Bigg Boss 10 14th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 10 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 59
The housemates wake up to the tunes of ‘Golmaal Hai Bhai Sab Golmaal Hai’. Gaurav, Rohan, Mona and Swami dances.

Mona asks Manveer to choose one finger, he chooses, she beats him, he asks what were options? Manveer says i thought it was about my eviction, Mona says i was thinking about myself, if i will get evict or not, Manveer says you should hangout with people you like, he jokes about her being in jacuzzi with Gaurav, Manveer says changes are part of life.

Priyanka asks Manu to get ready to be part of family again, Manu says i will go to celeb side, commoners are going mad, Priyanka says you are celeb, you are husband of Malika Shrawat. Manu makes fun of Manveer and says Manveer has become lover boy with Niti, Manu says even

if Mona tries to talk about me, Manveer stops her, what he thinks that i wont comeback? i have no issues with Gaurav and Rahul, i dont have problem with Bani, she may not like my acts but i dont have problem with her, i dont have problem with Lopa and Rohan, i dont have problem with Mona, she can be double faced but it is seen that she is missing me, its shown her loyalty, even Swami talks about me but Manveer doesnt let anyone talk about me, i understood when Mona asked Manveer to choose options, Priyanka says Niti is acting just to stay in house.

Inside the house, Mona appears visibly upset as she tells Lopa about Manveer making remarks at her saying- ‘Ab toh Jaccuzzi mein tujhe mazaa ayega’(you will enjoy in jacuzzi). Manu says to Priyanka that i dont she is planning anything unlike her boyfriend is saying, she is innocent, i dont know why people are calling her planner. Priyanka says her nature is to walk ahead by holding hands. Mona says to Lopa that i am a committed person, Lopa says their opinion doesnt matter, Mona cries, Lopa says not everyone will know real you. Mona says how cheap his comment was that i like being in jacuzzi? Lopa says dont mind because bigg boss gave you that option.

Gaurav asks Rohan where is Bani? he says i dont know, she was saying that she wont do any task, she wants to go home, Gaurav says ask her if she wants gym equipment, Rohan says you come with me, she will like it. Rohan and Gaurav comes to Bani, Rohan asks should we bring gym equipment? Bani says i dont want to take a chance, Gaurav looks at her from far.

Alarm starts playing, Niti says no one is sleeping. Inmates ask where Bani and Swami? Manveer asks Swami to not sleep in jail. Swami is in washroom of jail, Gaurav says he is weird. Manveer says you are in washroom for so much time. Swami comes out of washroom, there is mat in washroom, Niti says he is sleeping in washroom by placing mat there, Swami laughs, Manveer says you naughty, you were sleeping.

Buzzer plays. Bigg Boss announces the next situation wherein the contestants have to decide ‘whether the ban on Rohan’s captaincy should be lifted or not’. All inmates give their decisions. Manu says let him become captain again, he wont get it anyway, she says no, Manu says what is our loss in becoming captain? Priyanka says we wont get benefit too, dont try to be hero, Manu says i am making you hero, Priyanka says let me think. Manu writes yes, Priyanka agrees. Bigg boss says inmates have decided that ban should be lifted, he can become captain again, Rohan is happy, Manu says he lost his luggage too.

Bigg Boss shoots the next situation wherein ‘any two contestants out of Rahul- Om Swami and Bani- Gaurav have to be tied together until further notice’. Inmates laugh, Rahul says i asked for doctor not for Swami, Swami says i will wash dishes while you cook. Priyanka and Manu chooses Swami and Rahul to be tied together. Bigg boss tell inmates that they have decided Rahul and Swami to be tied together, Swami runs and hugs Rahul, Bigg boss ask them to bring waist band and tie themselves together.
Gaurav asks Mona whom she chose for tying? she says you and Bani, i dont like you both miffed with each other, Bani says is not talking with anyone, Gaurav says she would have scolded me and would have beat me too. Swami says to Rahul that we are walking like husband and wife now.

Bani tells Gaurav that your words dont matter so dont say sorry, she leaves.
Bani comes in garden and calls Manveer. He comes there, she shows him moon and says its full today, Manveer asks what do you see in moon? Bani says i dont see any face in it, Manveer says it looks nice.

Manveer says to Bani that if you dont want to take game seriously then dont take anything personally, inmates dont have any opinion, Niti keep clearing that there was no planning, Gaurav told her that there was no planning, Bani says there was superb planning, Gaurav told me that Rahul would nominate you then i would nominate Niti then he would nominate Mona. I asked Gaurav that whose side you actually are? he can nominate me tomorrow, i can see it, i dont trust him now, i told him that too. Gaurav comes there. Manver says i am ready for everything even for eviction, Swami is winner, we are just passing time.
Bigg boss says to Priyanka and Manu that its time for you both to go in house, take slate and marker and go in house. Manu and Priyanka goes in house.
Manveer says to Bani that i dont like silent people, Gaurav is like that, he is just planning but doesnt say anything.
Manu and Priyanka comes in confession room.
Buzzer plays. Bigg Boss introduces the last and the final situation for the day that requires the contestants to nominate three contenders for captaincy out of the options– A) Manveer, Lopa & Bani. B) Gaurav, Nitibha and Mona, C) Rohan, Om Swami and Rahul. Bigg boss says those who were taking decision till now have decided that A) Manveer, Bani and Lopa are contenders for captaincy. Announcing the final decision through Jio TV, Bigg Boss reveals that all this while, it was Manu and Priyanka who were remotely taking decisions for all the contestants and ruling the house through the democracy task. While the housemates are taken aback at first, they are also excited to have Manu back in the house accompanied by Priyanka. Manu and Priyanka comes in house, Manveer and Mona hugs him. Swmai says i knew my daughter will come. Rohan hugs Manu. Rahul hugs Manu and says i missed you. Manu says i dont want to discuss this again so i am telling you why i went, my mother died, all inmates are shocked, Manu says she has heart problem, my father already died and now mother died too, i was close to her, i couldnt live in house so i thought to come here again, i was thinking of you all people, Manveer and Rahul hugs him. Manu says i was watching you all for two days, all are inmates are liked by everyone, Manu says to Manveer that i met your family, he says i have brought message for Mona too, its not good so i wont say it infront of all, Manu says to Bani that i love you, i didnt like when you were silent, i felt sad, Swami asks was i shown? Manu says you are shown too but Bani is at first, she is hit.

Manu tells inmates that we were taking all decisions, Lopa says our decisions were not taken in consideration? he says no, he says Bani’s decision was taken by Priyanka, i fought with Rohan’s captaincy, Lopa asks if their decision was shown to them? Manu says it might not even be recorded, all laugh. Manu says to Manveer that me and Manveer are known by all, Manveer hugs him. Swami says i knew you both were in secret room, Priyanka says to Swami that i have never seen dirty man than you, Swami says i am, Priyanka says shut up. Swami says i am cheapest man, finish it.

Manu says to Manveer that you are B of bigg boss, you are not a common man, you cant even think, Manveer smiles broadly, Manu says in last few days, you got diverted, which i think, Manveer says i took Niti’s side, i asked Mona to become captain but she said no so i asked Niti to become captain. Manu says you are not common man anymore, if Rahul, Bani and Manveer are going together somewhere, i am telling you would get more mob. Manveer says Niti is going good too, Manu says yes but i would tell you something, Manveer says i was supporting her because we are only commoners, Manu says its bad condition in Mona’s house.

Manu asks Mona why you insulted Manveer? he might have done mistake but you shouldnt have shouted at him, you said that commoners are stubborn, i am commoner too, Mona says did you see their behavior after you left? Manu says you both are friends but why you both are behaving like this? Mona says Priyanka was saying rubbish, Manu says Priyanka wanted to break us and you both fueled, Mona says dont be with me then, Manveer says i will leave if she has problem, Mona says we used to eat, drink, talk together, Manu says to Manveer that you left her. Manu says to Mona that Manveer joked about jacuzzi but you gossiped about it to Lopa. Manu says i got T-shirt of M3(Manu-Mona-Manveer). Manu says to Manveer and Mona that if you dont maintain it then it will be bad, Mona says i said in confession room that we are good friends. Manu says to Mona that your boyfriend is sending clothes and he likes me and Manveer more, Mona hugs him and says i love you.

Rahul says to Swami that i have to change into night clothes, Swami says why do you have to change clothes? i am not changing too, Rahul says calm down and come for sometime, Swami opens tie and leaves from there.
Swami comes in jail washroom. Gaurav tells this to Lopa. Priyanka says to Gaurav that my biggest sin was to stand with this man Swami, he says that i asked him to comment about Bani’s mother, can you imagine that a girl will ask for this? Gaurav says he talks rubbish.
Rahul and others come to washroom of jail, they knock on his door and ask him to open it, Manveer says he is hurt with Priyanka.
Priyanka is in smoking room and says whole house is against me but i dont care, we all will go individually. Lopa says Swami you are called in confession room, he comes out. Manveer says is this your office? Swami says to Manu that didnt you listen Priyanka cursed me so badly, Manu says i didnt listen. Swami says i know she is not my daughter, i dont care but i love her, Manveer says just come inside, Manveer ties Swami with Rahul, Rahul asks him to calm down. Priyanka says i will kick 1crore just to not see your face, God has seen your real face, Swami says i am baddest person, just leave me alone, Priyanka says no God can save you from my wrath now, you can do all pooja, she leaves.

Priyanka says to Gaurav that you are big celeb and calling me witch? what you thought that i wont listen it i was so angry hearing it, i threw everything away, i never cursed you, you have met witch, Gaurav says talk clearly, Priyanka says you call me witch on face, i will show you then, i have opened my eyes now, i had intuition that you talk ill behind my back, i wont spare anyone calling me witch, Gaurav says no one is scared of anyone here, Priyanka says Swami cant call me witch, he used to eat with my hands and calling me witch now? she leaves. Manveer jokes that Amir should take away again.

Bani tells Rahul that Gaurav just keep talking but dont do anything. Gaurav comes there and lies on his bed beside Bani’s bed.

Mona asks Manu what is shown that people have problem with? what your fiance Priya said? Manu says she said that Vikrant(Mona’s boyfriend) has much more problem than Priya with us being close, Mona says why? what was shown? Manu says they must have imagined it, nothing is there to be shown, they want to believe it so they are believing it.
Manveer says to Priyanka that i wont cry, i would say about Niti that she can be girl and guy both.
Mona says to Manu that Manveer started talking with Niti and Priyanka, i didnt have problem with it but you cant start ignoring others, if Gaurav is my good friend then i wont ask you to be good to him too.
Manveer says to Priyanka that Mona taunted me and Niti sleeping together then Gaurav hinted again, i have no bad intention.
Manu says to Mona that celebs talk to me and you but not to Manveer and he feels bad about it.

Manveer says to Manu that Mona told me bhoujpuri dont have good reputation, Manu says she has affection with Manveer, Mona likes this affection,Niti says she wanted his attention but when he didnt so she started taunting me, Manu says she tries to open up to others but she is free with me and Manveer only.

Manu says to Mona and Manveer that missed you, Mona is lying between Manu and Manveer on floor.

PRECAP- Gaurav tries to pacify Bani by wearing jacket which has sorry written on it, Mona says so cute.Bani looks at him and what is this for? its useless. There will be captaincy task between Manveer, Lopa and Bani, they are thrown in pool, they have to hold captaincy ring. Priyanka throws water on Lopa, Lopa says what is this drama? i will tell you after task. Bani, Lopa and Manveer tries to snatch ring from each other, Bani asks Lopa to not move, you will get hurt, Lopa says i dont want to move so why you both are moving ring in other direction?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Today’s episode was fine.. ..bani was finally seen speaking happily….jagga and baba r in fighting mode now….and with manu coming back to house I’m sure many relations gonna change , like that he clearly told Mona whatever being shown and said outside!! ! He should have say to manveer about him started to being as too faced!!!

  2. Swami Om's Bhagt


    1. Lila

      What is wrong with you???? U feeling ok? Swami is the worst contestant EVER!!!!

    2. Really that man is so cheap. OMG

      1. Swami Om's Bhagt

        Nothing is wrong with me. He is our guru. He is honest in the house. He like to entertain. He is a good man. Everyone in the house should be nice to him. He WILL win Bigg Boss 10.

      2. Hahaha and am still laughing v hard bhai bhagt pakhandi is honest oh my god but i got it this isn’t your mistake because that pakhandi tumhare dimaag mai ghuss kar yai sab tujhse likhwa raha hai bhai hahaha

      3. And where is my both friends DegnerationX and Aakashi plz come and say your pure observation on that another sneha haha

    3. kuch bhe!!!!!

    4. Really, you are so delusional. No one is more disgusting than Dongi Om.

    5. “So funny, I forgot to laugh”

    6. Are u kidding me he is the worst disgusting man

    7. rishi malhotra

      no swami can never be a winner he is looser and always be a losser so bhagat of swami warn you that your life is going in hell

    8. tum us stupid ki bhakt ho! to tu bhi ladkiyon ki izzat nahi karthe ho kya? maa baap k baare mein galat bolte ho kya….shayad tum ho bhi sakthe ho…

  3. Maithlii Sinha

    Why is Bani miffed with Gaurav ??

    1. Because gaurav backed out of his words where he asked bani to nominate nitibha n he was supposed to nominate mona…he ended up not nominating mona whereas bani listened to his words

      1. rishi malhotra

        yes u r saying right Gaurav are in revenger

    2. Hence it irked bani!!…hope i cud make it clear ☺

      1. Maithlii Sinha

        Yeah thank you

  4. Bani plz forgive gaurav… u guys look dull without each other… start afresh both of you… um fed up with you guys just dont stay miffed with each other.. it was ur friendship nd an unknown untold chemistry for which i used to watch bb10 bt witnessing two of u going apart is just making my heart break… supporting both of u… i just wish everything gets sorted

  5. Yes bani gaurav ko maf bhi kardo yaar aise mat karo friendship ki hai to thori bohut larai jhagra to hogi na gaurav❤bani

  6. loveyoutanyasharma

    i love bani she is my fav contestant hats off to bani but at the moment she is not looking right by throwing trantrums bani can make friends in the house if she tries I know everyone goes against her just like they didwith gauti but wish bani comes out of this being emotional thing and tells the people who she really is love u bani hope she wins…. plus why has manu come back he didn’t have to the house was good without him mona started to open up with the hous people nad manveer started to play his game not manu’s meaning manu makes every decision for manveer and makes him follow him like a leader but manveer came out of that web since manu left but yh really do feel sorry for manu for the disaster he went through…..

  7. Lopa won the task.. not happy.. Bani should wil d task but she got hurt?..

    1. how come you know? could you share the link for the written updates?
      and btw i hate lopa

      1. rishi malhotra

        don’t hate lopa u r not real bani so u don’t care of it they are also a real friends outside toooooo

  8. Sneha agayi swami om’s bhagt hahaha ? ek he to om ki bhaght hai sneha

  9. Please evict Omji. Manu is calling Gaurav flirt, what has he been doing all this time with Mona? I thought Gaurav behaved like a gentleman. He had to get into zacuzzi or he would not have. And if Manu is feeling so bad about it , and if he thinks he is monas friend, then he should have not said yes.

  10. Bani is the best contestant and she should be winning this season.

  11. Bani is going great. I LOVE swami Om. He is awesome and funny. I REALLY wish he wins.

  12. I love Lopa so pretty and intelligent and I hope Bigg boss can give them a task so they can be friends

  13. Abey swami om band kar sneha ke dimag mein travel karna..aur haan iss jagga ko na ek kaan ke niche do pehle….har baat mein logo ko hurt karna chahti hai….agar rohan captain bana toh usko kyu itni michmichi hai???bani ko gym ude karne nahi diya aur ab yeh sab dirty tricks…btw wer is our dgenerationx???i did not notice him frm so many days….wer r yor comments man..they wer awesome..i feel agar bigg boss priyanka aur swami ko nikale toh shahed trp bad sakti hai..inn dono ne ghar ko hi nahi balki show ko bhi boring bana diya hai….inke awaaz sunke hamare kaan ekdum pak chuke hai???

  14. Gd morning to simran simple swastika shazna hkf and all the bb friends

    actually i like bani rahul dev and gaurav from starting point and bani is doing v good for every day but gaurav is little changed now

    and i was also lauging when mannu was laughing when manveer said bhai nitibha sahi jaa rahi hai hahaha his trade mark punch

    and bhai this jagga is v irritating can’t do anything beyond barking everytime nikalo yaar isko hadd hoti hai bhai

    1. mrng kp..ya even i was laughing while watching manu n lso when he said bani i love u yaar..i mean seriously yesterday nyt he was mocking bani’s suffering n today i love u i thnk rahul b out this week as voting trend shows hez d lowest gainer..dono hw he got lower than niti..lopa won d captaincy task n bani got hurt in task so she left..

  15. best episode of this season till now.

  16. I can bet on this that om swami is not going to win its just if he will be nominated then no one will waste his votes on him nd he will be evicted for sure…..
    thats why only for spiciness in the show big boss is giving him chances again nd again jb 4-5 weeks reh jayenge show he will be thrown out of the show
    Dont u remember imam nd nandana guys usko bhi kitne chances diye the big boss ne but both cant win

  17. Maithlii Sinha

    *CONFIRMED* :- MANVEER becomes the next house CAPTAIN..!!!

  18. epi was gud..manu z trying to be good in everyones book as he gone outside n came back n knows whatz goin on outside..n in precap gaurav looks cute in that serialwala way f asking m in doubt is tat genuinewala sry or else hez doing 4 game bcz he asked this type seroiuswala sry only after manu’s entry as he knows tat now mona ll go back to manu’s gang..till yesterdy he dint tried much for asking sry n al lso dint tried to talk wid her seriously..if gaurav would done this cutewala sry before manu’s entry i would hav trusted him..dono..i hope gaurav z doing genuinely n i wish they patch up soon n get back into their game..

  19. Lopa cheers, you may won captainship and when the question comes about your contest against bani then i tell u won 100%. Because bani may have more nutrin power but she has no brain. She only know to do like childish plan and nothing. Manu u r great in this show, what ever u make decision , its super…like…

  20. Love Gaurav bani jodi!?

  21. RANdomfANCreationz

    Loved today episode a lot everything went good whatever i wanted happened and today’s episode man of the match is Manu Punjabi. I thought the few days absence may affect Manu but he made good use of it and I like him even more now. Hats off to him for yesterday episode when he saved Lopa from her personal belongings to be taken away. Jagga only know how to fight or create fight. And also today he saved Rohan by freeing him from punishment I really wanted Rohan to be freed from punishment so happy Manu saved him. Really he is very good hearted. I didn’t like Manu initially but now he rocks. Now he is also my fav alongside Rohan, Lopa, Bani. Manveer i still like him but I don’t understand him these days, but liking Manu more now. Jagga did one thing good, baba Ke acha class liya ? OMG baba and Rahul tied together poor Rahul .
    Wow Bani, Lopa and Manveer for captaincy I also wanted that to happen. I like all 3 hope Lopa or Manveer wins as Bani already became captain once . I pity bani she seemed so down but later loved her happy side she looks so cool when she is happy. Mona also very hard to understand.
    This week Nitibha Kaul have highest chance of getting evicted if not Rahul Dev

  22. I want to clear that Swami Om will not be the winner of this house. The winner will be Manu ; Bani & Lopamudra.

  23. hey guys
    I have read somewhere that imam is coming in the house for one week….is it true???

    1. Hello ditya how are you? And if imam come in the house than every one will be out of the house hahaha

      1. hi kp….m fine…how r u???
        n ya surely everyone will be out of d house….except that swami….m eager to see imam-swami-jagga combination?

  24. Bani,bani,bani,,

  25. lopa became the new captain
    bani got hurt… n quit the task

    1. Has Bani ever completed any task. She is only a foul mouthed cry baby

  26. Firstly toh I wanna to say ki aaj mai hairaan hoon ki swami on urfff dhongi ka bhi koi bhagat hai.honest kya woh toh jhoothe insaan se bhi aage nikal chuka hai
    Kal ka epi jabardast hi tha.manu vapis aakr dono ki tarafdari kr RHA hai but he didn’t like the.usne kaha ki woh celebs mei Jana chta hai.aakr usne bani ki tareef ki.
    Baba aur betibeti drama was entertaining… Ohhh swami ka office amazingggg….
    Imam aa RHA hai…news hai.

  27. Manu was t “Performer of t day” fr tis episode..
    respect bro.. u r doing great.. luvd t wayy,, u saved housemates frm Jagga’s wrath..
    now u hav r in myy favv’s listt too.. 😉
    So happppy,, Rohan ki punishment ban ho gaee.. he can b captain again..
    & finalllllyy,, Lopaa is t captain.. Luvvvvvvvv uh Galll.. mwaaaah
    hope,, Bani is doing well,, heard about her injury..
    butt fir se “Walk-out” arghhh!! come on yaaar,, tis is not happening
    tis task i understand u r hurt,

  28. BANI is the winner

  29. Om Ko bahir nikalo bi washroom main fruit rkhdye or kha raha hy

  30. Mazay ki baat ye hy k dhongi om Ki ek he bhagt hy sneha, khud bi is jeshi dhongi hogi. Bigg boss se binti hy k jald se jald om jesi gandgi Ko nikale,

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