Bigg Boss 10 15th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 10 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 60
The inmates wake up dancing to the peppy number ‘Bunty of Babli’.
Swami Om announces that he is feeling extremely weak and is soon going to die, he says i cant even breath, he cries in camera and says i wanted to give entertainment but i cant now.
Priyanka says to Manu that Swami thinks i was using him but he is last person to be used.
Swami says to Lopa that i am going to die, i dont want to be Hindu religious mendicant in next birth, i want to be a homely man and have daughters likes Lopa and Priyanka, i want fathers to know that some daughters can kill their fathers with torture too.

Swami says in camera that i never got love, Priyanka gave me love, i am sad that i became mendicant. Manveer comes to Swami, Swami starts crying,

Manveer hugs him and says you cry like kid, dont do this, stop making relations, Swami says i cant, i tried a lot. Niti comes there and says eat something Swami, she gives him tea, Priyanka and Many comes there. Manu says you are horse of long race, dont cry and drink tea. Manveer says all are mad here.

Bani and Rohan are seen analyzing Gaurav’s indifferent behavior. She says that Gaurav gave her word that he will always protect her but broke the promise by nominating her then he said that he is always right, he is never staying on his words, its not right, what i said, i did, Rohan says i know that, Bani says i never said to have faith in me and promise someone. Gaurav is not sulking, he did mistake, Rohan says he is feeling, he felt bad when you ignored him seeing you hanging out with Sahil and Jason, Bani says i didnt tell him to not come and hangout with him. Gaurav told me that he has a soft corner for Mona, i dont have problem with that but you cant promise me things then.

Gaurav asks Rohan if talked with Bani? Rohan nods and says she wont listen rightnow. Gaurav says to Rahul that right and wrong are important for me, i can love you but i would never say right when you are doing wrong, Rahul says Bani is sad that she had to nominate Niti when she didnt want it, Gaurav says even if i had nominated Mona, it wouldnt have changed anything, Bani is not guilty, she is just stubborn that i made her look bad and i didnt look bad myself, i wasnt doing that, i tried to make her understand, i felt bad for targeting Mona so couldnt do it.

Swami goes in jail’s washroom, he is using that washroom.

Swami comes in living room dressed as pundit. All laugh, Manu says Swami is going to win only. Bigg Boss concludes the democracy task and lifts all the bans imposed on the housemates. Bigg Boss appreciates everyone’s efforts but informs them that they are getting zero luxury budget points in their account because of Om Swami and Rahul breaking the rules. He further adds that Swami and Rahul were supposed to stay together tied with a bandhan(tie) but they had the audacity to break the rules. Rohan can take his luggage from store room. Bani says all did so much hard work and now this? Lopa says all inmates hardwork at one side and one man’s acts on otherside. Manveer says he eats most food, take everything first and does this in end, Swami says thats why i am not eating now, you people are waiting for me to die, Rahul says nobody is doing, i remind you about your medicine too. Swami says i am changing, i am wearing my death clothes now.

Swamiji again slips into his depression mode. But Manu and Manveer try to cheer him up by dressing up like him and posing to be his chelas(followers). They bow to him, Manveer dances infront of him, Swami hugs him. Manu and Manveer holds his hand come in lounge, Mona says you all are looking nice. Manveer brings food for him. Manu says we wore red for Mona and pink for you, now be peaceful. Manveer asks him to eat, Swami says i am not acting but please dont force me to eat.

Bani is looking at her family pictures and is sad. Gaurav decides to finally break the ice and apologize Bani in the most creative way. He writes ‘B Star, I am sorry’ on and a piece of paper and sticks it on his jacket. He walks into the kitchen area hoping that Bani will take notice and accept his apology. Niti sees chit on his back and says who wrote it? they come to Gaurav, Niti asks whats on your jacket? Gaurav says i put it for Bani. Manveer says its good, Priyanka says its good idea, Mona says so cute, Manveer asys he is gentleman. Bani is sitting in lounge and looks at him. All inmates hoots at him. Bani looks away and says he would have come to me to say sorry, he is doing all this for cameras, to show off, dont know what he is showing that he cant say sorry directly. Bani passesby Gaurav, not looking at his chit.

Niti asks Swami to eat food, he says i have headache, Manveer says dont do this. Priyanka comes there and feeds him food and asks him to end it, she makes him eat it, Manveeer says shit, all ask what happened? Niti says Swami asked Manveer to make him drink ganga jal(pious water) as he is going to die soon but now Priyanka made him eat food so Manveer is saying ganga jal cancel, Priyanka says if i knew it, i would have stopped earlier.
Priyanka comes in bedroom and says to camera that i am tired of everyone’s tantrum, i dont know what is going on but i made him eat food,

Rahul says to Bani that you are not using your eyes, Rohan says he is pacifying for so much time, anyone else would have melted, Rahul says he is sincere in apologizing, Bani says honesty is best policy, i think its funny and useless, its funny that focus is on him, its same like Swami keep doing mistakes and then keep apologizing and we forgive him everytime.

Bani weeps, Manveer plays with umbrella, Bani laughs. Manu says to Bani that when i saw you in secret room, i realised you are not wrong, i am sorry for everything, Bani says its okay, i am sorry if you felt bad about anything, Manu says its okay, i have told everyone that i am with you, you are my favorite contestant, i loved you when i saw you in secret room, we had unintentional fights but lets end it, Bani says i have no idea why we fought.

the captaincy task is introduced wherein the three contenders Bani, Lopa, and Manveer are required to hold a ring for a considerable amount of time. A ring would be given to all the three contestants, which they have to hold for the longest time. Anyone who will let go of the ring will get eliminated from the task. The one who survives till the end will become the captain of the house. Other inmates can show support to their favorite contestant, Mona will be referee of task.

Task starts, Lopa, Manveer and Bani are holding ring. Lopa says i am thinking consequences of this task. Priyanka asks Lopa if she wants to be captain? Lopa says yes, Bani says me too, Lopa says this is stupid question, Manu says we have to entertain you. Manveer asks Bani and Lopa to decide what they want? Lopa says you will push us away? Manveer says dont think like that.

All are in garden. Bani asks Manveer what to do? Bani, Manveer and Lopa come to poolside. They jump in pool, Swami dances. They are still holding ring, Manveer grabs Lopa from behind, Swami says now its fun. Lopa laughs and asks Manveer to leave her. Priyanka comes in pool too and says sorry, i had to put my designer dress in pool. She splashes water at them, Bani splashes water at her. Rohan helps Lopa to come out of pool, Gaurav helps Bani to come out of pool. They sit near pool end. Manu says to Priyanka that dont splash water, even if you are supporting Manveer, three of them are feeling weird, Priyanka asks Manveer, Manveer says i dont have problem with anything. Priyanka starts splashing water on them again, Lopa splashes water on her too, Mona says stop it, dont do it. Lopa asks Priyanka to not do it, let this task end then i will see you.

Manveer, Lopa and Bani are in jacuzzi. They are still holding ring, Priyanka splashes water, Gaurav covers Bani’s face with towel, Lopa is given towel too. Bani gets up away fromGaurav. Lopa hugs Manveer, he asks you fine? Priyanka starts putting water on Lopa with mug, Rohan says why you are doing it? Priyanka says i am not hurting her.

Manveer says lets turn, they starts turning around around, Mona says what is happening? Bani, Lopa and Manveer tries to snatch ring from each other, Bani asks Lopa to not move, you will get hurt, Lopa says i dont want to move so why you both are moving ring in other direction? Manveer asks Lopa to not move, Lopa says why cant i move in this direction? i dont want to move in your direction, Manveer says turn now, they start snatching ring again, Bani gets injured on finger leaves ring, Rohan and Gaurav goes to her, Bani leaves. Rohan calls for doctor, Bani shouts why do all this in task? Manveer says why did you turn? Lopa asks you started turning, Manver says dont shout, Lopa says dont talk to me like this.
Bani says to Gaurav that i could have done this and hurt her too, i could have hurt her neck but i didnt. Gaurav says i know.
Bani is in confession room, doctor bandages her hand.
Lopa says Bani started turning, she cant take defeat, she acts like victim after losing, she cant accept defeat. Manu says she cursed again, Lopa says people cant see it.
Bani curses and says i could hurt too, she says to Rahul that they say dont be aggressive, what i am supposed to do? now they want me to be civilized.

Gaurav says to Bani that you look lighter, you were not stressed in task, Bani says i thought i will have fun here, then i got caught up in this then my ego was hurt, i didnt know for what i was here.

Manu starts crying in restroom. Rahul sits beside him and says we missed you, he hugs him, Manu weeps and says there is nothing in my world other than my mother, i dont know what i was trying to prove, i was greedy, he cries, Rahul hugs him and comforts him. Manu says when i used to bunk school, i used to get scared, i am feeling same scary feeling again, i am looking like strong man to world but i am scared, i can see my mother’s hand extending towards me, i miss her, i used to tell Naveen that life is very bad thing, i came here for fun but i didnt know i had problems in my life, its true that i cant meet my mother again.

Lopa and Manveer are still holding ring, Manveer asks her to give up, Lopa says i want to be captain, he laughs with her. Manveer says we are ahead in game now, all want to be captain. Lopa starts sleeping.

Manveer is feeling sleepy. They are sitting on couch in garden, Lopa asks if he is comfortable? he nods, they both doze off. Mona and Niti are there too. Manveer falls asleep, Lopa snatches ring from him when he loosen his grip on it, Manveer wakes up and is surprised, Manveer wishes him good luck. All congratulate Lopa.
Rohan says to Lopa that you did decent work, let him say anything.
Mona tells Niti that Lopa was acting like she was sleepy, she kept noticing him.
Lopa dances around Rohan and Rahul.
Niti says to Manu and Mona that Lopa loosened grip too, i asked him to try snatching it but he didnt, Manu says that dog should have snatched it, whats the use of being honest.
Bigg boss announces that Lopa is captain now. Lopa dances.
Rahul says to Manveer that this was winning after loosing, Manveer says its okay but Lopa is immature, Rahul says hmm.

PRECAP- Lopa says those who should be punished are Swami, Priyanka as she is rude, Gaurav as he made my points get caught in task, Bani as her behavior after loosing task was humiliating, Bani says person react if they get injured, Lopa says even i got injured. Swami says criminals get punished but now enemies. Priyanka says to Lopa that you cant even think, what i will do with you when i get my time, Lopa says i can answer you but me being captain is my revenge against you. Niti gets message from her mom. Bani is weeping in corner being sad again.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. dirty b*t*h lopa is the captain ???????

  2. hrithik ka Fan

    this lopa is a b*t*h…she can do anything to win and she use people like she used manveer he could have easily won the task but he is brainless. ..manu nitibha and now lopa all r using him ……and finally bani and gaurav r again on talking terms…liked that…

    1. Y do u always say ill abt contestents n dt too way tooo rudely?? It seems ur jagga s fan so u just say anything n everything abt every1

      1. hrithik ka Fan

        no one can be jagga fan…and I m not rude saying the truth…lopa is a b*t*h. ..don’t u remember when manveer got hurt she said gaurav has no insantiyat and now what when bani got injured where was her insantiyat. ..blo*dy b*t*h…

    2. U r 2nd omji. Lopa is the best. Bani every time failed in task. She first turned and when she hurt or fail, she cry like baby. On nomination task we all see bani act like child with baloon and she has also no balancae with her body when doing anything and even she got hited any where because of her unbalance like blind people.

    3. Bhaiya lopa did rong

  3. Actually in precap bigboss announces that housemates who got punished can change their sadness to happiness.. Nitiba catches gift box from some cracker like thing..she says I got letter from home and becomes emotional.. Bani says she got video message nd holds some chit and cries..

    1. Maithlii Sinha

      Wat do you mean by ‘change their sadness to happiness’ ??

  4. Abey manveer to bani or tu konsa mature ho tum dono se thik hi h lopa…. dono layk nhi ho caption bnne k bat krta h. Lopa ya manu dono me se koi winner bnega baki koi dhng ka nhi h manveer to kutte ki dum h bss tu manu k pichhe ltke rahh niti se chipke rah

  5. Ohh bani plz stop crying…it’s too much yr..

  6. This bani & Priyanka r so irritating ?

    1. Really? They are irritating? Are you mad or what? At least bani is decent and a good player. ?

  7. Bani yar stop being emotionally weak.. Hate dis lopa.. Fake girl…

  8. RANdomfANCreationz

    Today’s episode was an average one . So Lopa became captain. I realised almost impossible things can happen in this house if Priyanka and baba can fight, manveer and Nitibha can be friends, why not Bani and Lopa can be friends? This is the only thing left now, if this happens I would be damm happy . I felt a little bad for Baba today, but he did wrong in these days, i liked the way manu and manveer tried to cheer up baba they both r actually good unlike initially when by began they looked like goonda to me. The best thing about today epi was jagga wasn’t seen much i don’t even like to see her. And now Bani should forgive Gaurav, now i feel a bit bad for Gaurav he is genuinely feeling sorry this time. I want them to become friends again.

  9. Hate lopa…

  10. Gd morning to simran ditya aakashi simple shazna swastika hkf and all bb friends

    oh my god this lopa become captain big blunder hey manveer why did you do this you delibaratly loose the captainacy actually bani isn’t doing any task with full of effort

    bhai dekho manu ko bani se pyar ho gaya hai my foot double standard manu

    and this priyanka jagga is so irritating bhai Gajab ho gaya only fight nothing else

    1. hi kp how r u . I want to be appyfizz caller of the week and tell rohan to be active and buck up himself . I want him as a winner . he is very good in every task . but I don’t know m usko pure epi. m dhundti reh jati hoon

      1. but I don’t know how to be appyfizz caller of the week

      2. Am fine simran actually little bit fever but ok how is your exams going on?

        and i also don’t know how to be appyfizz caller of the week

      3. o u have fever get well soon and my exams are going awesome and I am trying this on appyfiZz website

  11. Today lopa played fair kz she didnt manipulate manveer or didnt compell him to sleep. It was wholly his choice to sleep btwn d task n lopa being smart pulled d ring at d right time. her alertness n his carelessness dt made manveer loose n lopa win.
    bani as always dont accept her defeat n say quote excuses. Niti was trying to look as she was helping manveer n supporting him -_-

  12. Bani and Gaurav plz became frnds .
    We can’t see u like rude
    Nd Bani u r strong don’t loose ur passion

  13. Lopa is sooo,,.jb mnveer aur gvrv ki bich captncy task hua tha to jb mnveer ko chot lagi thi to lopa ne kha tha agr mai gvrv ke gja mai hoti to sb chot ke use dekhti ab us pe ye bari a gai to aa gai apni aukat pe,..wo bhi ti insaniyat bhul gai aur gvrv ko kah rhi thi esme insaniyt nhi hai…shame on lopa

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      absolutely. ..lopa Is a b*t*h double faced. ….always says fair fair…my foot….

      1. If there were 2 contestants, then she would have checked but here there are 3…

  14. Finally bani & gaurav patchd up..good..n captaincy task they could hav done in sportingly i would hav loved if bani & lopa were till end as both r ziddi people so it wd hav been interesting to watch who will win…but today lopa won bcz of manveers honesty..loved his honesty..bcz he could have snatched the ring while lopa was asleep but he dint do it..even niti told him to snatch it..manveer z pure heart person like bani..both r playing from heart..dono whatz this manu s upto bcz infront of bani hez saying i love u yar blah blah..n in back he was making fun of bani wid lopa while she got hurt in task..

    1. Yes, manu is not to be trusted. He has a girlfriend already. Or else Lopa wud have been perfect match for him….Both r manipulative, use people and keep on shouting that they are fair which they are never and both have same IQ level as evident in their secret task.

      1. Lopamudra is a qualified engineer and she is a fair player. Bani is the most uncivilised spoilsport. Got it.

  15. Hello all bb members. I’m new here as I started watching bb from the later episodes . Can I join bb family? ??? I personally like bani lopa rohan and gaurav I always wanted bani and lopa to sort out their fights as I was fan of both though they are poles apart. But I was very much disappointed with lopa yesterday coz bani got hurt bt she didn’t even ask how’s her hand neither during game nor after winning it bt she was giving gyaan to gaurav that we shouldn’t forget insaaniyat during playing game bt at least after the task was completed he asked man veer how was he feeling though it was not gauravs fault bt lopa didn’t even see baani how she felt though because of Man veer and lopa , bani was hurt …. i would simply say that telling / advising others is easy but implementing it to herself 2 as difficult in her case.

    1. I think you girls are jealous of Lopa.

      1. She is beautiful/ has an hourglass figure (beauty with brains)
      2. She is honest
      3. Does not flaunt her celebrity status.
      4.. Does not use cuss words and is not a spoilsport like Bani
      5. completes her tasks and does not behave like a crybaby

  16. hrithik ka Fan

    Hi megha. .welcome. ….and ya lopa is two faced she always say I m fair fair…but she showed her true colours yesterday. ..she is very insecure of bani…

  17. 2 weeks before when manveer got injured during task that Angelic girl lopa questioned about Gaurav’s humanity. But in yesterday episode Bani also got injured where that Humanity gone??? Ms. Lopa.

    1. Bani never completes her tasks and always does nautanki and her pet puppy Gaurav follows here everywhere

  18. Bani all time hurt and leave task because of her fault. She first start the fault like moving round in this captaincy task and at last she himself hurt and leave the task, so r in others task and crying like baby at last.

    1. hrithik ka Fan

      ur name suggests ur thinking. .ssshole. …lopa is a b*t*h…why didn’t she stop manveer during painting task…blo*dy hypocrite. ..

      1. Abey ohh baat karne ki tamij nahi hai kya tujhe sabke post pr reply karta hai jab tereko izzat nahi karni to kaiko reply karta hai bhai sabko galat bol raha hai idiot band kr apni bakwas apne pas rakh yei apna view every one has different view

    2. No no Bani shud not have taken into consideration flopas stupidity and without caring for that b…Ch safety shud have continued. It wud have been nice to see flopa in neck collar or brace. Perhaps then stupids like I wud believe that she gave her 100℅ and was not doing any nautanki. Fake double faced flopa will indeed be a controversial and flop captain like her frnd Rohan. Manveer was right, she is IMMATURE in capitals.

  19. lopa always talk about fair game aur kal joh usne manveer ke sathi kiya kya woh fair tha
    manveer ne fair game khela lopa ke sathi woh bhi captancy task me ring snatch kr sakta tha jab lopa soye thi magar usne aisa nai kiya
    shame on u lopa hate u sooooooooo much
    love u manveer n ur honesty………….

  20. I am done supporting bani now, she always gives up so easily.lopa u suck, where is Ur humanity now. Manveer, u only follow ppl.

  21. This is crazy.why do you hate Lopa just Because she didn’t give up in task and she extremely performs well in task? My foot she got hurt(bani) ,the same happened during the first task between bani and Lopa.she hurt Lopa but Lopa didn’t leave the task.every time she claims to be a fitness freak and finally when she looses she says she can’t play the game like this? What about that shoe task where bani pushed Lopa on floor and btw if you watch it clearly it was manveer who pulled the ring and bani got hurt .those people who are telling she is a B***h ,who do you think you are to tell ill about a person.if you are some one’s fan no one is stopping you from supporting them but in midst of all this don’t degrade someone.bani leaves the task ,says she got hurt,claims because of Lopa and goes into corner and this what her game is? Priyanka was irritating only Lopa .even then she stood till last and won the task.haters??

  22. Wowww..!! so finaallly Lopa is t Captain..
    Haters gonnaa bark no matter watt..
    & thz comparing t incident to Gaurav & manveerz case..
    plis,, b reasonable atleast.. Manveer was bleeeding heavily then,, now Bani jus cut of her hand. & it was clearly 3NO ka fault.. so stop blaming Lopa,, for evrything..
    Bani has alwys backed out from the taskz & kept blaming sum1 or the other.. & 9of10 times its lopa..
    so,, stop behavin childish & judge fairlyy ppl.
    Lopa is the clear winner & niti,, i dont trust her.. if she had hinted manveer to snatch,then bb wud def. had aired itt.. Niti is just another blunder in house.. Hope she is shown t out door tis weekend

    1. Where did Lopa Rani’s insaniyat go today… She said if she is in a task and competitor gets hurt she will look after that person first and then the competition… VERY FAIR… and rest of the housemates also when Manveer got hurt entire house was running with him to take him to confession room and calling for doctor where were these housemates today when Bani got hurt except Gentleman Gaurav… Manu Bhai on that day was sarcastically clapping saying well done Gaurav… Today no sarcasm because his friend is involved… AGAIN VERY FAIR PLAYERS…

  23. Lopa is smart n she takes all tasks so seriously n gives her best unlike bani. She deserves to b captain. Even though jagga tried her hard to lose task she won. Lopa n manu r smart players amongst all.

  24. i love vani

  25. Love lopa ❤

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