hoti. Fir v uske picche he para hua hai. I think lopa is strong bt smetime she ovreact like tht in gaurv n manvr task. I personally like rahul n rohan bt they r nt goin 2 win. Bb being bias nevr show their footage. I also like manveer coz he plays 4m d heart n also i thnk he is a gud guy. Also 2 bani fans sorry 2 offend u all bt this is my opinion no can chnge it jst like i can’t change yours.

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      who the hell are u ….and no one is asking for ur opinion. …mind ur own business

    2. @hrithik ka fan,it is her opinion.till yesterday even you were giving your opinion.she atleast didn’t use any abusive words but you abused Lopa.did any one ask your opinion at that time ? So let others also tell what the fell.sic

      1. hrithik ka Fan

        Why r u jumping in our arguments. ur work…I abused lopa because she deserved that…….don’t mess with me ……mind ur own business

    3. @hrithik ka fan,it is her opinion.till yesterday even you were giving your opinion.she atleast didn’t use any abusive words but you abused Lopa.did any one ask your opinion at that time ? So let others also tell what they feel.sic

    4. Hahhaha hot angry because you were at fault.when you can buses Lopa she also can talk about bani.and in this case bani deserves it.???

    5. Got*,abuse*

      1. Tnx Genex ?
        @hritik ka fan y r u getting so angry. I was talking abt a celebrity. She doesn’t care or she doesn’t even know your entire existnce on this planet. Y r u getting so hurt? Seriously dude grow up n get a real life.

  2. I do agree with Riya…Bani seems to be the weakest of all…fine… u feel every one is targeting you or whatever in that house…but you should atleast prove yourself in tasks… every time you give up task and give lame excuses and walk out from conversation…gaurav is taken for granted now…it seems she has came here to support her and say yes to her decisions…I agree what he did with bani was wrong nd she should be angry..but y do u expect things and support from people… everyone is here to play game…
    I like manveer..he seemed to me a gunda at first…but now I feel he is real n playing from heart… his friendship with manu is geniune n the way he n manu handle omji…
    Omji and jagga – y to waste words and energy to describe them…bb won’t eliminate them till the end as they need masala n arguments n bad words…but they won’t be the winner of course… even if they come in nomination n get zero votes, then also bb will make them stay…
    Mona is overdramatic n trying hard to be in camera… like wen manu went, she knew that she had to make an angle with some one n was trying hard with gaurav…
    Manu – manipulative and game player…but nothing wrong in that coz u r here for that only…love his talks n masti with manveer…entertainer…sad for his loss
    Gaurav- expected a strong candidate, but turned out to be not much…he just have bani angle to be in camera…but appreciate the way he conduct himself while task n other things…it is his choice to be an actor or real person..wat he did with bani n niti on nomination was wrong…
    Lopa – smart n clear… arguments…u give her 1 she will give 10…clear about her thoughts n opinions…has her own decisions n stands on things…
    Rohan n Rahul – good but less visible…Rahul has chance to leave this week not coz of votes…he has fans n will get votes although he doesn’t give much to bb…bb will make him leave as they sent karan as he is not making arguments n curses n all. .

  3. ya riya I agree with at one point that I have seen that bani Agr sirf bath kr ro hi rhi ho tab bhi usko 5 and 10 minutes ki footage mil hi jati hai jabki rohan k aise koi bhi scene nhi dikhate . ya bani is my favorite contestant after Rohan bcz rohan is my favorite contestant .but mujhe bhi ye baat thodi bother kar rhi thi I want him to win . aisa lag nhi rha hai k bb use jeetne denge . agr rohan nhi toh bani ko jeetna chahiye . but my priority always will be rohan . and ya guys RAHUL DEV IS EVICTED FROM THE HOUSE JABKI NITIBHA KO SAB SE KAM VOTE MILE THE

  4. i agree with riya, bani is given more footage by big boss, this show became biased now a days or working on their cost cutting principle. i don’t think colors channel is giving any importance to ppl’s votes. From past 3 days i voted for rahul and got conformation msg in the name of manveer. i feel like cheated, colors channel you suck big time dude. i am not even bothered to watch the show anymore.

  5. Bb shown till half f season oly common ppl footage spcly they r showing celebrities i don think itz unfair wid anyone..nw they started to give imp to bani for trp concern bcz all her half season’s unseen videos are hit on voot n other social media n lso shez having huge fan itz obvious it ll increase channels trp..if bb taken this decision as shown more celebrities footage from d begining this season would have been many unseen videos f celebs having fun are there in voot all hit..not oly bani’s videos other celebs videos r there..but max z bani’s videos..

    Bb z not a task based show..tasks r juz part of d gauti his season karishma was task still gauti won..same applies to every season..

  6. Bani – endemol girl…..obviously they will make her to win whether she performs or not….

    M2 – creative team favs

    Lopa – salman fav

    Rohan is actually threat for their favs as he has strong fan base….dethroned frm captaincy,editing his fights,stands,scenes just to show him as weak contestant….

    In WKW also they never ask /listen to his opinion..

    Gaurav – he just needs to protect their endemol…after his apology he is getting bashed…

    why people think that Manveer is a nice guy …he is not a hero/winner material….

    they always keep on promoting Gaurav/karan/Rahul/Rohan are waste compared to M2….

    Manveer konsa hero waala kaam kiya tha when bani got hurt both manveer n lopa at fault….he just simply a follower …
    he can be a good follower….the leaders will be om/jagga/manu..he blindly follows them

  7. Agreeed with alll..
    Bani must not give up all the tasks,, & then act like a victim blaming others. its now a routine of her daily.. crying as welll.. v nevaa expcted her to b this way.
    anywayyy,, t highlight of yesterday’s epis. was when lopa chooosed to punish priyanka for sorry placard thing. i know, if she wud hav choosed Bani,, evry1 wud havv bashed her rightaway in t name of revenge. but she didnt do it.. & t bsttt of alll,, when bani got the placard & sat beside lopa, Lopa said..y tis gal dont understand. i dont want her to do this.. awwwwww..!!! tat #LopaBani moment..<3 <3 wanttt manyy of such.. luvvv thm.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I know right me too loved bani-Lopa moments they both r my fav , love them i just can’t wait for them to be friends , if this happens i would be so happy

  8. I think manu had started to increase the level of his manupulation by his return. He took information from outside and now he is showing to support bani in front of her just to gain votes and impress her fans outside. Moreover at the same time behind bani, he is backbiting about her infront of lopa,to impress lopa and keep team power. He is really manipulative and double faced.
    After long time it was nice to see that bani became happy and cheerful as before. Actually bani and gaurav’s frienship keeps both of them happy. It felt bad when bani was walking behind lopa with placard, instead of priyanka. This proves how fond bani is about her mother.awwww….
    I would really be happy to see priyanka pleading but bad luck no more option had been left, wrether than that dramebaaz swami it was better to chose lopa.
    Seems like gaurav’s plan to save celebrity team misfired during the nominations due to his relation with all housemates. Don’ t know was his intensions good or bad but I think its bad luck that Mona played her game and got saved. But gaurav became trapped in between becoming bad to bani. Actually it was Mona’s move to blackmail gaurav emotionally and be saved for another week, at the same time to break bani and gaurav friendship and take her place for footage because at that time Manu’s presence was not revealed ,and she needed someone to play behind him. And at that moment gaurav was having quite a number of chit chats with her and she found it was better to be with him. And so pretending to be childish and work her brain at good time and grap the chance all was soughted according to her and she was behind the veil as well. However gaurav will be grilled tommorow.
    Waiting to see who gets evicted this week,I guess its nitibah.

    1. no..itz rahul got evicted..but nitiba was lowest vote gainer..

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      This season i also agree bb is very unfair , they r so biased idk why they evict Rahul instead of Nitibha despite she got lower votes , both r doing nothing i don’t know from which angle Nitibha look entertaining , i think Rahul is more entertaining then her both r doing nothing but Rahul is better , love it whenever he acts like baba or when he speaks about baba that funny moment and expression by Rahul when he got to know he have to get tied with baba ?

  9. I just want to know the song that was played in the morning to wake the contestants up on 16th December :/

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